BSB Cure 2500 mg CBD Hemp Extract Pain Balm Topical (2 oz)

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Physician Formulated BSB Cure reduces discomfort by focusing on inflammation, the source of pain. BSB Cure improves vascular flow to the affected areas promoting healing, thereby aiding in curing your ailments.

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Looking for the best CBD cream for pain? Our physician formulated BSB Cure has active ingredients that absorb quickly through percutaneous dermal absorption. Through this method, BSB Cure increases circulation (blood flow) to the affected areas enhancing your body’s ability to heal itself.

Loaded with the highest quality medical-grade pure hemp oil.

Ingredients: Camphor, Violet Leaf- Infused Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Ginger Root- Infused Oil, Almond Seed Oil, Meadow Foam Seed Oil, Natural Hemp Oil, Beeswax, Essential Oils (Turmeric, Chamomile, Lavender, Ginger, Frankincense), Vitamin E and Pure Mentha Piperita Oil (Peppermint Essential Oil), Eucalyptus Essential Oil.

Directions: Apply BSB Cure liberally to the affected area(s). Massage in thoroughly for a minute or two until you can see that it has been absorbed through the skin. The appropriate amount of BSB Cure to use on each occasion should be enough so that the product massages in smoothly & comfortably over the entire area. Repeat this 3 to 4 times per day over an initial period of at least 7 to 10 days and thereafter on an as-needed basis to help with your pain and discomfort. Warning – FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY. Avoid contact with eyes. Stop if irritation occurs. Ask your doctor before use if you are pregnant.

Physician Formulated BSB Cure reduces discomfort by focusing on inflammation, the source of pain. BSB Cure improves vascular flow to the affected areas promoting healing, thereby aiding in curing your ailments.

  • Pure Organic
  • Full Spectrum
  • Intensive Concentrate

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Weight 2 oz
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Cream, Gel

203 reviews for BSB Cure 2500 mg CBD Hemp Extract Pain Balm Topical (2 oz)

  1. Patricia Vash

    The day my topical arrived, while out in the garden I scraped my leg on a concert stone. I ran in the house because it hurt and stung so bad. Instead of the normal cleaning and antibiotic cream, I saw the new Hemp topical on the kitchen counter. So, I opened the topical and put some on my hand and spread it on my leg. I kid you not~~~within 3 to 4 minutes all pain was gone. I stood in the kitchen smiling… YES, I love your product, will be ordering more. God Bless YOU!!!! I can’t wait to see what else it can do……

  2. blank

    sv thompson

    I tried this on the advice of a vet from Colorado that uses weed for pain. He knew i didnt want to go that route . Ive been suffering with degenerative disc disease for 19 years… bk pain , leg pain and arthritis. It can b alot. I usually apply vicodin or some combo of drugs. My stomach has suffered along the way. I’ve only been using this for a lil more than 2 wks and my pain levels are REALLY LOW. I do manual labor for wk and the pain was keeping me home too much. I find this to b wonderful. Im 51 and i felt old from the constant pain. I feel alot better! It made me sleepy so i apply my 1 pinch at nite now. I havent had any side effects other than sleepiness as of yet. Im grateful and telling others.

  3. blank

    R. Ballister

    Been using this for about 45 days, based on a tip that it might help my arthritis in my knees. My arthritis is definitely better. It’s also definitely still there, and am not pain free, but a pinch a day does seem to help as an anti-inflammatory. The low cost of the product has hooked me in for another 45 days.It’s not a miracle worker, but it does appear to be helping.

  4. blank


    This stuff is amazing, internally & externally. Start slow, though – apply too much, even 2 pinches, & you’ll be too relaxed, even sleepy. Will be ordering more when this runs out….Coming back to share a lovely side benefit of this amazing topical. Severe pain has been a constant companion, requiring morphine to soothe it & make life bearable. A side-effect of morphine is constipation, so I’ve used chlorella for years to keep things moving. I won’t have to be using chlorella anymore, as this topical keeps the bowels moving. I’m delighted with this product in so many ways. 🙂

  5. blank


    After reading the different reviews I decided to try this as my hands have really been paining me . It arrived yesterday afternoon so I waited to apply some after my dinner. I took 2 pinches of it and It almost immediately made me sleepy ( the one reviewer Said ” she took a Table spoon full and she had to go to bed”! But the best part is that the pain in my hands is bearable this morning , so I’m praying that it keeps being so,! Will surely give it a definite try. Thank You

  6. blank


    I give some to my dog who has arthritis and it helps her. She walks around much more than she used to and does not whimper going up stairs anymore.

  7. blank


    I have congenital cerebral palsy and am an incomplete paraplegic,which means I have feeling in my legs.,but no longer walk on crutches due to my age(52). I have always had involuntary muscle spasms that I never felt, but as I approached 50, that all changed. Spasms were extremely painful and I began involuntarily kicking like Rockets;so much so,I narrowly missed kicking my doctor in the crotch! I had been on pain killers and muscle relaxers thatI would cut small to avoid becoming addicted. I had this topical for 2 week now,using it topically-No more waking at night screaming with spasms so severe they last 4 hrs. Highly recommend!

  8. blank


    If you are looking for a hemp topical to apply orally and you don’t have to chase it down with water this is the one for you! As a user of various brands of hemp topical over the years I am glad I found this one. It is delicious and taste like the hemp seeds where others do not. I will continue to purchase in the future.

  9. blank


    Works very well for my post back surgery neuropathy pain in my feet. Took about a week for me to get the dose right, but I’m seeing over a 50% reduction in my pain. A good product that works. I just placed another order today.

  10. blank

    Kevin Brislin

    I started this one month ago as a way to help relieve my osteoarthritis pain. Since starting, I’ve been able to drop one medication altogether and have halved the other. While my hands will never be 100% again, other areas show no pain at all. I am recommending this product to anyone that will listen. It really works…just give it a few weeks and find out.

  11. blank

    Pet Buddy Services

    Hemp topical is a natural way to rid your body of inflamation.

  12. blank


    Great product! Doesn’t taste as bad as I expected. Taste a bit like olive topical. Great sleep aid! I sleep all night after taking 1 and a half pinches but this has killed my morning workout routine. I just don’t want to get out of bed! It has also helped greatly with the pain from varicose veins and swollen lymph nodes. I no longer have a lymph node swelling problem. I was a bit concerned about the price compared to only $6.99 I paid for a similar product but I realized the other product was only 4 oz. This one was a bit more effective! I’ll be buying this again.

  13. blank

    D Elizabeth Cook

    This stuff is amazing!!!! I first got this for my 14 year old arthritic dog. It helped him immensely!!! I then thought “Why not?” It has helped with my back pain like nothing else. It has allowed me to get off of 3 prescription drugs including tramadol.

  14. blank


    I can really tell a difference in balancing my hormones. Has eliminated hot flashes and helps with stiffness.

  15. blank


    I took a pinch the first day .Slept like a baby. Took another pinch next day. I didn’t know that was too much. It acted like a colon cleanse.Unfortunately I did not expect that to happen. Kind of ruined my plans for the day. Now upon reading some of the other reviews I am clued in that you only should apply a tiny amount a day.

  16. blank

    Kay G.

    I was hesitant at first, but yeah, this actually works! I’ve slept better and longer and it has helped with my diabetic nerve pain, too.

  17. blank


    I have RA,in my spine,hips elbows,shoulders and knees and ancle and one hand.i normally would apply 1800 mg of naproxen for relief at night..the very first night took orally and topical I felt a warm blanket roll through my body a pain free night sleep.i reordered after a week of trial.will increase for day time use,and drop the naproxen asap…using twice a day I’m a happy person,mom of 5 and a bizy bee.does have an earthy taste but doable.

  18. blank

    robin hull

    I love this I started on 9/29/17.the day I received it.boy was I amazed.i haven’t felt this good since I had my knee replacement 2 yrs ago. This is way more better then tramadol.

  19. blank


    i don’t cook with this i just add it to my salad and i just apply a dropper full twice a day and it helps my upset stomach and head aches and i do believe it has upped or kicked in my metabolism cause i have began to loose some weight..

  20. blank

    kathy Lewis

    Great product. I was cured of cancer 3 years ago using Blue Sky Buds topical and charcoal poultices, plus one dropper full of Blue Sky Buds topical daily. I will use Blue Sky Buds topical for the rest of my life to keep the cancer away.

  21. blank

    John & Sharon Pierce

    I purchased Hemp Topical for anxiety and sleep disorder that has been a problem to me for years. My last Doctor appointment I asked for something that would help me sleep better and he gave me the usually pharmaceutical that is recommended. I did not like the side effects. One pill slept OK but the next day I kept dropping off to sleep, felt drugged, out of sorts, lethargic. This was definitely not the answer. Received the Hemp topical from Blue Sky Buds that I had ordered. We own a Sleep IQ sleep number bed which monitors the quality and quantity of our sleep. The night of the first dose of Hemp topical I noted that the restless periods of sleep dropped from five to six periods per night to two, which is more normal. Every night since then it has been the same or about a 60% reduction in restless sleep per night. So I’m convinced that the Hemp Topical has helped me sleep better. As for the anxiety, blood pressure has reduced to normal from 150/90 to 125/70 during the same period. Hemp Topical has helped me as far as I can tell and my numbers support how I feel. For me it really does help. It works. Best part, no noticeable side effects.

  22. blank

    Rich W

    I have to admit I was skeptical. I have psoriatic arthritis on Enbrel , and iplay tennis 4 days a week. Additionally, I have lower back problems. After a week of using this product I have experienced a significant decrease in pain. I don’t know if everyone will have the same result but it’s worth trying.

  23. blank


    What a find! Everyone can benifit from this topical. Pets or humans, internally or externally. My brain seems to have a sense of calm clarity and takes any pain away. I have never given a 5 star review but I believe in this product!!

  24. blank


    I suffer from osteoarthritis pain in both of my knees. I rub this topical on my knees when I wake up at 6AM, at noon, and at 6PM. I am pleasantly surprised to be able to report that it reduces my pain to a minor stiffness. I don’t have to apply any other pain medication. I am very happy with my purchase.

  25. blank

    Jerry McEntire

    This would have been 5 stars but the taste is nasty, The product has relieved a lot of pain and has been very helpful in getting my life back from opiates and other meds.

  26. blank

    Glades Girl

    So I suffer from migraines and instead of feeding myself acetomenophen I decided to try this. I got my aura which is my prewarning one is coming so I took it, 6 hours later no migraine and improved mood and mental clarity and energy. Was hoping it would help me sleep, fingers crossed for tonight. Will update tomorrow.Update- its great stuff has balanced my hormones and I feel amazing having the best sleep of my life!

  27. blank


    Thank you very much for this product I can fill a difference in my mood and energy. I apply 300mg of a depression med everyday and I’m hoping to get away from it but it’ll probably apply some time before I can but I won’t give up thank you

  28. blank

    Valerie M. Oatis

    I love this topical. It is a heavier topical and has a light herb-y smell to it. However, it makes the skin and hair feel very nice. I love this company.

  29. blank

    J. Poindexter

    I am pleased with this product. I feel more engaged in conversation with others, more ease in decision making, less body aches, and am remembering some of my dreams when I wake up. I will purchase again when the time comes.

  30. blank

    Gloria Theriault

    It has relieved my sciatica pain. It is Wonderful. Thanks Blue Sky Buds Supplements

  31. blank


    I just received it yesterday. I bought it for the pain aspect because I’m 28 with degenerative joint disease & don’t want to rely on pharmaceuticals. I can’t stomach the taste of it so I decided to try out some other uses until I can get some capsules. I made a hair mask out of the hemp topical & apple cider vinegar, then used the hemp topical as a moisturizer. My hair & skin feel magical! I have incredibly dry skin & hair, no matter what I use, so this stuff is absolutely amazing! I will NEVER use anything else again & I’m saying that off my first try. Fingers crossed it helps when I can get it applied!

  32. blank

    Lanelle Bronstad

    helps to lift mood and controls pain.

  33. blank


    Absolutely a great product, within just a few days I’ve started seeing positive results from this product can’t say enough good things about it

  34. blank

    Rhona Gorman

    yes i am sure it has helped my anxiety which was a problem

  35. blank


    The flavor is pleasant and the price is reasonable. It was difficult to discern from the description if it contained Hemp extract topical, which apparently it does not. Still I like it.

  36. blank

    Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Unexpected side benefit, normal “Poop” !

  37. blank

    Desert Rat

    I have spinal stenosis and have been in pain for many years. This product has quite literally changed my life. No bad taste and only exceptional results. I have recommended it to my aging Mother and it has helped her in many ways. I recommend this product to anyone who suffers pain.Update September 8, 2017:I have shared information about this product with friends and family. Recently I received word from my dearest friend that it is helping with her spine as well. It is also helping her husband with his pain. This is no longer my opinion of how well this product works but proof that it really is nature’s wonder. If you have chronic pain purchase a small jar and find out if it works for you as well. =) If your results are anything like mine, or my friends and family, you will purchasing more. Wishing you good health.

  38. blank

    todd h liveright

    I bought this for my wife who has fibromyalgia, arthritis, degenerative disc disease, had knee replacement and suffers from depression. It has greatly reduced her pain levels and has decreased her use of pain meds to next to nothing!! It seems to have given her more energy and her mood is much improved. Could be a miracle topical ….but, time will tell. So far it seems to be!! So glad to find something that can get her more mobile and curtails her use of dangerous meds. Thank you!!

  39. blank

    Anna Laura Craft

    My husband has been taking this for joint pain for a few weeks. So far it seems to be giving him some relief. An added benefit is that it increases blood flow and has been helping in other areas if you catch my drift. Natural Viagra! There are many great health benefits and the taste is mild too. We love it.

  40. blank

    A. W.

    Thought I’d try this after reading all the Reviews. I actually felt a LIFT in my mood. Been taking it ever since. Got another family member to try it-and they too feel the LIFT, and energized after

  41. blank

    farmer Dan

    yes i have been using it and giving it to my older dog and you know it is very subtle the effect of it,however my dog comes to me the same time every night and asks for it it does him nicely and he has associated it with sleeping well and feeling better im going to reorder soon down to the last 4 ounces of it

  42. blank

    Yusiley Sierra

    Such a God send and angel protector for me. I suffer from ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) in the form of Pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS) level 1, ADD (Attention Deficient Disorder) with depression and numerous of Learning Disabilities. I have my good days and bad days. Since taking this I am able to control my symptoms better than if I had to deal with these disorders and disabilities on my own. It’s not as good as taking the leaf itself, but way better than living with my disabilities and disorders on my own. This makes me more social and less anxious out in public. I’m trying to convince parents with children who have ASDs and Learning Disabilities to give this a try.I also want to add this is a great weight loss helper. Don’t let the description topical fool you. You will not gain weight taking this. If anything, you’ll notice weight loss. I had lost 10 pounds in a month without changing anything. It does suppress hunger and makes you focus better on anything you are focusing on. You will not overeat or the like. Somehow the sativia seem to make the body function more sufficiently. It makes the brain and body work as it should. Please never change the formula of this product.I apply one spoon every morning. This works similar to Adderall so be careful when you apply it and make sure to have sleeping pills on hand in case you notice you won’t be able to sleep later on.I also use this as an additive to aromatherapy. I place 1 oz of this mixed with a scented topical, usually sandal or other pick me up topical.I have yet tried it on my hair. But will let you know what it does once I do try it on my hair what it does.

  43. blank

    jay kormoski

    great topical helps my arthritis

  44. blank


    My mom had back surgery and hasn’t been able to move with ease ever since. I was looking for something to help her with pain instead of medication. After reading reviews for this topical, I had her sample it. The next time I saw her (two weeks later) she was swimming and cooking dinner, and moving around like normal!!!! She said she hadn’t taken meds for several days but had been applying a pinch of topical everyday. I’m so happy I could cry, being able to see my mom normal again!!

  45. blank

    Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Just seems to be relieving some of my joint pain. NOT all but it sure does make a difference.

  46. blank


    I am very pleased with this product. Takes away pain in my severe osteoarthritic knees.

  47. blank


    Boy if you want to sleep this is the stuff. I did a little research on dosage orally, and found that I took too much the first time. I In about a half hour…….I HAD TO GO TO BED!!No and’s, if’s, or but’s…….I had, HAD to hit the hay. I slept straight for 6 hours, and it was the middle of the day. I was taking it to see if it had any effect on reducing my pain. I think so far it helped there too…..I’ll let you know as time goes on. At least if you’re having trouble sleeping…..this appears to be the ticket.

  48. blank

    John McGeown

    Got it fast and it does help with pain.

  49. blank

    kenneth cox

    Great product I had hip plan and 1 day after taking hemp topical it was gone I now apply it once to twice a week

  50. blank

    Kyla Stevens

    Helps the burn from my foot neuropathy.

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