CBD/Hemp Extract Gummies BSB CHILL 20 pieces

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Our CBD/hemp oil contains virtually 0% THC. It is high in antioxidants as well as carotene, phytosterols, and chlorophyll. It is also a source of several minerals, including calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, and zinc.

About the product

  • FEEL CALM & GREAT – Feeling down and blue? Instead of resorting to ice cream or wine, take one gummy hemp candy. It helps to relax and calm, and promotes positive feelings and emotions.
  • STIMULATES BRAIN FUNCTION – Enhance your productivity with more focus and better memory. Hemp oil has the natural ability to help your brain work more efficiently and improve your attention to details.
  • RELIEF FOR DISCOMFORTS – What a tasty way to relieve headaches, muscle spasms, nausea and inflammation! Each chewy piece is formulated to re-energize you while numbing any ache or uneasiness you may feel.
  • NUTRIENT-RICH TREAT – Nothing beats the health benefits of pure and organic supplements. Our natural hemp gummies are loaded with Vitamins E and B as well as Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids.
  • FUN & DELICIOUS ALTERNATIVE – You surely won’t forget taking one of these daily! Ditch your bitter hemp tablets and pills for these yummy edibles. It tastes great and smells oh so good!

Product description

Do you dread taking a bitter pill or capsule supplements?

There is no fun in swallowing supplements, especially when they remind you so much of medicine. Even as adults, we all want something that is sweet and easy to consume.

Unfortunately, some skip taking their pills just to avoid the unpleasant smell and taste. It is easier, yes, but your mind and body miss out on the benefits they could offer.

Enjoy our yummy gummies- “candy supplements”: BSB Chill Hemp Oil Gummies!

The gummy has been in existence since the 1960s. Although it isn’t necessarily a new product, it sure is one candy that has maintained its status as a favorite among kids and adults alike.

Since the gummy is an all-time fave, we decided to make our supplements look, smell and taste like it! We infused hemp oil and gummy candy to create nutritional and therapeutic chews adults who are young at heart will love! Concentrated oil is not something everyone is fond of, so our gummy edibles are your next best choice.

Our Hemp anxiety gummies are rich in essential vitamins and fatty acids that aid in enhancing your mind and body functions. They help remove stress, relieve pain and ease discomfort. Gummies with hemp can also make you better at focusing on your tasks and remembering important things. Imagine how much you will benefit just by chewing one sweet gummy a day!

Other noteworthy reasons to take BSB Chill Hemp Gummies:

🧸 Tested and proven safe and effective

🧸 All ingredients are non-GMO

🧸 Luscious fruity flavors

🧸 They taste just like real gummies. No after-taste at all!

Improve your health in a delightful way. Add BSB Chill Hemp Oil anxiety Gummies to your cart TODAY!

We recommend eating 1-2 pieces every 6 hours. Do not exceed 3 pieces in 6 hours.

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Our delicious CBD sour gummy bears are infused with premium quality Phyto-cannabinoid-rich (PCR) hemp oil. Blue Sky Buds CBD infused sour gummy bears are the perfect way to start the day. Our sour bears are coated in a layer of sweet and sour sugar crystals, with delicious taste sure to satisfy your taste buds. These CBD Hemp Oil gummies are made in America and carefully formulated for the ultimate CBD experience with every bite.

About the product

  • FEEL CALM & GREAT – Feeling down and blue? Instead of resorting to ice cream or wine, take one gummy hemp candy. It helps to relax and calm, and promotes positive feelings and emotions.
  • STIMULATES BRAIN FUNCTION – Enhance your productivity with more focus and better memory. Hemp oil has the natural ability to help your brain work more efficiently and improve your attention to details.
  • RELIEF FOR DISCOMFORTS – What a tasty way to relieve headaches, muscle spasms, nausea and inflammation! Each chewy piece is formulated to re-energize you while numbing any ache or uneasiness you may feel.
  • NUTRIENT-RICH TREAT – Nothing beats the health benefits of pure and organic supplements. Our natural hemp gummies are loaded with Vitamins E and B as well as Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids.
  • FUN & DELICIOUS ALTERNATIVE – You surely won’t forget taking one of these daily! Ditch your bitter hemp tablets and pills for these yummy edibles. It tastes great and smells oh so good!

Product description

Do you dread taking bitter pill or capsule supplements?

There is no fun in swallowing supplements, especially when they remind you so much of medicine. Even as adults, we all want something that is sweet and easy to consume.

Unfortunately, some skip taking their pills just to avoid the unpleasant smell and taste. It is easier, yes, but your mind and body miss out on the benefits they could offer.

Enjoy our yummy gummies- “candy supplements”: BSB Chill Hemp Gummies!

The gummy has been in existence since the 1960s. Although it isn’t necessarily a new product, it sure is one candy that has maintained its status as a favorite among kids and adults alike.

Since the gummy is an all-time fave, we decided to make our supplements look, smell and taste like it! We infused hemp oil and gummy candy to create nutritional and therapeutic chews adults who are young at heart will love! Concentrated oil is not something everyone is fond of, so our gummy edibles are your next best choice.

Hemp oil gummies are rich in essential vitamins and fatty acids that aid in enhancing your mind and body functions. They help remove stress, relieve pain and ease discomfort. Anxiety Gummies with hemp can also make you better at focusing on your tasks and remembering important things. Imagine how much you will benefit just by chewing one sweet gummy a day!

Other noteworthy reasons to take BSB Chill Hemp Gummies:

🧸 Tested and proven safe and effective

🧸 All ingredients are non-GMO

🧸 Luscious fruity flavors

🧸 They taste just like real gummies. No after-taste at all!

Improve your health the delightful way. Add BSB Chill Hemp Gummies to your cart TODAY!

We recommend hemp pills for pain eating 1-2 pieces every 6 hours. Do not exceed 3 pieces in 6 hours.

Serving Size: 1 gummy bear

Concentration Per Serving: 25 MG of CBD

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Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in

500 mg


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488 reviews for CBD/Hemp Extract Gummies BSB CHILL 20 pieces

  1. paula b.

    I’ve been taking the oil for a month and it’s helped with pain that wouldn’t go away. I’m still adjusting the dose but so far it’s been helpful when other things haven’t.

  2. Robert B.

    My wife has neuropathy in her legs and feet. We have finally reached the concentration that works for her. Using a quarter dropper at bedtime let’s her get to sleep for about 5 hours.

  3. Danny P.

    This is a super product. Helps my anxiety extremely well.

  4. Barbara Z.

    It is great

  5. John S.

    Taking Sublinqual 500mg Hemp Extract Oil, 3 drops morning and at bedtime. It too 5 days before I realized that I was not taking my Tramadol and was feeling better although not 100% free of discomfort. I have the topical but have not used it yet.

  6. Darin K.

    Have used several products from Blue Sky Buds they all have been great products. Service has been great.

  7. Russ R.

    Hemp Extract Oil really helps with my everyday aches & pains, plus, when taken in the evening, relaxes me to prepare for sleep.

  8. NANCY H.

    Wonderful pain reliever for my osteoarthritis and fibro symptoms. Highly recommend!

  9. Steven F.


  10. Stephen G.

    Surprised and pleased by how well this works, esp. for anxiety. Will purchase again!

  11. Amal B.

    I’ve tried a few different brands of Hemp Extract Oil and this one has been the most effective so far to help with anxiety. I tried the 550mg.

  12. gabe H.

    This worked great for back pain

  13. Ashley C.

    Unbelievable product, I am sleeping better than I have ever have, will absolutely continue to buy!

  14. Kevin H.

    Love it! Really high quality!

  15. Carol M.

    I tried another brand and found it didn’t work as well for me as Blue Sky Buds. I will stay with Blue Sky Buds!

  16. Morgan

    I live with chronic pain. I was diagnosed 4 years ago. To be honest I abused opiates for a very long time. I have recently put down all my medicines, changed my diet, and picked this Hemp Extract Oil up. As I am still going through PAWS and adjusting to life with no pain meds this is my life saver. I love the way this helps with severe daily pain, anxiety, fear, paws, no tummy issues I’m sold. This has saved my life. Highly recommend starting off with 100 mg and then moving to 550 mg. Thank you for this product.

  17. Danny P.

    I take a dose before I go to work. It really help my anxiety and issues dealing with people.

  18. Brockington O.

    I have almost constant nausea and this is the only thing I’ve found that helps. Great stuff.

  19. Lennon M.

    Hemp Extract Oil

  20. Curtis L.

    Great stuff helps with my anxiety attacks

  21. richard R.

    Great product. It does have terpenes in addition to the Hemp Extract Oil so it has a different nose to it. I like this better than the plain Hemp Extract Oil. The dog doesn’t like the terpenes. Both help with our medical problems. Thanks for being there.

  22. Cindy S.

    This 550mg oil has lessened my chronic back pain alot. Really works!

  23. Susan B.

    Easy ordering!

  24. Cassie D.


  25. Richard D.

    I’ve been using Blue Sky Buds Hemp Extract Oil for a while now for chronic lower back pain. Works very well, highly recommend. Next order will be for the gummies.

  26. Kristy S.

    taste is a bit strong but over all, a good product . would recommend.

  27. John C.

    This strengh of oil has made a difference in her ability to move.

  28. zac w.

    Best tasting and working Hemp Extract Oil out there!! Highly recommended this product, 1000mh seems to be just right for my needs.

  29. Mary R.

    This oil is REALLY helped me get and stay asleep. It is the only thing that has let me get off of sleeping pills. It’s great. Can’t believe it hasn’t been legal before this year in Virginia!

  30. Mark F.

    I can already feel a difference using this oil. I wasn’t sure it would actually do anything for me. Proved me wrong. I plan to continue my relationships with Blue Sky Buds. Thank you for s great product.

  31. Paul M.

    This has definitely helped with my mood swings.

  32. Elizabeth M.

    I like this product. I use it after a few nights of poor sleeping. Woke up feeling refreshed. I did not experience any side effects.

  33. Anais M.

    I keep coming back for this oil. It helps me tackle my daily anxiety.

  34. Margaret E.

    I use Hemp Extract Oil for pain and for sleeping. Because I really didn’t feel any different when initially taking it I was skeptical. I guess I thought I would “feel something” but alas after using it several times I realized that I didn’t hurt as much and was sleeping better than ever. The stuff is amazing. So, if you are on the fence, jump off and try it. I think you will find it actually does work.

  35. Craig D.

    This is the best yet. Ordering more now.

  36. Koli D.

    This actually helps with fibromyalgia for chronic pain. I’ve been dealing with this for 25 years and have tried everything. I actually couldn’t afford Lyrica any longer and was desperate but didn’t care for the ‘high’ that goes with marijuana. So far, this is my only option.

  37. Jeremiah S.

    Great transaction!

  38. Ralph H.

    I have cut my use of Ibuprofen by integrating Greenroads Hemp Extract Oil into my pain management.

  39. Leslie L.

    my husband and I are taking the Hemp Extract Oil right now and it is helping with inflammation and as soon as we are done with the Hemp Extract Oil we will be moving on to the 550. we love the Hemp Extract Oil and the terpenes the best.

  40. Elizabeth R.

    Recently had the chance to go to Denver and try THCs. Although they worked slightly better for pain they also made my husband fuzzy. Plain Hemp Extract Oil works almost as well and is symptom-free. Used to take 2 weeks to receive order. Now received in 3-4 days.

  41. Ewell H.

    This product works great for all my health related issues that I am experiencing. I highly recommend it.

  42. Isabel H.

    I got for my sister she was every day in pain every were, with 3 days of using she feel much better. Thanks. ISABEL

  43. Melanie M.

    Blue Sky Buds calms my anxiety very quickly. I use it to relax me before I go to sleep and use again if I feel like I need it throughout the day.

  44. Pamela C.

    I’ve tried quite a few brands. This is by far the best because of quick relief for my knees and back. It’s also helping the appearance of my skin… Atopic dermatitis.

  45. Linda W.

    I originally tried this trying to find something to help Essential Tremors. It helped for about 3 weeks then they started up again. I was going to stop but realized my arthritis was better plus I am sleeping better! I am sold on it!

  46. Lisa P.

    Love the product but we went for a visit with family for Thanksgiving and spent the night at a hotel. We ended up forgetting it in our room. We were so mad!

  47. Anna S.

    I live this stuff. I suffer from social anxiety and it really helps me manage it at work. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because it tastes pretty unpleasant.

  48. Barbara C.

    Everything was great from the ordering process to the product. Thank you Blue Sky Buds!

  49. Phyllis W.

    Would definitely recommend works awesome for me take 3 times daily and feel better… didn’t really notice until I stop taking it cuz I had forgotten to order more two weeks I don’t barely get out of bed a week of being back on it and I’m up moving things still hurt but at least I’m up moving and functionable thank you Blue Sky Buds

  50. Gail C.

    I use it to control my husbands seizures

  51. Sian R.

    I have had Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis for 4 years and no pill has helped as much as the Hemp Extract Oil (550 mg). I have noticed a huge difference in my overall demeanor. My goal is to get off some of my meds and it’s possible with this oil.

  52. Jeanette W.

    this strength of Hemp Extract Oil really seems to help with my anxiety and my sleep apnea, I am sleeping 3 hrs straight each night for two weeks now. I also noticed I have no nausea and my migraines have reduced greatly , only 1 in the past month. I really like how quickly the Hemp Extract Oil works and I have found that a froggie midday also helps if I am feeling on edge. Thank you for such a outstanding line of Hemp Extract Oil.

  53. Kaitlyn B.

    Helps me with auto immune joint pain and many other ailments.

  54. Theresa B.

    I used this in the evening and slept swiftly and maintained a deep wonderful sleep all night. Woke refreshed and not drowsy at all. Highly recommended.

  55. James D.

    This works better than the 100mg that we had before but I still think I get better results out of the gummies. Either way, yay for Hemp Extract Oil.

  56. Lisa F.

    Works well to take the edge off the pain.

  57. Paisley J.

    I want to try the gummies next! And the tea!

  58. Thomas T.

    I have purchased a small quantity of the three strengths that work best for me, depending upon the pain level I am or can experience throughout the day. This gives me the flexibility to work without pain and not over use the Hemp Extract Oil product. My choices are the 350,550, and 1000. I am quite pleased with these products for my joint pain relief.

  59. Dawn Y.

    Their products really work to help relieve pain and anxiety!

  60. John S.

    Helps out alot With I.B.S

  61. Diana G.

    Great for pain!

  62. Jarad P.

    Good stuff!

  63. andrew t.

    Great product. Noticed a huge difference in my anxiety.

  64. Rose M.

    I’m very pleased with results so far. Only negative is the price.

  65. Nicolette P.

    Definitely strong and takes away any pain and anxiety I have.

  66. Billy P.

    Nice product

  67. Olga B.

    Tried it once, heard great things about it.

  68. Jeremy S.

    For years I’ve had issues getting to sleep at night, and nothing worked, at least not without making me super drowsy the following day. However, using Hemp Extract Oil, I feel like a normal person when it comes to my sleep cycle.

  69. Debra M.

    I really like it. It tastes great.

  70. Joan M.

    I had to increase the dosage higher but now there is a clear .reduction in pain, esp the neurological pain in my feet

  71. John H.

    Reduced my anxiety tremendously

  72. Bettye W.

    Very Good Hemp Extract Oil & very Satisfied. Thank You for an Excellent Product!!! Shipping was very prompt!!!

  73. Barbara B.

    Been through a recent trauma and using this product helped me through a very stressful situation. I’m glad I tried it out and will soon talk with my vet to try giving the pet version to my overly excitable Shepard/mix dogs.

  74. Linda S.

    I was born with epilepsy and had to take very strong medication my whole life. This really helps me.

  75. Debra B.

    Good quality. Good price. Fast shipping. Will buy again.

  76. Rose S.

    I have 3 sacral tarlov cysts and the Hemp Extract Oil helps take the edge off of the pain. It does not eliminate it, but makes it a little more bearable. I have severe pain 24/7.

  77. Stephanie R.

    Seems to be helping with my son’s patellar tendonitis. Using in conjunction with a few other therapies but he did notice some pain relief after starting to use this. Definitely recommend trying it!

  78. Laura B.

    Very pleased with results

  79. Dustin C.

    I have a lot of joint pain and have had trouble for a longtime and this product has helped ease all of it. It eases away the stiffness and pain and also helps me fall asleep quickly. Great product and great company

  80. Debra J.

    This does help me with my arthritis and back issues. Sometimes though it seems to give me hearturn, not sure why. I take my zantac and all is fine.

  81. Brenda S.

    Not only does it work for my anxiety but my allergies to pollen and dust too! I didn’t notice that I stopped taking Benedryl til like a week later. Good stuff

  82. Carrie B.

    The taste is great compared to other similar products I have tried. Did have immediate results with my pain. Thank you for a great product.

  83. Cory T.

    I ordered 2 550mg bottles of Hemp Extract Oil. I used them for anxiety n neuropathy pain in both my feet. The oil worked well for both. I took it twice daily. The 1st 3days it made me slightly tired but i stayed with it n im happy with the results.

  84. Xavier B.

    I take it before and after the gym and before bed. Definitely helps my shoulder and back injury.

  85. Cheryl S.

    Really just started using it haven’t had really long enough time to know if it’s really good or not just give me some time and I’ll write you another one if you send one out thanks

  86. Angela S.

    Good flavor, great results. Definitely helps with anxiety and chronic pain.

  87. Susan M.

    Just recently had hip surgery. The Hemp Extract Oil has helped reduce pain with osteoarthritis. Also, crazy as it sounds kept me moving during the day & helped me have a restful sleep at night. But, mostly helped with my anxiety 100 %.

  88. Michael S.

    I have used other oils but Blue Sky Buds seems to be the most consistent I have used. I recommended this brand to quite a few people. M.S.

  89. Laura D.

    Helped me sleep more soundly and wake up feeling refreshed

  90. Christopher H.

    Blue Sky Buds products have helped me to deal with anxiety. Thank you!

  91. Michelle H.

    I love this oil. I had been in pain for over two years. This is the first time I can walk without pain.

  92. Payton M.

    I use Hemp Extract Oil for myself and my medium dog. It does the trick to cut the edge off my anxiety as well as the anxiety of my herding dog.

  93. Richard D.


  94. Shelley S.

    I have been happy with this product. The taste is very tolerable, making the product easy to take. I wish the price was slightly lower but it seems comparable to other products on the market. Ordering & shipping is very convenient and speedy.

  95. Matthew H.

    We started with the 250MG and thought it was great but this is even better. Just need a few drops and it stretches further. Highly recommend this product.

  96. Pam G.

    I am just starting to use Hemp Extract Oil for my MS pain symptoms. After using this just a few weeks I am starting to feel the relief, especially with this strength of Hemp Extract Oil. Very happy that I chose Hemp Extract Oil.

  97. Deborah S.

    I’ve been taking this for about 4 months. Sleeping is so much better. Plus the added benefit of pain relief.

  98. Cheryl H.

    I ordered a higher strength Hemp Extract Oil to help with chronic lower back pain. The 1000 is more effective for me. Surprised and pleased at the pain relief. I will be purchasing this product again!

  99. Stephen W.

    Seems to work pretty well for me.

  100. John C.

    Greenraods if by far the best Hemp Extract Oil I’ve used

  101. Arthur G.


  102. tom r.

    works well to relax

  103. Ronald K.

    A morning dose of Blue Sky Buds Hemp Extract Oil gives me energy to go to the Y and exercise.

  104. Sandi E.

    I have tried a lot of different Hemp Extract Oil’s and Blue Sky Buds is by far one of the best! I have chronic back pain from a previous surgery and taking this oil daily has allowed me to stop taking narcotics. Will be reordering.

  105. Leslie P.

    Works well.

  106. michelle k.

    Love this product. It has helped so much with fibromyalgia, RA, anxiety and insomnia. I’m sleeping so much better. I was taking so many prescriptions which all had terrible side effects. My hormone doctor recommended it.

  107. Terri G.

    Service and product top notch!

  108. Susan W.

    I can see an attitude adjustment in my husband. He may say it’s not working yet, but after 3 weeks I sure think it is!

  109. Kelly B.

    My anxiety is greatly reduced and i have much more energy

  110. Rebecca M.

    This helps so much with my anxiety thank you

  111. Steven S.

    Been taking the Hemp Extract Oil for a couple weeks now and feel like it’s helping with my arthritis pain.

  112. Susan B.

    I have been taking Blue Sky Buds Hemp Extract Oil for about 6+ months and I have been relieved from back pain due to scoliosis. Highly recommend!

  113. John G.

    Absolutely loved it

  114. Lauren M.

    Recieved 2 weeks ago. I am still playing with dosage(3-4 drops a.m. & p.m.) but it is taking the edge off the a achiness from hardware in my arm, neuropathy and allodynia pain. I have also been sleeping better.

  115. Joshua P.

    Very well made product that keeps to what greenroads promises.

  116. Annabelle L.

    I have finally found a product to give me some relief from anxiety. Amazing product!

  117. Rodolfo M.

    Product is great and arrived quickly, started feeling better overall within a week.

  118. Augusto V.

    If more affordable than the 1500 mg

  119. Estel N.

    Just like the 350 review. Good stuff that seems to add more flexibility to joints

  120. Troy H.

    I have ordered Hemp Extract Oil from Blue Sky Buds multiple times and every time it has been very easy with fast shipping. Thank you

  121. susan s.

    I have used the cdb oil for the past year. I use an rx also. The side effects of a rx are sometime worst than what they are prescribed for. I’ve used the rx by itself and it dosnt work. So I use both. I have pain constantly, the cdb oil really helps. Anyone who is checking into the oil, it really does work. I’ve told severa l people about the oil.

  122. Kathleen V.

    Works very well..doesnt taste great though, but worth it!

  123. Donna M.

    I love the Hemp Extract Oil and use it for fibromyalga pain.

  124. Victoria H.

    This product helped my husband with his pain alot! He had a double hip replacememt and has been taking hydrocodone for 4 years. he was able to stop taking this medicine completely!! we will be ordering more soon. Thank you so much for what you have done for him!

  125. Peter S.

    The Best oil for Chronic pain and the best Froggies on the market!

  126. Susan L.

    Works well for sleeep aid and a muscle relaxant and minimal to moderate pain relief.

  127. Toni H.

    Like many others, I suffer from many thing…from physical to mental…and somehow, this seems to help! I’m not sure how, but it does. From joints, to an extra spring in my a decrease in anxiety. .but, the #1 thing has been my sleep. I deal with ptsd, and my sleep is normally staggered, disrupted, and in shifts…but this wondrous oil has allowed me to finally get some QUALITY sleep! This brand has also been better than 3 other ones I have tried, too. (1,000 mg/5 drops 3 x’s daily) If you have reservations. me, I get you… but take the leap, and hopefully, you will find it beneficial, too! (Another note…the is not good..but, you adjust, or figure out tricks to get around it.)

  128. Patricia R.

    Wonderful product I have used Hemp Extract Oil to treat my Crohns disease since January of 2017 and have had no flares at all. It has been a blessing for me.

  129. Fiona M.

    Very pleased with my purchase. Highly recommend this product. Very good quality.

  130. GiGi S.

    My mother suffers from severe rheumatoid arthritis. Which causes a lot of inflammation and pain. I started her on Hemp Extract Oil and she has been doing a lot better as far as the inflammation goes. Which is nice so she doesn’t have to take so many man made drugs that cause so many other issues.

  131. Allison S.

    It’s helped with joint pain and headaches. Still a little early to tell on whether it will be helpful with anxiety but I will be buying again!

  132. James G.

    Pure and natural. So thankful I found your product. Amazing for pain. Eases sciatic and muscles. Feel great and relaxed and no worries about ulcers or other side effects from taking too many otc pain relievers bc I don’t need that crap anymore! Thank you thank you! I don’t know what I would do without this Hemp Extract Oil!

  133. Marlene G.

    Have been unable to sleep from arthritis pain. After 2 weeks I can now sleep all night and have no pain during the day either.

  134. Christine M.

    iAd been using Hemp Extract Oil 250, But in anticipation of surgery, I ordered the 550. It is everything that I needed and wanted. The speed of relief is the most impressive!

  135. Aaron M.

    I have literally tried everything for my sleep. I had surgery, prescription sleeping pills, over the counter sleep aids, a cpap, nose strips, and i havent been satisifed with any of these “solutions”. I am still trying to determine if this is the long term solution for me but i have definitely seen improvement in my sleep. After using one bottle o f this product i am going to buy another and see how it goes. If you are struggling to fall asleep or stay asleep, try it, at the very least i can say in the month and a half i used the product so far, i did not experience any side effects, which is better than anything else i have tried.

  136. Robin W.

    I have many issues that cause me pain so I read so much about the Hemp Extract Oil.oil and thought I would give it a try. It definitely helps with my pain… This is not a cure, but a relief. I take several medications to help with my pain . I don’t believe I will every be pain free but this oil does give me relief and I sleep much better.

  137. Samantha D.

    The quality of my sleep has improved!!

  138. Helen K.

    Accurate dosage

  139. Gail L.

    Definitely the best tasting ! I have tried other brands and Blue Sky Buds is my favorite.

  140. Josie S.

    I’ll admit that I was skeptical that a product from the industrial hemp plant would be helpful. I’m so grateful that I overcame my reluctance and gave it a try. I can’t take most pain relievers, prescription or otherwise and after two back to back major surgeries, I was suffering from debilitating pain. Not only did the Hemp Extract Oil help enormously wit h my pain management, but it had a couple more unexpected benefits. After the bad fall that precipitated one of my surgeries, I had developed a very loud ringing in my ears. Shortly after taking my first dose of Hemp Extract Oil, I noticed that the ringing was much less noticeable. For the heck of it, I took a couple additional drops. NOISE GONE, Pain even more improved. Beyond that, I’ve had lymphodema in my leg which had recently become much worse – even that has improved significantly. Hemp Extract Oil may not be a miracle, but it’s close enough. My quality of life improved exponentially, so I gave some to my very old dog, who has arthritis. He’s now much perkier and moving with a lot less discomfort. I think it’s safe to say that we are customers for life. Excuse me while I reorder.

  141. John B.

    Good product . Works for me , Applicators could be better . Last two bottles Hemp Extract Oil I bought , one was less than 1/4 full , other than that your product is better than any I have tried so far . Thank you . John Buell

  142. Kathleen B.

    is really helping

  143. Wendy G.

    Ever since I stumbled on Blue Sky Buds I’ve bought numerous items from them. The Hemp Extract Oil is great for anxiety and the dog Hemp Extract Oil formula works wonders on our rambunctious dog.

  144. Mary M.

    Have CRPS, fibromyalgia, lung cancer and arthritis. Looking to find way off drugs. Just may have found it.

  145. Kenneth M.

    Have not used it long enough to rate its effect. Will do so later if provided the opportunity.

  146. Sal P.

    After doing large amounts of research, and listening to recommendations from friends, I have found this to be the best Hemp Extract Oil to give to my daughter for her Crohn’s (it was even suggested “off the record” by her doctor.) We are on her 5th bottle of the 550mg, and all I can say is THANK YOU for putting out such a great product. When she would have a flare up, or cramps, or any type of pain…4 to 5 drops will generally calm things down. Since starting Hemp Extract Oil, I have been able to get her off of all the dangerous medications she was on (Prednisone, 6MP, and Humira) and now she is on only one immunosuppressant which she takes every 8 weeks and the Hemp Extract Oil, 5 drops daily. She has been in remission for 8 months now, no flares/pain/issues. Her latest tests came back a few weeks ago and everything looked great. I’m not saying this is a cure, but after reading how your body has natural cannabinol receptors especially largely centered in the gut, and how these receptors affect overall health…it is worth a try to supplement your current treatment. I have started using it myself for joint pain because of its’ anti-inflammation properties and for migraines. It works!…and it’s a lot healthier than popping tons of ibuprofen and Tylenol.

  147. Jim B.

    I’ve had ADHD related sleep problems for years. I finally tried a bottle of 550 MG Blue Sky Buds Hemp Extract Oil. I expected very little, thinking it wouldn’t be any more effective than the other prescribed and over the counter products I’ve used. I was wrong, it helps me get to sleep sooner and stay asleep longer. During my wakeful periods, I’m much c almer and fall back asleep faster.

  148. Kimberly L.

    Great product. Helps me sleep

  149. Ryan P.

    This Hemp Extract Oil has helped me a lot with anxiety and stabilizing my mind

  150. Kevin F.

    Good quality product, hopefully the cost could come down more affordable at some point.

  151. Donna S.

    I really wasn’t expecting much. It really helps. I use to get up from sitting and moan & groan because of my aches and pains. They’re not completely gone.. but what an improvement! Also, knowing that it’s working to reduce inflation in my body is huge. I’m a happy camper.

  152. LYNN P.

    I’ve tried several strengths of Hemp Extract Oil with varying degrees of pain relief (sometime a little). Today I tried the 550 mg Hemp Extract Oil I ordered a couple of weeks ago, and within minutes began to have relief from the chronic knee pain I’ve experienced for several months and the tension in my body began to relax. I’ve had to experiment to find the right strength and dose for me – and this one works!

  153. C. M.

    I used the 100mg bottle and it helped with reducing chronic aches and pains. I also noticed lt made me feel a bit more relax at night getting ready for sleep. I will be trying the higher dose soon.

  154. Nicole H.

    I’ve been taking 550 drops for a few months now to help cope with anxiety and depression symptoms and it really does help! My mind is more calm and focused when I take the drops.

  155. Karen L.

    This is a wonderful product. It relieved my Osteo and Rheumatoid Arthritus pain and allowed me to get on with my day. Thank you.

  156. Sheryl W.

    Love your product.

  157. Customer

    Ok so it does have some kind of effect. I seem to let little things go. Dulls my back pain a bit. Here comes the but I would have to buy 4 bottles to effectively get three a week 7 days. At $80 something a bottle $320 a month for something that only provides temporary relief and does not cure or fight cancer cus it doesn’t have a high concentratio n of Hemp Extract Oil-a. Well looks like only the rich can afford this product.

  158. Carla R.

    I don’t have much of a basis of comparison, but this particular Hemp Extract Oil has helped my sleep patterns considerably and although the taste is a bit gloopy, it is well worth it. Much appreciated.

  159. Tony D.

    This oil seems to work.The morning is my worst time and I have not totally figured out how to regulate when to take the Hemp Extract Oil to eliminate the pain.Once I figure this out I’m sure I will get the results that I’m after. My Dr. Suggested to take a urine test and it came back clean.

  160. Maureen M.

    Great stuff

  161. Heather Z.

    I have RA and discovering Hemp Extract Oil has been a lifesaver. I am able to sleep and walk again my pain has been cut by 75% or more, thank you Blue Sky Buds for all you do

  162. Jo P.

    I was suffering from very bad insomnia. I am having a lot of stress in my life at this time and not handling it very well, my blood pressure has been high and doctor wanting to start me on BP meds. Since starting Hemp Extract Oil, I am sleeping very well, I am able to handle the stress way better and my blood pressure is under control – I do not have to ta ke any pills. What a blessing!

  163. Vicki D.


  164. Rhonda J.

    This is a wonderful product. I will be ordering again & again.

  165. Joanne H.

    So happy!!

  166. Cindy L.

    I like this brand better because I use less and it works better!

  167. Rebecca C.

    Seams to help a little. But I think I need to go to 1000 to get relieve

  168. Ann H.

    I run but get very anxious during races. Took Hemp Extract Oil and ran and my brain wasn’t hijacked by the anxiety! My heart wasn’t racing, breathing was great, felt relaxed and did great!

  169. Christine H.

    If you have never tried Hemp Extract Oil you will not be disappointed. We all have inflammatory processes that cause issue. This will help!

  170. Barbara A.

    Really helping with pain

  171. Mark A.

    Great product and on my 2nd Bottle.

  172. Matt D.

    I have multiple injuries from back problems to hand surgeries. Pain killers always mess up my head and leave me feeling bad and out of place. This product has helped me to not take pain medicine and feel like myself. Absolutely love talking it before a work out to keep me relaxed and keep down inflammation.

  173. Christopher M.

    Best product I’ve tried. Fast shipping too.

  174. Richard P.

    It eases my pain significantly. I have to take less of my other pain meds.

  175. Charlene P.

    Quick Shipping

  176. Dolores E.


  177. Gretchen C.

    I wasn’t sure which does to begin with but this one was def. a winner and now Im going to try doing a higher dose. I have not tried other brands to compare but for now Ill stick with this one and try to higher mg and terpenes .

  178. Edwina O.

    The Hemp Extract Oil may not taste good but the benefits are amazing. It helps me with inflammation and is starting to help several serious conditions.

  179. Raymond M.

    Working good for me,I will keep taking it!

  180. robert s.

    As with all Blue Sky Buds products this exceeded my expectations

  181. Steven F.

    Works wonders

  182. Annette M.

    Arrived in a timely manner & performs as I’d hoped. Would recommend to anyone looking for an alternative to or as a supplement to their current routine. The oil is great!

  183. Mary R.

    This is the 1st time ordering any Hemp Extract Oil. The options were great and prices too!. Got my product quickly. Love it.

  184. Teri D.

    Love it, mind is clearer, migraines are fewer and not as intense

  185. Danielle E.

    This Hemp Extract Oil has really helped my general anxiety. I did find that taking half of the dropper was too much for me though. I do two drops once in the morning and once at night. This is the first Hemp Extract Oil I’ve tried, and I will be buying again (:

  186. Kristy W.

    Almost as soon as I get out of bed, my shoulder starts hurting from arthritis and nerves in my neck that don’t have enough room, (stenosis). The relief comes much faster than any pill, and it is the only medication I’m taking that my physical therapist approves of! I do sometimes take a second dose later in the day. I am thrilled to find something safe, effective, that doesn’t destroy my body or leave me spaced out.

  187. Trish J.

    I’ve been taking this oil for 3 weeks now. I have bursitis in my right hip which has slightly improved. I do sleep sounder and feel rested the next morning. I will definitely buy again.

  188. Anthony A.

    Best Hemp Extract Oil on the market!

  189. Rita L.

    We use this for ourselves and our yellow lab and we are all thrilled with how much better we feel. The dog is amazing now.

  190. Greg L.

    Love the Hemp Extract Oil…help with my stress, and pain.

  191. William W.

    Love my Blue Sky Buds Hemp Extract Oil!!!

  192. laura s.

    I have chronic spine issues, fibromyalgia, anxiety, diabetes. Four months of taking and my anxiety is gone. I feel relaxed to drive alone after ten yrs of suffering. I no longer have to take as much narcotics when adding this into my daily regiment. My blood sugats are not under control yet but I take blame on lack of diet control so I can’t h onestly report if it’s helped yet. Over all I feel better when using this product.

  193. Claudia K.

    I have found this strength to be perfect for helping me unwind at night and sleep soundly. Thank you Blue Sky Buds.

  194. Louisfank B.

    I take Hemp Extract Oil almost everyday to help keep me calm throughout the day. Best discovery I’ve made!

  195. Chet 0.

    I have both rotator cuffs torn both knees blown out. Upper and lower back surgeries! Been on Vicodin for 9 years. Doesn’t always work. Your product has been amazing. I’ve tried other brands and little to nothing. So I was still skeptical. Have been very surprised and happy with my results. To be truthful, I was getting against it! Customer for a l ong time!

  196. Mike A.

    This oil is fantastic!! It helps with my back and knee pain much better than any other medicine I have tried.

  197. Patricia A.

    Have MS and has helped me become more stable. Less pain with Hemp Extract Oil. Rest better and have more energy. Love this product.

  198. Peter K.

    I use this to help my muscles relax and take pain away during back spasms.

  199. Natalie L.

    This is the third brand of Hemp Extract Oil that I have tried. It has given me the same relief as the others but I picked it because of the transparency of the product. A detailed lab report is provided. My only comment is that it is much thicker and the consistency isn’t uniform. It has to be shaken well.

  200. Amy F.

    The 550 MG is helpful for me to sleep.

  201. Jess G.

    Everything was as expected but the dropper top leaks a bit. At $90, every drop counts

  202. Miguel R.

    As usual, a calming effect on my anxiety, especially effective at bedtime. Also eases my low back tension, again, contributing to restful sleep. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

  203. LISA B.

    Love this product. Has helped me tremendously with pain in my back, anxiety in the evenings and very helpful for relaxation to sleep.

  204. Zemeir

    The Oil seems to help with some of my pain, but not the severe pain.

  205. Trina W.

    This oil has helped with my severe inflammation due to herniated discs. I have stopped medications and use this oil instead. It’s natural, healthier and it works !

  206. Valerie E.

    I have fibromyalgia that can be very debilitating, at one point I thought I was going to be in a wheelchair the pain was so bad it made it difficult most of the time to walk. I also had extreme anxiety, trouble sleeping., concentrating and suicidale thoughts. The past 3 months I have been using Hemp Extract Oil I am smiling more days than not. Better than I have felt in 20 years. It took maybe 20 minutes before I realized the “relief” , it was amazing. Still not able to run any races but I will take this and Walk with it. Thank you so much, I have my life back

  207. Kris H.

    My wife started taking this, and within a few weeks was able to get off of a prescription muscle relaxer that she has been on for 3 years for her TMJ.

  208. Donna M.

    I have used the Hemp Extract Oil from 10 months now. It has helped with chronic pain and anxiety. It is unbelievable how it helps with the chronic pain.

  209. Paul M.


  210. Stephanie E.

    After extensive research on the many Hemp Extract Oil brands available, I am pleased to have chosen Blue Sky Buds. The Hemp Extract Oil 550 mg exceeded my expectations. Not only did the product reduce my inflammation and chronic pain, I unexpectedly lost weight. The weight loss was a very nice surprise!!! 5 star product!

  211. Dion L.

    Great product, still waiting to see results 🙂

  212. Shari S.

    The best products, and prices. Straight from the company. No middle man. I love you Blue Sky Buds .

  213. Lance C.

    Moved up from 300 and results continue to improve. Great taste and am able to tell it’s working. Ready to order more!

  214. Gretchen R.

    I cannot live without this product. Great addition to my healthy living routine.

  215. Mark M.

    I’m an adult professional and have long wanted to write as a means of sharing my experience and expertise. Unfortunately I also suffer from ADHD and therefore have trouble writing. Through a combination of Dragon transcription software that helps me get it all out, and Hemp Extract Oil which helps me then edit it all, I am now a writer! (I actually just took a little break from editing to write this review.) My first book will be finished this Summer. So I’m happy with the product, and have been happy with your service as well.

  216. Daniel C.

    We had that awe feeling. This is the kind of experience when you find the product that actually works. We have used Hemp Extract Oil from other companies, and they just do not work as well as this particular Hemp Extract Oil – 550mg from Blue Sky Buds. We recommend that you purchase this Hemp Extract Oil.

  217. Elizabeth B.

    Thrilled with this product!

  218. Debbie, A.

    This helped my daily knee pain the very first time that I took it, one dropper full of the550 MG! I have been using it twice a day.I will be ordering this again

  219. Arlyne M.

    My husband is always in severe back pain I believe he thought this the miracle It has eased the pain a little. Maybe you have a stronger oil that we may try

  220. dennis t.

    great for arthritis pain!

  221. Maurice U.

    Your C/S is awesome and a real blessing. You make a regular person feel like he’s the only client you have. High grade respect for your clients. God bless you….

  222. Jennifer T.

    I’m very satisfied with my order. This was my 2nd bottle and again had problems with the cap/ dropper. No big deal but I think the tops are not very well put together

  223. Randy H.

    Love this oil!!!

  224. Austin W.


  225. Faith S.

    Absolutely love this product ❤️

  226. Rory F.

    I used to take RX sleeping pills for years and haven’t taken a RX pill since I started on the drops. It has helped me sleep without the memory issues from the sleeping pills.

  227. Prinsess F.

    I used to wake up feeling groggy and would get lightheaded throughout the day. I would also be tired throughout the day no matter the amount of sleep I got. This Hemp Extract Oil has helped me tremendously. I saw improvement right away. I feel better throughout the day and more energized.

  228. Tammy R.

    A great product!


    I have arthritis in multiple joints and am in need of a total shoulder replacement. I’ve been using the 550 CBT oil for a week now and it’s really been helping control my shoulder pain. I will definitely be buying it again.

  230. Cynthia B.

    This oil has made such a difference in my life because it has helped my health in more ways than I expected. I do feel luck that I first purchased it at a store in Merritt Island, FL & the guy there really emphasized taking your time to get to dose that worked for me. And, since going in his shop to purchase mine, it seems other customers list en & are awed by as it turns out others in there purchasing Hemp Extract Oil. It has helped me so much that in fact, that I purchased some for my daughter and am going to order some for my sister.

  231. Laura P.

    great product

  232. John C.

    Ten years ago I was diagnosed with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. Needless to say my symptoms have not gotten any better. I deal with a lot of pain now. This product is an excellent alternative to oxycodone. The only problems with it is the taste and the fact that it is not covered by insurance and I am on SSA disability. Other than that, if you need it, and can afford it, definitely give it a try.

  233. Sara P.

    Seems to work however hard for arthritic hands to get the top off.

  234. Renee C.

    Hemp Extract Oil 550mg works excellent for my anxiety and my back pain, it mellows me out but dosent make me tired. My back pain is so look much better with the Hemp Extract Oil. No more pain pills. Try it you will not be disappointed.

  235. Darryl Y.

    I have a stomach condition that causes constant nausea. I heard about Hemp Extract Oil and did my research and decided on this. Amazing Amazing help. Will definitely be purchasing more, what an amazing life improvement.

  236. Sherry L.

    Excellent for helping to induce relaxation to ensure a good nights sleep. Sleep is hard for any cancer patient and this has been amazing for me.

  237. Amber S.

    I feel like I need more time to take the product to see it’s effects.

  238. Cindy

    This was my first purchase and trial of Hemp Extract Oil. I purchased the 550no and it definitely helps with the pain. It hasn’t eliminated it but has brought it down to a tolerable level. These products work well.

  239. April G.

    So far it seems to be helping with a number of pains and aches

  240. Alyssa K.

    I bought the Hemp Extract Oil for my anxiety and was skeptical, but in the last couple weeks I have had bad anxiety keeping me awake all night long like I usually do! Only concern is it’s quite espensive for a higher dose, I want the 1000mg but it’s such a small bottle, and almost 200 dollars! I tried a different Hemp Extract Oil that was cheaper yet reputable, and my anxiety has come back, gonna purchase another bottle and see if it helps again!

  241. Michelle G.

    My anxiety has noticeably decreased since I began taking Hemp Extract Oil. The four star rating

  242. Matt B.

    Worked out really well for the first time ever using Hemp Extract Oil. I found that it reduced my anxiety and depression dramatically. However, I did not find it to necessarily help me sleep better. I used about 6-10 drops at a time twice a day. Also, it helped a little with my acne. I would recommend this product.

  243. Mary K.

    Hi! My PTSD and fibromyalgia pain had been excruciating this last year and anxeity levels to match. Found your Hemp Extract Oil reduced chest and stomach pain (anxiety induced), eliminated muscle pain, and finally able to sleep through the night. Thank You!

  244. Kathleen F.

    The best Hemp Extract Oil I have tried. It has helped immensely with my arthritis aches and pains and I am sleeping soundly.

  245. Elizabeth R.

    The Hemp Extract Oil has allowed my husband to stop taking some of his ugly pain meds. Also when we first started buying it it took 2 weeks to receive in the mail. Now it’s just 5-6 days, which eliminates a lot of anxiety.

  246. Cristie W.

    I have been using Hemp Extract Oil for about 1 month now and the health benefits are incredible. Walking up stairs my knees sounded like crispy rice cereal in milk, after just 2 weeks on Hemp Extract Oil there was no cracking or crunching! And that is one of many benefits I’ve noticed.

  247. Mindie

    This really seems to help me quiet a bit.

  248. Amanda

    I went from 350 to 550 I do see minor changes ive only been on it for about a weekish.I suffer from really bad anxiety so its hard to leave my house at times.ive notices myself actually considering to go out more and my i do sleep way better.i may need alittle higher so next purchase will be the 1000mg.overrall i feel a slight difference.its w ay better than no difference it just means i gotta find the right dosage for me but im getting there.😁

  249. Xavier C.

    The whole transaction, from the response to pre-sales questions via chat, to the ease of ordering, to the promptness of the shipping, and most importantly, to the effectiveness of the product, was absolutely flawless. From decades of sports, I have severe pain in my knees, ankles, and shoulders. Unfortunately, I had let the time between finishing one bottle of Hemp Extract Oil to getting the next one lapse by about a week. Sure enough, within a few days, all of my aches and pains were back. After only 1 day of taking the Blue Sky Buds Hemp Extract Oil, my aches and pains were back under control. The product is very effective. The ONLY negative things I can say about it are that I don’t like the taste and its consistency is too thick. The other Hemp Extract Oil that I’ve used are tasteless, which I prefer. It also was a pure, clear liquid. I assume the sweet, nutty flavor of the Blue Sky Buds Hemp Extract Oil is due to it being able to be used in vaporizers as well as sublingual. Also, the consistency is too thick to easily control with the dropper. It is so thick that you can dispense all of the liquid from the dropper. If the taste and thickness is due to it being vape-able, I wish they would create separate products for vaping and let the sublingual product be a clear, liquid oil. Although I would prefer that it be tasteless or maybe minty too, the sweet, nutty flavor isn’t unbearable. However, I do find it unpleasant. The pros HEAVILY outweigh the cons, I would definitely put the Blue Sky Buds Hemp Extract Oil in my top 5, and it would be near the top of that list.

  250. Nella

    Fantastic oil,Helps me to fall asleep very quickly,I am very pleased with your product,thank you so so much.

  251. Patricia P.

    This has helped my husband with his back pain.

  252. Robert M.

    I’ve been very happy with the ordering process and the product. The benefits of Hemp Extract Oil cannot be over stressed !

  253. Clint I.

    Works Great

  254. Michelle S.

    Unsure yet….

  255. Paul V.

    I have bad knees and ankles. This really helps cut down on the inflammation and makes my movement much more free.

  256. Chris B.

    I love it

  257. Desire’ R.

    Anxiety melts away minutes after administration. Helps me with chronic pain, and muscle aches. Mild earthy taste, easy to use. Recommend to everyone.

  258. BARBARA J.

    Would be nice if insurance paid for it, it’s a little pricey for the size of the bottle.

  259. Deborah L.

    I have only been using this product for 2 wks now. Already I can feel a difference. My hands, legs, and back are getting better every day!

  260. Olesia O.

    I have tried several other Hemp Extract Oil and this one works best in controlling my seizures, vertigo, and anxiety. The texture is a little thick and taste a little unusual but nothing so bad that I couldn’t eventually get used to it. Besides, the quality overpowers all of that anyway. It has been a godsend for my neurological issues. Personally, for me this isolate formula works better than other broad-spectrum brands.

  261. Kim O.

    I only need one drop in the a m. And 1 drop in the p.m. and I’m so relaxed.

  262. Janie M.

    I have arthritis and I take this at night…it reduces inflammation. .it also helps me to sleep…..I’m impressed with this product because they send each batch out for verification of each batch…and that it is what they say….great product…

  263. Jami G.

    Trying to get off pain meds from an auto accident and an autoanomic disorder I’m concerned with being on high dose pain meds for such a long time and building a tolerance. So i researched this product. Ive purchased the Hemp Extract Oil 550, edibles and the gummy relax. The gummy relax are actually very tasty. The other two not so much but i know if i diso lvef or chewed my meds they wouldn’t taste good either. Lol trying to wean myself off pain meds I’m adding these as well. Time will tell if i can drastically reduce my rx meds and try to rely on just these products. I’ve only been using them for about 2-3 weeks so we will see.. But I’m optimistic.

  264. Frederick S.

    I have been diagnosed wasPanic Disorder in 1994 (evidently since

  265. Brad H.

    Use it everyday when I get up. Pop a few ml’s and away I go .. cuts down on the back pain alot .. almost feels like I’m 20 again..

  266. Sabrina T.

    I’ve been using Blue Sky Buds products for a few months now, they help greatly with a wide range of issues. Pain, stiffness and sleep ! I always recommend the products to others, and they’re always more than satisfied as well. Keep up the good work !

  267. Michele R.

    This Hemp Extract Oil helped immensely in giving a good nights sleep. Will definitely be purchasing more.

  268. Doug M.

    Hello, I’ve tried several other brands of oil. It would seem that your product has at least caught my attention. I can’t quite put my finger on it yet, too early. I would like it if the consistency of the liquid was better. Some areas are thicker than others and I try to shake it. If the oil being thick is a good thing and a sign of higher quality extraction, then its worth it. As a 12 year sufferer of poly-neuropathy in my feet and ankles I’ll take any type of relief. The foot cream seems to offer some relief as well. I look forward to more positive results. But I think I found a product I can try to build around.

  269. Katy W.

    fast shipping and good service

  270. Robert T.

    Happy with my purchase, high quality product

  271. Laura S.

    Tastes better than i thought. Lasted about a month.

  272. Alvaro G.

    Excellent no more tremors no more pain in my it

  273. Elysse L.

    This is my first time trying this brand and I was very happy with it. Also, thank you for the generous military discount!

  274. Elaine F.

    Love it!

  275. Tanya B.

    I ordered the Blue Sky Buds 550mg Hemp Extract Oil for my presurgical hip pain. It works very well in just a short amount of time. I noticed that I also had less nauseous anxiety and I had more success focusing on tasks.

  276. Renee D.

    I’ve used this product for two weeks now and it has helped me to sleep better and helped me with the PTSD and resultant anxiety that I’ve been experiencing. After one purchase, I consider it a vital part of my healing routine. It is well worth it!

  277. Brittney R.

    The oil itself seems to be helping my husband. I wish there was a measurement marker on the dropper. The thickness of the oil makes it harder to get out of the dropper as well. Taste wise it’s not bad at all. If it were thinner and I could tell how much I was giving, I would purchase again.

  278. Danny B.

    Helps tremendously for anxiety.

  279. Alex A.

    Im Not a religious but God Bless You People I struggled with debilitating shoulder and chronic pain and accompanying anxiety from restless sleepless nights I dont Abuse but from past experience I have an aversion to Rx meds I bought 550MG Hemp Extract Oil and another of GRW products They came today I took a few drops and the Relief was alm ost immediate I felt so Good I went Swimming Of course I will buy this again and I will try the other products as well Attn Gen Sessions I will Fight you Tooth and Nail for My Right to live with as little pain as I can Agan God Bless You GRW

  280. Jack M.

    Works very well I will buy more when needed one happy customer

  281. Dale B.

    Thank you very much for the military discount on this as we are on a fixed income and it makes it fit the budget a little better!! We have been using this product for about 4 months now and am thrilled with it. It has helped us with many health issues we have and given us the ability to do more than we have been able to in a very long time! This i s awesome stuff!! I do have a small complaint as well — there is a problem with the packaging of this. We have had problems with these bottles/stoppers leaking — says to shake well — when you do the bottle leaks — have lost over half a bottle of oil from this problem 2 different times — not sure why as the top is screwed on tight — one of the bottles was in a glass upright with lid on tight and every time I picked it up I had to wipe the leaking oil off before I could even think about shaking it up — we will be buying this product forever but hoping the leaking issue can be addressed — totally recommend this to anyone dealing with chronic pain, arthritis, anxiety, joint issues and much more – has truly changed our lives!! Thank you!

  282. Dave G.

    I have started using Hemp Extract Oil for my sons autism with good results. Blue Sky Buds was highly recommended and have been very satisfied so far.

  283. Jill T.

    Great product, use this for Degenerative Back disease and Rheumatoid Disease. Use 6 drops and works for 5-6 hours. Great for traveling long distances.

  284. John J.

    Really does make a difference! I take this every morning

  285. Judith N.

    This is really helping my overall pain from degenerating spine discs and arthritis of the spine. Besides, it tastes good!

  286. Patricia C.

    I have RA and since I have been taking this I am pretty much pain free

  287. Hyacinth K.

    I truly believe in this product. It helps with my chronic back pain, fibromyalgia, and sleep. My only issue is the packaging. You have to shake it well before use and it seems to not have a good seal. I end up wasting a lot of the product, which is just like throwing money away.

  288. Elbert W.

    I have used the 100mg bottle with some success for pain and will soon start to use the 550mg bottle. I have found two faults so far the specific doses are hard to figure out and the dropper does not have specific MI markings on it.

  289. Norma S.

    I found it very effective

  290. Kalee T.

    so far so good!

  291. Cindy E.

    the product helps with all my little aches and pains.

  292. Pedro P.

    I have tried the Hemp Extract Oil for over a month and am very satisfied as it brings a sense of relief and relaxation. I used to suffer from stress and PTSD and have found some relief in the oil which helps me with my other treatment. Thank you.

  293. Ariane D.

    Really working, I offered this to my girlfriend that’s always stressed and have toubles sleeping, and it really helped.

  294. angela g.

    I have told several people about this product. I am so happy with the product and the company.

  295. Douglas W.

    Products I received are working Great. I recommend Hemp Extract Oil to all my friends.

  296. Catharine D.

    My littlest daughter started taking the 550 mg. She has been in speech therapy. For over a year. It’s been challenging .. She is talking and singing now. Blue Sky Buds, thank you for creating such a powerfully healing product. Her growth in the 10-12 weeks we started her has been A GAME CHANGER !! Can’t say enough. So happy !!!

  297. Jeff L.

    I love this product. I have GAD and taking a little Hemp Extract Oil every day has me off of heavy drugs like Xanax. Thank you Blue Sky Buds!

  298. Sandra T.

    Working great! Best thing it tastes good.

  299. Noelle S.

    I suffer from chronic migraine and have been on prescription medication for over 7 years now. Taking this, along with the terpenes, has helped me to reduce the amount of medication I take and the migraine events I usually suffer.

  300. Tyler S.

    Best sleep aid I have tried

  301. Jonathan B.

    Blue Sky Buds Hemp Extract Oil has produced sinificant improvements with my medical conditions, including pain relief and help with insomnia. I am happy to have bought Greed Roads products and will Stick with them.

  302. Robert S.

    I never would have believed this product would work for me. My back pain is excruciating sometimes. This product has helped me deal with the pain, and lower the amount of pain medication.

  303. douglas c.

    love the stuff

  304. Allen B.

    Good product. We are buying this for our son who has epilepsy. It seems to make his seizures not last as long, and he has a shorter recovery time after. He also takes his regular meds, but since starting the Hemp Extract Oil we feel it has made a difference. We increase by 1 drop 2x day after each seizure. He is 16 and still growing, but we are down to 2 seizu res a month.

  305. Ruth L.

    This Hemp Extract Oil takes away the pain from my MS. One dropper full in the morning when I get up and I’m ready to go.

  306. Gino G.

    I started using this product about a year ago to help alleviate symptoms of P.T.S.D. Having servered in the Marine Corps for 8 years, I struggle with depression, anxiety, anger and isolation. This product has proved to be very beneficial in reducing these symptoms. It is not a cure all as some folks report, but it reduces my symptoms to a manageab le level allowing me to think clearly and calmly. It also reduces the symptoms of my nicotine withdrawal. I would highly recommend this to anyone that is tired of the poison they are dishing out to sufferers of mental health. I would like to see this same dosage in an oil base instead of glycerin. 🙏 Thank you for your product.

  307. Charles G.

    Good stuff, great taste, and great company

  308. Sawyer K.

    Great product! Helps tremendously with pain and anxiety. I’m bumping up to the 1500 mg to see if I can get the same effect with a smaller dose. The new syringe is so much easier to measure doses.

  309. Audrey R.

    Great product helped my pain in my knees

  310. zac w.

    Awesome product, great tasting and very effective. Best brand out there in my opinion!!

  311. Rita L.

    This has helped me so much. I will be ordering more in the near future. Mailing was quick and easy as well

  312. Heather B.

    I have severe chronic pain due to fibromyalgia, Sarcoidosis, degenerative disc disease and arthritis. I was taking insane amounts OTC meds that I was feeling poisoned. Feeling great after one week of the 550mg oil.

  313. Tim O.

    So far the best tasting I have found

  314. Jacqueline J.

    I started using Hemp Extract Oil in March of this year for my anxiety/depression and scoliosis. Not only does it work wonders but the 550MG bottle lasts a decent amount of time. It’s enough time for the price to be worth it and still be able to have a variety if wanted. 🙂

  315. Alexander W.

    I was taking previously the 100mg Hemp Extract Oil with limited success in managing my LBP, when I decided to try the 550mg version shortly after I had finished the other bottle. I might try a higher mg dose after the 550mg, but I am happy with the results so far!

  316. Brandon C.

    Good stuff

  317. Kim C.

    I am a restless sleeper, taking this before bed really helps lessen the tossing and turning.

  318. Bill J.

    i use about 3 drops in my Ecig and the anxiety goes away.

  319. Roy M.

    Does the job well, don’t have to use a huge amount.

  320. Jenny A.

    This is the 3rd brand I’ve tried and I think it’s finally helping me. I have more energy to make it through the day!

  321. Nicholas D.

    Amazing Hemp Extract Oil, and so grateful for the fantastic military discount

  322. Melissa S.

    I take 2 Drops, 3x a day and really notice a difference with my anxiety. It really helps calm my brain.

  323. John A.

    Great product to manage daily pains. I’m in construction, like any trade or profession, after time it takes its toll on our bodies. Blue Sky Buds has made my pains very manageable day to day. I have 3 slipped discs, vertebrates crushed in lower back, pinched nerves throughout my back. Just amazing the product they developed. I’ve tried other compani es when I first started using the Hemp Extract Oil, none compare to Blue Sky Buds. I’ve been applying Hemp Extract Oil from Blue Sky Buds for over 6 months now. The best part is the oil is stronger, safer and more reliable than the pain killers that are prescribed to me. Thank you Blue Sky Buds and know I’m 100% satisfied.

  324. Amy C.

    I bought this before going for the 1000mg bottle. It tastes alright, you definitely know it’s made of plant material. It didn’t last very long, but was a good product.

  325. Simon Y.

    I have been using your Hemp Extract Oil capsules for three months as a sleep aid. I have been able to eliminate one and reduce the other sleep aid by 50% of prescription drugs as a result.

  326. richard R.

    Great product, maybe a little too thick. Our dog has abdominal pain which is responsive to the Hemp Extract Oil, He gets up and plays like he did before he became sick in March . I did not have any problems with Blue Sky Buds but UPS was rude to me when I tried to find out what happened to the package. They basically said to me that they would deliver the pa ckage when they felt like it and despite all the technology to scan and track the package they were unable to tell me where the package was or when it would be delivered. Our poor puppy was suffering and I don’t think UPS acted appropriately. The Hemp Extract Oil not only helped with his discomfort it also helped with the other gastrointestinal problems (IBS diarrhea). He was like new and was very active. When we ran out he became lethargic and IBS returned. That was why I was so angry with the delay from UPS and they didn’t seem to be aware that this is a medicine. Thank you for your kind assistance in resolving the whereabouts of the package. Great customer service and I do apologize for ranting: that was for ups. R. Ryan

  327. Hanna W.

    This Hemp Extract Oil has helped me so much! I’m finally able to slowly go off of my anxiety and depression medications because I don’t need them anymore.

  328. Lon B.

    After trying other brands I feel I have found gold in the Blue Sky Buds brand. Relief for my arthritis and back pains.

  329. April L.

    First time using a Hemp Extract Oil and it is great, Helps with my anxiety, pains, and sleeping issues. I definitely would recommend this to others. Wish it would ship quicker, but otherwise it;s a great product.

  330. James S.

    Currently using this product during cancer treatment. I used this same product over this past year on and off as well. I’m very pleased with the results, and feel as though it is genuine and of high quality

  331. Cortney G.

    I think I need stronger

  332. Sharone M.

    Works well for nerve pain

  333. Crystalena A.

    I am posting this exerpt from my own personal journal. I write in it daily. It’s a documentary thing. It’s also a symptom tracker, a goal and productivity tracker, it’s….. everything. I wrote the entry that this excerpt comes from, on May 21st, 2017. Let me just state, that since that day….. MY WORLD HAS FOREVER CHANGED FOR THE BETTER. The reason I am ONLY posting this excerpt, is because I have so much to say about Hemp Extract Oil and Hemp Extract Oil products in general, as well as about Blue Sky Buds, that it wouldn’t fit on an entire page of this website. However, I will soon be migrating all of my past journals to a new WordPress blog, where my journey from my several other blogs will be imported, and combined and continued from there. This is probably one of the longer “reviews“ that will be posted here. But, let me assure you, it is only the very smallest amount of the good things I have to say about these products and this company, in particular. The folks at this company are all out AMAZING. They have digitally held my hand every step of the way. I can’t say enough about them. They are not outsourced sales people. They KNOW thier products. They WILL remember your name. They are ALWAYS RIGHT THERE TO HELP. I even had an emergency issue, on a holiday once. I NEEDED information quickly. I received IMMEDIATE RESPONSE both from one of them, IN THE OFFICE, and the other, EMAILED ME FROM HIS HOME!!! You talk to them a couple of time, you WILL end up speaking to the same people. They are big-hearted as all get out, and truly CARE about you. They KNOW what to tell you, and they can help you find even more information. However, sometimes, a person just NEEDS to talk to another customer/patient/user….. they want to hear BOTH sides of the story. I know personally, it’s a mess trying to get REAL results. Through supplements that don’t live up to their name, medications that cause more trouble than they solve, drs. Who are overburdened, and often succumb to the pressure of pharmaceutical companies to prescribe their drugs to their patients. It all makes it VERY DIFFICULT TO FIND REAL SINCERE FEEDBACK BEFORE YOU PUT OUT MONEY ON YET ANOTHER “POSSIBILE SOLUTION. How many times have you done that, and been disappointed? I have. A lot. In December of 2014, I could not walk unsupported. Open parentheses that’s the technical way of saying, “my husband had to fucking carry me. Even fromthe bed to the toilet. I could not write. I could not stay awake. (I have hypersomnia. And taking narcotics for pain was no help. I had spent the last two years, doing one of three things, sleeping and crying in pain, being almost awake, but completely incoherent, or being awake, coherent, but I’m so much pain, I could barely breathe. My daughter could not even HUG me softly, Bc it was like being burned with a branding iron, everywhere she touched. The lovely little girl has over time, come up with ways to show me affection, Sir hugs, airmail kisses, even the “arthritis fist bump.” I had given up by the end of 2014. I was looking at life insurance. I was looking for a way out, a definitive end date, to my daily torture and my burden to my family. I wasn’t living. I was barely existing. And I simply could not cope with the concept of living that way, for an indernanant number of years, or decades. I needed to know, when it would end. I have been to the bottom of the rabbit holes, folks. As far as a person can go. And then some. Should you ever have questions, or want to SPEAK directly to a CUSTOMER: Know that, I have done my research well, and can tell you just about anything you’d like to know. I will gladly do so. The folks here know me, and they know, I will sing their praises from every rooftop. You can find ME at This is my personal Facebook page. I am not affiliated in anyway with Blue Sky Buds, nor have I been compensated in any manner to say the things I’m about to say. The ONLY compensation I have received is AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE and finally, a PRODUCT (that I PAY FOR LIKE EVERYONE ELSE) that is giving me my life back. I’ve done years of research on all of the different conditions that I have, (and a bunch I DONT have). I know quite a lot about natural solutions outside of Hemp Extract Oil and to be honest, I’ve always been a helpful person. But, I recently discovered that being HELPFUL IS ACTUALLY MY OWN PASSION in life, reaching out and helping others in anyway shape or form that I can. So I’m offering anyone that wants to talk to me about Hemp Extract Oil or health problems, my own information, out of my own free will. Just come talk to me. I’m a friend. I’m a listener. I have experience with so many disorders and conditions, personally as well as family members and friends. What you’re going to get from me, is not a sales pitch, just HONESTY. All of that said, here’s the private journal entry that I made, on the day I took my first dose of 550 mg Hemp Extract Oil from Blue Sky Buds. (I had previously used the 150 mg and the 350mg. The results were impressive enough to keep going.) “May 21st, 2017 I CAN’T EXPLAIN THIS. I SIMPLY CANNOT. EVERYTHING THAT HAS PLAGUED ME FOR OVER TEN YEARS, THAT LITERALLY STOLE MY WHOLE LIFE FROM ME AND MADE ME A BURDEN TO MY HUSBAND AND A CRAZY, INCAPABLE MOTHER, all of that…….. At least, from 6:30 this morning (I’m just guesstimating here, because I took the Hemp Extract Oil at 9 o’clock, and then I went on about my normal morning routine, and I didn’t even notice how bad I DIDN’T feel until around 10….. and then again, right now, at 1:20pm…….ALL OF THOSE SYMPTOMS……… are MISSING RIGHT NOW. LIKE I lost them somewhere. I feel like this is a dream. (Not because I’m high!!!!) Because this feels like it absolutely cannot be REAL!!!!! If my husband or one of my children were to walk into my room right now, they would see me standing by my bed, dictating this. I’m trying to make it sound legible, because I’m actually boo-hoo-ing. I am crying like a big baby. Anyone who saw me crying right now, would make the assumption that something was wrong, and I need help. Such as, I’m in severe pain, or I’m confused. I’ve lost something and I can’t find it, I’m having a panic attack. I’m having an over emotional reaction to something, or I’m just fed up. Because I cry about those things every day and so many more. However, if someone saw me right now, crying, ANYTHING they could possibly think, that is the reason for me to be crying, would be completely, totally, utterly, absolutely WRONG. I am bawling, BC I am happy. I TRIED SO HARD, to NOT ALLOW MYSELF TO PUT TOO MUCH HOPE INTO THIS PRODUCT, from the very beginning. But, after a couple of days, on the 150, I couldn’t wait to try the 350, and now, this 550…..unbelievable!!! I seriously keep on pinching myself. I TRIED TO NOT ALLOW MYSELF TO BUILD THIS EXPERIENCE UP INTO SOMETHING THAT IT ISN’T, AND FIND MY SELF, TOMORROW, back in hell. I can’t even bring myself to TELL ANYONE YET. I don’t want to give those who love me and know me any false hope, either. But, dammit, EVEN IF IT ONLY FEELS THIS WAY FOR THE NEXT HOUR……… it’s amazing, it’s so f-ing amazing. I don’t know what will happen from here. But, I want to tell that company, from the bottom of my heart, all the way to the top, (and I do indeed have a really big heart) that they have GIVEN me something that no one and nothing else has been able to give me before today….. A MOMENT, a few hours, maybe even a WHOLE day, of feeling like someone I USED TO BE. They have given me mercy, from everything wrong with me. All at once. Because before this, there were days when I felt less pain, and could do things physically, but I couldn’t focus for 2 seconds. There were days when I could focus, and I didnt feel too much pain, but I looked around and I felt overwhelmed, or hopeless, and I didn’t even want to bother. Because I knew that any progress I actually managed to make that day…. It would sit there, untouched, probably for months,after I finished working on it, that day. AND putting out all that effort, even on the smallest of things, would result in me being confined to the bed for 3 Days. There are days when, emotionally, I was great, and I had perfect focus, but I couldn’t get out of bed. There were days, when that happened, that I would ask someone to bring me things, so I could sit in bed and work on a certain little project. But then five minutes into it, I realized that my hands just couldn’t do the work. So all that stuff would sit on my bed and I would just lay back, turn on the Xbox, watch Netflix and cry, until I felt better (hahahah) or fell asleep. It never failed, I never felt better for the rest of the day, and then at the end of the day, someone had to clear all of the stuff that I THOUGHT I could work on off of the bed. Without it ever even getting used. You see, when you have multiple chronic illnesses, you almost never have the chance to have a productive day. Even if all almost all of my conditions are giving me a break, there’s always that ONE that wants to be a little bastard and stops me in my tracks. Or I’m simply too exhausted to make use of the time. Or I don’t even try because……I might end up in the Walmart parking lot again, unable to go inside due to anxiety, when it starts pouring rain. I can’t drive in the rain. Plus, rain makes me hurt more. Then, I get mad at myself, for thinking I could do this…. and I end up in a major panic attack sitting in my car. Of COURSE, I forgot my emergency meds at home. That day, I had to wait from 2:30-5:15″, when my husband got off of work, and he brought my best friend (read: only friend), in his truck, so she could drive me and my car home. How Can I ever overcome these fears, when crap like this KEEPS HAPPENING EVERY TIME I TRY?? I don’t know. I just keep working at it, I suppose. BUT, OMGWTFBBQ TODAY, at least not yet, I have no little bastard. I have……nothing. There is nothing here, except for me. It sounds funny to say that, if you don’t know what this is like. Having nothing. It’s just me here. It’s sounds like I’m depressed and lonely. But, I’m not. It’s like my mind and body are always full of hundreds of tiny gremlins. They are all gone right now, or sleeping. Lol. Do gremlins even sleep? I’m moving on with my day now. At some point, I need to send this to GRW.” That was only a part of one of the MANY MANY journal entries I have written about what GRW has done for me, and my life. At the time of that writing, I was taking 5 drops each morning, of the 550mg Sublingual. I have since moved on to the 1000mg. Hopefully, today, I will Be ordering the 1500mg. I simply have THAT MANY CONDITIONS to deal with. And I’m ready to start reducing meds. Starting with the MORPHINE. I hate it. I am confirming, validating, speaking out….. For the MIRACLE this product has brought into my life. I urge you, all of you, who have found your way HERE, don’t leave without buying SOMETHING. Try ANYTHING. You won’t regret it. Customer to customer. I promise, you won’t regret it. (I do recommend starting with the 150mg Sublingual. But, if you can’t afford that, buy something cheaper. I haven’t tried any other items. Only the oils. Just keep in mind, everyone is different and will need different strengths. Obviously, if you buy the lowest strength product, you won’t get the results of the higher strengths. But, keeping that in mind…..I’m certain you will feel better.) I hope this review gives you the confidence to take the next step, and make your first purchase. You won’t regret it. No matter what conditions are holding you back from living your life the way YOU WANT TO. It’s right here. And SO AM I. Right on Facebook messenger. Just put something like “questions about Hemp Extract Oil“ or “can you help me with Hemp Extract Oil?“ So that I will know that you are not spam or a bot 🙄 because nobody likes freaking bots. With highest hopes for YOUR relief and healing, With the offer for you to reach out to me, at anytime, With the most sincere gratitude and praise for the company and Hemp Extract Oil in general, My name is CHRYS ALBARADO. I AM A LIVING, WALKING, BREATHING, HAPPY, AND NO LONGER SUICIDAL, MIRACLE. MY daughter had not ever seen me (I got sick before she turned 2 years old.) NOT SICK. SHE HAS ALWAYS KNOWN ME AS A VERY ILL, AND MOSTLY NOT “ALIVE” PERSON. NOT A MOTHER. Last week, she finally asked me, “what’s up mom? I haven’t wanted to say anything, but you are a LOT DIFFERENT LATELY.” And so, I told her. She calls my Hemp Extract Oil “mommy’s bottle of miracles.” I am calling it that now, too. Thank you for reading.

  334. Kara P.

    It’s already starting to work, and the taste is fine,will definitely purchase again.

  335. Paulette M.

    My husband has anxiety and uncontrollable seizures. It helps the anxiety but he would have to take a lot of it to help the seizures. It cost too much for us to buy that much. Thank you.

  336. Lou B.

    Candidly I was doubtful if Hemp Extract Oil could really help with my chronic lower back pain. So after about a week of just a few drops under my tongue 2/3 times a day (350 mg) the pain began to gradually ease up. So needless to say, I will continue to be a customer of Blue Sky Buds Hemp Extract Oil (now 550 MG).

  337. Geraldine N.

    It helps me sleep and takes my neck pain away..thank you Blue Sky Buds

  338. Laura P.

    I’m sold on this product for fibromyalgia relief

  339. Elizabeth B.

    I am pleased with the product and will be ordering more. I have severe and constant chronic pain. I think I’m going to be a high-doser.

  340. Tracy L.

    I have very bad arthritis in my knees and someone suggested I try Hemp Extract Oil. Like I said I have VERY bad arthritis so I started with 150 mg and worked my way up to 1000. None of the creams at the grocery store worked but this Hemp Extract Oil helps alot. I read reviews and Blue Sky Buds got # 1 best seller of Hemp Extract Oil so I went with them. Thank you for helping with my pain!

  341. Justin S.


  342. Lara

    After taking for 3 days I woke up pain free from Fibromyalgia for the first time in over a year. I am hooked.

  343. dennis r.

    Please start shipping to Ohio again

  344. Michelle S.

    Excellent as a mild mood assistance supplement.

  345. Kathy G.

    I really think it’s working for my migraines and my back

  346. Kathy S.

    Relieved pain

  347. Joyce J.

    I started off using the 100 mg oil. However, I think I need a higher concentration. I was pleased to see that the 500 mg is available. I’m very hopeful that this will help.

  348. Carolyn G.

    The oil is amazing and it has saved me as I get anxious and it has served me when I needed to stay calm and focused.

  349. Christie H.

    I am new to using the oil, I am still trying to figure out my dosage!

  350. Anthony S.

    I’ve noticed some improvement but I think I need a higher dosage

  351. Amy K.

    Let me be perfectly clear, I suffer from constant debilitating migraines & I have never found anything (including very strong narcotics & triptans) that would help my migraines triggered by people wearing perfume/cologne around me. In fact, I was considering disability when I ordered this product. NOTHING could help reduce the amount of pa in or length that it would last (usually 2+ weeks). I began taking 550 mg Hemp Extract Oil 19 days ago. When someone triggers a migraine, I take a very small dose (4-6 drops) of this Hemp Extract Oil and within 30 minutes I go from a debilitating migraine to being functional & within about 3-4 hours: my migraine is barely a headache and gone by the next day!!! I know this because I use an app to track my migraines to review what if anything helps reduce the pain in any way. I have NEVER been so satisfied and this is NATURAL!! It does not carry the health risk, awful side effects, or possibly of addiction like everything my doctors have given me. In the last 19 days I have had approx. 16-20 hours of migraines from multiple days—I had a non-stop 24/7 migraine for the previous 24 days prior to beginning the Hemp Extract Oil. It has been such an obvious difference and has increased my quality of life in such a positive manner. This is worth every penny spent and I will definitely keep this stocked and on hand.

  352. Victoria W.

    I have been taking 1/2ml 2xday for the last 2 weeks and the pain from my MS is better.

  353. Sarah S.

    After years of taking every prescription & over the counter medication I’m thankful to have discovered Hemp Extract Oil. It calms my anxiety better then zanax. I don’t feel like my brain is in the clouds. I function more normally & feel better. Falling asleep requires a higher dose of Hemp Extract Oil but does work as well. Only wish it was a little cheaper but it’s natural so definitely worth it!

  354. Lance R.

    This Hemp Extract Oil works faster than others I have tried. It also provides more pain relief than another 500 oil I have. It would be nice to have a little flavor, but you can take it with something else.

  355. Sarah U.

    This product has definitely cut down on all my pain!

  356. Matthew M.

    Few drops, great feeling, pain relief, and taste is decent for Hemp Extract Oil.

  357. Jennifer A.

    I purchased this Hemp Extract Oil product for my daughter to help her sleep and it truly works! She sleeps longer and deeper with 3 drops under the tongue. One bottle lasts about 5-6 weeks making this very affordable. I would recommend this product to anyone having sleeping issues or in search of an alternative to Big Pharm sleep aids.

  358. Verena M.

    Fast shipping. Product seems to be working great for anxiety and depression.

  359. Sheila A.

    Started this for my back pain and also for my husband’s hip pain as neither of us is too keen to take NSAID’s. This works as well or better without the downside of taking OTC pain relievers. Tried other brands of Hemp Extract Oil, but this one works!

  360. Sean M.

    I have been referred the Hemp Extract Oil. I am impressed how the oil relaxes and helps with sleep. It all around makes u feel better. I will continue with my orders

  361. Dolores B.

    I really like the product. My dropper bottle was messed up so had to change bottles. The oil is good although sweet to my taste. I will be reordering thank you.

  362. David T.

    Have used this for about a month & seems to be providing relief for assorted pain issues that have made sleeping difficult.Will reorder this as well as the pain cream.

  363. Darrel B.

    The pain was gone in a mili-second. Just two drops under the tongue and it was gone so fast, and stayed gone all day. Love it.

  364. Joseph V.

    This Hemp Extract Oil has helped my husband who has brain cancer to feel calm and less anxious

  365. TED M.

    Compliments the Oxi like white wine and a piece a fish

  366. Jenni G.

    Ready to order #2. Great results on pain management.

  367. Amanda H.

    Really happy with purchase. Will order again. Vape friendly.

  368. Marcus M.

    Great! Easy to use!

  369. JUDITH R.

    I received the product very quickly and in good condition. I have been taking it a few weeks and it definitely has helped with my sleep and joint pain.

  370. Tyler H.

    great stuff

  371. Erica C.

    Hoping it continues to help with insomnia and anxiety.

  372. morgan l.

    It really helps with my anxiety and sleep. PTSD causes me nightmare and about a week after I started Hemp Extract Oil I noticed that I was waking up at 5 am instead of an hour after I fell asleep. Also proven to be essential in many other areas. Give it a try and tell a friend.

  373. Meredith F.

    I take this for my anxiety and I Can feel it working Within minutes. Would definitely recommend.

  374. Damien C.

    Great stuff…I would recommend this to all.

  375. Andrew M.

    Seems to be working okay. The taste is not bad.

  376. Sara S.

    This is the best Hemp Extract Oil I have tried so far. It calms me down quickly.

  377. Delbert R.

    I have cancer & have trouble sleeping, it’s helped me sleep better & hoping it will help the pain in my feet from Nuropathy.

  378. Margaret A.

    My husband and I have been using this for about a year now. I started using it for insomnia but found it didn’t do much. However, I believe that Hemp Extract Oil has other health benefits and am hoping that regular use may prevent me me from developing arthritis, dementia and osteoporosis. I have also used Hemp Extract Oil as a “rescue inhaler” when I’ve had too mu ch THC. It works well for that. My husband takes it for his arthritis pain, and he says that it helps.

  379. Wayne C.

    Three weeks ago I began taking four drops sublingually every morning for severe back pain. My back pain has been significantly reduced and I attributed It 2 Blue Sky Buds Hemp Extract Oil. I will be continuing this regimen.

  380. Joann C.

    I’ve had ongoing leg and back pain for a couple years. It was beginning to interfere with every day life and interrupted sleep. I tried everything OTC and alternative then went to the doctors. I had two epidurals in my lower back. Still has significant pain. Then I researched and tried Hemp Extract Oil. Within an hour after the first dose I feelt it begin to r elease the pain in my leg. After a week I could sit with greater comfort and watch TV or ride in a car. After three weeks I’m beginning to exercise the way I like with relatively little complaints. Don’t get me wrong I do feel the underlying issues but no where near the pain level of when not taking Hemp Extract Oil. This is the only product or method of therapy that’s has given me relief. I’m a believer. I take half a dropper in the evening usually on an empty stomach if possible. I have no problem with flavor.

  381. Donna M.

    First time user if Hemp Extract Oil ever. I just received my 550mg/15ml product this morning. Been an extremely stressful week and on top of that I am taking Chantix to quit smoking cigarettes. Have been so agitated I almost got into a physical altercation. Then went into a fibro flare. Fun times. I took three drops under the tongue at noon. Feeling very l ittle pain and very mellow. Gave my hubby the same dosage and he said his back pain went away but he doesn’t feel any different mentally. Very impressive.

  382. margaret c.

    works most of the time

  383. michael l.

    It helps me sleep better. Also, it seems to help with my blood sugar level and blood pressure.

  384. Annastasia D.

    I have been using this product for a little over a week. For the first 3 days I did not feel any different. I have peripheral neuropathy in my feet. It causes great pain and I cannot walk for very long. I used to walk 5 miles a day and this is very distressing to me. I was ready to try anything! I decided to try Blue Sky Buds Hemp Extract Oil because of comm ents I read online giving them good reviews. On the 4th day I went shopping with a friend and realized after about an hour on my feet that they didn’t hurt. Since then I have walked more and more and I can’t tell you how happy I am! This product is costly for me but it is so worth it! I will definitely buy this product again and I have recommended it to family and friends! Thank you Blue Sky Buds!

  385. Gabriel O.

    We are a big fan of Blue Sky Buds Hemp Extract Oil, we have used it for a variety of ailments, it has helped me when my carpel tunnel flares up, as well as to help with sleep. Great stuff!

  386. Barney M.

    I am a short time user, but I feel better since using this product, will follow up with more info, it is the real thing, another thing I really appreciate about this company they extend a honest discount to military veterans like myself, with proper documentation, I would recommend this product to my friends and family who are suffering from pain and depression.

  387. Gloria G.

    I struggled to get a good night’s sleep throughout menopause & then too much stress in my life happened. I hadn’t slept in years. Prolonged lack of sleep does weird things to the body & a scary physical left me with a choice to either medicate with pharmaceuticals or give Hemp Extract Oil a try. So glad I tried the oil. 3 drops under my tongue befo re bed & I slept soundly the 1st night & every night thereafter. I am a believer & as far as choosing a Blue Sky Buds product…I did my homework & all signs pointed to Blue Sky Buds. Fabulous. Thanks for the best sleep since infancy!

  388. Alyssa L.

    Best Hemp Extract Oil!!

  389. matt s.

    works great

  390. Kathlyn C.

    I ordered this for my husband who has stage 4 lung cancer. He takes 20 drops twice a day and says it truly helps in addition to the prescribed pain killer he takes.

  391. Lois a.

    Do not use it every day, but when needed. It works. No pain.

  392. Sandy S.

    I have been taking the 550 mg Hemp Extract Oil for a short time and my back pain from 2 separate whip lashes I received several years ago is gone. My chiropractor suggested that I try it. He was so right. Anyone with continuous back pain will know what a relief it would be to be pain free. Thanks to your Hemp Extract Oil and to my chiropractor for suggesting it.

  393. Tim D.

    My wife suffers from Lymes and she started taking the Hemp Extract Oil. It has helped her so much!! Thank You!!

  394. Angela D.

    My Hemp Extract Oil journey is still new but the company is very efficient and that’s a good first impression that I would go back to them. The taste isn’t really bad. I’ve tried a flavored one from elsewhere and I think I prefer this natural flavor more.

  395. stephen n.

    Product is great! Clean and pure without any plant products. Smooth taste and works as expected. Only gave 4 stars due to 2nd day delivery has taken 7 days and the package is possibly lost which will cause an interruption in taking the oil consistently on a daily basis. Very very disappointed in the shipping!!!!

  396. Roselyn S.

    The easiest transaction I’ve had this year. The Hemp Extract Oil is very good quality.

  397. Barbara M.

    I have Cerival fusions and have pain all day and keep a headache. The Hemp Extract Oil helps ease the pain with no side effects like, drozy, aniexty. It works. Bj, Alabama

  398. Billy T.

    Being new to Hemp Extract Oil, I have tried a couple of other brands, but have to say that the Blue Sky Buds seem to help with my essential tremors more so than the other brands I have tried. Started with a couple bottles of the 350mg and moved up to the 550mg. The only negative is the price for the Blue Sky Buds is more than other brands I have tried, but as the saying goes, you get what you pay for!!

  399. Jennifer C.

    I have fibromyalgia and have have severe pain in my neck and shoulders for several years now. I started taking your Hemp Extract Oil and my muscles in my neck and shoulders have relaxed so much. Haven’t had relief in years until now.

  400. Reshma R.

    This product does help me relax and helps with anxiety.

  401. Lester C.

    Over the last month I have grown to believe in this product. I have Parkinson’s and it helps with pain and stiffness. I order my second bottle (by the way, fast delivery.

  402. Alex B.

    Really helps my anxiety

  403. Naoko R.

    That was my first time to order Hemp Extract Oil and was my friend’s recommendation. I have a sleeping issue, but I don’t want to take man made chemicals. I was not sure how it works, but it worked. This Hemp Extract Oil reall helped me to sleep and calm down my tension. I am happy to find this oil.

  404. Bill P.

    This oil really helped with my sleep/anxiety issues quicker than expected, I am still adjusting my dose trying to get aches & pains relief where it needs to be. Overall, delighted with the product, and really like the taste and viscosity of it. Have already ordered again.

  405. George R.

    My wife could not sleep at all, she had panic attacks caused by her racing heart . She tried everything; pharmaceuticals, herbs, minerals, nothing worked. Only Hemp Extract Oil calmed her heart, her panic attacks, and gave her a good nights sleep. A real miracle. Thank you so much.

  406. Lana A.

    Worked good

  407. Mala B.

    It seemed like it was helping. I’m trying the 350 now.

  408. Vern H.

    We are still evaluating how this is helping and what dosage is correct, however, we certainly see a calming effect. Time will tell but I believe we will be purchasing again as we figure out dosages. The advantage is the flavor seems to be good (we still mix with drink or PB&J) which is a bonus because this had been an issue with melatonin prod ucts in the past. I look forward to more investigation and seeing how this will help, so far it works well, we just need to hone in dosages and times and such.

  409. Laurel B.

    This oil has worked wonders on our arthritis and joint pain.

  410. Gloria D.

    Helps with my Arthritis discomfort and my insomnia. Will Definately continue to use and recommend to others

  411. Linda G.

    I got the 550 ml Hemp Extract Oil for my uncle and he hasn’t had a compaint yet. Gr8 product

  412. Tom M.

    Excellent product. I have serious arthritis in my knees. Blue Sky Buds was awesome in helping with the pain and stiffness. It was even better with my anxiety. Has a very calming effect. Only drawback was it was not very effective with sleep. Using it at bedtime, I would go to sleep easily but within 4 hours would be awake again. Overall I was impres sed with Blue Sky Buds Hemp Extract Oil. Would buy it again.

  413. Cat

    I use this for pain and so far it’s the best tasting Hemp Extract Oil I have found and works wonders. Very happy.

  414. Syl R.

    So far so good. Use it twice a day and I’m noticing a difference (less) pain. Praying that pain will be completely enlimated soon. Thank you SR

  415. Robert G.

    I have tried other brands of Hemp Extract Oil and was not happy with them at all but the Blue Sky Buds brand works wonderful for me.

  416. Christine M.

    This is the best Hemp Extract Oil on the market and the most pure! I will be a customer for life! 😊

  417. Santrielle C.

    My family and I all suffer from chronic pain disorders and mood disorders. This stuff is soo helpful to take the edge of the pain – emotional and physical. It also works a lot better than other Hemp Extract Oil products I’ve found. I just wish the bottle was bigger!!

  418. Angel C.

    Very good product. I noticed less pain. I have neuro muscular pain associated with arthritis and when I take the oil , I can sense a has also helped with social anxiety. I would buy again although the price is a little high

  419. Julie R.

    I have tried other Hemp Extract Oil extracts but was not finding any relief. A friend gave me some of her GRW Hemp Extract Oil and it worked so well! I will not be switching from Blue Sky Buds

  420. Nancy W.

    It has helped my pain, but I’m still trying to figure out the right dose for me to use. I will buy the product again.

  421. Eric G.

    This is my first trial with Hemp Extract Oil. I got the unflavored one. The taste isn’t bad at all. Tastes like a stronger nutty flavor. Not bad tho. When I was checking out the oils, it said to start with the lower strength and go up if needed. I chose the middle strength ’cause I figured if I started there and if it wasn’t strong enough, I’d get the high er one next time or if it was too much, I’d go lower. I found I need the strongest they got. After having two lumbar surgeries, I feel like crap every day. Back hurts, legs hurt, neck hurts,hands hurt…lol. Gotta love it. But, this must be helping some because before I started taking it, when I woke up in the morning, I’d be swearing before my feet were on the floor ’cause I felt like crap. I haven’t been doin that in the mornings that much lately. Gonna get the strongest I can get and go from there. The only bad thing I can say about this oil is the bottle. I have a heck of a time trying to get the dropper unscrewed from the bottle. It keeps clicking and clicking then it finally comes off. Couldn’t imagine someone with bad arthritis in their hands getting it opened. I know they need childproofing on it but this one needs revamped. All in all I would buy it again.

  422. Lois a.

    Works great. Opening the bottle is sometimes difficult. Can a different top be used.

  423. Keith C.

    Love the 550g mg oil for general soreness after working out.

  424. Delores P.

    working great so far

  425. Linda N.

    I highly recommend this product. I deal with a lot of pain so this product was recommended to me. Hemp Extract Oil is very popular now but every product is not the same. This works.

  426. Maureen M.

    Great taste, helps both body and mind. Best of all there is no THC.

  427. Lyndon W.

    Love the product ! Bottle is very hard to get open after a couple uses tho says to shake well but when you finally get product open it runs out the top which is some what understandable with it being a oil but maybe rethinking packaging could help ?

  428. Nicolette P.

    This is really good quality Hemp Extract Oil, however I wish you got more forthe price.

  429. Alicia B.

    Sensational Product. Has helped me more than anything else. Would highly recommend.

  430. Kathy L.

    Started using Hemp Extract Oil tinctures 6 months ago. Tried 3 brands before finding Blue Sky Buds. The taste is not bitter at all. I recommend Blue Sky Buds to anyone that I speak with about Hemp Extract Oil benefits. Love your product and your customer services is awesome! I’ve been given a life now with much more control of my chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia!!! Thanks Gree n Roads!

  431. Lorena B.

    Seems to be working.. ready to try the topical for aches

  432. Julie C.

    Works great for sleep

  433. Richard B.

    from: Richard Beckmann, W.V.C., Utah. It has helped with my pain (no longer take Opiods) . I also don’t need to take laxitives any longer.

  434. Mary S.

    Should have started taking this long ago. It has relieved my chronic pain more than I ever thought possible short of pain medication!

  435. Sarah J.

    Ive only used one bottle so far but the 2nd is on the way. I could def feel my verall nerves being grinded less, and the 550 is a higher dose er mL than the 1000 so for the money this is the buy. Blue Sky Buds is the best Hemp Extract Oil Ive found, Ive seen people using WATER SOLUABLE Hemp Extract Oil…. Perhaps another 6th grade science class is in order 😛 LOVE t his producct, might try the 1500 at some point.

  436. George J.

    a few drops twice a day helps with the pain and discomfort of erethradermic psoriasis. makes it manageable.

  437. Janie T.

    Best Hemp Extract Oil

  438. Kaitlyn G.

    Works great, but goes fast. Wish the bottle had more product

  439. Sandi E.

    I purchased this oil without a very high expectation of it working, but I was very surprised. I had back surgery a year ago and have been on narcotics since. I also suffer migraines. After using this oil for a month I can honestly say it works! I was supposed to go to see my DR. yesterday for my refill, and I canceled the appointment and have deci ded to reorder this Hemp Extract Oil instead. I feel better than I have in years! I recommend it for anyone suffering chronic pain.

  440. Laura H.

    I began using this Hemp Extract Oil a few weeks ago for longterm insomnia issues and it is gradually helping, I’m considering a different dosage with my next order but I’ll wait another week or so and see how things go. The service and shipping from this company is excellent, I’m just pondering the specific type I want. Thanks.

  441. Billie F.

    This stuff has been a miracle for my fibromyalgia. I have little to no pain now.

  442. Tom H.

    Helps my arthritis pain so much!

  443. Lisa S.

    Helps my nerve pain in face and neck. Wish it lasted longer for the cost.

  444. Danny P.

    You must try this product. You want be sorry

  445. Tommy B.


  446. Duane B.

    Recently started using Hemp Extract Oil for my migraines, works better with less side effects than anything the migraine clinic try on me !! Recommend for all to try !

  447. Gail H.

    Always dependable results, quality and customer service. Will order again and continue to tell others.

  448. Pedro R.

    My wife’s pain levels have decreased considerably. She and I are sleeping much better.

  449. Gerald T.

    I have arthritis in my neck that affects my shoulders and arms with pain and discomfort. After a month’s use of this oil,3 drops twice a day,the pain is 95% gone.this oil is the real deal,but it now!

  450. Sarah S.

    The froggies are wonderful! I have MS and they ease my pain well. They also work wonders for my anxiety. I was taking Ativan at least once daily. Now? Maybe one pill twice a week! Keep the froggies coming, I will keep ordering! ❤

  451. D F.

    Very subtle, just what i was looking for.

  452. Daniel C.

    Works well for anxiety.

  453. Susan P.

    I have Tourette Syndrome and anxiety disorder. This stuff calms me and helps me function throughout the day. Great quality.

  454. Kim E.

    I had bought the 350 mg Hemp Extract Oil before this purchase. The 550 mg seems to work much better for relaxing me. I took several drops last night and it helped me to sleep through the night. My brother is using it and finding relief from anxiety and better sleep. I’m looking forward to trying the higher mg’s soon.

  455. Zach D.

    Repeat buyer for the continued excellent product and customer service!

  456. Catherine L.

    That’s it, it WORKs on all types of pain. I am thanking God I can afford to continue consumption. Thank you so much. Because of your excellent history and clear marketing I felt assured and safe to try it. I couldn’t be more thankful. It has changed my life.

  457. Ryan S.

    Taste is great. Definitely helps me with muscle pain and overal mood. Not sweating the small stuff is much easier with this product. I would highly recommend it.

  458. Beverly B.

    Working great to decrease arthritis pain and increase energy

  459. Lonnie

    Love this Hemp Extract Oil! It’s the first one I’ve tried! It really helps with my anxiety and seems to help with my inflammation issues as well. I will continue to purchase it!

  460. Patte P.

    Upon waking in the morning I have been taking 10 drops of oil to begin my day. Improved pain leg pain level and allows for clarity and energy. I take 3xs a day between meals and have noticed the difference in enjoying my daily activities along with a better sense of well being. Getting ready to order another bottle today. I also wake up earlie r in the mornings and ready to begin my life!

  461. Marilyn B.

    This actually works to relieve pain.

  462. Lynn L.

    I’m taking this for nausea due to Gastroparesis which is paralysis of the stomach and it helps. I also use it for anxiety at night to help me sleep. I tried another company but their product which claimed to be the same strength I didn’t find worked as well for me as the oil from Blue Sky Buds. Although I’m 70and on a fixed income I will continue to purchase from this company as they have a product that actually works. I just wish it was more affordable for people like me with Chronic illnesses for which there is no cure and who live on a limited income.

  463. Bailey S.

    Amazing product

  464. Russell S.

    I have had insomnia due to racing thoughts for a number of years. Smoking would sometimes help me sleep, but depending on what I had, it could also provoke racing thoughts. I found melatonin and magnesium to be ineffective, and I did not want to rely on barbiturates to sleep at night. I have been surprised how effective it these have been . The 550 MG droppers are great for helping me sleep throughout the night and the effects seem to last through my morning commute.

  465. Paul E.

    I purchased this product for my wife who was extremely skeptical about using anything made from MM. She has been using it for about 3 weeks now and has been able to ween herself off prescription sleep medication. She also has back issues that is the real reason I purchased the product. Yet to see if it helps with her pain management but anything n atural is better than man made pharma.

  466. Emily G.

    Wish it was cheaper but it helps me tremendously so I’m coming back for more. Tried the lower concentrations but this concentration is best for me.

  467. Steven B.

    2better wks and feel and sleep

  468. Donna D.

    Best ever. Makes my joints feel better since I have arthritis.

  469. Stephanie M.

    The Hemp Extract Oil works wonders on my 14 year old beagle-lab mix that has arthritis, hind legs, and spine issues. It truly helps to lubricate his joints to help him walk better and also helps with his pain from arthritis. My only suggestion would be to stop using ink markers on the liquid syringe due to the potency of the Hemp Extract Oil. After a few uses of th e oil, the ink wears off of the syringe erasing the numbers. I would highly suggest using raised markers or something more permanent to prevent the oil from erasing the ink.

  470. Erin G.

    I’ve had anxiety for years that never got completely under control with meds. Started taking this not long ago and I can see a huge improvement. The only con about this is the taste, but well worth it.

  471. Gretchen T.

    I like this Hemp Extract Oil ‘s strength and taste.

  472. Tina T.

    This is a great product. It has helped a great deal with my pain.

  473. Sherry S.

    Love this Oil, I had tried a competitor Oil , comparing the two. I can tell a big difference. Blue Sky Buds gave me much better results with my pain level and my overall energy feeling. My only complaint is the dropper in the bottle, very difficult to get your dose out of it, that’s the reason I gave a 4 star only. Thanks Blue Sky Buds!

  474. enid e.

    you are a grest compy

  475. Vickie G.

    A friend referred me to this company and I really like quality and Flavor. Works great

  476. Dennis C.

    After using couple of weeks seeing some pain relief. Want to try a little longer

  477. Andrew G.

    Wonderful, simple and subtle enough on the onset but lasts for some time. Sleep much better with this oil! What a lifesaver!

  478. S B.

    My first experience with Hemp Extract Oil was with the Blue Sky Buds brand and within minutes of using just three drops under my tongue leaving it there for just a few seconds…my extreme anxiety just vanished. My panic attacks totally disappeared. I was totally amazed at what Hemp Extract Oil could do for me. Finding another brand costing about $5 less, I decided to compare. After a few weeks usage of the other brand, I did not receive as much relief as I did with the Blue Sky Buds brand. I knew then that Blue Sky Buds Hemp Extract Oil was by far the better choice. Thank you Blue Sky Buds for producing such a healthful product.

  479. Steve K.

    I have taken this for anxiety for flying. It has taken the edge off. I take a little more than recommended but it seems to work ,however makes you somewhat tired.

  480. Scott M.

    I have spinal problems arthritis and chronic pain I don’t use any prescription pain meds or muscle relaxers since finding Blue Sky Buds products gave me life back without side effects I love this product

  481. Galen B.

    I put a few drops of Green Road 550 under my tongue at bedtime. Green Road Hemp Extract Oil helps me relax and fall asleep. I wake up feeling rested.

  482. Online Support

    Hey Dale! We are so happy that our Hemp Extract Oil products have been able to help you in your everyday life. We are in the process of implementing new droppers into our bottles and we hope that takes care of some of these problems.

  483. Torrey S.

    I started using your Hemp Extract Oil about a month ago for chronic pain from Sjogren’s Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Restless Leg Syndrome, Herniated discs and neuropathy. Not only has it helped me with those conditions, it also has helped me with my anxiety too!!

  484. Sherry L.

    Thank you for swift delivery, great customer service, and fine selection of Hemp Extract Oil products.

  485. Kathleen D.

    I’ve been buying Hemp Extract Oil for several months now and seen a big decrease in my pain levels. I have had pain for years from diabetic neuropathy, Fibromyalgia and RA. I’ve also been able to wean myself off of gabapentin and totally off it for over 1 month now. Very happy with the results.

  486. Anna A.


  487. Mike G.

    Has helped a lot with rheumatoid arthritis pain.

  488. Judith M.

    i have had leg and hip pain all night for 14 months, keeping me uncomfortable and awake. With the 550 MG 37 MG/ML, I take 2drops under the tongue, 2 hours before retiring, and so far, it has relieved me of this unrelenting pain, and with no noticeable side-affects.

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