BSB Cure 5% MENTHOL with 2500 mg CBD Hemp Extract Pain Balm Topical (2 oz)

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Product description

Due to popular demand, we are bringing back the old fashioned menthol to combine with our BSB cure breakthrough formulation for pain relief.

Ingredients:ย Camphor, Violet Leaf- Infused Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Ginger Root- Infused Oil, Almond Seed Oil, Meadow Foam Seed Oil, Natural Hemp Oil, Beeswax, Essential Oils (Turmeric, Chamomile, Lavender, Ginger, Frankincense), Vitamin E and Pure Mentha Piperita Oil (Peppermint Essential Oil), Eucalytpus Essential Oil.

Breakthrough formulation: Our physician formulated BSB Cure has active ingredients that absorb quickly through percutaneous dermal absorption.

Through this method, BSB Cure increases circulation (blood flow) to the affected areas enhancing your bodyโ€™s ability to heal itself.

Supercharged 2500 mg Hemp: Loaded with the highest medical grade quality pure hemp oil.

Long lasting, quick and strong: BSB Cure once applied to affected areas works instantly. BSB Cure does not mask pain with burning, warming or cooling sensations as do outdated pain balms. BSB Cure addresses the problem at the source- INFLAMMATION; Aiding the body to promote a physiologic response to heal itself.

DIRECTIONS: Apply BSB Cure liberally to the affected areas. Massage in thoroughly for a minute or two until you can see that it has been absorbed through the skin. The appropriate amount of BSB Cure to use on each occasion should be enough so that the product massages in smoothly & comfortably over the entire area. Repeat this 3 to 4 times per day over an initial period of at least 7 to 10 days and thereafter on an as-needed basis.

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About the product
  • Ingredients: Camphor, Violet Leaf- Infused Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Ginger Root- Infused Oil, Almond Seed Oil, Meadow Foam Seed Oil, Natural Hemp Oil, Beeswax, Essential Oils (Turmeric, Chamomile, Lavender, Ginger, Frankincense), Vitamin E and Pure Mentha Piperita Oil (Peppermint Essential Oil), Eucalytpus Essential Oil.
  • Breakthrough formulation
  • Supercharged 2500 mg Hemp
  • Long lasting, quick and strong
  • Strong Menthol Scent

Product description

Due to popular demand, we are bringing back the old fashioned menthol to combine with our BSB cure breakthrough formulation for pain relief.

Ingredients:ย Camphor, Violet Leaf- Infused Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Ginger Root- Infused Oil, Almond Seed Oil, Meadow Foam Seed Oil, Natural Hemp Oil, Beeswax, Essential Oils (Turmeric, Chamomile, Lavender, Ginger, Frankincense), Vitamin E and Pure Mentha Piperita Oil (Peppermint Essential Oil), Eucalytpus Essential Oil.

Breakthrough formulation: Our physician formulated BSB Cure has active ingredients that absorb quickly through percutaneous dermal absorption.

Through this method, BSB Cure increases circulation (blood flow) to the affected areas enhancing your bodyโ€™s ability to heal itself.

Supercharged 2500 mg Hemp: Loaded with the highest medical grade quality pure hemp oil.

Long lasting, quick and strong: BSB Cure once applied to affected areas works instantly. BSB Cure does not mask pain with burning, warming or cooling sensations as do outdated pain balms. BSB Cure addresses the problem at the source- INFLAMMATION; Aiding the body to promote a physiologic response to heal itself.

DIRECTIONS: Apply BSB Cure liberally to the affected areas. Massage in thoroughly for a minute or two until you can see that it has been absorbed through the skin. The appropriate amount of BSB Cure to use on each occasion should be enough so that the product massages in smoothly & comfortably over the entire area. Repeat this 3 to 4 times per day over an initial period of at least 7 to 10 days and thereafter on an as-needed basis.

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1 oz

962 reviews for BSB Cure 5% MENTHOL with 2500 mg CBD Hemp Extract Pain Balm Topical (2 oz)

  1. Amber

    This is a quality product for a great price.

  2. Scott

    Works great wake up not as tired.

  3. Gonmx

    I personally feel better after taking it, and the best part its pure and natural!!!

  4. Jean Corrielis

    I love this skin buds! Many useful applications!

  5. Dominique Charleston

    It is the right product that I needed

  6. RG

    Skin buds skin buds is great for balms, skin lotions and mixing with my moisturizer. Great product!

  7. Jr


  8. Jamie Coffey

    It doesn’t change the smell of the skin.

  9. Christina

    Love it!

  10. Blue Sky Buds Customer


  11. Audrey

    Massages make knee and ankle pain just stop. Awesome!

  12. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    First time user, so far so good.

  13. Msilvia

    I love it but really smells after about a month later

  14. Marcia__1111

    Great product fast delivery

  15. Joycelyn Gray

    Dog loves it

  16. lovemyfootwear

    I have been using this on my face every night. I put on about a dime size after I cleanse. My skin has never been softer and brighter!

  17. Lori Guthrie

    Works great for what we needed it for.

  18. Nora


  19. Max P.

    good suff

  20. PurpleMystic

    Decent skin buds! We use it for a lot of things.

  21. Anonymously decent

    Tasty good quality product

  22. Tamara White

    Its helping the fibromyalgia that has been severe & inflamed in my Left shoulder for years & yeats!!๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€

  23. Shannon O’Quinn

    This BSB Skin Buds is great. I apply 1 pinch in morning and evening and give 1 pinch to my dogs.

  24. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Fast ship, great product.

  25. Samm

    This is my favorite BSB Skin Buds for mixing with my moisturizer and any skin care!

  26. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Great smell!

  27. Paul

    Seems to work well on my skin and joint pain. Helps me sleep.better. i like the product. Larger bottles are better priced.

  28. Joneline Jackson

    It helps on my scalp psoriasis

  29. janusz gryn


  30. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Great price

  31. missvamp

    excellent product

  32. Patricia


  33. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    It is helping both of my parents

  34. kacia sterling

    Love this BSB Skin Buds….it is an acquired smell but disappears quickly

  35. max

    Great smell, I put it in my coffee every morning

  36. Damon

    this saved my dry skin, easy to rub into your face too.

  37. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Seems good and natural as described.

  38. ckelly

    great for adding oils to my hair products

  39. Douglas Briggs

    Arrived safe and In good Shape

  40. Devon english


  41. Norma Jean Hoogendyk

    Great Product!

  42. Black Cat 27

    Good quality Skin buds at a reasonable price.

  43. alberto gutierrez

    Great for balms and mixing with my moisturizer. Thanks

  44. pathmaker

    Our now 2 year old has always been overly hyper. We never gave her juices, sugar, we cut all refined white flour, and any crap from her diet and she was still crazy. So after months of research and trying different supplements I started putting this skin buds in coconut milk for breakfast every morning and instantly sheโ€™s become so much calmer! We can tell when she hasnโ€™t had her โ€œmilkโ€ and she doesnโ€™t mind the smell.The flavor smells like a nutty shade of green. Works well in balms, shakes, juices, or straight from a shot glass.

  45. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    After 3 days noticed a visual reduction in inflamation of skin due to sever psoriasis. Also fed 1 table pinch per day to geriatric dog it seemed that some age related issues like his movement increased and he was more aware of surroundings etc. Will definately buy again.

  46. Gail D. Brosious


  47. Chase P

    Love It

  48. Eric Michel

    This brand is

  49. Cameron

    Full of Omega 3-6-9! Smells good in skin and very healthy for you, why not buy it?

  50. Imee Nebres

    Awesome! Will sure reorder in the future!

  51. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    It’s fine

  52. deehunny

    Good quality for price but texture is a bit grainy

  53. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Works best for external use or if you are constipated

  54. Platinum Micro

    i used it for skin product. Very nice, quick absorb and non-sticky residue.

  55. Kimberly Lloyd

    Great price. Skin buds has exceptional products. I wouldn’t buy any other brand.

  56. R. Yaeger

    Best stuff I ever bought

  57. carol

    Amazing product great nutty flavor and wonderful to rub with or use in rubs

  58. Arlene Slobecheski

    I squirt some of this on my dogs (8 of them) skin and they love it. I try to apply a pinch a day myself.

  59. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Very good product. An excellent Health product especially for pain.

  60. Daryl Banks

    still waiting to see if it works

  61. kw

    I love what this product has done for my dry skin and hair. I highly recommend trying this product!

  62. Glenna

    A little strong tasting. I’m determined to give it a try

  63. jackie

    the best, I have taken this for over a month now and my joints are better and I have a better frame of mind!! I will always apply this

  64. Regis LeClerc

    So far so good, smell could be better

  65. mlchael

    i enjoy using it in my skin. the Skin buds helps relieve my back neck and hip pain


    Value fot the money

  67. chopper

    Seems to help with spouses digestive system and stomach.

  68. MARTIN

    Working for my psoriasis keeps me form scratching

  69. Arlene Arndt

    Love this product!

  70. Courtney Williams

    Absolutely love it!! I add essential oils to it and use as a face serum. It’s fantastic!!

  71. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    The smell was much milder than I expected which was a relief, a pleasant nutty flavor, it’s done an impressive job on healing some scars on my arm but didn’t do much for sleep, depression or anxiety, it actually seemed to make the depression worse and I stopped taking it. The jar was handy, only when I tried to gently squeeze some out it would suddenly squirt a whole bunch all over the counter, I tried doing it gently, other people might have an easier time with it since I tend to be a bit clumsy. ๐Ÿ™‚

  72. Carole

    Only tried it once, so I’ll be back to update my review. I got an instant headache but I can’t say it was definitely from the BSB Skin Buds. Some of the reviews mentioned the smell. ok, it has an odor but it’s not horrible or rancid. The smell isn’t the best by itself but I’m sure it’ll be perfect as a balm rub with other ingredients

  73. dk

    works good

  74. Blue Sky Buds Customer


  75. James R Keller

    Very good product

  76. Revive71

    God blessed us with this plant, this BSB Skin Buds and this brand. Exceeded expectations. Healed my acne and dry flaky scalp. Now my family and friends are buying.

  77. HReo

    not letting this one go rancid

  78. Jersey

    Help our dog with his leg pain.

  79. Karoliina Kantonen

    I’ve been using this quite a lot. I love the earthy smell! Especially good in a quinoa balm.

  80. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    This product is amazing for anxiety, skin, hair and better sleep. I highly recommended!

  81. Cassity Nichols

    I was sceptic at first. I am a diabetic and have neuropthy in my fee. Its pretty severe. After 4 days my pain is barely there. A little buzzing but for the most par it is gone, I recommend people to give it a try. It smells like old paint and the smell is yucky, but the grodiness is worth it. Don’t live with the pain get this product. I have some comming that is for pain in a fw days. Keep track of me, I will let you know how it goes….Linda the once sad Panda, not I am Linda the happy Llama.

  82. Sharon E. LaLond

    It is a superskin loaded with the omegas needed to promote a healthier lifestyle!!! I love this!!!

  83. Maryann Sterling

    Good stuff!

  84. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    I use it for pain relief and it does help

  85. Jackie Jones

    Great for the skin, love it.

  86. Samantha Bradley


  87. Mark W

    Great BSB Skin Buds, works just as good if not better than the more costly Hemp extract oils

  88. Amanda

    Loving this BSB Skin Buds. I use it as a moisturizer. Keep it refrigerated.

  89. William L.

    Good product

  90. Betty Pose

    Feeling better after a short time

  91. roger cole

    seems to be working for me

  92. Lesley Lau

    Great value, great product

  93. ramona shemil

    This product really improved my pain

  94. R. Jeka

    Pleased as works well as using to mix with other things for my dog’s health love the omegas etc. TY!

  95. Stella Z

    This is a great product!… So good for your body.

  96. Carole DeLuca

    I wasn’t sure this would help my pain level but I am happy to say it helped tremendously. In the am I run it all over the pain areas and lasts most of the day. Sometimes I make another application before bed. Very pleased.

  97. Brenda Peterson


  98. Deirdre Cochran

    I give this to my dog to prevent scratching, and it took a while but works well. He no longer scratches and used to several times a minute

  99. James R.

    Seems to be a great addition to our skin needs.

  100. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    I was going thru some extreme anxiety and stress, looked online to see what herb that I could possibly apply to help calm it and came across this skin buds. I apply am and pm and it has really helped. I work in cust serv and will say that most people who call cust are nice and pleasant to deal with and then there are a few that are outrageously rude and ignorant and no matter how hard to try and let it roll off your shoulders it gets underneath your skin which has caused me some stress and anxiety. Taking this skin buds has helped tremendously, i feel much more calmer and I’m not in that extreme anxiety state anymore. Feel like I can handle the job. Just placed an order for my second jar.

  101. R. Aaron

    I noticed a huge difference in my anxiety!

  102. PAC

    This is the first skin buds I have ever tried, but I do believe this skin buds is of high quality. I did not mind the smell at all. I mixed it with a pinch of peanut butter and actually thought the peanut butter tasted better with the nuttiness of the skin buds. Unfortunately I cannot attest to positive results from using it as I have some stomach issues (unrelated to the skin buds) that caused me to temporarily stop using it after only a week and a half. Hopefully I will be able to try it again later on and update this review.

  103. Tiffany


  104. d hoover


  105. johnestherwenger

    A good price

  106. Rita A. Tidwell

    Great in balms.

  107. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    love it. Will buy again

  108. Mondoo

    As described.

  109. Lucille Brown

    Great as a balm rub

  110. BeautifulMusicLover

    Great for your skin’s health and for nails and hair health too… Also can be used as a leave in conditioner and hair styling liquid… And since it’s natural and organ it won’t clog your pores or increase hair loss but will actually help….

  111. Jay

    I recently started my journey of using oils for my hair, skin and face. My search came upon Skin buds and this brand was one of the top 10 so I decided to give it a try. I used the BSB Skin Buds on my hair (I have 3c/4a natural hair) as a pre-po and my hair felt sooooo soft. I also used it on my cracked heels and on my face before I went to bed. One use everything felt so much softer.. Can’t wait to get my next jar.

  112. Robert Willing

    put in my pasta/spaghetti and did not have heartburn.

  113. svkru

    I have Rosacea and my mom had severe leg pain. Nothing was helping both of us. I decided to get this BSB Skin Buds as it has anti inflammatory qualities. Good news! It is helping both of us! After less than a week leg pain reduced to almost non! Rosacea inflammation went almost to minimum! I’ll keep using it. It’s a great product. Smells a little nutty, but it’s ok. 1 Tb pinch in the morning and 1 Tb in the evening will do the job.

  114. Patricia

    I just received this a few days ago but already I can tell a difference in the way I feel. I am an older lady and have had some surgeries and sometimes still have some pain from them. This has a nutty smell that is not bad at all. You start taking a pinch at first just to find out how it does and then you adjust the dosage a little at a time if you need to. I think I have made a good buy in this product and would advise anyone to try it if they have minor pain.

  115. Lisa M


  116. Health seeker

    Great tasting BSB Skin Buds .i hope it will be so nutritionally !

  117. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Worked wonderful on my dog’s . It really helped them

  118. frank

    Great product.

  119. Milad Faragalla

    Great for multiple usage

  120. Corey

    So I ordered this skin buds with hesitation because the reviews seemed to good to be true but wholly cow they were right. I have had severe lower back pain from a bulged disk for a few months now and I decided to try this stuff out. I apply about 2 pinchs at night and one in the morning and it is far more effective that 800 milligrams of ib profin or aleve. I actually forgot about my back hurting until it occurred to me that it didn’t hurt, unbelievable!!! It eliminates all pain for around 24 hours. I’m buying several more bottles now and giving some to my mother who has a lot of joint pain I can’t wait to see her face after a day of taking this.

  121. Tod Runyon

    trying it for now, not much change

  122. Anne L. Peterson

    Using it in combination with jojoba BSB Skin Buds with a little lavender after shower. Works great.

  123. Courtney

    I’ve been using this product on my face for a year now. I’ve tried several other oils (coconut, olive, grape Extract, jojoba) and this is the best match for my skin type. I have combination skin, also acne prone skin. I find this to moisturize well without clogging my pores or being too greasy. I’m pleased with the quality of this product, although I’ve never used it for skin purposes.

  124. kristi sanders


  125. obin

    Delivered on time. Good product.

  126. Blue Sky Buds Customer


  127. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Works well with balm rub and juices , numbs joint aches

  128. andrea

    Love this BSB Skin Buds in my morning skin lotions! Almost out and will reorder soon. Smells great!

  129. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    I have Fibromyalgia and it was suggested to me to apply this BSB Skin Buds to help with the pain. Suggestion was correct; it does relieve the pain somewhat. I use this everyday.

  130. Vickii


  131. Richard Smith

    Great Skin buds – The very best!

  132. Pamela Herr

    Strong flavor

  133. Lori

    Wonderful organic product

  134. Advision

    Helps a lot with pain!

  135. Amazon_Customer

    No comment I bought it for an experiment

  136. Ashley


  137. nory garcia

    Excellent!! My mother drunk and her knee pain dissapear.

  138. James P.

    Seems like its good to me…

  139. Lucy

    another product my doctor has put me on. i faithfully apply this everyday. need the BSB Skin Buds to keep joints lubricated.

  140. Blue Sky Buds Customer


  141. M.M

    Use this to add to my hair grease. My hair loves it. I probably would buy a smaller jar next time. But good product

  142. vickie judkins

    I went by the reviews and tried it in a skin lotion. It was horrible. I could not put enough sugar in my skin lotion to even distract from the smell. I probably will try the balm rub recipe. Vinegar seemed to be tolerable with it. Since there is not THC in the product I am not sure why people are saying they feel calm. Nothing about the product made me calm. I am taking it to see if it will help my arthritis pain in my back. I am not sure how long it takes to work but I am hoping.

  143. Caroline

    It’s a good BSB Skin Buds but does nothing for my pain.

  144. sam mcdonald

    good price on a god product

  145. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Smells like seeds great on skin

  146. Steven Eggert

    Legal & awesome. Good for the medical issues I have.

  147. Fred.

    Great BSB Skin Buds

  148. Freida Robinson

    Product is as described. Received order quicker than expected.

  149. Nicole Penetrante

    This BSB Skin Buds is thin enough where it wont clog your pores and make your face feel greasy,yet thick enough to moisturize the dryest skin. After only a few days of using the BSB Skin Buds on my face, i noticed that the annoying tiny bumps i had that just sat under the surface of my skin, completely disappeared and left my skin soft and smooth. The BSB Skin Buds hasn’t broken me out either, which most oils do which i love. The way i use it is after washing my face and patting it dry, i immediately follow up with the BSB Skin Buds while my skin hasnt completely dried up. I squirt a little bit of the BSB Skin Buds on my palm and rub my hands together to warm up the product, and then i apply it to my face, making sure to massage it into the skin. Be warned though, it squirts out alot of product due to the top of the jar. I just put the BSB Skin Buds in a different jar with a pump to make it easier and so i dont waste any product. The BSB Skin Buds also smells like sunflower seeds, which i dont mind. The BSB Skin Buds itself is also a dark green. All in all, the BSB Skin Buds is amazing and i will definately keep purchasing and using it.

  150. Jabber Yakker

    Have been using it to calm a dog’s seizures and there has been some improvement in the way of less seizures overall and reduced intensity of a seizure when administered during an episode. The dog also seems to be more energetic and we think it’s eyesight has even improved. The dog also seems to like the flavor.

  151. Chase

    Mind easing from stress

  152. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    love love this. made all my christmas gifts this year.gave out different smells for the ladies and different smell for the men.will reorder this to keep on hand..

  153. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Very satisfied. I apply a table pinch per day for health benefits and use on my face to maintain healthly skin. Smell is smooth and good

  154. Funk!

    My Rats love this. I pour just a little bit on their skin to ease itching and it works wonders. I have checked them for mites, fleas and other irritants. They have slight eczema so this and coconut BSB Skin Buds works wonders for their sensitive skin.

  155. The perfect woman

    I am beautiful again because of this cream it works!

  156. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Item as described and shipped in a timely manner, thank you.

  157. Sandra Myers

    This works ๐Ÿ‘

  158. Elizabeth

    Great you your body

  159. Marina

    Smells good and smells good too!

  160. crasher76


  161. Kaz

    Great quality and value.

  162. Penelope Pappas

    smells fresh – thanks!

  163. Relent

    Good stuff.

  164. Bradley

    Takes away some aches and pains.

  165. Carol Barnett


  166. Emily McCarthy

    Great on skin

  167. D. McRae

    I have been taking this internally for my skin on and off for a few years. I apply around a pinch a day straight off the pinch and , yes, it smells terrible. This makes such a big difference in my skin that I am willing do this. When i go without it, I notice a major difference. This gives your skin a healthy, youthful glow. It takes a couple weeks of taking it every day before I notice a difference. It also makes a great moisturizer for skin, does not leave an oily residue when used moderately. Better than coconut BSB Skin Buds, for sure. The only negative thing I have to say is the last jar I purchased seems to be rancid. I can’t find an expiration date on the jar. I am willing to forgive this because this is the first time it has happened. Try it.

  168. Laurie A. Schatz

    Smell is pretty good!

  169. Olga Muzio

    Very nice! I love natural smell of this BSB Skin Buds!

  170. Carol

    Use it as an BSB Skin Buds cleanse product for my face. The best results!!!!

  171. Akil Howell

    I feel its doing its job. Its rich green light and great quality. Got a few other people to buy it.

  172. Jake

    Put it on my eggs every morning +ketchup = yummy bright day

  173. Houston Chris L

    Add others mentioned, which I didn’t read before purchasing, the smell is bitter.

  174. The Contingency Plan

    This stuff is fantastic. Not a great smell taken alone but add it to most anything and you don’t even know it’s there. My mom used it on some dry, itchy skin she’s tried everything on and it cleared it up immediately in one application. Definitely getting more of this.

  175. amanda

    What a fantastic BSB Skin Buds!!!!

  176. Shavon Ahmad

    My hair loves it.

  177. Karen G. Jalomo

    Just as described

  178. Dave Ross

    Fresh and excellent quality.

  179. Dan B.

    Not for sure yet if it is helping with my back problems I will update review soon

  180. Joel

    I don’t use this much for myself right now, but I do give it to my dog on her skin to keep her dry skin to a minimum and she loves it! almost won’t eat her skin without it!

  181. Reviewer77

    Straight will clean you out for dieting

  182. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Skin clearing up, remember to refrigerate after opening, and smell good on bread with peanut butter.

  183. Benjamin

    My friend gave me some to try and I love it. No irritations but I can’t stand the smell. If you want go skin you can put this as a part of your BSB Skin Buds cleansing. It works!

  184. lizz

    Using it to remove my makeup this stuff is magic has helped with my super bad break outs

  185. Dawn M

    works great

  186. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    very good product!!!!

  187. George

    Skin buds has really helped with my little brother’s acne problem.

  188. Chloe Carroll

    I use this as a base for my essential oils, and the smell is okay and it works. I would like a little bit of a smoother consistency for essential oils, but it’s good for other uses.

  189. Mario

    Super healthy.

  190. H2DAIZO


  191. Blue Sky Buds Customer


  192. Michael Parks

    I love it!

  193. linda

    Good brand, good BSB Skin Buds. I realized that the hemp smell is a bit stronger than expected. I also did not know that this BSB Skin Buds should be refrigerated or it gets rancid. However, good skin buds if you are looking….

  194. Lori

    Great Product! Excellent quality.

  195. david rafes

    so far so good

  196. Trendy

    nutty flavor, excellent when using high temps

  197. Bret Joyner

    Good product

  198. Kimberly Voss

    Good product.

  199. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    I apply a small amount with my protein shakes, very good!

  200. Brenda Z

    I love it. Already on my 3rd jar

  201. N. Freyder

    Not too bad of a smell and doesn’t linger if you drink someyhing afterwards.

  202. Lucy

    I am very satisfied with this miracle Skin buds …. Thank Youuuuuu….

  203. Bonita Hollenhors


  204. Wonder Woman

    Large amount for the price.

  205. DJ

    Has a earthy, grassy smells which actually in not that bad. Great natural supplement!

  206. Linda Mikiska

    Amazing stuff

  207. Gwen Walker

    This stuff really works but the smell is something else

  208. Mark

    A little goes a loooooooooooong way in a skin lotion!

  209. Tricia

    Really good for the blood, just put on anything.

  210. Ray S.

    Smells great! First and foremost. I use it from balms to skin and even the skin and hair on my dog. I’m not prone to acne but my pores do clog with a lot of other types of BSB Skin Buds but not skin buds.

  211. Cory

    Great smell. Very versatile.

  212. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Outstanding Product! Great for pain relaxing etc.. Thank You! Tina Cole

  213. Cappuccino lover

    Great product. So may uses.

  214. Is it So who knows

    My problem, generalized aches all over my hips, back, arms, legs. I’m 73 and this has been coming on for 5 years. Interfered with my sleep and required me to apply an aspirin, Motrin, Advil, or Tylonol. Sometimes another during the day. It was getting progressively worse. Recently I discovered all those pills attack one organ or another in the body and in some cases the immune system. My daughter told me about this, she is a nutrionist so I said what the heck.Well in short order, just a few days all such aches are 85% gone. And I can’t say yet but I think my energy is slightly improved.DownsideThis stuff smells awful. It was suggested I put it in my skin lotion so I tried it. Made the whole drink smell AWEFUL. I find the best way to apply it for me is to byte the bullet and apply the pinch and chase it with a drink. Not good but best.Also I’ve never run into an BSB Skin Buds so oily. Will coat the pinch and anything it touches and will require soap to clean it off, applied directly and rubbed in. Ok laugh, you will see.I bought this for pain, pain is the thing, this has got to be 5 stars.Update 4 months laterStill “good” but for some reason not as good. Reducing to 4 stars but still worth it. The problem may be I switched to capsules. ?? Going to by the BSB Skin Buds again. We will see.

  215. T-Dog

    Great product

  216. Jessica

    Fantastic wholesome BSB Skin Buds. I use in my bath products and it’s become an essential.

  217. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    It’s great

  218. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Lots of it in a big jar – does what it is intended to do

  219. Francis King

    Outstanding service. Very good supplement.

  220. Terry B

    great product

  221. Dennis

    Smell is good — will order again. A+

  222. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Came as described

  223. Steve W.

    Very good !

  224. Laura Silveria

    Great for mixing with my moisturizer. Great on balms and very good for you

  225. R.Panzella

    good, but smells funky

  226. P

    I ordered this BSB Skin Buds after reading the great reviews. In less than 24 hours the inflammation in my joints was noticeably reduced. I apply about 2-4 pinchs a day, it works, as a matter of fact I’m inquiring about being a distributor. Love it.

  227. Maureen

    Love it. Bought it for my son who has epilepsy from a tbi. He takes one pinch every morning and thinks it helps him. I have noticed his moments of confusion are lessened. I think it truly helps his epilepsy.

  228. Tri

    very good. It helps easy sleep.

  229. Tavon

    It’s great love it wold want more.

  230. Nikki

    Arrived on time and BSB Skin Buds seems to be of good quality already used it to create a new lotion.

  231. kirk s.

    used for my dog and she loves it…

  232. Laurence max henley Jr.

    It works

  233. Yakeema I Tyler-Lee

    I use this soil for everything from hair, skin to digesting it. It doesn’t smell great but it does wonders for my hair and skin. It helps keeps the hair moist and the skin clear, and evens out the skin tone.

  234. Cristina B

    I had some ongoing back pain and I used this once and my pain is gone! I ordered with no rush shipping and it came quickly anyhow.

  235. Troy E. Miller

    Love the product. Will buy again.

  236. Lovelyathear 16

    My daughter uses this on her stretch marks. We both have a connective tissue disease and our skin is unforgiving. She has seen a difference in the appearance of her stretch marks within a few applications! Highly recommend this product!

  237. DAVID

    Excellent quality product, at a fair price, thank you.

  238. Tbone

    My husband has finally gotten relief from a spot of eczema on his belly. It’s no longer bruised from scratching! I’m 66 and my knees have hurt for years due to arthritis. One day I noticed that I no longer have knee pain walking downstairs!

  239. Viceroy

    I have heard a lot about the Hemp extract BSB Skin Buds Cannibus BSB Skin Buds and thought it was another of the “miracle” cures that does nothing.I bought this and my pain levels dropped 75% in one week to where I am walking without a limp – not using the Lidocane patches, nor the Voltarin gel as much.I did not want to try the “minty” etc so I went straight for the raw. I add a pinch of this to my Metamucil ( no flavor) each day. It smells like hemp as it reminds me of the smell in my mouth when I had to cut down the 12 foot hemp plants in the pasture. But it is not bad. You can tell when you skip a day or two though.I am very pleased with this product and its price.

  240. sxm971


  241. M.i.a

    I love it!!!I use it to remove my make up and moisturize my skin ๐Ÿ™‚

  242. deyla

    its been only a week and I can see a big difference on my skin.

  243. sara b

    good quality.

  244. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Nice product.

  245. Storms20

    I’ve been taking Prilosec OTC for over a year now and have never been able to skip one dose of it. After using this BSB Skin Buds daily I now am down to taking a Prilosec about every 4-5 days. I really think I’ll be completely off Prilosec after continued use of this BSB Skin Buds.

  246. Sheila Rosson

    Bought this for a treatment for scalp psoriasis….it was a bit messy, but I think it worked for me. About two weeks after my second application I realized my scalp was almost clear. Now, my stress level has gone down as well so maybe that was partly responsible. But, I will use again for sure. You do have to wash your hair several times after to get all the BSB Skin Buds out. But that was ok for me.

  247. Lost in PA

    A very strong nasty flavor in my smoothy but do-able as a healthy ingredient

  248. 1401printer

    It’s ok

  249. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    It has met my expectations and then some!

  250. ROSE

    Came on time. Product was great

  251. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    I was very hesitant to buy this. But! I’m so glad that I did. Truly an amazing BSB Skin Buds. I’m already seeing big health benefits after just one week. Only downside is the bitter smell. But you do get used to it. Definitely recommend people give it a chance! Oh! And it makes a great massage BSB Skin Buds, especially for achy joints, back etc.

  252. Sharel Uphus

    If I am really aching, 1 pinch takes care of my pain. I apply it daily.

  253. Chris Stellhorn

    Great Quality, just note that it says its best if refrigerated after opening.

  254. Lynn

    Good stuff

  255. getA

    Very good. Qualtiy product. Thank you

  256. Debra J Holden

    It does help with pain and it smell ok on skin as well

  257. C. Michael

    Seems like a good jar of skin buds and the price is not bad.

  258. Douglas A. Boter

    Seems like great stuff. Very happy.

  259. Edward III

    Great tasting BSB Skin Buds you can easily put it in your skins daily and you will not even notice the smell. As far as results or side effects I have not really noticed any for me but it seems my children are a bit calmer and sleep better at night than they did prior to me implementing this in their daily intake.

  260. Custom L.


  261. Michael Rhoden

    Bought for a friend with ADHD and it helps her sleep and overall better.

  262. moon

    I use this on/off to add BSB Skin Buds in my dog’s dry skin and i like it, no issues.

  263. Chelly

    I haven’t used it personally, I bought it for my Chow-Chow. She seems to look forward to her daily dose, so I’m pleased with the product.

  264. Cece

    Good for hair

  265. Joanne Fehr

    Excellent product!

  266. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    I used this for my jock itch and athletes foot itch it worked for me . I massaged a few drops on my bald head and i have hair growing where there had been a bald . Very happy with this product.

  267. Tere

    Great fir the skin. Can’t get over the after smell

  268. dec

    good product

  269. Ann M. Kaufman

    Not too bad tasting … mixes well in Ninja skin lotions

  270. miller@oshburg

    High quality – properties just like cyclopedia reads

  271. grace

    This is a wonderful moisturizer! It’s light and absorbs well, I also use it a a hair masque before shampooing! The smell is very fishy though

  272. Luna Nyachhyon

    Great product, I use it on my skin lotions everyday about 1 tbps.

  273. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Exactly right, natural pain relief!

  274. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Arrived quickly, and I used it the day it arrived. Will definitely order more, because it has eased my tailbone, and lower back pain. I also apply a pinch of it in the am and in the evening.

  275. anne podolski

    Nice rich flavor. Nutty, garlicy.

  276. Ana Dominguez


  277. Lee G.

    Really great product!

  278. Cindy Roberts

    Excellent, used it in a skin lotion today.

  279. Pierce

    Arrived on time and product was as described.

  280. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    This skin buds is great! I use it on my skin, in my skin, in skin lotions, in my hair, you name it! Hemp is great because UNLIKE many oils, it is rates a 0 on the comedogenic scale, meaning it is not a pore clogger. I suffered from blackheads and this has been great to help moisture and control breakouts. I would, and will buy again.

  281. Pen Name

    Great buy!

  282. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    this works wonders I was amazed.. though it is to be used for mixing with my moisturizer I use it as a muscle or leg rub and was really surprised with the results. Thanks

  283. Busylady1

    Very satisfied with purchase

  284. RSCM

    Got this for my son’s eczema. I was hoping for a miracle as nothing has completely gotten rid of it. So far he says he is not noticing a difference with this BSB Skin Buds. Will update if that changes.EDIT: while it wasn’t the miracle cure for my son’s eczema, my daughter started mixing it into her homemade lotion and loves it. She uses organic shea butter, organic coconut BSB Skin Buds, and this skin buds and is very happy with the result. Super moisturizing.

  285. tjbama

    Great product at a good price.

  286. Mike

    good cholesterol went up 20 points

  287. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    works great with lip balm recipes

  288. Leslie Fennell

    Very good and smells good also.

  289. celticdale

    Super tasty!

  290. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    I have lost a lot of weight making my own raw veggie and fruit skin lotions and adding this product to it.I have a lot more energy and feel so much better than I did.

  291. Serguei V. Dessiatoun

    good BSB Skin Buds for a good price.

  292. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    My daughter has really bad eczema and it’s worked really well on her skin.

  293. Biddy Mulligan

    Love my hemp and this is a good one.

  294. EA

    Use this straight from the jar on my balms. Has a nice nutty flavor. Will be purchasing more when I run out…

  295. yumiko

    I love this BSB Skin Buds! I use it to rub with and as a body BSB Skin Buds when I am achey. Great product! Good for my health too!

  296. G. St John

    Love it, always have it on hand. Great on balms.

  297. caitlin

    Great product- I have been using it for over a year to make lotion and other bath products. However, why did the price almost double out of nowhere? Now I have to stop using it and find a new vendor.

  298. Scott K

    Has a bit of a nutty flavor, trying to use it more. No complaints.

  299. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Love this product

  300. sdavis

    Use it on the scalp for psoriasis. Keeps it flake free.

  301. I am Starlight

    I bought this for the good reviews, skeptic at first because I saw skin buds like many others. Seems to be working with my anxiety and depression. I dont feel any side effects at all. Will be buying more!

  302. Joi McClary

    Stuff works well, just wish it was easier to squeeze from the jar and didn’t make a huge mess.

  303. Jmori

    Nice BSB Skin Buds for the hot weather.

  304. Munekage Morichika


  305. B. MILLER

    good product, safe delivery.

  306. joanne green

    Love the flavor, color etc. Can really feel the benefits from the BSB Skin Buds already.

  307. R. Ryan

    this is a really good product

  308. Thisimplelife

    This is really Yummy in my balm!

  309. Alexandra N. Kimball

    I give skin buds to my dogs rather than fish BSB Skin Buds……great product!

  310. jojo

    great item would recommend to others

  311. J. Wysocki

    Works as advertised.

  312. mom

    cant wait to see if it really works against depression and joint pain.

  313. Lawrence Pardun

    Skin buds adds a nice nutty, smooth, and distinctive flavor to Italian rub. Skin buds contains a near perfect balance of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Skin buds doesn’t contain psychoactive ingredients so there is no “getting high” from it.

  314. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    stated 2 weeks ago feeling like crap.took 3 drops and are feeling better.this week I am trying 6 drops per-day. lets hope these react the same.

  315. Rita Del Valle

    Great stuff good price

  316. Roger Ferraz


  317. Margaret W.

    Use this BSB Skin Buds for everything! Great on my face, in my balms and as a supplement.

  318. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Good Stuff!!

  319. Bluema

    Good quality BSB Skin Buds- smells like fresh hempseeds BSB Skin Buds and I use for facial massage as well. Have to keep it refrigerated but it hasn’t gone bad even after a few years.

  320. Catherine

    Works good feels great in my skin lotion but do not need so much at a time.losing weight overall very very nice thank you

  321. Connie

    using this for balms and also trying it on my rosacea, haven’t used it long enough to show a difference. I only use it when I stay home for I’m not crazy about the smell. I’m praying it works for the medication is about a 100.00 a tube. If you have rosacea the prickling and itching you will try anything. It is soothing!

  322. kimberly conley

    Smell not that great, do not use too much

  323. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Love this skin buds. It has a nutty flavor that smells great with vinegar on my balms!!

  324. girlypants

    I am always trying to eat healthy and use the best products in doing so. Skin buds is awesome in our dogs skin, it really makes their coat shine and they seem to think it smells amazing. I also use it when I rub, but it does have a color and light flavor to it so when mixing with my moisturizer I mix it into things that have a lot of character so it blends seamlessly. Will be ordering more for the dogs as they have finished another jar.

  325. Ray Sky

    Arrived quickly, large jar

  326. Julia Jepson

    Absolute wonderful BSB Skin Buds,high quality and smells great. Fast shipping. Thanks will buy again

  327. MzSunnyDispo

    this BSB Skin Buds works wonders for skin with eczema. I had reoccurring flare ups on my feet especially during season changes. I applied it to the problem area and no flare ups have occurred. Interestingly, it is also fading away the big dark spot on my foot that the skin condition had created over the years.I am a repeat skin buds customer for life!

  328. Brianne

    The product itself seems fine however the lid arrived cracked and I cant pour it with the spout without leaking. Which will make using this entire jar quite a pain.

  329. elba n. morales

    i use for the skin and very good, thanks

  330. zoulaikha

    I like it on my hands. I have sensitive skin, so I cannot use it on myface.

  331. K. D. Spiess

    Was looking for Hemp extract BSB Skin Buds but this superskin with GLA has become an integral part of my diet. Like a chain reaction – have friends & family buying it also.

  332. mmdinco

    I use this product for as a moisturizer for my skin.

  333. Blue Sky Buds Customer


  334. Erin Moore

    The BSB Skin Buds is wonderful. I have been using it as a moisturizer and it is perfect. I have combination skin, it gets oily throughout the day but if it isn’t moisturized well, it gets flaky. Since using the hemp Extract BSB Skin Buds, my skin is much less oily looking.I am not a huge fan of the smell, it isn’t bad, reminds me of sunflower seeds or something nutty, but the smell fades away quickly. It spreads like an BSB Skin Buds, but it feels more like a lotion once it’s rubbed in. It does not feel heavy or oily at all, and it does not leave a shine on my face.The only reason I did not give it 5 stars is because of the top. It has a squirt top that I am finding impossible to use and get the amount I want. I seem to get nothing, or way too much. I have to use it over the sink because it inevitably comes out too fast and makes a mess. Now, this is not sold as a beauty product so the top was not intended to be used to get only a couple drops, and it’s a simple fix- I can always put it in a different container.The BSB Skin Buds is definitely worth 5 stars. I have been using Clinique dramatically different moisturizer and Korres pomegranate moisturizing gel, and the hemp Extract BSB Skin Buds works so much better for me, which is great because it is much cheaper.

  335. Natalie

    The smell is hideous, but I have been using it on my face and on my body and I am so amazed at the results.

  336. s. rasor

    Best deal for organic skin buds. Very light smell.

  337. Kindle Customer

    I’ve read some thought it tasted bad, one said it tasted fishy. Now how can it be fishy when it’s plant derived. I think it has a nutty, buttery smell I like. It has omega 3,6 and 9. Price is good. I apply a dab a day.

  338. Taren

    Wow I love this BSB Skin Buds! I have extremely oily skin and I’ve been using this at night, my BSB Skin Buds production has gone down a lot lol and my skin feels hydrated. Great BSB Skin Buds to guasha your face with as well.

  339. Pgh., Pa.

    Skin buds is a great natural product. It’s use is numerous.

  340. mark dunlap


  341. Scott Rub

    This BSB Skin Buds is an amazing skin conditioner, however, according to Dr. Furhman, all oils are processed skins, that have had all the good stuff removed; they have almost zero micronutrients and no fiber. BSB Skin Buds is BSB Skin Buds, 120 calories of low-nutrient fat per pinch that is absorbed almost instantaneously.He claims no scientific study of any BSB Skin Buds benefiting over the whole skin it was processed from. Therefore, eat hemp seeds raw and in it’s natural form.Hope this comment will help someone and wish all who read this superior health.

  342. Lydia Parker

    Good tasting. Mix with olive BSB Skin Buds for my balms

  343. Scardale914

    Wonderful nutty flavor and good for you.

  344. Jerry

    Does so much more than can be advertised! 5 stars fir sure.

  345. Taylor

    I loved my daily Monster energy drink. Once I started taking this, I was almost too wired in the mornings and had no craving for anything sweet. I do notice that if i double my dose on accident or apply on an empty stomach that I do become nauseated. It mixes very well into balsamic balm rubs!

  346. HappySun

    Perfect! Fresh.

  347. Lund Wolfe

    Since I’ve been on the skin buds bandwagon I’ve tried five brands.Manitoba Harvest, Just Hemp, and Swanson were very bland, so I give them three stars.Skin buds was flavorful but has an off smell, so I give it four stars.Canada Hemp Skins is the best tasting, so I give it five stars.

  348. Florica Gheorghe


  349. Luis Deleon

    Shipping weight is higher for it is a glass jar, will post update, already loving it n.n

  350. woods woman

    I love this BSB Skin Buds. Great for skin too.

  351. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Great product for omegas

  352. Dennis W Spittle

    My initial reaction to this product is extremely impressed. After only two days as a topical I already see promising results. As a mixing with my moisturizer BSB Skin Buds my breakfast is tastier, also.

  353. Ojo Malo

    Definitely have to get used to the smell but within a week I felt healthier and more regulated. Great stuff

  354. Amazonian

    I am recommending this product after using this for the last year. I get a lot of fatigue due to the fact that I have MS and had read how skin buds was a benefit to others in my situation. I apply a small amount with my skin and have noticed a great difference in my energy level.

  355. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    This is my second jar. Great product!

  356. Angela D. Hatala

    Love this BSB Skin Buds. Made a rub with the BSB Skin Buds, red wine vinegar, dijon mustard, lemon juice and sometimes splenda if I want a little sweetness. Goes a long way because you do not need to use much. Better smell than EVOO. Still will not use for frying.

  357. jazzyband

    I love using this in my all natural lotion bars and lip balms! I’m sad the prices have increased though.

  358. Lady J. Valentino

    This is the purest BSB Skin Buds you can buy for the maximum benefits to your body. Far better than krill or omega 3 BSB Skin Buds pills. As part of a vegetarian/alkaline lifestyle, I apply vitamins and supplements and (love) taking ONE pinch of this every single morning. The smell may not be to the liking of some, it is the consistency of extra-virgin olive BSB Skin Buds, but the BENEFITS of this Organic Skin buds is worth the swallow. If you really want to do something GREAT for your body, buy this product and apply a pinch daily. Do it for you HEALTH, which is priceless. This was suggested by my homeopathic Dr., and I will be taking this Organic Skin buds every single day for the rest of my life, indeed! If you are still on the fence about whether to buy this product or not, look up the benefits, educate yourself and buy it. Do it for YOURSELF…

  359. shopgirl

    nice product.

  360. Cyndi

    My adult acne cleared, dark circles gone and my skin is beautiful. I put it all over my body including face after showering. Amazing stuff!

  361. KH

    Great for essential BSB Skin Buds body wash and body wash.

  362. LaFrance Toliver


  363. Stephanie

    This is my new lotion. I love the product. Makes my skin look and feel so soft.

  364. Dutchess

    Fantastic stuff!

  365. Johnny Splatter

    I would buy again.

  366. FZ

    Great BSB Skin Buds thick and green. Very tasty on balms and amazing for the skin.

  367. LadySelene

    This is excellent, I use it in my smooties, and on my balms

  368. O. Dumitrascu

    Although a bit strong in smell,still great.Replaced the organic cold pressed olive BSB Skin Buds in balms.

  369. Galen Dean Massey

    excellent it has heavy smell if you apply it by pinch but it works wonders i have two bottles and i will buy more when they run out

  370. mary

    Wonder BSB Skin Buds! Strengthens immune response

  371. Angela Orndorff

    This BSB Skin Buds is fantastic and I love what quality this seller represents. Will buy from again definitely

  372. Evelyn Tozzolo

    I bought this and started to use it in balms is very tasty I don’t know what is doing but I feel great I have no mayor problems but, I feel with energy since I been using it. The only thing is you have to be careful because you squirt too much.

  373. M. V. Squire

    this item was in good condition

  374. S.Simon

    i prefer this brand because of it’s lighter smell

  375. Marvin L. Wiley

    I put a little in my morning skin lotions each morning.

  376. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    This BSB Skin Buds has been great for my skin! Great for my super dry allergy prone skin with eczema!I gave it five stars because the BSB Skin Buds is high quality and was exactly as I expected!If you have never used skin buds before it has a earthy smell and is green in color so don’t be grossed out! Works great in body butters and face lotions as it is non comedogenic! But it will change the color so keep that in mind.I love it and I mix with Shea and other carrier and essential oils!

  377. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Love this product, I combined it with the capsules every day and had excellent results. My join pain, anxaety and deprecion from menopause is history.

  378. Lynn Ellis

    Love it! Use it on my balms and actually apply 1 pinch every morning. Also put it on my dogs skin and his coat is beautiful with no flakey skin.

  379. Mary

    Great produce, I use it daily

  380. Noor A.

    Amazing product I order 3 of it. I am a bodybuilder and I can tell its butter than coconut BSB Skin Buds

  381. trapper

    great skin buds

  382. laura kern

    Not only is the BSB Skin Buds eatable, it’s great as a topical BSB Skin Buds for your skin too!

  383. Bud


  384. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Absolutely love this!! Use it for the BSB Skin Buds cleansing method and my face looks so much better….will definitely purchase more essential oils.

  385. Debi S.

    By itself this is not a great tasting product. Added to skin, it gives everything a wonderful nutty flavor which just enhances what ever dish you rub in it or add it too. As an extra health benefit I add it to my dogs skin. There coats are glowing and they LOVE the added flavor boost it gives their skin. You will see a shine difference in their coats in about a week. Full of good healthy benefits, it is a must in today’s world! I chose this because of it being organic and pure. Can’t beat those benefits!

  386. Lori Winkler

    Love it

  387. Andre

    Arrived on time and I’m pleased with the quality of the product.

  388. Ashley A

    This organic BSB Skin Buds is wonderful to rub with, but I love using it on my face even more.

  389. fay haeck


  390. Max

    Lots of hemp smell

  391. MzClementine

    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!! Love the smell and the quality!!!!! Wouldn’t buy any other! AWESOME PRODUCT!!!!!

  392. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    It was good but a bit high priced with shipping

  393. kitka 425

    Love this BSB Skin Buds! Ive been taking it daily for a few weeks and ive noticed less aches and pains in my joints. I also havent been sick since i started taking it! Normally i suffer from colds and flus all winter long! This BSB Skin Buds also has a wonderful smell, its mild and has a nutty smell to it thats wonderful on balms!

  394. JB

    Great product, love it.

  395. dosoha lemos


  396. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    using as night body BSB Skin Buds. helps with winter skin.

  397. deanna david

    exactly as advertised – well packaged

  398. Willowall


  399. Misty Copeland

    I use this for so many things and love it. The balm rub recipe on the back is great. I also use it on my face and it keeps me from getting acne.

  400. ebck120

    good simple and affordable product.

  401. A. Tipton

    Wow love this stuff. I had a bump on my scalp that wouldn’t go away. I started applying this stuff and after about 5 weeks it was gone. My stepdad has little cancerous bumps on his scalp as well and I told him to use this stuff and his are already shrinking after a month of use. He is scheduled to have them removed so he’s happy that they will be significantly smaller by the time surgery comes into play.

  402. Glen Evans

    great in breakfast skin lotions

  403. Alex N

    Lots of great health benefits and uses! I put it in my skin lotions and hair. Smell and works great.

  404. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Great deal compared to health skin stores

  405. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    The smell is not bad at all. My kids apply it with no fuss. I add it to my protein shake and there’s no significant after smell.

  406. Summer Else

    Very good stuff, nice big jar.

  407. ML333

    My Husband loves this Skin buds. If there is half a jar left he asks me if there’s a back up jar. He has or Now I can say Had severe shoulder pain. The pain is gone! If he stops taking it the pain comes back. I just started taking it with hopes it will help my osteoarthritis in my hands. It took about a month for his pain to disappear he is an active 65 year old. Try it you will be glad you did.And they say it has more health benefits than fish BSB Skin Buds which we used to do with no where near the results as with this Skin buds. I will let you know how it works for my hands.

  408. Kathy

    Fast shipping….great product! Thanks

  409. felicia

    Love this!

  410. Cindy P

    This has been a good product for my skin. I’ll keep purchasing it if the price is reasonable.

  411. Chronicler of the Barnacles


  412. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    It has a very distinct smell and smell. Shipping was great.

  413. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    These days my nose is so stuffed up, I’ve become a mouth breather. I received it yesterday and rubbed it on my face. My nose ran for a couple hours and now I can breathe easily thru my nose even when I’m sleeping.

  414. sandra

    great product

  415. bn

    Loved it.

  416. Alex F.

    This BSB Skin Buds is a superskin. Arrived promptly, product is as advertised as far as I can determine. Hemp is a very productive source of nutritional BSB Skin Buds (which also can put a great black oxide finish on rusty iron) and there really is no reason the price should be so high, except for our government’s prohibitions on hemp agriculture. So, the more we consume, the lower the price. I love the smell this BSB Skin Buds imparts to organic vanilla icecream when mixed in thoroughly.

  417. Albert Belinfanti

    Excellent product when used as skin additive, supplement or directly on skin. Did not use it as a mixing with my moisturizer BSB Skin Buds. I have reordered this product.

  418. A. Jessup

    Use it every morning & night and my few areas that use to break out don’t any more. That alone is enough to put up with the smell. The smell isn’t pleasant but once diluted onto your face it is fine.

  419. Janet Teal

    Easy to use, superior smell, it makes the best ever balm rub with lemon juice and spices. Yummy!

  420. Nan

    Love this product.. Purchase it regularly. Best rubs & marinades ever!

  421. BRS249

    great for massage

  422. K Gibson

    Fragrance isn’t too strong; I use it as a lotion.

  423. Ruth

    Love it!!!! Will be ordering again soon.

  424. Nicole Cuneo

    Wonderful BSB Skin Buds! Def. a keeper

  425. Gina R. Smith

    I use it everyday in balms.

  426. nicole


  427. 1consumer

    I liked this for balms. It’s a light BSB Skin Buds, not heavy on skins. It does have a unique smell, hardly noticeable on skins. There is no THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, so no CNS or central nervous system involvement, just a great addition to the kitchen.

  428. LWin

    Price was great! Product works!

  429. Elizabeth Powers

    Excellent. I put it in my hemp skin lotion for breakfast.

  430. kate phillips

    Color viscosity feel! This BSB Skin Buds is my go -to base for massage and in skin lotions. Truly a great BSB Skin Buds

  431. BE M.

    Excellent quality.

  432. Julie

    Perfect in my homemade balm rub with Flax BSB Skin Buds and Olive BSB Skin Buds.

  433. Antha

    great product. thank you

  434. Chad L.

    We use this in a lot of recipes, skin lotions, etc. love it.

  435. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Great product at a great price.

  436. JerseyPrice

    As described

  437. Jen F

    Exactly what I expected

  438. 93

    great quality

  439. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Just what I needed. Awesome price!

  440. RDW24


  441. Courtney Ho

    This is making my skin very soft and vibrant looking. Will update after a while and note if any change in my eczema/psoriasis.

  442. Tehillah-Yaa’el Yisra’El

    this order is what I expected and very satisfied with item.

  443. Gerry

    Smell Good Too

  444. Silvia Ohana


  445. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Great product.

  446. Jonald rayo


  447. Brian Goodwin

    Fantastic skin buds. I actually use it as an BSB Skin Buds cleanser for the body – it works great for eczema and psoriasis as well as dry skin. Has a signature nutty smell that absorbs quickly and is also non-comedogenic (not pore clogging). Great source of fats internally as well. This product was also at a great price point so I was really happy with the purchase!

  448. Chris

    Great Buy!! Great Date!!

  449. Pamela


  450. Robert Koegel


  451. Elizabeth Carmo

    Great product, will buy again.

  452. Bronco

    very good, I use for myself and mix with Organic cottage cheese for dogs, helps their arthritis. I use mine in Latte and yogart daily.

  453. Jeanne Cocolin

    Excellent BSB Skin Buds, I make homemade balm rub with this, it’s wonderful and so healthful!

  454. tom frey

    Both excellent products at an excellent price. The company’s service and shipping time were fantastic!!!!!!!!!!

  455. C. Hoff

    I have been using coconut BSB Skin Buds for years for my skin and hair, but I still had some issues with blackheads on my chin and pimples on my forehead. After learning that skin buds is non-comedogenic, and good for skin when applied and taken internally, I decided to try it. That was four months ago, and I am sooo happy!! My skin has completely cleared and is so soft. I barely need foundation now, and the occasional breakout that pops up is usually small and hoes away in a day or two. I also switched to using skin buds on my hair instead of coconut BSB Skin Buds, and the breakouts on my neck and back have greatly diminished. This is like the best kept beauty secret ever!


    This skin buds has a good smell in balm rubs and has a nice kind of grassy smell. I plan on ordering more. It lasts quite a while and is sold at a good price.

  457. david

    Can feel more energy and mental clarity.. really good foof for the brain

  458. Six to oneโ€ฆ.1/2 dozen to the other

    I have only used for one week. I believe in hemp nutrition and consume hemp protein shakes regularly. This product is excellent quality and purity.

  459. howard robbins


  460. PlantSerums

    I use hemp as a carrier BSB Skin Buds in formulations to treat eczema, psoriasis, with the addition of essential oils. Very pleased with this product as it is organic and cold pressed, which gives it the most therapeutic value.

  461. nicdel85

    Excellent quality, great price, speedy shipping and works well.

  462. Linda M Hanberry

    Flawless Transaction.Fast & Very Efficient Seller.Highly Recommend.Love This Stuff!!AAAAA+++++

  463. Angelo Sottile

    Thank you.

  464. ralph rivera

    it’s good for our health.

  465. Andrea Hale

    Love the skin buds. We added this to our diet 2x a day and it makes a difference.Great smell and good price.

  466. Judith A Salmons

    I add peanut butter and honey to this and like the smell. Use it for dry skin also.



  468. Shari sipe

    I am new to him products, but I do enjoy the nutty flavor.

  469. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    great stuff

  470. tvalencia

    I LOVE the way this works to wash my face. I do not like the jar. The “squirt” spout needs force to get any BSB Skin Buds out which causes it to come out very fast and spills. But i just changed it to a different jar.

  471. Frani W.

    Great smell for skin buds, excellent quality. Skin buds Hemp products highly recommend!

  472. dale parks

    Since eating skins with this BSB Skin Buds I have been feeling better than I have before!

  473. Deidre Pyatte

    Excellent in balms and skin lotions.

  474. Doc McCoy

    Life saving elixir!

  475. Discerning reader

    Great product with so many health benefits. I use a bit in my cat’s skin and his hair is noticeably softer.

  476. Laurence J. Amato

    Strong hemp smell.I mix mine with coconut BSB Skin Buds and refrigerate and use it like butter.Very good for you but an acquired smell to get used to.

  477. Nicole Alexander

    Good Quality

  478. davisboy

    It has a very nutty smell to it.

  479. Susan Jager

    Glucose down 20 points! Still can’t believe it!

  480. Steve

    After my 1st jar, so far seems to aid in good digestion. Have bought a 2nd jar waiting for shipment.

  481. Kiara Thomas

    Very moisturizing for my tex-laxed hair

  482. indyCoder

    Great price. The Skin buds smell great by it’s self.

  483. Cristina

    Great flavor.

  484. amazonian83

    love it. I use it also for my dry skin. it helps a lot

  485. Dana Sugg

    I bought this for skin lotions and better health. Other reviewers are correct there is a weird smell to it but it isn’t horrible.

  486. Josh

    Used as an ingredient for my Beard BSB Skin Buds and I love it!

  487. Colette Shea

    Great as a rub on balms!

  488. Mob-barley

    My first time trying skin buds. Works great for BSB Skin Buds cleaning your face.

  489. DtD

    A good product with a fair price.

  490. Monique

    Perfect for maintaining clear skin. I may never wrinkle with this.

  491. Nana

    Very nutty & strong.

  492. Sidney King Francis

    Umm good for u..mixes great with olive BSB Skin Buds..will buy more

  493. Zardoz

    Hemp Extract BSB Skin Buds is nutritious stuff. Do your own research on it. It’s clearly a vital substance. You can even see the immediate results in nail hair length growth. It’s the closest thing I’ve found to benefits of eating fresh salmon. If you try it for a month you’ll likely see and feel some beneficial results in general. Ignore the clueless reviewers who complain of the smell (it’s not bad if it’s not expired) , those who tried it one time and say it didn’t “work”, those who give it one star because it was expired ( that’s not a review of the product itself is it? ), and the others who moan that it’s not real “skin buds” as in THC containing BSB Skin Buds ( Of course it’s not! You think you can buy that on Blue Sky Buds? )

  494. Pelican143

    Great as skin and for organic skincare!

  495. William G. Smith

    As expected!

  496. MariCarmen Bustamante

    It is a VERY GOOD BSB Skin Buds, I rated it not with 4 stars because of the Expiration date,- end of this year, and we are almost n September.

  497. Carlos R. Herrera C

    Excellent product and seller!

  498. Sandi

    I got this for many uses from skin conditioning to consuming. Well pleased – Since the skin is an organ and absorbs what ever is on the skin, I decided to throw out the cosmetics with ingredients I didn’t have a clue what they were for the natural oils . Very satisfied with results. I keep this in my refrigerator after opening as it has a short life. For one person, this is a big jar.

  499. B. Bronk

    love this stuff

  500. kimberly mayes

    Not a bad smell. Use it daily.

  501. Chrissa

    I love this BSB Skin Buds!! Its great to mix with essential oils, use on balm’s, mixing with my moisturizer, you can even use it as a massage BSB Skin Buds and it revitalizes and softens skin!

  502. Masonite


  503. Paul

    Good for multiple uses.

  504. Kelli

    love it

  505. Carol Garza

    Just got th eproduct in today. Will order again if the results are good.

  506. Blue Sky Buds Customer


  507. cabinboy

    Great stuff that wont get you high.

  508. Marilyn Pierce

    I add this to morning skin lotion.

  509. Jeffrey Chiasson

    Has a nutty smell to it. Great over balms. Have gone through 3 bottles already.

  510. vcamview

    Am still enjoying the skin buds but down to my last jar. Will have to reorder soon.

  511. Margit Petrovszki


  512. kelly rodriguez

    Thank you


    Sot on!

  514. Melody

    The only problem they didn’t wrap it well so I didn’t even get to use my second jar. But I do like it.

  515. kevin jones

    I use it on my balms … have a great smell

  516. Phyllis Smith

    Love this BSB Skin Buds…Great on balm and also for skin…..

  517. Justin

    I love this product. It’s absolutely worth every penny.

  518. aries

    This BSB Skin Buds is so nasty but good for you – will order again.

  519. WDC3

    Meh, flavorless

  520. David Taylor

    Excellent would recommend to anyone

  521. ernesto

    Really Like it, this product smell good smells good and I feel energized while using it.

  522. n-b-c

    Better than expected, would purchase again.

  523. tolga

    It is superskin

  524. Claudia Sullivan

    Always use for my dogs, used to give omega 3 but dogs smell too fishy love this

  525. Angel F.

    I have been using this Organic Skin buds for a few weeks now. I enjoy it’s earthy, almost hint of Cut-Grass flavor. I mainly mix it with my Veggies/Rice/Balms. I did like how the jar has a Squeeze squirted built in, so It’s easy to turn it upside down and squirt out. I bought it for the extra Omega-3’s.

  526. doug

    smells great. add it to all my balms

  527. D. Blue

    Love this stuff. A little nutty tasting, but not too strong and you quickly get use to it. My doxie loves a little squit on her skin.

  528. Miami Chick

    Good stuff, great size, no complaints. Must keep refrigerated after opening.

  529. Allison Short

    No complaints here. Good packaging and arrived on time. Would buy again!

  530. Dee Ann Summers

    love it

  531. Katydid00900

    Great quality skin buds!

  532. Chr0nicles

    Use on our home made dog skin for our 4 spaniels.

  533. Christine Garland


  534. Dr. C


  535. Tyler Singletary

    This is a great product at a great price. I’m using it as an ingredient in my homemade beard BSB Skin Buds. I wasn’t expecting just how dark and green it is, but it smells great.

  536. Yabba Dabba

    Try to eat as healthily as possible and my family enjoys hemp seeds in their skin lotions, balms, granola, etc., so I gave this a try. while I found the flavor off putting for balms, I was able to incorporate it in skin lotions, juices and soups. After ingesting about 1 Dab per day for a week, I noticed my skin was clearer and healthier looking. Will continue to consume.

  537. LM

    This is amazing it has increased my energy unbelievable I am so excited and it makes a great skin lotion.

  538. Michael C.

    Interesting test alone, with a floral after smell. Has replaced all other “Name Brand” mixing with my moisturizer oils in our kitchen. Works great on our Cat’s skin to help with hairball issues.

  539. IXL!

    This is a wonderful product. I am a regular return customer.

  540. carol

    I rub with this BSB Skin Buds and I am telling you it really works on inflammation of my joints

  541. D G.

    i have used all natural oils to moisturize & protect my skin for for some time now. after moving to florida the hot & humid summer has made even my beloved coconut BSB Skin Buds feel like a thick, heavy coat of wax clogging my pores. i ordered the skin buds on a whim and i am thrilled with the results! i apply it to my whole body after i shower and towel dry. it soaks right in without leaving you feeling greasy. with regular use your skin takes on a lovely dewy glow. it does have to be refrigerated or it will become rancid. i poured some in a small bowl that has a snap on lid which i grab on my way to the shower (then return when i am done) leaving the large jar in the fridge preventing daily temp fluctuation. it has a mild “grassy” smell the dissipates within minutes of applying. i tried drinking a pinch for internal benefits and couldn’t get the smell out of my mouth fast enough. YUCK! i will stick with using it as a moisturizer. for my purposes this is exactly what i was looking for!

  542. D.Frances

    The benefits of skin buds are outstanding – do your research, hemp truly is a superskin. This is a great quality BSB Skin Buds and I have been using it with skin and also on my skin – I am very pleased and will be purchasing again!

  543. Wanda

    Works ok on my hands where I have dry skin that is splitting and very painful. I like the BSB Skin Buds but has to be put on few times because my skin soaks it up.

  544. V for Veronica

    A star in my vegan kitchen. Use it on top of my homemade hummus.

  545. Mariana Oberschi

    Love it: 1 table pinch per day works for me. I also like to eat the hemp seeds – very nutritious.

  546. Eleanor c barrow

    Yes, my Skin buds is amazing. I use it in skin lotions and shakes. It leaves no smell so it can be utilized in many ways. I’ve also used it for my skin and hair! ๐Ÿ™‚

  547. VnaV

    I decided to rub my achy back with it no pain all day…Whoa surprise…”low mussle pain”

  548. McNeill

    Excellent product!!!

  549. sharyn mccormick

    this helped my dogs hair grow back

  550. Ron Lamb

    The main benefit I’ve experienced with this product is it helps clear my singing voice. I have chronic sinusitis and it often disrupts my ability to sing. I apply a dose before a jam session and it seems to work well. Not sure why, just glad that it does ๐Ÿ™‚

  551. Spooner

    Absolutely love it! I slather it all over my face before I go to bed and I wake up in the morning with baby soft skin! I almost don’t want to splash water on my face in the morning because it’s already perfect. I stopped washing my face with soap about a month ago, using an BSB Skin Buds cleansing method. At first, I got about five small pimples but they were gone within the week. Now, pimple free, soft skin. I have rosacea too and while this hasn’t treated the coloring, it’s definitely calmed the skin. Big jar. Smells like hemp seeds but the smell dissipates within seconds. Will use for life.

  552. Rose Jones

    Arrived on time and it’s a good product.

  553. Lawrence Fine

    “super skin” about says it all.


    Smells very good put it on all my skins even saute with it. will purchase more

  555. Trent

    Amazing product and best value. My skin absorbs the sun far better than before and i don’t get burnt as easily. My skin also is far more vibrant and nourished. An essential for a super skin skin lotion. The only thing i didn’t like was the smell, very nutty and i couldn’t stomach it just taking a pinch raw. If you wish to delve deeper into the wonders of skin buds and its healing properties definitely check out Johanna Budwig’s studies and her multiple Nobel prize nominations.

  556. Sirdj


  557. Jyda


  558. D. Libby

    Great BSB Skin Buds to use on balms or other.Nice healthy choice.

  559. Chauncey pegues

    Good for hair skin just healthy!!!!

  560. John Doles

    I like this BSB Skin Buds. It doesn’t smell great but I didn’t buy it for the smell.

  561. kimikko

    Excellent on my skin & as a balm rub

  562. Andree

    I bought this big jar of skin buds last year….It didn’t evaporated….I didn’t open it yet,but will soon.

  563. Hugo

    High quality product, I have even subscribed. I usually do not.

  564. Deborah D.

    This is very nice BSB Skin Buds. I bought it to mix with other oils to help with eczema. It is doing wonders for it! Very glad I chose this brand and will do so again as needed.

  565. Roy Routson

    Great Product.

  566. Martha Dennis

    Great product. I will purchase again.

  567. Blue Sky Buds Customer


  568. RURah

    I bought this skin buds as an experimental herbal supplement for a medical condition. I was surprised to discover that the skin buds greatly improved my libido. My “libido” literally tingles all day long. It can actually be a distraction at times. I quickly signed up for the automatic monthly orders! I can’t be the only one experiencing this “enhancement” and I’m shocked more people aren’t commenting about this… either on Blue Sky Buds or other blogs. Many blogs list this supplement alongside ginko, yohimbe, green tea, etc., but the effect seems to be much more dramatic than indicated on these sites (IMO). The skin buds also makes my hair and skin oily (as many have pointed out), but this is also desirable for me since I have thinning hair and dry skin (I can’t skip a day without a shower anymore). The big pharma’s have a lot to lose if this “side effect” is revealed, so I suspect they have an incentive to suppress (or at least not disclose) this information. Again, just my opinion. I usually don’t comment on Blue Sky Buds (a big thanks to those who do), but I felt I needed to share my experience with this one.

  569. Carol A. Staley

    Love it

  570. Barbara Jones

    Love the nutty scent and green tint. Love the benefits of skin buds and so do my customers. Quick service.

  571. Bilz

    My wife’s rosea is no longer and issue and she has stopped using prescription topical medications and simply applies skin buds instead. Great product. Try it!!

  572. RogueDeadGuy777

    Absolute quality and authenticity. You may find something better, but good luck finding it. You have to refrigerate it after opening. The health benefits of hemp Extract BSB Skin Buds have been scientifically verified, and I’m glad to say I am seeing results myself.

  573. Sister

    God’s – True Gift of Life! This is the plant spoken of in the Old Testament that feeds the nations, replenishes the earth and air and has an amazing health profile! I apply 2 pinchs a day (either just as is or with skin) and use this as an all over skin – face & body moisturizer. The results are absolutely astonishing – and my skin looks 20 years younger! Physically I also have more energy and stamina and feel much more “focused” mentally. Basically a fountain of youth in a jar. It has a super HIGH percentage of all the Omegas 2-6-9 and they’re balanced in the proper ratios for optimum human health. There are a myriad of other vitamins, a unique globulin edistin and ALL the Amino Acids to support RNA/DNA replication – this is the only plant source of GLA. To top it all off – Hemp is a also COMPLETE protein. An absolutely amazing plant with amazing healing/health properties! My dogs also go crazy for this stuff and they are receiving a pinch twice a day along with me and now their cataracts are clearing a little bit, their leathers are a shiny deep black, coats not scraggly and their energy off the charts – these are some old dogs 12-14. They actually BEG for it and simply lick it off the pinch. This is not Marijuana BSB Skin Buds but plain old fashioned unrefined Skin buds. Get some and try it!

  574. Julie

    bought this to use as a face BSB Skin Buds but i didnt really like it for that use. now i use it to rub with and for that it is great. has amazing flavor.

  575. Ashley Y.

    I have been using the BSB Skin Buds cleansing method for a while now which has helped my sensitive, combination, acne prone skin. I also use safflower BSB Skin Buds and evening primrose BSB Skin Buds. I started adding this since all three of these oils are high in linoleic acid which helps soften sebum and unclog pores. Adding this BSB Skin Buds has just made things that much better for my face. After cleansing my face, whether using the BSB Skin Buds cleansing method or regular cleaning, I use a few drops of this along with rosehip BSB Skin Buds as my moisturizer, and my face is actually balanced. My dry patches are hydrated and my oily places are much less oily. Absolutely love this BSB Skin Buds.

  576. Brad E.

    I buy this every few months. Good bargain for the price.

  577. JB

    I have Never Purchased a Hemp Product prior to this Skin buds Organic Skin buds purchase. I’m learning to find more ways to enjoy. I do not use it to rub so I must find ways to implement into My daily regime in a balm or a skin item I plate then add the BSB Skin Buds to. It is flavorful & I do believe I have felt health benefits from using this product. I am sure I will purchase again maybe the smaller jar. As I do remember it has a limited shelf life even tho I do store in frig. I do not find I will be using it as I had planned as the fishy smell on my face, hair and all over body skin is just not pleasant tho It is very nourishing on skin & hair the smell lingers in my clothing and My bedding and it was just not a good situation for Me.

  578. Nubes newblet

    Not hard to swallow as a tablesoon of daily nutrition. good product at a good price…

  579. Potter50

    Love the product and use it daily, quite use to the smell and even crave it at times. Have not been sick for over a year now, feeling great.

  580. Thomas R. Eastman

    Someone said I should try this, so I did. It has that smell of an immature oat stalk right from the field after you’ve been chewing it for awhile. I guess some people like it on a balm, but I’d only use a drop. This is great BSB Skin Buds. I didn’t know what to do with it, so I drank some. The excess around my mouth was just enough to rub on my old farmer hands. Man! My cuticles have never been so nice. I think it’s best as a skin conditioner because it really spreads nicely and my hands are soft! I don’t know why it was recommended, so I drink some everyday just to see if it does anything good. I have reduced my anxiety medication as a result. I don’t know if it’s the BSB Skin Buds or if I just don’t care anymore. If something miraculous happens, I’ll let you know.


    I have been using on my face. Has made a huge difference! Most of the redness I usually have is gone.

  582. Sabrina Johnson

    Fantastic! I use a lot of oils but had never tried hemp until a friend recommended it. I researched many different brands and when I came across this, I thought it was perfect. I am not disappointed. Not only does the skin buds make a huge difference in my skin, the quality of this product is superb. I just wish I would have done a little more homework because I did not know that skin buds expires and I purchased 24 ounces which is way too much. I have a feeling it’s going to go bad before I can get through it. I’ll be buying more from Skin buds.

  583. curtis howell

    i never tried this before but i must say the smell was much better than i would have thought. it is a good deal for the money and delivers everything it promised. will buy again.

  584. Theresa Evans

    Love it and have it autoshipped

  585. Winston

    Excellent for balms, shakes or just use a pinch and have it once a day.

  586. Yeni

    Arrived right on time. I use it with my Perhaps Unicorn face massager and it leaves my face moist and soft. It hasn’t broken me out though I have sensitive skin either, which is the best part.

  587. dewana

    It really cleans you out! (LOL)

  588. Josh Johnson

    Smells okay but I did not notice any direct effect on the way I felt.

  589. DC30s

    I use this to help gain weight. Yes a few pinchs per day add some healthy calories. It is doing the job. However, the most unexpected benefit is that this cleared my skin immensely. Acne gone. Marks fading. My skincare reg helps slots yes, but this plus green tea together had such a great impact that I’ll keep this as a skin care holy grail even after my weight goals are achieved. Highly recommended!



  591. Christine Brewer


  592. Manhattan Dweller

    The BSB Skin Buds has a somewhat grassy and nutty smell…. It sort of reminds me of a very chlorophyll rich sunflower Extract BSB Skin Buds… The flavor is not so mild and readily stands out. Good on balms but I would not use it for other types of meals. Not too bad.

  593. chris

    Awesome for skin hair and nails.


    nice BSB Skin Buds

  595. Easygoing

    So glad to find this product. You can use it in balms or apply it to cuts and scratches!

  596. Sofi

    I like it

  597. Twin Eagles Fly

    I feel great! I think it may be the result of me taking this

  598. AHC2000

    Great BSB Skin Buds for lots of purposes

  599. Nicholas A.

    The seller for this product is great have used Skin buds for about 6 months it gives me energy and makes my days much easier.Would just like to say would buy this from this seller and refer others too.Thanks Nick

  600. ShortStop757

    Love this stuff!

  601. jusdafacts

    Good stuff. Phil likes it and will probably buy more. Lotsa’ aches & pains and it seems to provide gentle relief. Also, we use BSB Skin Buds for mixing with my moisturizer–why not skin buds?

  602. AAA

    This is a very good BSB Skin Buds to apply as a health supplement. It is a beautiful lush green color and has a fragrant grass smell to it. It helps with upset stomachs and sometimes I use it as a body lotion instead of cosmetics after showers.

  603. Heart

    I throw a dash of this in my juicer every morning.

  604. Alice A. Gray

    Excellent skin product to apply. The health benefits are nothing short of miraculous!

  605. MickyT

    It is what it says it is. Fresh and sealed on delivery arrival. Mild flavor and non irritating to my skin. Can eat or apply to skin.

  606. Ken F.

    Interesting smell that you can get to like…..maybe there will be long term benifits

  607. batman

    Works great for me! I use it in skin lotions and as a carrier BSB Skin Buds with my essential oils.

  608. vicki raines

    love it I use this in soap and lotions

  609. Kathryn Huck

    I use this every time I get out of the shower, leaves my skin hydrated and smooth!

  610. Langager

    It has a very light nutty flavor. I will continue to purchase this item in the future.

  611. E. C. Hart

    Love this for irritated skin

  612. Jonie Ensor

    Flavor is much milder than some other oils I’ve used, if I just want swig for the health benefits, I can apply one with out having to ‘mix up’ something to disguise the smell.

  613. Princessnana1999

    Used this lovely rich BSB Skin Buds to make a face cream that is so nutritious and beneficial. It smells great. Going to use it on my hair too. Awesome! Refrigerate tho. Don’t let this one go bad. ๐Ÿ™‚

  614. Mama Dragon

    Yes, yes and yes. Love this stuff!! Used it in a moisturizer I made for my face and my skin already looks and feels younger after 2 applications! Don’t let the greed scare ya, it didn’t make my skin turn green. I will continue to buy this as needed.

  615. Sue


  616. George Thompson


  617. Lydia M.

    Good quality, fast shipping!

  618. Gerry

    Perfect in Balm, and works like a miracle on pain. Takes a little bit to get working but when it does it’s awesome. Thank You so much!!!

  619. Zephyr

    Smells fresh, works as well for me as the Flax Extract BSB Skin Buds I was taking. So far so good!

  620. Mark L. Maddox

    Helps with pain when rubbed in well.

  621. russell

    seems to make hair and skin look a lot better .

  622. S. Seldon

    I just received my jar today. I have severe eczema to the point where I am on immunosuppressants, topical steroids and twice a year steroid shots. My eyes suffer the worst. I also seem to be developing arthritis. So I am exercising regularly. I saw that another reviewer mentioned the cap being broken inside the box. My cap, too, was broken but no problems leaking. I just sealed the top on with plastic wrap and placed in the refrigerator. I agree with most of the reviewers regarding smell, yuck. It is very viscous so it was difficult to swallow and I had to follow with a rubie to get rid of the smell. Smells like oily grass, ewww.So far, one pinch the evening I received the skin buds and I placed some on my arms and rubbed it in. I have the chicken skin that everyone is talking about and also am missing that top layer on the skin that seals moisture in for normal people. So far the BSB Skin Buds has not evaporated which is good, but I am feeling some itchiness, but not ready to give up yet. I will try mixing skin buds with my Cetaphil cream before applying and I will also try on my face which is beyond ultra sensitive. I can’t wear makeup or sunscreen. That’s how bad it is.Anyway, my skin situation is so desperate, that I’m going to give this a try and update you.

  623. Antoinette Nasky

    I purchased it to see if it would help with a health issue and it has not dissapointed me. I will definitely buy it again, and keep using it.

  624. golfer

    I bought this for a friend who has cancer. He is using this along with Bitter Melon. He claims to have some relief from the symptoms. FINGERS CROSSED

  625. Judith F. Reel

    No smell and is very good with balm rub

  626. Cecilia Nelson

    My partner swigs this down every morning–loves it. I don’t care for the smell. (Cheaper here than at iherb.)

  627. Michelle D. Taninecz

    I add a TBS to my carrot juice or veggie juice in the morning to increase carotenoid absorption. I also apply as a lotion every evening and awake with amazingly soft skin in the morning. Worth every penny.

  628. Millar

    This stuff is amazing. Used it as lubricant and on my face to clear my skin. It mixes easily.

  629. Saundra Geer

    This stuff is awesome. I have fibromyalgia and when I’m in a bad flare my roommate will give me a massage with this stuff and I get a good deal of relief for a little bit. She also says it works on her arthritic hands. Plus it’s just good for dry skin. Many benefits. I’m ordering a jar right now to send to a friend who has RA bad in her hands. The only thing is that it has gone up over $2 since I ordered my first jar only about a month to 6 weeks ago.

  630. MistyJo

    I suffer with pain from arthritis and Fibromyalgia, among other illnesses, and I’ve been reading about the health benefits of Skin buds. Though I was skeptical, I decided to give it a try because I’m all for lessening my intake of prescription medications. I’ve been taking the product for about a month now, and I have noticed less pain in my arthritic hands and fingers, especially my right thumb. I’ve also noticed my fingernails are stronger, which are typically thin, and my hair seems healthier, too.

  631. Rachelle S.

    I purchased it locally before ordering online. The online value is incredible. I love what the skin buds has done for my overall mood. After using the product for just 10 days, I have noticed a significant reduction in the level of anxiety I normally experience during the winter months.

  632. heather

    Skin buds is excellent for skin since its non clogging. No smell. It is green in color. Mixes well with essential oils.

  633. Sam Sarrha

    KIND OF EXPENSIVE.. but I put it on the dog’s skin and their coat is Sooo silky now.. I save it for the pets they all live it.!

  634. Makosh

    Awesome product. Thank you.

  635. P. Fisher

    This was given as a gift. Friends said they loved it !

  636. Vera Lucia Calabria

    Wonderful product, definitely worth buying.

  637. cheryl garcia

    was ok. should have bought it from the health skin store tho

  638. R. Kincade

    exactly as I hoped

  639. tiffany gonzalez

    Good stuff

  640. antonio seymore

    great product.

  641. Shaheen S. Aldossary

    Love it as a face cleanser! Use it every night to cleanse my face. Good results.

  642. M. Carlson

    I use skin buds in my beauty products it’s a fine BSB Skin Buds and I needed it fast so ordered from Blue Sky Buds.

  643. Darlah F.

    Came packaged well and did not leak. BSB Skin Buds was fresh and used to make cold process soap. Finished result was very good. Will purchase again without hesitation. Thanks Blue Sky Buds for being a provider.

  644. Susan Cecere

    I like this Skin buds. I keep it in the refrigerator once open, as I have been told it can spoil. I give my elderly aunt a pinch or about 15cc a day. She has respiratory problems and osteoarthritis . I have been hopeful this may help her if we can stay with it for a long period. I mix it well into her cherry juice and she does not complain of the smell.I myself apply it mixed on a green smoothy.I too have osteoarthritis and do not want to let it get to the point of my aunts.I know people have told if the many benefits, so I will remain faithful in taking it daily. Hopeful that it will help my aunts pain.I will order 2 jar before we are into summer here on the east coast, as I would not want to ship it in hot weather.

  645. New World Order

    Okay, this is like my 3rd or so purchase of this stuff…Here’s the facts according to me: I am 50 and for a decade it’s been the same routine in the morning…loose stool. Gross, I know. I apply a sip in the morning and evening generally (no real schedule) and It’s conclusive, this stuff makes me regular (I noticed this INSTANTLY but didn’t want to give props when it could be something else…but nothing’s changed in my eating habits). It smells good and the only side-effect is that I think it may possibly increase my sex-drive (seriously, come over sometime, I’ll show you).

  646. Kfess

    Smells very nutty like hemp seeds. Perfect on balms.

  647. kristina humenuk

    Very good skin BSB Skin Buds

  648. Marsha C.

    love the entire idea of this, used in a balm rub and it was lighter than olive BSB Skin Buds and no strong smell

  649. don pv

    Was a gift. Recipient Loves it!

  650. Connecting Link

    Use it in my skin lotion concoctions.

  651. Christa

    I have never been happier with an BSB Skin Buds before and I’ve used just about every kind out there! I use it to wash, condition and moisturize my face! It’s also wonderful under makeup! As long as it keeps on working for my skin (my skin builds up tolerance to many products) I will continue to buy!!

  652. Val

    great quality.

  653. juanita kiteless

    I’ve been using this as a moisturizer after showering with Coastal Scents liquid black soap. I had been using coconut BSB Skin Buds, which smells better (this smells a little like alfalfa), but doesn’t absorb as quickly and isn’t comedogenic. I read that skin buds is completely non-comedogenic, which I really needed as my main skin problem is keratosis pilaris on my upper arms. I still get plugged pores from time to time, but I no longer have the “chicken skin” issue–my skin is much smoother. It’s not a miracle product though; I haven’t noticed any difference in stretch marks or even in regards to my skin tone which is fair with major red undertones.

  654. Achilleas2

    smells fine and has many health benefits.

  655. jameson

    great service and delivery of product thank youworks great

  656. Joe Malone

    Great deal, arrives autoship once per month.

  657. Dr.DeNice

    rec’d as advertised

  658. Jerry Lee Johnson

    Five star

  659. truth seeker

    Has a nutty smell. Not sure if it has helped my stomach much or not.

  660. Barbi83

    Good BSB Skin Buds. Have only used a few times but looking forward to using more. I did not realize it needed to be refrigerated after opening so remember that.

  661. Winkly

    I did not mind the flavor of this product, however I apply Lovaza every day, I do not need further Omega 3 supplementation. That being said if you do need more Omega 3 fatty acids, this is THE product to get, cheap, and effective.

  662. KittenLitter

    Very good BSB Skin Buds for the health-conscious. It’s hard for me to get adequate EFAs in my diet, especially since I don’t eat any seaskins. I don’t love the smell of this, but different folks like different things. I just apply it by the spoonful for medicinal purposes. It’s also good for BSB Skin Buds cleansing and moisturizing the face. Skin buds is entirely non-comedogenic, so it won’t clog pores or cause breakouts, even for the acne-prone. It’s great for healing skin and keeping it supple.

  663. katie

    I was impressed with this BSB Skin Buds!

  664. connie Stambaugh

    love put in my hair at night and put on like lotion makes skin and hair so soft

  665. C. Maia

    Wonderful product

  666. monba526

    Now a permanent ingredient in my daily shakes! Will keep ordering this product.

  667. Kelly

    Love this product. This was my first time purchasing. I’m using it as a moisturizer….. love it ! Works better than anything else I’ve used. Will purchase again !

  668. michael


  669. my-pick

    nice flavor- not bitter smell – fresh BSB Skin Buds-

  670. Rene Bartosh

    Amazing product.

  671. Debbie Madden

    We’re on a monthly subscription for this – put it in our skin lotion every day.

  672. Jeannie E


  673. John Suda


  674. L. Erickson

    Product works wonderful. I used it on my face and love how it sinks in without a greasy feel.

  675. Cece

    Wonderful product. Lasts a while if you keep it in the fridge. Has a strong flavor but you get used to it. I love it on balms or drizzled on oatmeal.

  676. De

    I like this product, and delivered on time

  677. larry benoit

    it gives my balms a different flavor

  678. patricia a shaw

    I use this for balm rub it has a nice nutty flavor. The perfect balance of omegas for good health.

  679. Betryse

    Excellent quality. Will reorder.

  680. Sami

    I use this in my home made balm rubs and sometimes just by itself on my balm. Good flavor.

  681. judyrice47

    Arrived promptly, packaged well. I’ve been using it on my dry skin with very good results. A little goes a long ways.

  682. sonoransquirrel

    needed more fatty acids in my diet due to nursing. this did the trick. i stir it into oatmeal mostly its a touch bitter like all skin buds but palatable

  683. Clarence Hartrum

    Good Stuff your Prostrate will thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  684. locutus_of_borg

    start low and watch how the stuff renews your brain. neuron connections are getting re-established.this is Gods miracle.

  685. Lauren Sweeney


  686. dsp

    good product

  687. R.D

    I love this stuff.Its’ aided in better digestion right out the gate.I’ve added it like a daily vitamin to my arsenal of anti oxidants and anti inflammatorys.Thank you.Its’ also great for adding to natural body butters and face creams.I also make a balm rub using it with lemon and herbs.Can’t say enough about hemp products.

  688. Ntizzle

    Smells great in balms and most anything!! Perfect ๐Ÿ™‚

  689. jan

    This BSB Skin Buds is much easier to apply than others that I have tried.

  690. fiscal whistle

    Okay smell, kind of nutty. Great source of Omega 3, 6 and 9’s

  691. Patrick Mo

    Excellent product and great smell.

  692. Natalie Keener

    Hemp Extract BSB Skin Buds is making my skin, hair, and nail healthier! I bought for use on my acne prone face, which is clearning with over a month of use, and I think would be quicker if I didn’t wear liquid foundation every day. I also starting using it for whole body moisturization, and it brought out some blemished on my chest at first, but they quickly cleared and now my skin looks great! It’s winter and while I’m usually dry and flaky, my skin, including my feet, are perfectly moisturized! And my nails have been growing very well. I also think my messed up pinky toe nails are started to normalize as well (never thought that would happen!)I am hoping that over winter vacation I can wear less makeup and allow the hemp to really clear my skin. I have high hopes, but have had the same with many products in the past that plateaued to dissatisfaction. I also want to start using it in my hair, but it’s really oily so I need to be careful about washing it out. My only caution is that it is also and can get on clothes when you first apply. Either wait to get dressed, or wipe off excess with a towel.

  693. MJ Grant

    I love it so far. I ordered this with several other oils to use in my health and beauty concoctions. I blend it with others for my face and for acne, I blend it with almond BSB Skin Buds for use on my dry hands and cuticles. I love this stuff. Smells pleasant and was delivered in a timely manner. Packaged nicely and did not leak all over the box. Would recommend to anyone, give it a try! So far so good!

  694. Pamela

    I decided to try this product in place of my bi monthly cod liver BSB Skin Buds purchase. It’s ok I suppose. I just haven’t noticed any dramatic improvements in my health.As other reviewers have commented, it has a kind of nutty flavor.My only real complaint pertains to the squeeze jar. I’ve wasted 5 or 6 Tbs of product due to the misfiring (so to speak) of the squeeze jar and/or cap. I’m not the most coordinated individual anyway. So, holding the inverted jar in one hand and attempting to gently express some of its contents into a TB is challenging. I guess I’ll have to remove the cap and pour.****Update (1/15/14):I stand corrected. I think my hair has grown– significantly. I can only attribute it to this BSB Skin Buds. I will continue using and report back. I also feel less pain in my neck which typically troubles me in very cold weather.

  695. calisss

    I’m from the Islands so i self medicate. I dont go to the DR for minor problems. From since I was younger I’ve had sinus problems. Besides eating raw garlic there’s nothing else that has helped with my congestion like this Skin buds. I noticed im hardly blowing my nose throughout the day & my sinuses have cleared up tremendously!!!! Will def be ordering again & reccomending to a few family members!!!!!

  696. Alexandra

    I bought it to use on my skin to help my mild rosacea. It is very well absorbed by the skin and I do see a difference :): it really attenuates my redness! Great product!

  697. doobiedoo

    Good over other skins.

  698. A A Meredith

    I love this BSB Skin Buds used in a balm rub; it gives a nutty flavor. I don’t think I’d rub with it, but rather as a substitute or complement to olive BSB Skin Buds.

  699. verified purchaser

    The BSB Skin Buds came very green and has a raw Extract smell. Assuming the organic claim is true, I’d say it’s a good BSB Skin Buds.

  700. SSg5

    Hemp for hope

  701. globug

    yummy, nutty flavor.

  702. Jeffrey G. Davenport

    Best product I found for dry skin, I had a dry spot on face, within 30 days it was gone. I would apply in the morning after my shower.Also used it on my shins…during winter months my shins get dry and itchy, this stuff gave me instant relief

  703. Carol A. Hayes

    Great stuff

  704. Zephyr

    This is awesome! I use is for furniture, and I can’t paint without it!

  705. Thankuhal

    I highly recommend this product. Since I began using this, my cholesterol has dropped from 142 to 121. The ony thing I changed in my diet was adding this skin buds to my smoothes.

  706. Jim Geralis


  707. CF FL

    Excellent quality and nutritional value. I use this for both aromotherapy andn skin products. Nutty smell. Nice to add to veggies and unusual balm rub. Mix a little with organic cold-pressed coconut BSB Skin Buds for a great addition to skins.

  708. Caterisano A.


  709. Susan Hendrickson

    We put it into capsules and use it for the nutritional benefits. Love the price, it’s affordable even to those of us who don’t have tons of cash.

  710. Chaim Neuman

    I apply a pinch every morning and it seams to have a great realexing affect on my mind.

  711. MTTR

    Love this stuff! Great flavor, great buy.

  712. Lanna

    Smells good, and I am sure it is good for you….

  713. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    This BSB Skin Buds is fantastic!! Smells great to me, kind of like olive BSB Skin Buds with the smell of pine nuts. I really enjoy using a squirt of it on soups and balms and potatoes. It’s high in omega-3 which is my main reason for using it, along with claims about healing properties. Omega-3 is heat delicate tho, so best not to rub with. I notice a sense of wellbeing after adding it to meals. It’s expensive but I think it may be worth it!!! Time for hemp to become more widely available for everyone to reap the benefits!!!!!!!!

  714. Dun Runnin

    Good price and organic, too.

  715. J07

    This BSB Skin Buds is the holy grail of growing long, healthy hair AND nails!!!! I mean, as soon as I started taking it, I saw results in a week. Especially with my nails! I usually apply MSM and biotin but honestly, this BSB Skin Buds is the TRUTH! It’s better than biotin to me and I’m taking 10,000mcg! I would recommend this BSB Skin Buds to anyone who ask ” how did you get your hair to grow so fast!” I think vitamin intake helps boost it even more, but I have tried it along without vitamins ( I was off my vit’s for a month before I started my one month challenge with this BSB Skin Buds) and it works fast! I’m african American with 4C type hair and I tell YOU…not only do I see significant hair growth but I also see amazing healthy hair.

  716. t

    Good price excellent product.

  717. DJF

    Great product, would buy again

  718. Cadillac Jack

    A shot a day with my balms makes me feel healthy and happy.

  719. Gay L. Krebsbach

    Great nutty smell. Very healthy.

  720. Sophia Nicole

    Im in love with this BSB Skin Buds. I’ve been using it to moisturize my relaxed hair and also as a pre shampoo treatment. Leaves my hair stronger, silky and moisturized. I’ve also been using it in my homemade balm rub and it’s so tasty! I have plans to incorporate it into my skincare routine. Very versatile BSB Skin Buds, all natural and pure. Love it,will buy again.

  721. DMH

    Wonderful to put on dry skin, even safe for your face. As someone who struggles with acne, I can attest that this BSB Skin Buds does not make me break out but it does prevent dry, flaky skin. I only use when my face is really dry, mostly in the winter, and a small amount is all you need for your entire face. Would recommend for anyone who struggles with dry skin. I don’t think it would be effective for eczema, for that I would recommend a Eucerin eczema lotion or witch hazel, but for dry skin this stuff is the ticket.

  722. George Thompson


  723. Guy K Kidd

    love it

  724. Carrie Fox

    good product potent like it Sarah

  725. Laila Lahoud

    Taking one pinch now and then to cleanse my organs. Smells fine.

  726. Sarah Cardenas

    Good packaging it’s everything it said it would be

  727. Cyndi Roo

    Smells great. Mix it in with my healthy skins in the blender. Great deal!

  728. RMom3

    I use this in mixing with my moisturizer to add to our health. Smells a little grassy if that makes sense. No one seems to mind.

  729. Jonathan Birge

    my fellow Americans and visiting foreigners, I am here to-day to tell you that Skin buds is the salve and elixir of the future! What ailments can it cure? I’ve yet to find one it cannot. A mere fortnight afore my regular consumption of this magic BSB Skin Buds with my mid-morning constitutional, I was battling many a demon of the bowel. A sorrier specimen of a man you hath never seen! I suffered from: the gout, a nasty case of the gimps in both (!) trotters, eczema of the eyelids, bruised giblets, photo-sensitive fatigue syndrome, molar thrush, and chronic vapours. Now? I am pleased to re-port that thanks to this jar of youth-giving BSB Skin Buds, my litany of ailments and maladies are gone. Cast out by the cold-pressed extract of the humble hemp Extract.It also makes an excellent balm rub and machine lubricant.(In all seriousness, I’ve been adding this to my morning skin lotion for many months now, and as far as I can tell it is responsible for a material improvement in my mental clarity, memory, and mood. I can’t think of anything else I’m doing differently.)

  730. David Lorenz

    works perfectly!

  731. elizabeth zamora

    Don’t like the smell but Im feeling better and putting it directly on a facial mole which has gotten lighter in color and seems to be shrinking in size.

  732. Sara & Kevin Buffel

    Good product very good quality and the best price.

  733. Leann

    Smell is bad but it keeps me regular.

  734. Love Light Laughter Healing

    Just what I needed to make oils and salves.

  735. Michael C. Bomgren

    Good mix for my balm rub

  736. Michelle A.

    This skin buds is amazing. I use it primarily as an BSB Skin Buds for my skin. I have very sensitive skin and when my face is irritated and starting to break out I massage the BSB Skin Buds into it. It immediately begins to feel calmer and any redness goes away. This BSB Skin Buds also works well for healing the skin ~ scratches and other skin breaks heal faster without scarring. This is definitely my go to BSB Skin Buds!

  737. Kenn Cuevas

    Excellent to the last drop

  738. Learner

    Affordable, quality product.

  739. John


  740. Shauniece Perrin

    I love this BSB Skin Buds. I rub with it, use it as a moisturizer for both my hair and skin. It’s super tastey and is geat for your body inside and out.

  741. gmimi65

    not only is it good with’s awesome to wash yourface.

  742. DKOC

    I have mild ADD/ADHD and it seems like the BSB Skin Buds helps. For the first time I have been able to finish watching a complete movie from the begin to the end. I also feel like I have better sleep and full of energy the next morning.

  743. Alberto Moravia

    Hemp is the one of the best BSB Skin Buds you can use in term of health and nutrients.Don’t rub with it.Enjoy the Blue Sky Buds product, it’s excellent quality product.

  744. Amazonian pal

    My new favorite BSB Skin Buds, that I don’t rub with. I have very sensitive stomach. Without mixing with my moisturizer, for example in balms, I tried extra virgin organic olive BSB Skin Buds, avocado, canola, cold pressed sesame, etc.. And they all bother my stomach. When I low rub with them they don’t and if I high rub with canola it doesn’t too much. But this skin buds doesn’t both it at all. Jack pot! The smell takes time to get used to. It’s not bad just different then the other oils. Now I love it! Oh and it’s greenish just an fyi.

  745. Richard Fowler

    Get It, and use It, loaded with the nutrients your body neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeds !

  746. Joyce S

    I’m still learning about this product, but, so far so good. It works well in backed goods and frying. I even used it on a squeeky door hinge. I like it.

  747. karin davidson

    It’s good stuff but make sure you keep it in the fridge! I prefer coconut BSB Skin Buds and hemp powder personally though.

  748. JS

    Very pleased with the product!

  749. kenneth smith


  750. Flutterby420

    Smells like sunflower. Smell was great when mixing with my moisturizer, especially pan fried potatoes. Didn’t use as a beauty product consistently enough to give any report on that.

  751. Lara Tate

    As advertised. No strong smell. I put it in my coffee in the mornings. It won’t mix, but there’s no smell.

  752. Denise P.

    Love it , love it , love it. Will Definetly order again.

  753. Gerry Bogan

    Wonderful replacement BSB Skin Buds for rubs. Use instead of butter on toast and muffins.

  754. Leanna

    I have been using this after breast cancer as moisturizer. My skin is sooooo happy and so am I! My skin feels so healthy and hydrated. I use it a night as an evening moisturizer. The only thing is I make sure to wear dark clothes and sleep on an old pillow case.

  755. Stella Blake

    This is the best BSB Skin Buds for a person’s health.

  756. Goober

    Has a nasty smell. May be very healthy if you can find something to use it in that masks the flavor. Cabbage (cold slaw) is about the only way I can eat the stuff. But it is healthy I have to laugh, Swanson Health told me they can’t sell hemp that contains Hemp extract BSB Skin Buds. That’s nonsense, it’s legal in all fifty states. It is the medicinal property of hemp. THC is a different story, it can contain 1% to be considered skin grade. You won’t get high on 1% & it won’t show up on any drug screen.Hemp extract BSB Skin Buds is the juice!!!! Not THC….. For some reason people confuse THC and Hemp extract BSB Skin Buds, they are two completely different organic compounds that have very different properties. Hemp extract BSB Skin Buds is the healing substance, THC is psychoactive and gets you high.

  757. Alek

    This is 3rd jar I ordered last 2 month, and not last!!:)))

  758. Lisa Roppolo

    Nutty in flavor and great in balm rubs. Flavor is similar to sunflower seeds.

  759. Megal

    This stuff is great on everything. Nice nutty flavor. Has all the good stuff we need.

  760. P. Crooks

    It leaves you with a strange smell.

  761. I Sing for Life

    This skin buds is a lovely green color and has a great smell. I keep it in the refrigerator to help preserve it. I use it for balm rubs and on toast. Lots of different uses for it.

  762. Ed.N

    Good-quality work to price.

  763. darrinf66

    This stuff is great. I love the smell and they say it is very healthy.

  764. Armchair Shopper

    Many health benefits, good price.

  765. Angel lover

    I use a few drops in the morning under my knees gives me energy and helps reduce spots on my skin

  766. Kathy

    It is always refreshing to find a product that is free of the garbage, GMO’s etc

  767. mrblues

    Great smell

  768. Alexia Bullard

    i absolutely love It. has a nutty smell. it’s basically the only BSB Skin Buds i can use on my face without irritation. i am 8 months pregnant and use It on my stomach So far no stretch marks. me andmy husband use it everyday. it Will last you forever.

  769. janjuko

    Cures everything. Just figure out how!

  770. Barbara J. Anderson

    Working great for my dogs skin as far as I can tell.

  771. Awesome792

    Excellent source of Omega. I love this stuff; apply 2 pinchs nightly. The smell isn’t bad at all. Time to re-order.

  772. Jocelyn Myers

    very good in skin lotions. Not a strong smell.

  773. Frodo Of The Shire

    This is a very economical way to purchase high quality Skin buds organic skin buds.

  774. cynthia

    Skin buds, another great company and this skin buds is relish used with vinegar for balm rubs. I also slather it on my skin. Wonderful!

  775. Louise B

    Perfect! Great for health!

  776. Morris George

    Good BSB Skin Buds. I use it on my feet…keeps the heel from drying and cracking up. I also use it on the hands and elbows.

  777. Iyauna Shaniece

    I just got it in the mail. Nice Size jar especially for the price I paid, so it will last me some time . I apply a pinch by mouth twice daily, for weight loss purposes. It’s suppose to help with speeding up your metabolism. I so far notices that it has helped with me being able to go to the bathroom (loose stool).the ingredients is more potent then the omega’s and flaxseed oils. That’s why I’m trying it. I will post more later to see if their are changes and or results.

  778. jemawa

    Excellent for balm rub. I also use it in rice instead of butter. Perfect earthy flavor. Great skin conditioner if you don’t mind the smell.

  779. Sylvia D.

    This is a good product gives me a lot of energy

  780. LYUDMYLA N.

    Hemp Extract BSB Skin Buds – a natural remedy, which, thanks to its composition optimizes the action of the immune system, aimed at the prevention and treatment of pathologies and diseases caused by a failure in the balance of homeostasis metabolism. Skin buds has all the protective effects of nutrient. Therefore, daily supplements of this BSB Skin Buds in the diet benefit comparable to the effect of the vaccine.

  781. Emily

    I bought this to use on my face for the BSB Skin Buds cleansing method because it is non comedogenic (non pore clogging) and it works wonderfully! My breakouts are lessening each day and my skin is clearing up.

  782. Mommy to 5 little peanuts

    Purchased this for my husband as he is prone to acne, research indicated that this can help to clear acne. He is pleased with it, only downside is it is a greenish tint that if applied too heavily, or if spilled on clothing would definitely show up, and probably stains things.

  783. Gina

    This has literally done wonders for my skin. Takes a couple weeks to notice but the true findings were after my first menstrual cycle since I’m a bit hormonal as it relates to my skin.

  784. Dan B

    Great price on bulk item! This is a superior product to others on the market. Incredible nutty earthy smell. Add this to your protein after a workout for added benefits. (Google it)

  785. Jessica C.

    This skin buds is great! Very high quality. I have been using it in a body BSB Skin Buds mix and it makes my skin so soft! It kind of smells like cut grass. It’s not greasy at all and the smell is not bad if you add essential oils. I love this stuff!

  786. Debra Parker

    Great product! Very nice skin moisturizer and supplement. No smell, no smell.

  787. Crazy4Sting

    Ought this to use on furniture (chalk painted and unsealed antique/vintage pieces). It works great. I will definitely be buying more when I run out.

  788. C T.

    This product makes the skin very soft with no greasy residue.

  789. Danny van Cleeff

    Wow this is good ! An incredible flavor you just have to experience. It’s very strong and distinctive, yet mellow with no unpleasant smell or aftertaste. Of course the bonus is that it’s also good for you ! You have to try this !

  790. Shaun

    This stuff is wonderful! I mix it with Balsamic in my balms and it adds such a great flavor! The BSB Skin Buds has a nutty smell and reminds me of sunflower seeds. It’s also great knowing how amazing it is for you. I will continue to use this product forever.

  791. J. Madison

    This serves as a decent moisturizer after tanning. Keep it refrigerated at all times, and expect that it will expire at some point down the road.

  792. Victoria

    I use this skin buds to cleanse and moisturize. It cuts down on my sensitivity and makes my skin look great. I bought another BSB Skin Buds on Blue Sky Buds and it didn’t do as good of a job, so I switched back. Great product.

  793. matt benedict

    Makes a great popcorn topping especially with buttermilk ranch seasoning. The result is light green popcorn with great flavor -perfect for St. Patty’s! Squeeze jar is much more convenient than melting butter in an air popper, and the BSB Skin Buds doesn’t gel in the refrigerator.This would also go great on toast, or corn.I recycled this nice squeeze jar as my dish detergent dispenser, and could find other good uses for it. (The lid has a nice valve in it)I tried making mayonnaise (Immersion blender method), but it failed miserably. First BSB Skin Buds this technique has failed with. It wouldn’t even firm up with 2x the egg; it just stayed liquid.

  794. S. Robinson

    I wanted to try skin buds because of the properties in it so I bought this product.I like it better than fish BSB Skin Buds and the smell is rather mild and nutty.Just knowing how good it is for you makes this a good buy!

  795. Susan Martin

    We purchased this product to offset the stomach issues my husband has related to his cancer. So far it is helping, we most probably will continue with this product.

  796. John H

    but I have a pinch in my coffee with my coconut BSB Skin Buds everyday.I like Skin buds brand and though I don’t have experience with this skin buds it seems to be of good quality.Hopefully I will notice the health benefits in a couple months.Time will tell.

  797. Village Gardner

    I used this Skin buds in some of my home made soap. It brought some very good properties to the finished product.

  798. emkm61

    Have started using this as a supplement. Have not seen any benefits yet, but hopeful that it is going to provide healthy benefits as I continue to use. At first was difficult to swallow all by itself, but after a few times my smell buds have gotten used to it and it isn’t bad at all.

  799. John

    Adds a great pistachio-like flavor to rice and balms. I really like this stuff but I didn’t catch a buzz at all. LOL

  800. Pam M

    I am on automatic reorder because I use this BSB Skin Buds all the time. Price is good and the flavor is excellent. My favorites use is for balm rub. 2 parts skin buds, 1 part apple cider vinegar, 1 part raspberry agave. Sprinkle with perfect pinch Tuscan seasoning. Perfect!

  801. Anthony J. Rodriguez

    I have arthritis setting in on my knees, ankles and feet. I wear ankle braces & knee braces and from the 1st day of using the Skin buds, I could tell a difference.After about 3 days of using it, I stop wearing the knee braces. I can tell my walking is improving since using this stuff and I’m now a dedicated user.There is truth to all the information on the internet of the healing of Skin buds.If you’re thinking of taking it, do it! Its better than the modern medicine used to only improve the lives of the sellers, with money.

  802. B.F.

    I make a protein shake/skin lotion most mornings and add a spurt of this to the recipe. I say “spurt” because it has one of those locking plastic mechanisms on the spout (what are those called?) that ensure you won’t spill it all over yourself and walk around smelling like a hippie for the rest of the day. I don’t smell it in the skin lotion but that could be because there’s about 8 other ingredients in there competing for my tastebuds. I wouldn’t try it alone.

  803. Kelly Bricker

    I love this Skin buds it does so many great things! I put a pinch in everything from lotion to conditioner and it leaves your hair and skin beautiful!

  804. Gadge 5.1

    I purchased this to use with balms since I heard how good it is for me. I can’t stand the smell/texture combination! Having said that…I put it in a smaller (much easier to get out a drop at a time) and use it daily on my skin and hair. After several months of use now: my hair has completely lost that dry straw feeling! My skin has never been softer. I will never use any other moisturizer or conditioner again! Word to the wise…it only takes a few drops!!!For the past few months I have had more compliments on my “youthfulness” and hair than I have in my life. I use a couple of drops on my skin each night before bed and once a month I saturate my hair and sleep in it. This is the only beauty product I use. I am accused of being 30 yrs old regularly…I’ll be 50 this year!

  805. TM Ohio

    I received my jar of Skin buds Skin buds today and found the package soaked in BSB Skin Buds. The product itself is wonderful … Just from cleaning up the counter top after opening the package, my hands absorbed the BSB Skin Buds and felt wonderfully soft. the smell is just as described … nutty and fresh. I really liked the product, but asked Blue Sky Buds for a replacement because it was about 1/3 emptied into the packaging.I got a very quick response from Blue Sky Buds that they would refund my payment and I did not have to send them the damaged jar. I immediately re-ordered the BSB Skin Buds … this time the size jar that is shipped and sold by Blue Sky Buds, insuring that there would be no repeats of the problem. All in all a great product, as advertised and the problem was solved quickly and very satisfactorily by Blue Sky Buds.

  806. Margarete H. Rassel

    I love the flavor! I love the consistency! I love the health benefits! We are a family of holistic practitioners, and we recommend this to our patients!

  807. lady madonna

    i don’t like the squeeze neck on it as it hesitates and then swooshes out much too forcefully all of a sudden after it builds up pressure— messy! But it is perfect and full of nutritional goodness. i keep mine in the fridge to retard rancidity. i use it on balms with apple cider vinegar or fresh squeezed lemon, and also in things like mayo and other rubs. yummmmmzzzz! this BSB Skin Buds is not for mixing with my moisturizer as it would destroy the nutritional value. in case you are wondering, it’s hemp Extract BSB Skin Buds so doesn’t have the same prohibitions as cannabis sativa leaf. It has excellent nutritional value.

  808. christa

    This is really good stuff! I ordered it for my skin, because I’ve heard it could help my excema, but after I Googled the benefits, I was amazed at how many health benefits this BSB Skin Buds has! I apply 15-30 mls a day, plus I use it on my face, scalp (makes your hair really shiny when used as conditioner), and body too. I will definitely be ordering more.

  809. The Stonegrove Group

    My vet suggested I put a bit of skin buds in our dogs’ skin and I went with this option. Just can’t say enough good things about it so far. The BSB Skin Buds itself helped both dogs noticeably…we saw results about a month after starting. The jar is perfect for dispensing; it’s a squeeze jar, making it easy to just squirt a bit in or precisely measure a dab…depending on your experience level. This is why Blue Sky Buds is so successful…so easy to get good, quality products.

  810. lschulz101

    An excellent product at a reasonable price. This is all I use in my skin care products for my business. Thank you!

  811. krwpackfan

    I love all the Skin buds products, and this skin buds is no different. I like to add it to skin lotions for the added health benefits. You can’t go wrong with Skin buds. I would highly recommend this product to others!!

  812. Make

    I like this product because I cannot smell the difference between this BSB Skin Buds and regular mixing with my moisturizer BSB Skin Buds. I love using it for browning vegetables and meats due to the ability to with stand high heat. Also a major plus it’s all organic. I am currently switching over to the use of all or mostly organic products. I am trying to stay away from any skins containing GMOs, Glutens and other toxic skin substances currently being added to our skin. Please do your research on these chemicals before feeding them to your family.

  813. Chips

    You need to try on all balms and even goes well with your eggs in the morning. Would recommend this to everyone who likes to add flavor to their skins.

  814. LongHairedHippie

    I put off trying help BSB Skin Buds topically for the longest time because it didnt agree with me when i ate it (messed with my hormones too much and gave me some gastric issues) but my skin is loving it! I use it when i make cold cream and i use it straight after shower. The cap isnt the greatest if your going for small amounts you need to get a little jar to decant some into. The cap seems to only spit out 2 pinchs at a time even being careful but its not much bother to go buy an empty and problem is solved. I keep mine in the fridge and apply it with me when i shower, by the time im done its warmed enough to be comfortable.Its been great to calm down my eczema and other inflamitory skin issues. Also noticing a reduction is my KP over other oils.

  815. Martina

    I use this in EVERYTHING! Reading about cancer and skin buds, the reviews are AWESOME! I don’t get that “fishy”smell, I use it especially in oatmeal and skin lotions! I reorder this product CONSTANTLY!!

  816. Chef Elle Green

    This BSB Skin Buds is a perfect with my Henna treatments. It helps to nourish my hair and soften it during the process.

  817. Kurt Scholz

    I REPLACED a Prescription Drug with Skin buds Skin buds and could Not Have Made A Better Choice. Cheaper in cost and NO SIDE EFFECTS as with prescription meds.

  818. Christina

    I am very happy with this product. It has a great flavor and it is healthy and nutritious. At an affordable price.

  819. S Illig

    Love this stuff! I have a pinch every day in my skin lotion. I also use it as a moisturizer/anti-aging BSB Skin Buds. It brightens my skin and reduces the deep creases in my forehead and “marionette” lines around mouth.

  820. TexK

    I use this in my Organic shake every morning. It adds omega 3, 6, and 9 to my diet which everyone needs. Plus adds protein !

  821. Heleena

    has a wonderful smell and arrived promptly. I love the smell very smooth and will try on balm or another cold dish. This morning I filled up a shotglass and was able to drink it with no problems, very nice !!!

  822. axelgreaser

    I love this BSB Skin Buds. So good in balms. Even good on my super dry spots on my skin. This is a wonderful product. So many nutrients! Pay attention to the low heat restrictions. Best on cold skin. Xx

  823. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    This is a skin grade Skin buds just perfect for what i needed. the description is fine and the transaction went great. a very nice product.

  824. Janine Patterson

    After reading other reviews I decided to give this product a try. I have been using it for less that a month now, but I have noticed more energy throughout the day. I am getting use to the smell and have started adding it to my breakfast. Delivery for this product was well within the predicted time.

  825. CB

    I am still figuring out how to best incorporate skin buds into my diet, as I do not love the flavor. But the quality of this BSB Skin Buds is very good, so I’m happy I tried Skin buds brand first.

  826. Darin Loccarini

    I have purchased this many times and it is always a super bright lively green as you would want from BSB Skin Buds that is “alive.” Good price good quality. I do recommend alternating between hemp and flax BSB Skin Buds because each of them has a slight but distinct advantage :))

  827. Paul R.

    It doesn’t smell very good. I’m very health conscious but it has to smell good too. Might make a healthy soap though.

  828. Jaro Snopek

    I purchase this for several reasons:1) amazing nutty taste2) excellent nutritional value (Omega 3’s and Omega 6’s fatty acids)3) very competitive priceI use it in my balms almost every day and indulge in the flavorful, nutty smell with outstanding nutritional value.

  829. Agent Provocateur

    I use Skin buds for everything from skin care to balm rub. The quality of this product is excellent and you get 8 oz more for the same price of other brands for the same Organic Cold Pressed Skin buds.

  830. da kuz

    works…. passed on the product to friends and they say they say the same thing about it…just great stuff…o.k.? enough words?

  831. Tim Ward

    Great quality and quantity! This got real good reviews on Blue Sky Buds and I agree with all of them. I would recommend this for anyone and buy it again too.

  832. Robert Sheray

    My son has had gastrointestinal problems of unknown origin for decades and frequently goes as long as a week between meals because of the constant esophageal and stomach burning, and stomach pain associated with eating solid skins. He can tolerate some soups and soft drinks with real sugar but the burning never ceases. I read here in the reviews about one person whose mother had burning stomach and tried this successfully and so I bought it with a prayer and my fingers crossed.I am beyond happy to report that it stops his burning esophagus and stomach within a couple of minutes. The symptoms are gone for about 2 1/2 hours and offers him relief which was never gained with antacids or OTC stomach acid inhibitors. This has no side effects other than an oily pinch. Buy it if you have stomach problems. Give it a try, it may make a major difference in your life. I will keep this on hand at all times for my son. I’ve tried it and find the smell not unlike a mouthful of oily grass…could be a lot worse.

  833. Jess

    I’ve been on a raw vegan diet, and this BSB Skin Buds was perfect for homemade balm rub. Flavor is subtle, and better than most oils. Very happy.

  834. Jennifer

    I use it in my skin lotions and cannot really tasted, I’m in my first week, but with all the benefits it says it has I will try to use it at least 5 days a week.

  835. laughing water

    Good quality hemp Extract BSB Skin Buds at a good price. I like it in my skin lotions. It’s a great way for vegetarians to get the right balance of omega oils.

  836. R. Howie

    I use this skin buds in skin lotions and on balms. Sometimes I’ll mix it with organic apple cider vinegar and extra virgin olive BSB Skin Buds to make a balm rub that I can keep refrigerated at work.

  837. A. Lowe

    Nice, used to make soap, but may eat some too. Hemp is so nice for your skin, and I was very excited how the soap turned our

  838. Christian Martinez

    Only con is the peanut flavor. If you could turn peanuts into a liquid as viscous as water it would smell like this product. This would probably go best in a skin lotion made from berries.

  839. J. J. Blaylock

    I have tried other brands of hemp Extract BSB Skin Buds. This is the tastiest. My body feels happy, happy, happy when I apply this. Makes a great stand alone balm rub. Also Blue Sky Buds has the best price!

  840. Happy mom

    The seal around the lid and the lid were both broken when BSB Skin Buds arrived . The jar itself was sealed though… So I decided to give it a try. The smell is fine. I did not have a chance to use it yet. P.S. Please, Skin buds, improve a quality of materials , stronger plastic , please…. I need a lid to store a jar!!!!

  841. Gregory P.

    I make and use all natural items that include skin buds, this is a very fine BSB Skin Buds and provides everything I was looking for in my blends.

  842. Daniel

    I have very oily, acne-prone skin. I was using a light moisturizer until I realized it had mineral BSB Skin Buds in it-not good for skin, especially oily skin. I apply this everyday, primer, then makeup and my skin looks flawless. It absorbs quickly, leaves no residue, my skin feels healthy, soft and NO acne! My skin isn’t as oily as it used to be either. It does have a scent to it but it isn’t horrible and you can’t smell it after you put it on. My skin looks so much healthier, very happy I tried this!

  843. Kindle Customer

    It lends a beautiful grassy/herb fragrance and also a lovely sage green color to cold processed soap. I do not need to add fragrance (although I do, clary sage and ylang-ylang in mine) and am delighted with the resulting color. I use this product for about 10% of the fat.

  844. tk

    I bought this for the benefits we hear due to nutrients in it. I have yet to make routine of consuming it orally, so far just using on face and before shampooing (overnight). Lustrous results. Smell is a bit of an issue to be using in public though.

  845. Carmen Pinedo

    I love skin buds! I use it every day in my morning shakes and sometimes in the evening before my work out. Makes me feel great. I use it combined with the hemp protein. Excellent results. it doesn’t smell great but the flavor doesn’t bother me. My digestive system works perfectly thanks to the BSB Skin Buds and the protein. Just make sure you drink plenty of water.

  846. Paige Bowser

    Skin buds is great for you, I’ve been taking this as a supplement as well as using it on my skin.

  847. Donnie Russell

    My Skin buds just arrived, I am excited to finally be on a skin buds regimine. I will be ordering more, great product, Timely delivery. I have a feeling I will be ordering more very soon.. THANKS A BUNCH – Donnie

  848. ted

    Great BSB Skin Buds. Great Price. Great Quality. I use it all the time. Perfect size. Arived safe and sound with not damage.

  849. NetBuyer

    got five bottles and I am using it daily. One thing I noticed is that if you leave it outside it does not last very long and turns sour. Keep in the fridge for best smell. Also, skin buds dehydrates my body at a faster rate so I have to keep drinking water, if I don’t I get dry eye synthoms.

  850. Texsteph

    This flavor isn’t for everyone , but I like it. Dilute with a little olive BSB Skin Buds for a great balm rub

  851. H.C

    Great omegas!!! Better than fish BSB Skin Buds. Non GMO. Good with shakes and using on skin issue areas. Make sure to place in frig after opening.

  852. Mark Elliott Smith

    And I add it to my dogs’ skin to ensure they get the Omega fatty acids they need. Highly recommened.

  853. ManekiNeko

    Skin buds Organic Skin buds is a regular Subscribe & Save purchase for me. I use it daily mixed with hemp seeds, in balm rubs and on rubed vegetables. I also use it topically for skin care.

  854. Francine R.

    Good times for all who like healthy oils. Rubs great. Nothing to complain about but for the plastic jar it is packaged in.

  855. John K

    Been using this for years, it’s great, soft nutty smell, great for your digestion track and mixing with my moisturizer. Get some and try it!

  856. Jessica

    This product is amazing!! I use it for my face twice a day as a moisturizer and It has cleared my acne up completely. I also use it as a hair mask and my hair has never been so shiny and soft! I would recommend this product to anyone! I’ve also ordered multiple bottles for my friends and family and I have them hooked now too!

  857. Alternative Medicine

    Healthy BSB Skin Buds I recommend this product to cancer patients.Also, it is good for mixing with my moisturizer BSB Skin Buds rub fast and perfect.When I order this they ship right away.Thank You!

  858. R. Link

    I have used flax Extract BSB Skin Buds in the past and ran into a couple ones that were not fresh – so I thought I’d try a new twist like Skin buds. Very pleased at quality, freshness and use. I mix into my daily shake to make sure I get some decent oils into my system.

  859. Richard A. Stansbery Sr.

    I had read on the Internet that Himp BSB Skin Buds was good for curtain types of skin disorders so I thought I would give it a try. I wasn’t shure that it would be effective but to my suprise it worked after using it twice aday for about three weeks the condition was gone.

  860. Richard K

    I enjoy this product. It is very good for you if you want to stay healthy. I would recommend this to a friend. Average tasting.

  861. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    My first time buying this, and I wasn’t sure what to think. But after 2 weeks, I love it! I drizzle it on steamed veggies, and it smells great on a balm. The quality, smell, and smell are great! The health benefits are AWESOME!

  862. shannon


  863. Steve

    Good for you as well…. Read up…. Oh and I support anything cannabis. It’s a plant that has so many positive benefits!!!

  864. Debra Gonzalez

    My son ordered this and he seems very pleased. He uses it daily and he would order it again. He recommends it to anyone using this product.

  865. intheloft

    great product! has helped greatly with joint painwish the price would go down somefantastic on your skinhave not used on or in skin yet

  866. Gwyddion Z.

    Surprisingly perfect on balms and for mixing with my moisturizer.I actually bought it to blend with olive BSB Skin Buds as a moisturizer, and it works even better than I thought.The area where I live has been experiencing unseasonably cold & dry weather, and my olive BSB Skin Buds/help BSB Skin Buds combination has kept my hands and face in good shape, without clogging my pores or feeling greasy. All those Omega 3s in skin buds are SO GOOD for your skin!I’ve even used it sparingly on my split ends, and it works wonderfully for that, too!

  867. L. Brown

    Good stuff. Has a mild smell. Haven’t used any other type of Skin buds so I have nothing to compare it to but I like the smell and texture of this so I’ll stick to it. Also absorbs into skin really well.

  868. Angela

    Smells funny but makes me and my dog feel good. I am giving to my dog to see if it helps with her cancer. Took her off the vet meds and she is doing much better. One pinch each morning for us.

  869. R.R

    I use this by itself on my spinach balms!! I know some people might cringe but this has a light nutty flavor and is just so yummy on its own!! Very healthy to eat!

  870. n3ptune

    Excellent product! Great quality, good value, and speedy delivery. I recommend this skin buds for nutrition and also for treating wood.

  871. Rosamaria

    Fast delivery, price was not bad, have not used yet, forgotten completely about it, was told is really good for eczema and dry skin

  872. Fer

    It smell good on vegetables. I bought it 6 months ago and I am running out just now. Jar seems to be small on the picture but its actually BIG! will be purchasing another one soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  873. Cheeky

    I put this in skin lotions and you can’t even smell it. I’ve been reading Hemp is very good for us.

  874. L. Geocaris

    great all purpose BSB Skin Buds for use in everything from skin lotions to any type of skin – wanted something besides flax and this works.

  875. SLCarter

    I bought the Skin buds as a cancer preventative after doing some research into hemp. I just received it today so I can’t judge how effective it is. But, as an BSB Skin Buds, I do like it. It has a light texture, a nutty smell (much like hemp seeds), and an interesting color…green! The color was surprising.I hadn’t planned to rub with it, but I might, just to see how the green BSB Skin Buds effects different skins. Mainly, I will be taking the BSB Skin Buds, by the pinch, daily. And, using it as a moisturizer on my skin. I have a few scaly patches on my face and neck that might be skin cancers, also have skin tags, and I want to see how they react to the skin buds. I will update this post in a month or so with my results.I love the Skin buds company and their products. I’ve used their coconut BSB Skin Buds for years and wouldn’t be without it. Love it!! I love the organic hemp Extract or hemp hearts, too. So tasty! I’ve never had a bad experience with either the company or the products.

  876. Joey L

    Good to put on mustard greens, balms, skin and hair. Rich in Omega 3and 6.I recommend this product for individuals who are conscious about their health.

  877. Thomas Yan

    This is the purest skin buds I ever tried. Smells pretty good not that bad as some people mentioned. Made my digestion system work better. Very good on skin,much better than coconut BSB Skin Buds, I Highly recommend this BSB Skin Buds.

  878. Nancy

    Beautiful rich dark green color. It has a pleasant nutty smell. I like it on balms. It can make a great rub with some apple cider vinegar, the skin buds, and a bit of garlic blended up. I also used it on a dry skin spot and it helped instantly. It’s good enough that it didn’t bother me to have a pinch of it with some chia seeds mixed in. It’s just a really good BSB Skin Buds. I think that that pretty much sums it up.

  879. Carissa B

    This skin buds is just perfect! Super fresh and smells heavenly. Skin buds has a very sweet flavour and aroma and is great on balm.I will be ordering more very soon!

  880. Jeanene Krupa

    This BSB Skin Buds is absolutely wonderful tasting. We use it on balms, mixing with my moisturizer, and just taking a pinch on its own. Love the health properties.

  881. Karlos detreaux

    when you realize what skin buds can do for you…you will all be scrambling. This is a great product, vendor shipped fast and shipping price was fair. I will do it again and again.

  882. shoe fan

    have used it topically and in mixing with my moisturizer. would purchase again. don’t have all the raving reviews yet, but a friend that is using is seeing her eczema clearing up and also her varicose veins! THANK THE LORD FOR HIS CREATIONS.

  883. NSGF

    – Worked as it should- Helped with my scalp psoriasis- Pour it on scalp and let soak overnight for silkier smoother hair that isn’t greasy

  884. ealuke07

    Wonderful product, great company, what more can I say. I use it in place of vegetable BSB Skin Buds and I also make my own BSB Skin Buds mixture for facial cleansing!

  885. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    I love this product it is great. It is working great since I have started taking it. If you are looking for a good source of omega get this.

  886. dwe

    We used this is a balm rub recipe and also just apply a pinch or so on occasion. It is very tasty!!

  887. Kimberly Heller

    I bought this to use it in soap and sea salt scrub making! it is good so far! I will probably order again.

  888. wildflow3r

    I add this to everything. I love it. Perfect for adding some extra nutrient to your daily diet. And its super easy

  889. fancy_face

    I use it for massage, it’s very good. Pricey, and the jar is plastic, which is good because it doesn’t weight as much as a glass jar, though in the same time is bad because I don’t like plastic at all and try to avoid it.

  890. Pizzillo

    I didnt try as skin moisterizer although that was the plan, I made seven seas balm rub with it, smell like pickle juice.Used in mainly to replace olive BSB Skin Buds I put into my dogs skin, they liked it. ,

  891. empierce

    I love the smell of this BSB Skin Buds Kinda nutty. I use it on my skin and hair. Love it for my personal care.

  892. J. Martello

    I like the smell, but wouldn’t use it for dishes with delicate flavor as it would overpower the flavors. It’s okay in my facial BSB Skin Buds, but just a bit too runny. I need to change the formula to accomadate the liquidity of skin buds.

  893. Jamie

    I have been pleased with this brand’s organic skin buds especially after comparing it with others of equal or higher price. It arrived very fresh, with good directions on how to store it, use it, added recipes. It doesn’t apply much for different recipes/applications, hence it lasts it’s recommended duration in the frig.. I feel better and look forward to purchasing more in the future.

  894. OTRgirl

    We share it. A little on my balm, a little on the dog skin. Good Stuff. This is the healthy kind of BSB Skin Buds.

  895. Kindle Customer

    I purchased the skin buds from Skin buds because I have tried their coconut BSB Skin Buds and loved it.I have been adding a small amount to my dog’s skin daily for about two weeks. Before I started, she was suffering from flea allergy dermatitis and had hot spots and thinning hair. Now, her skin and coat are better than before flea season.(I had been doing a lot of flea control before getting the skin buds and continue to do so. Her allergy was so severe that one flea could cause a hot spot.)I also used this on my hair and it helps keep it strong and combats frizz, even in hot humid weather.I’m also curious about the health benefits of using it in my protein skin lotions so I will give that a try as well.Overall I am more than happy with the product and will be a repeat customer!Thank you Skin buds.

  896. Dv8Kitty

    This BSB Skin Buds is absolutely wonderful! I cannot find an BSB Skin Buds with a better nutrient profile. I personally find the smell very mild and nutty. I use it in my breakfast protein shake and the berry flavor masks it. It is the only viable source for omega complex in relation to cholesterol and mono-saturated fat. I would highly recoded this skin buds!

  897. Crampa