BSB Glow Hemp Infused Anti Wrinkle Retinol Cream

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Delicate Medical Grade Anti-Aging Face Cream with Retinol to Minimize Fine Lines & Wrinkles, Dark Circles and Puffiness for a More Youthful Radiance.

Our binding moisture formula is non comedogenic, light and refreshing, and absorbs quickly. Transforming surface layers of skin, thereby, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by restoring elasticity. Organic hemp-infused amino peptide complexes, deeply moisturize, help with resurfacing skin, and lighten brown spots for a more youthful appearance.

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Delicate Medical Grade CBD Anti-Aging Face Cream with Retinol to Minimize Fine Lines & Wrinkles, Dark Circles and Puffiness for a More Youthful Radiance.

Our binding moisture formula is non-comedogenic, light and refreshing, and absorbs quickly. Transforming surface layers of skin, thereby, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by restoring elasticity. Organic hemp-infused amino-peptide complexes, deeply moisturize, help with resurfacing skin, and lighten brown spots for a more youthful appearance.

Loaded with the highest quality medical-grade pure hemp seed oil, our BSB Glow Face Cream from Blue Sky Buds works fast to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, and puffiness.

Ingredients: Purified Water, glycerin, propylene glycol, retinol (Vitamin A), Cetearyl alcohol, jojoba seed oil, hemp oil, pentaerythritol tetrakis(ethyl hexanoate), caprylic/capric triglyceride, polydimethylsiloxane, betaine, beta-glucan, glycerol polyacrylate, avocado (BUTYROSPERMUM PARKII) Extract, PEG-75 lanolin, stearic acid, glyceryl stearate, panthenol, polyacrylamide, C13-14 isoparaffin, Laureth-7, pentaerythritol distearate, tocopherol (Vitamin E), retinyl palmitate, PEG-20 sorbitan oleate, xanthan gum, sodium hyaluronate, bisabolol, methylparaben, propylparaben, phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexyl glycerol, iodopropynyl butyl carbamate

Directions: Dab the cream onto your face in small dots. Focus on trouble areas, such as the cheeks, “crows feet” and forehead. Avoid areas that tend to get very oily, such as the creases to either side of your nostrils. If you have combination skin, focus more on the dry areas and less on the oily areas. Blend the face cream in using your fingers. Gently massage the cream into your skin using small, upward, circular motions. Never drag downward on your skin. Apply more cream, if necessary. Consider applying some face cream to your neck. Wait at least 5 minutes for your skin to absorb the cream before getting dressed or putting on makeup. Warning – Use only as directed. Intentional misuse can be harmful. For external use only. Stop use and see a doctor if irritation or rash appears. Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed, get medical help or contact a poison control center immediately.

  • Anti Wrinkle
  • Dark Spot Reduction
  • Deep Moisturizing
  • Hemp-Infused

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703 reviews for BSB Glow Hemp Infused Anti Wrinkle Retinol Cream

  1. Kristina

    My skin has cleared up (dry, scaly areas now supple and smooth). I have better color overall and less joint pain. I was skeptical, but I’m Gonna keep taking the dose until I run out and then I’ll buy a new jar. Where has this been all my dry-skin life?

  2. Bee

    Love the flavor! Excellent in skin balm

  3. Gwendolyn Verdin

    I use to my hand lotion, love the oils in it

  4. dezireviews

    Great for my acne prone skin! I use it as moisturizer!

  5. AcePlus

    After hearing about this, I decided to try it out. It arrived 9/23 and tried it immediately. All I can is that his product works.

  6. PH

    Like this oil will purchase again.

  7. Dennis

    Good price but I didn’t really care for the smell

  8. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    I use it on my body, I love it, feels a lot better than coconut oil, also use it as face wash, you can see immediately how soft your skin looks and feels, I have extremely dry skin this is the only thing that my skin loves

  9. Macforlife

    I’m on my third jar of Blue Sky Buds’s Hemp Extract Oil. This is a miraculous, high quality product that does so much for your health!

  10. Ullie

    Give to a little to my dog daily. His coat is noticeably thicker and healthier

  11. David Vance

    Helps my aches and pains

  12. Jagdish Thakrar

    Bought for someone else. I haven’t used it.

  13. Patricia L. Barnes

    Helps minimize some of the pain I am in.

  14. Happy camper

    Love this stuff smells great

  15. Titi

    Did not like the flavor

  16. Rachel

    I’m sure there is nothing wrong with the product itself, but I received a jar that expires in 3 months.UPDATE: My jar was replaced at no charge.

  17. chin pang chang

    Fresh, nicely packed, I love the design of cap, it prevent oil from leaking and air when you pouring

  18. LP in Tulsa

    I love this product, I use it for my skin,I saw result the first time I used it, it makes your skin feel supple. I am working on my complexion and hope it will evenly tone my skin. I take 2 dab per day, to help with menopause it seems to help me sleep at night. The amount omega’s in this product is what attracted me to buy it. And finally I put is on my pets food, who is transitioning to a raw diet. Because she developed fatty tumors, she was lethargic and had no appetite. Which was unlike my Lady. I see the difference in her behavior, she is regaining her strength and one of her tumors has disappeared. I am so pleased with this product I have already reorder. The only down side I have is it dispenses too fast, so I put the part for my skin in a botttle with a rolling top and keep in the fridge. This way I can control the amount I use. This product must be refrigerated after opening.

  19. John Storer

    Good product.

  20. sv

    Better to rub on their gums vs. putting in their food.

  21. Taz


  22. Jazminv

    Bug bites, itchiness, eczema, in my coffee… I use it for everything! Great product!

  23. SicFlix

    Bought this product to help with back pain. Just could not get used to the smell or smell . Could not continue trying it. Don’t know if it helped

  24. Discount Checkout

    Ordered for my Dad he liked it and worked well for the pain and inflammation in his knees, He likes another product he is dabbing that seems to work better for him.

  25. Vicky Faulkner

    Love this product, use it to cook with and it has a very high burn point. Bought one for my son to cook with also and he really liked it too.

  26. Tyler rogers

    Very nutritious, I take one serving a day with olive oil. I also put this on my face, very moisturizing

  27. Pamela

    Thanks for offering the product. We use it a lot! Great shipping! Looking for a few others that are organic…we will see if you have the latest and greatest on our next order.

  28. alwaishis.jn

    I have to say that I am a believer for sure after using this product. It works! You all have been so helpful anytime I’ve called with questions about anything. Thanks for all you do, I really appreciate you.

  29. Mj

    I saw this product on YouTube, it was used for plaque psoriasis it works, I can leave it on my scalp for 2 or 3 days and then shampoo since I am a woman of color I handled the treatment just a little different than what the young lady said. it does work , when something works there’s no need to look for something else.

  30. PAUL B.

    This stuff is just supposed to be skin, low heat cooking oil, right?I put on facial encrustations, usually kept in remission by THC salve, @ $17/8oz, but ran out.Amazed to find, This Oil works a Day Longer, now use as Aftershave!

  31. Laura Palmer

    Good stuff!

  32. Michael Day

    This product has changed my life,I am a normal person now.Bless up!!!Thank you BBB,hats off!!!

  33. Wolfsong

    Blue sky buds stem cell butter smells similar to pumpkin extracts, so if you love pumpkin extracts, you will love this oil’s flavor. I use as a flavoring in all of my sautéed veggie dishes and also mixed with olive oil in all of my salads. This oil is not for frying, but rather to be used as a flavoring after the product is cooked. It is an addictive flavor, very unique. This oil is not Hemp extract oil. It has it’s own nutritional benefits. I love that fact, but the main reason I use this oil is for it’s amazing flavor!!! The price of this brand is unbeatable.

  34. Gary Tumolo

    I love this Blue sky buds stem cell butter! I have used it to help relieve pain; I have used it as a skin care product and I have even used it with olive oil in a skin balm! It is very affordable and ships very quickly. This is the second time I’ve ordered this product from this seller!

  35. Richard Powell

    Have been consuming this daily for the past 2 months. As with any such product, results are not easy to quantify. However, my weight has stabilized at 225 +/- 2 since I’ve been using it and there is no more swelling around my ankles. That alone is worth the price and effort! More subjectively, my body feels happier after each dose. Weird, I know, but there it is.I take it straight, by the pinch. The texture and smell took a bit of getting used to (it is an oil, after all), but the results are definitely worth it.

  36. Monica Marie Trickey

    I have had several brain surgeries so my neurologist told me to try this for all of my medical problems. He said it’s really good stuff and recommendations this for all his patients.

  37. AJ


  38. Blue Sky Buds Customer


  39. Tina

    Love this product. I use it for making home made creams for pain. It’s very smooth. Can be used for skin balms or just to apply.

  40. tpalmer1

    This is helping a lot! I will use this at night and the Signature one during the day. Still haven’t tried the Classic one yet. That is next! My advice is try them all and see what helps you the best!

  41. chaylee galley

    I find it’s helped with my breakouts quite a bit. I have combo skin but most of my face reacted quite well to this. You’ll obviously have a dewy face for most of the day but it does soak into the skin halfway through the day.

  42. Franksjr

    Great stuff for pain relief! highly recommend.

  43. Blue Sky Buds Customer


  44. Kimberly L.

    My dog loves this stuff and it helps keep her calmer during thunderstorms.

  45. Mark C Adams

    Works as advertised

  46. tpalmer1

    This particular oil has helped me get through my day. This is helping 10X better than everything else over the last 6 yrs. I will continue to use this for better quality of life! Eventually I will try the concentrated oils.

  47. calvin113

    This Blue sky buds stem cell butter is of great quality. It has a good nutty smell. The price is wonderful.

  48. j hayes

    This product has really helped me.

  49. Sara Kemp

    Blue Sky Buds hemp oil is changing my life. I am deeply appreciative for the Blue Sky Buds products and the staff that has made the products available. Thank you.

  50. T. Hennen

    Use it daily

  51. Christopher

    This works best!

  52. Angelina

    This is the first place I’ve been able to consistently buy from and get exactly what I wanted. I tried several brands via Amazon and never could get a company that was consistent on there.

  53. Penny Morris

    This has taken my pain level down a lot. I have neck and shoulder and arm pain and it has cut it down to at least half if not more. The smell isn’t that good, but I just take a little and then eat a cookie or something, really works well.

  54. Christopher

    This works best!

  55. Tabitha

    great for cooking all the omega’s a vegan needs

  56. Daniel Murphy

    I recently tried the BSB topical and the results have been truly amazing!!!! It has improved my quality of life so much that It’s hard for me to believe I’m not dreaming, but I’m NOT. Thank you Blue Sky Buds.

  57. Daniel Murphy

    I recently tried the BSB topical and the results have been truly amazing!!!! It has improved my quality of life so much that It’s hard for me to believe I’m not dreaming, but I’m NOT. Thank you Blue Sky Buds.

  58. axelocin

    The jar is a very sturdy plastic but still enough squish as to wear you can squeeze the oil out. Perfect for soapmaking! I used a very tiny amount on my bikini area after running out of shea butter to moiusturize with and guess what? NO razor irritation, ingrown hairs, or razor bumps!!! This is my new favorite aftershave for sensitive areas. It does leave a bit of a greenish tint on my pale skin before it sinks in though.

  59. Blue Sky Buds customer

    lovely thicker oil absorbs well. Even great as hand lotion.

  60. Blue Sky Buds customer

    Good price,seems to work ok

  61. Smiley

    Love this oil for pain in my knee.

  62. Daniel Murphy

    I recently tried the BSB topical and the results have been truly amazing!!!! It has improved my quality of life so much that It’s hard for me to believe I’m not dreaming, but I’m NOT. Thank you Blue Sky Buds.

  63. Brian

    Good stuff

  64. Keisha Allen


  65. Nadine

    Great product. I read some reviews about people using it and started to do the same. Have seen great progress in just a short time. It goes on a bit easier when combining it with coconut oil. (unrefined extra virgin)

  66. David M. Wagner

    Thank you

  67. wendy dewitt

    The oil has a nice nutty flavor and keeps well in the refrigerator. The shipping was quick and the price was good.

  68. tibbiegirl

    I will continue to use Blue Sky Buds botanical products loyally. Their customer service is exceptional. Their products are of exceptional quality and reasonably priced. Due to the dedication of their staff, I have been given back something I thought was lost to me: HOPE. I cannot thank Blue Sky Buds enough for their dedication to sharing a product that improves the quality of life for others.

  69. rudy

    This stuff is very good and healthy.

  70. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Great product!!!

  71. Butcher Boy

    This is really good if you have a dog with sensitive skin and itchy. Does wonders.

  72. mike brodle

    I love this as well as moringa oil.

  73. Ayasha

    Great 1000% loved it. Works on my hair and is great for the skin too.

  74. patricia best

    Love this oil will buy again

  75. guy r moore

    Tsste not great..great

  76. Sheryl

    I’ve been using this Blue sky buds stem cell butter to make cold process soap. It works beautifully. Very happy and have plans to continue to order it as long as it is offered.

  77. grigoriy

    very good

  78. Herbert Jolin

    On time and as advertised. Thought it would mention Hemp extract oil but does not refer to Hemp extract oil anywhere. Jar does list all Omegas and grams per pinch. Nice package but be careful with the squeeze nozzle.

  79. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    very pleased; but remove the clear plastic center piece or it rubs every where

  80. Red Hill 1

    It works!

  81. Arrin Jones

    This is a miracle from mother nature.

  82. Shanyone

    This brand smells great and improved overall pain in joints and muscles a bit!

  83. Melanie

    I like it. At first it tasted very green but the flavor has grown on me. I take it by itself to improve my lipid profile. Trying to get more Omega 3 & 6.I haven’t tried it in salads or anything but I’ll add to review when I do.

  84. anna marie

    Another great oil! I love that it is so versatile.

  85. zafarnabiev

    just great
    helps a lot

  86. amir

    Like it

  87. Krutugle

    This is the best product

  88. Brian L

    One of the best hemp oils I have found. Price is decent. Product is clean. I have used this brand several times and always return to it after exploring others on the market.

  89. Sara Kemp

    Blue Sky Buds hemp oil is changing my life. I am deeply appreciative for the Blue Sky Buds products and the staff that has made the products available. Thank you.

  90. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    awsome for the face, doesn’t break it out. But only use it at night since the color slightly tints your face green. You face feels great the next morning. Try is on dry legs, arms, heals. dry patches, hair, makeup remover, very versitale. haven’t tried using it as a suppliment but supposed to hv lots of good stuff.

  91. Paula McHenry

    Keeps my skin soft.

  92. Daniel Evans

    I have been giving this to my dog a few times a week. He really likes it!

  93. Pamela Glosser

    I Love the feel, smell & many uses, of this blue sky buds stem cell butter! It is food grade, so I can give the cats some on their food, occasionally, to calm anxiety/nervous preening. Plus, the price point/volume received, is pretty unbeatable! I use it in my face serums, body oils & lip balms. Store in fridge to extend shelf life, once opened.

  94. Enrique

    Excellent product. Good for joint/muscle pains, blood sugar, and hypertension n

  95. harleylady429

    This is absolutely great quality blue sky buds stem cell butter. I use it in my tea at night to relieve arthitic pain , works wonders. Also use it for ANY kind of skin problems and healing. I also use it to replace Hemp extract oil for me and my dogs when i can’t afford to buy the Hemp extract oil… a wonderful option for pain, you can also rub it onto ay painful area back neck arthritis GIVE THIS A TRY>>YOU WILL BE BUYING MORE!![ASIN:B000GAO91K Stem Cell Butter Cold-Pressed Unrefined Blue sky buds stem cell butter, 24 Ounce]]

  96. P.Vas

    Calmed my dog down during thunderstorms (make sure to look up dosing)

  97. Angie Doporto

    So I decided to try this for my carpal tunnel. The pain in my hands was becoming severe. A friend of mine had some and he let me rub it into my hands. I did it for three days and I started to feel the pain becoming less and less. So I decided to purchase some myself. So I started dabbing 2 teadabs twice a day internally. It’s not the greatest tasting but I chase it with grape juice or cranberry juice which helps with the smell of it. I am amazed how its helping me. I can open a jar now! I haven’t been able to open a jar in a very, very long time. My hands still tingle a little bit, but the pain is not there anymore. I have had carpal tunnel for too many years now and thought I would never find anything to help me deal with the pain except for pain killers, but even then it was not helping as much anymore, but this stuff is.

  98. zafarnabiev

    just great
    helps a lot

  99. bojangleshiker

    quick service fair price great smell

  100. tpalmer1

    This is helping a lot! I will use this at night and the Signature one during the day. Still haven’t tried the Classic one yet. That is next! My advice is try them all and see what helps you the best!

  101. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Really great quality oil. I take it before bed sometimes and it helps me to go to sleep. It is really good for my hair as well. I have naturally kinky hair and I use it to precondition my hair before a good wash. It leaves my hair feeling really moisturized and soft.

  102. James

    I have been using Hemp extract for over a month now. This is a truly amazing product. The customer service is outstanding and they are always helpful, and professional. I like that i can also track my package which has always been on time. I just placed my next order and look forward to more in the future. Thank you Blue Sky Buds topicals.

  103. BAK

    I think this helps with my husband’s memory. At least it calms him down enough to slow down and possibly remember a bit more.

  104. Leslie

    When I use it gives me a sense of well being. I have not felt that well being in over 2 decades. I have used other products and none of them did that for me. Thanks Blue Sky Buds Topicals!

  105. Trussqueen

    LOVE IT!

  106. Kelly G

    Definitely has a smell the you have to get used to. I back it up with water or juice after applying. I have not noticed a difference yet, but I am excited to see if I will.

  107. AMB

    Took a dab full a day and after a few weeks of using it I could tell a difference in my skin and hair. Told my bf about it and now he uses it as well… He put it in a dropper and puts a little in his hair and new hair has grown(little sprouts, but definitely hair growth). He’s happy and so am I. Will definitely buy again!

  108. Debra Vann

    works well

  109. Shondalin Galloway

    I love the product it does exactly what i needed it to do. Sucks that it has to be refrigerated since i use it as a moisturizer but that’s ok!

  110. London Michaels

    I was dabbing this for high cholesterol. I can’t tell right now if it works for that, but it’s helped with several other things. I’m not spoiled, so I can care less if something smells bad if it’s going to help me. It comes from a plant so it’s smells like that plant naturally smells, what more can I expect? Let’s be reasonable adults here. Do we need a dab full of sugar or grape flavor to make the medicine go down?…come on.I even tried a different dosage 2 dab and it made me really sick. Does that mean hempextract oil doesn’t work. No. It means that dosage doesn’t work for me. So I stuck with the 1 TBS (15ml). It has worked for sleep, allergies, sinus congestion and my skin. All of this was really unexpected. I sleep pretty well most of the time anyway. I have fibromyalgia and I’m allergic and hypersensitive to everything so my body doesn’t even do the whole placebo effect thing…it rejects everything! So this really works! At least for my body. I also had two other unexpected benefits. I have been putting it on my skin for only a few days. I am 37 and I was carded for the first time in a long time when trying to buy a martini. I also joked with some associates who were with me about being born in 1990 and they believed me! The biggest benefit for me though is when dabbing it internally, it relieved my acid reflux and gastritis that was not relieved by anything else. I could actually sleep without waking up in the middle of the night. I can’t believe how many benefits I noticed. I don’t take it every night though. I’ve gained 2lbs. It could have been something else, but I don’t usually gain weight, so I’m watching it.

  111. T. Palmer

    This hemp oil is helping me in a tremendous way! I cannot believe how great this is!!

  112. liz.heyliger

    I have been taking BSB topical for nearly two months and I just love it! It works like no other herb or herb complex that I have tried. I love that you can adjust serving size depending on need. I also love that it is legal and you can fly with it! Thank you so much for creating such a great product!

  113. Juan C. Marquez

    Excellent Product, Just as advertised. Will definately buy again.

  114. Autumn L. Lucas

    The quality of the oil seems very nice, decent smell.Going to try to use it on my face to see if it keeps my skin clear.

  115. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Blue sky buds stem cell butter help syatic pain and calming for sleep

  116. Star Trekker

    good stuff !!! will buy more !!!

  117. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Smell is a bit harsh. Almost like flax extracts but stronger earthy smell. I Have to apply something right away if dabbing it dabfull. It really Helps relax at night.

  118. Loretta

    Really good. I use as a supplement and on skin and hair.

  119. vickylriley

    I take this in the morning and at night and it has worked better than I expected. I would highly recommend anyone give it a try. Thank you Blue Sky Buds Topicals.

  120. Jeremy Cai

    This product helped me feel good and doesn’t have a bad after taste like the other alternatives on the market. Great deal too!

  121. Pearl Strauss

    This item came 4 days early. I love it. I have a St. Bernard, who was hit in the head as a puppy by his former owner. He developed seizures that increased to daily. He was on high doses of different medications that did not help. I heard about blue sky buds stem cell butter controlling seizures, pain etc. I bought a jar and after one month his seizures slowly decreased. He has been on it for about 6 months and I have reduced his medication from 6 pills daily to 1. I intend to use it out and not give him any more phenobarbitol when I am done. He no longer has seizures. I also have a 6 lb. dog that was found in an pet shop that was closed for about a week. When I rescued her, she was 2 lbs, nothing but skin and bones. She lost most of her teeth and also started having seizures from her past malnutrition. I started her on small doses of blue sky buds stem cell butter and her seizures also stopped. I ordered a large jar, so I Don’t have to worry about having to order so often. I have never taken it myself. I can’t stand the smell, but I love this product. It works.

  122. Beth Helton

    Works great

  123. Joanne Schmidt

    Love this,I sleep better

  124. Amazon_User

    Great value. And, holistically speaking, very glad to find it’s a great product for us. Great product as a great price. The “top” is kinda drippy and we had to remove the “rub” insert. A regular, drip-less oil top would be great/better for us. The cap assumes you will be rubing it over skin I suppose. Anyway, that’s a packaging issue. The contents-product, –we like it, and at a good value price.

  125. tibbiegirl

    I will continue to use Blue Sky Buds botanical products loyally. Their customer service is exceptional. Their products are of exceptional quality and reasonably priced. Due to the dedication of their staff, I have been given back something I thought was lost to me: HOPE. I cannot thank Blue Sky Buds enough for their dedication to sharing a product that improves the quality of life for others.

  126. amk

    I think it helps with my pain.

  127. Jennifer Huskey

    Just makes a difference in the way I feel overall. I am sleeping better and not as easily stressed as I was before I began dabbing this daily.

  128. Angelina

    This is the first place I’ve been able to consistently buy from and get exactly what I wanted. I tried several brands via Amazon and never could get a company that was consistent on there.

  129. Tyler Dearden

    Thank you

  130. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    The biggest difference I have noticed are my joints are not as sore as they have been since I started dabbing this every morning. The smell took some getting used to but it does become tolerable.

  131. Theresa Jane Hicks

    I have only recently started using the oil, hopefully in time will see the benefits as I am making a lot of changes in my diet, cutting out meat and dairy.

  132. John Ruttan

    Maybe helped with the arthritus in my hands. Can’t be sure.

  133. T. Palmer

    This hemp oil is helping me in a tremendous way! I cannot believe how great this is!!

  134. zafarnabiev

    just great
    helps a lot

  135. Blue Tick

    Love it.

  136. Dr. Joe

    Good stuff!

  137. Leta Singleton

    Very nice product.

  138. tibbiegirl

    I will continue to use Blue Sky Buds botanical products loyally. Their customer service is exceptional. Their products are of exceptional quality and reasonably priced. Due to the dedication of their staff, I have been given back something I thought was lost to me: HOPE. I cannot thank Blue Sky Buds enough for their dedication to sharing a product that improves the quality of life for others.

  139. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    I I have neuropathy and have been dabbing Lyrica for two years I started dabbing this and stop the Lyrica 6 weeks ago and my hands feel 100% better

  140. Kelly K.

    I use this on my entire body after every shower. It won’t clog your pores like coconut oil will, and I find that this works so much better anyway (and can really fully absorb unlike coconut oil too.) The day after application, my skin is still baby soft. I use a teeny bit on my face a little while after applying any other kind of products (like medications or serums) since a little goes a long way. I’ve definitely noticed my skin being happier while it looks and feels better, and this naturally helps with issues like breakouts too. I have that classic sensitive Irish skin that can react negatively to just about anything, and it’s been nothing but positive effects with this. Its smoothing effects have also done double duty by acting as a good primer for my makeup too. I don’t see myself using anything else ever again after reaping the multiple benefits from this oil.

  141. Non De Plume 46

    Smells delicious

  142. Teresa Livengood

    Excellent product, fast shipping.

  143. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    This product is working great for me I have been able to cut down on my meds and my anxiety is gone my pain is less and my energy is better I recommend this product to all it works

  144. Monkeybeasts

    this blue sky buds stem cell butter isn’t best tasting but works for what I need it.

  145. Lola

    Best oil for hair!!

  146. Jessica

    I’m still in the early stages with this product (only been using it for about a month) and am excited to see how it will work over a longer period of time. This is the only thing that has noticeably helped.

  147. Katherine Slim Mcclearen

    I did a lot of research on Hemp extract oil. It was first brought to my attention several weeks ago from one of my mothers friends. My mom immediately called me and said I had to try Hemp extract oil oil. Thank you for sharing your products, you are truly making a difference and I thank you truly.

  148. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Has an interesting smell but still good.

  149. Michelle Garcia

    So far the best in Omega and fatty acids. i have a GS K9 i give her 1 pinch in her food everyday. The shedding was mind blowing so i did my research seems fish oil is not enough. This has diminished the shedding 98% i’ve been using the product for 4wks. Also noticed dander on her so i put some of the oil in a squeeze jar and start to dispense it on her skin from head to tail. Dander is gone her coat is shinny and she does not have scratching attacks anymore. My solution her relief!

  150. j hayes

    This product has really helped me.

  151. Sarah Butcher

    Great quality

  152. Shonda Cruz

    Take 3 tbs daily with water, 1 upon rising before anything else, it has helped all of my joints and muscles by at least 90%. I havent taken any meds for pain, joint problems for 7 months now. I feel so much better since finding this and wont go without it. It is part of my daily routine and where the pain meds never worked this has☺☺☺☺!

  153. charles

    grate stuff . makes the day better

  154. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Use this for my dogs. They love it and it really helps with the itching. Even helps my senior dog with his seizures.

  155. Eugene

    excellent product

  156. Ash Aziz

    Excellent product, reputable manufacturer, good for health maintenance, however not for curing illness…

  157. Christopher

    This works best!

  158. Shadee

    I’m enjoying this product. Definitely noticing a difference in my back pain (or lack thereof now, I should say). I also noticed that it seems to help boost my metabolism, which I wasn’t aware it could do originally, but is a great bonus! The texture is just like olive oil and flavor is a bit nutty, so it’s very nice. I know what I’m about to suggest isn’t the healthiest use for it, and using it as a skin balm is obviously better, but on your cheat days, try drizzling this oil on a piece of toast, then sprinkle some garlic powder and Parmesan cheese on top. It’s really, really good. It makes it smell like kind of a pesto oil. 🙂

  159. Penny Wilson

    I really like the product but the pump is terrible. If you shake the jar or accidentally knock it over it leaks everywhere.

  160. Bushcrafter

    I was very reluctant to buy this product because I thought it would be like marijuana and I do NOT LIKE MARIJUANA but I suffer from depression in a major way and I was at the end of my rope. The day that my blue sky buds stem cell butter arrived I took a dabful (it smells nasty lol) but within an hour I noticed an amazing difference in how I felt. My friends at work have commented that I seem happier and that I don’t seem to be so stand offish anymore I interact more with the people around me and I smile yes I smile all because of cold pressed blue sky buds stem cell butter THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH

  161. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Excellent quality! High Omega 3 and with a little Omega 6.

  162. Tim Metcalf

    I have just started with this companies products, I have found a significant improvement in my wellness. It has improved my daily activity level and allows me measurable improvement. I am going to continue to use this product and I am specifically sharing the information with my friends and with people who may benefit from the use of this product… I cannot say enough good about this product. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You !!!!!!!!

  163. Dan T.

    Use this in my homemade pet food. My dogs coats are amazing. Good product.

  164. A. Troutman

    Used for light frying, sauteeing, and baking. Flavor is nicely mild for blue sky buds stem cell butter. Would buy again.

  165. DGray

    Great product with good nutritional value

  166. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    I was amazed at the value for this product. Being vegan, it is always great to find a product that provides Omegas.

  167. Angelina

    This is the first place I’ve been able to consistently buy from and get exactly what I wanted. I tried several brands via Amazon and never could get a company that was consistent on there.

  168. Andrew Washington

    Great for my skin and scalp.

  169. Jeremy Cai

    This product helped me feel good and doesn’t have a bad after taste like the other alternatives on the market. Great deal too!

  170. Judy G.

    Quick shipping and very pleased , just as subscribed

  171. Molly VanderRoest

    I cannot possibly compliment this product enough!! First off I use it on my skin as a moisturizer. I have always avoided oils because of body acne. This doesn’t leave the greasy residue behind, and it makes my skin so soft. It even helps get rid of my body acne I have noticed! I see that you can cook with it as well, but i haven’t tried it for that purpose yet.

  172. STXBR

    Like it better than the Hemp extract oil used with a dropper. It’s has a strong nut smell, buttake it with honey.

  173. Melissa

    Purchased for my dogs and they love it.

  174. Lynette

    Great product for joint health and memory.

  175. Diane S.

    I just took my first dose, so I don’t know what symptom relief it may provide. Perfect to make a skin balm from. Smells like a mild olive oil.

  176. Delgado’s Computers

    great product work good heath product

  177. llomes69

    would definitely purchase again. my skin is clearing up, i feel more energetic and i sleep great. no more migraine headaches, sinus infections breakouts etc. this is a must have. I gave my mom a jar because she suffers with joint pain and water retention in her feet, since dabbing this her pain has subsided and the swelling on her feet is gone she is more mobile without the pain.

  178. j hayes

    This product has really helped me.

  179. ronnie sanders

    I like the fact that it is healthy and inexpensive. Came to me on time.

  180. Excited Blue Sky Buds Customer from FL

    Feels very good on my skin as a moisturizer!

  181. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Fast shipping and packed well. Great product to add to daily regimen internally and externally.

  182. WellRead

    Excellent! I use it for body products. It has a unique flavor if cooking with it.

  183. Raymoon

    Nice price for a large jar.

  184. Linda Young

    Helped with stress and anxiety, you should give it a try.

  185. Juje32

    I bought blue sky buds stem cell butter to make oil rollers and blends for pain and varicose veins. Worked like a charm and is a go to carrier oil for me now. I store it in the fridge as well, because I don’t want it to bad! Blue sky buds stem cell butter has a notoriously short shelf life. Refrigerate it, and it will last you a long time.

  186. minu sharma

    I feel this works fast on pain



  188. hschmaltz

    Wonderful product. Each batch is held to such rigorous standards and the quality control reports are the only reason I feel comfortable using this type of product. Truly thankful!

  189. Michael Day

    This product has changed my life,I am a normal person now.Bless up!!!Thank you BBB,hats off!!!

  190. Thomas # 1

    it was just what the seller said .

  191. Celetia Liang

    I use this on my face in the AM and it works fine that way. The jar kinda sucks to dispense out of so I decant it into a little dropper jar. I love how green it is. Makes waking up in the morning a little more fun.

  192. Kaitlyn

    Smells exactly how it’s supposed to. The smell is kinda funky like grass but if you’ve used this before you’ll be used to that. I use this topically and internally. If I apply it neat to my skin, it’s a little heavy for some parts of my body but it does absorb pretty well after a while. I used this after I got a chemical peel and it healed my skin much faster than other commercial products made for that. I added this to my normal moisturizer (eucerin) and that’s been really nice and moisturizing without being too heavy. I honestly haven’t been using it for long enough to notice much of a difference but I’ll post an update after a while.

  193. MeriMeri

    I am 81 years old next month. I have been in serious pain from Fibromyalgia since I was in my 50s. Also for the last 5 or 6 years, I have suffered from painful arthritis in my shoulders, back, neck and knees. I walk with a walker and have to sit down after doing any chores that take standing for more then 8 or 10 minutes. My care-giver told me about Blue sky buds stem cell butter for pain so I decided to try it. It took about 2 weeks before I began to realize that I wasn’t using my BioFreeze and my muscle pain lotion nearly as often. Before, I had needed it every night just to sooth my pain enough to sleep at night. Also, it has taken a month and half for me to feel much of my arthritis pain is gone now. I have been using it now for almost two months and I have almost no fibromyalgia pain and very little arthritis pain. I haven’t used my lotions and pain pills for weeks now in order to get to sleep. I am so excited, since doctors have not been able to help my Fibromyalgia at all in the past with all the pills and exercise they had me try. God bless my care-giver for turning me on to this stuff. I can only say it has been a total MIRACLE for me. I now move about with very little pain. I am stocking up on this product. By all means, those of you out there who suffer from Fibromyalgia give this product a try. Give it enough time and I am sure you will feel your pain go away.

  194. SUZIE_57!

    Smells nice and I said nutty but that’s my palette . I also used in some soaps I made for my skin lovely .

  195. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    I’ve been changing my dog’s nutrition (and my own lol) and it is nice to have access to things that I need. This is a very affordable product, and it is excellent quality.

  196. Paco

    I really like this blue sky buds stem cell butter good quality I use it in many ways would recommend this brand thank you

  197. twoplanker

    I’ve tried lots of lotions to help soothe my skin, but nothing works like blue sky buds stem cell butter. Its like magic.

  198. therese ohanian

    it came on time. I love the product. thank you

  199. Arrin Jones

    This is a miracle from mother nature.

  200. Freakyhijiiki

    I use this for my dogs, chickens, cats, etc as well as my family. It’s got a very earthy/nutty flavor. I’m glad they sell it in gallon size cause we go through a lot.

  201. seema sony

    I bought this oil for my daughter acne I hope so work

  202. Mikeyk

    Wife uses it in the shower and loves it…

  203. Kimberly S. Warchol

    Awesome in skin balm! Love the smell and consistency!

  204. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    It have a strong grassy smell. I use it as Moisturizer face wash. Would not want people to smell this on me, but after awhile the smell will go away. Not too bad. It’s moisturizes well. It have a green color, which I feel like can stain my face if I use a lot. Greener than extra virgin Olive oil. Hmm… Probably won’t buy again. Unless I can’t find any other oil that doesn’t cause me to break out.

  205. James

    I have been using Hemp extract oil complete for over a month now. This is a truly amazing product. The customer service is outstanding and they are always helpful, and professional. I like that i can also track my package which has always been on time. I just placed my next order and look forward to more in the future. Thank you Blue Sky Buds topicals.

  206. Amy Kate

    I used this to help heal scars after surgery. It worked great. It has a pleasant, earthy smell. It also works amazing as a massage oil!

  207. Andrus

    Excellent natural product. Poor shipping as it leaked

  208. bonnie brown

    I just started this. Im 75 and have arthritis which has really flared up. Hip pain, nerve pain. Hard to get up from sitting. I dont really remember how I found this but damn! It works! And right away. I was dabbing too much Aleve and Advil which causes other problems. Wow! Now I dont need them. Cannot believe this eases the pain.

  209. Smilealways

    I have arthritis and it does make a difference. I use it also on my face to prevent and soften wrinkles, and I’ve noticed softer skin and my wrinkles under my eyes seem to have softened. I use it as a moisturizer on my feet and my hands and my elbows and my knees and I love it it absorbs real quickly and unlike other conditioners that take forever to absorb this absorbs really quickly and I love it. I recommend this to anyone who has any of the issues that they say blue sky buds stem cell butter helps I also I forgot I also use it for my scalp and my hair and my hair is soft and my scalp is less itchy

  210. Public King

    Love this stuff, you just feel better after dabbing some, gives you a sense of just well being health. Buy some and see. It’s Good for You.

  211. judy k king

    Quick ship. love it

  212. Arrin Jones

    This is a miracle from mother nature.

  213. Elizabeth

    Ordered many times! I use this on my body instead of lotion

  214. Asttarte Deva

    I love this mostly for muscle pains! Its good as a skin balm too!

  215. Jessica

    I’m still in the early stages with this product (only been using it for about a month) and am excited to see how it will work over a longer period of time. This is the only thing that has noticeably helped.

  216. Darby

    I noticed it WORKED! Sometimes you can’t tell, but i could. It helped me rest as well. I know I’ve found my new helper. Just so glad to have something else to count on. Taste is good, as well.

  217. marcine jenis

    Great cooking oil….I love everything hemp

  218. Jessica

    I’m still in the early stages with this product (only been using it for about a month) and am excited to see how it will work over a longer period of time. This is the only thing that has noticeably helped.

  219. Alan D.

    Absolutely love this stuff! Wonderful on foods & especially green juices or salads. Buying in bulk is definitely the way to go since this stuff isn’t cheap. Oh and a note for all you stoners out there, this is straight up 100% cold-pressed organic hempextract oil and NOT ANYTHING YOU CAN GET HIGH OFF OF. This has ABSOLUTELY ZERO THC in it, so that’s right, no cannabinol = no D-9-THC, aka won’t get you high… So, STOP BUYING THIS! That way it won’t keep going out of stock.

  220. Thank You

    Its great thanks



  222. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    On my second jar. I take at night for a restful sleep.

  223. Brittany Dill

    I bought this for my husband because blue sky buds stem cell butter seems to have a lot of benefits and he takes a dabful a day and his digestive issues are starting to clear up. He also uses it in his hair and on his skin. Great price.

  224. Jeffrey M.

    Good for digestion, skin and hair. Nothing though for pain relief.

  225. Amanda Lugar

    This smells really good, has a mild nutty flavor. I add this to my smoothies for an extra nutrient boost.

  226. Nancy K.


  227. Stewart Heinzmann

    My old lab is a new dog on this stuff very happy her and I

  228. ColeTan

    Helps make mobility a possibility

  229. tami capitano

    I don’t know if this is doing anything for me but my dog loves it! I spray some on his food, if I don’t he just looks at me like?? I do use it on my face every night and hands. I this k it lightened my old lady spots which I get burned off at the doctors. This time I could only find a few for him to remove.

  230. Jersey

    I literally just started dabbing this a few days ago and I am more regular than I have ever been! THIS I know but I went from “going” twice a week to now twice a day. I feel so much better and my belly has gone down.. No more bloating. Yes the smell is well awful but heck I have downed shots nastier than this back in college lol.

  231. Panchoeds

    A lot of my joints pain is gone… But, I can’t say for sure is due to it since I am doing other thinks as well.

  232. Brenda

    I used it for scalp psoriasis and it works great.

  233. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    I bought this for my friend going through chemo. It help with the skin problems. I like it because it is absorbed quickly and not oily on skin afterwards.

  234. Kim Perez

    This product is very good for you. I have very bad allergies and sinus issues and this product has helped somewhat. My face look’s very healthy. The smell like a old army tent that someone boiled the cloth and turned it into oil. Yikes!! I mix it with apple cider vinager and it does help.

  235. MissK

    Love this blue sky buds stem cell butter. I combine it with pure coconut oil for use all over my body (head to toe). Works wonders. Leaves my skin smooth, nourished and clear.

  236. A. King

    This product is wonderful. It helped with many “pain” elements for family members. I definitely would buy again!

  237. Crumor

    Fantastic product

  238. Dr. Yafi

    I give it to my dogs daily and we occasionally put it in a skin. It’s good quality and I love the fact it’s certified organic.

  239. Blue Sky Buds Customer


  240. Pam

    Order this one form Daughter. She believes in it too!

  241. dacrmn

    Love this stuff works just as good as the Hemp extract oil I have been buying. But its a shame that Blue Sky Buds won’t let me buy any more untess I sign up for their prime acct which is BS/

  242. Seagwang Lee

    Very Good..

  243. Blue Sky Buds Customer


  244. cpsusa

    It’s very nutritious oil .There is lot of information available on this product and it’s health beneits.

  245. Robert T.

    as advertised

  246. suzie clary

    I just don’t know what to do with it all.

  247. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Make a tasty skin balm , good for skin care , great smell

  248. Jacquelyn

    Yes yes yes all day! This made the ends of my hair stronger over night. I am excited to cook with this and get some amazing health benefits. I don’t eat much fish at all, so the omega content in here I feel like you can’t really get this anywhere else. Blue sky buds stem cell butter yay!

  249. Vincent Cobb

    Good stuff. No drip jar.

  250. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    love the product

  251. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    I received the Blue sky buds stem cell butter yesterday. It’s too soon to know how well it will work for my chronic pain, but the smell is tolerable… the smell is very earthy. but also tolerable. It feels great on the skin.I look forward to giving favorable updates soon.

  252. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    the only reason this doesn’t get a 5 star review is because it is so hard to squeeze anything out of the jar and when you do, a ton comes out. there is no way to just get a little.

  253. William Stockdale

    Great price and fast delivery

  254. Gradaigh

    Works great, almost no pain in hope after dabbing it for about a week. Hope to be pain free soon.

  255. Jennifer lynne vargas

    This makes my skin so soft and healthy. The smell is not great but love this stuff!!

  256. Jillian

    I apply a Pinch each morning for internal benefits. My skin has cleared up tremendously after using this for my face wash and moisturizer.

  257. Kevin G. Brown

    Great product

  258. Ginger Rendon

    Don’t like the smell but use it daily and it really helped me get over a bad cold recently when nothing else was working

  259. Kermit Harson

    I like the spout where it give out the correct amount everytime.

  260. JK8

    I heard that Hemp extract oil was good to help ease pain and was good for your health. I bought a sample of it, and then found it was for sale on Blue Sky Buds at an inexpensive price, so I bought it. It is having an effect. Previously, I needed to take pills for my chronic pain as soon as I woke. Now that I’m becoming used to the Hemp extract oil, I seem to be sleeping more deeply and better after I take the drops at bedtime, and also I don’t need to be in such a hurry to take the pain pills. The only problem is that I want to sleep 10 hours at night and also take a nap each afternoon. But it feels good to sleep without the pain waking me up.

  261. Harold Haltiwangers

    I am a new user of Blue sky buds stem cell butter. This is better than the sample I ordered online. Since using this, my appetite is under control and I have lost 20 lbs. Best of all, I sleep much better, soundly and not up as much.

  262. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    This product is great it is what an old man needs for his aching joints!! very satisfied!!

  263. Asia

    I read where omega-3 can help children with ADHD. My 2 year old is on the “Autism spectrum” says the therapist, but I’m seeing more ADHD than anything. In one day, he has changed completely. No uncontrollable temper tantrums,no hitting, no inattentivness, no screaming, and no echolalia. I usually have to yell, scream, and repeat myself over and over to get him to do anything. Today he’s been using complete sentences and telling me what he wants. I’m shocked it worked. I’m pretty sure it’s the omega-3. I’m telling you my son is the toddler from hell who almost got kicked out of daycare. I’ve seen a huge improvement.The only thing I negative noticed is that there are 2 expiration dates on the jar. Ond from July 2017 and one for July 2018. Luckily, ours is not bad or rancid. I guess it’s airtight enough to not go bad yet.

  264. Rushenn

    Great for our skin balm. I’m not a fan of olive oil due to it’s strong flavor (to me). This blue sky buds stem cell butter has no flavor and no scent. Allows us to make our skin balm exactly to our smell. Very light, not overly oily and takes on the flavor of anything you mix with it. We use it for marinades, scrambling eggs, baking, etc.

  265. Jake Hunter

    Helps with my blood sugar and backpain. I put it in my food, but word to the wise dont apply it on its own it smell bad when you eat it by itself.

  266. Oliver O.

    Bought as gift

  267. Rhonda Page

    cannot take orally, the flavor gags me, but I do use it on my skin and hair with amazing results

  268. Rita Deviny

    My hands are feeling so much better the joint pain is getting better with each week . When my husband holds my hand I it doesn’t hurt 😘

  269. Larry K. Campbell

    seems to work and ease pain.

  270. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Great product! I use it on my skin especially on sensitive areas! Keeps skin moist and soothes irritation!

  271. nongmoLisa

    love this!

  272. Angel O.

    There are many uses for this. I used it for my hair and my hair was happier than ever. This is a great brand and will definitely buy more when I ever run out. Good amount for the price, thanks.

  273. Donna Jean Rutledge

    Blue sky buds stem cell butter seems to be more nutritional than other types of oil. This oil does not give an aftertaste or upset my tummy. It is not over processed! It works well and has really helped my skin! It is a good, absorbable oil that doesn’t seem to become rancid easily as other oils do. Good source of Vitamin E to fight inflammation.

  274. Bossy B

    Great product!

  275. SAMI

    I have been giving this to my 10 year old arthritic dog and it has seemed to help her. She definitely became more active and less stiff about a week into using it. I would recommend it.

  276. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    The oil is not bad. However, i don’t believe is very high quality compared to the other brand I’ve purchased. Also, I’m not sure if the nutrients are still potent by the time I receive as it does not stay in a fridge thought the shipment and that might actually kill its nutrients. This oil is very sensitive to heat.

  277. amazoncustomer

    Doesn’t smell good at all, but if you mix it in a skin it smells like regular oil. If you take it straight up its not that great. I actually felt a bit calmer going to bed after I took one dabful .

  278. Cherries

    Works wonders! A beauty staple in the land of serums!

  279. Elizabeth H.

    Good for helping nerves damaged by peripheral neuropathy! It takes a long time, and with other things can help relieve pain from neuropathy and can eventually heal nerves. It’s part of a protocol I found on facebook.

  280. KC.

    It smells better than fish oil. I think it helps my arthritis.

  281. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Looking forward to seeing results Excited too use the product

  282. Steve Carl

    Bought this for my wife who has restless leg syndrome. Started working the first night she took it. She forgot to take it few times and she didn’t sleep well because of her legs jumping. She now takes it every night. Really works. Thank You

  283. Frances Ziemann

    Good oil. I’ve reordered this already.

  284. clay biggerstaff

    Helps the joints in my hand

  285. Tina

    This product has changed my life! Joint pain and overall pain is gone! MyHair and nails grow like crazy. I was a spectic but now I know! I order it every month. Amazing!

  286. Vicki A Powe

    i love this it help my cholesterol level when it was slightly elevated but now after dabbing this for the past 3 mos. my level is in normal range

  287. mswendykat

    I looked at so many Hemp oils before I chose this one. I read many reviews as well and I finally decided on this one. I’m actually new to Blue sky buds stem cell butter but I know it is very healthy and I take it every night. The first time I tried it the flavor was a little weird, but now I actually enjoy it. I’ve also included it in my salads as well as dabbing it straight. Some people say the smell is bad but it’s not it’s just different. The health benefits have been proven and that’s why I’m dabbing it. I would much rather have this then cod liver oil straight. Both are good but this one is the winner.

  288. Alex

    I suffer from eczema and with the weather getting colder this stuff works amazing to keep moisture in and make my skin SO SOFT! I use avocado oil and olive oil as well but neither compare to how great this oil keeps my skin moisturized and reduces my need to itch.

  289. BWhitcomb

    Really happy with this so far. Seems to have helped with joint and muscle pain, as well as providing some additional energy. Not sure if it’s connected, but sleep has been better.

  290. Pete_king reader

    Excellent for my dogs and horses and myself for having all the omega 3’s, 6’s & 9’s in the diet. I am a repeat happy customer.

  291. Crystal J.

    Absolutely love it! I rub some in my daily breakfast smoothie to help with the pain and inflammation of my fibromyalgia. Huge size,

  292. Doe Z

    Fantastic oil. Lots are junk but Blue Sky Buds is high quality and consistent.

  293. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Good flavor

  294. DeeCee

    I use this on my scalp and hair. I heat this up and add a little tea tree oil and then apply it to my scalp and hair as a hot oil mask. It really moisturizes my dry scalp and makes my hair super shiny. I’ve also used it on my face before as a moisturizing mask, minus the tea tree oil (although I’m sure that wouldn’t hurt).

  295. Richard Flynn

    I am in pain almost constantly, except when I take this blue sky buds stem cell butter, used to be on predisone and it had so many side affects I decided I would rather be in pain than suffer the side affects. then I tried this blue sky buds stem cell butter now I still have some pain but no side affects and the pain isn’t to bad

  296. cissie

    Worked wonders for slight psoriasis. Pulled muscle, 2 weeks, feeling much better. It works! I highly recommend this oil.

  297. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Very good for your health inside and outside your body

  298. William Clune

    It “seems” to be very high quality stuff. It works for what i wanted it for your results will sure very.

  299. ER

    Found use beyond kitchen. Main ingredient used for moisturizing skin and hair. Quick absorbing and pairs well with essential oils.

  300. Clifton Morris

    Great quality product would highly recommend

  301. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    I actually used this for my dog. Put it in his dinner. He had a really bad eye problem and it kept it at bay. He was an older dog, i think it helped with his joints and pain a little bit. He was moving more while eating it.I tried it. Its an interesting smell and test, but not disgusting. Just Be aware it is very green.


    wow, cannot believe how much this blue sky buds stem cell butter is helping to restore my ability to move my body

  303. valentineslover

    Good price. Good packaging. Works well for a little extra moisture at night for my sensitive ance skin. I add either geranium oil or lavender oil to it (only one or it will stink), both of which have great properties for acne skin. The jar is dark and well constructed unlike some others on Blue Sky Buds. Make sure you refrigerate upon opening. Also, if you’re using it for your face or smaller areas, but some glass dropper bottles on Blue Sky Buds to use in small quantities so you aren’t exposing the entire contents of the jar every time you use it. It will also last longer this way.

  304. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    What can I say, it’s not a miracle drug, but it is super good for you and you would be doing yourself a favor if you had a dab every now and then. The smell is absolutely horrible but I have gotten used it and down it with a dab almost every night. I would never mix this with anything though as I feel it would ruin the smell of whatever it’s being mixed with.

  305. Cinstress

    This stuff has changed the skin care game for me. I wish someone had told me about it sooner! I’ve struggled with acne since my teenage years. I thought I would “grow out of it” but here I am at 37 and still struggling. Until I found blue sky buds stem cell butter.I’ve been using blue sky buds stem cell butter and the “oil cleansing method” on my face for over a year now. I don’t struggle with breakouts anymore (maybe one or two around my period) but my face is bright and clear. My skin looks amazing- the best it has ever looked in my life. I started out using blue sky buds stem cell butter twice a day and now I only use it to remove my makeup. I mix the blue sky buds stem cell butter with essential oils that are beneficial for my type of skin. I have combination oily/dry skin that’s starting to show age, large pores, and uneven tone. Blue sky buds stem cell butter won’t clog your pores so even though it may feel weird rubbing oil on your face, using oil to combat oil is your best weapon. Forget proactive and all the expensive cures (believe me, I’ve tried them all). Try blue sky buds stem cell butter and the oil cleansing method for one month and you’ll be hooked too. Blue Sky Buds is my favorite because it’s bottled correctly (in a dark jar), it’s affordable, and I trust the brand.

  306. F. M. Sanger

    Constipation is cured

  307. L. Penner

    Refreshing light and uplifting. I just rub it in my rubbing. Smells great!

  308. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Hemp Oil i use it like a dab every other day ! I do notice my energy level is up for most of the day !!! I will get some soon again !!!

  309. Joseph

    Very good

  310. Fred L koehn

    I’ve been using the product for several months for my lupus because I refuse to take all the prescriptions because of the side effects, I have found the blue sky buds stem cell butter has straightened out my problems with my guts and the Hemp extract oil has stopped my inflammation in my joints, I’ve recommended the products to everyone I know , you have my vote

  311. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    I used it to make soap. The soap turned out to be a beautiful green and makes my skin so soft.

  312. g hill

    It;s a good product!

  313. jlcline

    It’s like magic in a jar. It helps me sleep as well as clearing up my face. I love it.

  314. Eileen


  315. Beverly Lynnt

    I use this oil so much I order it frequently. Smells great. Very versatile in its use in baking and cooking. Can be used topically or to dilute EO’s. Next time, however, I’ll order a larger jar.

  316. Bahamasdivers


  317. SFC Terance La Croix

    Blue sky buds stem cell butter is the upcoming organic supplement of today. It is very pure and high quality.

  318. Wa H

    good for skin and teeth

  319. Carol Jordan

    I love using this product with my essential oils. My neck pain has improved immensely!

  320. 9MM

    Gave to my two golden retrievers and help them improve their mobility

  321. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    I think it’s great. Have used this for quite some time.

  322. Beth Metro

    I love this product. I pour it on my horse’s grain nightly. She has a sensitive stomach and a wealth of osteoarthritis issues, this blue sky buds stem cell butter seems to help with both. My dogs love it too. Yes, my pets are spoiled.

  323. Jude

    Wonderful! My dogs love it over their meals. Very, very healthy with the correct Omega-3/Omega-6 ratio for dogs. And it’s organic!

  324. DonAnna

    This oil is great. I started dabbing 1 dab a day. I just apply it real quick and move on. No the smell isn’t great but your review shouldn’t be about the smell, it should be about the benefits you notice dabbing this product. 5 stars!

  325. Edward V. Marston

    Great product, great price for far less than comperable blue sky buds stem cell butter

  326. Wayne Dollar

    Works exclent – no issues

  327. Andrew Sousa

    I really like the product, within just a couple of days I saw an improvement in my skin, I also felt more relaxed and i believe it helped with my leg/ foot pain (waitress problems) however I am really disappointed that it came with a broken cap. The cap won’t even screw on :(If you see this Blue Sky Buds please send me a new cap

  328. gmcajun

    Has helped on some skin items but not on eczema.

  329. C HELMS

    Im using this on dry arms and flabby skin on neck n upper arms. My skun is getting softer n more hydrated. Little less crepe. Mixed with a little coconut oil for dry feet. Smells like the water u clean out of a water pipe. A couple drops in skin balm too. We will see if i feel a difference

  330. Lee Alan Wright

    I was at my wit’s end with panic and anxiety attacks. I started trying Blue Sky Buds Blue sky buds stem cell butter, and within a day or so the attacks subsided. I use the oil every day, and feel so much better!

  331. lsween

    I put a little of this blue sky buds stem cell butter in my smoothies. I don’t care for the smell so much, and you can’t really smell it in a smoothie. It isn’t horrible, but not the best smell.

  332. Debra D Asberry

    This is the best oil for arthritis in my arm I couldn’t even lift my arm or raise it straight out I used this for a month and the pain was gone and i am able to lift my arm above my head with less pain..i am on jar two I use once a day.

  333. AussiegirlIngrid

    I put this on my salads and pasta noodles. I put a rub on my dogs food as well. Her coat is so darn shiny! My hair is getting better texture. Not so dry.

  334. judy m pham

    I love it It’s healthy for you .

  335. Linda McGrath

    I was skeptical after trying many supplements and remedies for pain from Ankylosing Spondylitis but after reading the reviews I decided to give it a try. I’m so glad I did , the pain has been about 20% less and I feel more flexible. I just ordered another jar.

  336. Ronald A Vonk

    This does give some temporary relief of pain

  337. Tracy Smart

    Has a slight grassy flavor, but not wholly unpleasant. I used it for cooking and even would put a little rub into my coffee. Was good for skin balms. Unclear if there were any health benefits.

  338. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    I have no idea why people say that this oil smell bad, not true. I really like how it works so fast, I put it on my skin and scalp and next morning my skin looks and feels very good. Also it helped to relax my muscles and my stress, Totally recommend this product.

  339. Kayleigh

    I began using this oil as a natural facial moisturizer over a year ago and absolutely love it. It has done wonders in clearing my skin! It’s the perfect balance of all the right nutrients. You do have to be careful because it WILL stain things (so be careful not to put too much on or pillows + sheets + anything touched when not absorbed will turn yellow) but either than that it worked wonderfully.

  340. Kimberly Taylor

    I didn’t know what I was missing until I bought this blue sky buds stem cell butter. I’ve been adding some to my smoothies as well as using it on my skin. I feel better and my skin is smoother. I recommend this product whole heartedly.

  341. Smile With Sandra

    Healty, different smell but it grew on me.

  342. Cheryl Cerase

    helped bring my cholesterol down… strong smell though

  343. amanda knabel

    I have recently started dabbing blue sky buds stem cell butter for its amazing benefits and this is a great deal for an amazing product!

  344. Vonda

    Purchased this mainly for help with eczema on my face – in just a few days of using the oil topically I noticed a HUGE difference .. no more redness, patchy or itchy skin! I started dabbing 1 pinch daily and am noticing even better results with my skin! THANK YOU FOR THIS WONDERFUL PRODUCT!!! ♥

  345. L. Gosselin

    I Love the energy the blue sky buds stem cell butter gives me. I feel like it helped somewhat with my knee pain too.My husband thinks it smells awful, but it really is a very doable smell. I would never not buy this because of the negative smell reviews.

  346. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Will buy this again. I’ve started using this for my whole body after a shower rather than lotion. It is absorbed fast and keeps my skin moisturized. It does have a smell, but I’ve come to like it.

  347. June

    Blue sky buds stem cell butter is good and great for what I wanted. Good job

  348. Stan Gale

    I’ve been using this oil as an eyebrow and eyelash growth serum and its working so far. It’s only been a week but I already notice a lot of new growth. It’s also AMAZING for my hair ends, they usually get so dry overnight but I’ve been putting a bit of this on before bed and its great.

  349. Regina Farris

    I love this stuff. And to those whiny people who say it smells bad, boo hoo. You can chase it with anything and it gets rid of the smell, but it doesn’t bother me at all. Be careful if you try to rub it into a dab. It’ll go everywhere. But, anymore when I get home from work everyday, I just tilt it back and rub some right into my rubbing, down the hatch. I feel better, and have had less aches and pains. Arthritis in my right hand is almost completely gone (I’m 48). Highly recommend!

  350. Bill Books

    I have been using this now for a few weeks not sure yet about its help have been feeling better but need more time

  351. Teresa J Timothy

    The Blue sky buds stem cell butter is Great for your skin. Relieves sunburn pain and helps you not peel. My skin always felt like a crocodile’s skin, not now. I rub it all over my arms, legs, upper chest and back, after my morning workouts in the pool. I apply some every few days and it seems to help my skin stay moist too. Can’t say for sure if it helps my aches and pains cause my pool workouts have really taken my pain away. I recommend the pool to everyone with aches and pains especially if other exercise hurts to do. I was doing yoga, but I like the pool much better. There’s no pain while you are in the water. I can’t stress the difference it makes. It’s never too late! Go workout in the pool,if you feel achy!!!! You can do your own thing but just keep moving. I use weighs I purchased on Blue Sky Buds, they’re the blue set that come with a belt. I’ve been able to stop my pain pills. I walk better cause I have strengthen my core! Friends comment on my improved walking and movement. Back to the Blue sky buds stem cell butter!!! When you put the blue sky buds stem cell butter all over you have to sit awhile while it drys before you get dress. I put on a robe or short sun dress, but it does stain these clothes. They still smell of rancid oil even after I washed them. So I’ve just used the same 2 cover ups all the time.

  352. John Campanelli

    also blended with my other oils for my massage clients

  353. Cory

    I have Sjogren’s Syndrome, and I have tried a great many different types of supplements (fish oil, flax oil, alpha lipoic acid, NAC, and on and on). Of them all, this blue sky buds stem cell butter is the only one in which I could totally feel a dramatic change. I wake up every morning and can feel moisture build up in my eyes. My eye doctors used to test me and pronounce that I had moderate dry eye, but now new doctors doubt I even have the condition until they see my past biopsies. Im not sure what in this product is so effective for me, but I am so glad I decided to try it!

  354. Houston Legg

    Seems to help with joint pain. Makes hair and nails grow fast! Originally, got an expired jar. I called the distributor and was immediately sent a fresh jar.

  355. Shannon

    I feel a big difference in the way I feel over the last 2 weeks. Will buy again. Worth the money for your health

  356. Frances

    I absolutely love this oil as a daily skin regiment. I have yet to use it in any other way. If your reading reviews looking to use this as a moisturizer I would 100% recommend! Don’t use to much though it does have a soft but slightly oily feeling.

  357. MarrCarr

    Great product! Helps me to sleep better at night. Reduces stress that was causing me to get frequent migraine headaches. This stuff is awesome. Lots of scientific studies done that states that Blue sky buds stem cell butter cures many different types of cancer. Prevents dementia and alzheimer’s.

  358. Mema

    Love this blue sky buds stem cell butter. Great price on Blue Sky Buds unless you happen to it on sale at a local store.

  359. SPIKE

    Excellent product would buy again

  360. Janukor

    great product! thank you! will be shopping with you again soon! God bless,

  361. Glyph

    I wish I could give this product ten stars. My skin has been extremely picky because I have contact dermatitis and melasma and now my skin is healing at an amazing rate. I don’t use water on my face and I will get the occasional zit if I dont wash my face but I just use this to cleanse and moisturize no rinsing and my skin feels soft and silky. I love love love this. I feel like my skin is more elastic too. I will be using this for life. Hands down best beauty product I’ve ever owned. Skin tone looks like I put on make up because it’s rapidly evening out my skin tone. I can’t wait to see what this does long term. This is perfect for most people with problem skin. Just amazing. I could go on. I can’t stop touching my face never felt so soft.

  362. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Would be perfect with glass jar. It rubs out a lot and fast so it’s hard to control especially if using it for skin.

  363. Sarahsuemarie

    What a yummy oil alternative for cooking. I bought this as a possible pain remedy for my lupus and while I’ve been dabbing it regularly, I’ve not noticed a difference yet as far as that is concerned. Pain management aside, I love the oil for its other uses. I like the nice nutty flavor and have used it for salads and for general cooking in place of olive oil. Yum

  364. Annie

    Good to use as a once a week hair conditioner for very dry hair. Will buy again!

  365. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    This was my first time trying out hemp extract oil and I am thoroughly satisfied. I use it as a body oil after showers and it leaves my skin very soft and it’s not too heavy. The jar is huge but a little goes a long way. I will say that the oil is green in color and will get on your clothes if you’re not careful. I will be buying again!

  366. Susan A

    The nutty smell is strong for me so I can only use a few drops at a time. Not able to use in skin balm like I wanted.

  367. Zom

    I use for muscle, nerve pain and for facial,neck and body care oil. Has odor so I added lavender oil.

  368. claudiaeblue

    Thank you Blue Sky Buds Topicals for helping my husband. He is now working out and becoming a better person. I just ordered some more Complete Formula. Thank you Blue Sky Buds Topicals you guys are doing a great thing.

  369. MJ Miller

    Only gave a 4 due to smell. Puts me in mind of a cow eating grass. Yes I was expecting it to smell strong however more than I would have liked. Nice mixed in a vinaigrette though.

  370. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Excellent product will buy again

  371. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    I wanted to start exercising and get in shape but because of long hours sitting in the office, I developed a severe back pain, which didn’t go away. I was becoming lazy and less motivated, but then one day i ordered this product to give it a try. It worked like magic, I was dabbing 2 pinch before going to bed every night( the smell is not that great). This elevated my mood and decreased my back pain, i was more active and motivated and was able to exercise. So, i started reading the other benefits it had to offer and found if i mix it in my shampoo it will strengthen and nourish my hair. So, I tried it and it really worked. I am really glad to buy this product at a very reasonable price.

  372. Tessa

    Great product. I use blue sky buds stem cell butter externally for my scalp psoriasis and body eczema. This is the only brand I have used and it works great after a few treatments.

  373. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Good quality. I add to my juice and smoothies as well and I don’t smell it (which to me is a good thing)

  374. Flexemus

    Good oil

  375. byron

    definitely like this product and last for a while, need to reorder.

  376. Allie

    My dog had a seizure at 13 years of age and I’m using this to help him with brain and neuro function. He’s gone 8 days without having another and I’m pretty hopeful he won’t have another one. I’ve read great things about this product and after giving him a few doses he already seems more perky.

  377. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    I was a little skeptical at first about ordering this because of the smell everybody is reporting on their reviews. I have had severe pain in my neck knees elbow and hands and nothing ever helped. I took one dose of this as soon as I got it and the pain was gone and I felt really relaxed. And the reviews are right the smell is very nutty. The second time I took it I mixed it with some pure organic honey. The smell was so much better. I will continue to take this for my pain and anxiety.

  378. Steve

    I cant get along without this. It has helped lower or remove lower back pains and even a nasty migraine!! I cant give tis or the supplier high enuf praise!!

  379. NativeNewYorka

    The product has amazing health and beauty benefits. However, I must say the smell is absolutely vile.

  380. Dan-O

    I suffer from chronic back pain and have tried it all. Opioids, electronic stimulators, interthecal pain pumps, Fentanol, everything. Dabbing this oil does give me some relief from my everyday aches and pains that I suffer from. I would suggest it to someone that is in the same predicament. The only reason I gave it four stars is because it smells absolutely TERRIBLE!! I tilt my head back and shoot it directly down my throats as to try and miss my smell buds and I still feel like vomiting for the first few minutes after I injest it. I’m going to try dabbing it to the pharmacy to see if they can mask the smell for me. Other than that one complaint, I really do love the product. I wish they made it in capsules!

  381. Me in IL.

    Over all this is a great oil. I’ve used it on my face and body with no issue. I mix it with a dry oil so it cuts down on the oiliness left on the skin. The more I venture in to the oil relm, the more I’m willing to try other oils.

  382. Wendy L. Stamatovich Hanberg

    I use this on my face at night. OMG my face feels and looks amazing. Leaves it soft and totally moisturized and glowing. The smell is a little yucky but goes away very quickly. The oil absorbs into you skin quickly too. I am in the sun a lot and this stuff keeps my face hydrated. Never thought I would want to put any oil on my face, but this stuff is fantastic!!

  383. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    smell blah. expected by blah. but I am after benefit not smell!

  384. Susan M. Ross

    Great company to work with. I bought too much and they were very generous and superfast and issuing a refund. Thank you. Recommend.

  385. JudyS

    I’ve been using this product for about a week now as a morning/day moisturizer. This is the ONLY product that has lightened the melasma on my cheek and above my top lip. I was really pleased to see those patches starting to fade. My skin looks plump, fine lines are pretty much gone and my facial skin tone is evening out. I’m almost at the point, at 68 years old, that if this progress continues, I’m going to ditch wearing concealer and makeup. Also noticed that the dark circles around my eyes have lightened up as well. All this in just one week…wow.

  386. C.H.

    Quality oil, fast shipment. Will definitely be ordering again.

  387. kittypie

    I don’t regret buying this item. Smell good, healthy oil.

  388. FloridaGurl

    Wow I really like this product – absorbs into the skin nicely. I use it by itself or blend with another oil. The only negative I have is the cap on the jar – I am having to take it off completely to use the oil as the way the cap was made with a hole in the middle, each time I dispense that way it goes all over.

  389. Taylor

    I really wish this came in a glass jar. All good other than that.

  390. Tim M.

    This product is an excellent product. It works! Ive been a nurse for many years. I have given to many hard working men who now also use this product. From sore muscles to arthritis- they all tell me it works! I use it for sore muscles. Will continue to use for many years to come. Thank you.

  391. Jennifer Sage

    This blue sky buds stem cell butter is just awesome! I’ve used it in a number of homemade bath and body products and even in a few dishes in the kitchen. It’s superior quality. Thank you!

  392. Black and blue

    great supplement for my pups! this is my replacement for salmon oil and will occasionally alternate with pollack oil, which is also more stable then salmon oil.

  393. bettle-juice

    Good blue sky buds stem cell butter. Really good for you. I use it on skin and put into smoothies.

  394. Michael Norberg

    I have been using this oil to treat adult acne by way of moisturizer and OCM. It seems to certainly help but has not gotten rid of my acne completely. This jar has lasted me about 3 months so it is economical. The only downside is if you use as a moisturizer alone it will stink up your pillow/sheets and turn them green. I let it moisturize for 15 mins and then I wipe off with a paper towel because it will also stink up your washcloths. It has a rancid smell if it dries out on fabrics.

  395. L. Kozvan

    I have cancer and I use this with Olive oil and Vinegar to make a great skin balm. Add a little herbs and it is so yummy

  396. carol atkinson-sullivan

    excellent product..use it for pain and it is working

  397. Georgina A

    I use this for oil cleansing. It cleared my acne in a month. I also added it to smoothies 🙂

  398. Lori

    I originally bought this to eat, but one painful day I rubbed the blue sky buds stem cell butter on my aching back and POOF! My pain was gone. Now I rub it on my skin to alleviate my pain and one application lasts all day.

  399. amanda

    Awesome! used in my body and hair butter. packing was superb as well. Thank you!

  400. Curt

    Good product but I prefer Brand HB for flavor over this oneWidely available

  401. Jake Stumbaugh

    Love this I have some every day and hope to get some more soon

  402. ACole

    Love this nutty-tasting oil! I use it instead if olive oil for everything! I highly recommend it!

  403. Jade Givner

    Very great oil!! It’s almost as thick as Jamaican black castor oil. It has a dark green tint in color with a earthy herbal smell. Very good moisturizer.

  404. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Is great! I have had a skin problem for at least 10 years caused from one of my medications. I saw a review from someone on Blue Sky Buds that had put an actual photo of her face and I bought it right away. I put some on my face and legs and the next day I was so surprised! It is awesome. I want to tell people about it I see at the grocery store that I think would benefit from it but I would feel too forward. It is super though. Thanks

  405. sinda

    I put this over bread and honey, and the flavor was Perfect, nutty and amazing. I will order this instead of getting butter.

  406. incredbug photo

    initially bought one for my dad who suffered from back surgery pain and parkinson, he tried 2 bottles and not much happened.give the rest jar to my 17 year old lab who was crippling and hardly walk, in just a week she started to jump in the air and beg for walk as soon as she saw the leash.

  407. Mark Faircloth

    I have been dabbing this now for 2 weeks and I feel great.Highly recommend this product.

  408. All#4

    My new favorite oil. I love it on my face and in my hair. The only thing I don’t like is the type of lid it comes with. Makes if difficult to control how much oil comes out and I always end up with too much. I could just unscrew the cap but I’d rather not. Just a small peeve that I can live with.

  409. SandyMack

    I have purchased this, and then repurchased again. Probably something i will always have in my cabinet.I use on my hair and my DRYYYYYYYYYYY skin. and it works. but then as usual only for a while. but i still love it.If you must wear white right after applying this, i would suggest you don’tIt has a slight green color or olive color that can give something white a little stain.

  410. Heather Hatch

    I have fibromyalgia and have had a constant headache that has gone on for months and months. Nothing I took would help. I just got the oil a few hours ago and took a pinch. An hour later my headache was gone! That is an absolute miracle! I didn’t expect any results for a few days.

  411. Stacey, CA

    This supplement was recommended to me by a family member. I’ve been dabbing it for months now and it has improved my hair,skin, and nails better then the EXPENSIVE gummies brand HAIR SKIN AND NAILS! Aldo good for SOOO many other issues. A dab rub once a day by rubbing (does not smell bad) with so many things…Google blue sky buds stem cell butter benefits!! Highly recommend!

  412. Jspr86

    Great product. I take a pinch twice a day. The smell is not bad. For me I notice a subtle difference in my knee stiness and pain. My Doctor also thought it was strange as I am over weight that my numbers on my blood work were low and in good standing. He said it was strange as he thought they would be higher given the weight. Now I can’t say for sure it is the oil. But thats about all I have done differently to date.I have 3 dogs, I also put in my pets dog food. Their stiffness in hips seems a little better, subtle but improved joint function.

  413. P. Martin

    Great product. This is quality blue sky buds stem cell butter. I add this to my face moisturizer and I take a pinch by rubbing every day. It’s excellent for skin care, and it’s loaded omega fatty acids which are so essential to health. Hemp is truly one of nature’s greatest products!I highly recommend this product.

  414. Ed camp

    Ok it’s been a week- I take 3 dab most days- at least 2 everyday- haven’t tried it topical but I’m almost 60 and haven’t reached for naproxen jar all week- no aches pains stiffness- esp stiffness when I first get up- not tasty but not that big a deal either- I’ve ordered another jar- now if I can just get spouse to take it consistently….. forgot to mention may be sleeping better too….

  415. Veronica B.

    I purchased this as a desperate attempt for pain relief, it does not take my pain away, however, used with other prescribed meds it does help ease my pain. I rub it on my legs at night, helps calm my restless leg syndrome. It does wonders for my skin. My dogs like it too. Give them a few drops orally & I rub it on there itchy spots & it soothes their skin. Smells a bit awful at first, but once I got used to applying green oil, I like the nutty flavor.This oil will stain your clothes, tablecloths & towels.

  416. Sue Moz

    I have advanced Rheumatoid Arthritis. I have been digesting 2t of this blue sky buds stem cell butter daily, and have been dealing with much less pain. I cannot attribute this totally to the blue sky buds stem cell butter, because I’ve also been dabbing tumeric supplements, and adding alkaline drops to my water jar, which I apply daily.I like the smell, and find it easy on my system, so I will continue to take this, and increase the dosage to 1T/daily in the coming months. I will do anything to NOT have to resort to the drugs like Humira, that not only cost $5k/month, but can possibly cause a quick death. YIKES!

  417. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    I like putting this on my toast for breakfast, very tasty. And it does what it supposed to do about acme.

  418. John Danley

    Truly a fantastic product. Have been dabbing it for 5-6 days and I can’t believe how much better I feel. As a 76 yr old any improvement is appreciated. My balance is better, as is my blood pressure.

  419. Tosha

    Cooks everything any other oil can, smells interesting but smells great

  420. Cassandra

    I’m using this as skincare for combination oily/acne prone skin after doing some research online. It’s perfect. I love how it feels on my skin, and it even makes my hair soft also. It has a grassy/earthy smell that doesn’t really bother me anymore. It’s hard to tell whether this is actually preventing breakouts, but it is definitely not causing any or making things worse. And it is certainly moisturizing my skin without any chemicals I’m unsure of, which is exactly what I wanted. It also seems to help my pimples dry out, and when I leave it on overnight, my skin is really soft in the AM. I refrigerate it. This is a large jar that will last a long time. So cheap compared to other expensive skin products that have chemicals that would likely cause issues in my skin.

  421. MoMosa

    Not and fan of the smell but it works lovely as a face oil when mixed in with Jojoba or Argan oil. Hemp is a dry oil and is not moisturizing enough used alone for me but it works lively as a hair mask.

  422. MEAGAN D.

    I use this as the face moisturizer blended with my essential oil’s. This blue sky buds stem cell butter fantastic and does not clog pores. I’ve also put it on my skin and cooked with it. It’s a wonderful to have in the house.

  423. LK

    Using this on my face and hands….seems to make my skin look smoother and softer. A little goes a long way. Wrinkles seem less noticeable. After using a couple of weeks, I believe the sun spots on my hands are diminishing. Does have a strong green smell and is a heavier type oil…takes a while for the skin to absorb. I tried it as a skin balm but did not like the strong smell…will stick with olive oil for that.

  424. Aimee Brant

    Blue sky buds stem cell butter is good taken by rubbing (but less than 1 oz.) as well as rubbed-in to make gel-type pain treatments go furtherexternally, as over knees or hips. Blue Sky Buds brand is a best buy.

  425. Maria L. Wood

    Best stuff ever I swear I look younger if I put on my face before bed. Live by Blue sky buds stem cell butter!

  426. Jessss

    Found it cheaper elsewhere, but otherwise it is what it says it is.

  427. Nutmeg

    Worked amazingly well to heal up my husbands winter dry skin itch, but it sent my allergies on the rampage. So it is a great one for him but not so for me.

  428. June Bice

    Use it on my skin with other essential oils and coconut oil 🙂

  429. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Awesome quality and the price- compared to natural food stores in the area- is unbeatable by a mile.

  430. Lucy

    i was skeptical about hemp extract oil, but it worked! Helps me with my sleep cycle (unlike rx sleep aids which strip your sleep of deep sleep and dream sleep (N3 and REM stages), it promotes REM sleep – amazing and I don’t how to explain it other then having trace THC…feeling so rested in the morning)! Also it helped me to turn an ugly sunburn into a beautiful suntan. Definitely helped my eyebrows and eyelashes grow. Unfortunately, it did not help my anxiety – but neither does Hemp extract oil:(

  431. Michael Kuner

    I have seen some noticeable improvement in some areas of pain. Also, my general mood session to be better.

  432. ABD

    Been on this for four days,so will have to wait & see how it does.I really need this to work for me for I have a LOT of pain from arthritis.Great to order from & arrived before expected.THANKS!

  433. Nadjababy1

    I just started dabbing this product so in a few weeks or two months I will write a more concise report. What I can say though is that, it is an acquired smell and it’s a little green so be careful what it touches.

  434. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Great product for my psoriasis still trying it out

  435. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    wow just wow…great benefits and better joints and better feeling body great product you must try this product!!!

  436. Manus

    Nice moisturizer and absorbs into the face well and also good on salads.

  437. JoJo

    My husband has struggled with insomnia his whole life and has tried various prescription and over-the-counter medications, but 2 Dab of this before bed has been the most effective treatment for his chronic insomnia.

  438. martha chairez

    Started using this on my face and saw results right away! Pimples went away, my face feels so smooth and flawless and so moisterized its amazing!

  439. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Blue sky buds stem cell butter doesn’t smell very good, but the effects on my joint relief has been incredible! Plus my energy level has increased. It’s really amazing. In my opinion, this truly is a super food.

  440. Linda Postmus

    This product is shutting down my arthritis pain with no side affects. Usually, I am in pain 24/7 due to multiple joint and spinal surgeries. It works well for me. I am off Oxycontin and all of my other Rx pain meds. Thank you.

  441. Bette Stern

    Seems to be helping my dog’s arthritis. I’m trying it next!!

  442. michelle

    Love this oil! I use it on my face and the next day its still really moisturized and soft. Its now part of my beauty regiment.The jar could be designed abit better, when you try to squeez product out it literally shoots out and its a lot that comes out other than that its great!

  443. Nicole

    So I have to say I have lots of oils but hadn’t tried blue sky buds stem cell butter before and was pleasantly surprised wit this one. I put this in my new face cream that I made and it feels great on my skin.

  444. Sandy

    Husband says it has really helped the pain. As far as smell, I don’t think it has any smell at all, just smells oily. No bad after smell at all.

  445. KrisG

    My daughter developed a mild case of psoriasis on her scalp and after lots of research blue sky buds stem cell butter was tops. I warmed and gently rubber on her entire scalp focused more on the areas that were worse and wrapped her head in plastic wrap for 5 hrs, washed of with pure castle soap (3 times) and braggs apple cider vineger and it jearly got rid of the skin. Looks a lil red but we will do it every 3 days for 2 weeks and then 1x a month, to once every 6 months as suggested. We are pleased with the results & I added some to our soup for dinner😁

  446. Vicki

    I received my jar of blue sky buds stem cell butter today; I tasted a little straight from the jar, put a half dab or so in my shih tzu’s dog food, and also a little in my shoulder length blonde- colored dry, frizzy hair!#1. The smell was actually very mild; I will definately be using it every day, in a smoothie or straight since I am a vegan and cannot use fish oil to get my omega 3 and 6’s. In addition, I was reading that Nutriva makes hemp extracts and hemp hearts that both contain complete protein as well as the omegas, so I will definately be trying those next. 2. Unfortunately, my dog did not care for the smell, but he is the world’s pickiest dog, anyway! 3.My hair loved it…it is NOT greasy; instead, it soaks right into my fine hair, leaving shine and body minus all the frizz! LOVE THIS STUFF!

  447. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    I am so glad to have purchased this product! I love it! I’m recommending it to everyone! I don’t have to quit the violin. In three days of using this product orally, and topically; my arthritis pain is reduced by 80 %, and my chronic gastritis is completely gone! I feel calmer and happier. I don’t know if this is because so much pain is relieved, or just another wonderful benefit. I read a few reviews about ‘bad oil’ and I got nervous and tried to cancel my order -but it was too late. Lucky for me! The three bottles I ordered arrived earlier than I expected and are well-within their shelf expectancy. I’m very happy to have received this product and plan to keep plenty on hand for the rest of my life.

  448. Esther

    I suffer from cervical Dystonia and I take one Tbs. in OJ in the morning with blue sky buds stem cell butter capsules x3 a day and I have to say it is awesome. The shaking has come down at least 40 percent.

  449. Dora

    My husband is a throat cancer survivor this helps helpI will be ordering more when needed

  450. Larry D. Roy Jr.

    Shipping was very fast and the product seems to be helping over time. As other buyers have noted, the jar will most likely arrive with the cap broken. Other than that, I have been very satisfied.

  451. zyearia

    Works really well, it hydrates my after I use my face masks and acne medications. Will buy again.

  452. Amber rose

    I have not been using it long, but have used it just plain to see if it would help for inflammation issues. Smell good, but to early to tell if it helps.

  453. Cassia

    It works really well as a moisturizer for my acne skin, doesn’t clog my pores. But only works if the skin is not too dry, otherwise I have to use an actual moisturizer. I keep it on the fridge. It dries in about 5 minutes.

  454. carrington.

    I’ve always struggled with acne due to having oily AND sensitive skin, so you can only imagine how difficult it is to find the right products to help. I discovered the “oil cleansing method” and decided to use hemp extract oil and let me tell you! This stuff has dramatically improved my skins look and texture! My face feels clean and moisturized after every use and it doesn’t leave any oil residue/shine. I highly recommend it 🙂

  455. Tim

    Smell great. This product was great. I can really feel the difference in my body when I use this on a regular basis. I use it when I Stir-Fry my Vegetables, Scrambles eggs, Smoothies, Popcorn and Salads.Where ever I used oil and some butter, I now use Blue sky buds stem cell butter.

  456. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    This is dark dark green…smells fresh and feels fine. I use it on my hair and in facial toner and baths.

  457. ashlee

    I bought this oil to make a blended face cleansing oil. I was very happy with the quality, and I also liked that it came in a dark jar because I didn’t use it all at once. I stored it for about a year and it was still good!

  458. Mike Meadows

    Ok! here we go, old lab on pain meds, bad for the liver, but want him around as long as we can… Dropper full every meal and 60% more movement. If you love your pet and just getting old and hurting.. Get it, couple bucks and a piece of mind and a happier pup.

  459. mishquilt

    The oil is performing well in my moisturizing soaps. I have used it topically for a skin moisturizer with good results. I’ve taken it orally to support health and wellness. So far, no miracles to report. Stay tuned…

  460. eena

    I felt the difference instantly after using 2 dab daily for about 1 week and then cut back to 1 table dab and I felt increased energy for 2 weeks.

  461. Carolyn G.

    I love this oil. I decided to try it in place of fish oil. I not only take this organic blue sky buds stem cell butter orally, I use it to clean my face. For some reason, it works even better than Extra Virgin Coconut Oil for facial cleansing. After I put it on my face, I let it sink into my skin for about thirty minutes, then I take a warm washcloth to wipe it off, and then wash my face with collodial silver soap. My skin has never looked so good. I was at my physician’s office last week and his nurse asked me if I had had a face lift. I am sure it is the combination of dabbing this oil orally and using it trans-dermally. It also puts me in a good mood when I take a dabful. I give this product two very enthusiastic thumbs up.

  462. t49y

    Freshest Ever ! The Best Olive And Coconut Are Awesome ! But This Is Even Better ! More Awesome ! Didn’t See That Coming ! Thanks Blue Sky Buds ! The Smell Is Delightful ! Softer ! Smother ! Everywhere The Skin Rubs ! No Idea Oil Could Be This Good ! And Good For You Too ! Loving It Too ! Thanks Again Blue Sky Buds !

  463. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    I am an active man in my late 40’s. I have inflammation in my knees and lower back. I started dabbing two table dabs of this blue sky buds stem cell butter daily and had relief within the first week. I have ordered a second jar and would recommend this product.

  464. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    This blue sky buds stem cell butter is excellent for me that I have anxiety and for my wife is even better she was having hot flashes, once she start dabbing 10ml everyday the hot flashes completely stop. we have been dabbing the oil for ever a month and she start slacking for a week and she start having the hot flashes again. Do wait try it is worth and you will not regret.This is amazing and I know it has been helping so many people for different kinds of health issues.

  465. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    I add this to my smoothies. I’m not a fan of the smell, but its tasteless in my smoothies.

  466. Stephanie Carrasco

    ok I’ve only been using this for four days so will update my review, this smells gross, so i a pinch of lemon and some hot water and chig real fast,my mom on the other hand drinks no problem, she takes a tbs in morning AND at night, her lower back pain (which has bothered her for years) is fading in just a few days of dabbing. I have been applying a thin layer to my neck and face for my adult acne, i already see a difference and the little pimples have cleared, I also sleep like a baby now 🙂

  467. Julie Springer

    Very good blue sky buds stem cell butter. Multiple uses in my household from hair and skin care to food supplement. Great for anti inflammatory purposes.

  468. A. Rodamilans

    Well, I have been dabbing the HO now for 59 days and have to say, I am migraine free! I have suffer from crippling migraines monthly and nothing helped me…I read that cannabis [Hemp extract oil research] was showing promising results for migraine patients so I figured, I would give this a try, since I cannot get cannabis oil legally here in Texas. And its really been a godsent. I think these headaches were inflammatory in nature so the oil is helping tremendously…I take one pinch in the morning and one before bed time. And also, great for your hair….I will definitely continue to use…

  469. Momof_8

    Finally relief!! I have suffered with the torture of scalp psoriasis for 14 years now. I’ve tried everything. Lotions, oils, sprays. Even the potent injections. Which I stopped because it was causing me to lose my hair after only 2.I got fed up. It literally was driving me nuts!! I wanted it gone! So, my husband asked his friend who swears by hemp. She told him to have me use blue sky buds stem cell butter. So, I immediately researched and found this particular one. I received mine two days ago. That night I used the oil on my scalp. Washed it out in the morning. After only ONE use I have so much relief! Literally at least 80% of my scalp was smooth and virtually itch/flake free. I couldn’t believe what I felt and saw. My husband was floored! I also bought hemp shampoo. Which is equally amazing! With oil and shampoo ( used it first time this morning) my hair feels softer, fuller, more healthy. Hoping for continued results. I was a sceptic at first. Not anymore!! I highly recommend!!

  470. Linda

    This is a great product – sounds like it has lots of health attributes, and the main one I have noticed is that after 1-2 tsps at night I sleep more soundly. Don’t mind the smell too much, definitely a good purchase I have shared with others and will buy again. Also is great to put on your face or any dry area – feels wonderful and soaks right in. Am trying it as a topical to see if my dog’s eczema clears up.

  471. Jillian Applegate

    Pinch twice a day after meals, and has very much helped with heart burn, stomach tension from work. Will be buying again.

  472. Myra

    This organic blue sky buds stem cell butter is great for cooking or base for essential oils or fir dry hair. I live it. Don’t know why I waited so long to try it.

  473. Vanessa

    I looove this stuff. My skin loves this and absorbs it so well and my skin stays moisturized all day. I’ve had family members say my skin is incredibly soft and I give credit to this. I love it and would definitely repurchase. I would recommend this to anyone.

  474. Marj

    Our black lab had severe hip dysplasia & when around 10 years old could barely walk & could not climb stairs. A rancher here in Nevada told us to give him this blue sky buds stem cell butter. We had tried meds at our vet but nothing worked so tried this blue sky buds stem cell butter. Within a week he was walking fine & within 2 weeks was climbing stairs with no problem. He lived till 15 & ran & played till the end. Now we give it to our toy poodle who has painful disc problems in her back. GREAT PRODUCT!!!

  475. Me

    I’m a highly active (10+ miles a day on a treadmill), 46 year old male that has been suffering with chronic, persistent lower back pain and back spasms for several years along with rotary cuff pain in both shoulders and I read that blue sky buds stem cell butter has both analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties so I thought I’d try it (I’m a skeptic but I thought I’ve got nothing to lose, right?) I’ve been dabbing 1 pinch 2x / day now for approximately 3 months and I must say that this stuff is nothing short of a miracle. My back pain is almost completely gone along with the pain in both my shoulders. If you are suffering from inflammatory-type pain I would highly recommend trying the blue sky buds stem cell butter. It doesn’t smell bad, it’s inexpensive and it works better than any OTC pain medicine I’ve tried.

  476. Katie McPherson

    I am an Esthetician who focuses on simple pure ingredients for all aspects of life. In a time of depression it showed in the form of large painful cystic acne all over my chin line. I researched lots and decided on blue sky buds stem cell butter to use as my daily wash. It completely cleared my skin within months if not weeks. Helped with scars, my overall dryness, redness, is a great prep for extractions, SO MANY THINGS! I am a forever lover of hemp extract oil! I try to tell everyone i know about its magic.. you will NOT be disappointed! (Also a good point to make; my diet was very bad through my depression which was no help to my skin, i now make conscious efforts to fuel and heal my body with food… what you put INTO your body is a direct reflect of your OUTER appearance!)

  477. Rose

    i use this for everything. face and body moisturizer, lube, i take a pinch each morning with my vitamins. i feel less anxious and depressed after using this. i am obsessed and it doesn’t leave your skin too oily. it only takes a bit and my wrinkles and pimples are going away!

  478. C. Perry

    I was very hesitant about tasting this due to reviews stating it tasted nasty. I actually love the smell. It does smell a bit grassy but having grown up in the country I truly enjoy the flavor. It smells like what a freshly cut field smells like. Love it! I’ve used it as a lotion/moisturizer and it’s delightful. I ordered 3 bottles but 2 are to share. I don’t think I’ll have any problem using it up before the expiration date. I’ll probably be wishing I had ordered more than one just for me! I deal with a lot of joint pain so I’ll let ya all know if it helped with that. Will update at a later date.

  479. Don Weaver

    Works great. Helped my essential tremor and helped my anxiety. I would recommend without doubt

  480. joeyjr1943

    NOW IF ONLY WE COULD GET HASH TAR … all our cancers would go away .

  481. Pollock#2

    Lightweight, but strong. Helps me to wake up without pain.

  482. C. Lance

    I’m actually using this mixed with Polyglyceryl Oleate for use as a facial cleansing oil. Best cleansing oil I’ve ever used. Moisturizing, but not overly greasy. Very soothing and comforting as well. Great for sensitive skin. Highly recommend this oil.

  483. Christine G😊M

    I have used entire jar and will reorder. One pinch a day, alone. Also great for skin…

  484. Camille LARK

    Great product for scalp issues and concerns. Works great in natural hair as a moisturizer for hair and scalp.

  485. Melissa W

    I am not only very pleased with the quality of this blue sky buds stem cell butter, I’m extremely pleased with their level of customer service. I purchased a jar that I’ve since used up and quickly ordered another jar that was damaged and the oil had become rancid. Blue Sky Buds replaced it immediately, no questions asked. I will continue purchasing this product not only because I adore it but also because this is a great company that cares about its customers.

  486. Tania A.

    I’ve used this for about two weeks now in my morning breakfast shakes (haven’t had a huge difference there yet but the smell is fine. I’m not sure why people are thinking its fishy. It’s not.)I’ve used under my eyes as a moisturizer every morning and decided to also put on a dark spot to see what might happen.First of all, the best moisturizer I’ve used in years. My concealor goes on smoothly and no caking nor dryness after a few hours like I’ve always had with other moisturizers.The dark spot has decreased in color (no filters and same lighting for both pics) a lot and I’ll update again in a couple more weeks with the progres of the dark spot as well as how I’m feeling dabbing with my breakfast.

  487. Pharaoh Rocher

    I am using this both internally and externally, have not noticed much of a change through internal use, and the smell is not great at all in my opinion, but for external use i noticed that my skin is becoming healthier and brighter by the day, even improved some of my fine lines and eye area, it did not irritate my skin and it feels light and easily absorbed in.

  488. Treece

    Just got my package and was amazed by the size of this product. I took a picture of the coffee cup tumbler I was using today beside the jar of blue sky buds stem cell butter.I have so many questions. I’m using this to help me with extreme bone pain and fibromyalgia pain. I also have diabetes and just started dabbing meds for it. So hopefully I will be off pharmaceutical meds if this helps me. I should be on a lot of pain meds but I don’t want that death sentence.I’m starting out with five stars for the price and pure quality of the oil.

  489. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    To start I read many reviews, because I was curious. I’ve lived with chronic pain for years and haven’t had a prescription yet that helped or even partially touched the pain. I was reading about Blue sky buds stem cell butter, Hemp extract oil etc. on YouTube and that got me started checking this item out. The Hemp extract oil oil is so expensive I couldn’t buy it because that’s a lot of money for something that might not work. I checked Blue Sky Buds and they had it cheaper, but still expensive enough I didn’t want to take the chance.When I came across the Stem Cell Butter Blue sky buds stem cell butter it was so much less I started checking to find out what the difference was. I read the reviews and everyone was saying how much it helped. I decided to try it, not believing it was possible I might get some relief, but for the price what was there to lose, except pain. I not only look but I feel younger than my 72 years. I’m so gitty over this I can’t stop talking about it to my family and friends.I bought this second jar and I’m starting it tomorrow.

  490. L. Robinson

    Read a lot of good and bad reviews about this product. Mine is great. And for those saying it’s not hemp extract the ingredients….hemp extract oil. Hmm…It does have a strong smell, but after a month of using it in my morning shakes, I am used to it.

  491. JB

    This stuff smells like crap. I had chronic kidney pain for years. Even drinking 64oz of water a day, I had nights that I couldn’t sleep a wink because of acute pain in my right side kidney. I started adding this to my coffee. Don’t think for one second it smells good. A Shot of this stuff, and a shot of coffee max… otherwise you will ruin the coffee. It took about a month before the pain went away. I stopped drinking this stuff after I finished off the jar. I haven’t had any pain since….

  492. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Energy boost and improved sense of well-being for 81-year old guy like me. Hoping to keep my Prostate Cancer at bay….

  493. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    My skin is glowing now and looks so much healthier since I started drinking 2 Pinch every day. Highly recommend as part of a health lifestyle. Works great in smoothies and adds a delicious nutty flavor to salads, sandwiches and teas.

  494. jenna parlin

    Honestly haven’t noticed feeling any different, but with all the health benefits of it…ill keep dabbing it anyways. Already ordered another jar.

  495. Pratt

    I have been using this product for over a year now& love the results as well as how multipurpose it is! I use it as makeup remover (just pour a little onto a cotton pad), face moisturizer (my skin has become more even toned and blemishes don’t stick around as long) AND I can use it in the kitchen to make skin balms! I don’t LOVE the way it smells but I know it has great health benefits so I try to use it anyway! The only complain I have is that the rub top is a little “aggressive” so at times I rub out way too much. Overall very satisfied!

  496. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    I am giving this product a five star review because it does not have a foul smell and can be put in coffee to achieve the desired effect. It is important to remember though that you should only use a very small amount of it in your beverage because the green oil rises to the surface and looks kind of weird. Have to keep using it however, to see if I get the health benefits I am looking for.

  497. Yet another Blue Sky Buds customer

    Great in DIY Italian balms. Doesn’t thicken in the fridge like olive oil. Prevents olive oil from thickening in the fridge if mixed 50/50. Has a dark green color and smells like hemp. Eating it straight would also be a good way to get more healthy fats into a diet. I don’t mind the flavor at all but I wouldn’t be surprised if some people don’t like it.Be careful when squeezing the jar (aim carefully) or this oil can shoot all over the place.

  498. Santda

    Love this stuff ordered 2nd jar already since I don’t want to run out! My teen uses it for her face and I put it in my hair.

  499. Terre Patrie

    Wonderful addition to smoothies. I really like this stuff. Smells good in smoothies and I feel that it has great health benefits.

  500. Leah Peranzi

    We use this to treat my husbands scalp psoriasis. It’s a bit stinky but works wonders!

  501. vondaleu

    I buy a jug for the kitchen and a jug for the bathroom. I haven’t cooked with it but I like to make my own skin balm and have been experimenting with using all blue sky buds stem cell butter or mixing olive and blue sky buds stem cell butter. I am very pleased with the flavor and it’s supposed to be so good for you. I love Blue Sky Buds coconut oil as well. They’re both organic, high quality products. I’ve been alternating using the blue sky buds stem cell butter and coconut oil for body oil. I just have old, dry hide lol. I like them both. I lean towards the hemp because it’s liquid but I really like the smell of coconut for body oil. I’m going to have to try mixing them, I’ve been adding essential oils to the blue sky buds stem cell butter. Another plus for the hemp being liquid. You can put your essential oils in it.

  502. TheIndubitablyTiredMadness

    Best brand imo. Great on skin, smells great, it is what it is if you know what it is. haha. It does go bad quickly so be generous when you use this stuff or it will go bad before you’re halfway through the jar.

  503. Sue W

    I am using it on a regular basis. I have no issues with the smell. I’m supposed to be dabbing fish oil but this is my oil of choice.

  504. Czosnek

    Have been using this for some time now but daily now that I have been having a green smoothie every morning. I know about the perfect combo ratio of omega 3’s to omega 6’s that make blue sky buds stem cell butter so good for you.I wanted to share another advantage of this oil. Since using it on a regular basis my eczema on my hand fingers is virtually gone. When I first started and had googled the benefits of blue sky buds stem cell butter this was mentioned. Well I can verify that it is true. Just another reason for some people to use this.On a final note, was going to re-order this today but the price went from 14.99 – 24.99 !!! Outrageous….so I ordered another brand ” Just Hemp Foods “.

  505. Sirena Rios

    great way to clean your digestive system and also makes a great moisturizer for your skin. highly recommended and came quickly.

  506. Elizabeth S.

    I’m using this particular oil for my skin. I’ve read that blue sky buds stem cell butter is great for your skin because it is not pore clogging, unlike many other oils. So far my skin is loving this oil and no break outs! Although, I wish I would have known that this oil needs to be refrigerated.Luckily my bathroom is near the kitchen so it hasn’t been that big of a deal! I will also be trying this oil in a skin balm! So versatile!

  507. S. Joseph

    I absolutely love this product.

  508. P. Roberts

    This is the best skincare product I have ever used or will ever use, period. It has single-handedly gotten rid of all of my acne since I first started using it almost a year ago. Small pimples/breakouts still occur when I eat crappy food but the life-span of the acne is 48-72 hours at most. Even the spots that do come in are far, far smaller and much less painful/noticeable than they have ever been. The one problem spot that blue sky buds stem cell butter does not seem to do much for is the acne on my forehead, for which jojoba oil seems more effective.Word of warning: this product is not going to work for everyone. Everybody’s skin is different. If you find that other oil treatments have not helped you in the past then I might be a bit wary of going all in on this product. If you have used oil treatments and respond reasonably well to them but don’t find them to be as effective as you’d hoped (which I discovered was my reaction to jojoba and grapeextract oil), this one may be it. If you are on a dermatologist’s regimen and have been for awhile (say on tretinoin cream or doxycycline) and are not responding to that treatment, blue sky buds stem cell butter may be an option to help get your skin back in balance. Your face should feel comfortable, soft, relieved and pampered when you use it on acne.

  509. David Montrose

    Can not swear to it as we are dabbing so many supplements but this seems to be helping nerve function! Dabbing one pinch of blue sky buds stem cell butter, 1 1/2 dab of lion’s mane extract powder, 1200 MG DHA, 1600MG EPA, and advoiding sugars and starches and eating more salads!

  510. Seyi

    Makes my hair feel soft and works great on salads.

  511. RW

    Using blue sky buds stem cell butter is, by far, the best thing I’ve ever done for my face. Specifically, using blue sky buds stem cell butter as a cleanser is the best thing I’ve ever done for my face. I’ve never had a huge problem with acne, but like most other young adults, I’ve always gotten the odd pimple here or there and have had trouble with certain areas of my face. The biggest challenge I’ve had is knowing how to keep zits in my oily zones (my nose and chin) at bay. My chin, especially, has always been prone to developing those huge, red, shiny, dome-shaped zits. It seemed like I always had at least one zit on my chin or zits underneath the surface of my skin that were just waiting to erupt (and they eventually did). All I could do was deal with the aftermath; I could never prevent them.I’m in my mid 20s and have known about the oil cleansing method (OCM) since I was a teenager, but I could never wrap my head around the idea of never, ever using soap on my face and replacing soap with oil. Why would I wash my face with something that was the cause of all my skin problems? Wouldn’t that just make it worse? That’s been my thinking all of these years until, with education, I finally came to understand the chemistry behind OCM (using oil to dissolve oil). I chose hemp extract oil and sunflower extract oil (the high linoleic acid variety) because I’d read that they are excellent for people who are acne-prone, as they have a very low likelihood of clogging pores. After trying OCM with the latter oils for the first time three months ago, I’m only angry that I didn’t start sooner.In the three months since I’ve started cleansing with hemp and sunflower extract oil, I have not had a single pimple. I’ve purchased other products that have helped keep my acne in check (mainly Stridex in the red box), but I would still get zits here or there. OCM with hemp and sunflower extract oil has eliminated my acne issues altogether. I can get up each day knowing that I won’t see a zit staring back at me when I look in the mirror. My skin is always soft, supple, and glowing. I oil cleanse twice a day – once in the morning and again before bed. I suspect that my skin has always been dehydrated, hence my skin’s need to produce a ton of oil. Cleansing with this oil actually keeps oil production at bay without dehydrating my skin, which in turn keeps the zits away.The only negative things I can say about blue sky buds stem cell butter are that it smells like grass and seems to go bad quickly if it’s not refrigerated. The smell is more of an annoyance than anything else since it’s gone once I’ve wiped the oil from my face. The short shelf-life issue is easily solved by setting aside a small quantity of oil to be used up in a short period of time, while refrigerating that remainder of the jar. These inconveniences are a small price to pay for the amazing things that this oil has done for my skin.

  512. BlueAnubis

    My mother told me I’d grow out of my acne. 60 and still waiting. Now that I’m officially old, I get the added bonus of dry skin that itches like mad on my cheeks. But I still have very oily skin, too. That makes greasy flakes and zits. I’m super hot.Reading all the great things about Blue sky buds stem cell butter, and in particular THIS Blue sky buds stem cell butter, I thought I’d give it a whirl.Rubbing oil all over acne prone skin seems quite counter-intuitive, and frankly caused me no small amount of personal trepidation. Bolstered with the reviews of brave souls that went before me, I soldiered onward and slathered away, for now about 2 weeks.As others mentioned, I did get a couple new zits at first, small ones, went away quickly. But then after that everything mellowed. All things seem to mellow with “hemp”, but I digress. The itching immediately came to a screeching halt. The dry patches are much improved. The oily patches have calmed down a bit. And, I break out less. In fact, a coworker commented just the other day that my skin looked pretty.My skin feels so much better. Softer, more supple and more evenly textured.At night, I splash my face with warm water and massage about a half dab of this oil in for about a minute. Then I rinse, even though the oil doesn’t technically rinse off, but it’s a psychological thing for me, so I give it about 10 splashes of warm water, then I pat dry and let the remainder soak in. In the morning, a few splashes of warm water and I’m ready for my day.I did get a smaller rub jar I fill from the larger jar. Much easier to control the amount of oil I use. This 24 oz. jar will last a very long time as a facial treatment.There are only 2 drawbacks with this stuff. First, there’s no SPF, but there are other products for that. Second, it’s green and can leave a mess on a white towel. But it washes out in the laundry. Small price for a great product.

  513. Stephanie

    I just received this on Monday and I love it! I’ve used it on my face and my daughter has used it on her mosquito bites and it’s done wonders for both. My face is very smooth and her bug bites almost immediately stopped itching. I would highly recommend this wonderful stuff!

  514. Glenna Smith

    We had read that blue sky buds stem cell butter has many healthy benefits. Been feeding it daily to our dog that had several malignant tumors. We were told she would not might develop new tumors but it has been almost a year without any.

  515. jennifer orosco

    I have 10 year old fur baby, Lulu. Ever since she was a puppy she has had some kind of seasonal allergy. Every October and April she itches like CRAZY !! To the point where she would bleed and her fur would thin in the itchy areas. I used to take her in for a steroid shot but those stopped working. Changed her food, that didn’t help. Tried shampoos. Human allergy pills. Nothing worked. I can across this product wanting to try it for myself. But after reading people’s comments I thought it might help my Lulu. I started her on it in February and her itching is nearly 100% gone !!! April was the big test. She does itch a little. But I think it’s just the natural “dog itch” lol. I’m so happy I could FINALLY help my baby. I love her and hated to see what she had to go through. I

  516. S. Mac

    I’m a woman of color. And boy is it hard to find great products for our pigmentation. This oil DEFINITELY showed my face some love after only 2 days. I’m completely amazed and happy at such a quick turnaround. And best of all, the blue sky buds stem cell butter can be used head to toe, y. So what if it has a bit of a nutty aroma…? It’s not going to hurt or sour your nostrils. And the benefits are worth buying.

  517. Regina

    I started using Organic Blue sky buds stem cell butter about a year ago in several of my skin care products. The results were amazing. Then I quit making skin care products so I quit buying Blue sky buds stem cell butter.In January, I started consuming a much healthier diet because my cholesterol/Triglycerides were out of control. I started doing some research and found the Health Benefits of consuming blue sky buds stem cell butter. Then I started reading the reviews of Stem Cell Butter Blue sky buds stem cell butter and was astounded. I’m going to start putting it in my morning smoothies and see what my next blood test looks like.This Blue sky buds stem cell butter is much more pure than what I used to buy.

  518. Stargal19

    The reviews say that this blue sky buds stem cell butter does many wonderful things, but I’ve been dabbing 2 dab per day for 2 weeks, and all I’ve noticed happening is that my face is breaking out from it. My daughter rubs it into her feet at night when she’s been standing up all day at work, and the pain is gone in 15 minutes!

  519. PatriotEd

    Their are numerous reasons to take this product but as a seniro citizen my favorite reason for using this is my age related memory issues. This really helps a lot.

  520. Familyof5

    Love this stuff. Versatile enough to use in my daily smoothie and also as an oil cleanse for my face. Takes eye make up off without any irritation or leftover residue seeping in my eyes.

  521. Susan

    I use this to moisturize my face because it is natural and non-comedogenic. I also remove my make-up with it.

  522. Lisa L

    I really feel a difference in my joints when I use this oil.

  523. Diane

    I used this with my essential oils because I read on a safe usage of essential oils page I am a member of. Many members had wonderful results so I bought this big jar thinking I’d use it often. As can happen, my skin did not like it at all! It’s a great price per ounce and it’s cold pressed and unrefined which was highly recommended. Next time I try a new carrier oil, I will buy a much smaller jar to start with.

  524. Boaz

    Fresh nutty smell. You don’t have to eat it to get the benefits. It’s a natural sun screen. We put it on our baby’s skin. Safe enough for a newborn baby. It is miraculous for vaginal itching or dryness.

  525. gary chance

    I use this on my face and hair (it was on of the many products I tried to alleviate my eczema symptoms). It works to an extent, about the same as olive oil. Packaging is well designed but the opening makes it hard to control the amount dispensed. As I only need a little, I found it hard to get my desired amount without going over; light squeeze light squeeze, nothing. A little harder squeeze and my hand is full of oil. Not that big a deal for most people, just something i had to take my time with. It has an almond smell, would probably be nice as a skin balm base.

  526. Molly

    I get acne out of anything, so i wasn’t going to lose anything trying this. Now i’m almost acne free!

  527. S.Khin

    I have dry skin and dark weird discolored dark areas (especially wear I sweat) for a few years and couldn’t get rid of them. I stumbled on this while speaking w/ a coworker and gave it a shot. 1 week of apply after I showered in the mornings, all have faded away … about 90%. I love this and now i am going to injest it since there are soo many benefits. Smoothies here i come.

  528. Tammy

    I am a 50 year old woman I have fibroids which I ended up getting a Fibroid embolisation 2 years ago and it did not work. This caused all sorts of additional medical complications from Angina, arthritis, nerve damage in shoulder, stress fracture in foot and bone degeneration in spine. Well when I heard of this product I was reluctant at first but after doing some research I decided to try it. Well, it’s only been two weeks and already starting to see a difference since my mother recently mentioned how she hasn’t heard me complain lately about my medical problems. Well, I told her about the blue sky buds stem cell butter and she agrees that since I started using it the pains have lessened. I am hoping to have good results when I return for my check up. For the other medical issues I will repost after using the Oil in 3 months and if I continue seeing this kind of improvement I will continue using it for as long as I live. Wish I heard about this product before I had surgery.

  529. Charlie

    I am on my 3rd jar of this stuff – I use it for cooking/diet supplementation and for face moisturizer! If you apply liberally and leave it on for 5-10 minutes, it will help unclog pores as well. I store in the fridge as it says to and it lasts a long time.

  530. NancyOH44

    I use this product for skincare after reading the previous reviews. I you have dry skin and this product works wonder. I seen a noticeably different after 1 use on my arms and legs. I will admit I am only applying it twice a week. The reason I only use it twice a week is because it needs refrigerated and I don’t remember to take it into the bathroom before I shower. This is the only bad thing I can say about the product, refrigeration.

  531. Moon

    Was looking for a natural face oil moisturizer that wouldnt clog pores, and after researching found out blue sky buds stem cell butter is great for that. Skeptical I slathered this on my face as an experiment. It did help clear up some of my face but not totally. I would say it made some pimples forming softer underneath, so the cystic-ness of them was less. I then added a few drops of clove oil (in a 1-2 oz jar) mixed with this – and they have all disappeared! Plus one area of cystic, always flaring, peeling skin has healed and they have shrunk down to nothing! So happy I found this. Now looking at natural sunscreen recipes since I know this is a great base oil for the face!

  532. lindac57

    It’s curing my husband’s psoriasis. IT’s like a miracle!

  533. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    It!s better than anything Blue Sky Buds has ever produced,and ever will produce…All natural..A Vietnam Combat Veteran…John Davis…

  534. Nichole

    I purchase this for my dogs, they love the smell, and it’s a great healthy addition to their meals. I love that it’s organic and affordably priced! Easy to use rub jar too!

  535. Sarah

    This is a brand I purchase regularly and in other products. I love this oil and use it frequently. I think a lot of the issues other people are having are with improper use and storage. It will go rancid if left at room temperature, you must store it refrigerated.

  536. Anna Muzaffar

    Great value vs. other blue sky buds stem cell butter. I haven’t been using it long enough to say it works better than apricot, olive or other oils in my homemade lotions but the texture isn’t affected.I am sensitive to some smells, this doesn’t bother me at all. Blue sky buds stem cell butter does darken lotions more than olive or apricot oils so you may see slightly darker, almost greenish tint depending on your concentrations.

  537. Macoe J. Swett

    I’m so glad I finally tried this stuff. It has basically made my skin so much healthier. Not only does it help moisturize, but it actually balances. In the past I used jojoba oil (which I like but not nearly as much as this) and argan oil (which I love for my hair and body but is not moisturizing enough for my face). I use it to remove my water resistant sunscreen at night by wetting my face, putting a few drops in my hand, rubbing it into my skin and then wiping it off with a microfiber cloth. Then I use a gel cleanser to gently wash my face. Then I add a drop or two to my moisturizer to boost it (it’s not moisturizing enough on its own for me, but then no oil is for me because I need a humectant as well). In the morning I just ad a drop or two to my moisturizer again after washing with the gel cleanser. It has changed my skin from dehydrated, sensitive and sometimes flaky to velvety, balanced and smooth! It does not break me out whatsoever. I don’t love the smell but it disappears in a minute or two. It’s too greasy for my hair and smells too strong for my body but for my face, it’s absolutely perfect. I bought it 3 months ago and it’s still over half full, so pretty cost effective. I keep it in the freezer but I’ve traveled with a small little jar of it, and it’s fine not refrigerated for a few days. I only wish I had tried it sooner!

  538. Amazon4543

    So many uses both topically and internal.Good source of GLA (Gamma-linolenic acid) helps skin retain moisture, most are deficient.High quality amino acids that are not only good for you to eat but externally strengthens hair and skin as well.Has a nutty flavor.Cons: needs to be stored in the fridge or else it will spoil, unlike most oils, some people add vitamin e to keep fresher. If it spoils it will smell like fish… Also this oil is dark, quite dark, so it will stain towels and pillow cases so be aware of that.Some of the mot common uses for ingesting hemp extract oil are:- Excellent source of essential fatty acids including Omega 3, 6 and GLA- Lower blood LDL cholesterol levels- Lower blood pressure- Improve cardiovascular circulation & function- Improve organ function- Improve immunity levels- Increased energy levels & metabolic rate- Reduce symptoms of PMS & menstrual cramps- Reduce inflammation and the symptoms of arthritis- Improve recovery of muscles after exercise- Reduce & treat dry skin and hair conditions- Reduction of many degenerative diseases through preventative measures

  539. Neko

    I’m on my second jar and I ordered another jar as a gift for a friend. Within a week I started feeling better than I have for years. Will never run out of this product. It is a life saver. It can be applied to the hair, skin, and even take a pinch each day. Thank you Blue Sky Buds for stocking this product!

  540. A Cordova

    The smell is horrible and the smell it a bit strong. So I decided to use it on my skin for oil cleansing so far I have seen a improvement from my hormonal acne.

  541. J. Stanton

    My dog has glaucoma, and I add some blue sky buds stem cell butter to his good every day. He has improved since using this oil. Would recommend.

  542. Margarethe K.

    I keep buying Stem Cell Butter Hemp Extract Oil for my son who is a cancer survivor. He cured his very aggressive cancer with cannabis oil. For cannabis cancer treatment Omega 3’s are essential for properly functioning CB1 receptors. Failing or improperly functioning CB1 receptors have been connected not only to cancer but also to Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s disease, Parkinson’s, and many inflammation related illnesses.Most importantly, Omega-3 fatty acids are also among the building blocks, which the body uses to make, maintain, and repair its own endocannabinoids.Since my son’s miraculous cure with cannabis oil we are both working in a cancer support group. We encourage everyone in the group to take Stem Cell Butter Hempextract oil for all its wonderful benefits.

  543. Chetti

    My wife and I love it, we will be ordering more. Seems to be helping with inflammation for both of us and calming stomach issues I get from my heart meds.

  544. elizabeth legrand

    The stuff has to be magic it’s helped my mother with depression and anxiety to take 2 dab 1 in the morning and one in the evening but there has been an extreme change in her mood. We love it

  545. Debi Cohen

    Give this to my dogs on their food and put it into my face creams, love it, the dogs coats are shiny and they are just beautiful, do not know about my face, but at least it goes right in and feels great and smells great, have to refrigerate it because it is pretty delicate.

  546. CSP

    My daughter actually initially ordered this for my younger daughter and I to put on our skin, but I was out of olive oil so I thought that I would put some on my skin and all thoughts of using this on my skin quickly vanished. I really love using it instead of olive oil. It has a slightly nutty flavor, but other than that it is very similar to olive oil smell wise. However, it has a lot of additional nutritional benefits that olive oil doesn’t. It has heart healthy Omega-3 and gamma-linolenic acid.

  547. Diana

    I use Organic Hempextract Oil in my beauty products, due to customer request! I bought this small jar to see how it worked & to see if Hemp was something I was going to incorporate into my skin care line permanently! Well, I’m totally sold!! This is am amazing product, it has a wonderful, light, nutty smell!! It soaks right up into the skin, it’s light & mixes in wonderfully with Shea Butter or any other natural butter & oil I have used it with. I have found a supplier that sells Hempextract Oil in bulk & I’m hoping the quality compares to this! I would recommend this product to friends & family & I’m even thinking about saving a little bit to try as a skin balm!!Wonderful product with many many uses.

  548. Justin

    I have a minor knee injury that effected me every day, walking or standing didnt matter. Dabbing aspirin every day and even then I still had problem. When I started drinking a pinch of blue sky buds stem cell butter daily everything improved. I can do everything I used to, this brought my quality of life back to a level that I can deal with.

  549. Sierra

    This was the best price I have found for hemp extract oil. I haven searched around at other brands so I don’t know if they all need to be refrigerated after opening or if cool room temps would be fine with others. That’s the only down side for having such a large jar.

  550. Rich

    This smells so rich. It has an earthy, nutty, herbal aroma. The oil is the consistency of olive oil, and it’s a medium green color.The jar is very good quality, has a squeeze top lid, and is sealed twice by the manufacturer; one over the cap and one under the cap.I’ll definitely buy this again.

  551. bekaba2

    I purchased this to use in a soap recipe. I used it at 20% and it yielded a very nice colored bar. It was light green and had a wonderful lather. I would purchase this again!

  552. JNOV

    This is for blue sky buds stem cell butter in general, though I have no doubt that Blue Sky Buds’s brand is great (just haven’t finished my other jar up yet) I use this primarily on my sweet 2.5 year old who has had horrible eczema during the winters from early on, along with a few other health issues still lingering from a very shaky start in life. I take nothing for granted when it comes to this little guy, and my husband and I REALLY try to keep products, food, etc as natural and organic as possible for all of us, most especially him. Blue sky buds stem cell butter has been wonderful for his red itchy skin, especially right after getting out of the bath or shower. I pour it onto my hand, and sweep it over his skin quickly cause he’s a wiggly one and usually trying to run away, and then wrap an older stained but clean towel around him to blot away the excess. Maybe not the best way, but the only way I’ve tried so far…and it works! 🙂 The hemp’s got a bit of a pungent scent but it’s not bad and it feels so good, I tend to pat a little on my face and neck since it is actually one of only a few oils that are noncomedogenic. Have also made soap with just olive, shea butter, chamomile and blue sky buds stem cell butter and it has been my family’s favorite so far this winter. Warning though, it will make shower or bath floor super duper slick. Seriously, just don’t use it in the shower straight up, you will hurt yourself! 🙂

  553. JR88

    This has a nutty smell. I haven’t used it with skin yet but I will be soon, I’m sure it will be great. Right now I just apply it straight. Bad aftertaste but it’s worth it considering the health benefits.

  554. bootlover

    This stuff rocks! Helps build a good immune system in take it daily but if I feel sick coming on I have extra. Amazing stuff! Everyone should take this. This brand is the best I have had

  555. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    So many health benefits! I even use it for my face!

  556. Lori Wren

    Nice product. I’ve kept it in the fridge after reading all of the reviews and have not had any problems with smell or odor. It smells grassy to me, not a bad smell but not a great smell either, I’ve been dabbing a dab orally and I feel an energy spike after dabbing it. I also mixed it with coconut oil and applied it to my skin, I like the feel of it and it makes my skin soft. If your looking for a blue sky buds stem cell butter this is a great one to try.

  557. SporkOfDeath

    This is a very ‘green’ tasting oil so be careful what you cook in it (cook veggies and probably not much else) – but it’s absolutely amazing when I use it to cook “fried” okra. Good stuff

  558. Maria

    I suffer from anxiety, and this product has helped me more than prescription drugs, without the side effects. Highly recommended to anybody who is willing to try it!

  559. Unfettered 1

    Awesome Product! I used it on my face the first night I got it and woke the next morning to already see results. Within a week and a half of using it morning and evening my complexion has cleared tremendously! And my skin tone is a lot more even. I am thrilled with what this product can do.GO HEMP!!!By the way… If you use it on your skin just know that the “nutty” smell dissipates after 10-15 minutes.

  560. HappyHippy

    i love this oil, but last time ordered this i payed $14.69 for the same 24 ounce jar 🙁 i will now be forced to look elsewhere

  561. Austin Brooks

    Best deal I can find on Blue Sky Buds for hempextract oil especially a trusted quality brand

  562. SwarthFam

    I love this stuff! It smells GREAT. I can’t wait to use it on a skin as balm. It has a nutty, earthy flavor and it’s not super oily and thick so you won’t gag if you just take it by dab. I put it in my tea this morning and it was wonderful. The BEST part…..I am a type 1 diabetic and it is helping me control my blood sugar!! I did not bolus AT ALL today and ate a good amount of carbs. I’m SUPER impressed. It’s helping my digestion and constipation as well, both I have battled for MANY years. I’m hooked!!

  563. jod

    Fabulous product! use it for hair treatments, mix as a carrier oil w/ essential oils, great or skin, face, etc. cooking as well. Love this stuff!

  564. Lois C. Etete

    This is a product that is good for everything even as a lubricant! I use this all over my body after shower! I mixed a little into my body lotion too!I take a rub of it in the morning and night before bed! This oil is an energy booster and a great supplement! I like the fact that I can refrigerate and it still stays fresh every time!

  565. M L

    Been dabbing it for a few days and my mom tried it she order a jar she’s been dabbing it she had a lot of swelling couldn’t walk and in those 2 days she was able to go to the store walk around was able todo her own hair without getting any cramps hope it keeps working so far so good

  566. Karen

    I love it so much I’m on the subscribe and save plan. I add it to my morning smoothie an also use as cleanser in the oil cleansing method. It has helped moisturize my very oily skin and keep the dreaded shine away and also has helped with my acne.

  567. Elena

    I use that oil instead of coffee A few drop of oil dive me more energy I like it If i have difficult day a take oil more and I can stay on track

  568. Twyla M. Rieck

    This is my first time trying Blue sky buds stem cell butter. I put it on my skin and in my smoothie – delicious! Others speak of a fishy smell and I get none of that. I keep it in my freezer so it doesn’t spoil and it’s an oil, so it won’t freeze. I’ve read so many benefits of blue sky buds stem cell butter – both internally and externally. This will become a staple in my house.

  569. Mad Madam Mim

    Love this blue sky buds stem cell butter! I use it daily in cooking, skin balm, for skin care and even have used it gauging my ears. I have never been disappointed with the Blue Sky Buds brand and this blue sky buds stem cell butter is no exception. A jar never last me a month but I try to stretch it because it is a bit pricey. Sometimes when making skin balm I will use half blue sky buds stem cell butter and half olive oil to save a bit of money and have the blue sky buds stem cell butter last longer. It has a great earthy smell and I love the way it pours. Great product and the price isn’t as high as some other brands.

  570. eva heredia

    I never thought I would have the eyebrows that I have before this oil. I would use it to remove makeup, suddenly I noticed my eyebrows thick and bunch of new hair everywhere. So, I decided to try it for my scalp massage and woooohoooo, my hair is growing! I keep reordering. 👊

  571. Mindsurfer

    The best omega 3 supp you can get. Also smells great, kind of a nutty olive oil. Well worth the price, it’ll last you a very long time. Too bad omega 3s cant be safely used in anything but cold recipes! Save yourself from crap toxically heat extracted fish oils (they’re all made that way. Plus the mercury, and your helping to DESTROY the oceans!). This stuff is the shiznit, can’t recommend enough.

  572. Sheela

    This is working great on my hair. It’s not too heavy or too light. I use it as a leave in conditioner after shampooing. I am growing my hair back in & longer after losing a lot from a blood issue. This is good for so many things: hair, face, body & eating. It really doesn’t have a smell. I will order more of this.

  573. Ben S.

    Let’s look at this from 2 perspectives. First, as a chemist: This oil appears to be well processed. When you look at it, it is translucent and has no particulates in it. I didn’t run it through any type of GC/MS or try to determine it’s freezing point. That give me much better data to rate this on. But to the naked eye, its pretty good.Second, as a consumer: I purchased this as a remedy for blackheads on my face and nose in particular. I used it, following directions I found online and it did a great job making my blackheads and pores much less noticeable. My only complaint is the smell! Its hard to describe, but its something akin to peas. It makes it difficult for me to use but otherwise, its not a bad product for what I’m using it for and the price isn’t bad compared to some of the commercial products available.