Hemp Bath Bombs

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About the product
  • Our Hemp bath bombs are made in an FDA registered facility; made from the highest quality ingredients, keeping your skin well-hydrated and moisturized.
  • Our uniquely crafted aromas will aide in your relaxation and you will love how you will smell after your bath.
  • Our products are always cruelty free. We do not experiment on animals.
  • All our ingredients are non-toxic and natural.
  • Our bath bombs are designed to help you achieve peace and relaxation at the end of a hard day. “Love thyself.”
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Blue Sky: Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Dead Sea Salt, Water, Essential Oil, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Jasmine Essential Oil, Vanilla Essential Oil, Hemp Oil, Pineapple Perfume, Colorant Velvet Sky: Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Dead Sea Salt, Water, Essential Oil, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Lavender Essential Oil, Rose Essential Oil, Jasmine Essential Oil, Geranium Essential Oil, Hemp Oil , Vanilla Essential Oil, Colorant Rainbow Sky: Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Dead Sea Salt, Water, Essential Oil, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Cherry Blossom (Sakura) Essential Oil, Vanilla Essential Oil, Sandalwood, Hemp Oil, Colorant A Walk in the Clouds: Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Dead Sea Salt, Water, Essential Oil, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Jasmine Essential Oil, Lily Essential Oil, Vanilla Essential Oil, Hemp Oil, Hyacinth Essential Oil, Colorant Vanilla Sky : Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Dead Sea Salt, Water, Essential Oil, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Vanilla Essential Oil, Coconut Essential Oil, Hemp Oil, Strawberry Perfume, Colorant Starry Night: Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Dead Sea Salt, Water, Essential Oil, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Sandalwood, Sweet Orange Essential Oil, Hemp Oil, Vanilla Essential Oil, Colorant

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Hemp Bath bomb Gift Set- 6 uniquely designed bath bombs. Each one is 4.25 oz. All are HEMP INFUSED to improve your relaxation and help with your body aches. All have exclusively designed fragrances. The package is designed to keep freshness and makes a perfect gift.❤

Blue Sky is a complex and invigorating blend of yellow star jasmine, vanilla lace, pineapple slice, and hemp oil. Sweet and fresh, this unique blend creates an empowering atmosphere and encourages feelings of clarity and motivation to unlock your highest potential.

Velvet Sky contains an irresistibly sweet and tempting combination of french lavender, angelic white rose, yellow star Jasmine, Bourbon Geranium, buttery vanilla, and hemp oil that stimulate feelings of creativity and resourcefulness, encouraging renewed faith in the future and the strength necessary to achieve your dreams.

Rainbow sky formulated with Japanese cherry blossom (sakura), vanilla lace, sandalwood, and hemp oil. This bath bomb supports feelings of unconditional love, patience, and respect uplifting and calming the mind. 

Vanilla Sky contains scrumptious red strawberry and island coconut swirled with golden vanilla and garnished with fresh hemp oil. Vanilla Sky invites you to overcome the chaotic energy of everyday life and keeps you on the path to higher achievement.

A Walk in the Clouds has a strong vanilla fragrance. Top notes of jasmine and lily. Floral mid notes with nuances of Ryoto hyacinth. Rich vanilla, powder, and hemp oil complete the fragrance. Use this bath bomb to achieve cool sensation and aromatic experience.

Starry night contains sandalwood musk, sugared tangelo, Madagascar vanilla lace, and hemp oil. This bath bomb has been specially formulated to encourage positive emotions and increased feelings of wealth. This uplifting and inspiring blend also brings clarity and peace.

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300 mg, 750 mg, 1500 mg


30 capsules

489 reviews for Hemp Bath Bombs

  1. Michelle R.

    My fourteen year old son is autistic and has struggled with anxiety and panic attacks/meltdowns. Standard medications were only partially effective and began to give him side effects. Desperate for an alternative, we began a trial of your Hemp Extract Oil three weeks ago. This has been a game changer for my son! So far, we have not needed to give any extra “rescue meds” for his anxiety. He has had a dramatic reduction in panic, outbursts, and meltdown symptoms. His speech is better and he’s more engaged in his daily routines. Everyone has noticed the change in his demeanor and behaviors, including his teachers. I am so glad we tried Hemp Extract Oil. I am hopeful that we may be able to reduce or eliminate some of his daily medications in addition to his rescue ones. This product has been worth every penny.

  2. Tito F.

    Definitely notice a big drop in my anxiety, also it helped alot with aches and pains that i het from martial arts and running.

  3. James R.

    Works great to relieve pain

  4. Robert B.

    The 350 worked better, but I will try the 550 to see if it will stop the peripheral nephropathy in my legs and feet.

  5. Joelle A.

    I have had chronic back pain for 5 years. I’ve had numerous attempts through pain specialist to try and help using spinal epidural injections as well as prescription medications. The Hemp Extract Oil has helped me to fall asleep at night for sure. My one suggestion would be to change the bottle and dropper. I find that it is difficult to open following the directions to do so and I find that that when trying my best, I still get the oil on the outside of the bottle. The product is expensive so I want to reserve every drop to use and not to waste. Please change this if possible. Thank you, Joelle Aiple

  6. Lynn W.

    Helps me tolerate the day and helps with my pain and anxiety.

  7. Kristen M.

    This stuff helped me get off my anxiety meds and helps with so much more

  8. Susan G.

    I started using this product after a suggestion from my sister. It seems to relieve my chronic back pain and allow me to function again. I am a believer.

  9. martin j.

    This provided me with pain relief. I was a skeptic. I found it a little to take because it is very thick and it stuck to the walls of the dropper. Will order again

  10. Michelle U.

    This really helps me with my chronic pain condition.

  11. Hannah P.

    This stuff has been a life saver for me. Hemp Extract Oil has done so much to relieve my anxiety. Will be repurchasing ASAP!

  12. Carrie N.

    As I am on an anticoagulant, there’s not much I can take for the intermittently awful joint pain I experience. This seemed to do the trick, though I went through the bottle in a week. Must order more & continue what seems to help when little else does!

  13. Elizabeth H.

    So far no negative effects, hoping to see more positive results

  14. Brett H.

    Great product

  15. Vickie B.

    Great to use directly on your skin also.

  16. Jacki B.

    My first time trying Hemp Extract Oil and this one seemed better than another brand I tried at the same time. The only reason for the 4 stars instead of 5 is it seemed I kept losing a lot through the dropper not working very well… Taste wasn’t fantastic, but not bad either!

  17. Sharon K.

    I always have a difficult time shutting it off at the end of the day—a couple of drops and I am able to drift off without all of the tossing and turning. On my third bottle.

  18. Gregory O.

    Great Results for joint pain associated with Psoriatic Arthritis

  19. David A.

    This oil is a great relief I highly recommend this to all that have tried pharmaceuticals with bad Side effects. thanks

  20. Isabella N.

    I love this Hemp Extract Oil so much! It helps me relax after work, fall asleep, it helps calm down my Tourettes, I feel more relaxed in every way without any psychotropic side effects. Amazing product, I couldn’t be any happier.

  21. franklin m.

    good product may need 500mg

  22. Carolyn T.

    this helped my leg pain I would use again.

  23. Margaret F.

    Highly recommend this product and Blue Sky Buds.

  24. Gale E.

    Feeling better after only one week.

  25. Lynn M.


  26. Danielle F.

    Very communicative ordering and processing. Fast shipping. Quality product that works well for me. Will be reordering.

  27. Farrah T.

    How does this oil help? Let me count the ways… my anxiety is far less than it was, my focus has improved, I sleep through most of the night now and my daily muscle & joint pain has greatly reduced 🙂 Thank you for your product!

  28. Joclyn H.

    Effective for anxiety and PTSD and affordable.

  29. Sandra R.

    I have found this oil to relieve some of my pain.

  30. Jenna K.

    So far after a week of use, my sleep has significantly improved and my partner is also able to sleep better because he isn’t constantly being woken up by me. Aside from that, I have not seen many more effects but I will continue to use this and see how it goes. Additionally, the taste is not ideal but it’s tolerable.

  31. Yvette P.

    I’ve been using pill form and decided to use drops from Blue Sky Buds. Perhaps I don’t have my dosage right or it works differently, but I don’t get the same effect as from my previous company’s pill form.

  32. Darlene R.

    My Dad has chronic pain from Crohn’s Disease. The Hemp Extract Oil has helped him to be able to get out of bed in the morning. The ordering process was easy. The product was delivered expediently.

  33. Kathy L.

    Still waiting to receive it!!!!!

  34. chris c.

    I purchased the Hemp Extract Oil to help w/ arthritis pain and sciatica resulting from a car accident. Week one I stopped taking daily Alleve and started with a dose of 75ML morning and night. Noticed relief of day sciatica pain and calming of stabbing arthritis pain. At start of week 2, I upped the dosage to 100ML and bottle was empty a few days later. So , I am going to order again, but probably jumping to 1000MG bottle in hopes of better relief. I want to give the Hemp Extract Oil a fair chance and feel a week & half just isn’t long enough.

  35. Lyle S.

    Just starting to use the product in order to get away from various prescriptions. Easy to use

  36. Adeline W.

    I love this Hemp Extract Oil. Finally something natural that helps me with my awful cramps.

  37. Barbara G.

    I have severe back problems and started Hemp Extract Oil and it’s helped me immensely!! I only wish it was more affordable!! Works great though!

  38. Kahwa K.

    seems to have better sleep after taking it

  39. Christin B.

    Blue Sky Buds Hemp Extract Oil has helped me in so many ways. I’ve been diagnosed with MS and it greatly helps my physical pain. Also it’s a great relief for anxiety, it has helped me feel healing and relief in areas where I didn’t even realize I was anxious before. Such a blessing!

  40. Maureen C.

    Awesome for my IBS!

  41. Seth S.

    I’m 100% satisfied with this product! I will be back for more when the time comes! Works well in a vape too!

  42. Kimberly S.

    I really respect the compay on how quickly the product is delivered. The Hemp Extract Oil really helps with my pain.

  43. Dorana W.

    This product not only helped my back, that I need surgery on, but also helped me to sleep, which is something that I do not do on a regular basis. I am so happy that I have found this, but I am going to bump up from the 350mg to the 550mg. I highly recommend this.

  44. Jack K.

    It is keeping my blood sugar somewhat lower.

  45. Diane S.

    My husband is using it for help with his arthritis and is very satisfied. He no longer has to rely on over the counter pain medication. He has tried other brands, but came back to Blue Sky Buds.

  46. Craig K.

    Hemp Extract Oil is helping with my wife’s chronic pain, sleep and anxiety associated with a rare genetic disease she has. Thanks Blue Sky Buds!

  47. Jay R.

    Helps with my anxiety

  48. Geraldine S.

    Fast delivery. Can feel some relief . May take a little longer to a major difference.

  49. Heidi B.

    I consistently buy Greenroads because it is just a better quality product

  50. Jerry T.

    Love how it helps my pain and nausea

  51. Paul E.

    I bought this primarily for pain relief, and I am hoping it will improve my A1C scores. I haven’t had an A1C test yet,but it has helped me to sleep and reduced my pain.

  52. Laura M.

    I have only been using this Hemp Extract Oil for about 2 weeks, but definitely have experienced better sleep, more energy, and less TMJ pain. I really like this product and hope as time goes by that it will only continue to help me more.

  53. Deb T.

    Not bad. Doesn’t have the best taste while sitting under the tongue for some seconds, but no after taste. So not bad. Most importantly it seems to have a positive effect in reducing my physical symptoms of anxiety, namely chest tightness, clammy hands and heart palpitations. I am still experimenting with dosage amount and time taken to determine o ptimum results. But it seems to be a promising relief for anxiety.

  54. Carol S.

    The Hemp Extract Oil has proven to be a huge part of my pain management regimen in dealing with fibromyalgia and Lupus. Thank you GrernRoads!

  55. Gina S.

    I was skeptical about the effectiveness of this product. Well I’m here to tell you that I am taking less OTC for my chronic pain.

  56. Kim C.

    This product works very well and I have recommended it to my all my friends and family. THANK YOU

  57. Melissa C.

    I have tried several Hemp Extract Oil but this one is the best by far.

  58. Katie B.

    Works great for sleep. The dropper is a little difficult to measure 1/2 full.

  59. Kenneth S.

    I have tried several Hemp Extract Oil products from different companies and I like this one the best. I use less for each dose than I do with other companies and the shipping is a lot faster.

  60. James M.

    I haven’t slept this soundly in years

  61. Lola B.

    I am having good results with the product I purchased,

  62. cami b.


  63. Dale M.

    Great product, fast service. This stuff really made a difference

  64. Daniel O.

    Good stuff

  65. Julie Z.

    The product has been life changing wonderful and I truly appreciate the customer service when I call in my order.

  66. Vicente H.

    This has really helped me with my back pain and mood.

  67. Dawn B.

    Both Great quality love Both

  68. Gina P.

    I have insomnia and it Helps me totally relax at night and stay asleep

  69. Michael H.

    Blue Sky Buds was recommended to me and im so glad I ordered! My husband has chronic pain and he definitely noticed a difference from day one, we will continue to order! Only complaint would be the dropper can be difficult sometimes, but i’ve had trouble with droppers in the past so maybe that is just normal? Great product though!

  70. Taylor A.

    The Hemp Extract Oil that you guys make has helped my alot with my anxiety.

  71. Mary S.

    I buy this for my 2 boys who are disabled with an neurological condition. I really appreciate how the product is always available and am please with the shipping notifications. Keep up the great work and thank you. -Derek from Cleveland, Ohio

  72. Donna M.

    Beneficial product for PTSD and chronic anxiety.

  73. Ronald C.

    It seems to work very good.

  74. Barbara L.

    I was relying on 3 muscle relaxants, 2 Xanax, ice, heat and gritting my teeth just to stay upright at work due to chronic neck pain. Since starting Hemp Extract Oil, I haven’t taken a muscle relaxant or Xanax in 5 days! I still have a good amount of pain, but it is now manageable. (Helpful hint, chase the oil with a drink of something sweet. Otherwise, the “natural” part of “sweet-natural” flavor is a bit much.)

  75. Almin S.

    Top notch product. Very satisfied!

  76. Mindi R.

    I started taking Hemp Extract Oil for inflammation in my knee due to a flare-up of osteoarthritis. It works. I have been able to control both the pain and the stiffness in my knee with a half-dropper morning and night, combined with using the topical cream. And there are no negative side effects. I was also impressed with how quickly my order was processed and received. Definitely recommend Blue Sky Buds on all accounts.

  77. Rana B.

    Love the product ordered more me and my Dad had money taken from our accounts from United kingdom i hope it was you love this product

  78. Kristyn B.

    Works well for inflammation

  79. Gary C.

    I continue to like the help Hemp Extract Oil provides for muscle pain and soreness as well as help with sleep. Will continue to purchase and use.

  80. Tamara M.

    never could get a decent nites sleep, no matter what I did, drugs make me feel drugged for half the day. Hemp Extract Oil has helped me to sleep deeper, dream, wake up less and I don’t feel drugged the morning after. Now, I’m not anxious about going to bed and not sleeping. Yay!!

  81. Jessica V.

    I have a rare skin condition that causes me a great amount of pain, and this Hemp Extract Oil helps me manage that pain. Great stuff!!

  82. Kelly S.

    I have been completely satisfied with the product and have it has helped me to point that I no longer have to use medication for depression and anxiety. I love It! I would love the price to be less so that it would be more affordable to lower income person’s.

  83. Lorraine S.

    I just started using this oil for difficulty sleeping. I do feel that there is an improvement with me being able to stay to sleep. I am still playing with the dosage. I will purchase again because the company has good reviews and shows me the third party lab test results.

  84. Ralph H.

    Through trial and error the 350mg is what is perfect for me ..continue with the great prducts.

  85. brian m.

    I love this product

  86. Jada W.

    Great product fast shipping!

  87. Sandra A.

    Seems to work really well.

  88. Jill B.

    Took me a few days to get the right amount but it really works. Helped with both anxiety and sleeping.

  89. Stefanie H.

    I find the taste of the Hemp Extract Oil to be much better than any other brands I have tried. It also has been the most effective for my severe anxiety attacks. I will continue to purchase my Hemp Extract Oil products from Blue Sky Buds.

  90. Susan H.

    Within 48 hours, 90% of knee pain that I’ve been dealing with for the last 7 years is gone. Been on Hemp Extract Oil-350 for 10 days now. We’ll see how it works in the long run. It’s like the miracle snake oil!

  91. Jessica K.

    I have Sjogren’s syndrome and with it comes lots of swelling and some moderate joint pain. Since starting the Hemp Extract Oil I have had a ton less pain, and I can sleep so much better. I have also noticed the swelling in my sinuses and eyes has gotten less. I would recommend giving this a try. I was skeptical, but it has truly helped me.

  92. Tiffany T.

    Very satisfied with this product, it helps me sleep and calms down my anxiety.

  93. Kathleen D.

    I am very active. I work in a restaurant as a server/bartender. I have aches and pains daily. This oil helps relieve some of those. I noticed it’s calming effect and helps with sleep! I would recommend it to anyone. It helps take the edge off! 🙂

  94. Rebekah T.

    I noticed a change immediately with this product. I’m much more calm and I sleep way better. Highly recommend.

  95. Autumn S.

    As someone who never really “believed” in Hemp Extract Oil I decided to try it because I wasn’t able to take my regular depression/anxiety medication anymore. In two days I could tell a huge difference and I’m convinced that this is a great alternative for those with your garden variety depression and social anxiety. Tastes great, easy to order and timely shipping!

  96. Melinda W.

    I have been able to decrease my opioids for spinal stenosis and be more comfortable through the day. Will continue to use it.

  97. Warren M.

    My daughter has epilepsy and with the Hemp Extract Oil not only does it stop the seizures but it heals her from the affects of the seizures. Her quality of life is increasing & we dont know her ceiling!

  98. Eric E.

    Helps with my osteoarthritis immensely.

  99. Holly K.

    Just started taking Hemp Extract Oil 350mg liquid about a week ago. Noticed immediate help for sleep; subtle relaxation. My main reason for taking is for anxiety. I haven’t quite determined the right dosing yet and subsequent assessment on effectiveness which is the reason for my current rating of 4 stars.

  100. Evan P.

    Very satisfied with this oil; it doesn’t taste good but I don’t care since it really helps with my depression and anxiety

  101. Patrick K.

    I am super pleased with the results I have had with the 350mg Hemp Extract Oil. Its has not been overpowering, but quick onset and effective in helping to get the critical sleep I need in the day between my 12 hour night shift. Nothing else I have tried has worked as well.

  102. Jennifer L.

    This works perfectly for depression and I could not be more thankful! After using 2-4 dropper’s full of the 350 mg I absolutely feel like myself again~ peaceful, happy, and motivated~ and it works quickly. I feel like I’m living again! I’ve ordered the 1500 mg which should arrive within the week; I’m sure the higher dose will be just right for me without having to use so much of it and use it all so quickly. I have tried a different brand (it was a water-based brand) but there is no comparison, that one hardly made a difference at all. Blue Sky Buds all the way; absolutely try this product.

  103. Michelle M.

    Have tried another but came back to Blue Sky Buds. Good product.

  104. Eileen R.

    Helps with nerve pain.

  105. Natasha T.

    Great product! Really have felt a difference in my anxiety level!

  106. Michael R.

    I like this product because it eases my back pain

  107. Anna A.

    I’ve been using Hemp Extract Oil for a little while now. I decided to try this brand and a higher dose. So far it’s help my chronic pain and sleep so much!! Definitely will be buying again. So worth it.

  108. matt s.

    this product works very well

  109. Eleanor B.

    It does help relieve the pain, however next time I will order the stronger one, I think it will do more for me

  110. Sherry H.

    Helps with pain

  111. Christine T.

    It is so amazing. I now take 1-2 drops under tongue right away in the morning. It does wonders. Helps my body move right away in the morning. Depending on my pain level I may need to do again or just vape it. Not the worst tasting. It really helps me to get through a day of my normal pain.

  112. Cheli C.

    This has helped arthritic pain and other pains so much. No more injections for me.

  113. Staci S.

    Great to use for oncoming migraines or any small ache for me. I’m to the point I use it in the morning and night time, when I remember lol.

  114. helene g.

    Anxiety just melts away and the product tastes great!

  115. Katrina K.

    I purchased the 350 for the 27 per ml dosage. I have used about a half ml per day for three weeks and it really is helping me to decrease my pain management. The only issue I have is the flavor. Sometimes it tastes like a wet sock. I may try a flavored product next.

  116. Kathleen P.

    This one’s my favorite

  117. Chris A.

    Good stuff.

  118. Glenn T.

    after taking this product for awhile now and it seems my body feels better, which is probably my sleep has a lot better since using this Hemp Extract Oil…

  119. Cindy S.

    This is a Godsend for my son who has OCD and PTSD!!!! Thank you for your product!!! We keep ordering the one that is 550.

  120. Darlene H.

    Easy ordering. Great product. Amazing company!

  121. Aimee G.

    I had surgery and I am using this to help get rid of the pain. I love the results.

  122. Nancy U.

    Product arrived promptly and works great for my anxiety. So glad to be off anxiety medicine!

  123. Kate O.

    It’s my first time using Hemp Extract Oil and I’m very happy with the results. I will be making another purchase soon

  124. Veronica G.

    I am very happy and pleased with how your company keeps you in the loop of the delivery and the product is awesome

  125. Dorothy D.

    I have experienced lower back pain for more than 15 years…I used to take prescription opioids but Dr’s in my state no longer give them out for constant long term pain because of very strict laws…I just tried this starting about a month ago…one word RELIEF…thank you so much

  126. Catherine W.

    We love these products! They are high quality Hemp Extract Oil with right research behind them. Quality over price every time. These products have help my husband with his anxiety and other issues. We are going to be long term customers.

  127. Belinda R.

    My sleep has been greatly improved. I feel well rested when I wake up after consistently taking it. I used to take melatonin capsules by themselves which didn’t help much to fall asleep but when in conjunction with the Hemp Extract Oil, I fell asleep much quicker. I am going to buy the 550 MG just because I haven’t seen much difference in aiding my social anxi ety and depression. Hopefully the higher dosage will show improvement in those areas.

  128. Lucia J.

    Started out with low dose and so far so good. Will be trying next dose.

  129. Josh B.

    This product has done wonders for helping with mood regulation and even digestive issues.

  130. Connie R.

    It is helping with my rheumatoid arthritis.

  131. Helen K.

    Effective for relaxation, love it

  132. Tania G.

    I am very happy with my purchase. I have suffered from arthritis pain for about 7 years and the oil has improved my pain level significantly. I am also happy with the cream. It is very helpful with muscle aches.

  133. Mitchel H.

    I have Gout and my outbreaks are quite severe. Not a fan of pharmaceuticals. So this product is a sweet sweet relief. Did so well in reducing my pain. I am now a raving fan of Hemp Extract Oil….. Gratitude.

  134. Mary B.

    I bought this for my dearest friend, who suffers from pain all over (Fibromyalgia) and has a complex neurological issue which causes muscle spasms and tremors. Pain medication can only do so much… but Hemp Extract Oil is like a warm blanket that soothes the spasms, calms the tremors and eases the pain. Never without it again.

  135. lynda g.

    Taking this oil for my R.A. and am feeling wonderful!!

  136. Thomas H.

    My wife and I both use Great Roads Hemp Extract Oil for pain. My wife has Hashimoto’s disease which causes pain and inflammation throughout her body. We no longer need over the counter pain killers. My wife has also gone from sleeping only 1-2 hours straight per night to 4-5 hours straight! I recommend this product to everyone I know who has chronic pain.

  137. Sandra B.

    I received my sublingual Hemp Extract Oil one week ago. I have been using it everyday. I am definitely sleeping much better, just wish the pain was less during the day. Guess I’ll try the cream as well!

  138. Laurie P.

    I’m completely off the Xanax! I just take 2 drops in the morning and 3 at night (for sleep). Now I’m going to try to ease my IBS.

  139. Leandra U.

    I bought this after looking at several other products. It works GREAT and pretty much soon after application. I suffer from some kind of undiagnosed brain fog and what I am guessing is anxiety. After taking this I feel SO MUCH BETTER and clear-headed. It has brought me a lot of peace. I only use one drop a day so the price works out to be about .4 5 cents a day [I am using 250mg]. I’d rather take this then some pharmaceutical brew and there are no side-effects that I have experienced or read about. The dropper and closing the container are weird like you have read about, but that is not a deal breaker for me.

  140. Louis C.

    Product received timely and was fresh and of high quality. Highly recommend to anyone who seriously wants to use Hemp Extract Oil for whatever reason.

  141. Bobby R.

    This is a great product. It has really help me to sleep better and my body doesn’t ache anymore.

  142. Cheryl G.

    I have been using the product for 3 weeks now & it has made the constant dull ache in my left hip & knee so much more tolerable. THANK YOU

  143. Kesha W.

    Just finished my first month. Haven’t noticed much of a change. Maybe a little bit of a change with anxiety. Going to move up to the 550 mg. Taste is not bad. You definitely get used to it.

  144. Sherry W.

    I’m new to Hemp Extract Oil. Taking for risidual neuropathy in my feet following back surgery. Was having to previously take pain meds along with applying topical numbing creams at night to dull the pain so I could get to sleep. I’m using 3 drops at bedtime and have quit all the others. Seems to be doing the trick and Im sleeping better now also.

  145. Angel P.

    This is our 2nd purchase. Both arrived quickly. Product works beautifully! I use for anxiety and my fiancé uses for pain. We both highly recommend and will be continuing to purchase!

  146. Jeniece W.

    This is great. I was without it for so long and I have so many hurts and so many ailments that it takes time to get into my system,. My migraines are almost gone, and my fibro pain is starting to lessen, so I am ecstatic. I have 3 family members that will benefit from this and will be buying more very soon. Thank you GreenRoads.

  147. Dennis H.

    I am a 68 year old male, former semi pro football player and US Army paratrooper who has seen and done just about everything. My Army career was cut short after a climbing accident that caused me to fall 40 feet. I disintegrated my left ankle and have been less than active for the past 40 years. I heard about your product from a friend who felt to tally revitalized after the first use, so I thought I would give it a try. I started the day after I received it so that I could experience the effects from the beginning of the day. I put two drops under my tongue and held it for ten seconds before swallowing. I waited about ten minutes and I did not feel the earth move or turbo engines starting, so I decided to go to breakfast. As usual I went down my driveway to retrieve my news paper and noticed I wasn’t limping as bad as I usually did. I had to stoop to pick something up from the floor and didn’t have the pain in the back of my legs that normally would occur. I went up the steps to the house and into the kitchen. Normally, by that time I would be in a rush to sit because my back would be screaming, but not this time. And finally I was not huffing and puffing and gasping for breath due to my COPD. and had a conversation with my wife in normal tones instead of waving her off for five minutes so I could catch my breath. While this did not make me totally pain free it minimized my suffering. Overall, it was a miracle. I would highly recommend your product to anyone who suffers from chronic pain. Thank you so much for making this available and for my veterans discount.

  148. Peter M.

    Diagnosed with epilepsy last year and was given 2 different meds to try to control my seizures, which were horrible and affected my life in a negative way. Quit those meds and began using this Hemp Extract Oil a few months ago and the difference is night and day. I’m happier, calmer, I don’t suffer from anxiety anymore, and most importantly, my seizures ha ve stopped. This product is a God-send and I’m very grateful for it. Thank you.

  149. Colleen W.

    Love this product, taste better than most also works great! I will continue ordering.

  150. Amy P.

    Works for me

  151. Ghada P.

    Great customer service

  152. Alex G.

    Love this product is absolutely amazing for sleep and anxiety

  153. Lauren F.

    Alternative to 1250mg

  154. Paula K.

    Seems to be working well. I feel calm when I take it

  155. Renee C.

    Helps with my anxiety and my back pain!!!!!

  156. Nichole W.

    It works well. Interesting formula.

  157. Megan R.

    After first trying their gummies and daily doses, I realized I needed this on a daily basis, and I am so glad I got it. It is worth every dollar. In the midst of a panic attack, which I have regularly, instead of reaching for my medication (which is scary and can be addictive, being that it is a “controlled substance”) I reach for this, and within minutes, I am relieved and able to function again. I am so thankful to have found this company, their commitment to their customers and high grade products means everything to me.

  158. staci m.

    A sleeping pill user of many, many years. Have tried them all and they work for a time, until they don’t. So I decided to go cold turkey and stop. Was a rough few nights, no lie. Started taking the 550mg Hemp Extract Oil, along with 3mg melatonin and I cant tell you how well I’ve been sleeping. Like, when I was a teenager good sleep! I take melatonin and h our before bed and the the Hemp Extract Oil as I get in bed. Read for a few and then I cant keep my eyes open. Fall asleep and stay asleep. I use a half dropper and works like a charm. Highly recommend. Thanks Blue Sky Buds

  159. Dean L.

    I have pretty severe anxiety and this really helps done it down and bring me back to a functioning level

  160. Heather M.

    Love Love haven’t felt great in a long time! No more body aches for me.

  161. Dan F.

    This is the best Hemp Extract Oil I have tried. Really works!

  162. Jahidkhan P.

    Has a good taste and everything is fine, but I am not digging the dropper. It feels like I am not able to get the amount put into the dropper out. Otherwise, everything else is great.

  163. Chris O.

    I have been using the 350mg, .5 mL twice a day, for about 10 days. Subtle effects. Nothing drastic. Back pain and anxiety seem slightly lessened. Not sure why the label on the bottle says to “place 1-3 drops under tongue for at least 10 seconds before swallowing” while a “serving” according to the Blue Sky Buds website is .5 – 1.0 mL. Does that mean in order to take 1 “serving”, I should divide the .5 mL (which is supposedly half of an eye-dropper) into no more than 3-drop increments? .5 mL is upwards of 12-15 drops or so. The impression I get from the directions on the website are that you should take .5 – 1.0 mL under the tongue and hold it there without swallowing for 30 seconds… Would be easier if all units of measure were in either drops or mL.

  164. Zakia L.

    Best I’ve ever had. Thank you!

  165. Michael G.

    Bought oil for my dog she’s doing so much better with hrr bad elgs!!! And the lotion is a must for stthritis and even takes care of eczema !

  166. Alicia C.

    Works great so far. Have been able to come off my beta blocker.

  167. Dawn P.

    This has been really helping my son with his anxiety issues. I reccommend!

  168. Ralph H.

    Excellent as i have been using varying amounts ro control anxiety, blood pressure and chronic pain. So far all is under control and off my anxiety meds and reduced opiates in half. I feel better.and am pleased with the product, and prompt delivery!!

  169. Alyssa B.

    I’ve had this oil for about 3 weeks and see a noticeable difference in my quality of sleep as well as residual anxiety. I do not feel any negative side effects at all. The only reason I’m giving 4 instead of 5 stars is because the taste of the oil is really not for me. The benefits definitely outweigh the yucky (in my opinion) taste!

  170. Cecilia W.

    I have fibromyalgia, and am a type 2 diabetic, i also have neuropathy in my feet. This oil helps me with both. My only complaint is the dropper for the bottled, i have trouble opening it. The product is great. I am on my 2nd bottle.

  171. Sandra J.

    This was the first time I had used Hemp Extract Oil. I was experiencing shoulder pain due to tendonitis. After using the Hemp Extract Oil 550MG for a couple of days my shoulder pain had diminished drastically. An extra benefit I am seeing is a 25 to 35 point reduction in my glucose levels. I will continue to use this product.

  172. Cora B.

    I have had some wonderful, refreshing sleep and my knees feel better than they have in a long time. However, I think I may need a stronger dosage. I’d like to get some for my mother-in-law. I think it could really help her aches and pains. I may go for the flavored version next time.

  173. Gregory C.

    I”ve been using this Green Road’s brand of Hemp Extract Oil for about 2 months now – and I’ve seen an improvement on handling stress- and a slight reduction in pain management. I’m planning on ordering another bottle very soon. I think this is good stuff!

  174. Ramona P.

    Great product! Calms me down when I get anxious.

  175. Paula P.

    Love this product

  176. Cindy L.

    It’s great! I’m sleeping better at night and feel more rested when I wake up!

  177. Benjamin H.

    We started using the Hemp Extract Oil for our sick dog and decided to start with using it ourselves! Very good quality.

  178. Diana J.

    I have Fibromyalgia and arthritis and am in 24/7 pain. I have tried many options and nothing has helped. I decided to try Hemp Extract Oil and it worked. It is so wonderful not to be in awful pain. I reccomend this to anyone who suffers with chronic pain.

  179. Christine N.

    I recently tried Blue Sky Buds Hemp Extract Oil at my therapists suggestion. I have insomnia and anxiety. I started with 250 where I experienced slight improvement. The next bottle was 350 and I felt a definite improvement in my sleep. I now take half of my prescription sleeping meds. That is huge. I intend to keep it up.

  180. Rick P.

    I wanted to try it for my lower back pain and it worked. I would highly recommend anyone curious about Hemp Extract Oil to read up on it, search your problem or issue, learn what thedosage would be for your situation prior to ordering so you get the right item the first time. I’m very happy with the results, but now I’m buying a higher dosage after educating m yself a little more. The Hemp Extract Oil gives quicker relief than over the counter pain relievers without the negative side affects. I’m a happy customer.

  181. Karl E.

    When used in conjunction with Blue Sky Buds muscle and joint cream, it is very effective in reducing the pain caused by my osteoarthritis. I has helped in maintaining my activity levels.

  182. Fred G.

    After three maybe four days I noticed the inflammation in my neck has subsided and I feel a little less tense or stressed

  183. Tanya W.

    Bought it to help pain and swelling in my right hand but found it helped my anxiety more than the hand. Nice surprise but my hand still bothers me and remains swollen. Think it may be arthritis ☹️

  184. Katie M.

    I really enjoyed the flavor compared to other brands that I’ve tried. I will be looking into a higher mg for my next purchase.

  185. Michelle D.

    I have been taking the Hemp Extract Oil for almost two weeks and I have noticed pain relief, better sleep and I have started walking as well. I am looking forward to see what else is to come by using Hemp Extract Oil.

  186. Pamela C.

    Ordered the Hemp Extract Oil on a whim after reading benefits. I suffer from chronic lower back pain. I Have been very satisfied with the results so far. I will continue to use this product.

  187. Katherine R.

    Offers good pain relief for my arthritis and helps me sleep better!

  188. Byron Z.

    I actually bought it for my girlfriend, Patti, she said it took about a week to notice, but it does work! Patti: In the past I bought the same mg. from another company and I got nothing from it. My lower back feels really good, no more aching pain.

  189. Carol T.

    I appreciate this higher strength oil still has a smooth taste. It does what I need it to do.

  190. Rachel L.

    At first, I was very hesitant to try Hemp Extract Oil. Something new, something unknown. But I will never go back to anything else. Hemp Extract Oil has helped my everyday life for the better. Can’t wait to try new products!

  191. Frances M.

    So far I’m having far less pain.

  192. Gayle U.

    My husband and I both started using Blue Sky Buds Hemp Extract Oil at the same time. It was amazing, the results were immediate and fantastic! My husband works a physical job that is tough on his body, he no longer needs NSAIDS and wakes in the morning without pain. Something that never happened before. My fibro pain, anxiety and sleep is so much better. I haven ‘t slept this great since I was a kid! I’m now weaning off sleep meds and feel more rested in the morning. We couldn’t be happier with the results! Thank you so much, Blue Sky Buds!

  193. KEN L.

    works well calms me when needed

  194. Diane D.

    bought the 550MG oil and pain cream for my Mom who suffers from RA and stenosis of the spine. The first time using the oil she was able to get thru the day with no prescription pain meds and slept better than she has in years. Ordering the higher dose next time – Very happy with the results.

  195. Lucas

    Great taste!

  196. Julie

    I’m pleased with the results. I recommend it highly!

  197. Janice C.

    Great product! Definitely feel better.

  198. Mary M.

    For years I’ve had trouble sleeping. Trying different herbal remedies, and OTC sleep aides with little effect. I stumbled upon Blue Sky Buds Hemp Extract Oil 350mg, taking 3 drops per night and I’m finally getting the much needed sleep I’ve been missing out on. No bitter taste, no side effects and it works like a charm. I’m very pleased.

  199. Ralph H.

    I have tried 3 different strengths of Hemp Extract Oil and finding which is best for my chronic pain and anxiety is coming along great. The convenience of not having to go through traffic to get it is good as well!! My pain and anxiety is getting under control. Thank You Ralph Horio

  200. John A.

    I ve been using Hemp Extract Oil for close to a year now. The oils take the edge of my pains. They will never go away, but managing them, this is the best natural way I’ve found. I will and have strongly recommended these products to everyone i know. Thank you for making such a wonderful product.

  201. Rachael H.

    Great product!!!

  202. Blake H.

    First time trying the drops. I’ve enjoyed amazing sleep with just a few drops and with no hangover. I also enjoy a couple of drops in my afternoon coffee for a smooth and focused work environment. @mauibuzzcoffee

  203. Josh t.

    I wanted to try Hemp Extract Oil for depression, anxiety, and inflammation. I ordered the 320mg bottle and took 20mg a day. I noticed an instant relief in my inflammation 10-15mins after taking it in the morning. Because of this, it seemed to put a little pep in my step every morning. I’m not sure if it has helped with depression or anxiety quite yet so I will continue to use for another couple weeks.

  204. Kelli B.

    So far it has helped my wife with pain and sleeping.

  205. Randy B.

    Well worth time to try! It helped with insomnia tremendously. Will keep getting Blue Sky Buds. Thanks

  206. Teri D.

    Mind is clearer and headaches arent as intense

  207. Terry P.

    Also helps me sleep. Very good!

  208. Cathy K.

    if you want ur pain gone then get on Hemp Extract Oil you won’t be disappointed 👍💯

  209. Wade W.

    They kept us informed thru out the shipping and delivery process. Product is amazing,will be ordering again.

  210. Teya D.

    Our Great Dane is having seizures and we’ve been trying to get a proper dosage of CDB oil to help prevent and lessen their frequency. The woman who talked to me and placed my order was so kind and considerate and helpful. She gave good advice and truly cared about our dog and shared valuable information. I will only buy my Hemp Extract Oil from Blue Sky Buds ! Our dog has not had a seizure yet since we started the new dosage!!! Thank you Blue Sky Buds and your staff!!!!

  211. Hayley M.

    It does a phenomenal job of helping me regain control when my anxiety flares up.

  212. Melissa S.

    I started taking this oil in hopes to help control my anxiety and also to help w/my back pain. Within a couple weeks, my anxiety is notably better. I react to situations much better. I don’t go from 0 to 100 in 5 seconds anymore. My anxiety is a 4 now vs. being at a 10 most of the time. I have also noticed that my back pain is much better, I still have tension but the pain is greatly reduced. Amazing stuff, I should have started it a long time ago.

  213. John D.

    I suffer from headaches and terrible social anxiety due to PTSD, this stuff has all but eliminated both. I still have trouble in crowds, but I can tolerate them for much longer.. this stuff works and has greatly improved my life.

  214. Daniel D.

    Helped me with pain and to relax.

  215. Barbara C.

    Had to take a little bit more than has been suggested, but did the job! I sleep much better

  216. Tyler W.

    Tried it as soon as I received it. Noticed results in a few minutes. Hope it works long term because I’m really wanting to get off the pain meds.

  217. Melinda M.

    I am still still trying to get the dosing right, but I believe this is helping my hip and leg pain (arthritis). So exciting!!

  218. Cigdem K.

    It was amazing . I gave some to my father and he felt relief and was excited about its benefits !

  219. Vonnie G.

    When I am at work as a customer service rep, I often am on the phone with screaming people, cursing etc. Since I have PTSD, it really triggers my body into fight or flight and it has been so hard to come back to balance and take the next call. I use Hemp Extract Oil to help my body come down. I can say honestly that all these years at this job, I have neve r had a way to come down and my days were full of rising triggers and so hard. This is the only thing that has ever brought my body back. The feeling of an electrical current thrumming through my body and the body tremble disappears and I can feel the weight of my body in about one minute after taking a dropperful. I can’t say how much this has helped my confidence at work. It has changed the way I feel at work. I am no longer disabled by my PTSD.

  220. Jennifer W.

    The Hemp Extract Oil has made a great difference in my life since I was in so much pain without it. Excellent stuff!

  221. Randy T.

    This stuff really works, hands down…better than taking mwds for sure…

  222. Joe D.

    Just switched from Gummies to the Oil. Helps me relax and get a full nights rest.

  223. Deanne H.

    Has helped me immensely!!

  224. Danielle D.

    So far I’m loving it! I really do feel a difference in my stress/anxiety level. I’ve tried other brands and did not feel they helped at all. With this brand I actually do feel a difference!

  225. Laura S.

    This stuff is amazing. I bought it to help me manage some acute pain I was having, but it has turned out to be the most amazing cure for nausea I’ve ever tried. Almost instant relief from upset stomach; it’s a total lifesaver!

  226. Neil H.

    Didn’t know what to expect, was pleasantly surprised.

  227. Denise C.

    I’ve tried many different treatments for occasional insomnia. Melatonin left me with a morning “hangover “; Ambien just knocked me out. But this amazing Hemp Extract Oil has been wonderful. Just2 or 3 drops under the tongue and I have a very calm, restful sleep. Unlike prescription meds, Hemp Extract Oil does not knock you out—-my cat occasionally wakes me up in the mi ddle of the night, and I can fall back asleep with a smile on my face! It’s also helped give me a more positive mood!

  228. Scott W.

    I have been suffering from lower back and upper shoulder pain for 4 years do to a tree cutting accident. I have been to many doctors and PT locations to get relief that would only last a month or two. I’ve been taking Blue Sky Buds Hemp Extract Oil for 6 days now and have noticed a 90% improvement all ready. This is one of those seems to good to be true deals, b ut it’s true and works! Life can be pain free again. Scott

  229. Robin C.

    I have been using Hemp Extract Oil for a while and it really helps me keep my pain levels tolerable without all the side effects of prescription and OTC medications.

  230. Toni K.

    The customer service is great at answering questions! I have never had to wait or go through any automated questions. I never have to wait long to get my orders in the mail! Their products actually taste good! Their website has a lot of information about their products & info about how & why Hemp Extract OilS help the body!! I recommend this company to all of my friends all the time!!

  231. Murray C.

    I am a retired veteran and the joint/back aches and pains are real. On my bad days, I take this product as prescribed and within the hour I am able to concentrate on living instead of the discomfort of pain. I recommend you give it a try! And vets, Be sure to use the military discount Blue Sky Buds offers! It’s worth it!

  232. John S.

    From the easy to use web site to delivery of products, quality and reliability have been the forefront of this company. The Hemp Extract Oil I ordered has been helping tremendously with my cluster headaches. Purchase with confidence!

  233. Sandra R.

    I was skeptical about starting to use this but it’s definitely helping make me sleep. I should have bought the 550 which I’ll buy when this runs out. I’ll just start off with less drops. Ive taken it during the day when I’ve been stressed with work & felt calmer not a drugged feeling. The bottle is a little frustrating to open and de iopernnot the best . As others said every drop counts!

  234. Nick V.

    Blue Sky Buds Hemp Extract Oil is the only product we’ve used that eliminates pain… We will be customers for life !!!

  235. Camile D.

    It has helped with my anxiety.

  236. Jennifer M.

    taste was great, working very well for my heart PVCs and sleep. I only take .25ml twice a day

  237. Craig K.

    Great product!!!!

  238. Tammy C.

    So far I did a bottle of 350mg and now a bottle of 550mg. My headaches have slowed down a lot since taking this product. Onto 1000 let’s see how that one does.

  239. Tracy K.

    The Hemp Extract Oil seems to help the conditions we are taking it for. I honestly don’t care for the taste of it though. A bit disappointed in the time it takes to receive your orders

  240. scott w.

    the best Hemp Extract Oil I’ve had, its the third different Brand that I’ve tried, and I don’t need to try any other Brands, I’m going to order more now, thanks Blue Sky Buds.

  241. William M.

    Best thing i have ever used for my arthritis! After a few days of using it, my joints stopped waking me up in the middle of the night

  242. Shirley M.

    I use the Hemp Extract Oil twice daily-3 drops under my tongue and it has made a huge difference in how I feel and get around. I am 72 and no longer have the aches and pains in my legs and feet.

  243. Victoria M.

    I had a great experience with Blue Sky Buds service and delivery! And after this first try I’m sold on Hemp Extract Oil as a way to relax ahead of bedtime.

  244. Jesse S.

    I have issues with my joints … this stuff freaking works… helps with aches and pains

  245. Jonatghan M.

    Couple of drops help to relax muscles and alleviate soreness.

  246. Jennifer C.

    Seems to be helping ease my migraine symptoms.

  247. John T.

    High quality and worked great!

  248. Erin D.

    I have been taking a full dropper of 350mg Hemp Extract Oil for a few weeks now to help with social/general anxiety and I can honestly say it has been a game changer! I’ve taken medication in the past to no avail and Hemp Extract Oil has helped me in the following ways: my insomnia has been significantly reduced, my appetite has come back in full and my anxiety has sig nificantly reduced. The best way I can describe it is an overwhelmingly calm sensation. I can almost feel the anxiety melt away in situations that would otherwise be triggering for me. I would also say that in my opinion, social anxiety disorders require more than just Hemp Extract Oil (therapy etc. I would also sugggest) but for me personally Hemp Extract Oil has helped me feel less anxious about putting myself out there in social situations and has increased my motivation to seek out social situations I would otherwise refrain from. I realize it doesn’t work in the same way for everyone, but I will say that if you are thinking about trying Hemp Extract Oil for things mentioned above, give it a shot! No noticeable side effects so far, just feeling like a better version of myself. So thank you Blue Sky Buds, you have been great to me so far.

  249. Janis A.

    I suffer from chronic pain due to DDD, osteoarthritis & scoliosis. The oil helps reduce the severity of my pain.

  250. Doris W.

    My husband and I have been using the oil for about 3 weeks now and we both see a difference in how much better we sleep and can think better.

  251. Randy B.

    Definitely worth a try!!

  252. Catherine K.

    Very quick to ship and the product is great

  253. Rachel W.

    I’ve tried other brands and this stuff is far better. Took the recommended dose to help me sleep and I slept like a rock. Haven’t slept like that without sleep meds in years! Only complaint is its so thick that it can be hard to tell what I actually got out of the dropper.

  254. Billy L.

    Helping with my joint e

  255. Chelsea S.

    Has helped my husband sleep better and helps with anxiety in the evenings. We will keep purchasing it!!

  256. Robin L.

    I can’t believe it took me so long to discover this oil! It’s unbelievable, sleep and pain have improved immensely. I’d highly recommend it.

  257. Sheila A.

    This really works. Not only have I stopped taking any Advil or Tylenol, I sleep through the night and wake refreshed. Pain gone and a good night’s sleep every night and no more arthritis in my hands during the day even through I only use the oil at bedtime.

  258. Norma S.

    I love it, tastes good and it works

  259. G G.

    I am very happy with your product. I’ve been using it for a week and have noticed less pain and more sleep.

  260. Dale L.

    I purchased the 350mg Hemp Extract Oil to try for anxiety. It’s been a week and I definitely have seen a difference since using it. Just placed another order the other day. I would definitely recommend giving it a try. Good quality product and awesome customer service

  261. Brett K.

    Been taking before bed for about a month now, and seem to wake up fewer times during the night. Would buy again

  262. Michael B.

    I purchased the 350mg bottle to help with my sleeping issues. I notice within minutes that I am more calm and relaxed and that my mind isnt racing. It doesnt knock you out like an over the counter sleeping pill would and I dont want that. So far I am very happy with my purchase.

  263. Judy W.

    Great product. Will order again!

  264. Whitney A.

    This has been a huge help in maintaining my pain and keeping me functional. I’m truly grateful for this being apart of my daily regime.

  265. Sharon D.

    Will buy again

  266. Doug F.

    I have a lot of arthritis. Knee and hip replacement already and both shoulders require cortisone shots to keep them from hurting all the time.. I have a regimen of tylenol and tramadol to control the pain. My therapeutic massage suggested that I try the Hemp Extract Oil product.. I’d never heard of it before and the massage professional is very good and so I t ried it. My first order was some gel tablets but am using the oil now and it’s kind of a miracle. I wake up in the morning with sore back, neck buttocks and put a few drops under my tongue and in a very short time I’m feeling almost normal I do not use anything else until later in the day and then only if I need it. I like that it’s a natural product, but like it even more because it works. : I do wish that the stopper in the bottle had a different set up. The cap with the stopper is very difficult to seal and even more difficult to get open. The”push down to open” is crazy terrible There have been times when I thought I was going to break it to get it off. The cap sucks. 🙂

  267. Cristobal C.

    Surprised by generous quantity of oil ,it should last a while. Taste of pineapple is a welcome addition as these oils are typically bitter. Only minor complain is the bottle dropper cap is somewhat hard to open / close. Overall I’m happy with purchase and product. Deliver was very fast. Thank you.

  268. Jamie T.

    Excellent product and fast shipping.

  269. Bethany G.

    I just started taking Hemp Extract Oil after extensive research for my anxiety and inability to sleep. I’ve had a sleep study to rule out any medical conditions causing my lack of sleep and other natural remedies like melatonin have done nothing for me. My biggest issue is waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to fall back asleep. Since I started taking this, I have found sleep comes much easier. I feel better rested the following day. While I haven’t had any major triggers, I do feel an overall calm making me less anxious in general. I plan to continue taking this oil to determine how it works long-term.

  270. Tim L.

    Blue Sky Buds appears to be a product that lives up to expectations. I am new to Hemp Extract Oil and was looking for a natural product to deal with anxiety and improve my sleep . Currently been taking it for about a month and have seen improvement in both areas. Thanks Blue Sky Buds!

  271. Kathleen T.

    I didn’t expect much from this oil, between the lower dose and the large amount of access I have to Hemp Extract Oil living in Denver. I was so happy to find how much it helped me fall asleep and relieve a lot of the physical anxiety and muscle tension I suffer from. Next purchase I am going to do a higher dose, because the quality is just so good I want to be able to make it last as long as possible. The price tag stings a little, but it is well worth it.

  272. Chrisina W.

    I’m feeling pretty good I’m not sure if the Hemp Extract Oil is responsible but I’m going to give it a good try for a few months to give a more reliable review. The oil that I ordered is very thick and sticky that is my only concern I want to make sure I get all of the product out of the bottle.

  273. Tiffany S.

    Works great!

  274. Kristina K.

    I have Crohn’s Disease and looking for a natural way to ease the symptoms of a flare, Hemp Extract Oil helped me a lot! And, as a bonus, I’ve been sleeping better and feel less anxiety. Now, I’m looking for ways to becomes distributor 😊👍

  275. William G.

    Order shipped and delivered on time

  276. Jennifer M.

    Great help with pain and sleep

  277. Andrew S.

    The oil has worked wonders for my anxiety and makes it easy for me to sleep at night. The minor negatives I have is at times it can make me sleepy and cause dryness of the mouth.

  278. Erin S.

    After using a whole bottle of Blue Sky Buds I am hooked! It has decreased my pain greatly. I feel good and can get through the day without any prescription meds.

  279. Joel P.

    This Product Is awesome Helps with my diabetes and helps with my Knees

  280. Dorothy G.

    The oil is excellent. However, I find difficulty with unscrewing the cap…pushing down and pulling up!

  281. Randy B.

    try it

  282. Moraine k.

    Good tasting

  283. Charles B.

    I started out on 250mg and could feel more relaxed and even slept better, I wanted to try 550 mg to see if there was a difference and it is for us. you use less and i feel so relaxed. Takes my body about 25-30 minutes and i feel the difference. Love this company. I also love the drug test that come with it showing no THC. Thank you Blue Sky Buds!!!!

  284. ALFREDO V.


  285. Michael M.

    Really happy with this product. It has helped my wife get some of her life back!!

  286. Karen P.

    Love that I need less oil under the tongue because of the higher concentration of Hemp Extract Oil!

  287. Kamil L.

    Great product. Does exactly what I got it for. Helps keep my anxiety in check. Take a few drops in the morning and I’m good to go.

  288. Heather H.

    I’ve been taking 3 drops morning and evening of the 350 MG oil for about a week now. It has significantly reduced my migraines (I’ve only had one, and it was short lived), and has relieved the constant feeling of pressure in my head.

  289. Alec D.

    I wasn’t sure about this but I was surprised at the positive affects it has had on my health. I will continue to be a customer. The only negative is that the dropper thing leaked a little bit.

  290. Natalia O.

    Awesome product

  291. Donna P.

    The 350 mg oil is so awesome. It helps my anxiety and poor sleep.

  292. John S.

    Great product and great service.

  293. Paula M.

    The Hemp Extract Oil really helps with my pain, just 2 drops twice a day of the 10mg. I will probably try one that is a little stronger my next order. The taste is not all that bad.

  294. Claudia F.

    I have struggled with IBS for many years. Prescription drugs have helped but always with side effects. Hemp Extract Oil has been a game changer for me. I finally get relief from the pain without any unpleasant side effects. I’m so grateful to have found this.

  295. Jennifer B.

    I’ve only been taking this for almost two weeks but I think it’s helping me sleep. Plan to give it more time to come to a more accurate review.

  296. Daniel C.

    This product helps in subsiding my anxiety and paranoia due to the psychosis I experienced last year. Also it helps to balance the mood shifts I have due to bi-polar disorder and ptsd.

  297. Lauren W.

    Makes my whole day calmer! Mother of 2 small kids, this helps a lot!

  298. LINDA T.

    It is the first time I have used Hemp Extract Oil (tincture). The product was effective for the purpose intended. I like the way it is absorbed under the tongue quickly so one can feel the effect quickly. I liked the purity of the product, the way it is processed and the flavor was acceptable

  299. Jacqueline K.

    Personally I like don’t he gummies better

  300. Nina H.

    This product is good but I can’t afford it, I am now getting Hemp Extract Oil 350 from my grand daughter that lives in Nevada.

  301. Susan E.

    After 14 years of suffering with severe diabetic neuropathy pain in both feet my husband has found relief with this Hemp Extract Oil. He is no longer taking pain meds or anything to help him sleep at night (sleeplessness was due to the foot pain). He has tried every prescription imaginable. We are both elated with the results from the oil!

  302. Billy L.

    It’s helping with my joint pain

  303. John H.

    So far, so good.

  304. James W.

    I use for vaping, it works great. I mix it with other regular vape juice to make it last.

  305. Cheli C.

    I’m on my second bottle. I only use once a day. So much better than cortisone shots in your thumb joint and knees. I feel great. I’m able to exercise again.

  306. Susan R.

    I have experienced other types of oil and l keep coming back to Blue Sky Buds due to the quality of the product!

  307. Leslie G.

    This chronic pain sufferer loves Blue Sky Buds Hemp Extract Oil, it takes enough of the hard edges off, to make a noticeable difference in the pain.

  308. Charles M.

    Works wonderfully for my wife’s anxiety!!!

  309. Lisa H.

    Pleased with the product, it seems to lessen my chronic pain and is working especially well for my anxiety. Thank you!

  310. Chet B.

    I purchased the 350 mg bottle of Blue Sky Buds Hemp Extract Oil and I am impressed with the fact that it works without fan fare (if that makes sense). you don’t realize it but all of a sudden aches or pains are relieved 🙂 I’m a fan and will continue purchasing Blue Sky Buds Hemp Extract Oil and related products.

  311. Gloria D.

    I started using the 550 mg Hemp Extract Oil sublingually about two weeks ago to see if it would help with insomnia and I’m finally falling asleep faster and waking up much more rested. I will keep using and would definitely recommend to anyone. Customer service is always helpful and I received my order quickly.

  312. Rhonda M.

    Mentally, I feel calmer. I’m not experiencing as much joint pain. I haven’t had any side effects. I take 2 drops 3 times a day. It has been a positive experience for me.

  313. Richard W.

    I need stronger, will buy 1000mg

  314. Sally G.

    Seems to help

  315. Lybbia C.

    It can take time to find the right amount of msg to fit your individual need. This one is the perfect amount to help me get a handle on fibromyalgia pain. In conjunction with my regular medications this is the closest I have felt to being a normal human being in quite sometime

  316. Arin T.

    I’m completely happy! The Hemp Extract Oil is just what I hoped for, the service was great and the shipping was fast!

  317. Ronald B.

    Wife with alzhiemer’s takes 10mg a day and keeps her calm. The disease is not getting any worse at this point. May have a stabilizing effect.

  318. Morgan R.

    Good product

  319. Mayra P.

    Since my Dr recommended me to try to Hemp Extract Oil for my arthritis pain, anxiety and insomnia. I was so very happily surprised that it actual works. Thank you so much Blue Sky Buds💚💚

  320. Joy H.

    This is my new favorite! Thank you for creating an amazing product!

  321. Phyllis D.

    I just started. However, I am better able to relax and quickly go to sleep. As for my pain, I believe it is going to take a little longer. Good so far.

  322. Nicole N.

    I have suffered from insomnia for years and have relied on pharmaceutical drugs to fall asleep at night. I have been taking one full dropper of Hemp Extract Oil 350mg for the past week and have been able to fall asleep immediately every night! I haven’t had to take any sleeping medications and have been waking up feeling refreshed. I also purchased this for my grandmother who has chronic knee and back pain and she says she hasn’t felt this good in years. She was pain free after a week and says she feels more energetic and in a much better mood. I was skeptical at first but this stuff can seriously work wonders!

  323. Brianne P.

    I could actually tell It helped with my inflammation however I just cannot afford to buy a bottle monthly 😓😓😓

  324. Kyra L.

    Can’t say enough good things about this product. This has cleared up my acne, helped decrease inflammation, bettered my digestion, and even cleared up mental fog. Again, can’t say enough great things!

  325. Jessica Z.

    I have a lot of back, neck and shoulder pain. Hemp Extract Oil has really helped with that as well as sleeplessness and anxiety. Would recommend to my friends and family!

  326. Deborah R.

    Anxiety was a way of life for me. And I taking the Hemp Extract Oil for several weeks I noticed a calmness about me that I have an experience for quite some time.

  327. Sarah S.

    Is working very well for chronic back pain

  328. Alberto P.

    I like this product, and I have big expectation for results

  329. Barbara S.

    Was skeptical, but decided to give it a try. Definitely helped with chronic pain. Ordering another bottle.

  330. Linda l.

    fabulous product! Helps with chronic back pain, and anxiety/depression.

  331. Carina C.

    I love this product. I have been using for several months now and it has helped me so much. I tell everyone about Blue Sky Buds and have ha several family members and friends love their Hemp Extract Oil just as much as myself.

  332. Angie F.


  333. jill b.

    oil helps with lupus pain. taking it at night gives me morning freedom

  334. Roy T.

    Feeling better after 30 days.

  335. Kirk W.

    I really contemplated trying Hemp Extract Oil. There are so many different brands. I read countless reviews and always saw Blue Sky Buds at or near the top. I am very happy with the initial results. I have been taking Motrin to help with aches and pains. Since starting the Hemp Extract Oil I find myself barely taking pain meds anymore.

  336. Brett H.

    Great product.I started using Hemp Extract Oil for epileptic seizures and so far no seizures since began using it.7 weeks seizure free!

  337. Patricia R.

    I have COPD and the Hemp Extract Oil I purchased has helped me calm down.

  338. Deborah C.

    I’ve used the Hemp Extract Oil 350 for one week and noticed relief from arthritis in hand, knees and feet. I can’t verify any further because treatment was interrupted by trying another brand. Going back to Blue Sky Buds today to continue earlier benefits and will increase dosage to 4 drops.

  339. raymond h.

    have been using this for the anxiety and or “elder tantrums” and it really seems to work. I also recommend theanine to accompany it.

  340. Stephen W.

    I have had excellent results in reducing pain and inflammation caused by a sports related injury. I have really slept well. I will continue purchase Hemp Extract Oil products from Blue Sky Buds.

  341. Ann P.

    This is my second bottle of Blue Sky Buds Hemp Extract Oil. I’ve always had trouble going to sleep. I’ve used melatonin for a long time but couldn’t really count on it working. Now I use Hemp Extract Oil with the melatonin and usually have no problem falling asleep and staying asleep.

  342. David C.

    My only complaint is that the childhood cap is too difficult to remove especially since I have had issues with the cap leaking. The oil is great I had seen small results in just a week of starting using it. I will definitely be buying more. I may try tube 1000 mg next.

  343. Adeline F.

    Easy to use drops. Feel the positive calmness immediately.

  344. Lily G.

    Great! Love this Hemp Extract Oil 350. I’ve been using it since April 2017

  345. rgredesky

    helps so far have psyoratic arthitis will order stronger next for pain

  346. Bobbie B.

    I’m 67 years old and have had chronic lower back and knee pain. Over the counter pain relief pills reek havoc on my stomach…so much so that I developed an ulcer. I finally decided to give Hemp Extract Oil a try. I started out with a bottle of 100 MG. It worked but I had to use too many drops to get the relief I needed. 550 MG is just right. I am a big be liever in natural remedies. Hemp Extract Oil is my newest favorite!

  347. lynne p.

    Great product!

  348. Annie R.

    I’ve only been taking this a little under a month, and already I can feel a difference. It’s reduced my chronic neck pain significantly, and it seems to be keeping my anxiety in check for the time being. My only complaint is how steep the price is. Even though the high quality of the product is worth the price, it would be nice if the site offered a discount for recurring, regular purchases.

  349. Donna F.

    I was very happy with my first experience with Blue Sky Buds. My shipment came earlier than I expected, and the product has been very helpful for me in dealing with anxiety/insomnia. I recommend Blue Sky Buds and their products to anyone who is on the fence about trying Hemp Extract Oil. It makes a huge difference.

  350. Alexis B.


  351. Kimberly B.

    I just started using CDB oil in hopes it helps me sleep better. It worked great. The only reason this product didn’t get 5 stars is simply I can’t get past the tase of the taste of the vegetable glycerin, with that said there is a sweet flavor that helps. I’ve had to hold the drops under my tongue and then take a drink of water to waste it down. O ther than the taste I’ve been very happy with the outcome and the benefit of getting better sleep. I will continue to purchase!!!!

  352. Jill W.

    Hemp Extract Oil works well to control my pain from sciatica

  353. Veronica C.

    Purchased this for my aunt who is a cancer survivor and she claims the pains and aches that were debilitating have significantly diminished with these drops!

  354. Irene C.

    My mom has been using this oil for her headaches and loves it so much! Thank you

  355. Alex R.

    Great multi purpose product. Love the taste and Vapes well also.

  356. Josh B.

    Mild taste, has helped exceedingly well with depression and anxiety.

  357. Jared S.

    You don’t know it’s working until after a week you stop a think “Hey, I haven’t been anxious in a while”. I’m a huge supporter of Hemp Extract Oil now and Blue Sky Buds.

  358. Brian S.

    Your product is wonderful and will be ordering more keep up the fantastic work your are doing Thanks for everything

  359. Elizabeth B.

    My TMJ pain has really decreased. Good stuff!

  360. Jason H.

    1st time trying, was hesitant, wow… I picked it up for anxiety and I feel as if I had an exorcism, no more anxious feeling and feeling that I’ve forgotten something, and it came in 5 days to my astonishment – thank you Blue Sky Buds and if your reading this on the fence , jump over the grass IS greener over here.

  361. Jaclyn L.

    Best sleep I’ve had since I can remember. Helps to calm my mind and body during period of anxiety and stress. Glad to finally find a replacement to taking inflammatory meds.

  362. Glenda S.

    I’ve been using 550mg for about a year haven’t used any across counter pain meds since.

  363. Renae B.

    First timer, worked pretty good, i just believe i need a higher mg.

  364. Bradfield G.

    I buy this for my mother. It has helped tremendously with her nightly pain!

  365. Jeffrey T.

    Worked as advertised.

  366. Angela M.

    Within several days of taking 1/2 dropper once a day I could feel some relief. I have been able to cut my NSAID dosage in half so far.

  367. Sandra M.

    I have anxiety issues which this has helped me so much with. I wake up in the morning and no longer have that anxious feeling inside. I have also been sleeping so well and wake up refreshed and ready to go. I no longer have that I am ready to go back to bed after I have been up for 30 minutes.

  368. Kenneth M.

    Bought some Hemp Extract Oil and cream for my sister who needed more meds to relieve her pain . . . after using these products for a month, she no longer need to take her nighttime meds at all . . . she loves it . . .

  369. Tracy R.

    tastes so much better than other brands i have used

  370. Karen B.

    Helped with my pain from inflammatory arthritis and the pain at night that would typically keep me from a good nights sleep. This has made a difference! Going to try a high mg. for complete relief! Just what I needed !

  371. John I.

    This stuff worked wonders for me.

  372. Arron L.

    I’ve been taking this Hemp Extract Oil for a few months now and it has absolutely changed my life! I’ve suffered from ibs and digestive problems for as long as I can remember. A friend recommended giving this a try. The results have been incredible! No more problems! I got my life back!

  373. Carol G.

    Just a quick note to let you know that I happened on this option after a year of acupuncture and wonderful doctors who advised medications I had strongly believed would not complete my solution. Long/short story, I firmly believe that all medical practicioners are in it to make a significant difference in your life. I also believe that I have the option to balance my interest with options that may not be popular for all. Hemp Extract Oil has been a personal way to move through life with a sense of well-being not weighed by current and future precursors. I’m grateful and blessed to have found this addition to my life.

  374. Marinela S.

    This is the second bottle I’ve purchased for my daughter. I can’t believe it works! She’s feeling better now and is actually happy. It took a while for it to work but I didn’t lose hope. This stuff is real.

  375. David H.

    great product

  376. James R.

    This stuff is awesome been using it for 2 weeks now and have the best sleep ever!

  377. Bobbie C.

    I think I might need a stronger dose

  378. Janice H.

    Hemp Extract Oil 350 mg. has reduced my chronic pain & inflammation caused by fibromyalgia, ankylosing spondylitis, & arthritis. I have greatly reduced the amount of NSAIDs that I was taking daily & have a better quality of life.

  379. Geri G.

    I bought a bottle of Hemp Extract Oil 550mg for my mom to try as she has chronic severe back pain. She says it has helped her so much. She wants me to order another bottle so she doesn’t run out! Shipping was very fast i got it the next day with regular standard shipping. GreenRoads is a great company to do business with!

  380. Glenda I.

    Great for chronic

  381. Tannia I.

    What I’ve tried has worked.

  382. Carlos D.

    I have been surprised by the fast results this oil has given me. My anxiety level has decreased after just a couple of weeks of use. My sleeping has also improved.

  383. Kelsey C.

    I wasn’t sure what to expect as this was my 1st time trying Hemp Extract Oil. So far it has helped my anxiety immensely and I’m really happy with the product’s effectiveness and quality.

  384. Eugene B.

    I started with the 350mg and was very happy with the product so I tried the 550mg and love that also.

  385. David R.

    I have never tried the oil under the tongue. I wish the taste was better. I’ll stick to the gummies which i love!.

  386. Kathleen H.

    I respond to the Hemp Extract Oil (550) with a calming effect and it acts as a sleep aid. I fall asleep much quicker and stay asleep longer and I prefer to use it over any prescription drug that can be habit forming.

  387. Curt D.

    Has dropped my overall pain level !

  388. Tina T.

    Works great. Wish I had tried it sooner

  389. Valerie M.

    I ordered the 550 ml of Hemp Extract Oil for my back pain and it works like a charm…it also helps me sleep at night…highly Recommended..

  390. Lily G.

    I’ve been on this product for over a year. The Measuring label on the dropper is a great improvement. I love the taste as well. Thank you for offering discounts. I will definitely continuing purchasing this product.

  391. Sherry L.

    Great product for reducing anxiety, pain relief, and helping insomnia. Easy to use. Thanks!

  392. Elizabeth B.

    I have compared Blue Sky Buds Hemp Extract Oil to others that are out there, and hands down, the quality and effectiveness of Green Road’s is the best I’ve used. I use it collectively for: severe anxiety and to treat severe pain associated with degenerative disk disease in my neck and low back. I dose in the morning and again at night to help my body get pro per, restorative sleep. I recommend this product for anyone who is seeking alternative forms of pain management that are natural. I do feel that the products are too pricey. Hopefully, as more people accept Hemp Extract Oil as a viable source for pain relief, the pricing will go down.

  393. Michelle F.

    I think it works well but I need a stronger dose personally. But still great and doesn’t taste bad!

  394. erica r.

    worked for me

  395. Jose O.

    Good price & Fast shipping. I bought this to help with my mood & deoression. I know it takes some time to build up in your system and make a full effect, but so far, after a few days of taking it, I already feel the difference. Good company, communication and products.

  396. Penny R.

    Good Product fast shipping

  397. Amber O.

    So far so good! I’ve been using it for about a month and have noticed a difference in the level of my anxiety. But I think I’m going to increase the dosage.

  398. Dawn M.

    I have Fibromyalgia for over 20 years. I was taking 4 pain pills and struggling coincidentally my doctor decided to take another pain pill from me when I had just got started and I’m doing well on 3 still need it but can 5 hours instead of 3 and wake up feeling better. Looking forward to seeing how I progress.

  399. Tamara E.

    I have started using this oil while slowly coming off depression med. Fingers crossed it seems to be working. Where the oil isn’t delicious but under the tongue for 30 seconds it makes it easily tolerable. So far, I’m sold on the oil & expect to continue using it.

  400. Linda P.

    Very good Item

  401. Odalys G.

    This stuff is like magic!

  402. Estel N.

    Seems to be making joint pain less. Better than Advil or pain medicine. Into second week with 50cc in am and 50cc in pm. Stiffness still in hands but knees feel at least 20% better. Going to try a heavier dose next time. Dropper in bottle makes regulating exact dosage impossible. Need a different dropper.

  403. Ashley C.

    I have been takin a few drops before bed and have been sleeping better than I can ever remember. Will definitely continue to buy this product.

  404. Jackie E.

    I have both seizures and anxiety and this has helped a lot.

  405. Patricia P.

    Works like a charm. Aches and pain going away. Great help

  406. James T.

    The strength of this Hemp Extract Oil was perfect. It was easy to administer (30 seconds of sugary love under your tongue), but I found it hard to regulate the doses. I’m guessing due to the glycerin. I ended up going through the bottle much quicker than expected. I do recommend this product. I’d say use smaller doses more frequently and it would work out well.

  407. Lisa J.

    I bought this for my husband who suffers from arthritis and sciatica. He refuses to take traditional medication. It was hard to convince him to try this but once he did it changed his world. Although the pain is never gone it is now bearable. There are days he doesn’t even take it. Thank You for an awesome product!

  408. Amy B.

    Great company and high quality stuff. Really feeling the difference in my anxiety and in my sleep!

  409. Kim K.

    We purchased the tincture after speaking with an associate who runs a Hemp Extract Oil lab at a university. He has independently tested various products on the market and reported to us that Blue Sky Buds was the best. We purchased and he was correct. It helps my son with his insomnia and has helped me deal with pain from an injury. It may be a little more expen sive than other brands, but I feel better paying a bit more and having peace of mind that I’m buying a legit product.

  410. Jason W.


  411. TIM J.

    Pro. Relieves pain Con. It is a little thick. Hard to measure

  412. Elizabeth B.

    Suffer from ankle and knee pain on a day to day basis. This was able to help me overcome this, I’ve even started exercising again with its help. LOVE ❤️

  413. Lorraine Z.

    Originally purchased CBC350mg hoping it would help with interstitial cystitis and it had no effect but having lived with bowel problems from childhood and severe constipation (am now in my 90th year) it has been a Godsend! My digestive system is so normal and regular even when I sometimes miss taking just 3 drops each evening. Totally cured. Unbel ievable!

  414. Mayra L.

    It helps at times very good

  415. John C.

    Hemp Extract Oil from Blue Sky Buds helps my wife’s migraines and my prostate flair ups, would recommend to anyone

  416. Lisa K.

    I purchased the Hemp Extract Oil to help with insomnia. Need I say, I’ve slept like a baby ever since I started taking it. I wake up refreshed, restored and ready to tackle the day.

  417. Nancy P.

    Im new to Hemp Extract Oil and Im trying to find the right dose. I love that its helping considerably with my anxiety and keeps me focused at work. Helps my arthritis and migraines as well which is great. Also the fact that it hs no thc in it is the best part because I can still use it and pass my tests.

  418. Nicole U.


  419. Alexander L.

    I heard good things about Hemp Extract Oil and was expecting a good result to help with my knee arthritis pain, but when I started using it, the pain was decreased even more than I expected. Very nice surprise. Thanks Blue Sky Buds! Alex

  420. Beth P.

    I used this last night for sleep and will be using again!! I had the best sleep that I have had in a long time. I have chronic pain which interrupts my sleep, but slept hard last night without getting up. I am 68 so sleeping through the night is a bonus!!!

  421. Josh C.

    I�۪ve been taking this Hemp Extract Oil for about 3 months and love it! Started with the 100mg and about to order the 1000mg. Helps me with my anxiety. Highly recommend!

  422. Claudia P.

    I have struggled with insomnia for 15 years. The prescription meds I was taking were not very effective so I decided to try 550mg Hemp Extract Oil along with my sleep meds. The first night and the 10 since I have slept wonderfully.

  423. Morrisette R.

    Just not strong enough – we will try the next strength up. But good product.

  424. Barbara C.

    I am taking 550mg and have definitely seen an improvement with insomnia. However, next time I am going to bump up to 1000mg for greater relief. Blue Sky Buds has helped so much! Great customer service.

  425. Amber T.

    It works

  426. Daniel O.

    Does seem to help with anxiety

  427. Vanessa C.

    helps me sleep!

  428. Jennica M.

    Great product. I actually like he taste. Moving forward with my plan to try a higher dosage. Definitely helped with anxiety control and even my focus is better.

  429. Judy D.

    Great product, received in timely manner.

  430. Anita F.

    Helps with body pain, nerve issues, and insomnia. Issues w lid dropper- hard to open or leaks a little sometimes. Used the 250 daily then went up to the 350 oil. Probably going to try the 500 mg next. Also purchased the 1000 mg syringe but haven’t tried it yet. It works for me. You won’t regret the purchase.

  431. Tom C.

    Used as gift

  432. Stan T.

    This company is very professional and I have experienced very positive results from their cod oil… highly recommend… stan

  433. Larenzo B.

    After a few weeks of daily doses of this oil, my wife’s seizures have been greatly reduced with just a 1 ML each day. We are excited to try our next bottle. This has helped improve our quality of life.

  434. Jordan S.

    It did help relieve pain in my back. It also help me sleep really good. I think I will get a higher dose next time because I was taking some in the morning and at night.

  435. Q M.

    This has helped me so much with my anxiety

  436. Brian C.

    Haven’t tried it yet

  437. Kay A.

    I use it in the morning and before bed and it relieves most of my back pain. I am walking much better now.

  438. Michael P.

    This oil, taken as directed, starts to work within minutes. I am using it to take the edge off the pain I am experiencing after breaking 3 ribs. The oil is helping me get through the day, by relaxing me. Suggestion: don’t drive after use.

  439. John H.

    Great product. Have been taking 550 dose for three months and my wife has been taking it for one month. I take my dose, 3 drops, in the morning and have energy all day. I also suffer from PTSD, USMC, and it keeps me very calm. The best part is I don’t even know I take it,only when I miss a dose which has only been once. My wife,age 60 and very act ive, takes the 350 dose at night and it helps her sleep, she has a high stress job. Highly recommend either 350 0r 550 from Blue Sky Buds. It always arrives quickly and I believe it’s the purest form due to a lot of research.

  440. Bryan B.

    really helped with my neck pain. will order again

  441. Vadim K.

    550 mg CBC

  442. Nicole S.

    Use this to help sleep. Works great. Leave under tougne for 30 seconds and within a half hour I feel more comfortable. Taste is not wonderful but if you swallow with water, it’s not too bad.

  443. Casey C.

    Hemp Extract Oil helps me so much with my anxiety- I might need to up my dosage from the 350 mg, but honestly just carrying this product around I feel so much more grounded and able to be myself. I’m very grateful

  444. Jessica G.

    I love it. The oil works great for my pain I am so glad i decided to give it a try well worth the money

  445. Todd A.

    Only company I will buy from!

  446. Denise B.

    I absolutely love Blue Sky Buds products! I wasn’t able to get any for over a week and saw a noticeable difference. Once I was able to order again it was delivered very quickly. Plus the person on the Chat was super awesome and truly helped out with my order. Thank you Blue Sky Buds!

  447. Marriah H.

    Awesome product. Highly recommend.

  448. Beverley C.

    great product

  449. Lisa J.

    I am amazed that I no longer need to take high dose pain relievers just to function. Just one half to one dropper full (depending on pain level) and I’m pain free. I am beyond grateful to not be poisoning my kidneys and liver with medicines any longer. Thank You so very much for changing my life!!

  450. Cody R.

    Definitely pricier than other Hemp Extract Oil but I am overall happy with this product

  451. Brett B.

    The Hemp Extract Oil was Good. Its a bit messy using the dropper. It is a bit too sweet for my liking. It does help me sleep at night with my spinal stenosis along with taking Gabapentin. I sleep very soundly after taking 50 mg. I am going to try the personal dosage next because it looks neater and maybe wont be so sugary. We shall see.Thanks Blue Sky Buds

  452. Richard B.

    It arrived faster than I thought and I have been unseeing it ever shince. quality is fantastic

  453. Anika D.

    So relieved to have an option that is non-opioid to fight against my chronic back pain. The anxiety reducing effects are also phenomenal!

  454. ruselblac

    So I bought this product to attempt to get rid of minor aches and pains. Works wonderful! It help significant’y with my anxiety as well the usual aches and pains.

  455. Tina G.

    ive used this for nearly a year. I love it. I like how it tastes compared to the other brands.

  456. Margaret Z.

    After only two doses of half a dropper, my stress has been more manageable. I also have given it to my husband who has Parkinson’s Disease and chronic back problems and his pain has lessened but not completely gone. I am going to try a higher dose.

  457. Bill T.

    It’s only been 2 weeks, but noticed significant improvement in ability to handle depression, and “large crowd” paranoia. Still adjusting dose, but am very happy so far. Thanks.

  458. Jim C.

    This is “RELIEF” in a lil bottle

  459. Richard P.

    Great company to get your Hemp Extract Oil from!!

  460. Karen S.

    I have noticed a difference.

  461. Heather E.

    Helps with anxiety for sure absolutely love this product

  462. Julie J.

    I have been taking this oil for a little over a week now and have found that I need 4 drops twice a day for the pain in my hips and legs from scar tissue. The pain is not completely gone, but this has certainly helped immensely! Hopefully, I can soon lower the dose over time.

  463. Dawn M.

    I’m glad to have another pain relieving tool in my arsenal. I’ve taken fewer opioids for my arthritis since i learned about GRW Hemp Extract Oil. It also works as an effective muscle relaxer which was an unexpected benefit.

  464. Irwin I.

    Really helps with pain

  465. Deborah M.

    I have bad anxiety and insomnia -at 53 also hot flashes and mood swings – someone suggested I try this and I cant be happier – NO HOT FLASHES and I sleep well – has helped with anxiety as well – I highly recommend (I have – let friends try and they are nor ordering). Cant have THC because of pain management – so glad I found your web site !!!!!

  466. Teri B.

    This oil has improved my husband’s pain and discomfort. I can see the difference in his attitude as well. I think with further use he will continue to improve. I can not say enough good things about this product! It is wonderful!

  467. Brian K.

    Awesome product

  468. Russell M.

    has helped with my ptsd and arthritis

  469. Jeffrey C.

    Great product!

  470. Blaine N.

    I have only been using the product for a week, so my results may get better yet. I have had back issues for over 20 years, with nerve burnings, injections, therapy, and finally had 3 vertebrae fused. Since trying the Hemp Extract Oil, I have not had to take any Tramydol or opioids. I am very encouraged. Not all the pain is gone, but it is tolerable. Just not h aving to take any opioids makes this guy a happy camper!

  471. Corey J.

    This is such an amazing product, especially at this dosage. We purchased the product from Blue Sky Buds as first time consumers of CDB oil. We are so pleased with this brand that I don’t believe we’ll buy from anywhere else. Great customer service as well. Couldn’t be more pleased with Blue Sky Buds

  472. Kathleen M.

    I have used Hemp Extract Oil for 3 months now and I have reduced my pain medication over 75%

  473. Jeffrey H.

    Product works as advertised. Benefit in minutes. Would prefer bottle to be easier to open after shaking as some of the product spills. Small negative for pain relief received.

  474. Kelly B.

    Received 350mg bottle about 10 days ago. Have been using it for depression, ptsd and social anxiety. It working great so far. I am up and about doing much more things around the house and going places and not needing alcohol to self medicate.

  475. Brian M.

    Great product. Will definitely be ordering more soon

  476. Aynne H.

    I swear by this & recommend it to people constantly. Swelling, and more importantly, joint pain, in my fingers is GONE.

  477. Shelly P.

    Great stuff.

  478. Brian D.

    The Hemp Extract Oil is an excellent product. I’ve been using it for social anxiety and it’s been wonderful.

  479. Karl O.

    Product does as advertised- get great relief from my back pain!!

  480. Holly P.

    This was my first time trying Hemp Extract Oil and I was very satisfied with this product, it actually worked so much better than I thought, I ordered a higher dosage and even more impressed. I will be buying more soon.

  481. Donna S.

    It did relieve some pain that I live with daily.

  482. Brian F.

    I’ve been taking ~25mL per night (3-4 drops) of the 350mg oil and I have noticed a difference in my quality of sleep, especially in my ability to fall asleep more quickly. I just had two ankle surgeries and I’m hopeful that increasing the dosage or strength will additionally help with recurring pain.

  483. Aiden P.

    I received this product and was very excited to try it. I’ve had anxiety and depression my whole life and was never satisfied with the way that prescription medication made me feel. This oil is so helpful!

  484. Adonia d.


  485. Christa T.

    Very satisfied. I think I’ll try something new next time I order.

  486. Hansen R.

    I believe that this oil is helping with everyday pains…getting ready to place next order. ..

  487. Shelby C.

    Nice product! I started with the 100 MG and recently bought the 350 MG. Fast shipping.

  488. Diamond T.

    Hemp Extract Oil has honestly changed my life. I suffer from an anxiety disorder and am all about natural products. I came across this brand of Hemp Extract Oil and have been very pleased! Would recommend!

  489. Jamaica K.

    love it!! No more inflammation in my joints

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