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About the product
  • Our Hemp bath bombs are made in an FDA registered facility; made from the highest quality ingredients, keeping your skin well-hydrated and moisturized.
  • Our uniquely crafted aromas will aide in your relaxation and you will love how you will smell after your bath.
  • Our products are always cruelty free. We do not experiment on animals.
  • All our ingredients are non-toxic and natural.
  • Our bath bombs are designed to help you achieve peace and relaxation at the end of a hard day. “Love thyself.”
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Blue Sky: Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Dead Sea Salt, Water, Essential Oil, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Jasmine Essential Oil, Vanilla Essential Oil, Hemp Oil, Pineapple Perfume, Colorant Velvet Sky: Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Dead Sea Salt, Water, Essential Oil, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Lavender Essential Oil, Rose Essential Oil, Jasmine Essential Oil, Geranium Essential Oil, Hemp Oil , Vanilla Essential Oil, Colorant Rainbow Sky: Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Dead Sea Salt, Water, Essential Oil, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Cherry Blossom (Sakura) Essential Oil, Vanilla Essential Oil, Sandalwood, Hemp Oil, Colorant A Walk in the Clouds: Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Dead Sea Salt, Water, Essential Oil, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Jasmine Essential Oil, Lily Essential Oil, Vanilla Essential Oil, Hemp Oil, Hyacinth Essential Oil, Colorant Vanilla Sky : Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Dead Sea Salt, Water, Essential Oil, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Vanilla Essential Oil, Coconut Essential Oil, Hemp Oil, Strawberry Perfume, Colorant Starry Night: Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Dead Sea Salt, Water, Essential Oil, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Sandalwood, Sweet Orange Essential Oil, Hemp Oil, Vanilla Essential Oil, Colorant

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Hemp Bath bomb Gift Set- 6 uniquely designed bath bombs. Each one is 4.25 oz. All are HEMP INFUSED to improve your relaxation and help with your body aches. All have exclusively designed fragrances. The package is designed to keep freshness and makes a perfect gift.❤

Blue Sky is a complex and invigorating blend of yellow star jasmine, vanilla lace, pineapple slice, and hemp oil. Sweet and fresh, this unique blend creates an empowering atmosphere and encourages feelings of clarity and motivation to unlock your highest potential.

Velvet Sky contains an irresistibly sweet and tempting combination of french lavender, angelic white rose, yellow star Jasmine, Bourbon Geranium, buttery vanilla, and hemp oil that stimulate feelings of creativity and resourcefulness, encouraging renewed faith in the future and the strength necessary to achieve your dreams.

Rainbow sky formulated with Japanese cherry blossom (sakura), vanilla lace, sandalwood, and hemp oil. This bath bomb supports feelings of unconditional love, patience, and respect uplifting and calming the mind. 

Vanilla Sky contains scrumptious red strawberry and island coconut swirled with golden vanilla and garnished with fresh hemp oil. Vanilla Sky invites you to overcome the chaotic energy of everyday life and keeps you on the path to higher achievement.

A Walk in the Clouds has a strong vanilla fragrance. Top notes of jasmine and lily. Floral mid notes with nuances of Ryoto hyacinth. Rich vanilla, powder, and hemp oil complete the fragrance. Use this bath bomb to achieve cool sensation and aromatic experience.

Starry night contains sandalwood musk, sugared tangelo, Madagascar vanilla lace, and hemp oil. This bath bomb has been specially formulated to encourage positive emotions and increased feelings of wealth. This uplifting and inspiring blend also brings clarity and peace.

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300 mg, 750 mg, 1500 mg


30 capsules

489 reviews for Hemp Bath Bombs

  1. Bryan B.

    really helped with my neck pain. will order again

  2. blank

    Vadim K.

    550 mg CBC

  3. blank

    Nicole S.

    Use this to help sleep. Works great. Leave under tougne for 30 seconds and within a half hour I feel more comfortable. Taste is not wonderful but if you swallow with water, it’s not too bad.

  4. blank

    Casey C.

    Hemp Extract Oil helps me so much with my anxiety- I might need to up my dosage from the 350 mg, but honestly just carrying this product around I feel so much more grounded and able to be myself. I’m very grateful

  5. blank

    Jessica G.

    I love it. The oil works great for my pain I am so glad i decided to give it a try well worth the money

  6. blank

    Todd A.

    Only company I will buy from!

  7. blank

    Denise B.

    I absolutely love Blue Sky Buds products! I wasn’t able to get any for over a week and saw a noticeable difference. Once I was able to order again it was delivered very quickly. Plus the person on the Chat was super awesome and truly helped out with my order. Thank you Blue Sky Buds!

  8. blank

    Marriah H.

    Awesome product. Highly recommend.

  9. blank

    Beverley C.

    great product

  10. blank

    Lisa J.

    I am amazed that I no longer need to take high dose pain relievers just to function. Just one half to one dropper full (depending on pain level) and I’m pain free. I am beyond grateful to not be poisoning my kidneys and liver with medicines any longer. Thank You so very much for changing my life!!

  11. blank

    Cody R.

    Definitely pricier than other Hemp Extract Oil but I am overall happy with this product

  12. blank

    Brett B.

    The Hemp Extract Oil was Good. Its a bit messy using the dropper. It is a bit too sweet for my liking. It does help me sleep at night with my spinal stenosis along with taking Gabapentin. I sleep very soundly after taking 50 mg. I am going to try the personal dosage next because it looks neater and maybe wont be so sugary. We shall see.Thanks Blue Sky Buds

  13. blank

    Richard B.

    It arrived faster than I thought and I have been unseeing it ever shince. quality is fantastic

  14. blank

    Anika D.

    So relieved to have an option that is non-opioid to fight against my chronic back pain. The anxiety reducing effects are also phenomenal!

  15. blank


    So I bought this product to attempt to get rid of minor aches and pains. Works wonderful! It help significant’y with my anxiety as well the usual aches and pains.

  16. blank

    Tina G.

    ive used this for nearly a year. I love it. I like how it tastes compared to the other brands.

  17. blank

    Margaret Z.

    After only two doses of half a dropper, my stress has been more manageable. I also have given it to my husband who has Parkinson’s Disease and chronic back problems and his pain has lessened but not completely gone. I am going to try a higher dose.

  18. blank

    Bill T.

    It’s only been 2 weeks, but noticed significant improvement in ability to handle depression, and “large crowd” paranoia. Still adjusting dose, but am very happy so far. Thanks.

  19. blank

    Jim C.

    This is “RELIEF” in a lil bottle

  20. blank

    Richard P.

    Great company to get your Hemp Extract Oil from!!

  21. blank

    Karen S.

    I have noticed a difference.

  22. blank

    Heather E.

    Helps with anxiety for sure absolutely love this product

  23. blank

    Julie J.

    I have been taking this oil for a little over a week now and have found that I need 4 drops twice a day for the pain in my hips and legs from scar tissue. The pain is not completely gone, but this has certainly helped immensely! Hopefully, I can soon lower the dose over time.

  24. blank

    Dawn M.

    I’m glad to have another pain relieving tool in my arsenal. I’ve taken fewer opioids for my arthritis since i learned about GRW Hemp Extract Oil. It also works as an effective muscle relaxer which was an unexpected benefit.

  25. blank

    Irwin I.

    Really helps with pain

  26. blank

    Deborah M.

    I have bad anxiety and insomnia -at 53 also hot flashes and mood swings – someone suggested I try this and I cant be happier – NO HOT FLASHES and I sleep well – has helped with anxiety as well – I highly recommend (I have – let friends try and they are nor ordering). Cant have THC because of pain management – so glad I found your web site !!!!!

  27. blank

    Teri B.

    This oil has improved my husband’s pain and discomfort. I can see the difference in his attitude as well. I think with further use he will continue to improve. I can not say enough good things about this product! It is wonderful!

  28. blank

    Brian K.

    Awesome product

  29. blank

    Russell M.

    has helped with my ptsd and arthritis

  30. blank

    Jeffrey C.

    Great product!

  31. blank

    Blaine N.

    I have only been using the product for a week, so my results may get better yet. I have had back issues for over 20 years, with nerve burnings, injections, therapy, and finally had 3 vertebrae fused. Since trying the Hemp Extract Oil, I have not had to take any Tramydol or opioids. I am very encouraged. Not all the pain is gone, but it is tolerable. Just not h aving to take any opioids makes this guy a happy camper!

  32. blank

    Corey J.

    This is such an amazing product, especially at this dosage. We purchased the product from Blue Sky Buds as first time consumers of CDB oil. We are so pleased with this brand that I don’t believe we’ll buy from anywhere else. Great customer service as well. Couldn’t be more pleased with Blue Sky Buds

  33. blank

    Kathleen M.

    I have used Hemp Extract Oil for 3 months now and I have reduced my pain medication over 75%

  34. blank

    Jeffrey H.

    Product works as advertised. Benefit in minutes. Would prefer bottle to be easier to open after shaking as some of the product spills. Small negative for pain relief received.

  35. blank

    Kelly B.

    Received 350mg bottle about 10 days ago. Have been using it for depression, ptsd and social anxiety. It working great so far. I am up and about doing much more things around the house and going places and not needing alcohol to self medicate.

  36. blank

    Brian M.

    Great product. Will definitely be ordering more soon

  37. blank

    Aynne H.

    I swear by this & recommend it to people constantly. Swelling, and more importantly, joint pain, in my fingers is GONE.

  38. blank

    Shelly P.

    Great stuff.

  39. blank

    Brian D.

    The Hemp Extract Oil is an excellent product. I’ve been using it for social anxiety and it’s been wonderful.

  40. blank

    Karl O.

    Product does as advertised- get great relief from my back pain!!

  41. blank

    Holly P.

    This was my first time trying Hemp Extract Oil and I was very satisfied with this product, it actually worked so much better than I thought, I ordered a higher dosage and even more impressed. I will be buying more soon.

  42. blank

    Donna S.

    It did relieve some pain that I live with daily.

  43. blank

    Brian F.

    I’ve been taking ~25mL per night (3-4 drops) of the 350mg oil and I have noticed a difference in my quality of sleep, especially in my ability to fall asleep more quickly. I just had two ankle surgeries and I’m hopeful that increasing the dosage or strength will additionally help with recurring pain.

  44. blank

    Aiden P.

    I received this product and was very excited to try it. I’ve had anxiety and depression my whole life and was never satisfied with the way that prescription medication made me feel. This oil is so helpful!

  45. blank

    Adonia d.


  46. blank

    Christa T.

    Very satisfied. I think I’ll try something new next time I order.

  47. blank

    Hansen R.

    I believe that this oil is helping with everyday pains…getting ready to place next order. ..

  48. blank

    Shelby C.

    Nice product! I started with the 100 MG and recently bought the 350 MG. Fast shipping.

  49. blank

    Diamond T.

    Hemp Extract Oil has honestly changed my life. I suffer from an anxiety disorder and am all about natural products. I came across this brand of Hemp Extract Oil and have been very pleased! Would recommend!

  50. blank

    Jamaica K.

    love it!! No more inflammation in my joints

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