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About the product
  • Our Hemp bath bombs are made in an FDA registered facility; made from the highest quality ingredients, keeping your skin well-hydrated and moisturized.
  • Our uniquely crafted aromas will aide in your relaxation and you will love how you will smell after your bath.
  • Our products are always cruelty free. We do not experiment on animals.
  • All our ingredients are non-toxic and natural.
  • Our bath bombs are designed to help you achieve peace and relaxation at the end of a hard day. “Love thyself.”
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Blue Sky: Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Dead Sea Salt, Water, Essential Oil, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Jasmine Essential Oil, Vanilla Essential Oil, Hemp Oil, Pineapple Perfume, Colorant Velvet Sky: Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Dead Sea Salt, Water, Essential Oil, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Lavender Essential Oil, Rose Essential Oil, Jasmine Essential Oil, Geranium Essential Oil, Hemp Oil , Vanilla Essential Oil, Colorant Rainbow Sky: Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Dead Sea Salt, Water, Essential Oil, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Cherry Blossom (Sakura) Essential Oil, Vanilla Essential Oil, Sandalwood, Hemp Oil, Colorant A Walk in the Clouds: Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Dead Sea Salt, Water, Essential Oil, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Jasmine Essential Oil, Lily Essential Oil, Vanilla Essential Oil, Hemp Oil, Hyacinth Essential Oil, Colorant Vanilla Sky : Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Dead Sea Salt, Water, Essential Oil, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Vanilla Essential Oil, Coconut Essential Oil, Hemp Oil, Strawberry Perfume, Colorant Starry Night: Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Dead Sea Salt, Water, Essential Oil, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Sandalwood, Sweet Orange Essential Oil, Hemp Oil, Vanilla Essential Oil, Colorant

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Hemp Bath bomb Gift Set- 6 uniquely designed bath bombs. Each one is 4.25 oz. All are HEMP INFUSED to improve your relaxation and help with your body aches. All have exclusively designed fragrances. The package is designed to keep freshness and makes a perfect gift.❤

Blue Sky is a complex and invigorating blend of yellow star jasmine, vanilla lace, pineapple slice, and hemp oil. Sweet and fresh, this unique blend creates an empowering atmosphere and encourages feelings of clarity and motivation to unlock your highest potential.

Velvet Sky contains an irresistibly sweet and tempting combination of french lavender, angelic white rose, yellow star Jasmine, Bourbon Geranium, buttery vanilla, and hemp oil that stimulate feelings of creativity and resourcefulness, encouraging renewed faith in the future and the strength necessary to achieve your dreams.

Rainbow sky formulated with Japanese cherry blossom (sakura), vanilla lace, sandalwood, and hemp oil. This bath bomb supports feelings of unconditional love, patience, and respect uplifting and calming the mind. 

Vanilla Sky contains scrumptious red strawberry and island coconut swirled with golden vanilla and garnished with fresh hemp oil. Vanilla Sky invites you to overcome the chaotic energy of everyday life and keeps you on the path to higher achievement.

A Walk in the Clouds has a strong vanilla fragrance. Top notes of jasmine and lily. Floral mid notes with nuances of Ryoto hyacinth. Rich vanilla, powder, and hemp oil complete the fragrance. Use this bath bomb to achieve cool sensation and aromatic experience.

Starry night contains sandalwood musk, sugared tangelo, Madagascar vanilla lace, and hemp oil. This bath bomb has been specially formulated to encourage positive emotions and increased feelings of wealth. This uplifting and inspiring blend also brings clarity and peace.

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300 mg, 750 mg, 1500 mg


30 capsules

489 reviews for Hemp Bath Bombs

  1. Susan H.

    Within 48 hours, 90% of knee pain that I’ve been dealing with for the last 7 years is gone. Been on Hemp Extract Oil-350 for 10 days now. We’ll see how it works in the long run. It’s like the miracle snake oil!

  2. blank

    Jessica K.

    I have Sjogren’s syndrome and with it comes lots of swelling and some moderate joint pain. Since starting the Hemp Extract Oil I have had a ton less pain, and I can sleep so much better. I have also noticed the swelling in my sinuses and eyes has gotten less. I would recommend giving this a try. I was skeptical, but it has truly helped me.

  3. blank

    Tiffany T.

    Very satisfied with this product, it helps me sleep and calms down my anxiety.

  4. blank

    Kathleen D.

    I am very active. I work in a restaurant as a server/bartender. I have aches and pains daily. This oil helps relieve some of those. I noticed it’s calming effect and helps with sleep! I would recommend it to anyone. It helps take the edge off! 🙂

  5. blank

    Rebekah T.

    I noticed a change immediately with this product. I’m much more calm and I sleep way better. Highly recommend.

  6. blank

    Autumn S.

    As someone who never really “believed” in Hemp Extract Oil I decided to try it because I wasn’t able to take my regular depression/anxiety medication anymore. In two days I could tell a huge difference and I’m convinced that this is a great alternative for those with your garden variety depression and social anxiety. Tastes great, easy to order and timely shipping!

  7. blank

    Melinda W.

    I have been able to decrease my opioids for spinal stenosis and be more comfortable through the day. Will continue to use it.

  8. blank

    Warren M.

    My daughter has epilepsy and with the Hemp Extract Oil not only does it stop the seizures but it heals her from the affects of the seizures. Her quality of life is increasing & we dont know her ceiling!

  9. blank

    Eric E.

    Helps with my osteoarthritis immensely.

  10. blank

    Holly K.

    Just started taking Hemp Extract Oil 350mg liquid about a week ago. Noticed immediate help for sleep; subtle relaxation. My main reason for taking is for anxiety. I haven’t quite determined the right dosing yet and subsequent assessment on effectiveness which is the reason for my current rating of 4 stars.

  11. blank

    Evan P.

    Very satisfied with this oil; it doesn’t taste good but I don’t care since it really helps with my depression and anxiety

  12. blank

    Patrick K.

    I am super pleased with the results I have had with the 350mg Hemp Extract Oil. Its has not been overpowering, but quick onset and effective in helping to get the critical sleep I need in the day between my 12 hour night shift. Nothing else I have tried has worked as well.

  13. blank

    Jennifer L.

    This works perfectly for depression and I could not be more thankful! After using 2-4 dropper’s full of the 350 mg I absolutely feel like myself again~ peaceful, happy, and motivated~ and it works quickly. I feel like I’m living again! I’ve ordered the 1500 mg which should arrive within the week; I’m sure the higher dose will be just right for me without having to use so much of it and use it all so quickly. I have tried a different brand (it was a water-based brand) but there is no comparison, that one hardly made a difference at all. Blue Sky Buds all the way; absolutely try this product.

  14. blank

    Michelle M.

    Have tried another but came back to Blue Sky Buds. Good product.

  15. blank

    Eileen R.

    Helps with nerve pain.

  16. blank

    Natasha T.

    Great product! Really have felt a difference in my anxiety level!

  17. blank

    Michael R.

    I like this product because it eases my back pain

  18. blank

    Anna A.

    I’ve been using Hemp Extract Oil for a little while now. I decided to try this brand and a higher dose. So far it’s help my chronic pain and sleep so much!! Definitely will be buying again. So worth it.

  19. blank

    matt s.

    this product works very well

  20. blank

    Eleanor B.

    It does help relieve the pain, however next time I will order the stronger one, I think it will do more for me

  21. blank

    Sherry H.

    Helps with pain

  22. blank

    Christine T.

    It is so amazing. I now take 1-2 drops under tongue right away in the morning. It does wonders. Helps my body move right away in the morning. Depending on my pain level I may need to do again or just vape it. Not the worst tasting. It really helps me to get through a day of my normal pain.

  23. blank

    Cheli C.

    This has helped arthritic pain and other pains so much. No more injections for me.

  24. blank

    Staci S.

    Great to use for oncoming migraines or any small ache for me. I’m to the point I use it in the morning and night time, when I remember lol.

  25. blank

    helene g.

    Anxiety just melts away and the product tastes great!

  26. blank

    Katrina K.

    I purchased the 350 for the 27 per ml dosage. I have used about a half ml per day for three weeks and it really is helping me to decrease my pain management. The only issue I have is the flavor. Sometimes it tastes like a wet sock. I may try a flavored product next.

  27. blank

    Kathleen P.

    This one’s my favorite

  28. blank

    Chris A.

    Good stuff.

  29. blank

    Glenn T.

    after taking this product for awhile now and it seems my body feels better, which is probably my sleep has a lot better since using this Hemp Extract Oil…

  30. blank

    Cindy S.

    This is a Godsend for my son who has OCD and PTSD!!!! Thank you for your product!!! We keep ordering the one that is 550.

  31. blank

    Darlene H.

    Easy ordering. Great product. Amazing company!

  32. blank

    Aimee G.

    I had surgery and I am using this to help get rid of the pain. I love the results.

  33. blank

    Nancy U.

    Product arrived promptly and works great for my anxiety. So glad to be off anxiety medicine!

  34. blank

    Kate O.

    It’s my first time using Hemp Extract Oil and I’m very happy with the results. I will be making another purchase soon

  35. blank

    Veronica G.

    I am very happy and pleased with how your company keeps you in the loop of the delivery and the product is awesome

  36. blank

    Dorothy D.

    I have experienced lower back pain for more than 15 years…I used to take prescription opioids but Dr’s in my state no longer give them out for constant long term pain because of very strict laws…I just tried this starting about a month ago…one word RELIEF…thank you so much

  37. blank

    Catherine W.

    We love these products! They are high quality Hemp Extract Oil with right research behind them. Quality over price every time. These products have help my husband with his anxiety and other issues. We are going to be long term customers.

  38. blank

    Belinda R.

    My sleep has been greatly improved. I feel well rested when I wake up after consistently taking it. I used to take melatonin capsules by themselves which didn’t help much to fall asleep but when in conjunction with the Hemp Extract Oil, I fell asleep much quicker. I am going to buy the 550 MG just because I haven’t seen much difference in aiding my social anxi ety and depression. Hopefully the higher dosage will show improvement in those areas.

  39. blank

    Lucia J.

    Started out with low dose and so far so good. Will be trying next dose.

  40. blank

    Josh B.

    This product has done wonders for helping with mood regulation and even digestive issues.

  41. blank

    Connie R.

    It is helping with my rheumatoid arthritis.

  42. blank

    Helen K.

    Effective for relaxation, love it

  43. blank

    Tania G.

    I am very happy with my purchase. I have suffered from arthritis pain for about 7 years and the oil has improved my pain level significantly. I am also happy with the cream. It is very helpful with muscle aches.

  44. blank

    Mitchel H.

    I have Gout and my outbreaks are quite severe. Not a fan of pharmaceuticals. So this product is a sweet sweet relief. Did so well in reducing my pain. I am now a raving fan of Hemp Extract Oil….. Gratitude.

  45. blank

    Mary B.

    I bought this for my dearest friend, who suffers from pain all over (Fibromyalgia) and has a complex neurological issue which causes muscle spasms and tremors. Pain medication can only do so much… but Hemp Extract Oil is like a warm blanket that soothes the spasms, calms the tremors and eases the pain. Never without it again.

  46. blank

    lynda g.

    Taking this oil for my R.A. and am feeling wonderful!!

  47. blank

    Thomas H.

    My wife and I both use Great Roads Hemp Extract Oil for pain. My wife has Hashimoto’s disease which causes pain and inflammation throughout her body. We no longer need over the counter pain killers. My wife has also gone from sleeping only 1-2 hours straight per night to 4-5 hours straight! I recommend this product to everyone I know who has chronic pain.

  48. blank

    Sandra B.

    I received my sublingual Hemp Extract Oil one week ago. I have been using it everyday. I am definitely sleeping much better, just wish the pain was less during the day. Guess I’ll try the cream as well!

  49. blank

    Laurie P.

    I’m completely off the Xanax! I just take 2 drops in the morning and 3 at night (for sleep). Now I’m going to try to ease my IBS.

  50. blank

    Leandra U.

    I bought this after looking at several other products. It works GREAT and pretty much soon after application. I suffer from some kind of undiagnosed brain fog and what I am guessing is anxiety. After taking this I feel SO MUCH BETTER and clear-headed. It has brought me a lot of peace. I only use one drop a day so the price works out to be about .4 5 cents a day [I am using 250mg]. I’d rather take this then some pharmaceutical brew and there are no side-effects that I have experienced or read about. The dropper and closing the container are weird like you have read about, but that is not a deal breaker for me.

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