CBD/ Hemp Extract Oil

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Our CBD/hemp oil contains virtually 0% THC. It is high in antioxidants as well as carotene, phytosterols, and chlorophyll. It is also a source of several minerals, including calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, and zinc. The daily recommended serving of hemp oil is one to two tablespoons.

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CBD hemp oil herbal drops extract oil helps you maintain a strong physical and mental health. Apply to your skin and hair to avoid dryness. Packed with fatty acids, it enables the endocannabinoid system to work better which can lift up the mood and avoid depression symptoms. CBD hemp oil herbal drops also greatly improve the immune system which shields you against contagious diseases. Our CBD and Hemp extract oil comes with dropper included for precise consumption.

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500 mg, 750 mg


Natural, Mint

523 reviews for CBD/ Hemp Extract Oil

  1. Sierra C.

    Couldn’t be happier.I’ve been taking the oils for a little over a month an I could not be happier with the results I have been seeing!!

  2. Lisa M.

    Aaaah.This product has helped me through some pretty intense nerve pain due to cervical stenosis. I have shared my experience as well as your product with several people. So glad it’s available and legal.

  3. Maria P.

    I was really not expecting anything when I got my first bottle. But to my surprise within the first day using 2 times (3 drops in the am & 3 drops in the pm) my mood changed no more out of the blue starts to mild panic attacks and I slept through the night! I am now on day 32 with continued improvement! I can’t tell you how pleased I am and ha ppy that I took a chance trying.

  4. Sarah S.

    I love this. It helped me tame my anxiety and I felt some relief in my knee pain.

  5. Karly C.

    I bought this for my mom to try because she suffers from anxiety, depression, arthritis, and fibromyalgia. She has been taking prescriptions longer than I can remember but after awhile they stopped helping her, or caused more problems. She tried this and told me at the time her hands were hurting really bad from arthritis. She said not even 5 minu tes later her hands felt completely fine and she couldn’t believe it. She also said she wouldn’t have believed it if it hadn’t happened to her! I definitely want to buy some for myself now too, and I recommend this product.

  6. Jessica A.

    Great for inflammation

  7. Kathy V.

    I used the 250mg for sleep. Works almost instantly! Highly recommend!

  8. Amy B.

    I am new to the use of Hemp Extract Oil and have found immediate results for my anxiety. Highly recommend.

  9. James A.

    This is a great product. I’ll continue to buy!

  10. Hanna S.

    I have tried many Hemp Extract Oil, the price of this brand is why I decided to try it. I found the same amount, if not more relief from anxiety and chronic pain from this brand while spending half the money. It tastes better than most of tried. I love that they offer lots of coupons. Would recommend giving it a shot!

  11. Ben T.

    Hemp Extract Oil used to make my stomach feel funny, but clearly I just wasn’t getting the right oil! Incredibly happy with Blue Sky Buds; contributes to a feeling of peace. Very grateful!

  12. Jackie s.

    Works better than expexted. Will order more

  13. Michelle K.

    I noticed I’ve been sleeping much better and deeper since taking this. I do a dose in the morning & a dose at night every day. My anxiety & digestion has also been improved as well.

  14. Alycia R.

    Hemp Extract Oil

  15. Arlene A.

    I am noticing more benefits from Hemp Extract Oil everyday. I have fibro & arthritis, and really feel along with my yoga, I am feeling better..

  16. Kyle R.

    A family member is using this for ADHD and is showing a lot of improvement.

  17. Scott B.

    I have suffered from collapsed knee joints and osteo-arthritis for the last 10 years. My pain was becoming so bad I thought I might have to quit working. After taking just 2 doses of Hemp Extract Oil I could feel a difference. As this was the lowest strength I did have to use a full (1ml) dose. just ordered the 250, gummies, and pain cream.

  18. Mary G.

    Best quality, best for my neuralgia and fibro pain. I’ve tried 2 other brands and this one actually provides the most relief.

  19. Dewayne W.

    Seems to be working on my tremors and some of my aches and pains that I have throughout my body

  20. Denise H.

    So far am very pleased. Only complaint is hard to open bottle

  21. Rebecca M.

    I started using this Hemp Extract Oil a couple weeks ago to help with my anxiety and terrible sleep. So far, it’s been working well. I feel less anxious during the day and tend to sleep more soundly during the night instead of waking up every couple hours like I used to. So far, I’m impressed!

  22. Natalie C.

    Everything I needed in Hemp Extract Oil. Helps me sleep every night. The 100mg is an easy starter, trying the 250mg next!

  23. Vickie H.

    Best thing I’ve tried so far. I was taking ibu daily and haven’t had one since I started taking Hemp Extract Oil. Will be buying more

  24. Holly W.

    I placed the drops dire fly under my tongue and within the hour, I felt relaxed and was looking forward to.going to bed

  25. Bri H.

    i love it!! i use it for anxiety and I definitely see a difference. Im going to slowly up my dosage. Thank you Blue Sky Buds!

  26. JUDITH T.

    good product as expected.

  27. Lois D.

    Work great for my husband leg jerking

  28. Peggy B.

    Their website was easy to navigate and the product got to me very quickly. I will be ordering from green world from now on!

  29. Alice A.

    Use to maintain good health and destress.

  30. Tamara H.

    Wasn’t sure it was working for my hip pain, but ran out and boy could I tell the difference

  31. Joshua T.

    Helped a family member with anxiety

  32. Claudette M.

    Blue Sky Buds Hemp Extract Oil has really helped me deal with some anxiety issues. It’s easy to take and I think it tastes good. I’ll definitely purchase this again.

  33. Jessica Z.

    I’m happy with my purchase. I have a lot of back, neck and shoulder pain. I’ve been taking this in the evenings after work because it also seems to help me sleep. Would recommend this product!

  34. chandal r.

    Ive tried many other brands, some made me sleepy, some tasted gross. This stuff is by far the best around! Its a little pricey but worth it. It helped me come out of a bad 2 yr depression. I thought id never be normal again. I feel like my old self only better!

  35. Jason S.

    Works very good for my. Anxiety

  36. Tina K.

    My rheumatologist told me to give this a try for my pain and inflamation…I am SO glad I did! I feel so much better!

  37. Maria C.

    We first bought Hemp Extract Oil for a dog. We were impressed by the improvement in her joints. Our vet said we could even switch her off her painkillers (good thing because the painkillers she was on were starting to cause problems with her liver). We knew not all Hemp Extract Oil was the same and after some research we ended up at Blue Sky Buds, we found their prod uct be the most consistent of the brands we tried. We use Hemp Extract Oil for the dogs, for us, for migraines, for menstrual cramps. This reduces our need to reach for an NSAID. It’s just a good medicine to have on hand.

  38. Donna G.

    As a woman in her 60’s, who has not been able to sleep more than 2-3 hours a night since I was 40, I am thrilled! Finally, finally, finally after trying numerous products, (unable to take anything that will increase my glaucoma pressures!), I can sleep! Thank you, thank you!!

  39. Pat M.

    Blue Sky Buds product quality, cost and prompt delivery is a cut above other suppliers. I also appreciate the promotional prices and customer discounts!

  40. Mary M.

    It helps souch for neuropathy pain. What a relief.

  41. Nancy H.

    to be honest it taste bad but it has helped my nerves tremendously. Think my next purchase with be stronger to help with my back & hip pain!

  42. Deborah A.

    I have been noticing since I started using CHE oil that I am seeing changes in me! My anxiety has disappeared, I am calm pain is way down and I sleep so much better 💜 Thanks for helping me get my life back!

  43. Karina G.

    No more hot flashes. I only had them for a week and got the oil and they’re gone!!!!

  44. Angie F.

    Excellent for pain relief.

  45. Craig K.

    Hemp Extract Oil from Blue Sky Buds is helping my wife with chronic pain having a rare genetic disease called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. She now sleeps better and the pain has subsided somewhat and has reduced her anxiety, we’ve worked her dosage from 100mg to 350mg with success. We also recommended our chiropractor’s office in Irondqoit western New YO RK, They now stock Green Road’s products. Highly recommended, Thank you Blue Sky Buds, from Craig and Susan.

  46. Thomas P.

    I have been struggling with a pinched nerve in my neck for two years. The first night I tried this I noticed significant improvement. By the end of the week the pain was nearly gone. This is remarkable effective product and has no major side effects.

  47. Brittany T.

    It took me a long time to finally try Hemp Extract Oil. I have had bouts of anxiety, panic attacks, and out of control high blood pressure spikes from these anxiety attacks, as well as restless sleep and chronic pain due to complications from a knee surgery. I needed to get off of the naproxen I had been taking for 2+ years to try to fix the blood pressure issues and save my stomach, and finally turned to Hemp Extract Oil. Wow. Like everyone else says, the effects are so subtle – I still feel completely like myself, not like when I am on antidepressants for the anxiety where I start to feel like my emotions are just shut off or something. I started wearing a Fitbit 1 week before beginning the drops at night, and my sleep patterns have changed dramatically. I don’t even have to wear earplugs and a face mask anymore at night, which before was the only chance I had at maybe getting some decent rest at night. On top of all of that, my knee pain has been completely manageable without NSAIDs for the first time in ages. I am going to purchase a stronger dose next time, since I will wind up going through this bottle much faster than I thought I would – totally worth it. This stuff should be the first course of action instead of a last resort for anyone suffering from medical issues like mine!

  48. Laurie S.

    I only take a small amount by rubbing it on my wrists like perfume. The next day I have so much energy! I feel healthy when I take it, like I’m supposed to. And when I forget, I can tell the next day, because my energy is gone. Superb product!

  49. Katie W.

    I’m truly amazed how this Hemp Extract Oil helps with my arthritis! I highly recommend!!

  50. Stacey I.

    I have been struggling with sleep deprivation and very bad anxiety. This has helped clear my mind and help me sleep better. I will be purchasing again.

  51. Angelique L.

    so relaxing and instant effects! the taste isnt so bad either.

  52. Maria G.

    Skip the 100mg its to low but Hemp Extract Oil works great

  53. Tamara H.

    I sleep much more soundly and generally more of a spring in my step.

  54. SHAWN M.

    I did a lot of research and was skeptical about the benefits of Hemp Extract Oil, but my wife and I were amazed. We felt better and it seems to help the typical day to say anxiety and stress be more manageable. We will be trying to the 250 MG next, but the 100MG was great for our first time supplementing this product.

  55. Sherrie Z.

    Instead of taking my daily dose of Bayer, which caused me heart palpitations, I replaced it with Hemp Extract Oil. So far so good. I’ll be ordering some nighttime sleep aid now.

  56. Jamie D.

    Using this oil has really been helpful. I’ve had anxiety for quite some time and as soon as I took the first dose I noticed a difference. There are no side effects for me and I’m putting something in my body that I don’t have to worry about (I felt uncomfortable with the idea of taking traditional medication). A wonderful product that I’m telling everyone about.

  57. Romary H.

    Awesome products

  58. Brenda C.

    I love this product. Has helped me tremendously

  59. Beverly K.

    This product and company was highly recommended by several.

  60. Sarah F.

    First time Hemp Extract Oil user and I’m very happy with the quality of this product, as well as the quick shipping!

  61. Craig K.

    My wife has a rare genetic disease that is incurable and is in chronic pain 24/7, by taking Blue Sky Buds Hemp Extract Oil and we both have noticed some improvement in her condition, namely EDS

  62. Ivanna G.

    I suffer from social anxiety and this product worked the same day i took it. I felt relaxed at work and able to speak to customers without over thinking every word that cane out. Definitely buying again.

  63. Cheryl H.

    This oil helps with pain, anxiety and sleep! Less over he counter medications now.

  64. Kaitlyn B.

    I have had anxiety since I was a small child. Prescription drugs have never worked for me, but Hemp Extract Oil has. It doesn’t completely diminish my anxiety but takes a lot away. I also have horrible tmj issues and can’t take ibuprofen because I have used it to much in my life (at 32) that I have stomach inflammation issues. If I use the oil or take the frog gummies daily I can keep the pain away. Which is truly amazing. Very good products and I have tried a few brands.

  65. anne r.

    This is a natural cure that actualy works for my insomnia.I tried everything including Ambien and other herbal remedies with no luck.I also experience anxiety which this seemed to cure.Greatly recomend!!

  66. Aja W.

    Cant imagine life without it now. Anxiety is completely eliminated.

  67. Brandi B.

    And the price is comparable. Won’t buy from anywhere else now.

  68. Mary Z.

    Best one

  69. Holly L.

    Love it!!.Love it!!

  70. Catherine O.

    I purchased Hemp Extract Oil (100mg) on the recommendation of a relative who has found relief from knee problems. Having had a similar problem with my right knee (recovering from surgery on a torn meniscus), I took her advice. I am happy to say that I too have enjoyed relief and pain is nearly nonexistent. Hence my rating of 5 stars !

  71. Edward D.

    I have fibromyalgia and the pain is very intense. After taking Hemp Extract Oil I have very little or no physical pain. It also helps with my anxiety and depression!

  72. SUMMER E.

    Works great for my migraines, allows me to sleep without waking up every other hour! 😁

  73. Paige H.

    For my daughters anxiety and depression, this has been miraculous. Just placed my second order.

  74. Catherine W.

    My first time using Hemp Extract Oil and I wish I had tried it sooner. It is a great product.

  75. Pamela W.

    My husband and I both love this. Really helps with anxiety.

  76. Debbie C.

    I bought this for my daughter who suffers from anxiety and depression . What a difference!! Will definitely be purchasing again

  77. Carol M.

    This helped my arthritis pain.

  78. Blake B.

    Amazing Quality and quick delivery

  79. Justin J.

    So far it seems to be working well.

  80. Barb A.

    This works for my chronic pain!! I’ve been taking it for a few weeks now and I notice a big decrease in my daily pain.

  81. Carol R.


  82. Martha E.

    Feeling better already!

  83. Louis T.

    I have been using product for 3 weeks, I have noticed a significant change, I have arthritis, this product has reduced my pain! I started with 100 mgs, I will order 250 mgs next, I highly recommend product, here is what I know for sure,u have nothing to loose,worst case scenario, u get relief.

  84. Kevin G.

    My first time trying Hemp Extract Oil, and all I can say is…wow!!! The things this helped me with was impressive. I would definitely buy this again for sure. Thank you guys!

  85. Debra O.

    I’ve purchased the gummies several times and I really like them. They help me relax and eases the pain I’m in. I would recommend this product.

  86. Tammy c.

    Amazing! I was having the worst anxiety when I ordered this. It works! I will be ordering from now on. Thank you!

  87. Therese T.

    great! can finally sleep

  88. Doreen L.

    Works quickly helps my knee pain

  89. Ralph H.

    CBS OIL has helped me with anxiety and pain from my auto accidents be off anxiety.meds and winding down on pain meds is like world. Ralph Horio

  90. Alisha S.

    Just a few drops and this makes my pain tolerable.

  91. Robyn B.

    Tastes good. Quick acting

  92. Victoria P.

    In January 2017 my dog was diagnosed with heart failure we didn’t see the signs that her life was coming to an end until the end of 2017. We gave her medicine that the vet prescribed and she was okay still hacking non stop. In January we knew we couldn’t let her live this way so I said I would try Hemp Extract Oil. If she wasn’t showing signs in a month th at she was improving then I would have to let her go on to her next life. It’s been 6 months since her first dose. She jumps around, runs, plays and eats. She even barks! The hacking is minimal now and I am so grateful. I thought 30 dollars was a lot at first, but you saved my dog and gave me more time with her. Thank you for being a great company. Love, Victoria and Missy-Moo

  93. Marcia L.

    Loved it.

  94. Barbara B.

    Excellent calming effect

  95. Tony V.

    This was my first foray into the world of Hemp Extract Oil products. After a little research, I chose Blue Sky Buds for quality and 3rd-party evaluations. I am finding relief for my RLS symptoms and am sleeping better.

  96. Jennifer S.

    helps me sleep. Joint pain and jaw pain significantly reduced. Helps with anxiety as well.

  97. Cheryl G.

    So far so good.

  98. Debra A.

    I have very bad back and knee pain. I didn’t want to take the pain pills any more. So I did my research and found Blue Sky Buds and tried the oil. My pain has greatly decreased, and I sleep much better not being in pain. Great stuff.

  99. MORGAN H.

    I struggle with mood swings, poor sleep quality and anxiety and this has helped me tremendously. I know longer have the constant sense of irritability I usually had throughout the day. It has helped me sleep more soundly and overall has a very mild calming effect. I am very sensitive to chemicals and metabolize quickly so I have only been taking . 25-.75ml twice a day and will be ordering a higher dose next time.

  100. Christina H.

    Seems to be helping with my aches and pains and anxiety.

  101. Pamela H.

    She seems to be more alert after getting her 2ML dose each morning. We are buying a higher MG so we don’t have to give her quite as much.

  102. Kate A.

    I bought this Hemp Extract Oil to see how it worked for my anxiety and my lower back pain. I can’t believe how it completely eliminates my back pain while I’m taking it. And I don’t feel funny, or drowsy, or anything! It’s amazing and I will definitely be ordering more.

  103. Ellen B.

    This product has helped my body relax before sleep, fall asleep much more easily, and stay asleep. It is amazing.

  104. April S.

    Great product!

  105. Sarah H.

    My bottle came super fast and it has been helping with my back pain.

  106. Karen M.

    I use this oil to help alleviate the pain in my neck & back due to a car accident. the 100mg is perfect to do that AND keep me focused all day without any drowsiness.

  107. Amanda G.

    I love the 100mg Hemp Extract Oil! I no longer need to take prescription medication for anxiety! Thank you!

  108. William T.

    Product is great. Shipping is painfully slow

  109. Dannielle G.

    My husband was very happy with how this helped his anxiety. However, we will need to get a higher dose to help with his pain.

  110. Diana W.

    This helped a ton for pain relief! It does make you sleepy, so I would take it at night to help me sleep as well!

  111. Sarah J.

    A friend has been using the oil and told me I should try it. So one day I ordered the oil and read what was on the site about how to use it. I bought the 100 mg. Started with 3 drops under my tongue it took about 3days for the full effect. I was calmer my arthritis was better. So I did start using 3 drops at night, I sleep like a baby. My pain lev el has gone way down. The next bottle I order will be the 250 mg. Love this stuff. I wish everyone who were in pain, trouble sleeping or just general stress would use it. I love it and they would also.

  112. Garrett H.

    Started taking this supplement for general maintenance. I have seen many benefits from losing weight, decreased anxiety, and more natural energy.

  113. Marilyn C.

    My husband has been dealing with traumatic arthritis pain for over forty years and is now finally finding relief. He has been taking Hemp Extract Oil for nearly a month and is showing sign of effectiveness over such a short period of time. Will be ordering some more.

  114. Katherine B.

    Wow!.I’ve slept through 2 full nights… haven’t done that in years!

  115. Jane B.

    Other than the “normal” aches and pains we feel as we age, I am now completely pain free from fibromyalgia, degenerative disk disease, three major back surgeries, a total knee replacement, and a fusing sciatica joint. I was addicted to pain pills for years until they simply no longer did anything for relieving pain but kept me high as a kite. I qu it on my own. I went through several injections in my hip and back – the doctor finally said, “We can’t keep doing this with no results!” The last injection I received was in January of this year for bursitis in my knee. I decided I would just learn to live with the pain as a good friend who had been down the same path as I was diagnosed with early dementia (she’s in her 50’s). One possible cause of her condition was excessive use of opioids. I have been a user of marijuana on a daily basis for years – helped with my stress level and some with the pain that could be caused by stress (fibromyalgia). I have heard about Hemp Extract Oil for quite some time and decided to give it a try. Within days I could tell a difference and then just this morning, I told my husband that it’s almost hard to believe that I am pain free. I take three drops daily in the morning. Oh and I had been taking Neuroton for nerve pain at night so that I could sleep – haven’t used in in weeks. I have no problem staying asleep and awake almost refreshed – I still need my morning caffeine!! One more thing, I was taking Lexapro for depression for over 10 years – haven’t needed it since I started taking the oil.

  116. Teresa S.

    I am 80 years young and suffer from horrible arthritis which causes me lots of pain. My daughter told me to give this a try, she told me all the benefits and assured me I would not have any major side effects. Other than being slightly drowsy, which is expected, the product has taken my pain from a 10 to a 5! I am able to move around more and can stand up straight now! I would recommend for anyone suffering, it works!

  117. Joseph M.

    This stuff is great in helping relieve my pet’s pains.

  118. Denise B.

    A friend recommended this as a sleep aid and it worked like a charm. I no longer wake up intermittently but sleep through the nigh.

  119. Jannelle B.

    I really liked it, easy to use, first time user and really noticed a difference in being able to relax and helped joint aching. Would recommend!

  120. John G.

    Definitely getting more

  121. Nicole S.

    This has helped tremendously with preventing my migraines.

  122. KRYSTAL G.


  123. Ann B.

    My daughter has been taking this for a month for severe anxiety and it has made a world of difference already!

  124. Michelle B.

    From the process of ordering to the shipment to the actual product-AMAZING. I was very skeptical to try Hemp Extract Oil after having some anxiety/nerve issues but I’m so happy I did. I’m calm, I sleep well and overall feel way better:

  125. Christopher M.

    I ordered the Hemp Extract Oil to help with my anxiety and depression. I love this product. The customer service team is friendly and helpful, the product itself works amazingly and the website is easy to navigate. 10/10 would recommend!

  126. Sean L.

    I was a little hesitant but the Hemp Extract Oil has improved my symptoms dramatically.

  127. Sandra S.

    Initially I bought CZbD oil from another company and I thought it was great. A friend of mine bought this and raved over it so I ordered some. I can totally tell the difference! This is great! No more aches and pains in my arms due to degenerative disc disease.

  128. Melissa R.

    I have fibromyalgia and having trouble with not sleeping due to body aches. The CBC oil has really helped with this! It does wear off after about 5-6hrs and I need to find out if I need to take a stronger dose or if there is a longer lasting formula but overall very pleased!

  129. Linda W.

    Have been using this for 6 mo and love it. I think it helps my immune system because everyone around me has been sick and I have stayed healthy.

  130. William M.

    Great experience with the site. Ordering was easy and the product was shipped out and received quickly. I’m very happy with the service and look forward to ordering again.

  131. Will R.

    I love this oil. It has helped with my sleep apnea and arthritis pain! Highly recommend it.

  132. Mary C.

    Blue Sky Buds is the best Hemp Extract Oil product I have found that actually works for my rheumatoid arthritis! I can make it through an entire 8 hour shift with no pain. THANK YOU Blue Sky Buds!

  133. Walter S.

    Great taste nice and sweet. Have had a lot more energy and mood seems better since taking it for three weeks now. Will defiantly buy more

  134. Patrick O.

    This is a great product and I highly recommend buying from Blue Sky Buds as they are professional, knowledgeable, very helpful and efficient in their dispatching of orders Pat O ‘Brien

  135. Martha S.

    I have improved sleep and better blood pressure readings and I’m thinking it has helped my blood sugar as well. I’ll have to purchase more to check these findings again.

  136. Joe T.

    Excellent product, quick delivery. It does help with pain and promotes relaxation. No side effects. I intend to purchase again.

  137. Rick W.

    Green Hemp Extract Oil has helped me sleep, finally

  138. Danacey G.

    Didn’t expect much honestly but I was suprised this oil in its lowest dose which is what I started off w 100mg helped me tremendously! Anxiety, was my main culprit ! Recording in a higher dose!

  139. Laurie S.

    I have never slept so good in my life…..After 1 week of use I am noticing more mobility….

  140. Virginia C.

    I feel very comfortable using this product for pain and stress. The company is great, I know I am getting exactly what I ordered.

  141. GAYLE N.

    I have found this oil to be very helpful with my health issues.

  142. Clarissa F.

    I bought this for my daughter that has asthma. She’s not used her inhaler for over a week since starting on this Hemp Extract Oil! We are thrilled.

  143. Sarah J.

    Instantly makes my back not hurt.

  144. Toby K.


  145. Heather C.

    I have problems staying asleep at night. I found that I was able to stay asleep longer and fall asleep more quickly when I did wake.

  146. Natalia K.

    I had never tried Hemp Extract Oil before and decided to start with the 100 MG offered by Blue Sky Buds. I was not disappointed with my purchase. My shoulder pain is almost nonexistent anymore and my anxiety has substantially lowered over the past few weeks. I would definitely buy from them again!

  147. Suzie B.

    Bought this for my husband to help with his arthritic knees and shoulders…he can t believe the relief he s had from painful sleep! Great product and will definitely purchase again!

  148. Jason F.

    Our family loves this product! It has been instrumental in helping my son with managing some of the emotional outbursts that come with ASD. It helps to slow him down and helps him process things much clearer.

  149. Vivian D.

    I have been able to give up using painkillers. This product has really help me. Don’t know if everyone will have same results but I’m happy

  150. Ronald C.

    Works wonders for my wife. Helps her sleep at night.

  151. KATHY R.

    Love this.My husband and I have been using this for a couple years now and have definitely found we are having an easier time with joint pain. Will keep on using it

  152. Mackenzie H.

    Love this product!!

  153. Stacia F.


  154. Melissa M.

    Great product.I have been searching for a high quality Hemp Extract oil for my husband who is recovering from cancer. He likes the taste better & we are both happy with the product. I am going through menopause & it helps me sleep 😴

  155. Terry S.

    Excellent product and fast delivery

  156. Lise B.

    Hemp Extract Oil.As someone who has had difficulty sleeping for many years, I have found this Hemp Extract oil very beneficial — it helps me sleep through the night but wake up feeling refreshed and not drugged the way other sleep remedies do.

  157. Annie H.

    Excellent product..I use Hemp Extract oil to combat insomnia, migraines, depression, and anxiety related to horomonal imbalance during my monthly cycle. It has helped me greatly with no side effects. I was afraid to use Hemp Extract oil at first due to being delievered from drug addiction. But all my fears have been squashed because it has no addictive qualities. It does have a stron…Read More

  158. Rana B.

    Love it

  159. Brennan B.

    Shipped fast. Works great.

  160. Jeff N.

    Very good. All Positives, no.Very good. All 

  161. Desiree H.

    Amazing stuff! I use this specifically at night to help me relax, unwind, and get proper rest for the next day! I will definitely repurchase.

  162. Hailey R.

    Hemp Extract Oil has really helped with my anxiety. It doesn’t make me drowsy and I am still fully able to function all day long. I will be ordering more, probably the next mg up.

  163. Evonna H.

    Good product. Helps ease anxiety some. Will try a different dose.

  164. Angelina J.

    Wonderful!.My husband and I are new consumers. I bought this to help with sleep. We 

  165. Sara T.

    Love this Hemp Extract Oil for my anxiety and it helps me sleep better as well!

  166. David A.

    Masked my anxiety and numbed the pain away! Perfect concoction for those suffering from either issue

  167. Brenda N.

    Taste is good, works great!

  168. STEVEN W.

    great stuff

  169. Kelly B.

    I have recently started taking Hemp Extract Oil daily to help my anxiety. It has worked amazingly and Blue Sky Buds is my favorite place to buy it because it’s so affordable!

  170. Jeffrey B.

    Really yelped

  171. Elizabeth H.

    I was a little cynical about trying this to abate chronic joint pain, but after 3 or 4 days of taking this (once I figured out what dose worked best) I felt like a whole new person. This is the most pain free I’ve been in years, and I can’t even begin to explain how good that feels. The 100mg is an excellent place to start out. I’ve since move d to the 250mg.

  172. Suzanne G.

    So far it seems to be my son with his anxiety level. So much better than pharmaceuticals

  173. Susan C.

    It worked. After about a week I & my family could tell a difference in me. My depression was 90% better and I was feeling better. My anxiety has gotten better after I went up a little on my dose. The person I talked to helped so much, explaining how to take it and how much to take at first. Thanks so much for helping me.

  174. Patricia H.

    From hot flashes, to insomnia, Blue Sky Buds Hemp Extract Oil has improved my quality of life tremendously. I’m making another order in a little bit.

  175. Vonnie G.

    My hardest time with PTSD is at work. When my body feels as if an electricity is in it, butterflies in stomach, want to run and leave and kick over the chair, and inside there is a thrumming and my mind is spinning, I take a dropper full and yes it goes away. I can feel the weight of my body in the chair. I just can’t believe I’ve had PTSD for 5 d ecades with no way to relieve it that isn’t illegal.

  176. Stefanie H.

    This is a fantastic product! It really helps with our sons anxiety and has helped him focus.

  177. Valerie L.

    Great for epilepsy.

  178. Karen W.

    I’ve been taking Hemp Extract Oil for the past 2weeks. I’m sleeping better than I have in years. I’m getting an additional 1-2 hours of sleep per night. I no longer wake up 2-3times a night tossing and turning. I can actually shut my mind off at night.

  179. Luis O.

    I got this product for my knee pain due to running, after a couple weeks I noticed the difference. It also helps me fall asleep at night. Great Product!

  180. Serina H.

    Unfortunately, my mother is in extreme pain most of the time because of arthritis. She has been prescribed the strongest medicines even periods and nothing really has worked for her until she discovers Hemp Extract Oil, and it has to be from Blue Sky Buds, other brands don’t work for her. She told me that this is the only product that has relieved her pain a nd made life worth living again. I am SO GRATEFUL for this company and it’s miraculous products. Thank you!

  181. Ashley G.

    We use this in a smoothie at our vegan cafe and juice bar. Customers love it and love the brand!

  182. Cindy H.

    First time ordering from Blue Sky Buds. I previously ordered from another company for another product, but they were out of stock for too long. I am extremely happy with my purchase and product from Blue Sky Buds;received it super fast too. I will be ordering again very soon!.

  183. Colleen D.

    We heard about using Hemp Extract Oil from Green Toads for our dog’s seizures through a Facebook group – someone said their dog hadn’t had a seizure in six months after using this oil. My 9-year old boxer began having seizures a couple of months ago. First they were about a week apart, and then closer to every other day. Blood tests came back normal, so it is either a brain tumor or epilepsy. Due to his breed, we are assuming tumor. We bought some of the Hemp Extract Oil 100mg to see if it would help. The day it came in he had a seizure and we gave him some during it. At first nothing, but we think we didn’t get enough in his mouth. A second dose and he came out of it immediately. We are now giving him the oil as a regular dosage along with his medicines, and as soon as he starts to have a seizure. Although he is still having the seizures, we are thankful that this brings him out quickly and are hopeful that with continued doses they will become less frequent. My next order will be for the 250mg due to his size. I hope that if your dog is having seizures, this review is helpful. I highly recommend trying it.

  184. Joshua H.

    I use this stuff all the time for muscle and arthritis pain as well as work out recovery. Does the trick!

  185. Allen B.

    Good product. Am happy with our experience

  186. Jeremy P.

    I started taking the 100 ml Hemp Extract Oil about 2 months ago and I now have no pain in my hands or any other joints in my body … I am very please with this product and will continue to take it on a reagular basis

  187. Lindsey V.

    I am extremely pleased with my purchase from Blue Sky Buds. I have suffered from migraines for almost 15 years and I have tried every medication there is for migraines. I have seen dozens of doctors over the last 15 years, but almost all of them are either unable to or unwilling to help me. A friend suggested that I try Hemp Extract Oil and I am really glad that I listened. Hemp Extract Oil works great on the majority of my migraines and it takes away the worst of my pain. I think the prices are a little high, but I’ve found that the other brands of Hemp Extract Oil are just as expensive, if not more so that at Blue Sky Buds. I will definitely be recommending Hemp Extract Oil to my friends.

  188. Cindy F.

    This product seems to work very well for me.

  189. Alyssa L.


  190. Tischa T.

    The oil was delivered quickly. It has definitely made a difference and it has a pleasant taste. Definitely will be ordering more.

  191. Becky H.

    I’ve only been taking 100mg for a week, but have no complaints. Will be upping to 350mg on my next order!

  192. Heather C.

    I purchased Hemp Extract Oil on the recommendation of a friend for my back spasms. I first got 250 mg. The suggested dosing wasn’t enough. But I increased my dosage and it was very effective for relaxing the spastic muscles. On my subsequent order, I increased to 550 mg and that did the trick. I also give this to my adult son who doesn’t have insurance for anti-anxiety meds. So far so good! We’re both happy. Thank you so much for the veterans discount which helps beyond words.

  193. Maria N.

    Very good quality and no taste at all

  194. Kaitlin W.

    Love! Helps me with my anxiety and back pain!

  195. Jay H.

    Seems to work on pain

  196. Wayne S.

    Our son has eczema and contact dermatitis, both conditions cause his skin to become red and flare. The Hemp Extract Oil calms his skin and completely stops his itching!

  197. Monica C.


  198. Jesse R.

    I will be buying a higher dosage, but I can feel the positive effects already!

  199. Bjorn M.

    These are great

  200. k p.

    I purchased this product to try to help manage stress and anxiety, I was nervous about the effects. I take one or two drops and within 15 minutes I feel so much better. It relaxes me and I haven’t had any negative side effects. I would recommend this product to anyone suffering with anxiety!

  201. John G.

    Product was processed and shipped fast! Great product that helps deal with achy joints and sleep!

  202. Lindsey M.

    I received the product in a timely fashion and have had great results. I will definitely purchase from Blue Sky Buds again.

  203. William M.

    Pure and tastes great. We’ll reorder soon!

  204. Edward M.

    I was very impressed by the quality and effectiveness of this product. I’m a severe anxiety sufferer, with this particular Hemp Extract Oil in my system I find it very relaxing and calming along with some noticeable (for me) pain relieving benefits where I don’t feel the joint pain I’d normally feel without the Hemp Extract Oil.

  205. Selenia F.


  206. Ezra D.

    Anxious mom of four, Hemp Extract Oil helps me keep my chill.

  207. Jennifer R.

    After seeing Hemp Extract Oil all over youtube I decided it couldn’t hurt to purchase some for myself. It seems like every month there is a new product touting health benefits so I honestly didn’t expect much. For the record I do have slight cases of social anxiety, but I don’t take any medication because I really just try to “get through it”. I hate grocery s hopping and being in large public places. I also have trouble sleeping because I can’t turn off my brain. I drink CALM magnesium before bed to relax me, but it doesn’t always work. So after using Blue Sky Buds Hemp Extract Oil for myself I must say WOW was I proved wrong. This stuff is insanely amazing. The first night I put a few drops under my tongue before bed and I was out like a light within minutes. I don’t remember ‘trying’ to fall asleep because it’s that good. I woke up feeling very refreshed like the way you feel after a night on sleep on a vacation. I have continued using it before bed every night. I also take a couple drops in the morning before work now. Sometimes in the afternoon I will have a few drops if I am going to be doing a lot of different errands or driving around because I hate traffic. I love Hemp Extract Oil now and have been pestering my friends to try it out for themselves. Thank you so much for making an amazing product that helps so many people, myself now included!

  208. Derek M.

    Love it so far. Helps me relax after a long day and takes the edge off. So far has been good for my mild anxiety. I only have taken it at nigh it does make me feel a little drowsy which I don’t mind at night but wouldn’t want to feel during the day.

  209. Dennis D.

    I sleep through the night.More relaxed during the day. My dog is 17 and it really relieves arthritis pain.

  210. Kristi F.

    Highly recommend for anxiety!!!!

  211. Sean C.

    Shipping is really fast! This product has been a life saver! I’ve tried everything to manage monthly pain and this is the only thing that works with zero interactions or side effects!

  212. Caitlin W.

    I am about half through my first bottle, I am definitely pleased and excited about my results! I have been taking Hemp Extract Oil at night before bed and I fall asleep almost immediately.

  213. SUSAN H.

    I have been a faithful user of this product for months and can report that it has made a dramatic difference in the extreme pain and burning in my lower leg from severe inflammation (phlebitis) I take the product twice a day and would NOT be without it.

  214. William B.

    First timer here. Have been taking right before bed and it instantly seemed to give me a deeper and more relaxing sleep and reduce stress and anxiety the next day.

  215. Heather T.

    Love this product!

  216. Aj S.

    Works great

  217. Shelley W.

    I am amazed by this product. The first 24 hours of using Hemp Extract Oil was a life changing experience for me. Pain management and mood elevation were so evident. I’m sad I didn’t try it sooner.

  218. Malik A.

    Great product to start. Now on the 350mg and gummies and those are just as great for me

  219. Stephen R.

    Quality product as advertised. Customer Service is awesome. Would recommend to my closest friends.

  220. Jeanne T.

    My joints don’t seem to be as achy in the mornings, which is great! Not sure if it’s helping my anxiety but I’m taking such a low dose(4mg a day). I’m going to order a higher mg and start taking a bit more. I think I just need to find my right dosage. Love the product, was worried about the taste but it actually tastes good.

  221. Thomas K.

    Received 15% off for this review. is helping me sleep better.

  222. Michael F.

    I like this product. All positive effects. I will order higher dosage amount next time.

  223. Nicolas R.

    The stuff unquestionably works

  224. Emily B.

    I use this to help with stress and digestive issues and it works amazing!! will purchase again 100%! even tastes good!

  225. Carla L.

    The oil is helping me sleep better and also helping my aching bones

  226. Kristle R.

    This is the best oil I have tried. Easy to take and fast shipping

  227. Carolyn W.

    Awesome and fast service. Sure had help my husband’s blood pressure. Will be a repeat customer

  228. Bart N.

    Great products, pure and clean.

  229. Cathy L.

    Helps me sleep.

  230. Stephanie H.

    It’s relieving to find that there is a pain medicine that does not mess with my liver condition. I have a minimum of level 4 pain on a daily basis from EDS, but, thanks to my liver condition and tendancy for kidney stones, I can’t take acetametaphin or NSAIDS. Even the 100mg dose gave me some relief. I will be moving on to the 350mg for further re lief. Thank you so much!

  231. Deanna K.

    Great product. Helps with my anxiety

  232. Anne F.

    Only thing that has helped my acid reflux !

  233. Beth H.

    I bought this to help with anxiety. It really does seem to calm me down just by taking a dropper full each morning. Will definitely buy again!

  234. Bryan M.

    Had very noticeable effects when I first tried and now I’m needing more, but that was expected. Love this product.

  235. Lisa P.

    Taste great

  236. Matthew B.

    I suffer from anxiety and the Hemp Extract Oil seems to be helping quite a bit. I haven’t had a single attack since I started taking it and most of the time I feel just fine. I think next time I’ll try either the 250 mg or the 350 mg, but I feel like the oil is the way to go.

  237. Wonbin K.

    It arrived sooner than I expected. The taste is OK. I am a beginner of Hemp Extract Oil so I am taking it little by little every day. I think “Blue Sky Buds” is reliable.

  238. Stacey S.

    Works well, taste is very mild.

  239. Caroline B.

    Its an amazing product, totally life changing!

  240. Mironda L.

    I have sle lupus and polyarthritis in my hands after using this for about 2 weeks its was night and day difference. Have been able to be myself again! Amazing results with a great price

  241. Camile A.

    I’m happy with the 100mg bottle. I need about 7 drops to feel the effects. I mean upping my next purchase to 350mg for less drops & max potency. Highly recommend. Pain and spasms lowered 90%.

  242. Katherine J.

    Works great for my depression and anxiety!

  243. Molly T.

    Early to review as I just received the product!

  244. Carol C.

    I tried Hemp Extract Oil on a recommendation from Elephant Journal. Within an hour the tingling pain in my wrists was gone, and within two weeks, my wrists are pain free. Hurrah!

  245. Carlin K.

    Love this Hemp Extract Oil. Hemp Extract Oil has helped my entire family with various health issues. Highly recommend.

  246. Angela C.

    After a recommendation from our therapist we decided to try Hemp Extract Oil for our daughter ( age 7, diagnosed with PTSD, Sensory Processing Disorder, Mood Disregulation Disorder, and Oppositional Defiance Disorder). After a days we have seen a night and day difference! It is like having a different kid in our family. Battling over taking her meds is done- s he takes her drops without arguing and has commented on how her “head feels better”. I am so thankful we have found a natural remedy to help our daughter cope. We have just started our son ( age 8, PTSD, ADHD, High functioning Autism) on the drops as well. Cannot wait to see what happens next! Thank you for such a wonderful product!

  247. Virginia M.

    So far i think that the product is working but it is early

  248. Paul R.

    I bought the gummie bears and a bottle of the drops for my mother. She states that the products are outstanding and she is glad that they are at reasonable prices. She lives on a fixed income and I try to purchase them for her at least once every month. Great products, fast delivery and I am overall excited about the quality of the products. Thank s for offering products that the unwealthy can afford.

  249. James J.

    works wonderful on wounds

  250. Christine E.

    Bought it for alleviating nerve pain. ..really seems to help.

  251. Amy R.

    Great product.Great product

  252. Tammy C.

    My husband and I purchased the 100mg oil and we love it, I also purchased 2 more bottles for my son and his fiance because they both deal with depression. Thank you!

  253. Jennifer G.

    Bottle lasted longer than I thought which makes it financially feasible to get monthly! Seriously, I sleep better now… as in Through The Night.

  254. Joann G.

    Great product

  255. Charles W.

    I have reaped many a benefit of using Hemp Extract Oil. I came across Grean Roads and love their product and its taste. Good customer service and fast shipping

  256. Gina R.

    I have been experiencing more relaxing, deeper sleep since taking this oil.

  257. Amanda S.

    Miracle cure for anxiety.I take a dropper of Hemp Extract oil as soon as I start to feel the anxiety creeping in, and within minutes I am already calmed.

  258. Angelique R.

    Bought this to help me sleep and to help with anxiety and it’s working just as I had hoped!

  259. Lesly S.

    great product for anxiety and sleeping.

  260. Joseph C.

    it works wonders! i feel so much better! thank you guys

  261. Karla M.

    Helps with Sleep.The Hemp Extract oil is pretty great for sleep. I have a lot of anxiety at times and the oil works to give me 5 -7 Hours straight sleep. It is a great product. no after- effects at all. Just relaxes and calms your thinking and your body.

  262. Cinnamon W.

    I’ve been using this product about two weeks and I’m seeing some improvement with fibromyalgia pain. I ordered again, can’t wait to see more improvement!

  263. Sandra T.

    This product really allows me to rest better at night. I only take it at night as that is when I find I need it the most. It is worth the money to be able to get a better nights rest. Makes a world of difference.

  264. Meda M.

    Works fast and effective.This product is great for sleep. It works faster than edibles so you can take it right before bed.

  265. Julian G.

    My Hemp Extract Oil were great! Thank You!!!

  266. elany f.

    Very excited to try benefits of Hemp Extract Oil for pain relief. Suffering from RA and fibro. A couple of weeks in and iam starting to notice how i dont need to take over the counter pain meds as much and has made the pain more manageable. Next time i will order the 250MG and see if it helps more. thank you Blue Sky Buds for a great product!!

  267. Kristy S.


  268. Rachel P.

    I take 0.5ml of the 100mg once in the morning and once before bed and it has done WONDERS for my anxiety. Since I started taking it, I’ve noticed I fall asleep easier and sleep better. No negatives, and I can’t stop singing their praises. Great quality/value!!!

  269. Kelli M.

    This product works well to alleviate pain and headaches as well as providing a feeling of wellness.

  270. Victorie P.

    No more Sunday Scaries!

  271. Devan W.

    Wonderful product.

  272. Monae B.

    This is my go to has a mild flavor yummy

  273. Chelsey L.

    Is helping tremendously with the post partum anxiety I was having.

  274. Michelle S.

    I have anxiety and this helps me to relax and fall asleep at night. I will get a higher dosage for home because I find myself needing more for sleep. I have severe Anxiety and PTSD. This keeps me calm and free from any habit forming drugs. The taste is great. I am a lifer and will never stop buying this product. It’s so nice to not have to worry a bout being addicted to any medications and fight this battle I fight naturally. Thank you Blue Sky Buds! This has changed my life!

  275. Rhustyna M.

    I have a lot of Heath problems and the oils helps me so much never go with out it love it

  276. Dave

    oil is working great so far only been 8 days

  277. Elizabeth R.

    So far it’s working I need more than three drops though. And need more often . I can’t afford it all the time but I believe in it. I’m trying alternative meds for my pain control it’s helped my fibromyalgia . And arthritis should I continue taking help seed oil as well? Thank you

  278. Amy S.

    My name is Amy. I tried Hemp Extract Oil for the first time about 6 months ago. I had great results. Someone recommended your Oil to me. I switched and felt even better results, as your product is completely natural, no synthetics. I suffer from migraines and fibromyalgia. Since I have used Hemp Extract Oil I have gone off of my migraine medication and have even ta ken any other medication for my headaches. When I feel a headache coming on, I use my oil and feel relief within 20 minutes. Same thing for my fibromyalgia pain which I experienced daily. When I do feel pain now, I get relief within 20 minutes of taking my oil. I no longer suffer from daily pain. My father has severe arthritis. He is unable to sleep at times due to his pain. Once taking Hemp Extract Oil, he has been able to sleep.

  279. Angela G.

    It helps with leg pain from my chronic disease. It beats any prescribed “pain reliever.” Leave it to nature to provide relief. Thanks again!

  280. Chelsea S.

    Just started using Hemp Extract Oil and this one is great for unwinding before bed!!!

  281. Elaine P.

    I am very pleased with the Hemp Extract Oil that I recently purchased. I feel like a blanket has been lifted off of me – I wake up ready to take on the day without the extreme tiredness and depression that I have had for some time. I have one finger that has hurt due to arthritis and it has not bothered me at all in the last few days, so I know it is help[ ing with that too! I am in hopes that with time, the oil will also help with my fibromyalgia.

  282. Vanessa O.

    I’ve talked my father into trying Hemp Extract Oil for his rheumatoid arthritis. Tried three different brands. Says this one works the best.

  283. Laurie U.

    I am completely surprised at how much this Hemp Extract Oil has helped me. I have C-PTSD with chronic nightmares. This helps me get actual sleep, actual rest.

  284. Sharon M.

    I decided to start using Hemp Extract Oil for my Atrial Flutter and Angina, plus back pain and anxiety. I’ve almost finished my first bottle of 100 MG and my body has responded well to the product. I’ve already ordered my 2nd bottle and decided to try the 250 MG this time. I can’t purchase this where I live because all the shops have THC in theirs and I don’t need the psychoactive constituent. It doesn’t take long to have this delivered either.

  285. Lemuel J.

    It works well for anxiety . I highly recommend .

  286. Kathy S.

    Still trying to find the correct dosage but works well to help me relax to fall asleep! Will try a stronger dosage with my next order.

  287. tom g.

    Great stidf

  288. Sherrie R.

    I have fibromyalgia an have been suffering for year. I had no motivation an hurt all the time. I have been using Hemp Extract Oil for three weeks and I feel totally different pain down 90%I have so much energy! People have noticed the difference in me . I am loving life now!

  289. David R.

    I have been using this product for lower back disc pain for about 9 months and I cannot believe the difference it has made in my life! I am working 12 hours a day with little to no pain, whereas I could hardly walk for 3 months prior to starting on this. I now have my 78 year old father taking it and he says his back feels good again. Highly recom mended!

  290. Wendy O.

    Recently I purchased Hemp Extract Oil from from Greenworld and it has truly helped me. I have degenerative disc disease, arthritis, and narrowing in my spine just to name a few of the debilitating issues I live with every day. The Hemp Extract Oil has allowed me to get out and move more freely without less pain. It’s like a MIRACLE in a bottle!!!❤❤❤

  291. Jada C.

    My boyfriend and I have been taking Hemp Extract Oil for a good month now and it’s worked so well for us! Blue Sky Buds is definitely the #1 company we always look out for and recommend!

  292. Gillian S.

    Great flavor, sweet with no bad after taste. Works well with other flavors just adds sweetness. Just need higher mg next time.

  293. Tammi S.

    I am beyond amazed at this product

  294. Richard H.

    This gave me relief from fibromyalgia pain!! Will definitely buy again but in higher strength.

  295. Joseph D.

    I am a newbie, so I wanted to start slow. So far so good. Flavor is great, like sweet nectar. I will definitely be getting more.

  296. Teresa S.

    Great for depression, pain and nausea.

  297. Ruane M.

    Awesome product!

  298. Tom S.

    I take 5-7mg and I feel less restless, which is exactly what I wanted.

  299. Jill N.

    I like this product but am going to up to 250

  300. Nate A.

    It tickles me in a way that if Loretta tickled me in that way, I’d say “oh yeah, that’s nice, that’s the spot”

  301. Elizabeth C.

    I have chronic back pain and a friend recommended Hemp Extract Oil to help me sleep at night. I was sceptical but find that it is so helpful. And most importantly it is a natural product.

  302. Michelle M.

    Has helped with my anxiety immensely.

  303. Alissa B.

    Shipped quickly! Helps ease stiffness/pain in my lower back. I’ll be buying again!

  304. Rick Z.

    My mom said she sleeps better and she can walk better with no knee brace. Less knee pain.

  305. Kathleen B.

    Great taste and no high feeling!

  306. Taylor B.

    This was the first time I used Hemp Extract Oil for joint pain and it seemed to help, but may need a higher dosage.

  307. Celia M.

    Heard about them in a YouTube video… Decided to give them a shot! Have no regrets they helped me get through the day. looking forward to trying out more of their products.

  308. Elda M.

    I have suffered with back pain for many years and had trouble sleeping too. A friend told me about Blue Sky Buds Hemp Extract Oil and I started feeling so much better in just a couple of days! I take a few drops before bed for the best sleep I’ve had in years. I love the results and recommend Blue Sky Buds to people almost daily. Thank you so much for you r wonderful products.

  309. Gerard C.

    I have tried this Hemp Extract Oil for some pain relief and it does work very well and has convinced me that there definitely is a value to this substance. This is so much better than using opioids with lots of side effects.

  310. lisa m.

    I love this oil it helps my anxiety so much

  311. Jeff P.

    Good stuff

  312. Darcee B.

    Ordering was easy, shipped in a timely manner. Seems to have a positive effect.

  313. Daniel R.

    Good taste

  314. Leslie A.

    This stuff is great. It really helps with my foot pain as well as generally feeling better.

  315. Emily M.

    Our doctor gave us a sample to put on my husbands cut. It has been helping so we bought some more.

  316. Andrea F.

    Love it, really helps with my anxiety

  317. marriah h.

    Awesome product!! Use it every.Awesome product!! Use it every day for my anxiety.

  318. Karen P.

    This is the only Hemp Extract Oil tried and will remain the only one. I use a dropper and a half three times a day. I sleep like a baby now and I feel a lot more relief from RA pain & stiffness. Am going to try the next higher dose soon.

  319. Joanna S.

    I bought this Hemp Extract Oil for my husband to keep him calm. I add this to his water and it still works so good on him.Thank you😉

  320. Mike W.

    right dosage.this seems to be the most popular product and works well – will order again

  321. Ashley C.

    Works good

  322. Romary H.

    Great products.Great products

  323. Dair N.

    I was a little nervous buying this product, I wasn’t sure how I would react to it. Honestly within a minute I felt my body feel less tight and less stressed. It really brought me to a very peaceful feeling, I didn’t feel high or incoherent. Over the course of a week I noticed that my sleeping was so much better. Going to work has been a breeze bec ause of how brand new I feel. I’ve been performing alot better in the gym aswell. Overall I will keep ordering this product, I give it nothing less than 5 stars.

  324. Johnna M.

    Awesome…Im just starting… about three weeks in.. This product is seriously my anxiety.. I’m not taking any prescription anxiety meds anymore.. I will definitely continue using this.. Thank you ✌❣🐾

  325. Becky B.

    Hemp Extract 350 oil.I have been using this product since February. I stopped taking ibuprofen. As long as I keep up with this product I have no pain. I’m going to have knee surgery in November and I plan on using this product afterward.

  326. Rose T.

    Great product.Great product

  327. Susan A.

    We have been using this for my daughter’s seizures and so far so good, it’s working!! I have used it to sleep at night due to insomnia from cancer treatment drugs. It does work and it has a good taste, it’s not nasty like some Hemp Extract Oil that I have tried. Thank you Blue Sky Buds!!

  328. Thomas F.

    This really has helped me control my anxiety and relieve my small aches and pains.

  329. Deb S.

    This product is awesome. I have neuropathy in my feet from chemo. I have tried numerous products for pain. I didn’t want to go on a drug to relieve the pain. So I tried the CBS oil and within a week I have no more pain. I take it at night, cause that is when the pain was the worse. It also relaxes me and helps me sleep. I just purchased my second bottle and will continue to purchase this from this company. Great product for the price too.

  330. Jorge Z.

    I have been using this product from Blue Sky Buds since 2016. The best quality, serious professionals behind.

  331. Glen A.

    As my first purchase of Hemp Extract Oil, I really didn’t know what to expect. The folks at Blue Sky Buds were very welcoming and easy to work with it. I got exactly what I needed and in just a couple of days. They’ll definitely be my go to store for Hemp Extract Oil going forward.

  332. Rebecca C.

    To be honest. I haven’t been able to take it daily for anxiety like I want to. I am currently 35 weeks pregnant who suffers from kidney stones. So, I’ve only taken it for pain at night time and to help me sleep. The few times I’ve taken it. I’ve noticed my back aches from pregnancy/kidney pain was going away and I sleep like a baby. It’s amazing! I started out small and only took 0.50ml each time because I am pregnant. My doctor approved but said at my own risk because he wasn’t educated on it. I plan to up the dose months after the baby is born and I get back into routine. Taste alright to me and seems to work so far!

  333. Aracely M.

    Works so great took the pain Away

  334. Karna D.

    I hurt daily… since I started using Hemp Extract Oil I only have to take my reg pain meds about one or two times a month!!

  335. Richard W.

    I have psoriatic arthritis, lumbar disc problems for which I receive injections for. I take hydrocone daily. When I started taking this product I had positive results almost immediately. Like anything else everybody may have different results. I originally purchased 100ml bottle. I just ordered 250ml. If you have been living with pain and are tire d of prescription pain Medsupp and Otc NSAIDs, you should give this a try. Money well spent.

  336. Richard T.

    Pleasantly surprised how well this works on my arthritis. Will buy more soon.

  337. Jennifer c.

    Think I need a stronger dose to alleviate pain.Even low dose helps with sleeping

  338. Miriam S.

    The oil arrived quickly after ordering. I have noticed a huge improvement in my chronic Achilles tendonitis (minimized pain, greater range of motion) and in the inflammatory response in my body in general, improving my sense of smell and arthritis pain. I have combined the oil with the lotion on my Achilles tendon and it has even further improved. I have been using the oil for 3 weeks now. It does take a few days to start working, so stay with it. I have also noticed that my ability to handle stress has improved. Incredibly pleased with the results!

  339. Marilyn D.

    Product is great & service was great too!

  340. Ruth B.

    I love this oil I can do thing was having trouble with I am now back to walking got my blood pressure good now got my sister on it now she was having trouble with her legs pain is gone now

  341. Kyle M.

    Purchased oil for my grandfather suffering from Alzheimers. Seems to help him relax, and relieve some of his arthritic pain. Will try higher dose next time

  342. Julie D.

    Highly recommended this product. We’ve told so many people about how well it works

  343. Meredith G.

    The taste isn’t great, but this stuff works wonders!

  344. Kelli M.

    Good quality as expected. Took longer than expected to recieve.

  345. Walter H.

    I am very pleased with the product, and I am able to no longer take any opioids for pain, I just rely on the oil.

  346. Jessica E.

    The drops are excellent. They have worked wonders for my neuropathy.

  347. Grant A.

    The product arrived on time and as advertised. It has been very beneficial to my sleep!

  348. Bob Y.

    This was my first time trying Hemp Extract Oil to help with arthritis in my hands and it works very well. I ordered a second bottle 250 m to try.

  349. Janice C.

    I began taking Hemp Extract Oil in December 2017 in hopes of helping with my overall health. I was in a real bad slump as a result of Stage III COPD. Fatigue was constant as I had much difficulty breathing. My lung specialist had me on several inhalers and oxygen therapy, but I was having a tough time just getting through each day. My response to Hemp Extract Oil w as immediate. I tried a few different brands, but found that Blue Sky Buds not only met my needs, it was by far the best value. I have been taking Blue Sky Buds Hemp Extract Oil for the past five months and my husband and I cannot believe the difference it has made. I feel like a new person. My doctor has cut back on my inhalers and totally eliminated one I had taken for several years. All of my breathing tests are showing marked improvement. I am telling everyone I meet who has various aches, pains, and particularly COPD, that they should give Blue Sky Buds Hemp Extract Oil a try. By the way, my husband is now taking Hemp Extract Oil for his Type II Diabetes and his numbers are now normal — a real biggie for diabetics! Many thanks to Blue Sky Buds for sharing this wonderful product.

  350. Lydia V.

    I was first nervous to try Hemp Extract Oil since I’m wasn’t sure how it was gonna make me feel but now I love it. I use Hemp Extract Oil every night before I go to bed and I wake up refreshed.

  351. Paisley P.

    Tinctures have hurt my stomach in the past so I enjoyed this product.

  352. Barbara S.

    Knee pain from arthritis had been increasing to a point where it had significantly limited my activities. Since I am allergic to aspirin, Aleve, etc., I had few pain relief options until my rheumatologist suggested Hemp Extract Oil. Did my research and found that Blue Sky Buds was a leading brand. Using the sublingual drops led to almost immediate lessening of pain. After a few days, the pain was almost completely gone. A great product.

  353. Dominick C.

    Tried Hemp Extract Oil for fibro pain relief and it works amazing. For anyone suffering from any type of pain I highly recommend you try this !

  354. Angel A.

    I use this to help with my lower back pains,stress and it works amazing!! will purchase again.

  355. Wendi E.

    Using the drops topically for a mysterious rash. Clearing up quickly! Easy to use. Easy to order.

  356. Alfredo J.

    I bought this to use after my knee surgery and it has been a wonderful experience. It has helped in my recovery significantly and when I take it I can feel it work as it relaxes the muscles around my knee. I love it and will be buying again.

  357. Carmen K.

    I started noting a difference in energy levels the first week. Much more calm and sleep through the night. Also it doesn’t taste horrible! Thanks for making a great product

  358. Roddy M.

    It works well on joint pain and stiffness.

  359. Thomas S.

    great product took my pain away. I will continue to use this product.

  360. Courtney M.

    Love it! It has helped so much!

  361. Steven R.

    Has helped with my anxiety. Amazing

  362. Kevin E.

    works well for me.I had to stop medicating with cannabis and about a month later my arthritis pain came back. Almost immediately my insomnia came back. This product started working immediately helping with both problems. After reading the other reviews I’m going to start weaning myself off of my anxiety medication. I will update my review if it works for me.

  363. Matthew M.

    Bought this for my stepdad who has joint issues, this has helped tremendously!!

  364. Gary M.

    This stuff works good!

  365. Larry H.

    My wife uses the oil to help wife her fibromyalgia and I use it to help with anxiety.

  366. Marilyn B.

    Received it really quickly. Very satisfied

  367. Robert F.

    The online ordering was seamless.

  368. David G.

    High quality and unbeatable price!

  369. Taneisha W.

    I’ve had anxiety over the last two years , more specifically driving anxiety && my experience with Greenroads Hemp Extract Oil was a good one , i started with 100 mg 2-3 drops a day and now I’m at about 4 drops three times a day , next i will be ordering the 350 mg , but i noticed a overall mood Enhancement i got my appetite back and it gives me a boost of energy. This stuff truly works just have to find your right dosage

  370. Mark P.

    My wife suffers from migraines and since she started taking Hemp Extract Oil on a daily basis, the headaches have eased up. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone with chronic pain.

  371. Miguel C.

    My mom is now using this to get good sleep, she’s happy with it.

  372. Edna F.

    I have severe arthritis/ fibromyalgia pain….Since I have been on the Hemp Extract Oil my pain has subsided tremendously…I can even walk without my walker for a short distance..this oil is amazing and I have re- ordered another bottle for myself and one for my husband…. Thank you for such an amazing product..

  373. Jennifer L.

    No complaints.

  374. Julie P.

    I’ve been having difficulty sleeping so I ordered some oil and it really helps!

  375. Thomas W.

    I love it and it really works!

  376. Debra S.

    I have severe osteoarthritis and after the last few years on pain killers and still dealing with pain I decided to try Hemp Extract Oil. I was shocked first of all at the flavor, I expected it to have a very bad taste but it has a good taste and have noticed a big difference in my level of pain after only 2 weeks of use. I would highly recommend at least t rying it and give it a chance.

  377. Philip B.

    Product came exactly as described, and the effects of the Hemp Extract Oil are noticable. Package arrived quickly. Great experience overall with Blue Sky Buds.

  378. Elliott M.


  379. Karleen C.

    I figured I had nothing to lose accept a few bucks if I tried CDB oil for my knee pain, I was so wrong. What I lost was the pain. Now I’m not saying I’m pain free but after a week of using this product 2x a day I have noticed a great reduction in the amount of pain I in.

  380. Marissa A.

    this is my first time trying Blue Sky Buds Hemp Extract Oil and i love it, it helps with my anxiety more than any other brand i’ve tried, definitely going to always come here for all my Hemp Extract Oil needs.

  381. Raja U.

    I have anxiety and this really provides a lot of help!!!!

  382. Doug S.

    Had trouble sleeping until I tried this stuff. Now I go to sleep right away and sleep through out the night.

  383. Emily B.

    Very happy for results. Use it twice a day for anxiety and sleeping.

  384. Joanne R.

    Works well!

  385. Tracy B.

    After much research, I started using the 100 MG Hemp Extract Oil for chronic pain. So far, so good – my chronic pain has definitely lessened. I have had issues for years with pain in my neck and shoulders. I feel as though the Hemp Extract Oil has really helped with the pain.

  386. Julie M.

    Great product for anxiety and chronic back and hip pain!

  387. Amanda F.

    I take this Hemp Extract Oil to help manage my anxiety and insomnia. I’ve had great results and would recommend to all.

  388. Keelin M.

    This is a godsend.I suffer from endometriosis and this has reduced my pain tremendously!

  389. Jessica O.

    happy I tried this.I’m really happy I gave Hemp Extract oil a go. I feel like it’s really helped with my anxiety and sleep. I plan to repurchase!

  390. Christopher V.

    My wife loves t it helps her sleep

  391. Pat L.

    This low dose of Hemp Extract Oil works very well for my anxiety during the day…I take 2 to 3 drops 3 times daily and 1/2 dropper at night to help me sleep….I have been able to stop my anxiety medication, which left me feeling tired, because of using Blue Sky Buds Hemp Extract Oil…I have tried other brands but did not find the same relief as with this one…

  392. Charles H.

    Anxiety’s under control Awesome 👍😁

  393. Caitlin M.

    Great.Really fast service and tastes great.

  394. Shannon W.

    Works Great.Works great

  395. Lauren K.

    Little things REALLY bother me. I’m very sensitive and take things way too seriously. I dwell on these little things and it ruins my day. Hemp Extract Oil helps me tone down those feelings and suddenly I’m not dwelling anymore. So thankful to have found something that helps me feel level-headed and less anxious without feeling anything else.

  396. Cliff T.

    This site was recommended by a friend. I found the right product at a good price. I am very happy with the service AND the fast shipping. Very, VERY happy customer. I will order again AND pass your site info to friends!! Outstanding job!!

  397. Geisha R.

    Great Hemp Extract!.Still to early to live a review!

  398. Katrina W.

    Will purchase again!

  399. Brenda E.

    seems good..Seems good to me. My daughter says its helping her relax.

  400. Robert D.

    This product is wonderful! I had my doubts about the claims of Hemp Extract Oil but this stuff is amazing! The calming effects, and mood lifter qualities of this product are out of this world! It makes sleep easy and moods great, I think a higher mg strength would help more with pain. Overall 10 stars!

  401. Courtney P.

    Has helped me sleep better and lessened my anxiety. Huge fan of this product.

  402. Lindsay H.

    9 days ago, I started with 3 drops twice daily. At the same time, I reduced my antidepressant rx (venlafaxine) by 75 mg. In the past, reducing that med has caused headaches, dizziness, and restless legs. I have not experienced any of those withdrawal symptoms this time. The taste of the oil is strong, but not unpleasant. The package arrived q uickly. No complaints!

  403. Terri W.

    BSB oil purchase.Ordering was simple, the product arrived quickly and was packaged very well. Recommend the products and would order again.

  404. Daniel K.

    350.I sleep longer and better

  405. Candance R.

    Helped more than any of my pain meds ever did!

  406. Faith S.

    Absolutely LOVE this product and will continue to use it, probly FOREVER!! I feel so much better using it!! Thanks Blue Sky Buds!!!

  407. Maureen F.

    I bought this to help me sleep, still can’t sleep but arthritis pain surprisingly is better. I will buy again for that reason.

  408. Eugene P.

    Good stuff.

  409. Pinchos S.

    I have crohn’s and arthritis. This stuff really helps. Great service!

  410. Cynthia J.

    I have been taking the product daily and I have noticed significant results. It has improved the quality of my sleep and reduced aches and pains. The best part is that there are virtually no side effects.

  411. Sue R.

    Great product.Was taking Aleve all the time…but not after trying your product it’s amazing no pain in my leg which is full of aritis. Thanks

  412. Jerry B.

    Bought this for my dog, but it ended up taking some myself for some anxiety I was dealing. Very impressed with this product!!

  413. Heather L.

    I started with the lowest dose after researching and getting a recommendation for a friend and have had major improvements in my concentration and sleep. I want to move to a higher dose to help more with stress and anxiety.

  414. James B.

    Can not believe the results. I wish I knew about Blue Sky Buds before. Going to order more.

  415. Devin K.

    One of the few things that ease my chronic back pain.

  416. Meghan K.

    Still good stuff.

  417. Robert O.

    Great product

  418. Carmen C.

    I was really hangover and feeling like s….headache bit of anxiety, took a few drops and seriously got so much better in like half and hour! Love it

  419. Antonietta O.


  420. Jeff H.

    350 helps ok with my sever inflammation. Will have to try the 550 next

  421. Ryan R.

    Will be ordering more in the future

  422. Bryonna G.

    I was skeptical about Hemp Extract Oil. I am already seeing major improvements everyday

  423. Katryna M.

    This is my first time trying Hemp Extract Oil. So far so good!

  424. Lindsey H.

    I’ve order many items from Blue Sky Buds (Edibles, Oils, Daily Doses) and they also come in reasonable time and never any damage issues. All the products I have tried have been good quality, the oil is especially useful for managing my back pain since it provides a large enough dose of Hemp Extract Oil. The prices are no higher then any other decent Hemp Extract Oil pr oducts, but this is a brand I know I can trust every time.

  425. Kristie K.

    This is awesome for anxiety and inflammation.

  426. Michael F.

    Just started on it today. Not sure yet!

  427. Rebekah G.

    I was skeptical to try Hemp Extract Oil. And even more skeptical to try this sublingual one, but I am so glad I tried it! First, I can’t do liquids because of my gag reflex, but this one has no taste. Like, none! Huge plus!! Second, the pain was gone in about 5 minutes. I couldn’t believe it! No more popping Advil every few hours! I am sold on Blue Sky Buds and their Non-THC Hemp Extract Oil! No side effects! Nothing but pain-free. Love love love! I also love their pricing. I found the same stuff on other sites for double the price. This is a winner!

  428. Jacquelyn C.

    I cannot believe the relief I have gotten from this product. I was so skeptical at first.. but it truly is amazing. I have severe anxiety and panic disorder. And this is truly awesome. And I know people are worried about the taste.. but it really isn’t bad. I don’t know why that’s even an issue. It’s mild. Kind of earthy. Kind of sweet. I tell you , I have another flavored Hemp Extract Oil from another company.. and I can’t even use it. It’s way better just natural. If you haven’t tried Hemp Extract Oil yet. Try it. And use this company to do it. It’s amazing. Plus the prices are reasonable and the shipping is fast!

  429. Bethany S.

    Helps with anxiety a lot.

  430. Jennifer W.

    This oil works as well if not better than the prescription sleep aid I took for a long time. I fall asleep faster and can usually go back asleep if woken up during the night.

  431. Chad O.

    This was a great way for me to try Hemp Extract Oil. I tried this and it worked great, I now moved to the 250mg after knowing how it affected me.

  432. Vernon i.

    Love my Hemp Extract Oil. Taking the edge off of my pain is important to me. Helping me greatly.

  433. Carol H.

    I received the low dose a week and a half ago. It’s helping with my low back pain and my sciatic pain thank you so much I will be ordering more

  434. Julie F.

    I bought this in addition to using Zenapin-IR and it has worked wonders for me. I was a bit skeptical at first but I’m glad I tried it!

  435. Nelson R.

    This is my first time taking Hemp Extract Oil. I was skeptic at first but as soon as I started taking it I could feel the difference in many ways such as sleep quality, body soreness has gone away, and in general I feel better since I started taking Hemp Extract Oil. The taste and quality of Blue Sky Buds is great. If you are looking to try Hemp Extract Oil, try Blue Sky Buds,

  436. Mark G.

    First time using. I did feel a slight relieve of anxiety And the taste is not that bad at all Next time I might order a different dosage. Longer usage might help symptoms even. Wish a discount or coupon was offered – it could get costly on retirement income Thanks so much

  437. Whitney W.

    This has helped with my chronic back pain better than anything I have ever used! I have tried all sorts of pain killers from my doctor but none of them have worked like this stuff does! And just for those wondering I have been drug tested for a new job and it doesn’t show up at all because it doesn’t have the THC. Try this product it is the best t hing out there for pain!!

  438. Shana T.

    I was really happy to find the ethics of the company and their production process very clearly. Shipping is fast, and the oil works great! It helps with both depression and anxiety, and I’m recommending it to everyone I know.

  439. Judy K.

    I have a fracture in my L5 and also arithritis. My mornings are especially painful and the rest of the day uncomfortable. I have been taking the drops and cream when I get up and before bed. Since I have been doing this my pain is bearable and I am able to move (bend) much more easily. I am thankful that I found something that finally helps.

  440. Nick F.

    I was having problems with shortness of breath and this helped severely.

  441. Francise D.

    My purchase has been great and helpful

  442. Jeremy G.

    Out of the Hemp Extract Oil I have tried this one tasted the best. I will be getting a high dosage next time but I can tell a difference even with this low dose!

  443. Jose E.

    Picked greenroads based on a few hours of internet research and wasn’t disappointed in the least! A+

  444. Rob D.

    Very happy with the product.

  445. Jennifer K.

    Works great

  446. Marcelan F.

    This was WONDERFUL for my arthritis!

  447. Beverly H.

    Has a good taste and noticing an improvement in how I feel, only have been taking for about 10 days, am going to most likely try the relaxing gummies next

  448. Lorelei H.

    Perfect dose

  449. Edwin W.

    Wife and I Have been using it for some time now and won’t stop

  450. Tina D.

    Excellent product Very happy with the results My knee feels better as does my mood

  451. Mike M.

    I’ve tried this product just recently for the first time. Sleep has improved and I feel more relaxed/calm to focus on my day. I will slowly increase as suggested.

  452. Jason H.

    I bought Hemp Extract Oil 100 MG and it tasted much better than previous brands

  453. Laura O.

    Felt a difference in my lower back almost immediately.

  454. Jeffrey R.

    Great product, great price, and great results. Has really helped with my IBD and I have noticed within the first week of using.

  455. Phillip S.

    Awesome product!

  456. Virmarie A.

    Helps with my back pain.

  457. Kaitlyn G.

    Fast delivery and effective product

  458. Edwin W.

    It helps a lot! Usually when it rains my arthritis in my back kills me, but since I started using Hemp Extract Oil my back doesn’t hurt near as bad as is used to.

  459. Billie’Jo M.

    This works amazing for the pain in my left foot. Before the Hemp Extract Oil I had troubles even walking when I would be on my feet for long period of time. I bought this and my pain is instantly gone within few minutes. I highly recommend this.

  460. Spiros D.

    This Hemp Extract Oil works well it calms you down it helps with anxiety and stress.

  461. Samantha Z.

    easy to take and makes me feel calmer

  462. liz D.

    So I finally found my go to to oil for relief of my knee pain, I’m recovering from a knee replacement 4 months ago ,and wanted to find something to help ease the tightness in my knee and it actually works !I take 100 during the day and 250 at night .Its definitely worth a try! Lizzy D

  463. Kristen P.

    Pleased with the product. Using for eczema. Ordered another bottle and plan to continue. Excellent customer service and quick to respond to questions. Thank you!

  464. Faye S.

    This product tastes good to me. It seemed to help me with a panic attack. It was my first trial of Hemp Extract Oil and I’m going to order another bottle……and use it more regularly.

  465. Marsha J.

    Hemp Extract Oil, 100 mg

  466. Katelyn G.

    I’ve tried other Hemp Extract Oil but this stuff works way better. It doesn’t make me drowsy and works almost immediately.

  467. Lori C.

    I take the oil at night to help relieve joint pain and anxiety, definitely helps!

  468. Gabrielle S.

    This is great relief for anxiety attacks and just general discomfort. It helps me be calm and focus during the day.

  469. LAURA J.

    Glad to finally find a Hemp Extract Oil that helps with my insomnia!

  470. Kelsey P.

    Love! It really helps with my anxiety!

  471. Steve G.

    Works great. Mild taste. Just what I was looking for

  472. Matthew N.

    Just received product a week ago but plan on continuing ongoing. Will probably try the higher mg version next time.

  473. Maria P.

    Finding this product literally changed my life. No more panic attacks. Able to finally sleep through the night.

  474. Sarah I.

    I am 22 years old and I have had major stomach issues for as long as I can remember. I have had ultrasounds and an endoscopy done, and they could never determine what was wrong. My main issue is visceral hypersensitivity. Whenever I eat, no matter what it is, I am in major pain. This has an enormous impact on quality of life and everyday living. I f I could survive without eating food, I hands-down would. An essential act that most people enjoy is that painful for me, all of the time. I’ve taken different medicines before, such as a stomach muscle relaxer, but if they helped the pain, they caused nausea that made it not worth it. I decided to try this Hemp Extract Oil for the first time, and I was completely overwhelmed. I started taking it before I eat, and lo-and-behold, there is no pain. The difference was immediate. Since I started using it, I have gone out to eat once without taking it that day, and the pain was there just like before. I could sit here and cry I am so grateful for how it has helped me. The product is wonderful. The only issue I’ve had is that the top seems to not fit on the track right, so it is often hard to open, and it leaks as well, which is unfortunate because I can’t afford to waste any of it! I didn’t want to get my hopes up too much when I received this product, because nothing has ever worked in the past, but my mind has been blown. I hope it works for you too!

  475. James G.

    Oil is easy to take and tastes great.

  476. Sherry K.

    After trying numerous ways to control chronic pain, anxiety and PTSD from a car accident I researched Hemp Extract Oil. I feel the edge of everything is lifting.

  477. Linda H.

    Wasn’t sure what to expect but this has helped manage my pain and anxiety far better than I expected! Will continue to use!

  478. Rita F.

    can see health benefits.

  479. Jacque W.

    This is the only thing that helps with period pain!

  480. Kami K.

    I love this company. I’ve tried alot of things for my anxiety, and this helps calm me down in seconds.

  481. Stephen H.

    Worked great for my anxiety! Also tastes great !

  482. Thomas M.

    This is my first time trying Hemp Extract Oil and even the smaller dose starting out has helped me with my anxiety. Definitely good quality.

  483. Ashley B.

    I am a complete advocate and I have done much research and studying on all aspects of this incredible herb. No matter how much you read and no matter how much you study, it does not prepare you to experience the wonderful gift that this medication brings you. I am now a forever loyal customer. Thank you.

  484. Renee M.

    I just bought a trial sample from another company and in NO WAY does it even compare to this product!!!! The taste of the other one was so bad that I couldn’t even take more than one dose! YUCK! Blue Sky Buds seems to even work better!

  485. Devin K.

    Love this product 🙂 really helps my husband with his chronic back pain!

  486. Donna C.

    The minimal dose of Hemp Extract Oil has greatly reduced my tremor.

  487. Erin R.

    This has definitely helped with my anxiety

  488. GINGER B.

    This product really helped me sleep, if you are having a problem sleeping try this, it helped me.

  489. Sharyn R.

    Hemp Extract Oil works wonders for getting me to sleep and staying there. I have tried many OTC remedies, but none of them work as well as the Hemp Extract Oil. Sharyn Reynolds

  490. Kyle D.

    Awesome stuff

  491. terry s.

    calms my nerves and helps me sleep

  492. Jorge C.

    It has literally changed me.. My anxiety is in all time low.. Thank you

  493. Brittany W.

    Even at this low dose I can tell a difference taking it daily.

  494. Kristopher J.

    Taking just 1ML per day has completely eradicated my negative depressive thoughts, and has had a big improvement on my physical depression symptoms.

  495. Cindy B.

    I have tried a couple different brands and what I have gotten from Blue Sky Buds works the best for me

  496. Larome W.

    I liked the taste. It had the desired relaxing effect, however next time I think I’ll get a higher dosage

  497. Arron P.

    Its good to start with for anxiety and depression to see how you react now im going up to 550 mg

  498. Bart D.

    Helped with pain

  499. Christy G.

    I got this for my mom who recently had knee surgery and she says it has helped her work through the pain so much that it has helped her cut down on all the pain meds she has. Very thankful to have a great alternative to popping pills all the time and great value!

  500. Celina J.

    This has worked but need a stronger amount. I have Fibromyalgia and thankful that my son has encouraged me to starting using. I was stuck in the 1960’s mindset, like thinking it was to only get high off of. 🙂 I will order again today. Thank you so much!

  501. Alison P.

    I have anxiety and receive treatment for it, but this is a nice addition to my routine– helps me with physical tension especially! I also don’t like to take Ibuprofen or any OTC pain relievers so if I’m ever sore/fatigued I’ll take some, works like a charm.

  502. Erin C.

    Taste is not bad at all. Use for anxiety and can feel a markable difference. Shipping was fairly fast and I will be purchasing again.

  503. Jason B.

    Works great and our dogs love theirs as well

  504. Shani S.

    I’m in love with this product! I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to try it!

  505. Alex H.

    Great product

  506. AMY C.

    Tastes better, but more importantly, works better than the other two products I’ve tried. I have rheumatoid arthritis and I feel a distinct relief in stiffness and pain after using this product.

  507. Jennifer S.

    I have been using this product for a couple of weeks and I feel a reduction of anxiety especially in my stomach. It does make me sleepy, so I mostly used at night and I sleep well.

  508. Susan Z.

    Headache completely gone in 10 minutes with 5 drops. Slept all night with 5 drops. Cancer (P Net) of pancreas with innumerable mets to the liver; taking for pain. It took 10 drops for 4 hours of relief. I ordered the 550 mg. so I could take less drops – surgery today to put chemo in the liver- using instead of Prednisone and Oxycodone. So thankful to have an A+ rated company, Blue Sky Buds, as my provider, and healthwise, SO MUCH better than taking harmful Phx. Phx.

  509. Bruce D.

    Works great – very happy

  510. Leanne M.

    Works well

  511. Eric Y.

    It’s great. I use it as a sleep aid and anxiety supplement. I really feel it makes a difference.

  512. Teresa S.

    Works great for depression, nausea, and pain

  513. Alicia K.

    This oil has helped with my anxiety and it helps me sleep at night. I struggle trying to fall asleep at night, and this has helped me tremendously. I sleep like a log!

  514. Ronda C.

    to early to tell

  515. Caryn K.

    Great way to start using Hemp Extract Oil.

  516. Melissa S.

    Love that it’s 3rd Party tested!

  517. Ashley R.

    I tried this product because I had read several articles about Hemp Extract Oil helping manage anxiety and PTSD symptoms… Not only does it help in those respects, it has also improved my sleeping tremendously! I am a terrible insomniac but since I started taking Hemp Extract Oil I have been sleeping so much better… I’ve even slept through the whole night a few time s! It also seems to help a little bit with some of the chronic pain issues I have. The dosage on the bottle works well for me and the taste isn’t that bad at all. I am a loyal customer now! Thank you so much!

  518. Jamie R.

    Thanks for this product it has helped me a lot

  519. Jacob O.

    Great bottle design

  520. Francesca N.

    I love the taste and it started working the first time I used it. I am obsessed

  521. Melanie D.

    I tried Hemp Extract Oil at the recommendation of a physician for nerve pain related to spinal stenosis. I started with the 100 mg bottle and after several days I found that it takes the edge off the pain. Ordering a higher dosage to see how that works for me.

  522. Cesar H.

    Great productt, great taste and awesome feeling!

  523. kathleen g.

    My first time trying, pleased with the results,

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