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Our CBD/Hemp Oil for Pets contains virtually 0% THC. It is high in antioxidants as well as carotene, phytosterols, and chlorophyll. It is also a source of several minerals, including calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, and zinc. The daily recommended serving of hemp oil is one to two tablespoons.

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Hemp or cannabis is the source of CBD and Hemp oil for pets. However, It is important to note that hemp extracts produced for industrial uses do not contain any THC, which is a psychoactive cannabinoid. Dogs often suffer from anxiety and therefore are in fear of unknown environments. CBD does a great job eliminating such anxiety among our pets.

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Q:I use the soap and like i t very much. Yesterdaysome soap got into my eye and burn a little bit. can it happen?

A:This is real natural soap and its PH is different from eyes pH. Wash your eyes with a lot of water and within minutes it will pass.

830 reviews for Pet Buds CBD/ Hemp Extract Oil

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    Sarah Weiss

    Love it so far We continue to order this product for our older dog who is struggling with back issues and it seems to help! Love it so far!

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    Ashley Allen

    It helps. Has helped both my big dogs with anxiety, pain, and arthritis. Thanks! I will keep using it regularly.

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    Maryann M

    Helps with consistency Bought this for a dog with anxiety. Definitely helped, he behaved very well through having family over for Christmas Eve. It does have to be given everyday though, as a day or two after forgetting to give it the dog freaked out over a chirping smoke detector.

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    Linda M

    Happy pup again I purchased this brand because its raw, not industrialized. Our 14 1/2 yrold dog has been clearly in better shape since we started her on this. Actually silly. My only complaint is it’s not prime. Will continue using this brand.

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    Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Working great for my old girl’s arthritis! I received this oil on the 4th of January, but wanted to give it some time to see how it would work before writing a review. I have an 11 1/2 year old Siberian Husky and she has some arthritis that has really been slowing her down lately. She also struggles with going up and down stairs, jumping in the car or on the couch (yes, I give my dogs full reign of the furniture because I want them to be as comfy as possible), and her walks have gotten shorter. It’s hard because we have a 6 year old husky who likes to go go go all the time and my old girl tries to keep up and wants to run with her all the time, but she just physically can’t. I’ve tried some oils in the past, but they really upset her stomach, so I’ve only been giving her one dropper full a day on her hemp extract. Even without giving her the full recommended dose, we’ve definitely seen a difference in her mobility. She’s able to trot around a little more, her walks are getting longer and she can keep a good pace with us, she plays more with other dogs at the dog park and is more playful in general. Hopefully we can up the dose soon and see more of an improvement, but we’re definitely happy with this oil!

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    barb d

    Cats go ga ga over these hemp extract oil! these are the best cat hemp extract oil. Can’t get them locally (walmart used to carry them) but my cat LOVES them. They seem addictive. Good for older cats I am sure.

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    Now she is getting around much more comfortably and able to get up and down the stairs … This has been just short of a miracle for my 12-year-old lab. Just a week ago she could not walk up the stairs due to her arthritis in her hindquarters. Now she is getting around much more comfortably and able to get up and down the stairs unassisted. I am so glad I tried this!! I’ve I been telling all my friends this is a must for older dogs. Hope if you try this product you’ll have the same fantastic results. Update: purchased my second bottle. This works! My 12 year old lab is doing so much better and moving more comfortably. She was on an anti inflammatory for 2 years that is known to be harsh on the liver. I was able to discontinue using the anti inflammatory since the hemp oil is doing the trick.

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    shanna sevy

    Helping with anxiety Our husky suffers from anxiety and epilepsy. This has definitely helped with her anxiety. She seems more calm and relaxed. I’m not sure if it is helping with her seizures yet. She usually has 1 a month, which we are so grateful given her condition that she doesn’t have them more often. We really wanted to try the hemp oil as an alternative to seizure medication. She doesn’t experience then often enough to be medicated and the side effects from the medication are almost worst than the seizures. She has been on hemp oil twice a day for 2 weeks. She has not had a seizure, appetite has improved and her anxiety seems better! Loving this oil so far and it is a great alternative to medication and the side effects!

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    Scott Peterson

    Great product! gave some to my friends to try … Great product! gave some to my friends to try and seems to be helping with their little guys mobility and night time bathroom issues he has had.

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    Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Five Stars Wonderful

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    B. Alvarado

    Calming My dog is experiencing pain due to a likely soft tissue injury (all xrays show normal joints.) So far it will help calm her, although her pain level seems to be high. I’ll update once we’ve paired with rehabilitation.

  12. blank

    jon rowland

    Dogs love it too. That is the only Hemp Extract we use for our dogs. We love it! The shine and smell is amazing.

  13. blank

    Peggy Sellgren

    old dog was having great difficulty getting around My 16 yr. old dog was having great difficulty getting around.This has helped her a lot.

  14. blank


    Five Stars Just perfect!

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    john sweeny

    She has been able to walk and get around better after using these drops in her hemp extract It seems to have made a difference in our dog’s ability to move around with less pain. She is a diabetic dog, 5 1/2 years old, and she is recovering from a torn ACL from last summer. She has been able to walk and get around better after using these drops in her hemp extract, which she eats and doesn’t mind the taste. Her fur is softer, too, so that is another benefit!

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    Works great… Improvement after 2 Weeks Our 8yr old lab mix has suffered with arthritis (front leg) and bone deformity in her elbow that cause inflammation since she was about 1 1/2yrs old. It never kept her from running/playing and hiking, but she would spend the next day limping around after a full day of fun. She has been on various prescriptions for almost 6yrs, most recently Rimadyl and mixing Fish Oil and Cosequin it seemed to help. However once we got a new puppy, she spends more time running around (and getting chased) and we noticed she was limping a little more and more often. After a vet visit, xrays indicated that her hip socket was starting to show signs off flattening was causing her pain and she was developing a tolerance to the meds. We had already been looking into Hemp oil for personal use and ran across a few articles about effectiveness in dogs and decided to dig a little deeper. To make this lone story short… we started our Lab on oil 2 weeks ago and over the past few days it has been wonderful watching her enjoy running laps in the snow with our puppy… even better is NOT watching her limp (as bad) afterwards. She still has the occasional once or twice limp, but not the all day every time shes walking limp. The goal is to slowly ween her off the Rimadyl completely to give her kidneys a break.

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    Dogs are happy! This product is a good value. I’m not sure when other reviewers state that you can use hemp seed oil (at a fraction of the cost) and receive the same benefits as a product like this – full spectrum products contain other compounds which hemp seed oil does not have. I have tried hemp seed oil for my dogs, and it’s helpful for joints skin coat. This full spectrum product helps with these issues, as well as many other issues; cancer, anxiety, it’s calming but without making them drowsy. My dogs are extremely high energy yet they have ability to listen, sit, and remain calm when directed. For us, this product does what it claims.

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    Meghann DiCiaccio

    Fantastic product! My sweet pitbull girl has a lot … Fantastic product! My sweet pitbull girl has a lot of trouble with her joints. This has made an enormous difference in her day-to-day life! Very thankful to have found an effective, quality product at an affordable price! Customer for life over here! Thanks so much!

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    Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Helped a ton with our dog’s arthritis Our 10 year-old lab had been limping pretty bad due to arthritis. This has made a HUGE difference in her. She’s been on it for about 2 weeks now and seems so much happier and playful. Definitely going to keep her on this!

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    Erin S.

    Best natural pet med 🤘 This stuff is amazing! My dog is a Cancer survivor and elderly yet you would never know! Her vet even reccomends it! Forget big pharma, this is the way to go ❤❤

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    Just Reader

    I believe it works We have a 15-year-old German Sheperd with partially torn ACL. It does have some hemp odor but the dog doesn’t care and I think it works. She is definitely calmer and I would like to think in less discomfort. She is about 75 pounds and I add one dripper to the hemp extract twice a day. I also started her on hemp with Hemp Extract Oil so that should also provide additional coverage.

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    Symptom relief without dizziness. Using for a Hurricane Harvey rescue with residual neuro symptoms from distemper. A vet suggested as a possible alternative to the dizziness she experienced with use of muscle relaxants. This brand and strength seem to work the best for her size and symptoms. Her neuro symptoms are not extreme (no seizures, thank goodness) but are lessened so that she rests more comfortably. I’ve tried several brands and strengths and come back to Nutrafill.

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    Dansko Lover

    This really works!! 😀 I bought this oil a few weeks ago for my Mini Poo who is overweight & suffering with arthritis. She is doing great! She has lost 4lbs & is walking better. I will be purchasing again soon!

  24. blank


    Five Stars 🙂

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    B. Franklin

    Works well I bought this to help my dog with pain as she had hemangiosarcoma and was in pain. She had pin free days using it and was relaxed in her final hours. She did pass but I believe this oil helped her be calm and relaxed, dealing with what I know to be a painful time. During her last days I thought boy this smells good, and I have pain in my shoulder and neck, what the hell I’ll try it topically on my pain. It worked, and worked fast. I thought perhaps a placebo effect but nope it worked every time. I have tried it on other people who are having neck pain and they too experienced relief. I am now a believer in hemp oil.

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    Utimio D. Trujillo

    … a very picky eater seems to have developed a better appetite since starting the oil Have not noticed much of a difference in the mobility of my two elderly dogs but the one that is a very picky eater seems to have developed a better appetite since starting the oil.

  27. blank


    Started using this product for my 8 year old Boxer … Started using this product for my 8 year old Boxer and 14 year old Shih Tsu. Both dogs were struggling to get up and walk around due to old age and arthritis. I noticed a difference in both dogs after just a few days! Dogs are up WAY more! The difference has been remarkable.

  28. blank

    Pete G

    So far My Bella doesn’t seem to mind it or … So far My Bella doesn’t seem to mind it or the taste. So i am giving it a 4. Trying to be optimistic. Need to order more as the bottle is so small and for 91lbs dog it doesn’t last long. I can’t not tell a difference yet but its only been a few days. I was told with others I have tried you need to give it time in the system so who know. Bella and I were in a car accident when she was a puppy and she is traumatized. The air bags and everything diploid. We even had to buy another car just because she would not get back in that one which we repaired. I have tried everything you name it and I’ve tried it. I hope with time this will help even just a little to take some of the anxiety stress she feels when we have go in the car. Kind regards, Iris

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    Kindle Customer

    All the Cats Love It! Great for the cats and I have three. My oldest feline has a very sensitive tummy and this is one of the very few I can give her without it making her sick. The stores haven’t stocked this on about a year, so it’s with paying the extra to ensure my furry friends stay happy.

  30. blank

    George M

    Five Stars Best one !!!! I love it !!!!

  31. blank


    Blue Sky Buds is the Best. I love all their shampoos and conditioners. I love all the Blue Sky Buds Pet items. My dogs smell so good and look so pretty.

  32. blank

    Anthony G. Petrilla

    Five Stars Fun

  33. blank

    S.V. Rambeau

    Great for improving comfort in dogs!! My older dog has been having issues with his lower back and back legs for months and has been slowly losing use of his hind end. The vet informed me there was little I could do except keep him comfortable and we mutually agreed that putting him on narcotics would be a last resort. After some discussion I put him on a higher dose of canine aspirin but this still didn’t seem to help. Then a friend told me about Hemp Extract Oil and hemp oil and bought me some dog hemp extract oil to see if they helped. They seemed to help a little and so we upped the dosage. I decided to invest a little more and try an oil because I could get the dosage right. It’s been great!! He isn’t moving much better, but he seems infinitely more comfortable without the loss of lucidity that seems to come from narcotics. Am purchasing more now 🙂

  34. blank

    james e todd

    It works (for my dog — after 5 days continuous use) Today is day 5 of giving this to my 10 year old dog, and this morning I noticed a big improvement in her walking, not as stiff as usual. She didn’t grunt when getting up from lying down and the best part was when she RAN up the 20 steps to our bedroom instead of stiffly climbing one step at a time. I’m thrilled as this product definitely seems to be working. 😁

  35. blank

    leon m savoy

    Five Stars A o/k

  36. blank


    Happy Puppy! Great stuff, super happy puppy! Nothing else compares.

  37. blank


    Looks like it’s working so far Dog loves it on the hemp extract. Looks like it’s working so far!

  38. blank


    I would definitely recommend this product I have been giving these drops to my 15 year old lab for the past 3 weeks and I have definitely seen an improvement on how he walks. He has arthritis and inflammation in his hips and with the raw hemp oil extract he gets up and down much faster than before. I would definitely recommend this product. My cat has anxiety and she has been much easier to deal with as well.

  39. blank


    Helped my nervous little girl My dog loves it,put it on her hemp extract and she gobbles it up.she seems better,less nervous.i’ve recommended this other dog owners who have nervous nellies.

  40. blank

    Breanne MacFarland

    so bulk seemed like a good option My cat goes crazy for these hemp extract oil. Blue Sky Buds is the only place I can find them, so bulk seemed like a good option!

  41. blank

    Jenny Richards

    So far so good… I got this for my dog who has trouble getting up due to arthritic hips. I just put it on her dry hemp extract and she eats it up, so she doesn’t mind the taste. And she seems to be getting around easier. 👍🏼

  42. blank


    Love it! Helps dog calm down! Love it!

  43. blank

    Karen Schwartz

    Adding new pep to our nearly 16 dog! I’m very happy with how our nearly 16 yr old dog, Clancy, has responded! She shows more energy and interest as well as tolerance in walks, and her appetite hasn’t been this good in years! I’m so happy my fellow dog loving friend recommended!

  44. blank


    Give it time to prove its worth and work its magic…. I’ve waited to write a review of this product for well over 30days, we wanted to give it time to prove its worth and work its magic on our sweet Ivory.We have a beautiful Lab that is up in her years, 12 to be exact, she started to have some joint pain, very slow getting up and losing the pep she once had in her step. After several visits to the veterinarian, they placed her on some vitamins, pain relievers (which we were very hesitant on) for her really bad days…so a handful of pills twice daily , that aren’t nor really good for human consumption much less for our furbaby. Well needless to say those bad days became more often than not, after months of seeing her struggling still I started doing some research and we decided that we would take her off all the chemical filled meds/vitamins that they have her on. We turned to this product , she takes a dropper in the morning and evening along with an all natural Hemp treat. We are extremely happy to report that after the first 3 weeks with patience and prayer she has made a huge turn around. Yes she still an old girl but no more slow getting up, she has a pep like she was 5 again, and on a very cold morning last week and only 5weeks in on these drops I can say that I saw her in a full run, no limp, no look of pain and so very happy…something we haven’t seen in the last 2 years and it has been that way ever since. We highly recommend this product, it has worked wonders for Ivory and we sleep in peace knowing that she is comfortable, not in pain and living the remaining of her dog years, praying those are many to come, with some pep restored in her step! Remember its not going to be the magic pill/medicine that will make them live forever but it will definitely buy them great quality of life that they deserve . Also it has been a huge success with her anxiety 🙂 Raw Hemp Oil Extract for Cats & Dogs to Reduce Inflammation, Joint Pain, Improve Skin and Coat, Relieve Stress & Anxiety- All Natural Pet Supplement, Health & Immunity Support with Omega 3s

  45. blank

    K. Schware

    Works great for our 14 year old Lab We notice resultsd FAST with this product. Our 14 year old lab mix has severe arthritis, but after just a few days on this, he is back to doing stairs. Miss a few days and we can see the difference quickly.

  46. blank

    Jim’s Double D

    Five Stars These are the greatest – my cats love them!!

  47. blank


    Get it. Luke acts like a puppy again.

  48. blank


    So cute… live it. Well made, and adorable.

  49. blank

    katherine c malheiro

    Five Stars Excellent Quality and fragrance.

  50. blank

    katherine c malheiro

    Five Stars Beautifully made products. Thank you

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