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Our CBD/Hemp Oil for Pets contains virtually 0% THC. It is high in antioxidants as well as carotene, phytosterols, and chlorophyll. It is also a source of several minerals, including calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, and zinc. The daily recommended serving of hemp oil is one to two tablespoons.

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Hemp or cannabis is the source of CBD and Hemp oil for pets. However, It is important to note that hemp extracts produced for industrial uses do not contain any THC, which is a psychoactive cannabinoid. Dogs often suffer from anxiety and therefore are in fear of unknown environments. CBD does a great job eliminating such anxiety among our pets.

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Q:I use the soap and like i t very much. Yesterdaysome soap got into my eye and burn a little bit. can it happen?

A:This is real natural soap and its PH is different from eyes pH. Wash your eyes with a lot of water and within minutes it will pass.

830 reviews for Pet Buds CBD/ Hemp Extract Oil

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    Great Product Just wanted to let you know that HempGold has changed my dog’s life – and my life! Within 10 days of receiving the prescribed dosage, Marco, my 15+ year-old rescue dog’s repeated wakefulness- sometimes 5-6 times a night – is gone!! Thank you for a great product.

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    Andrea L Clevenger

    Awesome!!! This product is amazing. I have an 11 year old Boxer + she loves it!! I put it on her hemp extract, which she normally eats right away, + now she waits to have me put on the oil. She seems to have more energy + her limp isn’t as bad as before. Will def keep ordering this!!!

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    i’m so glad i can get this online…thanks I am so glad i was able to buy this online, this works wonderful for my Lhasa’s, this is a very good product.

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    Great for little dogs I use this daily for my 10 and 12 lb dogs who suffer from patella issues. I give them one squirt in their dinner and I don’t have to measure anything.

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    B. Roach

    Five Stars seems to be helping our 3 golden girls….all old canines.

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    I always use some supplements for my dog’s joints. … I always use some supplements for my dog’s joints. It is another one. I hope it will helpful for him. Very inconvenient spray system. I use my old dropper bottle instead of original bottle.

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    Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Old dog with stiff legs no more Blown away. I had a stove up 12 year old black lab and was dreading what (still is) imminent. I bought this as a last ditch effort to bring him some comfort, he’s on other pillls for pain, but his hind legs were just so arthritic and they didn’t seem to help. He’s about 70-80 lbs, so I give him 40 drops in his hemp extract, breakfast and dinner, each, and am blown away. I now have a, still old, hobbling dog, but he can bend his hind legs! He appears to be more comfortable walking (and taking longer walks without needing to lay down). Also, I should add, within three days my neighbors commented, unsolicited, without prior knowledge of his new regiment, on how well he is getting around. Great product, so glad I can help out my best friend in his older years (wish I had this for my childhood dog).

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    Mr. Treevers

    Five Stars 2 Russian Blue cats love this stuff (7 and 5 mo old)

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    J Brookshire

    Great Product I received the Blue Sky Buds Glucosamine right on time. I like the pump dispenser that makes measuring and putting it in my little dog’s hemp extract very easy with no mess. He does not mind it being there at all which was a concern. He is becoming a very picky eater as he ages. I had great hopes given the success my daughter has had. We have a vacation home with 3 floors and a week up there left him almost unable to walk. Now he is moving without any pain. i am sure that after being on this for awhile the next trip will be easier for him.

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    Broham Dingleberry

    Quality stuff, USA-made. Reviews speak for themselves. All four (4) of our dogs have no problem eating this joint juice when mixed in their kibble and wet hemp extract! Three (3) of them are either in their golden years or well past so they definitely could use joint maintenance supplements.

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    Shirley Chalmers

    Cats like all three cats love it and it seems to be good quality. We have been using Blue Sky Buds for many years.

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    Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Great dogs loved it Great

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    Alpha L Moore

    HAPPY CAT Happy cat

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    Brian DAmore

    This hemp oil is great, would recommend this to other pet owners as … This product works wonders for my two year old maltipoo! She is now less anxious when we have guests over. This hemp oil is great, would recommend this to other pet owners as well!

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    Great for the finicky dog This is a great product for the finicky dog. My dog has been finding her vitamins. Then I tried a different brand. She did t like the taste of that. So she wouldn’t eat.mgave this a shot. It’s clear in color, and has no oder. So now she is finally getting her vitamins. I feel it does help her. She’s 12 and doesn’t give her the energy of a 7 year old dog. But she does move around with out as much effort. So I’m very happy, will be buying more. Wish it came in a bigger bottle.

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    Rita FitzGerald

    Five Stars My cats are even more addicted to these than the regular Temptations.

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    Cat happy means wife happy equals life happy My cat loves it. Cat happy means wife happy equals life happy, or ?? 😉

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    Five Stars Came early.

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    Taste doesn’t bother my dog I haven’t seen a difference yet with my dog but the flavor doesn’t bother him, he doesn’t seem to notice it in his hemp extract, so keeping my fingers crossed it is helping him🤞🏼

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    Alexandria Martin

    Spend the money on this Our dog has some anxiety and gets car sick. While this doesn’t take those issues away, it 100% helps in calming him and keeping him from getting sick on shorter rides. It also seems to last for 6-8 hrs. Roy Munson weighs 57lbs and we give him approx 4 drops on a treat once a day. It does however take a little bit to set in (20-30 min) so have to pre-plan when we give it to him for car rides.

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    Blue Sky Buds Customer

    It seems to be working Excellent product

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    Just what i wanted Exactly what a wanted and in perfect quality

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    Love it I like how fast the product worked with very little of the product. My pup has bad anxiety and it mellowed her out so she wasn’t a so stressed

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    Kurt Walker

    Works as expected! Wow. My dogs is no longer in pain!

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    Works for us My dog Joey had cluster seizures. Have had to get him a Nurolagest and leave him at the vet hospital 2 times. Since starting the hemp oil he has been seizure free. We still see the vet every couple months. I am convinced the hemp oil is helping to keep Joey out of the hospital.

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    IT WORKS! My family had been telling me about Hemp Extract Oil for pets for months, but I was skeptical. Right away I could see a difference in my older, arthritic dog. He had more spunk and was able to move more comfortably. I then gave it to my other old dog that has anxiety. BINGO! It worked for her too. Next I’m going to give it to my lab for his itching. Hopefully it will benefit him as well. THANK YOU TO Blue Sky Buds!

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    Used for German Shepherd Our 2 year old GSD has severe separation anxiety and epilepsy. After using this oil we have noticed a significant improvement. We were recently able to leave him with family for 8 days while we were out of the country and he tolerated the change wonderfully. I’m not sure if this oil is intended as a treatment for epilepsy but we have also noticed a huge decrease in his seizure activity. He was having sometimes multiple seizures a day and he has now been seizure free for almost a month.

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    Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Love it! My Yorkie has bone cancer and I can tell it’s started to spread through her body. I purchased this product, not to heal her, but I hoped it would help to keep her comfortable. So far it seems to have worked. Her appetite is the same and she is still acting the same even though her cancer is pretty advanced.

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    Jaime Stephens

    Thats it helps It helped my dog with his pain.. he’s 12 yrs seems to help him get around a lot easier.

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    Very happy My dog doesn’t notice it’s in his hemp extract, he just eats his hemp extract right down without even noticing I added the hemp oil. He has very bad anxiety and it seems to help calm him down.

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    Eric L. Rugh

    It works! My dog suffers from separation anxiety. Every time I would leave her she would cry, bark, destroy everything around her…I have tried EVERYTHING and nothing works….I started using this oil on her hemp extract everyday and she has since calmed immensely. When I leave she barely even notices. It’s literally the only thing that has worked.

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    Diane Bilak

    Takes the edge off REally works to take the edge off the dogs.

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    Good product. Seems to relax our dog when fireworks are going off.

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    CD Richardson

    Calmed my pooch My dog was so hyper, I thought he would have a heart attack! A friend told me about this and he has mellowed significantly I am happy to report. I was starting to wonder if I had made a mistake getting him..I am thankful for this product.

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    Dori R.

    Great Product! We love this product!! Used on both our dog and cats and has helped their overall well being.

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    Joe of Benton City

    Miracle Oil Our pup suffers from anxiety and after my daughter left for college it got worse. We bought the Hemp Oil for her and it helped immediately. Half of a dropper in the morning and she has been a different pup. This is an awesome product.

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    Feisty dog calm now, loves the taste! Amazing product, so happy we bought this, our dog loves the taste and it has calmed him down since he is usually very feisty..

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    Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Very helpful I volunteer for a dog rescue group and we bring in a lot of dogs who are very stressed and have high anxiety because of their life experiences. This has helped to reduce their anxiety while we try to make them feel safe and that they have a bright future ahead of them. Being a foster mom, I have adopted the ones who have had the most problems because of their past, this has helped greatly reduce their stress. I’ve used calming collars which worked for a little while and I have used doctor prescribed medicines and this has proven to be the best so far.

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    Robert Berg

    Old girl gettin some relief 15 yr old 12lb wiener dog who has been tore apart by coyotes and breathing out of her neck, within inch of dying from a 6ft copper head bite, and recovered from being completely paralyzed from a broken back. We are trying to give her some relief from her stiffness. Seems to be doing good. It will be part of her daily regiment now. She doesn’t even mind me giving her a squirt right into her mouth.

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    Makayla D.

    Poe loved it! My dog weighs about 8 pounds and I was able to give him anywhere from 1/4 of a dropper to a full dropper for my dog, Poe. He loved the taste and would eat it off of hemp extract oil, or his bowl of dog hemp extract. It lasted me about 3 months and I would use it mainly as something to calm him since he has bad separation anxiety. Between crate training while we aren’t at the house paired with this oil and a comfort vest, he does way better when he needs to be home alone. I would definitely repurchase this product. As my pup gets older too, (he is turning 5 soon), his jumps aren’t as high and his joints aren’t as strong so the extra fat helps him since he’s slim anyways.

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    Curt D. Pangracs

    Pets Are So Chill Now! We have two cats. One has always been skittish, the other, aggressive. After about 1/2 of the bottle added to their hemp extract over a week or so, these cats are totally chill! They love it when we add Patchouli Oil to the diffuser, and prefer long cuts of the Grateful Dead on the Blue Sky Buds Echo! Seriously, though. both cats are more “even” and friendly, and one stopped vomiting a couple times per week. Not a scientific conclusion, just noticeable changes in behavior and health.

  42. blank

    Kali D

    This is Halloween Super cute came quick love it!

  43. blank

    John Hemphill, Jr.

    Calmed my dog down! One of my dogs, who is a shih tzu mix and about 20lbs, is terrified during thunderstorms and fireworks and just extremely loud noises. To the point that he is whimpering and shaking and won’t leave my side until the noises have gone. I decided to try this hemp oil to see if it would help him calm down and it did! He was noticibly calmer during a particularly bad storm. I’m definitely going to continue using this product!

  44. blank


    Dog My dog seems better and more active

  45. blank

    lauren brock

    I’ve been on the hunt for a good pain reliver for my dogs with arthritis I’ve been on the hunt for an affective pain relievers for my oldest dog. The dropper makes it easier to administer and the fact uts liquid makes it even better. Its impossible to get him to eat pills . When I crush in his hemp extract he won’t touch it. The hemp oil flavor must be decent for him because he takes it without the fuss

  46. blank

    Mary Ann Dalgleish

    helped with pain helped with pain in rear legs

  47. blank

    Teddy Ballgame

    Five Stars The best deal on Blue Sky Buds. Perfect for our dogs.

  48. blank

    Brian F. Simmons

    Seems to work So far, so good. We’ve given it to our high strung morkie each night and really does seem to have subsided his anxiety a little bit.

  49. blank


    Great product! All of our pets LOVE the taste of this. So it’s not only helpful to them, but something they enjoy. We won’t go without this ever again.

  50. blank


    not sure the question It has helped my pain

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