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Our CBD/Hemp Oil for Pets contains virtually 0% THC. It is high in antioxidants as well as carotene, phytosterols, and chlorophyll. It is also a source of several minerals, including calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, and zinc. The daily recommended serving of hemp oil is one to two tablespoons.

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Hemp or cannabis is the source of CBD and Hemp oil for pets. However, It is important to note that hemp extracts produced for industrial uses do not contain any THC, which is a psychoactive cannabinoid. Dogs often suffer from anxiety and therefore are in fear of unknown environments. CBD does a great job eliminating such anxiety among our pets.

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Q:I use the soap and like i t very much. Yesterdaysome soap got into my eye and burn a little bit. can it happen?

A:This is real natural soap and its PH is different from eyes pH. Wash your eyes with a lot of water and within minutes it will pass.

830 reviews for Pet Buds CBD/ Hemp Extract Oil

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    These drops are PERFECT, and WORK…Results seen within a few days….. I have just purchased our second bottle. I have an 11 year old poodle, and he has seperation anxiety and also has a bad left hip, since I have been putting a dropper full on his meals once every day. I have seen an incredible amount of more activness and less limping and less anixiety. So it appears that it is doing the trick. he is quite the little sport again…..

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    Danine Jaykus

    Highly recommend. Good quality and great After I give this to my two pugs (3 1/2 and 3) they get all spunky and start running around. It helps one with her anxiety and the other to give her a little more pep in her step. Highly recommend. Good quality and great price

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    For my dog I think his arthritis is bad and I have to buy this medicine consistently because … I have an 85lb rottweiler thats 9 years old and has arthritis and diabetes. He’s always playful and jumps around but he feels pain when he lays down. I bought medicine from the vet that costed $300 and the pain subsided only for 2 weeks so I had to look for a cheaper option. I’ve been looking into hemp oil and so far I give it 4 stars. For my dog I think his arthritis is bad and I have to buy this medicine consistently because I think it will take time for my rottie to feel less and less pain. So this is the second time I bought this and so far I will say that he does not moan as loud as he used to. Before buying this his moans were pretty loud but this is worth a shot rather than paying $300 bucks at the vet and sticking a gigantic needle in him. He gets enough needles for insulin. It’s $40 bucks and worth a shot. I will keep buying this because i also would like to see how far i can get with it.

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    Blue Sky Buds Customer

    best price around. keeps my cat happy and healthy.

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    Larry Kendall

    I mix it with his hemp extract and he doesn’t know it’s there! My weim was showing arthritis in his hip After a week and a half on this oil he is back to the playful pup I adopted.

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    Jazzy Olivia

    This WORKS! So glad I gave it a try. Worked on my 4lb Prague Ratter (i gave her about 10 drops) within 5 minutes. She is usually really anxious in the car; crying, shaking, attempting to climb around, ect. But after giving her the hemp oil, she was FINE. She sat still, stayed calm and quiet, and just enjoyed sniffing out the window as we drove. A complete 180 from how she was before.

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    Jerry Lim

    I got a new puppy, 2 months ago, … I got a new puppy, 2 months ago, and the neighbors in my apartment complex were complaining that my Brutus was barking and whining when I’m at work. I was about to find a place for him to be adopted until I starting reading about natural puppy calming. This hemp oil has helped me keep my little Brutus! He doesn’t whine when I leave, and I haven’t had the pleasure of knocking neighbors at my door the last couple nights. I’m so stoked!! You’re on notice to buy this miracle oil!

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    Eric Metz

    Update I just reordered. This stuff REALLY works! I’ve been putting a dropper full of this hemp oil on our 17 yr old Dachshund LongFellow and his 2 yr old brother Otto’s hemp extract. I see a dramatic increase in LongFellow’s energy, he seems less stiff in the morning, and wrestling with Otto is definitely more intense! I highly recommend Blue Sky Buds Hemp Oil I just reordered. After 30 days of a dose on their hemp extract twice a day I’m seeing a remarkable difference in LongFellow’s (who is 17yrs old) behavior. Instead of wrestling with his little brother Otto maybe once a week they now go at it twice a day! LongFellow and Otto seem much more chill about thunder and things like that. LongFellow’s eyes even seem less cloudy and he definitely is getting around better way less stiff. I like the fact this product is USDA approved and that it makes my dogs happy.

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    Hound smell gone I have a hound that is stink-y! While this doesnt last forever, it definitely takes the edge off. Love it.

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    Needed for separation anxiety We had recently had one of our dogs pass away suddenly and was concerned about the remaining dog being left alone when we go to work. I dropped the recommended amount on her morning cookie and she seemed to just sleep most of the time while we were at work which we view through the Pet Cube monitor. She also seems to move around a little bit better since she also has weak hips. She still whines when we go on road trips fornthe first 25 mins. But that could be dosage timing. Good product.

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    Blue Sky Buds Customer

    He is much happier and relaxed/less anxious from this This product greatly helped my dog out! He is much happier and relaxed/less anxious from this. It’s all organic so I know there won’t be any sort of harsh chemicals that can hurt him in other ways or have harsh side effects. Thank you from me and him!

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    Michelle Ashton

    Four Stars This product is awsome….helped my FUR baby immensely….and it’s totally natural!💕

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    St Paul Lutheran Church

    Five Stars Seems to really help my dog’s joint pain!

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    Blue Sky Buds Customer

    It actually works! My two poor 13 year old deaf & arthritic dogs are so much more alert and up and about since this Hemp Extract Oil! Even my son noticed it without me even mentioning what I was giving them. They go up and down the stairs now a lot better. LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff! I would highly recommend this to anyone with dogs that are in pain.

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    Blue Sky Buds Customer

    I love how it is 100% Hemp Seed Oil and isn’t … I decided to buy this hemp oil for my cats because of the USDA Approval of the product. I love how it is 100% Hemp Seed Oil and isn’t mixed up with anything else. Anyway, I gave this to our most skittish cat of the litter last night. Possibly a coincidence, but the little guy decided to play nice and cuddled with the family. This rarely ever happens. I was pleasantly surprised. Overall, I’m pleased and definitely will come back for another order very soon!

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    Five Stars My dog loved it!

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    Five Stars Dogs loved them!

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    This stuff is amazing! I haven’t seen my 13 year old pug this mobile and active in over a year. She has severe arthritis joint pain and sometimes wakes up so stiff she justs wants to lay in bed all day. Since starting this she is the first one up in the morning and ready to go! This stuff is amazing!

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    Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Dog takes it willingly and it seems to help with his back pain. Seems to be helping with my dog’s back pain and he takes it willingly. (In fact, he wants to take it).

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    When nothing else seemed to work, this does. The is for my mother in-laws 10 year old Pomeranian who is blind and has undergone back surgery several years ago. He is doing remarkably well with use of this oil. He’s very active regardless of his health issues. Thank you for providing this product.

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    Great anti inflammatory relief !! One of the best! I am re evaluating my original 3 star rating. Have been using this now for several weeks and am seeing a noticeable difference in inflammation etc. I personally don’t think any of the Veterinary hemp drops potency levels are as strong as they advertise. Do your math before purchasing. Human Hemp tinctures drops and syringes of Hemp oils are much more effective although not as easy to administer. All in all this is an excellent product for what it’s being advertised for. Safe and humane treatment for all animals, with noticeable improvements. 5 stars! On my third bottle now and will continue to purchase.

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    Four Stars Works great for rough cracked pet feet.

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    This is the one to buy… This product has proven to help my dog in many areas! Superior product….

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    Marvin Maradiaga

    Four Stars Leaves a good smell and nice shiny coat.

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    Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Amazing Product! Would highly recommend, I’ve tried other similar products for my dog but none have worked as great as this. The taste doesn’t even bother her like past ones I’ve tried.

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    Good option. Think it’s made a difference. Just ordered again.

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    Constance Smith

    Five Stars Our cat loves this and got it for a good price too.

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    I think it’s great. My dogs have only been on it a short time and I noticed an immediate change in their anxiety and it’s helped ease my dogs leg pain. I think it’s great.

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    Daniel Miller

    Worked great and quickly! I have a medium sized dog with what I would call severe anxiety. Car trips, visitors, you name it. I have been told about hemp oil but was a reluctant to give it a try. I finally made the jump and ordered the product and have been very pleased with the results. What surprised me the most was how quickly I noticed the changes. She is much calmer after taking the oil and has a mellow demeanor about her. I have only been using the product for a short time but the results have been very positive. I will definitely go with this product in the future and would highly recommend this as a substitute to medicine and other chemicals.

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    Eileen P. Bott

    Better life for the older dog Excellent for improving the life of the older dog.

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    Excellent quality natural product Great natural quality product and gives amazing results! I knew that Hemp Oil can relieve pain and stress. I liked that this product is all natural. Since it is highly concentrated, we only needed few drops for great results. My research shows that the technology used in this product makes the difference. We have more enjoyable time with our dog as he is quickly relieved from his Arthritis pain.

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    garrett d’angelo

    Best value we’ve seen at this quality level Top quality, made with love! Too many oil sellers have contaminated products, this is pure unadulterated hemp oil, the quality shines through.

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    Good Product Seems to work well. Was exactly as described.

  34. blank


    Five Stars Dogs love it

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    R. Heller Jr.

    It works! I’ve been looking for an all-natural product like this for some time, and i’m thankful to have found this! I noticed that this helped with anxiety and now my wife and I enjoy a more peaceful home with less stress. The packaging, instructions- everything was top-notch. I would certainly recommend this product. Plus, it’s made in the US so that’s important for us.

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    Michele rush

    Five Stars My dogs love these..

  37. blank


    Well I am blessed and happy so so happy to report that the hemp oil … My pup has cushings disease. I decided not to do the vet treatments as my vet said it’s very hard for pup and parents. I researched things to help and spoke with two other parents that have pups with cushings and they suggested hemp oil. Well I am blessed and happy so so happy to report that the hemp oil has helped immensely. I know it’s the oil cause I incorporated things one at a time and this was the first thing. My boy has completely ceased with his night panting and incessant paw licking to the point where his paws were going bald. He had bee panting and licking on and off for a year plus. When we figured out it was cushings I started treating his symptoms holistically and it has been wonderful. I know it does not cure the cushings but it helps his comfort and thus his mommas 🙂

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    donald e crawford

    Five Stars very good product

  39. blank

    Laura S.

    I have a black lab and he seems to love these hemp extract oil I have a black lab and he seems to love these hemp extract oil. What I loved about them is that they came in a resealable package, which is hard to find with dog hemp extract oil. And they aren’t huge so it’s the perfect size to give him when we need to get him inside from the yard.

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    C. Swann

    A yogi friend recommended this product for my aging dog and it’s been … A yogi friend recommended this product for my aging dog and it’s been a wonderful experience. We are in the “transition phase” of his life and I wanted him as comfortable as possible and the opiate based drugs my vet provided just seem to make everything worse. The switch was absolutely worth it. We are in the best place with him while he moves to the next phase… I highly recommend this product and if I get another pet, it will be a part of my pets daily joint care routine. All the best, Crystal

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    Ibuyalot Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Good for your pup Crunchy but not hard. Healthy!

  42. blank


    Miracle This product is a miracle for my beagle. She slipped a disc in her neck and had torturous pain. The vet said she could have surgery or we needed to put her to sleep. I found this on line and she was cured in days. She has been on it for three months now . We took her off to see if she needed it and in about five days she was crying again. She is back on it and is doing good again . I only give her 1/3 of a dropper per day in her morning hemp extract. When she was in pain I gave it twice per day.

  43. blank


    This hemp oil works great without the side effects of some of the other … We have tried many pain remedies for our 15 year old dalmatian/blue healer mix. This hemp oil works great without the side effects of some of the other prescription meds we have given her. I did a lot of research and this company sells very pure Hemp Extract Oil so I feel comfortable knowing that what I’m getting is of high quality.

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    Fior De La Cruz

    These are great! My dog loves them so far. I’ve bought a variety of dental hemp extract oil from different vendors, and I could not get my dog to eat them. These are probably the only dental hemp extract oil he would consider eating. He has been chewing non stop! I had to break the cookies into smaller pieces (he’s a smaller dog). They are actually real homemade cookies which peeked his interest (I was so tempted to eat one). Phantom really enjoys the hemp extract oil, thank you for making, and we will be buying again!

  45. blank


    Good! My seniors love this hemp extract and they do not throw up anymore

  46. blank

    Kory R

    Awesome product We purchased this for our two labs and they love it! Our chocolate lab is typically an anxious dog and since we’ve started giving her the hemp oil we have noticed her being less anxious. We would recommend this product to anyone

  47. blank

    Pen Name

    Five Stars It’s perfect

  48. blank

    Normal user

    This Stuff Works for our Sully! Our 6 year old Lab/American Bulldog cross is already exhibiting signs of relief from advanced hip dysplasia after only 2 weeks on Blue Sky Buds’s Hemp Oil! He is back to his happy playful self and we can stop Rimadyl! Thanks Blue Sky Buds!

  49. blank


    Four Stars Still waiting for results but not giving up..

  50. blank


    I love this Hemp Extract for my dog I love this Hemp Extract for my dog!!! If I had a complaint it would be that the smell gets into my hands and remains for a few hours; but, the Hemp Extract smells good so I wont complain

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