Sleep Buds CBD/ Hemp Extract Oil

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Our CBD hemp oil contains virtually 0% THC. It is high in antioxidants as well as carotene, phytosterols, and chlorophyll. It is also a source of several minerals, including calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, and zinc. The daily recommended serving of hemp oil is one to two tablespoons.

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CBD interacts well with the endocannabinoid receptors in the body and after several research, CBD is found to be improving overall sleep periods. With CBD, even daytime performance increases as the mind become more alert and present. Sleeping cycles become more consistent and this makes up a healthier lifestyle. To find out whether CBD Hemp oil for sleep is a good choice for you, consult a doctor or health professional.

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499 reviews for Sleep Buds CBD/ Hemp Extract Oil

  1. Richard G.

    I have severe back pain from bulging discs which pinch nerves. Been using GR Hemp Extract Oil for several weeks and must say it takes the edge off. I am sore but not severe. Hope I can afford more. We are on fixed income and live from check to check. Very good product!!

  2. Marina L.

    I’ve been trying to go off antidepressants because of the side effects. I decided to try this Hemp Extract Oil. Its only been a few weeks, but I feel stable and not anxious. So far, so good.

  3. Ava P.

    Great for calming and putting me to sleep. Will buy again.

  4. Melissa C.

    My Dad’s chiroprator recommended Hemp Extract Oil to help with his sciatica pain. He noticed a decrease in pain after his first use of just 5 drops! He’s absolutely convinced that the Hemp Extract Oil has helped relieve his pain and reduced tension in his lower back.

  5. Ruthann S.

    I am so glad that I found this.

  6. Niki F.

    This stuff is so amazing. I used to have insomnia so bad but I take this before bed and I go right to sleep. No more tossing and turning.

  7. Allie M.

    Originally purchased this to help with menstrual cramps and if works amazing. Also use for stress/sleep issues and for the amazing health benefits! And if tastes great too!

  8. Kathy C.

    Fantastic product! I have tried other Hemp Extract Oil for my depression and anxiety. This product far exceeds all the others. Your work and dedication is truly a miracle for everyone you touch! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  9. Julie F.

    This Hemp Extract Oil has already made my daughter’s UC more manageable. In addition it helps her anxiety and sleep problems. All around good stuff!

  10. Erika M.

    It’s been working for my mom who has Alzheimer’s, sometimes she starts getting real anxious and I give her drop or two and which helps her relax

  11. William S.

    This was the first time that I purchased Hemp Extract Oil and wasn’t sure what to expect. Well, the product worked great and the taste was not bad at all

  12. Lise B.

    As someone who has had difficulty sleeping for many years, I have found this Hemp Extract Oil very beneficial — it helps me sleep through the night but wake up feeling refreshed and not drugged the way other sleep remedies do.

  13. Kelly B.

    Great product

  14. Jessica B.

    wonderful, subtle relaxing effect

  15. Petar K.

    I have seen a huge improvement in my father’s anxiety since starting the Hemp Extract Oil.

  16. Paula P.

    Really helping with my joint pain and helping with anxiety!

  17. Patrick M.

    Nice product

  18. Kevin E.

    I had to stop medicating with cannabis and about a month later my arthritis pain came back. Almost immediately my insomnia came back. This product started working immediately helping with both problems. After reading the other reviews I’m going to start weaning myself off of my anxiety medication. I will update my review if it works for me.

  19. Diane S.

    Since I have been using the oil, I am sleeping a full 8 hours every night and I wake up feeling totally rested. The only drawback to the oil is the dropper. The oil is thick and I can’t tell how much I am actually using. But it really does work.

  20. Marci O.


  21. Ben M.

    This has helped me get to sleep, or quickly get back to sleep if I wake up in the middle of the night.

  22. AnneMarie K.

    I have arthritis in most all my joints, especially my back/neck & have difficulty sleeping. I started with the 100 mg Hemp Extract Oil a month or so ago & sleep has greatly improved. If I do wake up, I now fall right back to sleep within a few minutes instead of an hour or more. The pain is less but I’m going to try the 250 mg Hemp Extract Oil dose so I can use less at a time. Four Stars for now because I haven’t actually tried this dosage yet. By the way, Customer Service representative Anthony was great about answering my questions & concerns, too!

  23. Teresa D.

    This Hemp Extract Oil is the best that I tried, I feel in a good mood, I sleep better and I wake up feeling very rested. I also noticed that my knees don’t hurt anymore when I run upstairs. Thank You Blue Sky Buds.

  24. Lisa

    My husband and I are using the 250mg. It is helping him sleep through the night without waking every few hours and he only needs two drops. It is helping the pain I have due to spasticity with my MS. It is too strong for me to use under the tongue, even one drop makes me too sleepy (already fatigue from MS) so I put it in a little water and drink it all at once. While not the “regular way”, it helps me so I get to enjoy the benefits my way. Don’t be afraid to experiment and find what works for your particular system!

  25. Shawn S.

    I tried cdb oil for the first time with Blue Sky Buds and it instantly changed my life, my mood was better, no more anxiety nor depression or unwanted thoughts. I also let my mother try it for the pain in her knees and she has been feeling better every since, thank you for your great customer service and fast shipping. I have and will continue to te ll ppl about your company

  26. Richard F.

    Tasted good

  27. Diana S.

    Hemp Extract Oil Works For Me! xoxo

  28. Michael A.

    Hard to measure effectiveness. I plan to increase dose on next purchase.

  29. Asuncion j.

    This is what needed, it’s just right

  30. Mike W.

    this seems to be the most popular product and works well – will order again

  31. Annie H.

    I use Hemp Extract Oil to combat insomnia, migraines, depression, and anxiety related to horomonal imbalance during my monthly cycle. It has helped me greatly with no side effects. I was afraid to use Hemp Extract Oil at first due to being delievered from drug addiction. But all my fears have been squashed because it has no addictive qualities. It does have a stron g taste so I make sure I wash it down with coffee or juice and all is well.

  32. Stacey H.

    Lessened my pain and improved sleep quality. Thanks!

  33. Eric E.

    I have osteoarthritis and the s has done wonders! No more opioids $

  34. Jessica O.

    I’m really happy I gave Hemp Extract Oil a go. I feel like it’s really helped with my anxiety and sleep. I plan to repurchase!

  35. Derek M.

    This oil tastes great and makes me feel relaxed at night when I take it. I keep on ordering it!!!

  36. Romary H.

    Great products

  37. Holly L.

    Love it!!

  38. Toni B.

    Works great for anxiety

  39. Pamela B.

    I had a Total Knee Replacement, going through that and hating every bit of it I won’t have the other knee done. This product helps with the pain, I can get out of bed with more movement. I always use the Hemp Extract Oil lotion and rub that on the knee after I shower in the morning. So between both products I feel so much better. I believe I’ll be using this f or a long time. Thanks Blue Sky Buds for such great products.

  40. Herbert H.

    I’m very happy with all the products I ordered and this company will be my go to place from now on. The ordering process and delivery were simple and follow through is great.

  41. Nicole D.

    This was my first experience with Hemp Extract Oil for my anxiety and it has really helped. The only thing I can say about the product is that the dropper doesn’t seem that great, but overall the oil is great and I will reorder.

  42. Amberlyn E.

    Great product!

  43. DEBORAH B.

    I had order 3 different Hemp Extract Oil to see who had the best one. Blue Sky Buds won !!!! This stuff really works with my PTSD and my pain.

  44. Sally N.

    This oil works well to dampen down certain types of pain. It is a real help.

  45. Melissa M.

    I have been searching for a high quality Hemp Extract Oil for my husband who is recovering from cancer. He likes the taste better & we are both happy with the product. I am going through menopause & it helps me sleep 😴

  46. Marriah H.

    Works great! Helps with my anxiety. I would highly recommend.

  47. Dee K.

    I am delighted to have been introduced to these products. I am using this often and not having to fight my pain with prescriptions. This is great in that even the blood tests do not show up anything which makes me very happy! LOVE the froggies too…

  48. Heather H.

    And I love! I had done the research, and wanted to improve my life… I have used this by mouth, and in my vape. Less anxiety, I fall asleep easier, and stay asleep. Fantastic product.

  49. Jeff C.

    It was a gift. They like it.

  50. Patricia P.

    I give this to my husband every morning and he gets a relax gummy to keep him calm during the day. This is so much better than opiods.

  51. Lisa V.

    I have had 3 shoulder replacements (in one shoulder). I have lived in constant pain and in pain medication for 5 years. After 2 weeks of using Hemp Extract Oil I have taken NO pain meds. Hemp Extract Oil has given me my life back.

  52. jayme h.

    Love this need a higher dosage though but use it every day

  53. Christine F.

    I’m only giving it 4 stars because the round cap broke off, but other wise the oil is def a 5, I bought this for my anxiety and it helped a lot. Would recommend and will buy more.

  54. Roberta E.

    Great product!

  55. BRIAN S.

    This helps with my girlfriend’s anxiety. Can’t wait to get the next one!

  56. Sandy M.

    It’s great to know that your order will come in just a few days!

  57. Lee G.

    Online research led me to try Hemp Extract Oil to relieve symptoms of psoriasis. Three weeks in and some of my symptoms have noticeably improved. Very pleased!

  58. Aaron C.

    It drastically reduced my anxiety very recommended!

  59. steven k.

    only used it for 3 weeks, but so far so good, mostly in less inflammation , will be reordering

  60. Laurie K.

    I’ve been buying this mg oil for a while now and I just love it especially the taste! Along with the Pain cream and bottle of 30 Gummies… Each and every item I have tried so far has worked great and I’d give more stars if I could for all products. Highly recommend this and any other product from Blue Sky Buds only wish I could get some of all the different products from here to try… Lol seriously though can’t hurt to try for yourself!!! Keep up the great work!

  61. Karla M.

    The Hemp Extract Oil is pretty great for sleep. I have a lot of anxiety at times and the oil works to give me 5 -7 Hours straight sleep. It is a great product. no after- effects at all. Just relaxes and calms your thinking and your body.

  62. Francis R.

    I’ll be ordering again!

  63. Ronald S.

    Bought this for my wife who has been suffering with back and leg pain. Your oil has helped her pain a great deal. She now is taking a lot less ibuprofen.

  64. Christopher K.

    Highly recommended this product A++++

  65. Betty B.

    I am almost 80 with lots of aches and pains, this has helped me a lot. Plan to look into some of the other products.

  66. Melissa S.

    I was skeptical but this has really worked for my anxiety. A little trial and error on the dosing but I feel calmer without any side effects.

  67. Marcelle S.

    I’ve been using Blue Sky Buds oil for a while! I do three drops under the tonge twice a day! It has eliminated my anxiety 100% and improved my sleep SO much! I am def a customer for life!

  68. Lilly B.

    I take this right when I feel some anxiety hit and it chills me out. Very nice.

  69. Jimmie R.

    I have been using Hemp Extract Oil for quite some time now. I find that your oil is the best. Jimmie Rowell

  70. Charles H.

    Awesome it works

  71. Joseph S.

    Started taking this to relax, especially works well with my anxiety associated with hangovers

  72. Cynthia C.

    i have been testing a doseage to replace my hydracodone. i have been taking 750 mg twice daily and it seems to be working.

  73. Ismael C.

    Bought this for my friend that has some health issues. Will report back once he has have more time with it.

  74. Calvin D.

    This by far works very well! Great Product

  75. Margo F.

    I finally found my dose and it is working perfectly for my anxiety and chronic back pain. I am not pain free but it is significantly reduced.

  76. Michael T.

    I’ve had chronic pain issues for about ten years following an injury compounded with a lyme’s disease infection. After being prescribed various medications and therapies with no true relief it seemed apparent that it would just be part of my life. I was skeptical about trying this product but didn’t feel there was any harm in trying it after it wa s gifted to me. There was no greater gift I could imagine than experiencing completely pain free days and with this product I have just that. Within about 40 minutes of taking the supplement I feel as I did prior to my accident. I never imagined I’d experience how that feels again and yet I am. Best gift I could have been given. I’m truly amazed with the results.

  77. Nate A.

    It tickles me in a way, that if Loretta tickled me in that way, I’d say “oooh yeah, that’s nice… that’s the spot”

  78. Christopher M.

    good stuff

  79. Robert O.

    Got the oil to help my wife who has Alzheimer’s. She seems to be calmer, & less sensitive to pain

  80. Velvet H.

    Great customer service. I am still trying to find what will work best for me. I am going to try capsules.

  81. Isabelle F.

    i havent used this consistently enough to notice a real difference, but when i have used it, i’ve felt calmer and more relaxed. going to try to use it consistently!

  82. Robin F.

    I have PTSD & Fibromyalgia. My acupuncturist recommended your Hemp Extract Oil and it’s been a huge help. I’m now sleeping through the night and I’ve noticed it also helps with anxiety. Thrilled to be using a natural product instead of a pill!

  83. Johnna M.

    Im just starting… about three weeks in.. This product is seriously my anxiety.. I’m not taking any prescription anxiety meds anymore.. I will definitely continue using this.. Thank you ✌❣🐾

  84. Jonathan B.

    A top of the class product with effective results and no side effects. Well priced for the quality of the product.

  85. stacy m.

    Goodbye Pain!!!

  86. Teresa F.

    I tried this because I have severe Rheumatoid Arthritis and was looking for some pain relief. I was pleasantly surprised that this also have improved my insomnia remarkable. This Hemp Extract Oil is amazing. So happy I found Blue Sky Buds!

  87. Mary M.

    I’very been only using this for about a week , I have a lot of neck pain from a accident about 10 years ago in the last few months it has gotten really bad , so I thought I would try this and it is bearable now , just ordered a stronger one to see how it works.

  88. Carolyn F.

    I have several degenerative disc’s in my back, and recent arthritis in my hip. I do not like taking the recommended anti-inflammatory drugs as a wreck havoc on my stomach. I started with the 350 of the Hemp Extract Oil and move to the 515 which helps in Normas sl I have several degenerative disc‘s in my back, and recent arthritis in my hip. I do not like t aking the recommended anti-inflammatory drugs as a wreck havoc on my stomach. I started with the 350 of the Hemp Extract Oil and It helped. I moved on to the 550 mg and that has helped even more I will be buying this product over and over

  89. Shannon W.

    Works great

  90. Scott R.

    I’ve began using Blue Sky Buds Hemp Extract Oil to help my anxiety and anger issues and in the last month I have seen a huge reduction in my anxiety reactions and I feel way more chill than I was before. I am able to handle stressful situations way better than I was and I feel much more relaxed. This stuff is great!

  91. Robert T.

    Bought this to try for my chronic lower back pain and it works better than I expected.

  92. Patrick C.

    I don’t know how many times to take this a day but I’m taking it twice a day right now. Wonderful product that keeps me going all day long. I’ll be ready for another bottle in about a month.

  93. Rebecca S.

    Great products that work!

  94. Ashley M.

    Taste takes a bit to get used to but I have seen it help with my anxiety and helps with getting to sleep. Thankful for this product.

  95. CYNTHIA W.

    Just a few drops and I sleep deeper with less pain. Easy to take and does not taste bad.

  96. Elizabeth P.

    This stuff is great for my tremors

  97. Crystal s.

    I purchased Hemp Extract Oil from another company locally and take 10 to 15 drops daily of 100 mg. With this oil I only need one to two drops a day and I can feel significant decrease in my back and hip pain. I can also tell a difference in my anxiety level has decreased. I have recommended this oil to many other friends and will continue to buy from this company over and over again.

  98. Lora M.

    Recommend highly!! Hubby is pain free after years of suffering!!

  99. betty h.

    I find I sleep more deeply with about 50 ml of oil.

  100. Thomas F.

    I really like this product it helps me get through the day with my chronic anxiety and depression and helps me focus. I suggest the strawberry taurine for focus as well!

  101. Bonnie J.

    I had heard that your Hemp Extract Oil products were excellent, now I know that’s true.

  102. Raul E.

    It was the best stuff I have ever experienced in my life thank you so much I just don’t know how greatly I’m for that you guys are the best

  103. Julia P.

    Helped with my husband’s body aches from long days at work. I’ve also tried for situational anxiety, but haven’t found it to be as effective. Possibly still haven’t found the correct dosage.

  104. Karen C.

    I had reservations about trying Hemp Extract Oil for pain until a good friend recommended Blue Sky Buds. Since using the 350 mg, I move much better with less pain and my overall attitude has improved immensely. I will be a repeat customer!

  105. Esther V.

    i have only been using the 350 mg for 2 weeks and already I have noticed and improvement in my sleep. Now hoping it helps with my pain.

  106. Albert F.

    After much hesitation, my wife finally tried Hemp Extract Oil in an attempt to find relief from her chronic back pain. After a couple of weeks, she is now pain free! It really works!!! Thank you, Blue Sky Buds!

  107. Rose T.

    Great product

  108. Robyn C.

    I don’t know how I didn’t know about this sooner. Thanks to this oil, I am no longer taking the meds I was on for years. I have severe anxiety, depression and chronic pain–this has eased all symptoms. God bless Blue Sky Buds!

  109. Cathy B.

    I have been using for 2 weeks now and i am starting to feel relief from constant aches in upper back, lower back & pretty much achy all over. It did not work immediately for me but have definitely felt relief starting to kick in now. Am making another order as we speak!

  110. Katie T.

    Wow!!! I was super skeptical about Hemp Extract Oil, NOT anymore! I don’t know how I was handling my anxiety before including Hemp Extract Oil into my daily routine. It has drastically calmed my anxiousness without all the negative side affects of prescription medications like xanex. I am so thankful for such a pure and clean product. I get the relief I need withou t feeling drugged. I take one half dropper in the afternoons daily. Our 13-year old German Sheppard who has been suffering with hip issues for the last two years now is acting like a puppy again. He is able to get on the couch, run around the back yard for a few minutes, play fetch, and we don’t hear as many groans and grunts when he tries to stand up. He gets the same dose I do, except twice a day with his morning and evening food. We tried another Hemp Extract Oil brand before discovering greenroads and found it to not work, or at least we didn’t notice any relief like we have with greenroads. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for changing our lives for the better!!!

  111. Joseph M.

    Within a short time of taking Blue Sky Buds 350, my wife who has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia experienced a lessening of both pain and fatigue. In addition, she has expressed a growing peace and sense of well being. We are looking forward to cumulative effects.

  112. Kelli B.

    I bought this to try and combat anxiety and depression without using a prescribed anti-depressant. The Hemp Extract Oil (one dropper full each day) helps to take the edge off regular feelings of anxiety.

  113. Chris J.

    I am a busy mother of 3. I experience much needed clarity and calmness throughout the day. I keep it handy!

  114. Angel P.

    Inflammation subsided and I’m ordering more.

  115. Katherine B.

    I’ve slept through 2 full nights… haven’t done that in years!

  116. Nicole S.

    This is a pretty awesome product. It does work for me. I get headaches frequently. I use the Hemp Extract Oil instead of taking ibuprofen. You have to try it.

  117. Kim B.

    I’m a first time user and wasn’t sure what to expect from the oil. It was very easy to measure and the taste was pleasant. Plan on many more purchases!!!!

  118. Deborah V.

    I was skeptical at first but soon discovered Hemp Extract Oil to be helpful in managing my pain. I have also done research and tried other places just to see which product was best. Blue Sky Buds has turned out to be the best one of all. Their customer service is excellent also!

  119. Debra C.

    got this product for my Mom and she loves it. I prefer the gummies! 🙂

  120. Nancy S.

    Seems to help with relaxing at bedtime. I recommend it!

  121. WILLIAM H.


  122. Alexandra B.

    This product helps me relax, especially when i feel my anxiety creeping up on me. I can still function and think clearly if i take a drop in the morning, i take a bigger dose at night and fall asleep in about 30 minutes.

  123. Vincent S.

    Without a doubt the best Hemp Extract Oil on the market!

  124. Chris R.

    Great help for anxiety. Good quality product.

  125. Dale P.

    I like it

  126. Christos M.

    When I was searching for a company to buy Hemp Extract Oil from I was very concerned with the quality and taste. I don’t want to be putting bad chemicals in my body and if I’m taking something for my health I’m more compliant when it tastes good. Blue Sky Buds delivers in both categories! First off the product tastes great. Most of the time I want to have a second dose just because I enjoy it that much. The quality speaks for itself. Blue Sky Buds has done a lot to set themselves apart from other Hemp Extract Oil companies. Shipping was fast and the bottle is easy to carry around when I’m traveling. I’m recommending the product to everyone.

  127. Anthony W.

    I bought this product to help relieve my wife of chronic body aches and anxiety. This product helped her more than the prescription pain meds that are destroying her liver.

  128. Michael L.

    Really helping with back and knee pain!!

  129. Joshua R.

    Wife dealing with Fibromyalgia and the Hemp Extract Oil has given a night and day difference in pain management for my wife. Not a cure, but makes days bearable to downright pleasant for her.

  130. vincent g.


  131. Trina R.

    Worked great

  132. Khalif W.

    It has helped me get a better nights sleep and alleviated pain via inflammation.

  133. Gerald L.

    Was very happy with the product and with the service provided by Green Road. Would definitily recommend them to anyone interested in Hemp Extract Oil.

  134. Ace’s A.

    With so many products on the market you know you can trust the quality products at Blue Sky Buds. The Hemp Extract Oil have helped my mother a great deal. She uses it daily and her pain and anxiety have become easier to manage without RX drugs. Thanks Blue Sky Buds.

  135. Trevor D.

    Never tried this before but was told to give it a shot by a friend to help with my chronic knee pain and swelling. It definitely helps keep the pain at bay. Was hoping it would help with my insomnia but not much effect on that has been noticed yet. Almost if out my first bottle so I’m going for the 500 next to see what the difference is. Very happ y with the product even if shipping times could be slightly better.

  136. Audrey T.

    I take it a little bit before bed and it helps me sleep better!

  137. Michael S.


  138. Mike

    I ordered the 250 MG sublingual Hemp Extract Oil to help ease my chronic pain from arachnoiditis. It has helped me not have as many flare-ups as I used to and has decreased my anxiety. The staff at Greenroadsworld answered my questions quickly and courteously via email, and made my first foray in to Hemp Extract Oil a good experience. Thank you!

  139. Robert B.

    This seems to help the pain in my feet, but I believe I need a stronger oil. I didn’t like the taste much, but it is not all that bad. It does reduce the amount of pain that I have. Thank you.

  140. Marissa K.

    I’ve been able to sleep through the night using this oil-something I haven’t been able to do in years!! It also helps with my severe anxiety. I feel so much better not having to rely on Xanax.

  141. Mary L.

    Hoping this product helps a relative having pain and anxiety issues….too early to assess.

  142. Jerraine D.

    After trying a bottle of the oil I do see some joint pain relief. I am going to increase the dosage.

  143. Virginia B.

    This is the only thing that helps w my husband’s knee pain!

  144. Justin B.

    Hemp Extract Oil 350mg

  145. Patricia G.

    First-time user. One drop has been able to quiet my anxiety within 15 minutes.

  146. Amanda S.

    I take a dropper of Hemp Extract Oil as soon as I start to feel the anxiety creeping in, and within minutes I am already calmed.

  147. Lauren J.

    Been using this Hemp Extract Oil for about a week, it’s my first time using a Hemp Extract Oil, but so far so good. The taste isn’t the greatest, but it’s nothing you can’t get used to/get over. Only thing that isn’t getting this product to 5 Stars is the bottle. It’s extra hard to open (I know it’s a push and turn for safety reasons), and the oil tends to get all over the top of the bottle which makes it kind of a mess and makes me feel like I’m wasting product. If it was in a better bottle, it would definitely be a 5 star product!

  148. Wendy G.

    I’ve been looking for a solution to my job induced anxiety and tightness in my shoulders. When I dose as per the instructions I can feel almost instant relief.

  149. Joseph P.

    The product has definitely helped with my arthritis. The GR reps were very professional and helpful. I will continue with this product!

  150. Leslie B.

    I have arthritis in my ankle and this oil has substantially reduced the pain and allowed me to walk much better. I am very happy I tried it

  151. Jesus P.

    C B D oil 350 mg

  152. Mickey P.

    Helped with anxiety. Would recommend it.

  153. Rosemarie G.

    From a product standpoint this supplement is of high quality and has an acceptable taste. I originally purchased 350mg strength and after enjoying the anti-inflammatory benefits ordered 550mg. I am in firm support of the use of this product. I sleep deeper and undisturbed, have noticed less arthritic pain and have less anxiety. As a company, the o rder process was easy and the communication was consistent in its updates…perhaps too much information….LOL. It was shipped and received timely and in adequate packaging. the pricing was the lowest I could find in both retail or on-line scenarios. I received one email afterwards offering special discounts in a flash sale.

  154. Cheryl H.

    I am new to the use of Hemp Extract Oil and tried the 350mg as increased strength over the 100mg. Very good results for my chronic pain from tailbone removal surgery. I will continue to use the 350mg but will also go to the 550mg. Great product. I’m a believer!

  155. Philip A.

    Works great

  156. Michael S.

    helping my wifes fibromyalgia

  157. Brooke V.

    Always had best luck with this brand. Quick shipment.

  158. Larry N.

    Works goid

  159. Jess P.

    This is obviously a quality product. I have taken it for pain for a few weeks. It hasn’t been a drastic difference but it seems to help a little bit. I have Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis. It’s too early to tell but I think this could help with inflammation and pain. Will update after finishing the bottle.

  160. Laura M.

    Arrived quickly and definitely relieves my anxiety

  161. Christine T.

    2 drops of 250mg Hemp Extract Oil has done what no prescription medication ever could. I am calm and relaxed for the first time ever. Even my PTSD and panic attacks are very much under control. 30 different meds in a variety of combinations over 30 years couldn’t even come close. Best part, no side effects!

  162. Pamela P.

    I have ordered several times through this site with no issues. Products are exceptional, The Pain Cream is awesome. A huge factor is the site itself, easy to manover and quick and easy access to check out.

  163. Mary M.

    I had inflammation in both knees. Started taking Hemp Extract Oil 315 mg and within weeks the inflammation is gone.

  164. Christopher E.

    Have been sleeping much better since I’ve been using this product.

  165. Marc T.

    This is my first experience using Hemp Extract Oil. The taste isn’t bad at all, it has helped lower my anxiety and given me more restful sleep. I will try a higher dose in the future to help with my chronic pain. I rated it 4 out of 5 because the cap doesn’t quite seal right, which left the bottle sticky on the outside after a business trip. Don’t let that deter you though, it’s well worth trying.

  166. cathie k.

    Works well for winding down. Had some back pain and it seemed to relieve it and relax muscles

  167. Cathy H.

    Love the Hemp Extract Oil. It has helped tremendously with my anxiety & arthritis pain.

  168. Sherrie M.

    A friend recommeded the Hemp Extract Oil to me for pain relief and for stress. I have only been using it a short time but I truly think it is helping. My pain is becoming less debilitating and that in itself helps with the stress. I am sleeping well and waking refreshed.

  169. Charles J.

    I have chronic back pain and It help I take it three times a day sometimes four times a day great product thank you

  170. Andrew P.

    And I mean that in the best way. Better in that it’s a good step up from the 100 mg strength. The quality is still superior across all their products. If you are taking those first steps into Hemp Extract Oil then this should be your second purchase after seeing how the 100 mg strength affects you. The price is nice, too.

  171. Brad F.

    After taking this product for just 3 days the pain in my shoulders no longer wakes me at night. I may not be pain free but at least I can sleep.

  172. Teresa F.

    I’m going to try the next higher dosage but my sleep is better and my joint pain has decreased using this.

  173. Justin I.

    Taking Hemp Extract Oil for anxiety. Not totally sure how much of an effect it is having on me. I am sleeping alot better, my days are less anxious, and I feel more in control. I am also combining the oil with some life style changes which I feel is all helping together!

  174. Gary C.

    Using the recommended dosage, I have noticed several benefits: muscle pain and soreness is greatly reduced; I am calmer and my sleep is deeper and I am able to stay asleep longer; and it seems I am able to focus my attention better and am able to do it for longer periods of time.

  175. Brandon C.

    Game changer…

  176. Charles H.

    You can definitely taste this is high quality stuff. You always want to make sure you are paying for what you get, and you definitely do here. I had intense muscle spasms and stomach problem – a few weeks of taking the 250mg, spasms disappeared and stomach problems settled. I recommend this to anyone who is curious about Hemp Extract Oil, I’m a future return c ustomer forsure

  177. Carl H.

    I start my day with three drops of the 250 MG Hemp Extract Oil. I have not needed to use my prescription pain medication in months.

  178. Amber B.

  179. Randy E.

    Seems about the right strength for me. Does it help pain in joints? Does for me. Stopped using for bought a month. Pain in shoulders got worse. Soon as I received order used some and pain was pretty much gone next day. While exercise also relieves the pain Hemp Extract Oil is a plus. I also appreciate the Veteran’s discount, which makes Blue Sky Buds Hemp Extract Oil more af fordable. As my nephew says, its good for you and tastes almost like candy. Not sugary, but still a nice taste.

  180. Diane A.

    This helps with anxiety.

  181. Marcus W.

    Great product!

  182. Jessica S.

    I take this Hemp Extract Oil everyday and it calms my anxiety and gives me an overall sense of well being. It is a nice, subtle high and I enjoy taking it before I garden or hike.

  183. Carol H.

    I tried the 250 mg.Hemp Extract Oil for leg pain at night. I was taking as many as 6 Tylenol at night in order to sleep. I was not comfortable about taking that many Tylenol daily. Using the DBD oil has allowed me to cut it down to 2 per night, so the Hemp Extract Oil has been beneficial for me.

  184. Patricia T.

    Took a few days to feel difference, but taking twice a day has got me back on my feet and moving again.

  185. Anthony D.

    I bought my first bottle for my wife who takes prescribed medication for anxiety and as a result can’t sleep. After using the oil she has been sleeping and her anxiety has seemed to be at a all time low. This product is fantastic. Thank you.

  186. MM

    I haven’t been taking this long, but since I have, my sciatic pain has decreased. It used to wake me up at least 3 times night, with searing pain. Now the pain has diminished, and it only wakes me up occasionally. Therefore, I’m getting a much better night’s sleep. Nothing has been able to touch my sciatic pain before.

  187. Katherine F.

    Felt a relief from body aches within a couple hours

  188. Dennis D.

    Has helped my son’s OCD. The only complaint is slow shipping, it takes a week to get my order. Otherwise I would give 5 stars

  189. Douglas A.

    Seems to be helping with my arthritis. I’d give it 5 stars, except for the taste.

  190. Jennifer M.

    I ordered this for back pain. When the pain flares up, this helps alot. Only side effect I noticed was headaches.

  191. Jay R.

    Fast shipping. Made me a little sleepy at first but it has helped a lot with my anxiety.

  192. Casey C.

    Helps my anxiety and sleep immensely. Nature is awesome

  193. Tina T.

    I really am so thankful to find something that works for my chronic pain. I highly recommend!

  194. Nathan W.

    This stuff is great for anxiety and putting you in a better mood. By far the best Hemp Extract Oil I’ve had yet.

  195. Angela Z.

    I received my product on time and in perfect condition. The tracking was easy to use, and I was even emailed upon delivery. The product itself is pretty good. I have just begun using it, and have yet to experience any of the miracles mentioned by other reviewers everywhere on the internet, but it has calmed me down when anxious and put me to sleep . I will continue using and see what else it can do for me. Overall, fantastic ordering and delivery process, product exactly as described. I was also pleasantly surprised by the taste. I don’t think it tastes good, but it is definitely not as earthy as I was expecting.

  196. Samantha D.

    Great product! I would definitely buy it again.

  197. Richard C.

    I use it for daily anxiety relief. Not only does it take away stress and anxiety, but I am more motivated at work and in my daily grind. Highly recommend!

  198. Dean

    First time buying Hemp Extract Oil it had helped with my headaches so for now on i well use it

  199. Steve E.

    Helps with anxiety very much

  200. Cristal B.

    It gave me my life back from my crippling anxiety.

  201. William B.

    Compared with two other oils I’ve tried (one having lucid in the name the other having bomb) this product is the most effective for me. I am using it to treat my muscle spasms from a SCI. On top of how well it works, it’s the best tasting. I recommend this to anyone interested in Hemp Extract Oil.

  202. Morgan C.

    Great Product. Will be getting a higher potency this time for anxiety.. the 17mg/ml went way too fast for me

  203. Angela W.

    Use for muscle spasms in severe arthritis in hip. Helps so can sleep better.

  204. Linda G.

    I take two-three drops before bed each night. I have never slept better! I highly recommend these drops.

  205. Jamison C.

    I have several friends and relatives, including myself, that have experienced sometimes total relief from a variety of painful afflictions. From Trigeminal Neuralgia to bursitis to arthritis, this product can help severe pain as well as act a general anti inflammatory. It works!

  206. Kathleen S.

    Works very well. Relaxes me, and I’ve found it also works topically on skin conditions (for me personally, at least). Will definitely purchase again!

  207. Amanda V.

    It has helped to ease my anxiety and stress immensely. I now respond in a much more productive way to stressors. I sleep much more soundly now.

  208. Andrea H.

    We love this oil. We use this for joint pain.

  209. David R.

    Very impressed with the customer service. Can not evaluate product yet as I have just started using it to see if it can help with the inflammation pain from arthritis.

  210. Deborah S.

    Easy to order, rcvd on time

  211. Charles M.

    I started with the 250 MG and decided to go a little stronger. Started taking the 350 MG taking about 25 MG in the morning before my drive to work. I feel calmer and lose the anxiety about my job stress and anticipated problems melt away.

  212. Phil B.

    I’m currently waiting for my 4 month blood work tests to come back from my MD. Current readings from my meter show a slight drop in sugar levels and a more manageable control, so it is promising. Having had Diabetes for 17 years, I’m not expecting miracles, but looking forward to the results. Swelling does seem to have a little relief.

  213. Leslie C.

    Hemp Extract Oil has given me quick relief of joint pain without the side effects of other medications. I am excited to continue my results.

  214. MARY B.

    Neck and back pain has significantly lessened since using sublingual 0.25ml dose daily and especially since beginning to apply 1-2 drops with a few drops of carrier oil then rubbing on site of pain. I am also feeling more social and talkative. Finding humor and laughing more daily too. 😊

  215. Kristen B.

    I was skeptical that this would actually help my chronic back pain, after 3 days of using this oil every day, I was able to get off of my 15 mg pain patches. I will never stop using this product!

  216. Michelle A.


  217. Aimee R.

    I have real issues when it comes to sleeping. Basically…I don’t do it very well! After a little research in natural remedies to help sleep, I saw some reviews from people who used Hemp Extract Oil to help them sleep. So, I’ve been taking Hemp Extract Oil for about 2 months now and I can honestly say it has helped. I now have nights where I don’t wake up at all. And I sus pect that over time, it will only get better. I highly recommend this product.

  218. Julie G.

    I have fibromyalgia and After using Hemp Extract Oil for 2 days I was pain free. even after a hard workout. there is no pain. my sister-in-law who has arthritis, is pain free. my niece has lupus and suffers from extreme pain, after using this has very little pain. I highly recommend this product.

  219. Douglas B.

    very helpful for migraines

  220. David P.

    This was my first Hemp Extract Oil purchase and I’m very happy with the results after 2 weeks. My pain has improved and my anxiety seems better. I look forward to trying a stronger dose to see more improvement. I highly recommend this product.

  221. Barbara A.

    Helping a lot with fibromyalgia. Has a decent taste as opposed to other brands that were terrible tasting

  222. Jessica J.

    I bought this oil after trying to find something that will help my mother. She has had restless leg for years and in the past yr it has gotten worse even with meds she can not get sleep. After 1 dose she was able to sit in the car for a 2 hour car ride. She has been using it regularly and had great success.

  223. david m.

    Been using it a week, and love it!

  224. Dean W.

    I take Hemp Extract Oil to help me sleep and for leg pain. It works well recently I switched to the 250 it works better than the 100.

  225. Charles B.

    Wonderful product but i like the 500 mg better and you use less oil. thanks Blue Sky Buds!!

  226. Terri W.

    Ordering was simple, the product arrived quickly and was packaged very well. Recommend the products and would order again.

  227. Kevin P.


  228. Dana R.

    Awesome product, I can tell the difference between this and other brands.

  229. Jonathan A.

    I’ve tried other brands but this one is by far the best! This is the one I’ll be sticking with!

  230. Sharon C.

    Wonderful results with this product & supplier!!!!!

  231. Marisol L.

    I am so happy with the results I am getting from this product.

  232. Theresa W.

    I recently started taking Hemp Extract Oil from Blue Sky Buds. It is amazing at how well it works controlling my pain. I’ve not had to take any type of pain meds since about my 2nd day on Hemp Extract Oil. I highly recommend it.

  233. Ron N.

    everyones body responds differently to a certain level of mg of Hemp Extract Oil. beware the market is saturated with Hemp Extract Oil that has synthetic thc in it. And your tolerance level increases with use. been using for about 9 months and is good for an anti inflammatory approach

  234. maryjeanmonica

    I have tried about 3 different brands of Hemp Extract Oil. Nothing has work as well as this brand. It has been a game and life changer for me. The bottle is the only down side to this product. It is always hard to open. Cant wait to try other products from this company. My anxiety and pain are next to nothing using this Hemp Extract Oil. I also love that it is THC free since I work in health care.

  235. Darla H.


  236. Linda M.

    After a car accident, I have had pain in my head and neck. I have been on pain medicines of various types. Since starting the Hemp Extract Oil, the pain in the back of my head has decreased so much that I stopped taking my pain prescription.

  237. Jessica E.

    This was my first time trying Hemp Extract Oil after hearing lots of great things. I personally have anxiety and trouble sleeping and taking this has been helping both of those problems 🙂

  238. Brad B.

    I use it all day, every day for its anti-convulsant properties. On top of that I reap the rewards of getting its relaxing effects and it helps with body aches which is awesome. Well worth it!

  239. Samantha B.

    Works very well.

  240. Jacqueline H.

    Side benefit is that blood pressure seems to be lower as well. My only wish is that I had chosen a higher concentration.

  241. CARMELLA G.

    This product works very well.

  242. Douglas B.

    works great on migraines

  243. Lisa M.

    This product has helped me through some pretty intense nerve pain due to cervical stenosis. I have shared my experience as well as your product with several people. So glad it’s available and legal.

  244. scubaswan

    Had to buy online because our local retailer was “raided” by the DEA and they took all the Hemp Extract Oil products to have them “tested” for THC. So now I will just buy online. My daughter has been using this Hemp Extract Oil daily for over a year and it helps with her SEVERE anxiety and PTSD. It’s a total night/day difference for her. If you have anxiety and/or PTSD and even just depression you should totally try Hemp Extract Oil and especially this brand. It’s way better than going through the prescription anti-depression pills guinea pig routine that the doctors put you through.

  245. Kristie A.

    Lessened my migraines!

  246. Richard F.

    I was very excited to try this oil after reading reviews but there is always that skeptical side of me. To my surprise I saw results within 30 minutes of taking it the first time. My arthritis pain all but disappeared, I have not had any headaches which I have frequently, my whole body was relaxed and calm and I sleep great which has a problem all my life. Can’t thank you enough for offering this item. The communication regarding my order was also great. Thank you!

  247. Rebecca P.

    Great stuff!

  248. Daniel K.

    I sleep longer and better

  249. Robert M.

    I am new to the Hemp Extract Oil and are in the experimenting stage to see which strength best suits my needs. So far so good.

  250. Elise F.

    I was skeptical about Hemp Extract Oil but now I’m a believer. It has helped tremendously with my nerve pain and neuropathy.

  251. Lynn L.

    I am new to the use of Hemp Extract Oil but I’ve done a lot of research and I appreciate the extra steps taken by Blue Sky Buds to assure the purity and beneficial composition of their oils. I vape Hemp Extract Oil and the taste is pure and earthy and the results are amazing. I have started cutting back on my pharmaceuticals. Although I only take two, they are two I really do not want to continue to put into my body. I also have chronic mild headaches (side effect from those pills) and one half dropper full of the oil, vaped first thing in the morning, takes care of that quite nicely. I have other brands of Hemp Extract Oil that are fine but not as strictly monitored for purity as Blue Sky Buds. This is very important and I urge everyone reading this to do your research. Make sure you know how, where and with what your Hemp Extract Oil are extracted and mixed. Blue Sky Buds takes the cake for purity. I really appreciate this and consider GR to be the best!

  252. rhonda b.

    no more aches and pains

  253. Melanie C.

    Good product, comes quickly after order.

  254. Sydney H.

    Hemp Extract Oil changes the course of my day. I have less anxiety and more control. I notice a significant and immediate change in the way I approach stressful situations. Menstrual stress and emotions are more recognizable and level.

  255. Tim M.

    I’m new to Hemp Extract Oil but this stuff works great for stress, anxiety and body aches.

  256. Leanna B.

    Excellent quality and taste.

  257. Laura H.

    From the first dose, I noticed more energy. A calm energy, not anxious energy. Took care of my daily chores and wasn’t exhausted afterwards which is my usual. No body aches, no falling asleep on the couch way before bedtime. Will keep using and look forward to what the day brings. Yes, I know it seems wacky from just one dose, but that is what I o bserved. Thanks so much!

  258. Brendan M.

    Using this for chronic migraines and already see a result!

  259. Kevin D.

    Great product

  260. Jennifer W.

    Excellent product, good taste. Very well packaged and prompt shipping, would definitely recommend.

  261. Jordan C.

    First bottle I’ve tried. So far so good! Definitely helps me mellow out in terms of anxiety.

  262. Becky B.

    I have been using this product since February. I stopped taking ibuprofen. As long as I keep up with this product I have no pain. I’m going to have knee surgery in November and I plan on using this product afterward.

  263. arthur n.

    An effective alternative to prescription sleep aids for me.

  264. Diane K.

    love this helps with my pain and gives me energy

  265. Deborah j.


  266. Craig F.

    Helps me get to sleep fast!

  267. William C.

    Got this for my daughter who has bad seizures once a month to every oher month. Haven’t seen one yet with her but it’s only been a couple weeks. Otherwise she seems to be feeling better, she isn’t always thinking she is going to have one all tge time like she use to. I figures I would try it out first before I gave it to her. I have had surgeries on both knees and the doctors say both hips are going to need replaced in the next 10 years. I drive truck for a living and am in constant pain from sitting for very long periods of time. By the time I got done a t the end of the day it was hard to walk and would b in a lot of pain. The day after I took it my knees didn’t hurt and we’re not swelled and hot like every other day. And 95 percent of the pain wells gone. Seems too go to be true. The only thing I’m worried about is if this stuff will pass a DOT physical urine test? Otherwise I love it.

  268. Juliana T.

    Purchased this for both my daughter and my boyfriend for pain and extreme anxiety. Tried this for the first time and it works ! Customer service was great and delivery was on time. Highly recommended !

  269. Tim W.


  270. julie m.

    This product has helped my pain tremendously. Thank u for all ur company does

  271. Bridget M.

    Helps with my Anxiety

  272. Steven K.

    I have bipolar and taking my medicine in conjunction with the Hemp Extract Oil I feel happy and easier to work with my emotions

  273. Tanya R.

    I bought this for anxiety & so far it seems to be working! Tastes like string beans!

  274. Corbin T.

    I’ve tried four different brands and this one is by far the best one!!!

  275. Janice R.

    I use GRe Hemp Extract Oil for my hypertensive crises when traditional pharmacological treatment does not work. My blood pressure will elevate as high as 293/193 and won’t budge when I take meds. During such a crisis I will use 5 drops of the Hemp Extract Oil and within minutes get relief with significantly lowered BP. I carry this oil with me everywhere.

  276. Sarah C.

    I have positive effects from continually using Hemp Extract Oil for my bone spurs.

  277. Johannah R.

    Helps me relax at night and fall asleep. I’ve noticed improved mood throughout the day

  278. Laura S.

    Fast delivery!!!

  279. Online Support

    Hi Ray, Our lower dosage Hemp Extract Oil come in 15ml bottles (that is 100MG, 250MG, 350MG and 550MG). Our higher dose Hemp Extract Oil come in 30ml bottles (1000MG and 1500MG). The difference in pricing is the dosage amount in milligrams that each bottle contains. As you go up in milligrams, you will notice that the oil becomes thicker and more earthy tasting. I hope this answer addressed your concern. We appreciate your business and will always strive to provide high-quality products and transparency. Happy Holidays! – Will

  280. Randy L.

    Worked rite away with pain &sleep amazing stuff wish I used it years ago

  281. Joanne K.

    I am so glad my son told me about this. It has done wonders for my body, And besides that, it tastes good. I am referring it to others. Joanne Kwasniewski.

  282. Deborah S.

    It helped with my pain from day one!! Great product!!

  283. Cindy S.

    I didn’t want to get my hopes up in thinking the Hemp Extract Oil would help my back pain. I had surgery for degenerative disk disease & have rods, fused vertebra & arthritis. After taking Hemp Extract Oil for 2 days I had far less pain. It’s an amazing product! I’ve been taking it twice a day for 2 weeks now & can really feel (or UNfeel) the difference in my pain level. It really works!! I’m so pleased!

  284. Kaitlyn B.

    Great product and always helps with multiple health issues.

  285. Vignette A.

    Great product

  286. Robert B.

    Iv only used the himp oil the 100 mg and the 250 mg i just order another 100mg bottle and the froges it dont help with the pain much but it keeps me calm also i got a bottle of the sleep stuff and it works really well but the himp oil it says one drop twice a day that ain’t enough i take a droper full 3 or 4 times a day im hopen the froges will he lp to

  287. Kenneth P.

    I’m using 350mg C B D Oil for PMR pain. I’m downsizing on Prednisone (steroids) 2 mg. a week . Now on 26mg. This 350 oil has helped with my severe chronic muscle pain throughout my body . I am truly blessed with relief. Today is only day 8 of using this oil an I think I already know my dose. I first started day one with three drops twice a day.. H ad no relief. Day two upped dose to 10 drops. Felt something but very mild. Third day upped dose to take dropper morning an night. Felt better. Fourth day through today Have been using full dropper twice a day. Sooo much better perhaps 60% . I keep oil under my tongue an do not swallow until three minutes are up. Than i do not drink anything for 15 minutes. I take this oil at least 1-2 hours before eating. I have already less hot flashes, steroid withdrawal pain eliminated an sleeping first time on day 7 with no sleep aid. I was only expecting muscle pain relief. I am very pleased. I’m a returning customer

  288. Alexander M.


  289. Paige B.

    Helps with anxiety and lack of sleep. Keeps me in balance!

  290. Raquelina L.

    I am very happy with Hemp Extract Oil products from Blue Sky Buds. Thank you!

  291. John D.

    I have been using Hemp Extract Oil for a little more than a week and have gotten some moderate pain relief and sense of well being. I’m sure relief will increase over time as is true for most natural substances.

  292. Mary S.

    I used to be on medications for depression, with many side effects. Since I have been taking my Hemp Extract Oil, I haven’t been depressed. It has also helped with joint pain and sleeping at night. I love it!

  293. Tammy F.

    Perfect natural way to add a sense of calm to the day.

  294. Andree G.

    I’ve had migraines for over 25 years. I am just now finding out about Hemp Extract Oil and so far it has been very helpful in getting sleep. Gave it 4 stars as I am still experimenting as far as when to take it and how I respond to it.

  295. Rachel D.

    I’ve tried a few different forms of Hemp Extract Oil from other companies, including capsule and gummies. However, this oil from Blue Sky Buds is by far my favorite. I started taking Hemp Extract Oil for my anxiety and digestion issues, it’s helping greatly and I couldn’t be happier.

  296. Audrey L.

    My husband has used one bottle of 250mg. We notice difference in energy lever. Skin cancer seems to be doing way better. We are going to a stronger one in hopes it will help chronic back pain. Use relax g ummies all

  297. Terry C.

    I bought this for my fiancee for Christmas, as she had shown a lot of interest in similar products. After reading many reviews I decided to go with Blue Sky Buds. She is very pleased with the results, as it tends to help keep her from feeling anxious throughout the day and remain more focused.

  298. Sean H.

    I purchased Blue Sky Buds 250 MG for my 14 year old yellow blockhead lab who is blind,diabetic, and arthertic. He’s mobility has greatly improved in the last four months since I started giving him Hemp Extract Oil.. This stuff works!!! S. Hefferon

  299. Sheri R.

    This was exactly what I was looking for to take the pain I was having away and to be able to sleep better. Thank you

  300. Ella A.

    This really helps with lupus!!!!

  301. Fabio O.

    Great product.

  302. Desirae L.

    this is the only stuff that helps my scolosis and hip pain. love it

  303. Mytinyketolife

    Originally I purchased the 100mg oil and I loved it: it took away my pain, gave me energy and a positive outlook. Then, I purchased the 250mg thinking that more would be better. Unfortunately, this was not true in my case. The 250mg produced sleepiness. Not to worry, though, I passed my bottle onto someone who would use it. I still love GreenRoads products and have both the terpenes and pain reliever cream in my arsenal, as well.

  304. Janis A.

    I’ve been dealing with chronic pain for 20 years and have tried everything, except CDB oil. I figured…why not? Well, I’m amazed. My pain levels have decreased & some of the side effects of my pain meds have decreased too. I have a ways to go with figuring out the right strength for me, but, as of now…..I’m sold. When pain levels get better , 5 stars guaranteed!!!

  305. Nicole H.

    Very good experience. Thanks

  306. Kino A.

    It was real nice while it lasted. Bought this for my boyfriend for Christmas. For him having a compressed back and spinal nerve damage, the oil kept him relaxed for a couple hours but not as long as we’d hope for. I tried it too, just for sleeping and it helped me pass out w. in 15 minutes. I’d recommend it for a start off. I’m a real light weight tothings so I’d get it myself just for the extra help in sleep. But I’m for sure going to have to up the dosage for my boyfriend however which is fine. It was a nice starter.

  307. Delores P.

    It has help my back so far. been on it only 1 week. Delores

  308. jane h.


  309. Anitra H.

    I’m not yet feeling pain relief and I am 80% through my bottle. I have had a significant improvement in my sleep. I can stay asleep longer and when I am awakened in the middle of the night by dog or spouse, I can fall back asleep again.

  310. DEBBIE R.


  311. Alison F.

    I love this product. I take some every morning. It has a great flavor from the terpenes, not like some other products that taste like poison. My only complaint is every time I take a dropper it’s like the whole thing is a giant air bubble. It’s cool though.

  312. Jenny H.

    We have been using this product for 3 weeks and have been able to cut way back on ADHD medication!

  313. Laura M.

    Hemp Extract Oil helps me get a great night sleep which is helping heal my adrenals.

  314. Lisa B.

    This is one of the first oils I have had. I love it! I actually keep it in my pocket and use it throughout the day. I find that I am able to get thru my workday so much easier and the pain in my hands and back is so much less. Some days I don’t notice any pain at all. I will definitely be using this oil often.

  315. Celeste W.

    I found changing the dosing to 3/4 of a dropper was most effective during a high-demand work week.

  316. cheryl l.

    Tried this oil for my husbands hand tremors and have seen an immediate improvement.

  317. Meghan W.

    My husband and I tried this to help with insomnia-it worked really well! We were both pleasantly surprised. Will be ordering more for sure!

  318. Ginger C.

    I have horrible PTSD from a lifetime of parental abuse. I have been on all kinds of medications and I am finally on medication that works. I have days that are worse than others and the medication I’m on is not taken “as needed” this Hemp Extract Oil is exactly what I need for my bad days. My whole family has noticed a difference in my reactions and action s. I shut down on those days and do nothing and am really short with people. Since I’ve been using 3 drops 1-3 times a day, I have been getting more done and am more approachable. I have tried other Hemp Extract Oil but they did nothing. I found Blue Sky Buds through a google search for “Best Hemp Extract Oil for PTSD” This brand was their 2nd choice but it was purer and less expensive then their first pick. I’m very happy I found this and will definitely order more.

  319. Mary C.

    Great product, ships quickly!

  320. Kathleen P.


  321. Shirley W.

    I have foot pain from a tend and in my foot. Now getting relief and am very pleased with the seevice I get from Greeen Roads. It fast and always get a notice when it is in my mailbox

  322. Joclyn H.


  323. TONY B.

    I am new to CDB. This brand was highly recommended by a coworker. One week in and my constant shoulder pain has reduced by more than half. Still on 250 minimum dose. Will increase slow, but this is already a game changer. Sleeping better too.

  324. Lee R.

    I’ve been using the 250mg Hemp Extract Oil at bedtime for a couple of weeks now, and can say I am definitely sleeping better, waking up less frequently through the night. It is also helping with arthritis pain in my thumb.

  325. Steven D.

    Hemp Extract Oil 350 mg. Very satisfied with this item. Easily absorbed and lasting.

  326. Ande M.

    I have found a cure-all with this Hemp Extract Oil and am giving it to my dog as well and his ear infections are under control! I have recommended Blue Sky Buds to so many people since I started using it 3 months ago! Thank you for a healthy alternative!!!

  327. Alex C.

    Highly recommend his product and will be purchasing again.

  328. Laura

    I was skeptical beforehand. I have noticed a difference right way. I am taking a dose at breakfast time and again before bed. I am going to try the 350 to see if I can get a little more anxiety reduced. Thanks!

  329. Ryan M.

    I was having really bad pain in my lower back, neck and shoulders…I was skeptical before trying it and wasn’t expecting much…but to my surprise, I experienced relief working about ten to fifteen minutes! I was shocked that the pain had completely disappeared…I also experienced an unexpected calm feeling and a sensation of well-being that was also a surprise to me 🙂 Highly recommend this product. Thank you

  330. Ryan D.

    Effective. Doesn’t last long so bottle goes quick

  331. Carlene L.

    I like this product very much it does help with my anxiety and it does help with being able to sleep.

  332. Nicole S.

    I use this for controlling my migraines. I have also found it to be helpful with anxiety. I will definitely keep buying.

  333. Barry M.

    Been taking 4 days and helped the first day with the pain in my hip. So far so good.

  334. Herbert L.

    I was recommended this product as pain reducer oil and to my surprise it works well. I will continue to use it on a daily basis.

  335. Almin S.

    Very good product. Satisfied customer.

  336. Eryn R.

    Love all of my products I have been using for the past few months!

  337. Keelin M.

    I suffer from endometriosis and this has reduced my pain tremendously!

  338. Rick p.

    I started with 100Mg then to 250Mg and now I am on bottle 3 which is 350Mg and I feel the overall general better condition that my body and mind are in. I’m looking forward to continuing.

  339. Joshua F.

    I’ve ordered from Blue Sky Buds several times and everything is always as I expect it!

  340. Nancy M.

    I love this product, it has allowed me to run again

  341. Angelina J.

    My husband and I are new consumers. I bought this to help with sleep. We take the minimum dosage and within minutes fall into a relaxed easy sleep. As a person with chronic insomnia, I love that I am able to fall asleep and sleep through the night while using something safe, natural and non-addicting.

  342. John Y.

    it’s grear

  343. Lance C.

    So far it’s helped anxiety and pain some as well. I am working up in dosage so I’ll get the stronger dose next.

  344. KATHY R.

    My husband and I have been using this for a couple years now and have definitely found we are having an easier time with joint pain. Will keep on using it

  345. Brandye G.

    This product tastes great and really does help with my chronic lower back pain. I do recommend.

  346. Pat D.

    This stuff works! Believe! Back,knee and foot pain just about gone . Able to work out almost almost free of pain.Other reviews mentioned that it should be taken at night because of a drowsy feeling. Not the case with me.I just use once a day when I think about it. Will be ordering more soon.

  347. Yvonne M.

    Great product, easy to use and effective. Great site, easy to navigate, easy to order and super quick, well packed and accurate shipment.

  348. Madison M.

    Helps with anxiety

  349. Brenda E.

    Seems good to me. My daughter says its helping her relax.

  350. Nicole R.

    It taste good. I have chronic back pain and this helps. I also suffer from depression and this helps my mood as well.

  351. Michael C.

    I purchased this to see if it would alleviate my psoriasis symptoms. So far I have noticed that the lesions are not near as red and inflamed. As a bonus, I sleep like a drugged toddled and no longer have joint pain in my hips and knees.

  352. Natasha B.


  353. Laurie C.

    I originally placed my first order for Hemp Extract Oil with the intention of lessening residual chemo pain. It not only reduced my pain, but virtually extinguished the agonizing hot flashes I was experiencing due to surgically induced menopause. I am now able to get through the day without showering 2 or 3 times or changing clothing several times. I am al so able to sleep through the night without any hot flashes at all! My friends and family have also noticed how much calmer I seem. So much less anxiety. I went into this with a lot of skepticism. I am now a believer and can’t live without it.

  354. marriah h.

    Awesome product!! Use it every day for my anxiety.

  355. Ellen C.

    The sublingual Hemp Extract Oil has been a huge help with my anxiety and sleep. I would definitely recommend this to anyone struggling with panic, anxiety, and stress. It helps to bring me back to a calmer state when I can’t stay still because I’m overly anxious. Prescription meds have WAYY to many terrible side effect and Hemp Extract Oil doesn’t have any! It’s saving my life.

  356. Angela B.

    I have fibromyalgia and have heard of the wonders of Hemp Extract Oil, so I decided to try it. I’ve been taking it for almost a week and am starting slow. So far I am pretty impressed. I can tell it is helping with my pain level. Will definitely continue and hopefully not need other meds for pain.

  357. Kelli S.

    I am having an issue with inflammation in my foot and this is helping a lot. My pain has decreased since I started using the Hemp Extract Oil.

  358. Stephen C.

    Awesome product! Helps with my anxiety and sleep.

  359. Robert H.

    I am feeling much better after starting my Blue Sky Buds Hemp Extract Oil.

  360. laurie o.

    i was uncertain about ordering Hemp Extract Oil but have used it a few times & am extremely happy with the results. i don’t sleep well through the night & when i take it i sleep like a baby!! even if i do wake up, i am able to go right back to around sleep.. its Great!

  361. Karen B.

    Excellent stuff! Ordering the 550 mg. Seems to be helping a lot ! Would highly recommend

  362. carl i.

    Great help with my osteroarthritis

  363. Judy D.

    Excellent! Will definitely order, again!

  364. Stephen B.

    good stuff

  365. Miranda L.

    I can tell a nice calming effect and this product helps me with sleep. The overall taste is fair, not great

  366. MELANIE H.

    I have been using this oil for about 3 weeks and it has been a miracle. I would and HAVE recommended it to anyone that has anxiety. It’s a tremendous help and you don’t need all of the “chemical” medications.

  367. Kayla J.

    I suffer from severe anxiety and refuse to take meds. After starting Hemp Extract Oil I’m able to go about my day and function normally. I will continue using Hemp Extract Oil specifically Blue Sky Buds!

  368. Kathryn G.

    High quality product; am happy with my purchase.

  369. Amy R.

    Great product

  370. Marlea H.

    My partner started taking this a week ago. She is calmer and bit more social now. hopefully it will last forever!

  371. Michelle M.

    I have bought stuff from you before and I love this Hemp Extract Oil.

  372. Lora M.

    It has help tremendously with sleep and anxiety

  373. Tyler H.

    Great stuff, helped with headaches and anxiety.

  374. Magen B.

    Blue Sky Buds Hemp Extract Oil works well for my depression

  375. Dr H.

    I live in FL and I’m not going to stay inside in the Sunshine State. I’ve had 3 skin cancers in the last couple of years, which has slowed me down. I’ve been taking Hemp Extract Oil for awhile and no new cancers are evident. I’ll keep taking Hemp Extract Oil. I’m just thinking maybe next spring I’ll go up to 350 I’m currently taking 250 as maintenance.

  376. Jeffrey H.

    After cevical spine surgery, very helpful in reducing opiates during recovery.

  377. Ryan S.

    Nice mild soothing effect

  378. KELSEY C.

    Bottle was smaller than expected but has really helped with my anxiety.

  379. Michael B.

    This is a good product helps ease the nerves.

  380. Sheila O.

    Was skeptical, but 3 little drops in the am, get my aches and head ready to take on household chores, and life!!

  381. kevin c.

    I am a 57 year old male who had severe arthritis in my hands. I use my hands at work and the pain was so bad, prior to Hemp Extract Oil, I wasn’t sure how much longer I was going to be able to work. I was referred by a friend to this website. I started with the 350 mg bottle. after approximately one week I noticed a significant difference in my hands. It h as now been 3 weeks and although I still have very mild hand discomfort, I would say my pain has decreased by 70 – 80 %. My pain is now very manageable and I hope in time will totally disappear. I will continue on Hemp Extract Oil, for I am a true believer.

  382. Caity

    I am surely amazed by this oil. I’m a chronic sufferer of anxiety/depression due to hashimotos thyroid disease. I’ve been taking this for 5 days so far while going through a horrid withdrawal from zoloft and since the day I started I’ve simply felt how myself should feel. It has taken away 90-95% of withdrawal symptoms. The day I started my first dose was during one of the worst anxiety attacks I’ve ever been through, and this stuff made it melt away within a few hours of taking it. Today I had what seemed to be the start of a migraine, but that has melted away within the last hour. I wouldnt wish zoloft on anyone, but I believe this oil needs to be taken by anyone with any ailment that life may bring. The taste is wonderful too. I’m gonna purchase again as soon as I run out.

  383. Richard D.

    Never used this type of product before and trying to self-educate on dosage since there is very little information regarding Hemp Extract Oil usage. If anything, most info is in terms of the actual amount of Hemp Extract Oil. I am unsure why they recommend 1-3 drops… probably because this isn’t intended to treat or cure any disease and it makes the servings per bottl e much higher. If I understand correctly, there are 17mg of Hemp Extract Oil per dropper full (1ml). Following dosing instructions, that is an average of 2.5mg of Hemp Extract Oil per serving. Nothing I have read recommends such a low dose, but I am no expert. For sleep (for example), I have seen recommended doses of 40mg-160mg per day. Basically you would need 3 dropper fulls of the 250mg Hemp Extract Oil I purchased to get an average of 50mg. If there are 15 dropper fulls per bottle, that makes the effective uses of this bottle 5 times. I have seen Epilepsy dosing to be 400mg/daily or higher and that would take nearly 2 of the 250mg Hemp Extract Oil bottles daily. I say all this to demonstrate that if your goal is to achieve a more substantial amount of Hemp Extract Oil per serving at a good price, you probably want to consider all available options before buying a low concentration Hemp Extract Oil. I am learning as I go, but this is the conclusion I have

  384. Tom P.

    I order the 250 mg Hemp Extract Oil because I had heard it might help my sleep apnea. Though it did not help my sleep problems. But I did wake up with a much clearer mind, which is becoming more important at 63 years of age. I will be using this now as a daily supplement to aid with mental clarity. The fact that this is all natural makes me comfortable to take it everyday.

  385. Susan K.

    Works good so fat.

  386. Janelle K.

    I’ve been using this product for our 13 year old dog who suffers from arthritis pain. I have seen some improvement since she’s been using it in addition to her regular supplements. We just put a couple of drops in her food daily.

  387. Sandra D.

    This oil is very good and works great. The flavor is as expected. The only star deduction is price, pretty high but quality product.

  388. Valerie I.

    I’ve had other brands for this strength(didn’t notice them working). This one is awesome!! I always use this strength before bed. Helps with my RLS.

  389. Alison B.

    Calmed my anxiety significantly 👍🏼

  390. Michael B.

    Purchased the 350mg bottle and it arrived in 3 days. Within minutes I can notice a more calm and relaxed feeling without a racing mind. Very happy with my purchase.

  391. Sheri K.

    Have just started using it but it seems to be helping the back pain.

  392. Daniel C.

    This product is great for keeping me calm throughout the day while not makoing me drowsy

  393. Heather D.

    I love your products!! The help so much with my anxiety!! Wish shipping was faster. 🙁

  394. Maureen S.

    Great product

  395. Victoria R.

    This product is helping my anxiety levels a bit but not necessarily helping me sleep better. I need to give it more time.

  396. Michael L.


  397. Kimberly B.

    my sleep since I started taking Blue Sky Buds CDB oil has be amazing. I have a nightly routine DoTerra Serenity (pill form) and 3-5 drops of Hemp Extract Oil under my tongue and I actually sleep for the most part. And really the only reason this product didn’t get 5 stars from me is simple the taste of the veg glycerin the product is mixed with… I just can’t g et over the taste os the glycerin.

  398. Kevin D.

    excellent product and highly recommended

  399. Jay H.

    Works on pain

  400. Tawnia E.

    I have 4 broken vertebrae and nothing has ever helped with my back pain but have definitely seen an improvement since I started taking the Hemp Extract Oil. I would definitely recommend.

  401. Dee S.

    excellent helps me without any type of high so to speak..

  402. Ray W.

    My first purchase was a 100mg bottle. My follow-up purchase was for a 250mg bottle. When the 250mg bottle arrived, the bottle size was exactly the same size at the 100mg bottle. The only difference was the 250mg bottle label was blue; the 100mg bottle was green. I call this fraud as the price was much higher for the 250mg bottle.

  403. Geisha R.

    Still to early to live a review!

  404. Zach D.

    Fast shipping and product worked even better than expected! Highly recommend

  405. Sam B.

    I started only using the 100mg but this was my first bottle of the 250mg. I use it mostly to help keep my sleep schedule regular and it works wonders

  406. Jeff N.

    Very good. All Positives, no negatives

  407. Dawn H.

    Items arrived in 3 business days. Work great.

  408. Dianelys P.


  409. Monique B.

    Awesome product. I was getting headaches every day, even migraines, by the next morning of using this oil no more headaches. Unbelievable. That was 3 months ago. Only had 1 headache since. And I’m sleeping much better.

  410. Mary a.

    My son has a sense of calmness about him he hasn’t had in about while. Am so pleased thank you

  411. Tanya S.

    Felt relaxed and calm

  412. Camilo C.

    Great help for my anxiety and sleep troubles. Also noticed positive changes with focus and overall sense of wellbeing. Would definitely recommend.

  413. Bryan C.


  414. Michael M.

    I have back problems and don’t sleep well. Since the oil I have been sleeping much better.

  415. David T.

    Must purchase.

  416. Roberta M.

    This was my first purchase from Blue Sky Buds. I received my order within days of placing it. I am happy with the service and product. I purchased the Hemp Extract Oil to help with pain from fibromyalgia, sleep difficulties and anxiety at bedtime. I found the oil to work well for helping me get a deeper sleep, less anxious, and feel less fibromyalgia pain th e next day because I got a better sleep. I do to purchase from here again.

  417. Abigail L.

    great product

  418. Sierra C.

    I’ve been taking the oils for a little over a month an I could not be happier with the results I have been seeing!!

  419. James R.

    Works great for Fibromyalgia

  420. jeff h.

    Great Customer Service….Fast Shipping and Quality Product that is helping my anxiety.

  421. Ernst M.

    it is sure taking care f my back and all artheritis pain..

  422. Geoffrey W.

    It took a little bit for me to find the right dose to be effective, but after I did — it’s been great. Definitely helps with my stress and anxiety. Order arrived on time. Will be getting more!

  423. Marla C.

    Hemp Extract Oil seems to be giving me some relief with my knee. I think I am also going to try the lotion.

  424. Claudia A.

    Great product and it seems to be working, although it took 10 days for it to arrive to so I’m not so impressed with the shipping.

  425. Christine C.

    Wonderful product and great service. Hemp Extract Oil is an amazing help for pain and anxiety.

  426. Dee L.

    The Hemp Extract Oil drops works great. I would definitely recommend trying it.

  427. Tanja H.

    I ordered this product because I suffer from anxiety and I wanted a more holistic approach to maintaining it. After a week, I noticed a huge difference and wasn’t anxious. This is well worth trying and the taste isn’t bad at all.

  428. Michelle K.

    I just started using Blue Sky Buds Hemp Extract Oil last week but I think I’m seeing some relief in my achy hip and lower back already. I hope it continues to improve. The taste is not bad at all either.

  429. Nancy S.

    Just ordered my third bottle. I have arthritis in my back due to a break and was also having problems with numbness in my shoulders, arms and hands. It had gotten to the point I could not even unscrew the lid from a bottle of water. Tried Hemp Extract Oil on the advice of a friend and am amazed at the difference in my body. This isdefinitely a product I plan t o use for tears to come.

  430. Patricia E.

    I am able to do more now with Hemp Extract Oil 350mg. Will try 550 next to see if there is that extra benefit

  431. Chezron H.

    Was great but came in a smaller bottle then I’m used to. Came in 15 ml where most come in 30ml

  432. Dean P.

    Happy beyond words!

  433. Travis H.

    Very calming, and it seems to have helped with my neck pain. It doesn’t work as good as the stuff with THC in it, but it helps me.

  434. Tara S.

    I have been using 250mg of the Hemp Extract Oil for anxiety daily for 2 months and what a relief! Better then any anxiety med I have ever tried!

  435. Phil L.

    Using Hemp Extract Oil 350MG for 2 weeks. I sleep better and have less pain in my lower back. I was a skeptic at first now a believer. Excellent product at a fair price.

  436. rebeccca V.

    Ive suffered for years with neuropathy and low grade seizures and took gabapentin for years, i used Hemp Extract Oil to ween off and replace these awful medications. Im eternally grateful….thank you.

  437. Anna E.

    Hemp Extract Oil has been life saving at taking the edge off my anxiety. I’ve suffered from anxiety and panic disorder for most of my life. Taking my daily dose helps me feel relaxed and ready to face the day.

  438. Clarissa P.

    My husband tried it and he says it has helped but due to his condition. We need to try a stronger dose .but he could tell a difference in his walking with less pain and he said it truly helped him rest a night 100 percent better …

  439. Deneen M.

    Has helped with mine and my husbands pain levels and helped us to sleep better.

  440. Michael M.

    I havent use all of medicine for my back pain and Anxiety … I started to have good sleep Thank LORD!!!!! BIG SUGGEST BLUEBERRY OG Its worth your time

  441. Cindy D.

    Helps with hubbys parkinsons. Helps with pain and numbness in my hands and it also help with charlie horses I have had all my life.

  442. Kyle V.

    I use it for joint pain after workouts, definitely helps a lot with inflammation.

  443. Michelle M.

    Helps with our anxiety issues

  444. Meda M.

    This product is great for sleep. It works faster than edibles so you can take it right before bed.

  445. Matthew B.

    Great taste and works very well to lessen symptoms of illness and pain. I wish Hemp Extract Oil wasn’t so expensive, but Blue Sky Buds is pretty reasonably priced.

  446. Maureen K.

    I had high hopes on this product due to all the great reviews but, for me, this really didn’t relieve any back/joint pain I’m having and I even tried it to help fall asleep, unfortunately it didn’t work either, so, it didn’t help me but good luck to anyone who has constant pain and doesn’t want to take opiates.

  447. Jessica Z.

    I tried the 100mg Hemp Extract Oil first. I think the 350 helps me a lot more with the pain I’ve been experiencing in my neck, back and shoulders. Would definitely recommend!

  448. Velda P.

    I love it

  449. Cindy H.

    Have always had trouble staying asleep more than a couple hours at a time. Now I can sleep all night without waking up once. Love it!

  450. Kari B.

    I have ordered this product for 3 months now. I have 3 Chronic Pain disorders (Multiple sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, and degenerative disc disease). THIS product is one of the best on the market. It gives me immediate relief from my pain. I’m a customer for life!!

  451. james g.

    Makes my wrist feel so much better

  452. Jill W.

    I’ve definite noticed a positive difference in my mood and it’s been helping my depression. It’s only been a little over a week but I’m liking it.

  453. Sharon W.

    I enjoy green road .

  454. Carol B.

    I purchased my first bottle of Hemp Extract Oil and it works wonderfully! I suffer from fibromyalgia and it really helps reduce my pain and anxiety, without the side effects of other prescription meds I’ve tried. The product arrive in a very timely manner. The only negative is that I’m still trying to get use to the taste.

  455. Jill C.

    When taken only before bed, this wasn’t helping much. I started taking a smaller amount mid-morning and late afternoon and a full dropper before bed. 4 days in a row of sleeping better which is pretty amazing for me! Will continue and hope for the same results!

  456. Patricia H.

    Great help in falling and staying asleep.

  457. Kelly B.

    It really works. I was a little apprehensive at first but not anymore.

  458. Sharon W.

    Love this!

  459. Tony V.

    I have RLS and this product has helped to relieve my symptoms better than the medication I was previously using. Ordering products via the Blue Sky Buds website is simple and I’ve had no problems with delivery.

  460. Patricia H.

    I’ve been using Blue Sky Buds Hemp Extract Oil for about 2 weeks. More energy throughout the day and better sleep at night, I’m loving it!

  461. Madison B.

    I use about 5-7 drops before bed and get the BEST sleep! love this stuff so much, has helped me tremendously with anxiety and pain, I don’t remember the last time I took an advil since I started using Hemp Extract Oil. definitely worth the cash and lasts me about 2-3 months if I use it everyday.

  462. Richard S.

    Product worked great just wished there was more

  463. Larry M.

    Helps my wife’s Ibs.

  464. Sarah C.

    This has helped to ease my pain with arthritis.

  465. Ellen H.

    This oil is similar to honey. Except taste like Hemp Extract Oil. Best tasting and works the best! I did have a mailing issue but they cleared it up quickly. Would recommend if ur looking for a good tasting oil.

  466. Jerrold G.

    This is good quality oil. I just wish it wasn’t so expensive. I need about 1.5 doses to get an effect so this little bottle isn’t going to last too long. One of the reasons people are hesitant to move over to naturopathic medicine is because it is more expensive than traditional medications they can get through their insurance at a pharmacy. I cur rently get 20 doses of Ativan for .70¢. So with this oil I’m paying $3.07 per dose compared to .04¢ per dose of Ativan. I love the Hemp Extract Oil over Ativan but it’s definitely a luxury item that not everyone can afford.

  467. Lori R.

    reccomend to others

  468. Amanda R.

    I have had anxiety my entire life and finally chose to try Hemp Extract Oil. It managed to calm a severe panic attack in 10 minutes of taking it. This is a miracle for someone suffering from an autoimmune disease who can no longer take pharmacueticals.

  469. Erin H.

    I am enjoying this product so far. I take it for anxiety/tension, and am noticing less insomnia, less of the “on edge” feeling, and actually sleeping through the night. Would recommend.

  470. Gene H.

    Been using only 3 weeks and noticed my leg calf’s don’t hurt as much.

  471. Justin C.

    Not only did my mothers nausea improve I noticed an overall positive change in her mental health. She’s naturally been pretty depressed going through chemo but since taking Hemp Extract Oils it’s been impressive to see her level of positivity and optimism return. Thank you!!

  472. Ralph H.

    Wonderful!! Reduced chronic pain and anxiety

  473. warren t.

    i have been taking the cdb for five days . helps with pain in my legs . i sleep better at nights . the future use will improve my health conditions looking to see less drug use .

  474. Joseph G.

    Excellent product. Very effective.

  475. Nancy W.

    My husband started off with the 100 and it was good but just didn’t last all day for him so we decided to try the 350 and it has been wonderful. This has helped him all day long.

  476. Neal C.

    I use it to help me sleep. Helps take the edge off and calm down before bed.

  477. Miranda W.

    this oil has become part of my routine. the only issue is the cap is really difficult to unscrew, it might just be my bottle but it always takes a bit of elbow grease to open. otherwise, great.

  478. Joseph S.

    I heard about Hemp Extract Oil from my girlfriend and finally decided to buy some for my chronic pain as well as my anxiety. I am also on pain medications for my sickle cell, back pain, and hip replacement. When i first started taking Hemp Extract Oil i was afraid it wouldn’t work and then when i started to feel the benefits i was again afraid that it was just a “place bo effect. NOT THE CASE, Hemp Extract Oil has helped me in so many ways and i am truly grateful for it. I feel a calm when out in public now and i am back to my happy self. Its also helpful at night. I suggest taking a few drops with some nighttime tea before bed.

  479. Sue R.

    Was taking Aleve all the time…but not after trying your product it’s amazing no pain in my leg which is full of aritis. Thanks

  480. Ashley D.

    I’ve been taking this every night before bed and then whenever I have an increase of symptoms. It’s really been helping me, and I’ll definitely continue to buy once I run out.

  481. Hannah G.

    I’d been having chronic neck/back pain for months and the Hemp Extract Oil has seriously saved me. I can’t sing its praises enough!

  482. K. S.

    I loved the ease & fast, discreet shipping. Great product! Love the graduated dropper.

  483. Donna S.


  484. CELIA L.

    I like this product and would definitely recommend. I have been taking it before bed and have been able to sleep throughout the night and wake up feeling rested. FINALLY! Also I have noticed that I don’t get as many headaches daily as I usually would which is awesome! This is the first product I bought with this company and look forward to seeing what else I notice in pain relief as I continue to use more of their products!

  485. Janet H.

    My husband has MS and has suffered from terrible night spasms and spasticity for years. Some nights he would spasm himself right off the bed! We have tried many medical interventions that have not impacted this. I read about Hemp Extract Oil for this concdition and decided to give it a try. He has been using it for a week now with considerable improvement! Still not perfect yet because by early morning they start again but I think that may be a dose or timing issue. We will continue to play around with how much and what time he takes it but I am very optimistic that we have finally found something that works!! And we both are enjoying more uninterrrupted hours of sleep!!

  486. Elizabeth B.

    High quality, easy to measure and take… Appreciate the sublingual absorption… Love that it’s standardized… Pleasant taste…

  487. Tim S.

    Good product

  488. Myesha R.

    Great product

  489. Irwin I.

    Very good, eases pain

  490. Charles G.

    I have been using Hemp Extract Oil for over a month. It definitely dulls the pain of sciatica. Still playing around with dosage. At times 3 drops of 100mg prep works fine. When the pain is more severe 2-3 drops of 250 mg prep is needed. Relief lasts 4-5 hours. Generally take 3 doses per day at roughly 6 hour intervals.

  491. Jennifer R.

    I have tried everything and I finally found something that helped.

  492. Kevin B.

    Great service and product— Twice a Day works great for me.

  493. Jasmine S.

    The taste was gross but it did seem to help a bit with my chronic pain. I’m going to increase the mg on my next order.

  494. Guy K.

    Great product!!!

  495. matt s.

    great product

  496. Robert B.

    Was happy to find your company….all because I made a wrong turn. My husband is using it to help with diabetes. We chose the 250mg because we didn’t know what we were doing. Have now increased it to 8 drops a day.

  497. Lois D.

    Works well for my husbands jerking legs at night

  498. Caitlin M.

    Really fast service and tastes great.

  499. Sarah B.

    I can’t take this in the evening, it gives me energy as opposed to calming me. It’s great if I take this during the day- it eases my anxiety and I can then focus on work- without feeling like I’m going in a million different directions. I had hoped this would help with sleep so I could go off of Xanax. I’m not sure if I’d need a higher dose or a d ifferent blend but I do really like taking this one during the day.

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