Pain Buds CBD/ Hemp Extract Oil

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Our CBD/hemp oil contains virtually 0% THC. It is high in antioxidants as well as carotene, phytosterols, and chlorophyll. It is also a source of several minerals, including calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, and zinc. The daily recommended serving of hemp massage oil is one to two tablespoons.

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Cannabis products are great for treating pain throughout the body. Many prefer CBD over a common prescription pill to ensure maximum efficiency in treating the pain. One may take CBD or Hemp oil both orally as well as topically as per liking. 

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1174 reviews for Pain Buds CBD/ Hemp Extract Oil

  1. Blue Sky Buds Customer


  2. Laurel

    I bought this product for various reasons. To help with sleeping, pain relief from arthritis in my hands and the fact that it is rich MCT.I am not disappointed. I fall asleep easily and stay asleep. I wake up with my hands no longer stiff or in pain and adding MCT to my diet is a big bonus for my brain.

  3. Lonnie Nelson

    I haven’t taken this for long but it seems to be helping with my fibromyalgia.It has also improved my sleep. I will see how it works after using it for a month or two.

  4. Nicole Ashley

    I’ve been having really bad stress and anxiety the last couple months. I wanted something natural instead of actual medication and this did the trick!

  5. M. Griffin

    Helps leg pain

  6. Brian Graham

    My daughter suffers from fairly severe psoriasis around her neck and ears. We are always looking for more natural ways to treat it because the medications prescribed for this issue are very potent and harsh. I have been rubbing this oil on the affected areas, and it is very soothing and nourishing. It is definitely helpful in relieving some of the pain and itchiness in her patches. I will continue the use of this therapy—I truly believe it is helping.

  7. nativeson

    the taste is great, a couple of times I’ve just taken it by itself. I normally put it in my tea. It eases my anxiety and helps me be able to sleep

  8. tcup

    Added this to my bath bomb recipe for feet, absolutely love it!! The versatility of this oil 8s great, oral, topical or adding it to my bath recipes.

  9. Ayisha Bama

    Blue Sky Buds Hemp Oil was referred to me by a friend for joint pain.Just 2 drops per day has worked wonders in just 24 hours my knee pain practically disappeared. I would recommend this product to anyone suffering from arthritis and joint discomfort.

  10. Melissa Palmer

    I have problems sleeping due to anxiety. Decided to give this a try. Have slept like a baby the last few nights!! Finally!!

  11. sunni

    Aloha, my mom took a 9 hour flight to come visit us here on the big island. She is 82 and has a bad hip, so the sitting was quite painful for her. I rubbed the oil onto her skin and she said it felt better. So far her visit has been a real joy without the pain…

  12. Lisa Johnston

    I have been wanting to try hemp oil for a long time. I get anxiety sometime pretty bad. I have been taking this and it completely seems to be helping my situation.

  13. Bradley Frehner

    I was looking for a more natural way to relieve pain and stress. Very excited to find this product. After taking Tylenol for occasional aches and pains, a more natural approach is welcomed. Works great!

  14. Kmoss

    love it

  15. R + D Conken

    This Hemp Oil Premium Hemp Extract works as described with no bad taste.

  16. Angel444

    Love this product ordered and received my second bottle today! Works great for my knee pain!

  17. birdie


  18. Shelly Ludwig

    This produce has helped to clear up my daughters acne and so relief anxiety for myself and both of my children.

  19. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    I was a bit skeptical on how effective this supplement could be. But after the second week I was able to sleep better and my stress level did improve. I will keep using it. In my personal experience my mood and sleep pattern have improved, totally worth it.

  20. H

    I’ve only used it for a few days but I’ve already noticed it helping with my stress levels and my sleep. I’m not sure if this product has something to do with it but I’m down to 1 cigarette! So far there is no change in my pain. Hoping that after a week or two of use I’ll notice a change.

  21. mary ellen vinyard

    I have rheumatoid and osteoporosis arthritis. After the first dose my pain was all but gone. I plan to stop taking my prescribed arthritis meds with their terrible side effects. I’m sleepimg all night, am less stressed, and almost pain free.

  22. carolh316

    Certainly helps with pain and sleep. I have arthritis in both hands. This product almost totally relieved my pain. It’s a great sleep aide too!

  23. Jill Miller

    It has helped with the calming effects that I needed.

  24. Theresa Janicki

    It just took ONE DOSE for the Hemp Oil to help my pinched nerve. I’ve been taking one dose daily and no more pain. Love this stuff! Theresa J.

  25. NewCa

    Good for arthritic pain.. Worked well for my mom, but its too expensive for the amount you get.

  26. J. R. Mater


  27. Julie Marsicano

    I have been using this oil for 2 weeks and love it. It’s easy to take and taste great. I would highly recommend it.

  28. seth claxton

    The Best Hemp Oil!

  29. Frances Pena

    I’ve been using this product for about a week and I’ve noticed a decrease in pain in my knees and ankles. I feel because of that I’ve been able to get a more restful sleep.

  30. MikeC

    I used the product to help with anxiety and sleep issues. It help me cut my beer consumption in half. I wouldn’t mind if it were slightly stronger.

  31. Aspen Bells

    I have noticed a difference in my sleep. I am sleeping better. I will purchase again.

  32. E Wolf

    Works well. I have been using this for over a month by rubbing it into the hip area. It has worked well on the pain in my hips and I can sleep again. Will continue to use this.

  33. constanza

    My mom who has suffered from arthritis pain and fibromyalgia has been relieved by this product. I am extremely happy about the results and see my mom improve.

  34. Rebecca Shumard

    This is the best product ever! It not only eliminated the pain in my knees, the cramping up of my hands, the cramps in my legs at night while trying to sleep, it is also getting rid of the eczema on my hand!! I highly recommend this product!

  35. Kmac

    Can really feel the benefit with moderate to severe osteoarthritis

  36. Jenn

    This stuff is fantastic!! After stumbling across an article about a guy who has a dog with severe separation anxiety and that his dog was also on Prozac which he changed over to nothing but this Hemp extract oil, I started doing some research. I have a Schnoodle who has 2 “siblings” yet panics whenever a human (myself or my husband) isn’t home. For the past 6 plus years we’ve had him on Prozac. Tried to take him off once before and it wasn’t fun. After discussing with our vet, we weened him off of the Prozac while introducing this oil. He’s been on it for almost a month and you’d never know he was off the Prozac. My husband has even taken it a few times (it tastes like minty vegetable oil). Been telling everyone I can about this.

  37. Francesca M.

    I recently heard a report that long term effects of Xanax were detrimental. I was looking for a replacement. A friend recommended Hemp Extract Oil. I did my research and I came upon Blue Sky Buds. I experienced no anxiety and better sleep while taking the Hemp Extract Oil from Blue Sky Buds. I recommend this product.

  38. Gary R.

    Market is saturated with these products. Long time user recommended this for it’s quality. Works very well for me. Thicker in consistency compare to last oil I used from a random co.

  39. sinisa milesic

    Very much

  40. david

    It’s too soon to to say yes this is all I need. But it has helped with my ptsd and anxiety. I still take medication under doctors supervision. This isn’t a placebo I do feel better using it as a supplement. My opinion it’s helped and I’m going to continue use this. Only been about two weeks but it really does help me.

  41. Still

    Received my Hemp oil and opened it right away. I needed it pain for the last 6 months suffered with sciatica and hip pain,second day no pain. I work on my feet all day on concrete in retail made it all day no pain. So thankful I found this with research from a neighbor who told me about this.

  42. Alejandra V.

    I’m not sure if oil is helping with sleep and pain. Should I be taking more then 1/2 a dropper

  43. Ildefonso V.

    I can honestly say that I am amazed at the effect and well being I am feeling with the Hemp Extract Oil I purchased. I am only on my first week but my sleep has improved and I put at the stores and public a lot more … still working on finding the all so famous sweet spot, but I can honestly say I am so thankful so far!!! Thanks Blue Sky Buds!!

  44. Marva C.

    I am 76 and have several health issues including chronic pain from hip and back surgery, arthritis, colitis and most recently lung nodules. I have tried several different brands of Hemp Extract Oil until I was recommended Blue Sky Buds. Finally, after just a few days I was finding I was sleeping better, had less pain, am able to have a full and productive da y and found out last week my nodules are shrinking. I am now at 250 mg of the oil at a half a dropper two times a day and feel I can stay at this level. For a few days I ran out having forgotten to re-order Blue Sky Buds and went back to one of the other oils until it arrived ( within three days) in the mail. I was right back to pain, not sleeping and feeling depressed. This convinced me that Blue Sky Buds was an excellent source of Hemp Extract Oil and I am not going to run out again! It would be nice to have an automatic order set up that I could be sent the oil every month. For now, I’m writing it on the calendar. Thank you for the quick shipping and emails detailing the status of my order.

  45. Kenneth A.

    2 weeks in and ive noticed a difference in my RA already. Great benefits.

  46. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Made a legitimate difference in joint popping and cracking.

  47. George F.

    I have two bulging disks in my lower back and have been in pain management for 5 years with little improvement. I decided to try the Hemp Extract Oil. While the 100 MG helps, I have to take 10 drops to notice improvement. My next order will be the 350 MG.

  48. Fausto Albamonte

    I have been using this Hemp only for a month and I feel mentally more calm and relaxed, but at the same time sharp and focused on my daily activities. I definitely recommend this product.

  49. Milo

    I honestly believe it is helping for arthiritis and joint pain. Also helps me to sleep without waking up so many times during the night…

  50. Rebecca P.

    This product really helps me with anxiety. It has a really positive effect without any crazy side effects. This is a very low key but effective product. I have recommended this to my friends already!

  51. TomL

    Excellent product. Aches and pains have lessened over the last few weeks

  52. Denny

    working well

  53. Anne W.

    I don’t think it is strong enough for me. I will try the 500MG next.

  54. Simar S.

    Great Stuff

  55. Guy Groves

    Love it for my Pet! he loves it and I can tell he feels Great!

  56. Alyssa B.

    Very great quality, a little on the pricey side compared to other brands but the quality is very good

  57. ANDRES H.

    High quality product delivered quickly

  58. Jeff M.

    The Greens Roads Hemp Extract Oil is fantastic. I have Bi polar disorder and it helps me calm down . And customer service was so wonderful and kind. I won’t purchase my Hemp Extract Oil anywhere else.

  59. Kunjan S.

    Really helped me with anxiety, and tasted great in lattes or directly sublingually

  60. Lois Seace

    I use this in the daytime hours to be pain free from my arthritis, stress and migraine headaches. Family and friends have seen the difference it makes.

  61. Mountain Man …

    Love the Hemp Oil. Great Product. I’ve been taking it for a month. It helps me sleep. Keeps me stress free and happy

  62. Spencer E.

    I am just starting with Hemp Extract Oil for essential tremor. I used the recommended dosage once/day for two weeks and am now trying twice/day. I believe there is some marginal improvement, but I also think it is too early to tell for sure as a continuing therapy. I am continuing and plan to increase the dosage gradually until I either determine this work s for my ET, or mine is one that dosen’t respond to this oil. I selected this manufacturer because of the data they present on their analysis and their extraction method.

  63. E. B.

    From the first time I took it, it called me down and helped my insomnia immensely. I wish I’d had tried it sooner. It has been awesome!

  64. Julie E.

    It seems like very good quality. I definitely can feel that my body becomes very relaxed after only one or two drops under my tongue. For me, it’s not for everyday use. However, I will be using it on days I have pain and hopefully it will help.

  65. Rkb

    I use this because I run and it helps..I also use this before I go to sleep because I work nights and it lets me rest well…

  66. Sandra M.

    The Hemp Extract Oil has help with the aches and pains. It also helps me sleep better.

  67. Cats

    I purchased this oil in hopes that it would provide relief for my sciatia pain and improve my sleep.I have not been taking the oil long enough to provide a true review, but so far it seems to help with my pain and the effectiveness seems to increase the longer I use it. It has not improved the quality of my sleep, but I will continue taking the oil because it has provided some pain relief.

  68. Katie D.

    I have chronic headaches. I didn’t want to take ibuprofen all the time. I was hoping this would do the trick and it does. Lasts a little longer than ibuprofen but I don’t like to do more than a serving in a day because of how expensive hemp oil is in general. Love the stuff, and hopefully prices will all eventually drop.

  69. karen d.

    I believe this does work as I have been having better nights of sleep since taking. I only take approx .25 ml because it’s too expensive for me to only get 7 1 ml doses out of it. But I do think it helps me get to sleep faster and not wake up as often throughout the night. I have also noticed that a little less than the .25 ml helps me when I am f eeling very uptight or anxious during the day. It takes the edge off.

  70. linda s.

    Can’t tell if this is working for copd, but I do believe it’s working on my husbands hearing and taste buds. He likes the taste so I will be upping from 250 to 500 on my next order. This will be the second order so we are looking for more benefits this oil will bring. Thank you Blue Sky Buds.

  71. Rhonda H.

    I have had chronic pain in my back, hips, and legs for years and have had to take 800mg Ibuprofen 2 times per day for a long time, which has caused liver damage. I now can not take the ibuprofen or anything else anymore. A friend of mine recommended Hemp Extract Oil so I tried it. It works wonders and it does help with my anxiety also. Since starting Hemp Extract Oil o il and getting off all my meds my liver enzymes have went down a lot. I swear by this stuff!!

  72. Brett W.

    Great for pain relief

  73. Neydi B.

    So far, amazing. 3 weeks seizure free! Thanks Blue Sky Buds!

  74. Monique B.

    Fantastic product!!!!!! Just wish the cap of the bottle was easier to open.

  75. Veronica C.

    I have fibromyalgia, anxiety, depression on top of all kinds of other things. This Hemp Extract Oil has helped me so much! It really gets rid of the pain so I can live my life.

  76. Karen W.

    I’ve been using the 250mg daily for my arthritis pain. I’m having less pain which enables me to have better sleep. I’m no longer tossing and turning at night.

  77. Dorian B.

    I found this formula easy to take and pleasing to taste.

  78. Melissa L.

    It is truly amazing how Hemp Extract Oil has changed the game for my anxiety. I literally recommend it to everyone and tell them Blue Sky Buds is the way to go.

  79. Davida T.

    I originally bought this product to help with my chronic migraines, not much luck with that yet might need a stronger mg. But I also haven’t found anything to help with my migraines yet, including prescription medications. I work in a high stress job where I am also on my feet a lot, so this has helped a lot with my anxiety, calming my nerves and has helped with my knee pain a lot! Highly recommend!

  80. Nicole H.

    After tons of research on the use of Hemp Extract Oil for chronic back and sciatica pain, we are now on our 3rd bottle of GR Hemp Extract Oil. We started out with 250 but are now ordering the 1000mg for my 220lb husband who suffers from chronic pain that has tried epidural back injections, prescription pain meds PT, you name it. This is the only thing that gives hi m any relief.

  81. Willard P.

    The best we have found yet. Both in product quality and service

  82. Meagan S.

    After years of pharmaceuticals with an array of unwanted side effects, I have made the switch to a natural treatment. This is my first time using Hemp Extract Oil for anxiety/depression and it appears to be helping. I’m in a more pleasant mood and can handle the chaos of my job more easily. I started at a low dose of 0.25ml per day for the first week and have increased to 0.5ml. It took some time before the effects were noticeable. It is not an instant fix. I can still get overwhelmed as well but overall my quality of life has become better. The dropper provided is a little flimsy but gets the job done. The flavor isn’t bad as it has to sit under your tongue for at least 30 seconds. I leave it there longer as Hemp Extract Oil has a poor bioavailablity. My only complaint is that it’s too sweet.

  83. Susan M.

    I am so happy to see the wonderful difference in my sweet girl. She is brighter, more mobile, interested in going outside and poking around, ( she used to just stand and do nothing). I have no idea how long this will continue, but as of now, she is so much improved. I will have to carry her up and down stairs, but this is nothing compared to how s he was before, so thank you for this medication.

  84. Tom N.

    Feeling a bit less lower back pain since I started just a couple of weeks ago. I may need to step up to a higher milligram dose to perhaps get an even better result.

  85. Steve D.

    Seems to work great for me I’m on my 2nd bottle and I have cut my pain meds by 98%

  86. Christine

    I made my first purchase last week and have been using to treat general anxiety and pmdd. Wasn’t sure what to purchase, so I thought I would start out low. So far I like the product, but I think when I reorder I will buy a higher dosage. Not bad to start with.

  87. William M.

    Great product-good service

  88. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    This is the best product for pain that I have taken.

  89. Mark Boultinghouse

    Being active in the gym, 5X weekly, along with running competivley on the weekends, as I have aged, the aches and pains seem to last awhile longer. Not one who likes to use pharmaticials, Hemp Oil was recommended by a friend, and I am so grateful that I listened. I have been using this product for a week, and the relief is amazing. Thanks so much for a natural product that works like described, and less expensive than medications and trips to the chiropractor. It truly works, 5 stars

  90. Erin H.

    First time trying not sure I bought a strong enough product. I m going to try a stronger product.

  91. Elizabeth P.

    I suffer chronic lower back pain from a time when I was helping move a patient at work. I also suffer migraines, and chronic neck pains. To top it off my rooster is driving me crazy like he is going through a second puberty/hormonal surge and he is only 2. I tried this Hemp Extract Oil and it took the edge off my lower back pain and my neck pain. On a whim , I gave my roo approximately 2.5-3mg via his favorite donut. I was amazed. I have my little boy back. He isnt beating on my hens, pulling feathers, or trying to flog me when my back is turned. He is amazing for 6 hours. Thank you Blue Sky Buds for an amazing product. 🙂

  92. ROBERT H.

    Love this stuff no panic no back pain would recomend

  93. Roger

    This is great if your having trouble with sleep.

  94. Linda P.

    I have had insomnia for over 22 years. I’m not saying this works every night or even all night but I can now sleep some, where as there were nights I laid awake all night eyes open. I may try the next higher mg next bottle to see how that works

  95. Michelle Rosenbaum

    A doctor recommended hemp oil for my step-father’s chronic pain. My mother tried it for her pain and now she no longer needs to take acetaminophen every 6 hours. She is also back out gardening again. Thank you for helping her with her pain.

  96. Heather

    I’m on my second bottle of this now and I have definitely noticed a decrease in my anxiety. And I can definitely tell if I’ve forgotten to take it on any given day. I personally do seem to feel better taking it twice a day instead of once. I take it when I get up and then again right before bed. I put it right under my tongue and the taste is fine. Just be careful not to accidentally drip on any fabrics, as it can be a pain to remove an oil stain.

  97. Susan B.

    Like the product.

  98. Desiree Woods

    I purchased this product because it came highly recommended to me. I have suffered from depression, anxiety, migraines, arthritis and Raynaud’s syndrome. I am hoping to gradually get off of all of the medication that I currently take for these conditions and rely on this natural remedy.

  99. Lane Harris

    It just works. I can’t explain why. Maybe it’s a placebo? But I’ve had chronic anxiety for the past year or so. Since I’ve used this product, it’s gone. It’s just gone.

  100. Candance R.

    Awesome product!

  101. Denise G.

    Just started to use this and I already feel less stressed! I live with chronic pancreatitis and can experience some very painful days. There are times that my anxiety can become a little overwhelming i am very impressed that this product has already helped so much ! Thank you Blue Sky Buds !

  102. Eduardo D. Mendez

    Very good product. Helped with chronic pain from arthritis. I had very low expectations and was desperate for some pain relief. Made a huge difference

  103. Stephanie H.

    This product is the best I have tried yet. The taste is a true green taste without the flavor additives that some companies use. Within an hour after using 3 drops sublingual I could tell I was more relaxed. After 2 days my pain caused by diabetes subside and I slept throughout the night.

  104. Charles G.

    I have using Hemp Extract Oil for sciatica for about one year. Four drops of 250 mg prep three times a day significantly dulls the pair to the point that I can complete normal activities reasonably well. Not a cure- all but really helps.

  105. Mrs. White

    I opened this right away when I got it and All I can say is WOW! I held the 30 dropped under my tongue for a few minutes and then swallowed. You can taste peppermint but you do taste the oil more which is not bad at all. I felt immediate calm and I am not even stressing about dinner which is a daily thing. Might even do take-out haha! I will buy this again just for this one reason. I will update any other changes.

  106. Marisa P.

    It definitely helped my anxiety without side or unwanted effects. Four stars because I feel it was a little weak, I would buy again but a higher dosage. Especially good for those who are new to these products.

  107. Beverley Erickson

    Got it for pain in my shoulders and wrists. Within 15 minutes of first use it worked like a charm. Will definitely get this again

  108. kevin

    This product really helps when I wake in the middle of the night and can’t go back to sleep. It calms my anxiety and allows me to go back to sleep. I just use 10-15 drops to start and work my way up. Just bought my second bottle.

  109. Di M

    Works great!

  110. Roman Guerrero

    Great product👍🏽

  111. Jason A.

    It rid me of my withdrawal headaches from my zyprexa Meds and kept me cool.

  112. Ray I.

    Discovered Hemp Extract Oil through a friend who was using it for his anxiety. I got fed up with taking prescription medications for my anxiety and depression. Thank you Blue Sky Buds for an excellent product. My family has definitely notice a change.

  113. Jessica P.

    I started out 3 drops am & pm. A month later and I take 6 drops am & pm. I am so grateful! My almost daily headaches are gone. The big “monthly” headache never came 😊 In general a joyful feeling all day.

  114. Selena A.

    This is such a neat product. I cant indulge in actual THC products, they either make me feel too slow, unmotivated and HUNGRY or just paranoid, depending on strain. This oil makes me feel mellow, but depending on how much I take it either chills me out to I feel less stressed at my insane job, or if I want, it helps me sleep faster. Im new to this stuff but so far I really like it and want to keep trying out different dosages 🙂

  115. Megan G.

    I love this product because it relieves my anxiety. Whenever I start to panic, I take the Hemp Extract Oil and feel so much better. Thank you for changing my life

  116. Susan B.

    I use this as a sleep aid when my achy neck shoulder keeps me awake – no side effects and easy relief. I like this strength because if I am especially achy, I just take a little more. I wish it was available more locally! I have also used the lotion but I think I prefer the drops.

  117. antonio trius

    I started with one dropper under my tongue six weeks ago. Did not know what to expect.Within the first week, I noticed less pain in joints after work outs, also found myself calmer throughout the day and getting better sleeps at night.On my second bottle now and very excited to keep using this amazing oil. Thank you!

  118. Gregory D.

    My wife treats her chronic pain with Blue Sky Buds Hemp Extract Oil. It is the best out of the 3 that she has tried and the other 2 we’re not even close.

  119. Rami Kidouchim

    it’s fairly effective but only for certain things described

  120. Jason S.

    I have IBS and when I have a flare up nothing really helps. Hemp Extract Oil has been a great help and it actually reduces the severity of my episodes. I have found that since using it regularly I even have fewer episodes than before.

  121. mikebren

    So I have been using this for about 4 days and I now wake up without the stiffness I usually have. Also noticing during the day less soreness after working out. I will be using this all the time now.

  122. Durel C Hauser

    helps with some back pain..

  123. Michael A.

    I need more time to give you a rating. Mean while send me two more 350 mg bottles.

  124. Officer aonymous

    very good

  125. waldemar pyrc

    I’ve purchased this product and I am very satisfied. It keeps me more calm and relaxed, and also I sleep better. Thank you

  126. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    I have bad anxiety. I would put this in my tea in the am to go into work and attack the day stress free.

  127. Matthew M.

    Outstanding product v

  128. A. ANDERSON

    I liked the product very much I felt a change in my anxiety i will buy again but I need a little stronger for my pain I had a brokenFemur bone and since it has been fixed I always have pain but this product helped a little that’s why I need stronger

  129. Keith Nocera

    It’s a good flavor. Definitely helps with my anxiety and sleep. My girlfriend like it to help with her chronic pain

  130. Carolyn W.

    This is a miracle oil. Has really lowered my husband blood sugar and blood pressure

  131. Carole S

    I used this for inflammation in my knees & to help me sleep better.I feel much better & am sleeping better. I will purchase this product again.

  132. Khandice Juell

    My dog has terrible anxiety during thunder storms, fire works and even surround sound from the tv. One dose of hemp oil in the morning has greatly helped him to stay relaxed during any of these occurrences now.

  133. Bam Donaldson

    felt better after just a few doses

  134. Darryl Nowag

    I used this product to help with pain before and after shoulder surgery. I believe it did help reduce the severity of the pain associated with my injury

  135. Tom Benoure

    I purchase your product for a friend whom has not been able to get a full nights sheep in ages, using this product she is now getting 6 hours plus of uninterrupted restful sleep and waking up feeling refreshed. We do not hesitate to tell everyone to give it a try!

  136. Kindle Customer

    Bought this to help with pain in my legs due to swelling from vein issues. After using it for two days the pain has gone down so much!

  137. S. P.

    I get worked up over silly things and stress myself out. Hemp oil has helped me to remain calm in stressful situations.

  138. Julia Reynolds

    Works for pain almost immediately

  139. Ricardo Bolanos

    Very relaxing when taken properly. Assists with stress, anxiety and insomnia.

  140. Tiffany Landry

    I love everything about this product. It tastes great, which was my main concern. It also has helped my pain levels and my anxiety levels. I would definitely recommend this product!

  141. Fenrir

    My doctor that i’m seeing for ADHD actually recommended this. Apparently her patients have sworn by this stuff. This is 250mg I think so i’m going to try the 500mg or the 1000mg. It’s not a fix all but for me it’s been great for stabilizing my mood. Like if i’m just edgy or moody, this helps bring me back to normal. Definitely recommend this.

  142. Mary Alvarez-Esparza

    i have bought several bottles of this Hemp Oil and it has helped my husband much better then pills he drinks it with his coffee and it helps the pain and the anxiety he has PRODUCT WORKS MIRACLES PLEASE TRY IT !!!!!

  143. TJL

    I can feel the difference

  144. Gina M Gruber

    Great product. As advertised!!!

  145. Tracy V.

    My Son had back surgery 3 years ago, but about two months ago he unfortunately started having issues again. I had heard about the Hemp Extract Oil through a friend who had also experienced back pain. She swore that after a few weeks of taking the oil once a day her pain was gone. So I decided to ordered the oil for my Son. He is on his 2 weeks of taking th e oil and is experiencing a considerable amount of relief. I’m hoping after a bit more time his pain will be gone. I recommend giving this product try!

  146. Delilah I.

    I’ve only been using the products for a couple months but they’re working wonders for me! Thank you!

  147. kev

    I have anxiety and insomnia. This product helps me Out a lot. Taste isn’t bad and it works with in 20 plus min. I wonder if they have it in vape form, that might take affect quicker.

  148. cw

    Seems to work well. I have bad back issues and it does seem to ease pain somewhat. I take around 1/2 of the dropper in the morning.

  149. kcoleblue

    This was recommended by my doctor!

  150. Lucy Singh

    Honestly it is what you expect it to be, and it works well for anxiety!

  151. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Have been living with chronic Rheumatoid Arthritis pain. I switched to a ketogenic diet and Hemp extract oil. The results are amazing!

  152. Amy Adkins

    I love this product for anxiety to help control my panic attacks. I love it! If you’re looking for something natural to help alleviate anxiety, I highly recommend this product.

  153. Lydia

    I bough this to see if it would help me sleep AND IT DOES. Haven’t tried taking it in the morning to help with pain relief or stress but it definitely helps with sleep

  154. karen

    Awesome product

  155. Midnight shopper

    Hemp oil works great for me! I take prior to going to bed, sleep soundly and relaxed while waking up I dont have hangover feeling or grogginess. Excellent product, thank you

  156. j.sundheim

    This product has helped with my fur-babies (Staffordshire Terriers) anxiety.

  157. Nai Saephan

    I strongly recommend this wonderful product.

  158. jeannie b.

    I love this c b d I can now get a good night sleep with out so much pain I don’t want to do with out my c b d every one that has pain should try it ,thank you jean bruner

  159. Terrence Mason

    So easy to use! More potent and calming than I had expected. I am using around bedtime to help calm my nerves and help me sleep. I would not recommend – for first time users – to consume this in the middle of the day, as I did the first time, as it is quite potent. What a wonderful alternative to all the pharmaceutical gar-bage out there in the media, on the “drug store” shelves, and in the hands of way too many people who we know. Turn the tide against big pharma and go natural! For years I took pharma meds, which numbing and sad results. Try this product, you will not be disappointed!!

  160. Brandon Williams

    This is great stuff for anxiety. The taste is in no way off-putting, and you can just hold it under your tongue and take it sublingually for about 30s (which is the fastest-acting method.) My aunt has dementia and is a bit of a control freak, so she has problems riding in a vehicle when someone else is driving. This does the trick and calms her down. Excellent product.

  161. Chuck

    I’ve used this product for a few weeks now and it seems to help with restlessness at night.

  162. tippertantrum

    I bought this for anxiety relief but was skeptical. It really does help take the edge off. Will definitely buy again.

  163. Andy Besu

    Exellent,eases my pain plus I feel more relaxed throughout the day.Also after sleeping I wake up very rested .

  164. Monique V.

    I’m a first time buyer of Hemp Extract Oil and this product has worked wonders with my anxiety. I’ll definitely be ordering more in the future.

  165. Shirley S.

    This has very mild flavor, pure product from a company you can trust. Very pleased with the 250mg oil. It’s a great starter oil.

  166. carrie s.

    Great product! I bought this help round out the supplements my doctor suggested I should take. I have been taking it for about a month. It has a slight minty taste, no bad after taste. It has helped with my knee pains as well as lowered my cholesterol.

  167. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Tastes great! Not sure if it works yet, but I’ve read a lot about hemp oil benefits. Also, not sure if it is actually Hemp extract oil, but seems like a good hemp oil product.

  168. masterkevin0422

    Helps relieve back pain, keeps my stress level low, helps me through my day

  169. Josh R. Moore

    This product is great! I use it before bed and get a great night’s sleep, also it seems to work better than some of the “stronger” oils out there.

  170. Jonathon Moses

    I like the pleasent mint flavor makes it so easy to keep it under the tongue. I use it to help with my anxiety issues. And also the price is good .

  171. Adam

    This product is great for lowering my general stress and anxiety levels. It leaves me with a calm and focused peace of mind. I have also noticed it helps with inflamattion and headaches. Highly recommned!

  172. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    One dose before bed and I am able to sleep all night. No more needing to rely on Advil PM!

  173. Joseph Hughes

    I haven’t been using this oil for very long but it definitely helps as a sleep aid.

  174. Tia Slone

    Loved the price for this product!! After using it for about 3 days noticed my joint pain was relieved and helped relieve stress!!

  175. Amber Short

    Great! I’ve had anxiety for a long while and a friend had told me to try this hemp oil and I am so glad I did! I started low at 5 drops and now I’m at 22 drops and I find I sleep better and no more anxious feeling. Would definitely recommend to others!

  176. C 23

    I recently purchased this product to help with pain, and it works wonders. I am happy with this purchase and would recommend it.

  177. Dana

    These drops have helped me relax and sleep and at night. I take them about an hour before bed and I feel like they have really helped me!

  178. Tabitha

    I’ve Struggled with insomnia and anxiety for years. I received my hemp oil on July 15th, started taking it July 16th. WOW!!! It works!! My anxiety has decreased, and I’m able to sleep through out the night. My over all well being has increased also. I feel so much better than I did a month ago. I’m thankful for hemp oil, it’s a all natural remedy for anxiety, insomnia, its heart healthy also!! Couldnt be more pleased. 10 stars of I could

  179. jan childers

    This stuff is amazing. Helped with anxiety and my hip pain.

  180. Clyde Freeman

    I have been using for 2 days and have noticed a big reduction in pain! I have had 7 back surgeries and have been using pain meds for over 10 years and the hemp oil works sooo much better for me!!

  181. Antonio D

    Love this product. I have been taking it once a day (as directed) for a week and my arthritic shoulder feels much better. Will keep taking it.

  182. Jan K.

    Product is great delivered in good time

  183. Joshua

    I love it and have ordered it over and over.

  184. crystal

    I liked this product bc it’s natural and it works! I have anxiety and it helps to calm me down. My mom also tired it for stomach pain and she said it worked.

  185. sam

    Yes it is good, i give it (250 mg) to my autistic child and some how it worked, it reduces anger, i’m going to order 500 mg for him now

  186. Hanna S.

    I love it! Works just as well, if not better than other products that cost 3 times as much. I use it for upper back pain and anxiety. My mom uses it for her foot and wrist pain. This works wonders!

  187. Stephanie Lujan

    This Hemp oil has been life-changing for me and I’m recommending it to anyone who struggles with chronic pain and/or anxiety/depression!

  188. susie a.

    Hemp Extract Oil (250mg) soothes the feelings of anxiety and helps with sleep! It makes for a better day

  189. Amanda

    This stuff is amazing. I have trouble sleeping at night and since I started taking this I have been sleeping like a baby.

  190. Reuben W Ballard

    After years of serious sleep and mild anxiety issues (I’m a 58 year-old male, BTW), I recently began using Pain Buds Hemp Oil. I can only report that this product has been highly effective in alleviating both issues! The drops are easy to use (I put 30 drops into a teaspoon to ensure the correct dosage). The taste is pleasantly peppermint. Also, I did a lot of research on the effectiveness of hemp oil for sleep and anxiety. It is a MUCH better alternative than pharmaceuticals pushed by doctors. Lastly, I can say there are zero side effects in my experience.In summary, I can only say “Highly Recommended!” 😊

  191. Idle Mischief

    Helps the bride’s knee & shoulder pain.

  192. S. Watters

    Helped my endo pain which has plagued me for years. I’m tired of taking acetaminophen and ibuprofen every day. Thank you for making this product!

  193. Michele C.

    Pleased with the product.

  194. Susan M.

    Getting a good nights sleep helps me with my fibromyalgia. Hemp Extract Oil taken right before bedtime ensures that I’ll get a good nights sleep and wake up with enough energy to keep me moving which is essential in dealing with fibromyalgia.

  195. Brenda W.

    Hubby has painful/restless leg syndrome and Blue Sky Buds Hemp Extract Oil helps him get it under control enough to be able to sleep at nght.

  196. Robin Nielsen

    It worked very well for my anxiety and depression

  197. Alicia Perteet

    This product is awesome for any pain. I tried it on my husband and he loves it. He works hard as a farmer and has many aches and pains. I use it for headaches and almost instantly they are relieved.

  198. terri kuta

    It works

  199. Shayla

    This has helped my anxiety much better than I expected. I am able to sleep sleep better at night and feel much calmer during the day

  200. Patricia E Ongstad

    The peppermint flavor adds to the calming effect and it tastes better than straight oil

  201. Jillian G.

    Works well will continue to purchase.

  202. Lea Rankine

    Product arrived very quickly. Very pleasant taste.

  203. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Great product from a great company

  204. alyssa

    I have been using for a couple days now, & do feel a lot calmer..I am hoping if I keep using it, I will feel more results with my pain.

  205. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    I’ve been taking this for a week and am having relief of my back pain. I would definitely recommend this product. I will be buying it again.

  206. Cindy B.

    I have tried others but Blue Sky Buds works the best

  207. Donnie F.

    It will help your joints and muscle. I’m 65 years old and workout and run. I can see and feel the difference in my joints and muscle. Good stuff!

  208. Micah W.

    This has been amazing for my anxiety

  209. Jason W.

    I’ve been using Hemp Extract Oil for over a month, I highly recommend it

  210. Taylor A.

    This is my first Hemp Extract Oil purchase and I am hooked. It has helped so much with inflammation and back pain. I will continue to use!

  211. Julie W.

    It took about two weeks to get full effect. After first week I could tell the difference. I went from sad all the time and anxious all the time taking meds for both. Now I’m Med free and feeling great friends and co works have even noticed my new positive attitude! I was very sceptical as another Hemp Extract Oil didn’t work. I happened into a vape shop an d was talking to the guy and he recommended the terpens. What a difference! They don’t help with pain but the mood changes are amazing!

  212. Jeremy S.


  213. Jessica R.

    I no longer have to take xanax to fall asleep. The Hemp Extract Oil 250mg does trick – so great!

  214. Daniel R.

    This has helped me a lot inflammation.

  215. Iris N.

    My dog is an epileptic seems to be working well hasn’t had a seizure love to get him off the phenobarbital!

  216. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Works very well. Relaxing. Great sleep aid. Helps with the pain. I use it morning and night

  217. Carrie Hatton

    My sleeping and pain has improved so much !

  218. kdf

    I recently purchased this product for arthritis pain.It works very good at helping to control my pain.I’ve tried lots of creams, gels etc. Nothing really helps, but these drops have helped. I recommend this product for anyone suffering from arthritis pain.

  219. Michele F

    It seems to be a pure oil of Hemp and I do feel that it does what it is advertised to do.

  220. Kindle Customer

    Easy on the stomach and calming effects are great,stress seems a lot easier to deal with.

  221. Larry E.

    I tried the Hemp Extract Oil at night. I slept like a baby!!

  222. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    The taste is great, they add natural peppermint oil so it taste like you just brushed your teeth. The oil has already helped relieve arthritis pain, although as with other pain relief options, the stiffness that comes with arthritis remains. It does not make me “sleepy” per say, but does relax me so I can better fall asleep. I will be buying more as I can see myself using this for a very long time.

  223. Ronald Benavides


  224. W. Craig Westlake

    Very good for the price/quantity. I only wish that the makers of these products would note the quantity (percentage) of Hemp extract oil as I use it for medical reasons. This is top shelf oil and I recommend it, but I wish I knew the percentage of Hemp extract oil and I note that it is (as far as I know) true of all the oils on Blue Sky Buds.

  225. Atis Agostini

    The taste was better than I taught

  226. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    I love this hemp oil. This is the best one I’ve tried. I noticed I can digest food with ease and sleep better.

  227. Roxann L.

    This has helped with my migraines. I use this now instead of my prescription.

  228. Kaolin T.

    I liked it. Nice and relaxing. I ordered a higher dose though because I ended up using more then directed

  229. Pamela M.

    This is a great supplement to tregritol.

  230. Barbara A. Bruce

    I have back pain from an injury. I seems to help relieve it.

  231. Liz

    Just started using this product. The taste isn’t overwhelming which makes it easy to take by itself. I look forward to seeing how this product will work for me.

  232. Melissa M.

    Anxiety killer!!!! I love it. I’ve suffered from anxiety for as long as I can remember and a few drops of Hemp Extract Oil and poof💭 gone. I feel fantastic! Thank you Blue Sky Buds for sending my order quickly💚

  233. Bobie P.

    Tried some others then Blue Sky Buds, have never looked backed

  234. Maryanne Pennington

    Provides some support and relief for sore joints and muscles and helps me relax enough to sleep. Taste is ok. I also give this to my dog which is where I can see a big difference. She is old and arthritic. She actually brought me a toy yesterday.

  235. Galen B.

    I discovered Hemp Extract Oil six months ago quite by accident. I researched thoughly and discovered that Blue Sky Buds is a respected company for this product. On the Blue Sky Buds web page it was indicated that 550MG was the product that they recommended for sleep. I ordered and discovered a product that not only works but has an unusual and pleasant taste. I’m a return customer time and again. A few drops under my tongue at bedtime and i sleep most nights and wake up feeling rested. Highly recommended.

  236. SJ

    Helps with mononeuropathy.

  237. Katherine B.

    Love it!

  238. Jbm3334

    It helped with my boyfriends severe anxiety. He doesn’t like taking medication so having a natural remedy was a plus. He just takes it with water and there is no taste.

  239. Connie H.

    This oil is verygood for pain and aches.

  240. Michael L.

    My husband takes this to help take the edge off of the overwhelming sick feeling from chemo. It helps him sleep also. I have taken the 100 mg for anxiety I have from his cancer diagnosis. I recommend trying this, it’s great!

  241. grant s.

    Taste is better than other brands. Helps with anxiety.

  242. shikster9

    I absolutely loved this hemp oil…it does what it says it will do. I have slept more peacefully and sounder than I have in a long time…i am going to be a repeat customer for sure. Thank you For a great product

  243. eric baron

    Great product it takes the edge off. There are times when i get home and cant shut the brain down. So I take this and it gets me relaxed so that I can get a good night sleep.

  244. Tory Lynch

    Bought this for my wife to help with post pardom depression and anxiety. Shortly after starting it we have seen a difference. Way better then the prescribed medication they were going to put her on.

  245. Marlene D.

    good for what ails ya

  246. Stephanie R.

    I received 100mg quickly. First time using so started small, but think I need to jump a few levels for it to be noticeable for my pain.

  247. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Quick delivery, taste is minty, easy to take and it is helping my pain.

  248. Bill Derry

    No more prescription drugs for my pain. I am a disabled combat vet and have suffered with injuries received in combat. I am totally afraid of opioids so I’ve been doing Aleve and Tylenol for years with a heavy dose of alcohol. A friend told me about this stuff and WOW! After my 3rd dose I really felt my anxiety and pain subside. Don’t get me wrong the pain still comes back, but as soon as I fell it I dose and I am good for at least 14 hours.

  249. Adam R.

    I like that this product is safe to use on my old dog. Worked well during Fourth of July, and still helps the him maintain any aches and pains.

  250. Andrew P.

    When it comes to a new product I am a very cautious type. I had read about Hemp Extract Oil and followed up with a lot of research online and at the local vape shop. I was convinced and therefore got my first bottle from Greenroads World. I began with the 100 MG strength. In the end it worked. My ongoing panic attacks were dialed back a bit. I’m still on prescription medications and over time I’ve been cutting back on some because of Hemp Extract Oil. I’ve since gotten more bottles of higher strength oils. It’s helped my mom with her minor arthritis and her back pain. I love Hemp Extract Oil and I love greenroads world! Try this bottle and see how it works for YOU. I’m almost positive you’ll feel better.

  251. Jeremy

    This product really helped relieve some tension and allowed me to easily fall asleep. It doesn’t make you tired. It calms you down to a point where your anxiety doesn’t stop you from doing things i.e. sleep lol. The peppermint is really nice, also

  252. Catherine F.

    I have just started using Hemp Extract Oil. So far it has been a good experience and does help with the pain relief.

  253. Jacquie K.

    This worked so well. I have chronic pain and with this I was able to do everyday things that I couldn’t before.

  254. Jane Heidelbaugh

    great product

  255. terri bradford

    i was having issues with my sleep patterns and anxiety. after taking this for 2 weeks I can tell a difference in how much more rested I have been. I am not sleeping any longer, I am just waking more rested.

  256. Randydill


  257. Ann H.

    This product is easy to use and I’m glad it is available on Blue Sky Buds.

  258. Krystle A.

    Great stuff, still looking for more improvement – it keep the body working, so great.

  259. Catherine B.


  260. Lindsay H.

    This is my 2nd purchase. I tried some other brands from a local shop, and did not find them to be as effective as Blue Sky Buds. Shipping was quick, and I appreciate the new dosing info on the label.

  261. Annie H.

    I have been clean from drugs and alcohol for 17 yrs. so, at first trying Hemp Extract Oil for me was scary. But, I have tried EVERYTHING under the sun for migraines, insomania, anxiety, and depression caused by hormonal imbalance and none have fully helped or were preventable. My need out weighed my fear so I ordered and so glad I did. I have used Green Ro ads for two months and my symptoms from hormonal imbalance has become very managable or have vanished. Good bye perscriptions and cabinet of supplements.

  262. K.Sanders

    My husband has had trouble with fragmented sleep. Since using this he’s been raving that he is finally sleeping more soundly. I’ve been using in hopes to reduce the knee pain I have due to a meniscus tear. While I’m not certain just yet it’s helped with that, I can say it’s helped with my sleep as well.

  263. Mary K.

    I’ve started using this oil for joint pain. I made a number of changes so I think it’s sounding well. I may up the dosage on my reorder

  264. Melissa R.

    I have several autoimmune diseases with Lupus & RA being the most severe. I can’t take pain medications or ibuprofen. I’ve tried several creams including over the counter and prescriptions, nothing has helped! I also suffer with major anxiety & panic attacks. I read in one of my FB groups about Hemp Extract Oil so I began to scroll through the comm ents. I’m so glad I did! There were an over pouring amount of comments about this company! I immediately went to the website and ordered! I received my order in only 2 days, WOW! Fast shipping! I’ve had mine for 2 weeks now and I feel MUCH better. I got the 250mg bottle. I’m about to order again but I’m getting the 1,000 mg bottle. I hope my review helps and encourages you to just stop thinking about it and order! Best decision I’ve ever made!!!!

  265. Sandra J.

    Love it

  266. Todd Sanders

    Helping with sleep cycle and chronic pain. Would recommend

  267. Kain G.

    I recently purchased this product after seeing results for my kid who suffers from ADD. He is now not struggling as much and able to concentrate with less effort.

  268. Kimberly Kissel

    Great service and product.

  269. Dennis Avedon

    After taking 4 different pain medications that had no effect on my abdominal/bladder pain, This hemp oil seems to be the only med that helps.

  270. David R.

    Seems to be relieving my fibromyalgia thank you

  271. Michelle Pipes

    Wonderful product! Helped a tremendous amount with my stress which caused my blood pressure to drop resulting in me not having to take my blood pressure medication anymore. Also helped manage the pain I was having due to the excessive amount of prescribed medications doctors gave me which damaged my liver. This has been a nice healthy alternative for me and I’m will continue taking it. Thank you so much for this outstanding product!

  272. Lisa Betz

    Have just begun using this product but can tell it is going to be beneficial! I was looking for something to help decrease pain and inflammation. This works great!

  273. J. L.

    I have been hearing wonderful things about hemp oil. Living a life with depression and high anxiety has left me exhausted most days. My thoughts are busy, hurtful, and keep me from enjoying everyday situations. I decided to give this product a try, and within just a few days I felt a difference. My thoughts are more quiet. I have more energy. I get to sleep easier. I don’t feel as anxious or nervous. I cannot wait to see what further use of this product does for me. I’ll definitely keep buying in the future.

  274. Chuck

    I started using this product two months ago. Expecting just some relief from chronic back pains, I had a big suprise! First of all my back felt great, and arthritic pain in my hand and wrist was gone!. I fell the best I have in years. Mood and pep are improved. The world is better!It works!!!!

  275. Seahag

    Love this product. I was so tired of swallowing supplements in gel caps or pills. Adding this oil to a smoothie, juice or even water is so easy and it slides right down and goes to work. None of that feeling of a pill sitting in the stomach area waiting to absorb. As far as doing what it’s supposed to do, there is a definite difference. I will be ordering more!

  276. Deana L Nelson

    This product has helped with my pain. I started out by taking it once a day for a few days. By taking it once a day it was only helping my lower back and not my shoulder issue. So I increased to twice a day and over a few days it has helped. My shoulder pain is no where near what it had been. But I’ve noticed now since I increased the dose I’m now having trouble sleeping. So I think I will go back to taking once a day. Still have the shoulder pain, but is bearable.

  277. my3sweets

    I had been having trouble sleeping for some time. I would sleep only a couple of hours and wake up. This would happen continually through the night, and sometimes I had problems falling asleep again. I heard about this hemp oil and decided to try it. I take about 10-15 drops a half hour before bedtime, and now am able to sleep through most of the night and if I wake up can fall asleep again fast. Also, I wake up refreshed, not groggy from sleeping pills. I am very happy to be able to use hemp oil.

  278. Rodger DuBose

    This helps to relieve my arthritis and anxiety. It’s well worth the money.

  279. Big City Tim

    Love the peppermint taste service and the price. Helps with pain and anxiety.

  280. Sonja S.

    Its a good product.

  281. NC_Independent

    It is easy to take

  282. cshoota

    ive been trying this product and on second bottle now i think it may actually have good benifits just a matter of time to see them and also just kind of frustrated with the free bottle promo 2nd time around and they still have not gave me the first bottle free still there site tried to tell me that i registered my email too many times on 1st try?

  283. Brian J.

    Been using two weeks, sleep has improved and without the groggy feeling the next morning.

  284. Neil N.

    Seems to be helping!

  285. Ann S.

    The 250 worked pretty well but I have moved up to 350 – I may have to increase once more but I am very happy so far. It’s doing what I hoped it would. I have already stopped one of my opioids.

  286. Marlene G.

    My mother who is 97 suffers from severe diabetic neuropathy and with out 3 drops in the morning and 3 drops at night she would not be able to walk or knit because of the pain and tingling…It is a wonderful product!

  287. J. Gonzalez

    I’m in pain all the time, have taken advil,but after a while it stops working. This works better for me and its easy to take.

  288. Roseanne T.

    the oil has given me so much relief from pain, and has helped me sleep so much better. thank you

  289. Craig P.

    Greenroads 250mg Hemp Extract Oil works great for sleep, muscle recovery and reducing anxiety!

  290. G M.

    This being my first use of Hemp Extract Oil, I did not know what to expect. My physical problems are related to knees that should have been replace a few years ago. The doctors will not do more than prescribe pain killers. I wanted a life style that did not include narcotics. The Hemp Extract Oil has not helped my knee pain much yet but it has helped my spirits to be lifted and the hope for help in the future as I continue it’s use.

  291. Carolyn M.

    Love how this oil slowly melts away the pain so gently…love it!

  292. Irene M.

    Have my.little bottle handy for those times I need to relax. Would highly recommend.

  293. Valarie P.

    We ordered the drops and the pain lotion, Both work I have to give my husband a few extra drops than recommended but next time we will order a higher dose, he loves the pain lotion sometimes it seems like he puts it all over his body. I think if you have arthritis it would help he really finds relief with his hands and shoulder.

  294. Nicole R.

    I suffer with arthritis and many autoimmune disorders, with that I have a lot of joint and muscle pain. This medicine has given me back my quality of life.

  295. Tom F.

    I buy this for my mothers neuropathy and it really has been the only thing that has helped in years.

  296. Joan C.

    I have anxiety issues especially in the evening. I use right before bed, and it really helps me sleep. Will definitely reorder.

  297. Vernon I.

    The Hemp Extract Oil is helping me to deal with some of the ongoing pain.

  298. Helen C.

    This oil helps so much w/fibromyalgia pain;muscle pains that a “pain pill” will not touch!! Recently I found out how much it helps my sprained wrists and helps me walk when my feet hurt so bad that I wanna cry. Thank you for supplying this desperately needed oil!!

  299. ruth megido

    My husband has severe nerve damage in his foot. This helped. It’s the only nonpharmacological intervention that has helped. The way he described it was “it went from a sharp shooting pain to a lulling roar.” For a man with severe chronic pain, that’s a huge win.

  300. Donna

    Just received this product. I was wondering about how bad it would taste, but put the recommended 30 drops in my coffee. Could barely taste it, but what I could taste was pleasant. I mostly ordered this for someone who suffers from anxiety, but thought I’d *share* the first bottle, as I suffer from chronic pain after a fall months ago. Hoping it will help

  301. J R.

    Works well

  302. jenny

    Love this product.great for anxiety

  303. Craig Stroud Dalton

    UNCLEAR AS TO WHAT TO EXPECT – IMHO – This is a very good Hemp extract oil Oil Product and I find mental clarity at one end and natural-calm at the other end that this product has produced in me personally, well, I find it remarkable. I have also noticed that minor wounds (cuts and abrasions) healing more quickly. Then, last but not least, there is the marked reduction in chronic, old body aches & pains…remarkable. The light mint flavor makes it quite palatable. I might mention, in closing, that influences started to manifest after about 4 days, that’s about 8 Oral Doses.

  304. Nancy

    I suffer from Fibromyalgia, spinal stenosis, osteoporosis, arthritis, and 66 yeas of wear and tear. I was overwhelmed by the endless varieties of hemp oil even after reading all the product info, so I chose to go with Blue Sky Buds’s pick.this has a subtle mint flavor and within 2days, I was seeing a reduction in pain, better mood, and improvements in my brain fog. They have a loyal customer now. Even the headache I have had for 6 months since being put on Gabapentin is gone which means I no longer take Advil like tic tacs!

  305. Dasher

    I’ve only taken this for a few days but I find it it’s doing exactly as they said it would do less pain and much better sleep

  306. Linda Thacker-Byrd

    The peppermint flavor is great! It calms my anxiety and makes everyday stress less stressful.

  307. Matt

    Helped me sleep! I have been using it for around a week and it has completely replaced melatonin.

  308. Rachel L.

    After about a month of using this I have seen decreases in my general crankiness and temper.

  309. James M.

    Received my order and I’m trying to get the dosage that will help me. I do like the product.

  310. Mercer Comander

    Doesn’t really do a lot for my anxiety but helps immensely with sleep. I use 2/3rds of a dropper under the tongue 30 minutes before bedtime.

  311. Ulysses

    I tried this product this week and it helped me feel less stressed. It adds a good taste to whatever you want to drink it with and it smells pretty good too. I’ve noticed a bigger difference on my second day taking this, so I’m pretty sure tomorrow will go even better.

  312. Sammi

    Helping with insomnia and anxiety. I’m also 6 months pregnant and had been having severe pelvic joint pain (pubic symphisis). This has helped relieve me of most of that pain. Definitely ordering again!

  313. C. Taylor

    Great product with prompt delivery!

  314. Karen D.

    Quality product

  315. Rong M.

    Great product!!!

  316. Paige S.

    Truly has helped with sleep and anxiety

  317. Daniel B.

    My wife has struggled with tension headaches brought on by anxiety/depression for the past 2 years, she is an artist and the medication prescribed by her doctor completely crushed her creativity. This is the only thing that has worked! And not just taken the edge off of her pain but has wiped it out. I can not recommend this highly enough!

  318. Candace W.

    Sleeping better after a few days. Pain has been much better!

  319. Jeannette S.

    While I’m still new to this I have experienced less anxiety and calmer when falling asleep. No big migraine attacks which could be improved from the oil or i havent got one yet and it’s a matter of time. So far though i enjoy it for anxiety and sleep and would buy again if this continues. Wish i tried sooner.

  320. John L.

    this product works very well, we have been using it for over a year

  321. Kristina L.

    This oil has been a true blessing in healing and combating pain and uncomfortableness. So thankful to have found this product and its effectiveness.

  322. Glenn R.

    Works great, I like the taste, perfect product.

  323. Donzil G.

    Just started using the Hemp Extract Oil, due to torn Rotator Cuff, (surgery in Sept.) a lot of pain. The 250 helped, took the edge of pain lower. Have ordered the 550. Will continue to order. Also have the froggies, they help during the day. Really appreciate the help they give to my questions on chat. Good Company.

  324. 1229

    This product is really great and helps me with the pain in my knee.

  325. Susan

    Tastes great, can be mixed with a beverage or taken alone, does help ease anxiety and tension. Still too early to see the effects on my pain in my joints but I am going to stick with it.

  326. dart73

    I’m trying hemp oil for the first time a friend told me Pain Buds’s was the best thanks

  327. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Used hemp oil for relief of anti-inflammatory skin condition granuloma annulare. Noticed some relief.

  328. jjt

    I read a comment from someone about this product helping with Neuropathy so I thought I would try it and it is true it has help with the issues with my feet. And I sleep longer at night because the issues with my feet are not as much of a problem I don’t wake up shortly after going to sleep because of my feet and legs are bothering me. Everything I read leads to there is no cure only treatment with pain killers which I was taking Extra Strenght 8 hr 650 mg 3 times a day I have stopped taking those shortly after starting Blue Sky Buds Hemp I was always concerned with the possibility of Liver damage taking them. I’m about to start on my third bottle and expect things to get even better. I have started with the 250 mg twice a day and figure if need be I can always go stronger. Thank u Blue Sky Buds Hemp.

  329. robert fox

    This product is great I purchased it from Blue Sky Buds. I have server shoulder pain and migraines. I bought Blue Sky Buds Hemp Oil. I woo record it to everyone.

  330. eric kleaving

    My sleep quality improved once a started taking this Hemp extract oil.




    great product really feel the difference

  333. Tina T.

    Rated 4 because it was fast delivery. I’ve only used a few days. I need a higher dose I think. I’m a newbie. I got 100mg oil. Company is rated very high. I’ve done my homework.

  334. Chris

    Hemp oil has helped me with my chronic pain. I definitely recommend this product!!

  335. Megan

    Works okay, the taste is way to much for me!

  336. Deborah S.

    This oil taken twice a day is helping my son have more energy, and stiffness in his legs! He works outside all day,in a hot climate, and is feeling so much better.I may try a higher dosage next time, as he is a big guy! Thanks for producing a quality Hemp Extract Oil for people that can really benefit from it!

  337. Victoria Riggs

    I really began to love this product after using it for a month! The taste was super good. I used it for some anxiety and pain I had after giving birth. The only semi-negative thing I noticed was vivid dreams. But that has never bothered me!

  338. Philip A.

    The products here are great and really work wonders on my spine pain. I feel fantastic

  339. Geri G.

    This is my first Hemp Extract Oil purchase. I have been using it for about 2 weeks now and while i haven’t felt any pain relief yet it is helping me sleep better. I fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer and feel better in the mornings. I will be ordering a stronger dosage to see if that starts to help with my back pain.

  340. MIKE W.

    I just love the benefits! I take it when going to bed and I sleep so much better and don’t wake up until to start a new day. I had sometimes anxiety when I slept, that is gone! I can tell my mind is remembering more and through out new words in a conversation. I am 50, still young! I call this a preventive liquid gold for more years to come!!

  341. Evelyn.13

    I have bad anxiety and haven’t been able to sleep lately. It’s been only few days but drops definitely take the edge off and make me a little more relax. I’m still unable to get a full night of sleep but I’m hoping it will help it with few more uses. So far so good!

  342. Violet C.

    I like to use for general immune supporting. My blood sugar seems ok. I’m sleeping awesome finally. I was very light sleeper, now I can sleep well. Helps with stress too!

  343. Taylor M.

    I noticed immediate pain relief in my knee (I sometimes stand in one place for 8hrs at a time.) the only long lasting (all day), effective treatment I’ve found so far is stretching alongside this Hemp Extract Oil. The moment I stopped taking it, my knee flared back up. Ordering again!

  344. Violet L.

    I am glad I tried this. Started with a lower dose and worked up to a full ml. Yes, I would say it helped my pain and I did feel somewhat calmer too. The difference is obvious that now I am out and will be ordering more. I am going to go up to the next level and find my own perfect amount for me. Thank you

  345. Carole C.

    I have had trouble falling asleep and staying asleep for more than 2 hours. Also leg cramps. I tried Hemp Extract Oil for a week, and after 2 days I had the best night’s sleep. Then I realized my legs had not cramped up on me either. This stuff is a keeper here!

  346. Kelsie M.

    I use this for anxiety and its not life changing but it really does help

  347. Rachel M.

    Trying Hemp Extract Oil to help with my anxiety was probably the best decision I’ve made in a long time. I don’t know why I waited so long to try it!!

  348. Connie B.

    When I use this product right before I go to bed, I am rewarded with a restful, peaceful night’s sleep with zero hangover when it is time to get up.

  349. Lyndsay W.

    I suffer daily from neck, upper back and shoulder pain from clenching my teeth, and having a job that has me sitting at a computer most of the day. Since I started taking the Hemp Extract Oil, that pain has gone away. I feel like I am sleeping better during night. I use to always be so tired and run down in the afternoons. Since taking the oil, I dont have that run down feeling anymore. My husband feels like he is resting better at night. I have sent an email twice asking questions about the oil, and have yet to have a response. So far, that is the only negative thing I have to say, so that is why I gave it a 4 star.

  350. TammyTammy512 J.

    I have fibromyalgia and arthritis problems and I have noticed improvement with both since starting this.

  351. nina k.

    just need a higher dose

  352. Commdive73

    Use for a severe injury helps take the edge off the pain makes sleep a little easier without heavy pain meds

  353. cathisteele

    So far so good! I’ve used it and the taste isn’t bad at all.

  354. Modern Hippie Mom

    Amazing product! It has a wonderful minty taste and is very smooth. I use this product daily for it’s benefits to the immune system and brain. I have tried other products that caused me to have a reaction from die off of dosing too high too quickly, or the taste wasn’t as pleasant. I am so happy I found this product!! I couldn’t be happier with the results! I am feeling great and I love the taste! The customer service from Kelsie was wonderful! She reached out to me to see how I was enjoying the product and was so kind! I highly recommend this product and company, you won’t be disappointed!! 😊

  355. K

    Helped my insomnia. Not a magic bullet-but really does help. I’ll keep on buying hemp oil. No grogginess next morning & no drugged feeling.

  356. Tiffany D. Martin

    I suffer from depression and anxiety and this product has really helped my overall stress & anxiety levels. I feel much more calm when I take it on a regular basis and the only downside is it makes your mouth dry. The taste isn’t bad either.

  357. Jackie K

    I’ve only used it five days…one dropper full in the morning…but it seems that my brain fog is clearing,I haven’t had a depressive episode in five days, and I seem to not have as much arthritis pain in general.Shall keep at it, and may up the dosage….will turn myself into a science experiment, and see how it goes.I just feel more myself, with energy and cheer, and I’m hoping it’s the hemp oil!Besides my usual exercise, vitamin D, Krill oil, turmeric, cherries, good diet…all of which I have followed forsome time, adding hemp oil daily is the only additional change I’ve made.

  358. Kathryn Bartkowiak

    Not overpowering; works well for anti-inflammatory relief as well as digestion!

  359. Hunter Lake

    Taste ok wish it was a tad mintier.

  360. Stacey Bolt

    Everything! I feel like a totally different person.

  361. david spence

    Fantastic product that helps with a plethora of issues!

  362. amanda gist

    Just received today. The taste is pleasant, and it did seem to take the edge off of a mood swing. I suffer from moderate depression and anxiety, so I’m hoping this can be a natural alternative to Rx medications.

  363. marlo november

    I have been taking this for 1 week, 1-2 times a day. I have noticed a decrease in my anxiety levels. It has also helped me fall asleep at night without having to take any sleep aids. I am glad to have found a natural cure to help with these issues. I would recommend to anyone with similar issues.

  364. Jessica L.

    Great product. My wife is on an antidepressant, anxiety, and a mood stabilizer medication. She’s been anble to cut down her medication down in half and it helps her sleep great.

  365. Miss Laura

    Fantastic product. I have RA and I take a dropper of this hemp oil when I’m going to bed. My quality of life has significantly increased, I don’t wake up with huge swollen ankles anymore and I actually sleep through the night. This has been absolutely life changing for me, to wake up in the morning and not be in pain. I wish I had found this sooner. Oh and the taste isn’t bad at all, I’d say it’s actually pleasant.

  366. Blair S.

    I’m so grateful for the ease it brings to my postpartum anxiety. Will definitely be ordering again!

  367. Ana O.

    Minhas dores melhoraram no segundo dia q eu tomei!!! Parece mágica!

  368. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    This is an excellent product. Did exactly what I’d hoped. Took away anxiety and made pain very manageable.

  369. vicki w.

    I love this hemp oil! It’s my first time using it & Ive used it for about 1 month now. What I’ve noticed is how my sleep is so restful since taking it. And then in morning I awake feeling refreshed. I will continue to take it,

  370. Jeannine T.

    I have problems with depression and anxiety I have a sleep disorder so I did research on Hemp Extract Oil and friend gave me the info for the website I use it every night and it’s an awesome product

  371. Ruth B.

    I love it has help me a lot back to doing things had trouble with can do my walking now got sister on the Hemp Extract Oil having in legs at work she said help her a lot we both will be ording more

  372. FLOYD

    The 250 mg Hemp Extract Oil has helped me so much with my anxiety. So glad I found Blue Sky Buds online website.

  373. Erin T.

    The 250 mg Hemp Extract Oil has helped my joints and anxiety. Great product!

  374. Michelle Y.

    If taken daily, I notice it works. No bad after taste. Good tasting.

  375. Ashli Z.

    I just recently started using Hemp Extract Oil to help with my anxiety, I already take prescription medicine and still have times of panic. Adding the Hemp Extract Oil, I noticed a change in a very short amount of time. My anxiety has been much more manageable. My wife said she noticed that I was happier and less stressed.

  376. Barry C.

    Good Flavor!

  377. Amber T.

    Helped a lot with my pain

  378. Papa Tate

    I just got this Hemp Oil/I take a plethora of Bipolar Meds and shake, tremble from the meds. So far, I don’t shake or tremble much

  379. Michelle H.

    I have had pain for over two years. Tried many different prescription medications, nothing work. Then I tried the Hemp Extract Oil, I have now been three months no pain. Have my business forever.

  380. Robert H.

    Works pretty good! Taste isn’t the best! Overall pretty good product.

  381. Kenneth

    I think it is helping relieve some of my back pain

  382. Jennifer Hayes

    I purchased this to help with my high level of anxiety, and have been pleasantly surprised! It is really helping me manage my anxiety without additional meds. I needed to use it twice a day for the first few days, but am down to once a day now. I have been using it for two weeks, and am really happy with the product.

  383. Holly C.

    Really helped alot with my serve back pain. I was able to get back to a normal life and not be in pain

  384. Ronald K Angstadt

    use it almost ever day

  385. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Minty taste. Works good for anxiety and helps me sleep better. Works faster than prescriptions medicines for anxiety.

  386. Hsin Ching Millette

    Very good product

  387. Kelley

    This product has helped my anxiety so much! I feel calmer and i like the taste without mixing it with anything! I would definitely recommend it for daily use!

  388. Irene S.

    I did not think that this Hemp Oil was going to work for me but IT WORKS!!! I suffer from the worst migraines, sciatic nerve pain, arthritis, two busted knees and plantar fasciitis and when I take this oil I feel like a new person. This first time I took the 30 drops as per the directions I think it was too much for me so now I take 10 drops in the morning in my coffee and then 10 drops for lunch in my ice tea. My husband use to have to help me out of bed and now I am able to get up by myself. I am able to finish projects in my house that I wasn’t able to finish before this oil. I can walk my Rottweiler everyday and I think he is happy about that since I wasn’t able to walk much.

  389. Jodi Cahue

    Inflammation and pain are no longer an issue , this product has eased the morning pains for my Husband , he is a believer now!

  390. Tyler C.

    I have slept better than I have in years using this oil. I definitely have to use the full dropper so I believe all I need to do is increase the dose. Not as much day time relief, but there is a sense of calm. Can’t wait to try it again!

  391. Jocelyn Daluz

    I like that it helps with pain, I don’t like that it is oil and easily spills on clothing

  392. Jenn

    This is really one of the best tasting peppermint hemp oils I have tried. The hemp oil greatly reduces my stress and anxiety.

  393. Pen Name

    This stuff really tapers off the edge when you’re stressed. 3/4 of a dropper under the tongue when I’m anxious or i know something is gonna potentially stress me and and I’m good to go. I don’t use it that often. But it’s good to have around

  394. Thomas E.

    Good product

  395. Jennifer F.

    I originally purchased it for anxiety before meetings. I was so relaxed…and sleepy! I now use it before bed when needed. Wonderful product.

  396. Megan C.

    Works great for anxiety…still not sleeping well but I think it might be getting better. Doesn’t do anything for my chronic pain, so I plan on upping the mg and trying the cream. Thanks!!

  397. William O.

    Bad arthritis in index finger, painful. Put Hemp Extract Oil cream on first time & pain gone in 3 minutes! No B S! Love it

  398. jonathan t.

    This product is great , has a sweet taste and has worked well for me.

  399. James H.

    Hi, So far so good …..because i’m reasonable healthy …it’s hard for me to see/feel the benefit of Hemp Extract Oil ….although I will say it seems to give me an over all good feeling …..will keep you posted Warmest Regards Jim, Largo FL

  400. Roxann L.

    My husband swears by this!

  401. James G.

    Good stuff

  402. Terri T.

    I have anxiety issues and babysitting my grandkids don’t help. This helps. I have problems with knowing how many I’ve put in my mouth and how messy it is.

  403. Justin Armstrong

    Bought this for my girlfriend , which has bad anxiety. She said it’s amazing and I can tell a big difference.

  404. Lisa K.

    I’m very pleased with the product!

  405. Lynae J.

    I was put on Lexapro for anxiety disorder a few years ago. It did help manage my anxiety and depression but made my hair fall out in handfulls. I weaned myself off of it and began taking Hemp Extract Oil. It has helped a great deal in managing my anxiety and depression without side effects. Does not taste as bad as I thought it would, either.

  406. Paula K.


  407. reader

    It takes several weeks for the oil to kick in, and when it does it is a ‘gradual’ out come. One day you realize your joints don’t hurt as much and you can move easier. My husband and I both took it, and was so pleased that we ordered another bottle.

  408. Betty H. Alfred

    A good product and is helping me with arthritis pain relief.

  409. Ken F.

    Hemp Extract Oil work fantastic. I take less than the recommended dosage and still no pain, awesome!

  410. Christina Garduno

    I have had the best sleep since using this. I definitely recommend this for anyone with insomnia, anxiety and stress.

  411. Jennifer Z.

    I bought this after trying another company’s Hemp Extract Oil and not enjoying the taste. This product tastes great, helps me get to sleep when I take it sublingually before bed, and is great for anxiety!

  412. deborah damman

    Since taking 5 drops each morning for a month I have not needed any Tylenol or ibuprofen for arthritis pain. I exercise and walk daily and knee and hip pain is gone.

  413. Ron R.

    Great Hemp extract oil product. Hemp extract oil drugs are better than other pain killer drugs.

  414. Lourdes A.

    Helped tremendously with my anxiety!

  415. Charlotte C. Jones

    I have had 4 ankle surgeries in 2 1/2 yrs. I have been sober for 6 yrs due to an addiction to opiates from a Pain Management Doctor. I have a lot of neuropathy in my ankle as well as muscle spasms. This hemp oil has been a life changer for me. I can already tell a big difference.

  416. Bobby E.

    I love it. It helps with my pain.

  417. Anthony T.

    My son is off all his meds since he started using this product. Best thing ever!

  418. Danno

    It works.

  419. Shane A.

    Great stuff!

  420. Andrew P.

    Taking this has completely solved my sleep problems. I used to wake up in the night and not be able to fall back asleep. Couldn’t shut the brain down. I still may wake up once in the night but since taking this oil , I have been able to fall back asleep immediately. If anxiety is your problem, this stuff is excellent.

  421. robert k.

    I was very pleased with the quality of the taste and consistency of the product

  422. Bibiana L.

    I would recommend this for people who are trying Hemp Extract Oil for the first time. I like to use this at night because it does make me tired. I use it for anxiety and it has been helping.

  423. KarenMarie

    Love love this product! Works as stated. Taste is good.

  424. wchp1963

    I was skeptical about this but am pleasantly surprised. I have slept better and have less pain at night and in the morning. I’m more relaxed because I am less tired and have less discomfort. The taste is tolerable. I wish the dropper had a measure on it rather than having to count 30 drops. I will buy again.

  425. Nicholas B.

    Grateful to find a quality product and reputable company. There can be dodgy stuff out there in this burgeoning market, so Blue Sky Buds’ strong reputation made it a clear choice.

  426. Jane A.

    This has been life altering for my special needs adult son. It calms him more than any med. I’m thrilled with this product!

  427. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    My 10 year old son has tourettes and this product has helped decrease his anxiety which causes some of his motor and vocals tics.

  428. Brittany G.

    Great product that’s clean, not ruined with any unneeded additives, and does exactly what it should. I’ve been using it to manage my anxiety, and it helps to clear my mind and get me relaxed. A lot of brands are shady and less than ideal, but Blue Sky Buds is incredibly professional and reputable. Will definitely purchase their products again!

  429. Suzanne

    Great product I have suffer with bad arthritis pain for a long time a friend of mine told me about hemp oil so I did some research because I had never heard of it except as it being a drug when I found this product on Blue Sky Buds I thought I would give it a try boy am I glad I can walk now without the bad pain in my back it has also help with stress and anxiety from having to quit smoking

  430. Jay Rutherford

    Been loving this!

  431. Mira D.

    Works grate it helped me with my problems.

  432. Ian Griffiths

    So far, so good. Anxiety has decreased considerably. Only a week in with this product, I think reconciling my world view. that a plant so hardy , able to grow all over the world, makes sense it would have such broadband medicinal qualities. My sleeping is sound, the anxiety is at manageable levels and this Scientist is happy.

  433. Barbara Catanzaro

    Definitely gave me more energyMy pain didn’t seem as bad today. I would definitely buy it again. Give it a try.

  434. kyong mchenry

    I was surprised that it did removed the pain from my hand

  435. kimberly gustafson

    Been using for about a month so far but I think I need to use it twice a day instead of once to see real results. Taste is ok, but I am real picky.

  436. Tracy B.

    I have had MS since I was 15 and taken many drugs over the last 36 years. (Did you figure out my age?) This help ed my overall well being from the first days!! Wish I used a long time ago.

  437. LaLa

    I got this oil to see if it would help with my occasional anxiety and restless sleep. And it worked wonders! I tried another oil and it was said to be more MG but did not offer the same effect as this oil. I would highly recommend this product!

  438. J M Shullo

    Husband is using said it takes the edge off

  439. CELSA F.

    It works very well for my pains and Diabetics.

  440. Leigh A.

    This was my second company to try. I can definitely tell a difference. Will be buying more!

  441. Sammie Hediger

    Love it. Great for relaxing. I use it to help me sleep and with my anxiety. I’m honestly impressed with this product.

  442. Connie

    I use vanilla creamer in my coffee and I add this to it and it makes my coffee taste somewhat minty which I love. I don’t recommend taking this alone, the taste is horrible. I have pain in my feet on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being horrible pain and 10 being no pain, my pain has been a 3 but using this my pain level went to a 9 so much relief. I’m not as stressed while taking this and I do sleep longer. You have to give it time, for me I noticed the pain n stress going away after 4 days. I ran out and omg pain and stress level came back after a week so I hurried up and bought some again and it arrived, I’m so happy.

  443. shell

    You are able to start to feel the aches and pains go anyway shortly after use! I can not wait how I will fee in a few weeks!

  444. Kristina M.

    I have been struggling with anxiety problems to the point I was unable to sleep most nights. Ever since I have been taking this, not only have I been sleeping better but I have also had less panic attacks. I have also noticed that my back pain has diminished as well

  445. Christine H.

    Bought for my son who has stomach issues. Thank you, thank you!!

  446. Alyssa L.

    Ordering from the site is simple and easy to use. Shipping took longer than expected.. but overall great experience

  447. Sara C.

    I love this, my head no longer shakes, and my hand shake is virtually non existant.

  448. Patrick G.

    Has helped a ton!

  449. Michael P.

    First time taking Hemp Extract Oil and I like it. I love taking it before bed and I’m the morning

  450. Serena L.

    The cinnamon flavor doesn’t taste horrible like other Hemp Extract Oil I’ve tried. I have noticed decreased anxiety but not much pain relief, so I’m still playing with dosages. Nevertheless, the company has offered fast shipping and good customer service and I will purchase again.

  451. SHERRY

    First use of Hemp extract oil. Use is for arthritis. Bought 3 bottles. On the 2nd one now. Already off of all other pain and anti inflammatory meds. No side effects. Consistency of each bottle is the same result/taste.

  452. Brianna

    After taking it every day for a week Im really starting to see a difference.

  453. Cathy F.

    Bought this for my grandma because she has a lot of different muscle pains and she said it works very well.

  454. Michelle

    It seems too good to be true, but this stuff really works. The first couple of days I used it I felt mild pain relief about 30 minutes after dosing, but the pain would come back a few hours later. I increased the frequency of dosing to a serving every four hours and within a week I was off any other pain medication. After two weeks of consistent use my nerve pain is 90% gone and even flares of pain are much milder and don’t last long. I went to the dentist today and found out I have an absessed tooth – the pain relief is so good I didn’t even realize I had a major dental problem going on!The main thing is give it time to build up in your body, use it consistently, hold in your mouth for 30 seconds before swallowing, don’t eat right after taking it etc. There will be some adverse effects at first on your gastrointestinal system, but that will pass when your body gets used to it after the first week. I’m now ordering actual Hemp extract oils to try the benefit of sleeping better and weight loss, but I will still be keeping this Hemp oil on hand for regular use. At this price its a steal and so worth it.

  455. yetem

    Great product!! I bought this product to help with my daily stress, but I noticed that my hair looks fuller unexpectedly. love it!

  456. Kristen D.

    Before I started taking this product I took up to 6 anti-anxiety pills a day! Now I only take 1 pill at night to help me get to sleep. Hemp Extract Oil has changed everything for me!

  457. Jodi Dunaway

    Using for joint pain & inflammation. I have noticed a difference and am happy with this product.

  458. Sharon Workman

    Best pain relief I have found for fibromyalgia.

  459. ADAM

    Helps a lot with my anxiety !Helping a lot with falling a sleep

  460. Deb S.

    I purchased this product without really knowing what to expect. I was so pleased. Within minutes after taking the oil I was almost pain-free. I suffer from sciatica. I would purchase this product again.

  461. L. Camille

    I bought this for my Mother who has various aches and pains from arthritis, etc. I took the first dose in front of her to show her how to mix it with her water. What I felt can only be described as a “Calm Wave” that came over me. Then later that evening, I noticed I felt looser, my knees did not hurt as they normally would at that time. Tried it again today to be sure, THE SAME THING HAPPENED. I want my own bottle.

  462. Amber

    So far this oil has worked great for us!! I am on the way to purchase some more!! Taste is not bad and it is doing it’s job!

  463. jessica

    Noticeably more relaxed and sleeping much better at night.

  464. Kindle Customer

    Ordered this for pain relief – hoping it helps pain in my arm and hands. Haven’t been taking long enough to notice improvement; but, am hoping for some relief. Pleasant tasting, with easy to use dropper.

  465. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    It was very good oil it help my aunt with all of her pain.

  466. Amy S.

    I did research before buying Hemp Extract Oil. Blue Sky Buds got good reviews. I like that they do 3rd party testing on their products to ensure consistency and product strength. I also like that it is grown, made organic. I actually ran out and could tell a difference. I have an autoimmune disorder and if I don’t take this, I’m fatigued, can’t sleep and hav e hot flashes. I will never run out again. One thing I don’t like Is the consistency. I wish it was a little less thick.

  467. Kathy J.

    After about 5-6 days of using this product my pain certainly has eased. I’m hoping for increased relief as I continue with this product.

  468. Geoff R.

    Seems to work, as expected.

  469. Debra O.

    I have taken just a few drops at a time to relieve sinus headaches and works quickly and efficiently.

  470. Thomas R.

    Works great!! Use at night for deep sleep.

  471. Patrick D.

    I am seeing results and am looking forward to continued success

  472. Stella C.

    My husband has taken Hemp Extract Oil for about 3 months. It has relieved the nerve pain in his right leg/foot allowing him to get a good night’s rest. Since he is sleeping well, I too sleep well! He has had 6 lower back surgeries and 2 cervical fusions, plus right kidney removed due to cancer. We are both pleased with the results he has gotten from use of the oil which he places under his tongue 15-20 minutes before retiring for the night. I hope this helps others who may be thinking about trying Hemp Extract Oil.

  473. Charles S.

    Great for Sleep

  474. Jessica G.

    This is amazing for anxiety and my neck pain.

  475. Geoffrey W.

    I started using Hemp Extract Oil to help with my sleep quality and anxiety. It works very well! It’s great for headaches and back pain too. I have tried the 150ml and 250ml. I prefer the 250. I’ll try the 350 or maybe the tea next!

  476. Margaret

    I have been using this hemp oil for about 4days now. I have noticed no more pain in my back. I have had this pain for years.

  477. dom

    When I take the proper dosage I feel a relief in anxiety and stress

  478. Mallory C.

    Taste isn’t fantastic, but works great!

  479. LaKisha S.

    I’ve recently started taking this at the advice of my gastro surgeon. It works. It’s helping me with my stomach pain. It soothes my stomach and actually helps my sleep as well.

  480. Kyle

    I bought this for knee pain and I was skeptical because it sounds like snake oil but wanted an alternative to taking pills every day. It was either prescription anti-inflammatory/pain reliever or aleve twice a day everyday, neither sound good long term. I don’t know how but this stuff actually works, I haven’t had to take any pills since I got this. If you have minor joint pain this is definitely something to try, I know I’ll be buying more.

  481. Christa T.

    Very satisfied. I will be ordering again.

  482. Bryan W.

    It helps the pain in my knees.

  483. scott spangenberg

    It works, it tastes good, and they delivered it fast. What’s not to be happy about.

  484. Rebecca Dawson

    I bought this to help with pain management. I have noticed a improvement in pain levels since starting. I have also noticed a big improvement in my mood/depression as I battle being down or depressed due to the pain as well as just growing older.I recommend trying it.

  485. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    I have tried a number of Hemp Oils and this is by far the best.

  486. Donna Hargrove

    I started taking it about 4 days ago. It tastes good. I think it is too early to look for results.

  487. Jennifer K.

    I suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis and I started using Blue Sky Buds 250 a week and a half ago. I have already noticed a huge difference! My morning stiffness is practically gone and I am no longer needing Aleve for painful joints!

  488. Titan

    Great Product. Helped me sleep the first night I took it!

  489. Leah Newberry

    I got my order yesterday and used it immediately, repeating twice today. I have rheumatoid arthritis, type 1 diabetes, depression and anxiety. I was surprised at how quickly I felt improvement. Generally I feel “better” and my pain from inflammation seemed less today. Of corse it’s not a complete turn around but I am pleased so far with this product especially for the price. I will likely purchase again.

  490. olgalnegrin

    After months of searching for natural pain relief for my lower back pain and sciatica issues! I’m so happy. I’ve been dealing with hospitals and getting prescriptions that only give temporary relief during the day… I am really glad I found this!!!

  491. Lester D. Fiegel

    It does calm like it said it would!

  492. Quincey Powell

    Really enjoy this product seems to help calm me down before bed.

  493. Suskay

    I did a lot of research trying to determine if this was worth a try, I am dealing with arthritis and sciatica, in addition I do not always sleep well. I have been very pleased, noticed a difference the first week. Much less stiff in the AM’s and added bonus of sleeping better at night. I just came back from a trip where I walked several miles each day, typically after I have done this I am very stiff and the bad knee is pretty swollen and mornings would be really painful. Interestingly enough neither was a real factor, I was up and moving long before my younger friends were. Finally when flying back I was surprised to find that when we landed and I stood up I did not have to spend a minute or two loosening the bad knee up again, I just stood up and started to move without even thinking about, and could. Also wanted to say thank you to the lady who left a review about her putting the drops in her mint tea at night, this works great for me and seems to make me sleepy faster.

  494. x-large rickA 54

    very good, better than advertise.

  495. Heath Cogswell

    After one month of taking, I feel great, will continue to use.

  496. david m.

    I suffered a strike 2 years ago. I’ve been using this product for 4 months now. I seem to have a little more strength on my weak side, it also reduces my urge to smoke. I plan to continue to use this product.

  497. Donald A.

    I usually don’t write reviews, but after using this product I feel fantastic. I finally found something that truly works. I’m 56 years old and I’ve been using the 250mg Hemp Extract Oil for two weeks now and have noticed the following results: clearer head, no more living in a fog. My mood is much better, no more getting angry at the smallest things. I sle ep so much better, I take the product in the daytime and before I go to bed. When I take the product right before bed, it takes only about 3 minutes and i’m asleep. I notice my skin is much softer. I also noticed I recover much quicker after my weight training workouts. When I would workout before I started taking this product I thought I had tendonitis, the inside if my elbows and forearms would burn. This product alleviated about 90 percent of the pain in my arms, it’s the only product I’ve tried that truly worked. So I believe it eliminates inflammation. This is a wonder product. I’m so glad i’m taking it. It does so many positive things for me, I’m a user for life. I’m never going to stop taking CDB oil. Depending on your situation or pain, you may need a stronger dose, keep experimenting with this stuff. I swear it works. I’ve only been on it for two weeks.

  498. carylanne b.

    Hoping to feel better So far relaxed ! Oil tastes sweet .

  499. Matt2337

    I have difficulty with anxiety, so a friend suggested Hemp Extract Oil. I bought Blue Sky Buds 100mg and three drops WORKED! I ran out, and went to a local store that carried a different brand. This one had 1/3 of the potency, cost 3X’s as much, and even exceeding my regular dosage, it didn’t work. I’ll only use Blue Sky Buds from now on.

  500. Joanna V.

    Tasted fine, and seemed to help with my anxiety. I went through the bottle fairly quickly so I’m going to try a stronger concentration for my next order

  501. Rena S.

    I bought this looking for something that would help me sleep. I take it with a prescription sleeping pill. It does help keep me asleep through the night and if I do wake up I’m able to go right back to sleep.

  502. GFH

    I bought it to help with my prostate cancer. Tastes good. I’ve tried it for five days already and didn’t notice any change yet, besides maybe sleeping slightly better.

  503. Heather H.

    My husband started this Hemp Extract Oil about two weeks ago. It is helping with his anxiety immensely. He used to wake up in the middle of the night burning up from stress and now that has quit. He is sleeping like a baby and is completely calm throughout the day. Using Hemp Extract Oil will certainly be part of his life style now.

  504. LCP81

    This brand works great!

  505. None

    I took some of the oil before I went to a doctor’s appointment. It did not make me feel intoxicated at all and at first I thought it didn’t really do anything. But then I realized after I had left the doctor’s office that all the fear and apprehension I have every time I go to see a doctor was not there I was completely calm and there was nothing to it. So it really worked and it didn’t make me feel intoxicated or confused or anything at all but it entirely remove the anxiety from having to go to the doctor. I truly recommend it

  506. Tanner

    This product is amazing. It helps with stress, body aches, headaches and also helps me sleep. It was delivered in a timely manner as agreed and the price is very competitive.

  507. Carol J. Rollins Kloetzly

    I give it five stars for relief of pain without feeling an intoxication effect. And the calmness I felt was real. I took it before bed and honestly slept all night. That just never happens….

  508. Richard Adams

    I was very surprised, it works. 1/2 drop and the pain is gone. I’ve had severe headaches and this stuff really works .

  509. elise w.

    hemp oil is working real good with controling my pain

  510. kevin

    Helped alot with my mouth pain also my depression and anxiety.

  511. Trisha L.

    I am new to using Hemp Extract Oil so I was not sure how much I needed to take. I started with this product because it’s the 250mg. I put a few drops under my tongue and let it sit there for 90 seconds. I have stopped taking Xanax after being on it for over three years. I now use this product daily along with edibles and vape. I feel like me again!! Next t ime I will be ordering a higher MG. The taste does not bother me! Thank you so much for making such a great product!!

  512. KC

    I really had no hope that Hemp Oil would help my arthritis but have been pleasantly surprised. The swelling in my joints has been reduced and my overall ability to do simple tasks has improved. I will say the only downside is the taste, which even with the peppermint flavoring still tastes a bit green but I can live with it considering the results.

  513. pld

    I have been in pain for so long it really helps me sleep as well. who would have thought. All these years of misery. No adverse reactions, no feeling high or goofy. Just pain free ad sleep well. No more pills for me. Hate taking prescriptions they do more harm than good. After having knee replacement this is a life saver for me. Thank you.

  514. Sandy Bomar

    Great product.

  515. J.M.V.

    Luckily someone told about this oil…my arthritis……gone in less than a week……Excellent product…fast shipping by prime, very affordable….

  516. Alicia Brewer

    I like the way it started helping soon after I started it. Hemp Oil for Pain Relief :: Stress Support, Anti Anxiety Supplements:: Herbal Drops :: Rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 Fatty Acids :: Natural Anti Inflammatory :: 1 Fl Oz. (30ml)

  517. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    This stuff is amazing! I noticed a difference in my anxiety after 2 days! Highly recommended!

  518. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    This product has helped me with my high anxiety. Thank you!!!

  519. scott abramson

    great product works good

  520. lara begale

    It made me feel calmer and able to handle the stress of the day, and I applied it to my psoriasis directly. It made my skin a little better too.

  521. Maida

    Very great product.

  522. Shayna ackerman

    This stuff has helped me balance out my moods! thank you Pain Buds Pain Buds

  523. Aaron Tiemeier

    Been taking this for 10 days and my knee pain has decreased and sleeping better than before. I would recommend this for chronic pain relief.

  524. Kimberly Schauble

    I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and having so many flare ups I decided to try the hemp oil for the inflammation and pain. I have used it for a month and it is definitely helping with the flare ups. I am going to keep using this product. I use the mint flavored. It taste good and works great!

  525. Tammy

    I purchased the hemp oil in hopes it would help with nerve pain after Total knee replacement. I think it has helped a little . It has definateley helped with the arthritis pain in my thumbs and wrists. So I would recommend this to a friend.

  526. Bonnie Bowstead

    I have fibromyalgia and this hemp oil relieves my pain immensely. I highly recommend it.

  527. Wendy S.

    I have been using the jellies in 10mg up to 50 mg depending on pain level. I have bee happy with everything and will continue to use. I prefer the food product to oils, and this works well for me.

  528. jean

    fast delivery, great product, will purchase another bottle

  529. Brian Pacheco-Rojas

    It smells like peppermint. It arrived in good condition. It made me feel more calmer and relaxed.

  530. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    I bought this for my hubby because he had knee pain. We had not tried hemp oil before, but I had heard lots of good things. I can honestly say that after just a few days, he is able to get around much better. Thank you for a great product!

  531. ML

    Works instantly!!

  532. Kindle Customer

    As a chronic pain sufferer this has done a great job of relieving the pain without getting steroid injections every month or so!

  533. Craig Bergland

    Finally, some relief! I have been a chronic pain patient for over 10 years. With multiple back surgeries and other orthopedic surgeries, I haven’t been able to find pain relief that is adequate or lasting. I have had steroid injections, radio frequency ablation’s, and just about every intervention available. As anyone with pain issues is aware, the DEA is pressuring physicians not to dispense opioid pain medications. It would seem that we are being left without an alternative. However, I have found this product to be of great benefit. For the first time in more than a decade, I can honestly say that I have experienced what it is to be pain-free. This oil is a game changer!

  534. john mcmanus and nigrato

    It works great. Sometimes have to take more and would like higher dosage. But it’s works

  535. Rose

    I bought this product to help me sleep, it helps relax me and I do sleep better.

  536. Joseph M.

    I suffer from back and neck pain caused by herniated discs. I also now have arthritis in all four discs and my pain has increased. I’m sick of taking pills and having to feel like a criminal when visiting my pain management doctor, something that should not be for people who have legitimate pain and can’t function. I tried Blue Sky Buds Hemp Oil thinking I have nothing to lose. After only four days I’m feeling less pain. I’ll update this after a few weeks. It seems to work!

  537. JustAskFrancie

    I have really crippling social anxiety. I’ve gone to countless doctors about it, taken several medications that were “supposed to help”, and I finally decided to search for something different. I looked around and was directed by a friend to try this product. I was skeptical as first, not knowing how it would effect me or if I would even see any relief. I’m very happy that I chose to go for it and make the purchase. It isn’t a miracle cure but I can definitely tell that the “edge” has been lifted and I feel a little more at ease. I genuinely suggest that you give it a shot. It’s worked great for me, how will it work for you??

  538. Peggy Atkins

    I’ve only been using it for a few days, but I feel like it’s giving me some relief from recent arthritis pain in my hands. I started it the daywe flew coast to coast which is always very tiring and stressful, but I readjusted to the time change quickly and slept well every night.Returned home on a late flight last night and that’s usually worse in terms of exhaustion and stress, but again I slept well anddon’t feel jet lagged today. It’s super easy to take, pleasant tasting, and I’m becoming a fan. Will definitely continue the regimen!

  539. Isabel Garcia

    I started using this for migraines a friend suggested that I tried Hemp extract oil, I was sort of afraid of trying that one and found out that this oil is very similar, another reason why I decided to try this one is because of the cost I have been suffering from chronic cluster migraines for over a year and a half and have spent so much money on supplements, medicines, dr visits, prescriptions, massages etc I tried so many things and this one seems to be doing the trick I been taking it for over a week now. At first I took it only 2 times per day now I actually take it up to 3 times a day, I add the 3rd dose only if I feel very stressed. I will definitely continue buying this it has become an staple on my house. If u are suffering from some sort of pain is worth trying .

  540. RP Consumer

    Didn’t know whether to believe in this stuff or not, but once I made real effort to take it daily it actually does seem to help with my joints, particularly in my hands which is where I have the most problems

  541. paula liuzzo

    This product is wonderful ordered my second bottle never want run out I am pain free for the first time in years

  542. Opal Simone

    Helps with relaxation & anxiety. I take it an hour or two before bed, or sometimes I even put it in my coffee so I don’t get anxious from my coffee.

  543. Priscilla Lam

    This product helped my anxiety and skin problems (like psoriasis and inflammation) It has a great taste and is high quality.

  544. PandyMay

    great product. fast delivery.

  545. Michael Ogletree

    Works great ! I am a left below the knee amputee it really helps with my chronic pain. Anyone with chronic pain should give it a try.

  546. Richard V.

    Helps me

  547. Ali V.

    First time trying Hemp Extract Oil. It has really helped with my chronic back pain. I’ve cut down tremendously on taking my prescribed muscle relaxers. I’ve gone from taking 2 a day to (maybe) 2 a week. One other huge benefit has been my sleep. This Hemp Extract Oil is great for helping me get to sleep, sleep well, and wake up refreshed. I started taking this 250 m g oil at night a few days before I left on a long road trip. Amazingly, the first day I was able to drive 12 hours, some in the rain, without ever feeling drowsy. That was a first! Really impressed with this oil and this company. I will order the next higher dosage on my next order, as I’ve been taking these 250 mg drops about 3x per day. I’m also taking the Relax Gummy Bears daily. Love them, too!

  548. N. Balzly

    I have only been using this product for about 5 days now and while I haven’t seen a difference in my pain yet, I have slept so good. My husband and I have both seen results that way and we will continue to use it.

  549. Donna Beam

    I absolutely love this stuff. It seems to be working wonders. It even tastes alright!! 💕💕

  550. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    So I finished my first bottle. I didn’t just try it oral but I also tried it on my hair and into my skincare routine.Where I can definitely say that I felt that it worked instantly was on my anxiety. I honestly felt that soothing calm moment hit me out of no where. I was so happy for feeling that tranquility that I felt hit my whole body.There was only few time that I could try on my hair/scalp but I’m pretty sure to see what it could do will need to continue to try. On my face I loved how it made it feel. I don’t have oily nor dry skin. I literally applied it for the day and it would last for the 8-10 hrs. I’d feel that the next day my face usually felt and looked rejuvenated.If I see more of the benefits of this hemp oil I will come for an update review.

  551. Lawrence B.

    I have stenosis of the spine, this product really helps with the pain. Able to walk further and faster.

  552. happy

    I was a little hesitant on getting the product because the price was reasonable, but after reading the reviews I decided to try it and it worked well my pain level went from a 10 down to about a 3 , makes me feel better and the taste isn’t bad I’ll definitely be ordering more.

  553. busymom#5

    my husband has a lot of back and feet pain. He said it is helping to reduce his pain.

  554. RJ Stewart

    Two words: It works. Got this now twice for my mom, and it really helps her issues from arthritis to her neck pains. It takes the edge off that other things don’t. Best of all, its legal.

  555. ricky

    This is the second bottle I have purchased. I have a very stressful job and after taking for a week it has helped to keep me calm and relaxed at work. Would highly recommend.

  556. Jason Graham

    It has helped with my anxiety, headaches, and body pain.

  557. Christy

    This product really surprised me! The oil pretty much dissolves under the tongue after 90 seconds. The taste is a faint mint that is enjoyable. I took it hoping to improve my sleep and it has sure done the job. I wake feeling refreshed and calm. I would greatly recommend this to others. I appreciate that it has NO THC in it either.

  558. Jennifer B.

    Has done wonders for my anxiety

  559. robert evans

    This product has helped me get off my pain and emotional prescription meds.

  560. Steven D.

    Blue Sky Buds has always been my first choice, and I’ve tried a few Hemp Extract Oil brands. Full spectrum matters.

  561. Cole

    Awesome thanks

  562. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    I purchased this product for pain relief from osteoarthritis. It has been two weeks since I started using it and my pain level has decreased significantly to a point where I can actually function without addictive pain meds or over the counter stuff that the doctors say are killing my kidneys.

  563. Lisa lynn

    I bought this to try for fibro and was surprized by the actual results! I used it right away when i had a flare up and it actually reduced the pain. It didnt go away completly but at least i was able to function. Maybe continued use with minimize and help reduce it all together. I am looking forward to checking it out!The taste is also not bad. The peppermint helps and you just have to get over the oil texture which is minor and goes fast.

  564. Teresa B.

    I’ve tried so many Hemp Extract Oil and this is the 1st brand that actually does what it claims. I’ve sufferrd from pain for years and I finally can leave the house for more then 2 hours and walk around with this Hemp Extract Oil. If I feel pain coming on I take a 1/2 a dropper under my tounge, actually feel it start to work instantly. Have to see what dosage is r ight for you. I may bump up to 350 mg.

  565. ALANA

    I put about 13 drops of this oil in my smoothies every day for knee pain. Works G R E A T !!!

  566. Amanda P

    I just got the package about 2 hours ago and couldn’t wait to rip it open and take it since it’s raining and being a chronic pain sufferer I’m miserable today. I took it close to an hour ago, and already my pain has decreased significantly, more than my prescription pain medication and even my spinal cord neurostimulator has done for me all weekend long. It has a hint of peppermint as a flavor which definitely makes it more palatable than plenty of other types of hemp oil and Hemp extract oil products that I have tried.Rainy days also tend to peak my anxiety because I know what kind of pain they are going to bring. This product also knocked down my anxiety significantly in under an hour! I’m going to put in for the free bottle as advertised on the label when you receive your purchase, but I have no problem paying for this product over and over again now that I see how amazingly it works.

  567. Galilea K

    I tried this product today for the first time and I immediately see the amazing results. I’ve been suffering from back and joint pain and today was the first time in a long time I was able to go up and down the stairs without having to hold on to the rail. I’m looking forward to having my husband try it as he suffers from chronic pain. A con for me is the oily texture, it made me gag a little but the subtle peppermint flavor definitely helps.

  568. Lisa

    I have only just begun using this however have already seen a improvement in my fibromyalgia symptoms . I can already make it through the day without some of my medications.

  569. boop

    good price

  570. Lois G. Haumschild

    I wasn’t expecting any results for about a week and was pleasantly surprised after two days my pain was reduced and my energy level was up. Am waiting to see how it progresses from here. Will buy again.

  571. Paul W.

    I recently purchased the 250mg Hemp Extract Oil because I have heard that it helps people with Parkinson’s. My father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and he has had tremors in his hand, arm and face. I was amazed that just 25mg in the morning and 25mg at night has reduced the tremors / shaking by 90%. He is able to do things he has not been able to do in ov er 7 years. While I cannot say how it will affect others, I am extremely pleased with this product and it is done more than prescription meds have for my father. The website is easy to navigate, the item shipped in a timely manner and arrived in excellent condition. I have had a great experience all the way around, but I am just amazed at the results of this product. I will continue to do business with your company in the future. Thanks

  572. Javier Pintor

    This is my first time buying this kind of products, and at first I was skeptical about it thinking I was going to get high or anything but no. I helps me a lot for pain management, honestly I don’t like prescribed pain killers and I was looking for natural alternatives to them and found this oil.

  573. Elyzium13

    I received this as a gift during a Lupus/Fibro flair up. When I get a Fibro flair I become very sensitive to noise and I get very anxious. It becomes hard to sleep. Also I suffer from swelling in my hands and joints most of the time… In my part of the country we have been having strange weather all coming together to make the perfect storm of pain. I have long been interested in the natural benefits of hemp. My state makes everything very difficult,even though I have an established medical condition and an allergy to narcotics. So far this has been great in easing my symptoms and I am hoping with continued use to enjoy even more relief.

  574. Nancy H

    Very effective and fast working in clearing aches and pains in back and knees. More so than any other product I have purchased which makes me very happy.

  575. Chris K.

    My wife bought this to see if it would help with her psoriasis. She has a patch on the bottom of her foot that has been very resistant to treatment by prescription ointments. After three weeks of using this product, her foot is greatly improved. It has been angry red with constantly peeling, cracking, hard dry skin for about two years. Now, there is virtually no peeling skin in the area, and it is light pink instead of red. We are very impressed with this product so far, and she plans to keep using it. Hopefully the long term results will continue be as good.

  576. Etoy Garner

    Works great

  577. Phyllis H.

    I am trying this to help with insomnia. So far, so good with starting low and increasing to a beneficial dose. I am hoping to get the perfect dose. I have noticed that I have less anxiety.

  578. Opal Giles

    Wife tried it last night for the first time last night and she slept the whole night. I tried it as well and my arthritic knee felt pretty good when I woke up. This really works, for those that are skeptical, do your research on Hemp extract oil. This stuff really works!!!!

  579. Richard A.

    Just received the order it is to early to report results. We have high hopes for this product.

  580. Brooke K.

    Im young and I have alot of pains in my body such as back, neck, legs, etc. I started using this oil and it has been working wonders and relieving most of my pain I have. Amazing product!

  581. Teresa D. Chandler

    Wonderful product! I dreaded bedtime, now I am excited to go to sleep, because I am sleeping!

  582. Amy Teachout

    So happy for something natural for my pain and anxiety instead of taking pills/chemicals made in a lab 🙂

  583. KobeFan

    Tastes great!

  584. Michele D.

    My husband has difficulty sleeping due the back pain. I purchase this after reading the reviews and my husband has said that the hemp oil has given him some relief.

  585. Cory Sawyer

    Product arrived on time and packaging was sufficient to protect product. I’ve been using Hemp Oil as an anti inflammatory. It works great. Blue Sky Buds did not disappoint. It has a pleasant taste, it works, and it’s less expensive than other brands. Edit May 8, 2018. After taking it for about a week it has built up in my system a bit and I’m seeing more results. I would definitely order this product again.

  586. mreservices

    It seems to help me some with my aches and pains. It also seem to help me sleep better than before. Some may be because of the pain decrease, but I am not sure as I have never used this type of product before. If I can get away from taking so much pain medicine everyday, my kidneys will be thanking me. It’s worth it to me.

  587. Alina

    Relaxing effects

  588. Robert E. Vaughn

    its only fair, doesnt really give you great relief, only momentary, but its my first bottle and people say you need to stick with it, I have reordered it

  589. Patty D.

    This is the 2nd order placed with Blue Sky Buds. Product is received in a timely manner and happy with the results so far.

  590. Ina J.

    I have noticed a significant decrease in the amount of and how often I need to take ibuprofen since starting with this Hemp Extract Oil. Have been taking 600 to 800 Mg of ibuprofen a few times a day for years to help relieve pain from spinal stenosis and sciatica, both can be extremely painful at times and now the pain is reduced to discomfort. I will cont inue using the product to see if the pain continues to become less and less. So far I am extremely pleased!

  591. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Great product!

  592. Tim Z

    My wife has started using this product and even though it’s only been three days, she says it’s really helping with her joint pain. Another benefit for her is that with less pain, she is sleeping better.

  593. Zach S.

    This product says exactly what it does! It’s a great intestinal anti-inflammatory aid and really helps with anxiety and stress. I wish I would have found this sooner. Great job Blue Sky Buds Pain Buds.

  594. melissa grace

    I absolutely love Blue Sky Buds hemp oil 💗 I was skeptical when I purchased this, however I’m a believer now! I’ve noticed a decline in anxiety and inflammation from jogging.

  595. Bob Wert

    Great product!

  596. Larry Robinson


  597. D. Torson

    I am just getting started with this product but so far I am impressed. Very professionally packaged and sealed up tight. I appreciate that there are only 2 ingredients and the peppermint makes it very easy to use either straight or mixed in tea. After reading the benefits of hemp oil, I look forward to positive results.

  598. Carol Radomski

    Looking forward to using this product. Heard that it is great for pain.

  599. Marissa Deen

    Helps with rest. Sleeping more soundly

  600. TheBrick

    I’ve suffered with Diverticulitis for over 30 years. I love chocolate, but it would kill me with cramps and instant diarrhea. I would get cramps so bad I would wake myself up in the middle of the night moaning. A few months ago, Indiana legalized medical marijuana. The day after, I ordered 2 bottles of Blue Sky Buds Hemp Oil. Since that time I have no attacks and I’m on my third bottle. Volcano Cake with Ice cream. Bring it on….. LOL

  601. L

    I was not sure this would make any difference but my energy level has increased and my pain level decreased.

  602. Kindle Customer

    I have severe stomach problems. You hear my stomach making noise all the time. I have tried everything OTC and prescribe medicine and nothing seemed to work. Someone that I know who sees a homeopathic doctor who suffers from a similar condition suggested that I take it. I figured it couldn’t hurt. I have been taking this for approximately 4 days and I have seen a considerable improvement. I have to say I was a little apprehensive about taking this because I did not know how it would make me feel but I feel fine. I also see that my overall mood is better. Not as anxious. This could all be psychosomatic but it is working for me. I will continue to use it.

  603. Kari Dwyer

    Really helps with energy and irritability. I have been using for 2 weeks and see a huge difference!

  604. virgoem3

    Great product and works well. The Peppermint helps to give a great taste, but also a calming effect. I use this product to help with the pain associated with my plantar fasciitis. It is the only things that can touch that pain. The pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties are better than NSAIDs. I even used this product when I was having menstrual cramps. Two thumbs up!

  605. jim maynard

    really helped my sinus allergies help lower blood pressure good stuff!! A little nauseated at first but it`s ok its worth it!

  606. Ken Jacobs

    I am happy with the product, it works as advertised and I have recommended it to family and friends.

  607. Lorna A.

    I had sudden acute hip pain so intense it made me nauseous. I had heard about Hemp oil for pain relief, read the reviews, read the product information, and ordered a bottle. After 2 doses (less than 24 hours) the pain was reduced by 50%, another 24 hours the pain in my hip was reduced 75%, and by the third day I felt only a residual twinge in the affected hip. This is an amazing product! As an added bonus I noticed I was feeling less anxious, and I love the feeling of calm. I also enjoyed better sleep, and started sleeping through the night. Its been 7 days since I started taking this product, and I would rather not go a day without it! After mowing the lawn for the first time this season I was feeling leg fatigue and tightness in my calves, but this hemp oil relieved those symptoms also. Great stuff!

  608. Elizabeth B.

    I’ve only given thus 4 starts because I’ve onky been using it for 2 weeks . I like it so far, I may get a higher mg next time though .

  609. Jessica Wyatt

    Has a good taste, arrived on time. Would recommend.

  610. Sean D.

    I am very satisfied with my experience so far. This is my first time using Hemp Extract Oil and started off with a smaller dose as recommended, but I think next round I will increase the strength to better manage chronic pain/soreness from heavy weight lifting.

  611. fernando martinez

    This product is amazing my girl friend would get 1-3 migraines every week she’s had one in 3 weeks since using this it’s amazing will be buying more in the future

  612. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    I like this really well. It is in an oil base and I don’t care for that amt that you have to take for a dose because of the oil. I just don’t care for that in my mouth. It has however helped with my fibro pain and I take less IBU daily. I think the next time I order I will go with a higher dose so I only take a few drops rather then 30 drops.

  613. ypate

    Bought it for a co-worker aged 62 for joint pain. She says no pain anymore after 3 days of use.

  614. Nansy

    I love this stuff-it helps me sleep!!

  615. David Indorf

    I don’t pretend to understand the physiology, but this product relieves pain and stress better than OTC and prescription meds. Obviously, a user needs to consider all the ramifications of embarking on alternative medicine usage, but if you’re of a mind to try a hemp oil, this one certainly is working for me. Yes it’s pricey, but I did a blind test with 3 products, and this one was by far the most effective.

  616. Paulette

    I tried Hemp extract oil gummies for sciatica pain but they didn’t do much. This helped after just a few days. I actually put the 30 drops in a shot glass and then pour it under my tongue.

  617. Melissa R.

    Tastes like straight dirt.. and has a thick, oily consistency when you swallow it. It wasn’t bad at first.. but after the 5th or so time of taking it, it was tough to swallow, try taking it with a bite of chocolate and it makes it more tolerable

  618. Patti Wyatt

    I was pleasantly surprised by the result of using hemp oil. I am unable to walk unaided, using a walker to get around inside my home. Even with the aid, every time I stand, the first several steps are so painful sometimes it makes me cry out. The hemp oil eases that immediate pain so I don’t dread standing! I am in constant pain and that I am getting such relief is such a blessing! I don’t use the light fentanyl I was using but, in the interest of full disclosure, still have to use other pain meds in addition to the hemp oil. This was my second purchase!

  619. Kathy O’Reilly

    This product made my knees feel better. Usually they pop and they don’t after using this product.

  620. Merri L.

    Great product

  621. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Was really nervous about trying hemp for the 1st time. I have anxiety and this helps so much! Will definitely continue to use it!

  622. Jaxlyn87

    Very quick to ship and receive. Best price I’ve found. Tastes great. Informative bottle. Easy to use dropper.

  623. Kelly R.

    This stuff is so wonderful, and working with Blue Sky Buds is always easy and quick!

  624. Jon Catino

    I really enjoy this product. My upper back and shoulders tense up immensely due to sitting at a desk. So I use this product at night and stretch out before bed. Great muscle relaxer!

  625. Sarah K.

    Tastes great and I can already tell a difference in how I feel after a week.

  626. Cjcowley

    This product is amazing! It has helped with my headaches and anxiety!! So happy with this! Very worth it!

  627. Rileyhimself

    Easy to use and great taste!

  628. Jessamine

    I noticed after taking these drops for a few days that I had less occurance of anxious thought patterns. The drops have a nice taste of peppermint with a slight hemp taste. I don’t know if it was placebo effect or not, but they did help me. I plan to reorder. Seems to be a good product. A little pricey, but quality appears to be high.

  629. LBEG0224

    Received this product 1 week ago and I feel relief in my joints ! I will definitely be buying more !!

  630. John

    Pretty happy with the product, not sure if it’s mental or not but ever since I started using this been taking quality naps before work, so gotta be good at relaxing me. Customer service is very good as well.

  631. Eli

    Believe it or not this product works. I was very skeptical at first but decided to trust the 5 star reviews and believe it or not it did help.Granted it is no miracle, it did make me feel more calm and did relieve some back pain.Only downside I would is it is quite pricey and doesn’t last long especially if you are taking larger doses.

  632. Valerie Vance

    I was reluctant at first to order Hemp Oil from the internet. I have been using it for almost one month now and have not had to use my anxiety medication at all. I think it has also help my Crohn’s flare up stay in a manageable range of pain.

  633. MasterEric

    I ordered this product for my mother in law who has severe pain from sciatica and she has not had relief from prescriptions- she has used nearly the entire bottle and says that it is helping tremendously- even with other areas of problems- such as neck and shoulder pain- so we will most likely be reordering soon.

  634. Frank Howell

    I was a bit skeptical when I ordered but after use , it helped greatly with its pourisebof purchase . A definite reorder

  635. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Excellent product & will continue.

  636. Heidi D.

    have been taking for 2 weeks now to help with menopause, have had no aching limbs and night sweats are deff better!


    Works great! I suffer from nerve damage nothing i take helps with the pain and burning after just a couple of days taking this I got relief I am able to put in a full days work without pain and finally get a good night’s sleep!

  638. Frank Zanger

    We are trying this for my mom who has Alzheimer’s it is still a bit early to say how well it is working but it does seem to calm her down a bit when she is feeling extra anxious.

  639. Susan Floss

    Just for the record I have tried Hemp extract oil and this is far superior. Better tasting, I felt very relaxed and my pain was minimized. The directions on the bottle are very specific (unlike that of Hemp extract oil oil) and the bottle is a nice size for the price!

  640. Megan J.

    I purchased this to assist with migraine pain and it really helps ease some of the pain and nausea

  641. Claire Jackman

    So far the pain from arthritis in my thumbs has been somewhat reduced. The biggest difference is that I am sleeping better. I have only been on it for a week, but will definitely order another bottle.

  642. Linda W.

    After about 5 days really felt an improvement in pain levels

  643. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    I kept hearing about the benefits of hemp oil and I finally decided to give it a try. I absolutely love this product it has helped so much with anxiety and stress I wish I would have started to earlier.

  644. Noel Coronel

    Have had this oil for a week and have been religiously using it every morning. Only doing 20 drops on my tongue to start, trying to see what it’s effect on my would be. (I know it’s below the recommended dosage…but I wanted to test it first.)I must say my migraines have not yet hit me during this week. A longer trial will tell me for sure…but, so far, so good!There is a minty taste to the oil, so that is also a plus for me. 🙂


    Mint Hemp Oil for Pain Relief :: Stress Support, Anti Anxiety, Sleep Supplements:: Herbal Drops :: Rich in MCT Fatty Acids :: Natural Anti Inflammatory :: 1 Fl Oz. (30 ml )I have found this to work extremely well for my arthritis and lower back painHemp Oil for Pain Relief :: Stress Support, Anti Anxiety Supplements:: Herbal Drops :: Rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 Fatty Acids :: Natural Anti Inflammatory :: 1 Fl Oz. (30ml). I highly recommend this for anyone who has chronic pain. I have cut back on my meds/Opiods for pain because of this product


    Good taste. effective

  647. Eric

    I have not used this for long but an finding at least some relief from the pain that I have been experiencing in my knees due to a large amount of swelling from fluid.

  648. Paige

    I was looking for a natural way to help with my PMS symptoms, and I read about using hemp oil. I purchased this product and have been using it for almost a week now, and so far I’m loving it!It hasn’t done much for my cramps, which don’t respond to painkillers either, but it has done wonders for my anxiety and my mood. I’m feeling less moody, less on edge, and less stressed overall. I take this before bed and it’s really helped my PMS insomnia. It’s also been great for my fog brain during the day – I have a lot of energy and no longer have difficulty concentrating or staying awake during the day. My PMS which was once unbearable is now manageable thanks to this product.

  649. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    New to the product but i Slept better last night.

  650. Christopher Eggert

    I’ve been taking this product for over a week now and it is amazing how quickly it has begun to work. I started taking this Hemp extract oil for anxiety and so far, it has taken the edge off. It has been exactly what I have needed. I am very thankful that I found this cure and I wont have to take pharmaceuticals.

  651. B.Liebenberg

    Great Product!! Have discomfort with pain in left and right elbow. Think it is arthritis. Take Ibuprofen on a regular basis but are now thrilled that i found a product that is natural and really helps!!

  652. alka ranjan

    Good product

  653. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    I haven’t been using this oil for long, just started really so I’m anxious to see if it really helps. The taste isn’t bad at all. I’d recommend it to others to try…everyone is different so it is hard to tell if it will work for just anyone but I’m willing to be patient and give it a try!

  654. Cassius

    I started this for my anxiety and I had my doubts. However I’ve been using it for about a week now and I love it! It doesn’t cure my anxiety, but it helps. It’s more than most medications have done for me.

  655. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    I have a chronic pain condition and this oil had been amazing in lowering my pain. I strongly recommend using this oil for pain, restlessness, and mood stabilization!

  656. Jeff T.

    Amazing Product! Good Quality. Fast Shipping. Will order again!

  657. Alexander B.

    No issues, high quality!

  658. Leslianne R.

    I have fibromyalgia, arthritis, CFS, and some other issues. I used to need at least ibuprofen or Tylenol every day. Since I’ve started this, I’ve only need that a couple of times. Now, it’s summer, which is my low-pain time of year. Not sure what’ll happen come winter, but I’ve noticed a difference. I also seem to be sleeping better.

  659. Shana T.

    This dosing has really worked out, last me two months, but if I need a little more, it is easily done. Only downside, this bottle didn’t come with a marked dropper like the 100mg did.

  660. oakenbleau

    We have found this to be a great alternative for pain relief. The flavor is peppermint which we use to flavor tea and coffee, easy to tolerate on a spoon too. Can’t think of anything negative, definitely worth a try for anyone on the fence.

  661. Tara M.

    i’ve suffered from really bad anxiety and this really helped!

  662. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    With a new job my anxiety was also causing tense muscles. I did a lot of research to choose a right hemp oil after hearing good things from other people and picked this one. I am very happy with my choice. Tastes fine and works. I feel calmer and have much less joint and muscle pain. I notice the days that I do not take it are not as good.

  663. Kimberly D. Riddle

    I’ve been using this for close to a month and am pleasantly surprised that I’ve noticed a positive difference. Namely, in my level of anxiety; work has been extra special stressful lately hence the higher than normal anxiety level. Since taking this I’ve noticed I don’t get worked up so much and don’t have the panicky feelings that I did before. It seems to keep me on a more even keel emotionally so I can address stressful situations more objectively. It’s really strange frankly because I’ll be in a situation that should be causing a lot of anxiety and I’m just like “ok, I’ve got this it will work out”.I also suffer from frequent migraines and this seems to have helped them as well. Praise be to God on that one!There is only one con I can think of which is that it keeps me up at night even though I only take one dropper at 6am every morning. One would think it would have worn off by then but nope! In addition to not sleeping well when I finally do get to sleep I have wild dreams. (Makes for interesting dream analysis that’s for sure!)I’ve read this is supposed to help a person sleep but not in my case. To overcome this I’ve been taking my allergy medicine at bedtime which over powers the hemp oil.Overall, I’m very happy with the product and surprised at how quickly I noticed a positive difference. I recently recommended it to a co-worker who stopped taking her anti depressant. We’ll see if it works as well for her, fingers crossed.

  664. Allan Kurki

    I was skeptical, but almost immediately felt relief from stiff neck and neck pain. I do feel a bit less tense

  665. Douglas

    My wife has been prescribed opiates for years and after trying hemp oil for pain she has not needed opiates to ease her pain.

  666. troy

    I have knee trouble. After a year on pain pills i tried ibuprofen + tylenol. it worked, but tore my stomach up. I bought this on the advice from some vet friends and I have used it a week. The results have me stumped. 1st I am walking more with a lot less pain. second im sleeping better than i have in 5 yrs. 3rd my stomach dose not fill like im going to through up. 4th the only side effect i have gotten is cotton mouth so im drinking a lot more water.

  667. Cynthia Eggers

    I’ve only been using this product for about one week, but so far I’m very happy with it. I’ve been living with the side effects of chemotherapy (lethargy & brain fog mostly), for two years, and I feel like I’m seeing some relief already by using this oil. I actually bought it to help with anxiety, which it’s definitely helping with, but the relief from Chemo side-effects is a very welcome addition. I’m thrilled!

  668. L.R. Bowers Jr.

    I am new to using Hemp Oil. Great tasting. I think it really helps with my lower back and my peripheral neuropathy. Hemp oil makes me sleepy and most of the time I sleep like the dead. So I have been taking it at night. I would suggest to anyone be careful how it effects you using a car or heavy machinery. The research I have done and some of the news stories say you build a tolerance and eventually the sleepiness goes away.

  669. Cathy Miller

    Started with just one dose a day but felt better by taking twice a day. Suffer from arthritis in knees and neck and this product has made me pain free. Thank you!

  670. CHRISTL


  671. Bobojenkins

    I like the taste. It does have a calming effect. I bought it by searching Hemp extract oil but read after it shipped that it was not Hemp extract oil. It’s still a good product.

  672. George H. Dudley

    Your Hemp Oil has been effective in reducing severe pain I suffer from sciatica as well as my left knee which has a botched knee replacement. This relief has led to my no longer taking powerful opiate drugs and other myriad prescription pain controls. It is my hope that the Hemp Oil will continue reducing my pain and improving my quality of life.

  673. Jeremy W.

    Wonderful product!

  674. Marc H.

    I was surprised when I received my order cause I ended up with a different hemp oil that I thought was ordered but I tried it out and doubled my dosage since I generally take 500mg for lower back pain and I had received 250mg. Works just as well as my original brand but alot cheaper. This is going to be my new brand from now on but will be ordering the 500mg.

  675. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    I noticed pain relief right away, and a nice calmness after taking this product. I have arthritis in my hip so I plan on using this product daily!

  676. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Fantastic product! Much less joint pain as well as helping with mood. Dont hesitate to try this folks!

  677. Magpie Martinez

    I’ve been struggling for years with pain and inflammation. Only a week in and I am already noticing the benefits.

  678. Debbie Smith

    I bought this for my husband. He suffers from restless legs and I am sleeping much better now.Thank youDebbie Pace

  679. michelle m.

    I’m new to Hemp Extract Oil so I didn’t realize just how different they can be from each other. I’ve bought from a different company and thought it work ok until I tried this brand. The quality is amazing. I’m so impressed and with chronic knee pain I feel this one is an answer to my prayers. Customer for life❤

  680. Pk

    Really work for my pain in knees

  681. Evan E

    This was my first time using Hemp extract oil and I suffer from pain and anxiety. I was skeptical at first but I must say my anxiety is down and my pain is down. I will definitely purchase again

  682. karen chervitz

    It really helps with energy. Not so much pain. My doctor recommends medical marijuana but I wanted to try this first. I do have a big problem with fatigue and I like what this does for me. Wish it came in capsules.

  683. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    This hemp oil is the real deal. I have tried others and this one has been more effective for my anxiety than the other brands. It’s also a good price compared to other brands. They aren’t taking advantage of people who can’t consume THC products. I highly advise to use this product. Also it doesn’t have an earthy taste, because they flavored it with peppermint. So happy I found this product!

  684. Ashley Levermann

    Great product! I believe it is working as my anxiety has decreased, less exhausted, and skin is looking much better.

  685. Kindle Customer

    Easy to take and giving some time to dosage. Positive thoughts.

  686. Mom mow

    So far, I do believe the Hemp Oil is right for my needs. It has helped to reduce my anxiety. I often over think how much is a full serving and what is the best way to take it.

  687. Marigold

    I feel comfortable trying this product…have used it twice a day for 2 weeks and feel lees chronic knee pain and less anxious when having to make decisions. I would recommend folks try it…Thank You Blue Sky Buds for making it available.

  688. Jill M.

    After reading a bunch of great reviews, I decided to try this for arthritis pain in my hips and arthritis/tendonitis pain in my hand. After just a few days, it has amazingly lessened the worst of the pain and I expect that continued use will just make everything better. It has a pleasant mint flavoring and is easy to use.

  689. Matt

    This stuff works great for anxiety symptoms. It seems to take the edge off without any unwanted side effects. Highly recommend this product!

  690. Nydia Thornton

    Purchased after being recommended by a friend for pain relief.

  691. gloria swift

    I have been taking this for about 4 days and I definitely notice it has improved my mood. My son who has PTSD has also been taking it and has had a calming affect on him. Hoping it helps my joint pain, have noticed a slight relief.

  692. Nicole H.

    This is the 3rd order I’ve placed for Hemp Extract Oil for my husband. He has chronic back pain and this is the only thing that helps him after weeks of not being able to walk upright. The only thing dr appts yielded was prescriptions for pain killers and physical therapy. He’s had 95% relief with this Hemp Extract Oil. We tried other high-quality oils but he feels this is most effective. We started with the lowest mg and after trying different doses, we order 1000mg now and he takes 3/4 dropper full 2-3 times/day. He’s 6’ 230lbs.

  693. B. Roop

    This product was for my mother, she has had both her knees replaced and has pain in her knees as well as chronic pain in her back. It works very well for her and she loves it! She says the taste is fine and the only thing that could be improved is bottle size, 1 fluid ounce is very small.

  694. Jon C.

    I’ve been struggling with significant TMJ tension and myofascial pain for over a year, as well as a lifetime of anxiety and stress-related illnesses. Hemp Extract Oil has given me relief from pain and tension, and I’m hoping it will speed up my TMJ healing due to how well it brings down the swelling in my jaw.

  695. Hannah House

    This product is the best I have tried… thank you so much

  696. B Schmitt

    Really helps my pain.

  697. Chas C.

    I wanted to give this a try in place of pharmaceuticals, and I was very pleased overall. After 3-4 days of use, I seemed to notice a gradual calming effect that just lasted all day. Using Hemp Extract Oil in conjunction with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy has made a noticeable change in my life. Give it a try?!

  698. j ge

    Fast efficient service and high quality product. Very Satisfied

  699. Jennifer Benito

    I ordered this for my 78-year-old dad. He had his prostate removed due to cancer and has suffered in pain ever since. He’s been using this only at night so far to help him get some rest. Its relaxed him enough to sleep and helped ease the pain. He is going to start using it during the day as well to hopefully allow him to be more active again.

  700. S. E.

    Purchased for a chronic headache sufferer with a optic nerve issue. The constant headaches subsided.. Currently weening herself off of painkillers.Looking for a higher Hemp extract oil percentage.

  701. DEBBI Young

    love the hemp oil for pain and stress. It works

  702. jessica

    I love it!!!!

  703. Angela Rodriguez

    I just received this product and it’s the first time using it but so far all I can comment is the taste. Not bad at all is minty and easy to take. I will add more information as I use product and see it works for lee.

  704. Jonathan Z Sherman

    So far the product is working as advertised. Promotes sleep and reduces stress. I will continue to use the product daily for improved mental state.

  705. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Quality product, feel more relaxed almost immediately

  706. Julie C. Horosko

    I felt instant results (well, ok within a week)! I would recommend anyone who would benefit to try it. We will purchase again and again and again!

  707. sodacrazy

    So far so good! after using a more expensive brand I decided to try this one at a 1/4 of the cost. I have had very good results so far and will continue to use this brand.

  708. J. Polk

    Last night was the first night in a long time that I didn’t wake up every few minutes in pain. I had an unbelievable good night’s sleep. I hope the results continue.

  709. Jose E. Laborde

    Promotes relaxation. Although a liquid, tastes good and absorbs quickly. Nothing negative to report.


    Started using this product for various aches and pains. After using it for a few days I found that I have more energy and feel less stressed. I was also surprised by the peppermint taste.

  711. Debra

    Tried many things for stress and this by far has been the best. And i like how its all natural and safe. Will definitly purchase in the future

  712. Joe Metzler – Rabbi

    Does what they say

  713. Phil

    I was not very optimistic when I first heard about hemp oil. I did a great deal of research to find more information. I found it to be very healthy in so many ways and recommend by top doctors. My son has ADHD and it helps him to relax and concentrate. It helps me with pain and my asthma. This is a medical miracle and can even be used to enhance the taste of food. Do not fear it’s a drug because it’s not addictive.

  714. DeeZee

    I have been in excruciating pain from the side effects of taking a cancer pill. Received the product on Saturday. Took at 3:00 p.m., by 3:45 p.m., my body was pain free. This is miracle pain relief for me!

  715. Stacy J.

    I deal with chronic illness and this Hemp Extract Oil is amazing! I’ve tried other brands and they weren’t very affective but this stuff has been incredible!

  716. Michelle B.

    I’ve been dealing with sciatica pain and degenerative disc for several years. I’m taking it right now for an episode I just recently had. It helps!

  717. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Helps a lot with anxiety

  718. Heather Deal

    I like for anxiety works great.

  719. The College Kid

    Great product am getting it for a friend who is in pain.

  720. Bray

    I have a lot of chronic pain and nausea issues that the cancer and chemo caused. It’s been difficult to manage the symptoms. OTC meds not only do not work but they also tend to make me feel poisoned. I noticed a considerable difference after using this oil. Pain and nausea decreased considerably and with no side effects!

  721. Loulioise

    I got this oil to see if it would help with Restless Leg Syndrome, so far so good. I have started to slowly reduce the pain medicines that are so harmfull to my Kidneys. I would recommend buying the oil. Will be reordering.

  722. Angela

    I love this stuff! I bought out to help with anxiety but the real blessing has been relief in nausea and some stomach pain. I have troubled with ulcer and I take all the usual to control it but nothing helps with the nausea! This had helped more than anything else I have tried. I love this stuff and have already recommended it to others. I will be ordering more!

  723. Juanalove

    Haven’t noticed any major improvements other than waking up with fresher breath due to the peppermint oil

  724. Derek Stephens

    So far this seems to be working great! After about day 5 I could start to see an improvement in my ability to relax to fall asleep.

  725. Charlotte Stevens

    Seems to already be helping.the box is misleading as the website for free bottle doesn’t exist

  726. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Great product for inflammation, and aches

  727. Adam Revell

    Bought this for my mom who was arthritis and she said she did see a difference when she used it. The only thing she said bad about it was that the effects wore off before the next dosage.

  728. Tammy Fuller

    Been using product for a few days now ,I’m about one my 6th dose. I noticed today my hand from nerve damage has not dropped anything or felt numb,or even trembled. Even axienty has been managable. However I’m taking 250mgs.I boosted it up to 500mgs.3 or 4 times daily ,of 250mgs. It seems to have best effect atleast today.It’s cold and rainy which,is better than snow ,is my most hightened pain days.Today 4/24/18. Has been a God send! 1 pain and axienty day free …Makes me a believer! I stand by this products effectiveness. Hope my review helps another soul,that lives with same aliments.

  729. Chelsea

    This product has greatly improved my scoliosis pain after everything else has failed to touch the pain. Tastes gross but it’s totally worth it for the pain relief.

  730. Kelly J

    Quit smoking cigarettes, needed some stress relief, so far so good. Tastes good too.

  731. Matthew McCarthy

    So far, so good, I really enjoy this

  732. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    I followed the directions of putting it under my tongue and made sure to shake vigorously before using. I made the mistake of not doing thatthe first time and I felt my soul leave my body because it was so disgusting. It was then that I realized directions were vital in this situation. I could feel the calming effects after day 2. My body felt like it was 5 years younger. Happy camper here!

  733. Indy Fan

    The product has a pleasant taste and texture. I’ve only just started using it but already I have noticed a reduction in the pain associated with plantar fascitis. The fact that it is 100% THC free makes me confident that only the medicinal qualities will manifest themselves. I recommend the product.

  734. J.D. W.

    This product is great!! I started taking this oil about two weeks ago and I’ve noticed that not only do I have less aches and pains, but I feel calmer and not so easily stressed now. For years I’ve had issues with depression anxiety and mood swings and I really don’t like taking prescription meds. I prefer natural remedies and I’ve noticed so much of a difference that I just ordered two more bottles!! Oh, I almost forgot to mention that the taste is not bad at all and my skin even looks better now….. like younger or something. I highly recommend it and have told family and friends about it. At this time I don’t have anything negative to say about it.

  735. Phil Kuntz

    These drops are great for sleep!

  736. kerry Mazzella

    Great product. Helping with post knee surgery pain.

  737. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Happy hubby… this oil is amazing! It works just like they say. My husband had been in severe pain for over 2 months and doctors push pills that do nothing. I bought this oil because it was worth a shot. First 30 minutes of taking 2 droppers full (based on pain and size) he noticed the pain was not so sharp and was easing off, he felt calm, his body relaxed to the point he felt he could sleep…. which he had not slept much in 2 months because of the pain. I was so happy. This pull is now part of his daily routine. The leg pain is so much better, he does not have to ice his leg, hip or back now. The leg is still in pain but he is able to get out of bed, walk without a cane, no ace bandage wrap and is able to undergo testing for a diagnosis to see the issue in his back, leg and hip. These were not possible. I have recommended this oil to everyone I know. I use it myself to help me relax and sleep better….a mom’s mind never stops… it works! I have now ordered 3 bottles in 2 weeks getting ready to order 2 more. I want one with us in the car, my purse, my husband’s nightstand and always have an extra. You will not be disappointed.

  738. Teresa Pogue

    This seems to help me sleep better and definitely helps aches. I take a dose morning and before bed.

  739. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Works great!!! Is very easy to use and helps me stay calm all day!

  740. Linda Walters

    I have only used it twice, but can tell a difference in mobility and pain levels. I’m excited to see how I feel in a week or so.

  741. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    simple to use and provides moderate pain relief.

  742. sgayle

    This product is nicely packaged. I have just begun using it 2x daily to help with my arthritic pain. After three days I am off my Celebrex and feeling pretty good. The product tastes great- pepperminty. Easy to get down when put into a bottle of water. You have to mix well before each drink. I have high hopes of getting off some prescription drugs.

  743. Sara Elle

    Having had other Hemp extract oils in the past, this was by far one of the better quality oils. Effective and tastes great, highly recommend!

  744. RENEE

    Great for arthritis, back and joint pain. Good for calming down and staying mellow through the day.

  745. Whitney Boles

    I am very pleased with this product. At first I had a difficult time with the oil and wouldhave to drink something after. But it was not the taste. Now, I have no problem taking it. I use mine once a day at night. I am able to relax. No stress pain in my back and shoulders and I sleep like a baby. It helps me feel rested. If I’m extremely stressed I’ve take a dropper during the day and it has helped. I would recommend this product.

  746. Kpurvis

    Great purchase! This has done wonders for my daughter’s anxiety issues. It is very mild and seems to take the edge off of her moods.I know some reviewers said it did nothing for them, perhaps they need a stronger hemp oil. This works for us. Will totally buy again.

  747. tara borum

    My husband has a lot of back pain from working 12 hours a day. This takes it away immediately and is so relaxing without feeling high. I am very impressed and will buy again.

  748. Jon Stein

    very tasty. product works great. can feel effect almost immediately.

  749. Dave Seitz

    This product has helped my arthritis pain and swelling as well as helping me sleep better. Over the counter and prescription anti-inflammatory bother me, but I can take this with no side effects.

  750. Lesley S.

    I have SIBO and has been very helpful with the anxiety of not being able to eat a normal diet.

  751. Mark Faitak

    Great taste!

  752. WhenImOnMyMoon

    I started using this and didn’t see a noticeable difference in anxiety but had to suspend as it maybe upset me stomach. I’m waiting a week to try it again.

  753. yvette m.

    pleasant tasting, great customer service

  754. Alton W. Wiley

    Have only used it twice but I am in less arthritic pain today than yesterday, This just might work for me.

  755. R. Wagner

    This is really helpful to relax me when experiencing intense pain from back issues. No medicinal pain relief per se a but the relaxation helps me manage the pain much better. I highly recommend use for anyone suffering with chronic pain.

  756. wayne jennings

    It was helpful with my arthritic pain

  757. blake burkett

    Excellent product. Really beneficial in reducing chronic pain.

  758. mhuffman72

    I got this product to see if it will help with pain and anxiety. I also have restless leg syndrome. So today was day one.

  759. wiola

    Not too bad. I don’t feel too much effect as a pain killer. I definitely need something stronger for my pain.

  760. toxicendron

    it works, great for back pain.

  761. GWENETH P.

    I finally got some reilief from my existing pain I have had for 6 years, thank you so much for such wonderful product, I will be ordering soon.

  762. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    I have been using this for a couple of weeks now. It really helps with the pain in my hands & knee. It isn’t immediate, but works within a few minutes. It doesn’t taste bad, which is also a plus. I take it every morning & occasionally at night. I would & have recommended this to family & friends.

  763. Liam Taylor

    This is my 2nd cycle of hemp oil therapy. The effect is very subtle but effective! Pain around my right shoulder area is relieved. The annoying ringing and poking sensation in my left ear gone! Anxiety and nervousness under control. I feel a sense of calm and less agitated with my daily life grind. Perhaps its a placebo effect? Give it a try and hope it can benefit you as well as it did to me.

  764. Porfi

    Stress relieving and nourishing

  765. breann jones

    It taste pretty good. Don’t have to chase it down with something to drink like others I’ve tried. Really helping with my anxiety!!

  766. Robin Wilschek

    This product is very helpful when dealing with stomach inflammation. Would highly recommend

  767. terry l moore

    Had a horrible neck stiffness. Nothing seemed to work. I started these drops and my neck is loose. I feel this helped me immensely. About 6 days to relax fully.


    I’m very impressed about the affects. My neck tensions and joint pains are gone and I sleep like a baby after taking just one dose. I was struggling a little with some menopausal symptoms, and it looks like they might be in my past now. I highly recommend.

  769. Rebecca

    This product tastes delicious & I’m excited to experience some positive effects. Only taken it for 2 days but do feel relaxed. I’ll update after a few weeks.

  770. Lance W.

    New customer. No noticeable difference yet. Great customer service so far .

  771. lovelyorchis

    I have this hemp oil for shoulder pain. Scent is good to me, not strong or not artifitial.I am going to oder another one for my mom.

  772. deandre

    Dreflykid33Came fast works good.

  773. Ramona O’Malley

    I suffer from chronic migraines and Trigeminal Neuralgia pain . One of my doctors suggested I try Hemp oil. The pain relief is temporary, but it does help. I even purchased a bottle for my brother who suffers from back pain.

  774. Kaitlin M.

    I have been suffering from SI pain and herniated disc pain. The pain has been radiating down my right leg and has been inflaming a lot of different areas. Hemp oil has helped my inflammation tremendously. I’ve been having a lot of anxiety about my injuries and the hemp oil has been helped me stay calm.

  775. SoCal Math Gal

    I have fibro, arthrititis, and Hashimotos disease. I had to stop my meds for fibro and arthrititis due to adverse side affects. I decided to try Hemp oil after some research. Boy am I glad I did. I now doing much better using Hemp without the nasty side affects. I does cause some dry mouth, but at least it is not damaging my vital organs,,,,

  776. Laurie Dallman

    This has helped me so much with my anxiety and energy levels. It also helps with the pain I feel from being on my feet for 10-12 hours a day

  777. Charles P.

    Great product! I use 2x .5ml per day for anxiety.

  778. margaret

    I have had serious arthritis pain in my hip for about 4 years now. I’ve tried not to take NSAIDs unless I just couldn’t sleep. We’ve had the Hemp Oil for 3 weeks now, and I have slept so well, and I wake up with little soreness or pain. This oil is amazing. My husband and I feel rejuvenated already. Better rest and less pain. I’m going running today!

  779. Allison H.

    I enjoyed the product

  780. Sue H.

    I have found very little in the way of managing pain for spinal stenosis. Frankly I did not have high hopes for this product but was willing to try anything. I must say that I was able to play pickleball for 2 hours without having to stop because of the usual pain. The next day I was able to do many chores around the house that would not have been possible before. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars was because I have been taking this less than a week and just want to make sure this is relief is sustained.

  781. Lee M.

    This is THE BEST product that I have found to improve daily anxiety. I honestly had my doubts that it would do anything. I’ve been working two jobs and it caught up to me. I was miserably stressed out for a few weeks & it was getting worse. I was run down and mad all the time. The day that this came I was at my worst and I took the recommended dosage. Within 20 minutes I was a different person! Night and day change. I wasn’t stressed. I could focus. I wasn’t mad. It’s been part of my daily routine ever since. Highly recommended!

  782. Jaymad

    After using this product for a few days, it helped me stay calm and helped with my foot pain. I work 12hr shifts and dislike taking pain meds. So far so good with this product. Unfortunately, I broke my bottle at the movies and need to purchase another one.

  783. Steven Klaber

    Makes the bad knees feel young again…Would highly recommend this product!!

  784. Minger

    Me and my Fiance have started taking this product and although its early I like it. It tastes ok and seems to calm my stress and anxiety. My fiance has fibromyalgia and it seems to help with that.

  785. Madelyn b.

    I really loved the product! I feel as though it did help me with my anxiety! Thank you Blue Sky Buds! I will continue to purchase.

  786. Brian R.

    As a sufferer of tension type headaches for the past 4 years, I have tried numerous prescribed medications for relief from the headaches. None of those medications have come close to the relief I get from Hemp Extract Oil. An extra bonus is that I feel absolutely no side effects from Hemp Extract Oil, unlike prescription meds. Hemp Extract Oil has cut the duration of headaches in half as well as the frequency of headaches in half. I have tried Hemp Extract Oil from 5 other companies that you’ll find on most top Hemp Extract Oil reviews, but I always come back to Blue Sky Buds. While the other Hemp Extract Oil I’ve bought is good, for some reason the Hemp Extract Oil from Blue Sky Buds seems to treat my headaches far better than the others. I’ve ordered several times from Blue Sky Buds and will continue to do so.

  787. Derek O’Neal

    I have thyroid issues and some times my joints are super stiff and very sore. I take this every evening before bed and I’m not as sore and I’m sleeping a little more soundly. I definitely would recommend this product! It has definitely helped with my inflammation in my fingers too!

  788. jennifer federmeyer

    Hemp oil is amazing for my medical condition, Pain Buds Pain Buds is the best

  789. Amanda T.

    I have frozen shoulder and it was impossible to get a good nights sleep because of discomfort. This has allowed me to sleep pain free.

  790. Alastair

    I am genuinely impressed by this Hemp oil. Within 5 minutes of taking a dose, my pain levels from my arthritis dropped dramatically. And as the day has progressed the pain has stayed away and my movements have been slowly becoming more fluid. I will be really interested to see what the results will be like in a week or a month from now. Definitely will be ordering more of this in the future. Only thing I would like to see added would be a marker on the dropper to indicate exactly what one dose is.

  791. ShaunaR

    The peppermint taste makes this oil pleasant to use. It helps with all my previous aches and pains as well as relieving the pain of plantar facitis so it has become bearable. Definitely recommend.

  792. GMS Mommy

    I am really liking this product so far. I only use 3-5 drops and feel a nice calming affect. I will definitely continue to use this product.

  793. Kevin

    Worked for my chronic pain right after taking it.

  794. Candi Warrington

    So far I am very pleased with the Hemp oil I received. I feel better in general and I think it is helping my arthritis.

  795. Rick Wayda

    Great stuff notice the difference right away. Helps with my back pain

  796. momo3

    I have ordered this a couple of times .It has helped immensely with the pain I suffer from sciatica. It didn’t completely take away the pain, but it has made it much more bearable. I would say about 75-80 percent improvement. I feel like I have my life back again. I am much happier and it doesn’t cause the problems with kidneys and liver like Advil, Aleve etc. I am a very satisfied customer. II have also discovered that it has reduced the discomfort of diabetic neuropathy in my feet and legs….I love this product

  797. susan m.

    Blue Sky Buds is a fantastic company to work with orders arive quickly. I would highly recommend Blue Sky Buds to anyone.

  798. MJ Mom

    Tried last night. Pleasant flavor. Diluted with water and drank it all at once. Will continue as it seems to work well in my pain and associated anxiety. I think 2x a day will work well for me.

  799. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Helped take the edge off my pain, also relaxed me a little to be able to fall asleep at night.

  800. Michael M.

    Really, really good service. Was informed of my shipment sr every stage from processing to out to delivery. Really good quality Hemp Extract Oil.

  801. Phyllis

    Used it one and already see a difference

  802. D. Scott

    Item arrived on time, well packaged. I bought this Blue Sky Buds Pain Buds hemp oil for inflammation relief related to arthritis in my knees. I have used it for a little over a week and feel I am getting as much relief from it as from the anti-inflammatory medications I was taking. I am attempting to use less of those medications to avoid the side effects associated with them. So far the use of these drops is helping. And I find I am sleeping better as well. I will order again.

  803. Carli

    Received today and will be trying for pain management.

  804. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    I really liked that I was able to relax enough to fall asleep and not feel my arthritis pain. Didn’t love the taste but I mixed it with some tea or followed it with a drink of something and it was fine.

  805. Bee

    Easy to use just squirted in your mouth. I think it’s helping with pain already

  806. Awolski69-70

    A doctor recommended this Hemp Oil. I started using last week and agree it works for me!I have had Osteoarthritritis since 2014. I started taking this Hemp Oil. My fingers and knees have little paid!

  807. Steve H.



    It’s helps with pain and diabetes and there’s nothing I don’t like about it

  809. Jaleen C.

    It’s been 10 days since I began the Hemp Extract Oil at night and I have noticed I am calmer, sleep better and have been able to stop taking Motrin 800 mg. nightly for the first time in over 10 years for my spinal cord pain. I would recommend it!

  810. Crystal Walk

    I got this for my mother. We received it yesterday she has sever pain from arthritis, and fibromyalgia she could tell a difference within just a few minutes! She said it is wonderful! She said she’s not 100% pain free but she’s only used it 1 day hoping for more improvement as she continues using this product!

  811. kena

    I already love this product for sleep! Less need for sleep pills that hurt my kidneys and liver! I’m excited to keep using into the future and hope this is all I need!

  812. Connie V.

    I’ve been anxious and not sleeping well for a while but really don’t want to take medications. The past few weeks I’ve been using Hemp Oil in my herbal tea. I’m sleeping better which in turn helps with the anxiety!

  813. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    This stuff is great for my anxiety and stiffness in the morning

  814. Lucy P.

    Awesome product, works well. The peppermint flavor helps alot.

  815. Durzo Blint

    This is the first review I’ve ever written for anything I’ve ever purchased on Blue Sky Buds after years of shopping. That alone should show you how incredible of a product this is. I suffer from severe anxiety and depression and usually drank or smoked every day for the past year just to get through the day. After taking this for a week, I feel whole again. I don’t stress or think as much but In a rational way. I haven’t felt the need to drink. It’s like a suit of armor for your mind against overthinking. I’m sure individual results will vary but for me personally, this is a godsend. Thank you so much for this amazing product

  816. Sarah

    Just received this today as a switch from hemp-oil capsules – works quickly and effectively for stress- and anxiety-related symptoms without an unpleasant taste!

  817. H.H. Eccluus

    I’ve only just started taking this Hemp Oil, under the tongue. But I found that the quality of my sleep has improved. I have fewer dreams and wake more rested. I suffer from pretty severe anxiety as well, and I’m hoping this will alleviate some of that.The taste is slightly pepperminty and mild. It’s easy to take. I am fortunate in that I don’t have much pain except for some shoulder ache and I will be looking to see if I see relief there as well. As I’ve only started taking this oil, I will return to update this review. But for right now, the effects I’m feeling are quite nice.

  818. happy customer

    works great helped with joint pain and sleeping

  819. nina casey

    I suffer from anxiety I have been taking prozac for about 4 years and have had more trouble then it has helped. I vomit if I do not take something. I was not expecting much from this even after a year of researching Hemp extract oil. I finally gave it a try what could it hurt? It’s been about two weeks and I have not taking prozac just 2/3 dropper in morning and at night. I have had NO stomach problems, I can drink coffee in the morning with out feeling anxiety, I feel comfortable going in public, I feel calm when taking to customers at work. I have never felt this way in my whole life. I do not have as many anxiety attacks as I did on prozac but I will say when I have had a few they were a little more intense than with prozac but it didn’t last as long. I’m amazed at the way this has worked.

  820. poe

    I use this in the morning. Not hot on the taste. But I mix it with yogurt seems ok. Wish there was flavors to choose from.

  821. James E. Peters

    I have tried my 1st bottle. I am sleeping better and it is helping my RLS. Of course, sleeping better is making me feel better in all areas. My wife is also using your product and seems calmer and resting very well. Waking with fewer body aches and pains.

  822. Michelle Heilman

    I had some sciatic nerve pain on my right side and had tried all kinds of things and nothing was helping. I ordered this Hemp Oil and am amazed at how much of a difference it has made. I feel relaxed and the pain is manageable. I have and would recommend this product to friends and family.

  823. Robert Roberts

    Excellent product. It has helped me sleep and I have noticed that I am in a better mood throughout the day. Also has helped with aches and pains. Product has a nice, mild minty flavor.

  824. David V.

    My dog is acting like a puppy again!

  825. Shea

    So far, this product is great! I have used it for when I get headaches or mild body pains/aches and it works wonderfully! It’s so much better than taking other medications since this is all natural. And I really like the peppermint flavor! It’s a great product!

  826. SCOTT

    I have been taking for about a week now and it is doing wonders for my pain.

  827. sugarless49

    Really helps me.

  828. Sylvia Archer

    Sounds like it’s worth a try.

  829. John

    I suffer from a multitude of hand and joint disorders. Blue Sky Buds Pain Buds Hemp extract oil seems to go to work right away to reduce, or in some cases eliminate my inflammation. Shipping was quick too. These guys do it right.

  830. Lousuff51

    It is pleasant tasting compared to other drops I have tried.

  831. Janet K.

    So far I think my items are helping my arthritis pain. I notice my pain more when I haven’t taken it. I recommend trying it…you might be surprised.

  832. Lauraki

    I love this hemp oil. I broke my ankle and have had back pain since then due to walking off balance in the cast…that lower small of the back pain (L4-5 for those in the know). It is great product, pain relief is better than Advil or Baclofen! I have told all my friends and my mom who has also had great results.

  833. Tammy Switzer

    Only time will tell, but so far I do feel improvement.

  834. Nick

    Happy with product, can defiantly help with mood. Taste is tolerable when placed directly under tounge. All as expected.

  835. Kelli B.

    Worked well for my back pain. Took it at night and my back pain was much better the next day. I plan on buying more products.

  836. Benjamin Green

    The mint helps mask the natural hemp flavor subtly and effectively, and the dropper gets just the right amount of oil.

  837. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    After 3 days of taking this hemp oil,I noticed a little improvement with my chronic left knee pain.I have ta wait and finish the bottle to be certain for sure.

  838. Lauren

    Amazing stuff! Felt a sense of calm quickly after trying it the first time.

  839. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    I have been using Blue Sky Buds Pain Buds Hemp oil for anxiety issues for 3 weeks now and have had good results. I appreciate the natural peppermint added for flavor too.

  840. Mac

    Works great

  841. Sean

    I ordered this product for my mother who has COPD and has been dependent on oxygen as of recently. I started giving her this twice a day and I believe the anti inflammatory effects of this product are working. I had researched this product and found out it helps with inflamed airways. She is now able to go without her oxygen for hours at a time. Thank you for this product.

  842. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Just started it today, The taste was much better that I expected. The product is also easier to take than I figured it to be, I put it under my tongue and it just disappeared, these things will make me continue to take the product. Thus far I am excited about this product and will let you know more in a few days.

  843. RCF

    I am 68 years old with diabetes and very painful neuropathy. I have been taking very high doses of Gabapentin over the past 7 years to control the pain but lately the Gabapentin hasn’t been working very well for me. I honestly didn’t believe this Hemp Oil would give me any relief but I’m getting desperate so I gave it a try. I’ve been using it now for 2 weeks and it does actually work. It doesn’t relieve my pain 100% but so far it works as well as anything else I’ve tried, even better than the Gabapentin. I HOPE this relief continues!

  844. Billy Bob

    I just received this Hemp Oil yesterday and started taking it as soon as I received it. I figure it will take a few days to get in my system as most herbs do. I am hoping it will help my sore stiff joints. I did pick up four carts full of limbs yesterday and that is a plus. Maybe it will get another star in a couple weeks. The taste is very pleasant.

  845. John W Jelinski

    Fast delivery and worked exactly as described.Thank you, will buy again.

  846. Paul V.

    I’m not allowed any over the counter pain medication, with my only alternative being opiods. And we know where that leads. But the Hemp Extract Oil has made my joints feel as good as they have in a long time, it’s easy to use, and it really does improve quality of life, especially if you have joint issues.

  847. toribio g.

    Excellent Quality

  848. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    I have been having issues with my anxiety for as long as I can remember and this product helped relieve what other prescriptions from a physician couild not.

  849. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    This really helps me get a good deep sleep. Glad I tried it, on my second bottle already.

  850. Chris G

    I’ve been using for a week now, and found that it has significantly reduced my lower back pain. I was taking ibuprofen daily, which I no longer need to do. And as a side benefit, it helped balance my mood through lowered general anxiety.

  851. Kaj Sorensen

    I have been trying your Hemp oil for a couple of weeks now. I can tell that I got a lot more energy, than I use to. Another thing is my diabetics. Blood sugar levels are going from very high levels to almost normal. I can highly recommend your product.