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Our CBD/hemp oil contains virtually 0% THC. It is high in antioxidants as well as carotene, phytosterols, and chlorophyll. It is also a source of several minerals, including calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, and zinc. The daily recommended serving of hemp massage oil is one to two tablespoons.

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Cannabis products are great for treating pain throughout the body. Many prefer CBD over a common prescription pill to ensure maximum efficiency in treating the pain. One may take CBD or Hemp oil both orally as well as topically as per liking. 

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1174 reviews for Pain Buds CBD/ Hemp Extract Oil

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    Blue Sky Buds Customer


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    I bought this product for various reasons. To help with sleeping, pain relief from arthritis in my hands and the fact that it is rich MCT.I am not disappointed. I fall asleep easily and stay asleep. I wake up with my hands no longer stiff or in pain and adding MCT to my diet is a big bonus for my brain.

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    Lonnie Nelson

    I haven’t taken this for long but it seems to be helping with my fibromyalgia.It has also improved my sleep. I will see how it works after using it for a month or two.

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    Nicole Ashley

    I’ve been having really bad stress and anxiety the last couple months. I wanted something natural instead of actual medication and this did the trick!

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    M. Griffin

    Helps leg pain

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    Brian Graham

    My daughter suffers from fairly severe psoriasis around her neck and ears. We are always looking for more natural ways to treat it because the medications prescribed for this issue are very potent and harsh. I have been rubbing this oil on the affected areas, and it is very soothing and nourishing. It is definitely helpful in relieving some of the pain and itchiness in her patches. I will continue the use of this therapy—I truly believe it is helping.

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    the taste is great, a couple of times I’ve just taken it by itself. I normally put it in my tea. It eases my anxiety and helps me be able to sleep

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    Added this to my bath bomb recipe for feet, absolutely love it!! The versatility of this oil 8s great, oral, topical or adding it to my bath recipes.

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    Ayisha Bama

    Blue Sky Buds Hemp Oil was referred to me by a friend for joint pain.Just 2 drops per day has worked wonders in just 24 hours my knee pain practically disappeared. I would recommend this product to anyone suffering from arthritis and joint discomfort.

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    Melissa Palmer

    I have problems sleeping due to anxiety. Decided to give this a try. Have slept like a baby the last few nights!! Finally!!

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    Aloha, my mom took a 9 hour flight to come visit us here on the big island. She is 82 and has a bad hip, so the sitting was quite painful for her. I rubbed the oil onto her skin and she said it felt better. So far her visit has been a real joy without the pain…

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    Lisa Johnston

    I have been wanting to try hemp oil for a long time. I get anxiety sometime pretty bad. I have been taking this and it completely seems to be helping my situation.

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    Bradley Frehner

    I was looking for a more natural way to relieve pain and stress. Very excited to find this product. After taking Tylenol for occasional aches and pains, a more natural approach is welcomed. Works great!

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    love it

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    R + D Conken

    This Hemp Oil Premium Hemp Extract works as described with no bad taste.

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    Love this product ordered and received my second bottle today! Works great for my knee pain!

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    Shelly Ludwig

    This produce has helped to clear up my daughters acne and so relief anxiety for myself and both of my children.

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    Blue Sky Buds Customer

    I was a bit skeptical on how effective this supplement could be. But after the second week I was able to sleep better and my stress level did improve. I will keep using it. In my personal experience my mood and sleep pattern have improved, totally worth it.

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    I’ve only used it for a few days but I’ve already noticed it helping with my stress levels and my sleep. I’m not sure if this product has something to do with it but I’m down to 1 cigarette! So far there is no change in my pain. Hoping that after a week or two of use I’ll notice a change.

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    mary ellen vinyard

    I have rheumatoid and osteoporosis arthritis. After the first dose my pain was all but gone. I plan to stop taking my prescribed arthritis meds with their terrible side effects. I’m sleepimg all night, am less stressed, and almost pain free.

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    Certainly helps with pain and sleep. I have arthritis in both hands. This product almost totally relieved my pain. It’s a great sleep aide too!

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    Jill Miller

    It has helped with the calming effects that I needed.

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    Theresa Janicki

    It just took ONE DOSE for the Hemp Oil to help my pinched nerve. I’ve been taking one dose daily and no more pain. Love this stuff! Theresa J.

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