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Our CBD/hemp oil contains virtually 0% THC. It is high in antioxidants as well as carotene, phytosterols, and chlorophyll. It is also a source of several minerals, including calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, and zinc. The daily recommended serving of hemp massage oil is one to two tablespoons.

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Cannabis products are great for treating pain throughout the body. Many prefer CBD over a common prescription pill to ensure maximum efficiency in treating the pain. One may take CBD or Hemp oil both orally as well as topically as per liking. 

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1174 reviews for Pain Buds CBD/ Hemp Extract Oil

  1. Demetrio Z.

    Helped sleep and eat.

  2. Stony G.

    Product is amazing i feel it kick in within minutes. I started off low dose and could feel slight differences i think I’m going with a heavier dose this time but you can definitely feel a difference in mood and less pain in the body. Only gave it 4 stars because the taste is a little hard to get used too at the beggining, but all in all it’s aweso me

  3. Sarah C.

    Didn’t know what to expect but it really works for my anxiety.

  4. Todd H.

    It does work I notice less pain during the day, the only thing is I must remember to use it.. but I can tell usually when I do not.. Product has pleasant flavor, and got here quick

  5. Kyle A.

    When I’m anxious it helps a ton but I needed a higher dosage. I’d recommend this product if smaller doses are good for you.

  6. John R.

    I’m a light sleeper so after reading a number of reviews with other people commenting on how it made them sleep deeper, I thought I would try it. Wow – I didn’t wake up even once – slept a solid 7-1/2 hrs. Not a coincidence as it worked every day for about 8 -9 days. My wife started using it ( 0.25 mg night) and she found the same thing. I went on a business trip for a few days without it and – yes you guessed it – back to waking up every couple of hours and feeling tired in the morning. It’s made my wife and both believers in the product.

  7. Charles W.

    I got the 250 mg Hemp Extract Oil for my girlfriend who always had trouble sleeping . She says she falls asleep sooner and sleeps better. She also has less anxiety,.She has a nervous condition, and it has definitely helped with the anxiety..

  8. Stanley B.

    Product works well.

  9. Michael E.

    really like the product,

  10. Michelle R.

    I’ve tried several different brands of Hemp Extract Oil now, and Blue Sky Buds is untouchable in comparison!!! Will be ordering more & would definitely refer to friends!!!

  11. Suellen M.

    dulls the pain and helps me sleep

  12. Richard S.

    Thank you Blue Sky Buds for providing Type “A” personalities like myself with a way of obtaining tranquility in our lives. My wife and friends have noticed a positive change in my handling of the day to day pressures of life. I have recommended your liquid to others because I believe in its benefits. Thanks again!

  13. Stacy M.

    The oil is a blessing for my 80 year old mother in-law. With just a couple of drops a day she’s able to live a much more pain free life.

  14. Jason N.

    I have been using the oil for 2 weeks now and it is helping with my MS related issues as well as anxiety. Highly recommend!

  15. Stephanie K.

    High quality product. Seems to be useful so far.

  16. Maurice D.

    I tried Hemp Extract Oil for my arthritis and it works pretty well. I am going to upgrade to the 250 mg next time because I think it needs to be a little stronger.

  17. Stephen B.

    Seems to be helping with all over body aches. Still working out hard and either way, physical or mental, feel better

  18. Andrew H.

    I’m giving a small amount of this to my dog when he’s not feeling well – it seems to help.

  19. Christina K.

    I take it just before bed for a restful night’s sleep.

  20. Karleen C.

    Love it

  21. Derek L.

    After trying Antrantil, numerous probiotics & dietary adjustments, using this has felt nothing short of miraculous. Symptoms (IBS like, but no IBS diagnosis) are now very manageable and I am – finally – able to have a normal day without wondering if I will suddenly have to rest while bloat and discomfort passes. Hope there continues to be more focus on this amazing substance — as determining dosage is complete trial and error right now.


    I love this oil. It has helped with my anxiety so much. I use it every morning and at night before bed and it helps me to feel calm and relaxed.

  23. Chelsea M.

    It’s hard to decipher the placebo effect from actual results but I would say that it had helped me to manage migraine and anxiety. After purchasing my first bottle I decided to let it run out and wait to see any changes afterwards. I did notice myself reaching for my prescription migraine meds which I was not doing while using the Hemp Extract Oil. I also felt like I slept better and all around felt better. I will be purchasing again, but I will try out a higher MG since I was using quite a bit for one dose at 100MG. I feel like I will be able to give an even more accurate review once I have one of my more aggressive migraines and see how it compares. I’m curious to think it has kept away my more aggressive ones, which I had two of in the span of when I was no longer using the Hemp Extract Oil daily.

  24. Larry B.

    You won’t be disappointed!

  25. Mitch C.

    liking the product, helping with the joint pain, going to get the next level to help with the sleep issues

  26. Lisa W.

    I’ve been taking this for almost 2 weeks, about 1/4 to 1/3 of a dropper in the evening, and if I get twinges that signal a severe diabetic neuropathic event. So far, so great!! I much prefer this to edibles, especially those with thc. A rash I’ve had for years is disappearing, as has the extreme itching inside my palms. I’m very pleased. Thanks fo r a quality product.

  27. Miranda I.

    Love the Hemp Extract Oil.. they work great!

  28. Gary D.

    it helps my neck pain

  29. Marissa J.

    I did a lot of research of Hemp Extract Oil and came across this brand. In the week I have been on it I have not needed to take my anxiety medication. I will continue to use this and try other products.

  30. Sherman W.

    The 250mg. Hemp Extract Oil is an effective pain and ache reliever for my back legs and feet.

  31. Michele Z.

    Great product. Just started using a week ago and love it so far! Fast delivery as well.

  32. Dan B.

    Helps with relieving chromic hand pain and levels my mood.

  33. Juan L.

    Works great!

  34. Anjali L.

    This oil helps with the nausea and headaches I have been experiencing for some time. I definitely recommend it.

  35. Melissa W.

    I am taking Hemp Extract Oil for joint pain in knees, fingers and toes, migraines and GAD/Agoraphobia that I have had since I was 9 (migraines) and 21. I started on 100mg about 3 months ago and went from 1/2 dropper twice a day to 3/4 of a dropped three times a day. In the 3 months I noticed that my constant self checking (how do I feel, am I anxious) thoughts had gone down to maybe once a day. It was not immediate, but after about 3 weeks I noticed I just didn’t have them anymore. Next I noticed that often when I did feel anxious and would usually need to go to my room and rest or “relax” I could just redirect, breathe and stop focusing on it. I went from having about 4 panic attacks a week, where I had to stop what I was doing and went full on freak out to about 1 every 2-3 weeks. By the end of the 3 months I decided I liked what I was seeing for results and that I wanted to take less Hemp Extract Oil ml amount so I upped to 250mg. I also have anxiety about new meds because I am allergic to a lot (abx), so I was a bit worried when I started taking the oil, but after the 1st day and I had no weird feelings, no jitters, no nothing, I was fine. I have used a brand of distress herbal drops that taste like candy for 8 years, they help me in the moment of a panic attack and just calm you well. I looked back at my purchase history to compare price eith with Hemp Extract Oil and I have bought 1 bottle a month for 8 years…and used them all. Within the first 2 months of using Hemp Extract Oil, I bought 1 bottle of my distress drops. This tells me that I need those less since I’m not having panic attacks as often. Also, the distress drops haven’t given me improvement in 8 years, they just help in the moment. My migraines are about 4 a month, but they are completely debilitating, dark room, can’t eat, meds don’t touch them, and I use ice bags 24/7 during them. The last 4 months om Hemp Extract Oil I have been able to better handle and cope with the migraines and can eat and get myself up and move a little. Not healed, but a lot less pain. Joint pain is only bad in the morning and with rain now. There is a stronger taste in the 250 than the 10p, but I just warm it under the tongue and chug some water. I don’t take it before eating due to the aftertaste for a few minutes. It’s noticeable but not bad at all. I hope this helps someone else!

  36. Susan P.

    250mg Hemp Extract Oil

  37. Mary H.

    I am so happy with your products! Going to try the pet products next.

  38. Amanda C.

    I have to admit, I was not expecting much if any positive change… After taking a few drops of the 100mg Hemp Extract Oil, this is my first anxiety free day in years. Even though it was an extremely busy and intense day at work, I was calm, collected and focused. Absolutely blown away!!!

  39. Stephen F.

    Great product. Though I’m a big guy so I wanted to try the smallest dosage at first. I believe a bigger dosage would reward better results. So ill be purchasing a higher dosage this time.

  40. Rachel S.

    allows me to sleep at night, worth every penny

  41. katelyn d.

    My anxiety is the worst when I’m trying to sleep at night. This Hemp Extract Oil has helped me sleep so much better at night and I feel so much more relaxed. I usually take 2-3 drops before bed.

  42. Milton R.

    I was skeptical when I first started to try Blue Sky Buds Hemp Extract Oil product but just after a month it’s made a huge difference in my life. See I’ve been on a high dosage of depression medication and I was looking for something better to take that wouldn’t have the harmful side effects and your Hemp Extract Oil has done just that. I feel like I can finally move on with my life. Thank you Blue Sky Buds for such a great product.

  43. Drew C.

    Think it’s calming my pain

  44. sheila h.

    Impressive exceptional service & prompt processing & shipping. Thank you! This is something new for me therefore, not sure which strength is best for me. After my first purchase, I think it is a good idea to try the individual products with various strengths to get a better idea which would work best.

  45. Stephen W.

    This product has become my 1st Choice for relief from stress, anxiety, muscle soreness and arthritis pain! No more pharmaceuticals!

  46. Christopher R.

    Tastes great and has a good potency. I feel like this is a great bargan as I have had over 25 doses so far and there is still about half the bottle left.

  47. Lindsey H.

    Super effective for my fibromyalgia and musculoskeletal pain and longer lasting than other brands I have purchased previously.

  48. Ida P.

    It helps me sleep without pain… Thabk you!

  49. Emily W.

    Helps relax you and relieves headaches without opiates.

  50. Billi N.

    I liked this product

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