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Our CBD/hemp oil contains virtually 0% THC. It is high in antioxidants as well as carotene, phytosterols, and chlorophyll. It is also a source of several minerals, including calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, and zinc. The daily recommended serving of hemp massage oil is one to two tablespoons.

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Cannabis products are great for treating pain throughout the body. Many prefer CBD over a common prescription pill to ensure maximum efficiency in treating the pain. One may take CBD or Hemp oil both orally as well as topically as per liking. 

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1174 reviews for Pain Buds CBD/ Hemp Extract Oil

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    Veronica C.

    I have fibromyalgia, anxiety, depression on top of all kinds of other things. This Hemp Extract Oil has helped me so much! It really gets rid of the pain so I can live my life.

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    Karen W.

    I’ve been using the 250mg daily for my arthritis pain. I’m having less pain which enables me to have better sleep. I’m no longer tossing and turning at night.

  3. blank

    Dorian B.

    I found this formula easy to take and pleasing to taste.

  4. blank

    Melissa L.

    It is truly amazing how Hemp Extract Oil has changed the game for my anxiety. I literally recommend it to everyone and tell them Blue Sky Buds is the way to go.

  5. blank

    Davida T.

    I originally bought this product to help with my chronic migraines, not much luck with that yet might need a stronger mg. But I also haven’t found anything to help with my migraines yet, including prescription medications. I work in a high stress job where I am also on my feet a lot, so this has helped a lot with my anxiety, calming my nerves and has helped with my knee pain a lot! Highly recommend!

  6. blank

    Nicole H.

    After tons of research on the use of Hemp Extract Oil for chronic back and sciatica pain, we are now on our 3rd bottle of GR Hemp Extract Oil. We started out with 250 but are now ordering the 1000mg for my 220lb husband who suffers from chronic pain that has tried epidural back injections, prescription pain meds PT, you name it. This is the only thing that gives hi m any relief.

  7. blank

    Willard P.

    The best we have found yet. Both in product quality and service

  8. blank

    Meagan S.

    After years of pharmaceuticals with an array of unwanted side effects, I have made the switch to a natural treatment. This is my first time using Hemp Extract Oil for anxiety/depression and it appears to be helping. I’m in a more pleasant mood and can handle the chaos of my job more easily. I started at a low dose of 0.25ml per day for the first week and have increased to 0.5ml. It took some time before the effects were noticeable. It is not an instant fix. I can still get overwhelmed as well but overall my quality of life has become better. The dropper provided is a little flimsy but gets the job done. The flavor isn’t bad as it has to sit under your tongue for at least 30 seconds. I leave it there longer as Hemp Extract Oil has a poor bioavailablity. My only complaint is that it’s too sweet.

  9. blank

    Susan M.

    I am so happy to see the wonderful difference in my sweet girl. She is brighter, more mobile, interested in going outside and poking around, ( she used to just stand and do nothing). I have no idea how long this will continue, but as of now, she is so much improved. I will have to carry her up and down stairs, but this is nothing compared to how s he was before, so thank you for this medication.

  10. blank

    Tom N.

    Feeling a bit less lower back pain since I started just a couple of weeks ago. I may need to step up to a higher milligram dose to perhaps get an even better result.

  11. blank

    Steve D.

    Seems to work great for me I’m on my 2nd bottle and I have cut my pain meds by 98%

  12. blank


    I made my first purchase last week and have been using to treat general anxiety and pmdd. Wasn’t sure what to purchase, so I thought I would start out low. So far I like the product, but I think when I reorder I will buy a higher dosage. Not bad to start with.

  13. blank

    William M.

    Great product-good service

  14. blank

    Blue Sky Buds Customer

    This is the best product for pain that I have taken.

  15. blank

    Mark Boultinghouse

    Being active in the gym, 5X weekly, along with running competivley on the weekends, as I have aged, the aches and pains seem to last awhile longer. Not one who likes to use pharmaticials, Hemp Oil was recommended by a friend, and I am so grateful that I listened. I have been using this product for a week, and the relief is amazing. Thanks so much for a natural product that works like described, and less expensive than medications and trips to the chiropractor. It truly works, 5 stars

  16. blank

    Erin H.

    First time trying not sure I bought a strong enough product. I m going to try a stronger product.

  17. blank

    Elizabeth P.

    I suffer chronic lower back pain from a time when I was helping move a patient at work. I also suffer migraines, and chronic neck pains. To top it off my rooster is driving me crazy like he is going through a second puberty/hormonal surge and he is only 2. I tried this Hemp Extract Oil and it took the edge off my lower back pain and my neck pain. On a whim , I gave my roo approximately 2.5-3mg via his favorite donut. I was amazed. I have my little boy back. He isnt beating on my hens, pulling feathers, or trying to flog me when my back is turned. He is amazing for 6 hours. Thank you Blue Sky Buds for an amazing product. 🙂

  18. blank


    Love this stuff no panic no back pain would recomend

  19. blank


    This is great if your having trouble with sleep.

  20. blank

    Linda P.

    I have had insomnia for over 22 years. I’m not saying this works every night or even all night but I can now sleep some, where as there were nights I laid awake all night eyes open. I may try the next higher mg next bottle to see how that works

  21. blank

    Michelle Rosenbaum

    A doctor recommended hemp oil for my step-father’s chronic pain. My mother tried it for her pain and now she no longer needs to take acetaminophen every 6 hours. She is also back out gardening again. Thank you for helping her with her pain.

  22. blank


    I’m on my second bottle of this now and I have definitely noticed a decrease in my anxiety. And I can definitely tell if I’ve forgotten to take it on any given day. I personally do seem to feel better taking it twice a day instead of once. I take it when I get up and then again right before bed. I put it right under my tongue and the taste is fine. Just be careful not to accidentally drip on any fabrics, as it can be a pain to remove an oil stain.

  23. blank

    Susan B.

    Like the product.

  24. blank

    Desiree Woods

    I purchased this product because it came highly recommended to me. I have suffered from depression, anxiety, migraines, arthritis and Raynaud’s syndrome. I am hoping to gradually get off of all of the medication that I currently take for these conditions and rely on this natural remedy.

  25. blank

    Lane Harris

    It just works. I can’t explain why. Maybe it’s a placebo? But I’ve had chronic anxiety for the past year or so. Since I’ve used this product, it’s gone. It’s just gone.

  26. blank

    Candance R.

    Awesome product!

  27. blank

    Denise G.

    Just started to use this and I already feel less stressed! I live with chronic pancreatitis and can experience some very painful days. There are times that my anxiety can become a little overwhelming i am very impressed that this product has already helped so much ! Thank you Blue Sky Buds !

  28. blank

    Eduardo D. Mendez

    Very good product. Helped with chronic pain from arthritis. I had very low expectations and was desperate for some pain relief. Made a huge difference

  29. blank

    Stephanie H.

    This product is the best I have tried yet. The taste is a true green taste without the flavor additives that some companies use. Within an hour after using 3 drops sublingual I could tell I was more relaxed. After 2 days my pain caused by diabetes subside and I slept throughout the night.

  30. blank

    Charles G.

    I have using Hemp Extract Oil for sciatica for about one year. Four drops of 250 mg prep three times a day significantly dulls the pair to the point that I can complete normal activities reasonably well. Not a cure- all but really helps.

  31. blank

    Mrs. White

    I opened this right away when I got it and All I can say is WOW! I held the 30 dropped under my tongue for a few minutes and then swallowed. You can taste peppermint but you do taste the oil more which is not bad at all. I felt immediate calm and I am not even stressing about dinner which is a daily thing. Might even do take-out haha! I will buy this again just for this one reason. I will update any other changes.

  32. blank

    Marisa P.

    It definitely helped my anxiety without side or unwanted effects. Four stars because I feel it was a little weak, I would buy again but a higher dosage. Especially good for those who are new to these products.

  33. blank

    Beverley Erickson

    Got it for pain in my shoulders and wrists. Within 15 minutes of first use it worked like a charm. Will definitely get this again

  34. blank


    This product really helps when I wake in the middle of the night and can’t go back to sleep. It calms my anxiety and allows me to go back to sleep. I just use 10-15 drops to start and work my way up. Just bought my second bottle.

  35. blank

    Di M

    Works great!

  36. blank

    Roman Guerrero

    Great product👍🏽

  37. blank

    Jason A.

    It rid me of my withdrawal headaches from my zyprexa Meds and kept me cool.

  38. blank

    Ray I.

    Discovered Hemp Extract Oil through a friend who was using it for his anxiety. I got fed up with taking prescription medications for my anxiety and depression. Thank you Blue Sky Buds for an excellent product. My family has definitely notice a change.

  39. blank

    Jessica P.

    I started out 3 drops am & pm. A month later and I take 6 drops am & pm. I am so grateful! My almost daily headaches are gone. The big “monthly” headache never came 😊 In general a joyful feeling all day.

  40. blank

    Selena A.

    This is such a neat product. I cant indulge in actual THC products, they either make me feel too slow, unmotivated and HUNGRY or just paranoid, depending on strain. This oil makes me feel mellow, but depending on how much I take it either chills me out to I feel less stressed at my insane job, or if I want, it helps me sleep faster. Im new to this stuff but so far I really like it and want to keep trying out different dosages 🙂

  41. blank

    Megan G.

    I love this product because it relieves my anxiety. Whenever I start to panic, I take the Hemp Extract Oil and feel so much better. Thank you for changing my life

  42. blank

    Susan B.

    I use this as a sleep aid when my achy neck shoulder keeps me awake – no side effects and easy relief. I like this strength because if I am especially achy, I just take a little more. I wish it was available more locally! I have also used the lotion but I think I prefer the drops.

  43. blank

    antonio trius

    I started with one dropper under my tongue six weeks ago. Did not know what to expect.Within the first week, I noticed less pain in joints after work outs, also found myself calmer throughout the day and getting better sleeps at night.On my second bottle now and very excited to keep using this amazing oil. Thank you!

  44. blank

    Gregory D.

    My wife treats her chronic pain with Blue Sky Buds Hemp Extract Oil. It is the best out of the 3 that she has tried and the other 2 we’re not even close.

  45. blank

    Rami Kidouchim

    it’s fairly effective but only for certain things described

  46. blank

    Jason S.

    I have IBS and when I have a flare up nothing really helps. Hemp Extract Oil has been a great help and it actually reduces the severity of my episodes. I have found that since using it regularly I even have fewer episodes than before.

  47. blank


    So I have been using this for about 4 days and I now wake up without the stiffness I usually have. Also noticing during the day less soreness after working out. I will be using this all the time now.

  48. blank

    Durel C Hauser

    helps with some back pain..

  49. blank

    Michael A.

    I need more time to give you a rating. Mean while send me two more 350 mg bottles.

  50. blank

    Officer aonymous

    very good

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