Blue Sky Bud’s Story

I was in so much pain that I almost ended it all because of my spinal cord tumor. I am a doctor but my spinal cord pain was unbearable until I found this. Then, perfected its formula.

When I was a child and I looked up at the blue sky I always felt the happiness that it brought with its sight. Some people live everyday and have no idea what drives them or leads them to the path they take in life.

My life was high paced working as a physician. I took emergency calls 24 hrs at a time. All my life I studied with the goal of saving people.

Suddenly, I started to feel tingling and bursts of electrical shocks shooting up my legs. I felt excruciating low back pain. I was diagnosed with a spinal cord tumor. I asked myself, was I going to die? was I going to be paralyzed?

I underwent a 12-hour microsurgery to resect my tumor. After the surgery, I was left numb from the chest down with burning agonizing pain. My legs were vibrating and could not walk.  I felt like I was being submerged in boiling water. I could not take a breath without pain.

The surgeon told me “this is how it’s going to be, you need to accept it.” He referred me to a Harvard neurologist that gave me no hope. He loaded me with drugs without any relief at all. I was left with no faith and no hope that I would ever feel any relief. I looked up at the sky and no matter how blue it was everyday, it was as if it were overcast and gloomy for me. I wanted to end it.

I searched for any medication with my background as a physician that will help me breathe again at least without the burning and sharp pain.

I started combining hemp extract oils, terpenes, and supplements. I had been in pain constantly for over 4 years. After many attempts and different combinations, I finally was able to formulate the perfect potion. I was able to sleep for 9 hours straight for the first time in several years. I woke up and put my feet on the floor and I felt normal like I had felt many years ago. A feeling I had forgotten. The pain wasn’t gone 100 percent but it was lessened enough that I felt “normal “ again. I walked outside, I looked up, and the sky was pure blue, not even one cloud. At that instant, I felt like I felt when I was a child when I loved the blue sky and the happiness it brought to me and everybody else who sees it. This was the moment “Blue Sky Buds” was born.

I am now a more compassionate and caring physician. My goal is to help as many people with my hemp extract formulation. I hope that I can offer relief the same relief to people who are like I was. With the help of other pharmacists and chemists, we are able to create other formulas for other conditions that can enhance the bodies own ability to heal itself, help you sleep better, help you relax better, and even help your 4 legged loved ones.

Dr. Robert R. Purvin

Founder, Blue Sky Buds

Dr. Purvin completed medical school from New York College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1991. He furthered studied in Norwalk-Yale University; Stony Brook University and Nassau County Medical Center.

As a patriot, he completed his Locum Tenens at military facilities. He completed his fellowship at Winthrop University Hospital. He has over 30 years of experience practicing medicine in both the states of Florida and New York. Read his story on how he developed Blue Sky Buds.


Our Laws

Our CBD/ hemp extract oil comes from our premium hemp plants. The FDA of the United States considers CBD/ hemp extract oil to be a dietary supplement (not a medication). If you live in the US, this means you don’t need a prescription and can legally purchase and consume our hemp extract oil in any state. Our oils virtually have no THC. This is why it’s not possible to get “high” with our products.

Unfortunately, outside of the United States the legal status is more confusing. Since regulations can vary for each country, we recommend that you reach out to your country’s customs department. Ask if you can import dietary supplements from the US. If you are allowed to do this, then you should be good to receive our products.

Why Buy BSB Products?

Blue Sky Buds choose the best possible CBD/ hemp extract for our products. It’s non-GMO, pesticide-free, and bred for higher hemp extract content. The content is extracted via the supercritical CO2 method, which is one of the cleanest and most sophisticated ways to pull hemp extract and other contents from the plant. The extract is then “winterized” so that the plant waxes and unwanted solids are removed, and decarboxylated so it can be absorbed in the body, leaving the concentrated extract oil for use in the products.

Blue Sky Buds has a visually appealing logo that subtly quotes the extract plant with smart design that doesn’t come off as too aggressive. Our label includes all the necessary information about how much Hemp extract is in the products along with other occurring extracts (including THC content), and comes with the standard warnings. The oil itself is of medium viscosity, deep yellow, and definitely has a natural “herbal” smell, but we like that as it’s nice to be in touch with what you’re putting into your body. The outer packaging was simple and clean and the product is always shipped with care.

There are also trace amounts of naturally occurring terpenes in our products (which give them their distinct odor and taste). We make tests readily available on our website, and we use third-party testing.

Blue Sky Buds’s CBD/Hemp extract products are made with natural oils and extracted hemp oil. There are no other additives. Our lab test shows passing levels on all pesticides.

We recognize that taste is largely subjective. Blue Sky Buds’s CBD/ hemp extract products tastes exactly like what it is—you can smell and taste the terpenes of the hemp plant. It has an herbal, pungent aroma and flavor that lingers in the mouth briefly after swallowing. We test the oil by taking it sublingually, and do not mix it with anything, but it would mix fine into a beverage of your choice.

Our pricing is competitive with other products in the CBD/ hemp extract space. At $49.50 per 30 ml bottle of 500 mg hemp extract oil, it’s certainly not the cheapest option available, but you get what you pay for, and this is a solid, high-quality product. Where you get max value from Blue Sky Buds, though, is if you buy in higher hemp extract content. You can get 1000 mg for $79.99. We offer regular discount coupons and specials on top of this, too.

Blue Sky Buds is one of the top hemp extract oil companies. We are a growing company and still developing our reputation. Our natural approach is something we stand behind, and we use the highest-quality hemp for our oil along with a superior method of extraction.

Most important, our product works! For us, the anti-stress effects of our hemp extract oil will be noticeable after just one or two uses (dosage dependent, of course), and sleep benefits will be noticeable as well. We are looking forward to grow with you, our clients.