CBD/ Hemp Infused Creams and Balms


Blue Sky Buds line of topically applied relief products include our fast and effective Pain Buds, Sleep Buds, CBD and Hemp infused creams and our Stem Cell Butter with broad spectrum CBD/ hemp and proprietary oil extracts. When topically applied, our products provide many of the benefits derived from the naturally occurring phytocompounds found in hemp plants and from various functional and active essential oils, all blended into premium base creams. Our topical relief cream and salve blends interact harmoniously with the body’s various tissue groups providing immediate relief for weary muscles and joints, and improved overall health and comfort.

These fast-acting formulations are packed full of healthful extracted hemp oil compounds including terpenes, flavonoids and a special selection of effective essential oils. Each unique hemp and essential oil blend is then combined together with nourishing and moisturizing base creams, creating multifunctional topically applied products formulated to help you Feel Better!

Quality Matters

Our hemp oil contains virtually 0% THC. EFA Composition is found below.
It is high in antioxidants as well as carotene, phytosterols, and chlorophyll. It is also a source of several minerals, including calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, and zinc. The daily recommended serving of hemp oil is one to two tablespoons. This amount provides 8 to 16 grams of omega-6 fatty acids and 3 to 6 grams of omega-3.

Active Ingredients

Natural plant active ingredients serve the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

Amazing Taste

Natural fruit juice powder is added to hemp oil to enhance the taste and nutrition greatly.

Innovative Technology

Blue Sky Buds believes that the natural specialty ingredients and innovative technology are the best basis for us to serve our client’s needs. We are capable and proud to provide the greatest product solution to add value to the products.


Blue Sky Buds is dedicated to the identification, development and production of botanical extracts and derivatives. With strong R&D capabilities, advanced quality control and production technology.