Pet Buds CBD/ Hemp Extract Oil

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Our CBD/Hemp Oil for Pets contains virtually 0% THC. It is high in antioxidants as well as carotene, phytosterols, and chlorophyll. It is also a source of several minerals, including calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, and zinc. The daily recommended serving of hemp oil is one to two tablespoons.

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Hemp or cannabis is the source of CBD and Hemp oil for pets. However, It is important to note that hemp extracts produced for industrial uses do not contain any THC, which is a psychoactive cannabinoid. Dogs often suffer from anxiety and therefore are in fear of unknown environments. CBD does a great job eliminating such anxiety among our pets.

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500 mg


1 oz


Q:I use the soap and like i t very much. Yesterdaysome soap got into my eye and burn a little bit. can it happen?

A:This is real natural soap and its PH is different from eyes pH. Wash your eyes with a lot of water and within minutes it will pass.

830 reviews for Pet Buds CBD/ Hemp Extract Oil

  1. Mo

    Great for my GSD My German Shepherd has allergies almost to anything, specially in winter time when the air in the house is drier and makes her skin itch all the time. This Hemp Extract has helped to give her bath more frequently and moisturize her skin without the possibility of causing yeast infection by the normal oatmeal shampoos.

  2. Gloria Chism

    Five Stars Works well for my 16 year old dog.

  3. amzn enthusiast

    Works! Product truly “takes the edge off” my reactive boxer mix. This is just what we needed.

  4. Donna M. Vander Ploeg

    My dog is 15 with very bad arthritis and not only does he love these My dog is 15 with very bad arthritis and not only does he love these, it does seem to put a little spring in his step! I highly recommend it!

  5. brian fleming


  6. Natawkah

    Takes the edge off for anxious dogs I have an elderly Aussie who gets anxious easily. I put this on his hemp extract twice daily and he seems to rest better and even sleeps all night on occasion.

  7. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Five Stars it was very good thanks

  8. Kindle Customer

    Yummy stuff. This Hemp Extract is wonderful stuff, smells so good. My Bichon is always washed with it and he always gets compliments on its scent.

  9. Violet

    Five Stars Great Hemp Extract and the dogs smell wonderful.

  10. glenda j. estep

    IT WORKS! Better than I hoped! This product worked for my dog and my cat. Easy to use they both love it and their behavior is back to normal. THANK YOU!

  11. Frederic Page

    Great product at a very good price My dogs love them, great product at a really good price. Highly recommended.

  12. Peter Kenseth

    Calmer Dog. Great Product. Reasonable Price Our dog is noticeably calmer when taking Hemp Extract Oil. She is a rescue, and can be a little anxious. This seems to calm her right down, and is significantly less expensive than other Hemp Extract Oils that we have tried. Thumbs up!

  13. ANDREA

    Very effective! I used this product for one of my dogs who developed a growth on his shoulder. After 2 weeks applying the oil on the growth it for smaller. Great product!

  14. aletha

    Four Stars My dog loves the flavor,


    I was please with the product and the prompt delivery … I was please with the product and the prompt delivery. I will definitely order this product again. It is helping my 6 year old husky have relief of a leg injury.

  16. Patsey

    Five Stars The Pain in my dogs hips has noticeably decreased.

  17. David Chen

    smell good! After Hemp Extract my dog, smell good!

  18. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    After a week or so she can walk better. She is back to ordering me around and … We have been giving this to my old girl. She could barely walk. Her right front leg kind of stuck out on the side. After a week or so she can walk better. She is back to ordering me around and pushing me to go to the treat bin.

  19. George Fournier

    The downside is for dosing the large dog it would be better to have a dropper that had measurement indications instead … One noticeable effect after using the Hemp oil was to see my dog behave much more calmly when I had a house full of people. The downside is for dosing the large dog it would be better to have a dropper that had measurement indications instead of having to count drops.

  20. Richard A. Stack

    Five Stars These work fine and are our preference, developed over a long history of cat-serving.

  21. Robbie Wigley

    Five Stars My dog loves this hemp extract…. she is a 5 pound mix and chases this all over the house.

  22. Patty Blank

    Works Great on Bleu’s weak hips!!! My 16 yr old Aussie is doing great since I started putting this Hemp Extract Oil in his hemp extract twice a day! I believe it has added years to his life and pain free to boot!

  23. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Effective arthritis treatment This product is easy to use and after 5 days of use my dog was doing much better with her arthritis in her back legs.

  24. Rebecca K.

    Five Stars My cats love it. Walmart stopped carrying it.

  25. Samuel Colt

    Five Stars Ruger and Daisy love it and it leaves each of them soft and silky.

  26. john zeman

    Five Stars best cat treat

  27. Jana Sorensen

    Yes, it works for pain. I am using this for a 7 year old dog that was injured 4 years ago in a fall while running. His chronic limp is noticeably less after he receives a dropper full (his weight is 50 lbs.) It’s pricey, but he’s worth it!

  28. Brenda W

    She seems to be feeling better overall. We will continue to use this and … We have been using this for only a little over 2 weeks on our 14 yr. old dog that has arthritis and have seen a huge difference in her. She is back to prancing on her walks. She seems to be feeling better overall. We will continue to use this and see the improvements. Would highly recommend.

  29. tinkerbell

    Five Stars My dogs love these.

  30. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    I’m very happy to say that this product definitely works for my … I’ve been using this product for about a month, my dog has allergies and this hemp oil eases her stress so she can rest. I’m very happy to say that this product definitely works for my dog, and eases my mind knowing she can get some rest….

  31. Andi

    We bought this for our 3 yo Rottie who is … We bought this for our 3 yo Rottie who is a rescue and has a lot of separation anxiety and it does wonders for her.

  32. Martin O.

    Five Stars Cute

  33. Dixie Matlock

    … a few days but my I month old Beagle love it. He has bad anxiety and the drops … It’s only been a few days but my I month old Beagle love it. He has bad anxiety and the drops have helped him mellow out a lot. I was worried it would take away his playful puppy personality but he is still the same playful pup. But now he is more calm when we leave the house and much less destructive. This has also helped with the pain after his surgery surprisingly. I definitely recommend this product, it is worth the price. Will order again

  34. CandyLynn

    Pricey but Actually works!!! My best friend has a 12 yr old black lab (Kai) and I bought this for him. He has fatty tumors that can’t be removed and he is starting to slow down. It broke my heart to see my friends fur baby starting to slow down. He said that only after a few days he notice a difference. It helped with Kai’s anxiety and he also had more pep in his step. He seemed over all more comfortable every day. I gave 4 stars only because of the price. I purchased this when it was first released at a discounted price. My friend has already purchased more but has mentioned how expensive it is. Obviously he loves Kai and loves how it helps him so he continues to buy it but I feel terrible that I stuck him with a new bill.

  35. Brittany Monroe

    He is going up and down the stairs like a champ now Works well for my 10 year old shelty mix. He is going up and down the stairs like a champ now. Our vet said it was one of the better supplements she has seen and has really good ingredients in it.

  36. J.T.

    Excellent dog Hemp Extract Great Hemp Extract , thank you Blue Sky Buds.

  37. R. Collins

    Best shampoos These are the only Hemp Extract I will use love them all

  38. Tracy Griffith

    LOVE Love love THIS is the BEST Hemp Extract Ive ever used for my dogs. A little pricey compared to others but honestly well worth the cost. I will never be out of it for my pups!

  39. Joan Borman

    Five Stars fantasic,shipped fast

  40. Just Me

    Shortly after receiving my purchase high received an email I am pleased with the product my dog is much calmer It was refreshing to find someone who really cares about their product and their customers. Shortly after receiving my purchase high received an email I am pleased with the product my dog is much calmer .

  41. D. Sutler

    Took the pain away Worked great for our German Shepherd!! Took the pain away and we have noticed a considerable decrease in her limping. Arrived sooner than projected and was packaged well (no leaks). Will continue to use.

  42. A User

    Five Stars Great product! Excellent customer service

  43. Bucky from Florida

    Glad I tried this! Seems to help a lot with the pain and anxiety.

  44. milos ilias

    I giving this Hemp Extract Oil 5 star, this oil … I giving this Hemp Extract Oil 5 star, this oil help my dog with MCT pain and my old cat with joint pain. TY

  45. Kari DeVengencie

    Great product!! Worked immediately for my dogs. They were calm and showed no signs of anxiety when we left for the evening out. It is a miracle worker!!

  46. Barbara A.

    … my dogs stress levels and her coat is looking great. Helping with the older dogs mobility too See a difference in my dogs stress levels and her coat is looking great. Helping with the older dogs mobility too.

  47. JRB

    Five Stars really could tell a difference in my dog.

  48. Katie Werner

    Game changing I have been using this product for a little over a month now and have seen a great improve in my boxers movements and attitude. I tried other hemp products in the past and did not have the same results as I do now. I am very pleased with the product!!

  49. leopardwoman55

    A much better buy online Just what my cat needed! A much better buy online! So expensive in the store!!

  50. bren050

    Five Stars The only dog Hemp Extract I would recommend. Have been using it for years!!!

  51. Sarka Miller

    Five Stars Great product…. Looks better in reality than picture

  52. callipygeanpanda

    Anxious chihuahua is calmer I purchased this to help my dog with stress. He’s an 8 year old, 5 lb Chihuahua, and everything is terrible to him except snacks and cuddles. Going to the groomer for nails never gets easier, he tries to commit suicide when my sister bathes him, and we are transitioning to a grass sod potty now that the weather is getting nasty. I give him two drops before I leave for work, just on the end of my finger. I also give him two drops before we do something that normally involves stress and high anxiety, like taking the bus. We haven’t had nails done yet, but he is more accepting of stressful situations and calmer. He also has accepted the grass potty and I’ve been trying for 2 years to get him to use puppy pads with no success. I know it’s probably mostly the smell and feel of the grass, but I think being able to relax and not stress so much about pottying in the house helped. We will be purchasing this again!

  53. Myles BorderCollie

    Good product, effective. I have five dogs and I’m using the help oil extract for all of them. It seems to help the older ones with mobility issues, and has a calming effect on the younger ones. I like that this is 300mg (many others at this price are 30mg) so I can use less of it and it will last longer. Would buy again.

  54. Shirley Mcconnell

    Five Stars can’t tell yet!

  55. Heather Marie

    Helped with arthritis I was skeptical at first…my dog has anxiety, severe tracheal collapse and arthritis. The anxiety and tracheal collapse are a deadly combo. Daisy’s arthritis almost seemed to be crippling her. I was actually shopping for dog wheelchair. I started giving her this oil along with Honest Kitchens “Pep Up” herbal hemp supplement. Within a week she was walking better and seemed to be calmer with less pain.

  56. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Dynamite for dogs! My Corgi is doing much better! I had chews and meds from my vet however my dog kept limping due to arthritis. I finally ordered this and it is amazing! My dog is moving, running, and walking great!!!

  57. Dan Dye

    Five Stars Our cats love these… I get several packages when I order them from Blue Sky Buds.

  58. R B

    good Definitely works. noticeable almost immediately — at least 1 to 2 days. Have used for dogs to calm, for training. And helped older dogs with movement (although discovered doggie turmeric — on Blue Sky Buds — also works well)

  59. kimberlie gregg

    Buy it!!!! Fabulous thanks so much was spending tons on vet bills have 3 puppies with various issues. Now puppie are all good with one product and no vet bills or painful pills. The dogs actually like the taste of this too! Can’t rave enough about this product!

  60. Blue Sky Buds Customer


  61. Joe Smith

    Best treat ever! Been useing this for many years than walmart quit shelving it.I called the Co and they were so helpful and said go to Blue Sky Buds,My calico is nuts for when I toss it!

  62. Joy

    Five Stars Got what I wanted. What my cat wanted. All’s well.

  63. Randall R. Morgan

    This is a great product for my labradoodles dry skin This is a great product for my labradoodles dry skin.This is the only thing that works for him and works well.Very fast shipping.Great job all the way around.

  64. Earl J. Vancel

    Five Stars Thank You

  65. najnad

    even though your cat doesnt want Hemp Extract , get this for them does a great job cleaning the long hair of our persian cats. stays smelling fresh and feeling cottony soft for days


    Five Stars AOK

  67. LDL

    Five Stars Used when necessary and seems to truly help.

  68. Peggy Arnson

    Five Stars Love this Hemp Extract ! Smells great and works great on their coats!

  69. cynthia

    Five Stars made small

  70. herbkent

    Great product I have been using HempGold for over a week on my 12 year old Schiperke. He is feeling so much better. He had been slowing down because of joint inflammation and arthritis and now he’s not limping and enjoys his walks again. The meds the vet gave him gave him stomach issues but hemp doesn’t. I am glad I tried your product and have been telling my friends about it

  71. Dave

    Five Stars Cats love these

  72. Naomi

    Four Stars Thank you

  73. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Very Effective I’ve been giving it to my 18 year old cat, he’s like brand new dude 🙂

  74. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Great Product for anxiety! We got our dog from the shelter three years ago. He has separation anxiety which in his case means he pees on things while we are gone, mostly our sons things. Before using this product there would be 1-5 places he would pee inside during the day, but not anymore. We have been using this product for a week and he has not peed at all when we have left him. I highly recommend this product!

  75. james kissam

    Five Stars Excellent!!!

  76. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Five Stars Excellent quality.

  77. Alice Carson

    Five Stars cats really like

  78. Julia dalton

    … puppy Sage suffers from idiopathic head tremors which are like mini seizures that do not harm her I bought … My puppy Sage suffers from idiopathic head tremors which are like mini seizures that do not harm her I bought this Oil for her one day when looking into natural medicines for dogs with seizures and IT WORKS AMAZING. She went from having 1-4 episodes a day to about once or twice a month 🙂 I’m so happy I found this hemp oil for dogs it also works wonders on my other dog with extreme anxiety!

  79. Neko & Kali

    Five Stars Our cats love these hemp extract oil.

  80. Joann Goldberg



    Great Product Just wanted to let you know that HempGold has changed my dog’s life – and my life! Within 10 days of receiving the prescribed dosage, Marco, my 15+ year-old rescue dog’s repeated wakefulness- sometimes 5-6 times a night – is gone!! Thank you for a great product.

  82. Andrea L Clevenger

    Awesome!!! This product is amazing. I have an 11 year old Boxer + she loves it!! I put it on her hemp extract, which she normally eats right away, + now she waits to have me put on the oil. She seems to have more energy + her limp isn’t as bad as before. Will def keep ordering this!!!

  83. Cynthia

    i’m so glad i can get this online…thanks I am so glad i was able to buy this online, this works wonderful for my Lhasa’s, this is a very good product.

  84. Nicole

    Great for little dogs I use this daily for my 10 and 12 lb dogs who suffer from patella issues. I give them one squirt in their dinner and I don’t have to measure anything.

  85. B. Roach

    Five Stars seems to be helping our 3 golden girls….all old canines.

  86. Skif

    I always use some supplements for my dog’s joints. … I always use some supplements for my dog’s joints. It is another one. I hope it will helpful for him. Very inconvenient spray system. I use my old dropper bottle instead of original bottle.

  87. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Old dog with stiff legs no more Blown away. I had a stove up 12 year old black lab and was dreading what (still is) imminent. I bought this as a last ditch effort to bring him some comfort, he’s on other pillls for pain, but his hind legs were just so arthritic and they didn’t seem to help. He’s about 70-80 lbs, so I give him 40 drops in his hemp extract, breakfast and dinner, each, and am blown away. I now have a, still old, hobbling dog, but he can bend his hind legs! He appears to be more comfortable walking (and taking longer walks without needing to lay down). Also, I should add, within three days my neighbors commented, unsolicited, without prior knowledge of his new regiment, on how well he is getting around. Great product, so glad I can help out my best friend in his older years (wish I had this for my childhood dog).

  88. Mr. Treevers

    Five Stars 2 Russian Blue cats love this stuff (7 and 5 mo old)

  89. J Brookshire

    Great Product I received the Blue Sky Buds Glucosamine right on time. I like the pump dispenser that makes measuring and putting it in my little dog’s hemp extract very easy with no mess. He does not mind it being there at all which was a concern. He is becoming a very picky eater as he ages. I had great hopes given the success my daughter has had. We have a vacation home with 3 floors and a week up there left him almost unable to walk. Now he is moving without any pain. i am sure that after being on this for awhile the next trip will be easier for him.

  90. Broham Dingleberry

    Quality stuff, USA-made. Reviews speak for themselves. All four (4) of our dogs have no problem eating this joint juice when mixed in their kibble and wet hemp extract! Three (3) of them are either in their golden years or well past so they definitely could use joint maintenance supplements.

  91. Shirley Chalmers

    Cats like all three cats love it and it seems to be good quality. We have been using Blue Sky Buds for many years.

  92. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Great dogs loved it Great

  93. Alpha L Moore

    HAPPY CAT Happy cat

  94. Brian DAmore

    This hemp oil is great, would recommend this to other pet owners as … This product works wonders for my two year old maltipoo! She is now less anxious when we have guests over. This hemp oil is great, would recommend this to other pet owners as well!

  95. msm93

    Great for the finicky dog This is a great product for the finicky dog. My dog has been finding her vitamins. Then I tried a different brand. She did t like the taste of that. So she wouldn’t eat.mgave this a shot. It’s clear in color, and has no oder. So now she is finally getting her vitamins. I feel it does help her. She’s 12 and doesn’t give her the energy of a 7 year old dog. But she does move around with out as much effort. So I’m very happy, will be buying more. Wish it came in a bigger bottle.

  96. Rita FitzGerald

    Five Stars My cats are even more addicted to these than the regular Temptations.

  97. Anonymous

    Cat happy means wife happy equals life happy My cat loves it. Cat happy means wife happy equals life happy, or ?? 😉

  98. Kaizel18

    Five Stars Came early.

  99. Robert

    Taste doesn’t bother my dog I haven’t seen a difference yet with my dog but the flavor doesn’t bother him, he doesn’t seem to notice it in his hemp extract, so keeping my fingers crossed it is helping him🤞🏼

  100. Alexandria Martin

    Spend the money on this Our dog has some anxiety and gets car sick. While this doesn’t take those issues away, it 100% helps in calming him and keeping him from getting sick on shorter rides. It also seems to last for 6-8 hrs. Roy Munson weighs 57lbs and we give him approx 4 drops on a treat once a day. It does however take a little bit to set in (20-30 min) so have to pre-plan when we give it to him for car rides.

  101. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    It seems to be working Excellent product

  102. Matt

    Just what i wanted Exactly what a wanted and in perfect quality

  103. Rebecca

    Love it I like how fast the product worked with very little of the product. My pup has bad anxiety and it mellowed her out so she wasn’t a so stressed

  104. Kurt Walker

    Works as expected! Wow. My dogs is no longer in pain!

  105. jeanne

    Works for us My dog Joey had cluster seizures. Have had to get him a Nurolagest and leave him at the vet hospital 2 times. Since starting the hemp oil he has been seizure free. We still see the vet every couple months. I am convinced the hemp oil is helping to keep Joey out of the hospital.

  106. Dell

    IT WORKS! My family had been telling me about Hemp Extract Oil for pets for months, but I was skeptical. Right away I could see a difference in my older, arthritic dog. He had more spunk and was able to move more comfortably. I then gave it to my other old dog that has anxiety. BINGO! It worked for her too. Next I’m going to give it to my lab for his itching. Hopefully it will benefit him as well. THANK YOU TO Blue Sky Buds!

  107. Josh

    Used for German Shepherd Our 2 year old GSD has severe separation anxiety and epilepsy. After using this oil we have noticed a significant improvement. We were recently able to leave him with family for 8 days while we were out of the country and he tolerated the change wonderfully. I’m not sure if this oil is intended as a treatment for epilepsy but we have also noticed a huge decrease in his seizure activity. He was having sometimes multiple seizures a day and he has now been seizure free for almost a month.

  108. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Love it! My Yorkie has bone cancer and I can tell it’s started to spread through her body. I purchased this product, not to heal her, but I hoped it would help to keep her comfortable. So far it seems to have worked. Her appetite is the same and she is still acting the same even though her cancer is pretty advanced.

  109. Jaime Stephens

    Thats it helps It helped my dog with his pain.. he’s 12 yrs seems to help him get around a lot easier.

  110. Dawne

    Very happy My dog doesn’t notice it’s in his hemp extract, he just eats his hemp extract right down without even noticing I added the hemp oil. He has very bad anxiety and it seems to help calm him down.

  111. Eric L. Rugh

    It works! My dog suffers from separation anxiety. Every time I would leave her she would cry, bark, destroy everything around her…I have tried EVERYTHING and nothing works….I started using this oil on her hemp extract everyday and she has since calmed immensely. When I leave she barely even notices. It’s literally the only thing that has worked.

  112. Diane Bilak

    Takes the edge off REally works to take the edge off the dogs.

  113. Marcia

    Good product. Seems to relax our dog when fireworks are going off.

  114. CD Richardson

    Calmed my pooch My dog was so hyper, I thought he would have a heart attack! A friend told me about this and he has mellowed significantly I am happy to report. I was starting to wonder if I had made a mistake getting him..I am thankful for this product.

  115. Dori R.

    Great Product! We love this product!! Used on both our dog and cats and has helped their overall well being.

  116. Joe of Benton City

    Miracle Oil Our pup suffers from anxiety and after my daughter left for college it got worse. We bought the Hemp Oil for her and it helped immediately. Half of a dropper in the morning and she has been a different pup. This is an awesome product.

  117. Karina

    Feisty dog calm now, loves the taste! Amazing product, so happy we bought this, our dog loves the taste and it has calmed him down since he is usually very feisty..

  118. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Very helpful I volunteer for a dog rescue group and we bring in a lot of dogs who are very stressed and have high anxiety because of their life experiences. This has helped to reduce their anxiety while we try to make them feel safe and that they have a bright future ahead of them. Being a foster mom, I have adopted the ones who have had the most problems because of their past, this has helped greatly reduce their stress. I’ve used calming collars which worked for a little while and I have used doctor prescribed medicines and this has proven to be the best so far.

  119. Robert Berg

    Old girl gettin some relief 15 yr old 12lb wiener dog who has been tore apart by coyotes and breathing out of her neck, within inch of dying from a 6ft copper head bite, and recovered from being completely paralyzed from a broken back. We are trying to give her some relief from her stiffness. Seems to be doing good. It will be part of her daily regiment now. She doesn’t even mind me giving her a squirt right into her mouth.

  120. Makayla D.

    Poe loved it! My dog weighs about 8 pounds and I was able to give him anywhere from 1/4 of a dropper to a full dropper for my dog, Poe. He loved the taste and would eat it off of hemp extract oil, or his bowl of dog hemp extract. It lasted me about 3 months and I would use it mainly as something to calm him since he has bad separation anxiety. Between crate training while we aren’t at the house paired with this oil and a comfort vest, he does way better when he needs to be home alone. I would definitely repurchase this product. As my pup gets older too, (he is turning 5 soon), his jumps aren’t as high and his joints aren’t as strong so the extra fat helps him since he’s slim anyways.

  121. Curt D. Pangracs

    Pets Are So Chill Now! We have two cats. One has always been skittish, the other, aggressive. After about 1/2 of the bottle added to their hemp extract over a week or so, these cats are totally chill! They love it when we add Patchouli Oil to the diffuser, and prefer long cuts of the Grateful Dead on the Blue Sky Buds Echo! Seriously, though. both cats are more “even” and friendly, and one stopped vomiting a couple times per week. Not a scientific conclusion, just noticeable changes in behavior and health.

  122. Kali D

    This is Halloween Super cute came quick love it!

  123. John Hemphill, Jr.

    Calmed my dog down! One of my dogs, who is a shih tzu mix and about 20lbs, is terrified during thunderstorms and fireworks and just extremely loud noises. To the point that he is whimpering and shaking and won’t leave my side until the noises have gone. I decided to try this hemp oil to see if it would help him calm down and it did! He was noticibly calmer during a particularly bad storm. I’m definitely going to continue using this product!

  124. chrisperpetua

    Dog My dog seems better and more active

  125. lauren brock

    I’ve been on the hunt for a good pain reliver for my dogs with arthritis I’ve been on the hunt for an affective pain relievers for my oldest dog. The dropper makes it easier to administer and the fact uts liquid makes it even better. Its impossible to get him to eat pills . When I crush in his hemp extract he won’t touch it. The hemp oil flavor must be decent for him because he takes it without the fuss

  126. Mary Ann Dalgleish

    helped with pain helped with pain in rear legs

  127. Teddy Ballgame

    Five Stars The best deal on Blue Sky Buds. Perfect for our dogs.

  128. Brian F. Simmons

    Seems to work So far, so good. We’ve given it to our high strung morkie each night and really does seem to have subsided his anxiety a little bit.

  129. VLB

    Great product! All of our pets LOVE the taste of this. So it’s not only helpful to them, but something they enjoy. We won’t go without this ever again.

  130. Sylvia

    not sure the question It has helped my pain

  131. Muhammad Fageih

    … it 4 stars because what I got is not like the picture I gave it 4 stars because what I got is not like the picture. Other than that I like this kind.

  132. Hallie

    It really works! My little dog has severe separation anxiety and we have tried multiple different products. This is the first time we have tried hemp oil and I am AMAZED and how well it works. It keeps my baby calm without making him super drowsy!

  133. drama73

    Safe & effective! Amazing product works great for my 16 year old silky terrier. Has terrible barking anxiety & this is the only thing that works…better than rx & NO side effects!!!

  134. denise stahl

    Very happy We have been giving to our 10 yr old Boxer who has been having issues with back legs which has been so bad she had a hard time standing and after a couple of weeks she is able to get up and with a little help getting down the stairs she can go out in the yard by herself.

  135. Karen

    Great Product. I have a dog with anexity issues and I ordered this and it is great. She is really doing better. I put it in her hemp extract and she likes that better then straight in the mouth. Thanks Blue Sky Buds for help with our animals

  136. Karen

    Dog loves it. Great stuff for your dogs if they have anxiety issues or we’re going on a trip. It helps a lot better with anxiety issues.

  137. james thelin

    Anxious relief for me and the dogs My two dogs really enjoy not feeling to Anxious when I take them out. I take my kids to the soccer game and bring my two girls with me. They now just sit and enjoy the game and can have people come and say hi to them with out getting Anxious.

  138. Kade Hansen

    Really helps with joint pain. Seems to be tasteless We have a 9 year old Portuguese Water Dog and for the past 3 or 4 months she’s been having noticeable joint issues when she stands up after a long nap. We started using this Hemp Oil and have noticed that she get’s up quicker and is her normal self faster after a nap or after a long walk or hike. I put a full squeeze into her hard hemp extract once/day and she doesn’t seem to notice at all. She eat’s just like she always has. Seems to work well so far.

  139. Russell B.

    Works great! I would recommend this to anyone who has pets that are in any kind of pain. We gave it to our cat for her teeth pain, she was playing and she went outside.

  140. Mary Poulos

    Good anxiety relief We rescued a cattle dog who has separation anxiety. This really helps. I give it to her in the morning before leaving. She no longer tears things up while I am gone.

  141. Amber

    It works! My little chihuahua was attacked by a loose pitbull in our apartments a few months ago. He had some damage done to his legs and knees and when I adopted him just two months prior, had been morbidly obese. It has been very hard to exercise him without aggravating his injuries, and as the weather cools, he’s been especially sore. We’ve given him two doses a day for about a week or so now, and already I see a difference! He is a little sprier, runs a little more when walking, and is more playful. Would definitely recommend!

  142. Karen Anne Lewis

    This stuff works I like this product because it is so easy to give to my Sheba…she’s a 15 1/2 year old American Eskimo and hates taking pills. She doesn’t mind taking this at all. I give it to her at night, and she seems to be moving better in the mornings and is a little frisky sometimes now. I’m not sure if it’s helping her eyesight, but I can definitely tell a difference in her overall behavior.

  143. Rebecka Bunch

    Helpful! It seems to be helping with pain relief on my cat

  144. Anonymous

    Seems to Help So I’ve had it for a few weeks now and my dog is starting to get a lot of separation anxiety from people moving in and out of my apartment. She has been tearing stuff up and since using this she has almost completely stopped. Which has been good and the few times she has it has been a huge decrease to what she has been doing.

  145. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    very good quality i had to return another hemp oil that my cat would not tolerate but she seems to be tolerating this one very well. there are no flavors added, so maybe that is why.

  146. Nikolai

    My cat is so much calmer! Great product! My cat has been far calmer since I started giving her this and all of my friends appreciate how docile she is now.

  147. Sharon Tracey Mathison

    Five Stars Babies absolutely love this.

  148. Sal L.

    Great all around Amazing product. beautiful packaging. uses are endless, we couldn’t be happier. And a great seller! super easy with no shipping issues. will def buy again

  149. Jeannette G

    Five Stars Finally found something to calm down my crazy (fun) dog!

  150. Oskar Wathne

    Five stars Works for my dog’s anxiety.

  151. Leander Granli

    Joint pain Bought it for my old Spaniel and it works. My dog doesn’t mind the taste which is also good.

  152. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    For my senior Husky mix with arthritis I can’t wait to try it! Just got it in today. Hoping this will solve some of the pain issues she’s been having in a safer manner than medication from the vet that is tearing up her stomach.

  153. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Amazing results My 15 year old Australian Shepard had trouble getting up and was obviously in pain. Hempgold has changed his life. He is moving like he use to. He is peppy and active. His appetite has definitely increased. He has the munchies. Hempgold is a live saver..Thanks, so much

  154. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Satisfied customer Works as advertised.

  155. stephanie cisler

    Really works My dog has anxiety and this really helps keep him calm. I mix it in with a little plain greek yogurt and he takes it no problem!

  156. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    BEST EVER! My Shepherd and Chihuahua are on this and it is amazing! I ran out (I know!) and could see the difference immediately in the Shepherd…he started limping again with aches in his legs. I will ensure I never run out again! They cannot even taste it and the dosage recommendation is on the package. Safe, easy – GREAT product!

  157. Jonathan S

    Calms our dogs One of our dogs is very afraid of thunder, lightning, and fireworks. We tried the hemp chews but if she is already scared she wont eat them. This I can just put the dropper in her mouth and she calms down pretty quickly and relaxes. She used to shake and shiver I thought she might have a heart attack. Not anymore, I will always keep a bottle in stock!

  158. Josh C.

    We like it! Well, it’s been almost 2 weeks that we ran out, and honestly, I think it has been helping my 14-year-old German Shorthaired Pointer. She’s pretty spry for her age, but arthritis has been getting the best of her as of late. I have her on Dasuquin with MSM which has been a life saver, but I have to say that she does seem a bit stiffer and more jittery than she was during the month and a half I had her on the hemp seed oil. I’ll definitely order it again, though Hemp Extract Oil would be just as nice (if not better), it’s much harder to get our paws on in the midwest 🙁 Very happy with this product!

  159. Michelle

    This product helped save my cats life! I’m so grateful that I found this product. My cat Angel has been diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis, lipidosis, and inflammation of his colon. He lost over 30% of his body weight and we were having such a hard time figuring out how to help him. He was put on hospice and my heart broke because I’m battling a rare, incurable brain disease and Angel has been there for me after procedures, brain surgeries and all of the sick days, so just the thought of losing him crushed me. I knew I wouldn’t let him suffer, but as long as he was still fighting, I would try anything to get him healthy. So I went online and researched hemp seed oil and Hemp Extract Oil, because I wanted to put him on a combination of both. I started him on this product alone for one month and the change in him was unbelievable. The injury to his back legs began to improve, he began to eat more and truly rest. He began to gain back done of his weight and I started to feel that hope that I wouldn’t have to lose him now. Angel started regaining more strength and actually playing with his toys again, he hadn’t done that for over a year, so i would watch with happy FurMommy tears in my eyes. Now I’m getting ready to place another order because I don’t ever want to be without this oil again. Angel takes it right out of the dobber and I give him a squirt of water from a syringe with water in it. The flavor to him is natural, just like grass when he goes outside with me, so the flavor it’s purrfect! I recommend this for anyone who sees their pet struggling with arthritis, an injury, recovering from surgery, even just anxiety going on car rides. This is a must have and they’ve done a great job making it affordable, but also making it healthy and pure, so that there’s nothing bad in it that’ll make our FurBabies worse. I know this is a long review, but I don’t have much support in my life and Angel is here every day and has had to see what so many can’t imagine, so knowing that I can be there for him the way he’s there for me, it means the world. So thank you so much Blue Sky Buds, you’ll never know how truly grateful we are.

  160. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Five Stars My cat loves it!

  161. Kali

    Five Stars All one of my cats will eat

  162. Michal

    This is the best I could find This is the best I could find . Perfect hemp oil

  163. Trisha

    This is amazing stuff! This stuff is amazing for my 2 boys! It calms the biting and rough play with each other. Really helps with the barking too!

  164. BPaulich

    Amazing product This product has helped our fur-baby so much. He is no longer as anxious and does not freak out at noises he doesn’t know.

  165. Suzanne D. Fleming

    Good! Helped to keep my kitty calm when I was away for two weeks. Last time I was away for so long, she hardly ate and was very anxious. with this oil my husband noticed a drastic change!

  166. Madelyn R. Seals

    Working great My dog has arthritis and used to cry out in pain, but he doesn’t anymore. I’ve been giving it to him for two weeks and noticed no allergies only improvement. Thanks!

  167. mary kelly

    Five Stars Seems to have made a big difference in my dog’s movements.

  168. Eve Eriss

    Hemp Oil helped my Joey I have taken my 13 year old peekapoo off of his pain meds and started giving him this hemp oil. He seems like he has more energy and is more affectionate. Happy with the results so far!

  169. Jessica

    Working great so far! I bought this for my 8 month old Australian Cattle Dog that suffers from anxiety. We took her on a walk the next day and she was far less reactive to bikes, other dogs and crowds. Her separation anxiety seems to have lessened a bit and am hoping this will continue with further usage, it had been a week so far!

  170. Kassandra

    Helpful for all kinds of pet ailments!! Great product, price and packaging,I use it for two of my dogs, one for his seizures and anxiety, the other for her anxiety and fear of storms. Will definitely buy it again.

  171. MMeli24

    Awesome! This has really helped our dog find control and be more herself than her crazy attitude!

  172. J

    It really works! I was a little skeptical at first. I have a 13 year old lab who at this point we are just trying to make comfortable with her arthritis. A lot of the prescribed meds for arthritis are actually harmful to a dog’s organs or in our case not effective. It took a few days for this to start working, but it definitely does work. Our lab, while not perfect, does much better. Pants a whole lot less. I attribute it to this hemp oil. I certainly will be purchasing it again due to how effective it has been for our dog.

  173. Tami Tingey

    It works! Finally pain relief for my dog! I have an elderly Great Dane with hip pain. The NetraVet Hemp has helped him a lot. He took it and I was able to clip his nails! He rarely lets me do that. This has been an amazing help for him! Thank you, please keep making this product!

  174. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    My 16 yr old cat is feeling like a kitten!!! 💕 Loved this product!

  175. Lindsey Rose

    My dogs love this product! My dogs love this product!

  176. Richard R.

    We’re hoping this helps for our dog’s seizures Easy to administer and our dog seems to take to the oil willingly.

  177. Krystal AMAZ Scott

    Works well so far I’ve been adding it to my dog hemp extract for two weeks and I can see the improvement. My dog seems much calmer and happier.

  178. Jenny c

    Feline fine I have an 18 year old cat who’s been suffering with arthritis, particularly in his hips which has made him prone to accidents almost daily when trying to use his litter box. Tried a few supplements over the last year the vet had suggested without seeing any improvement along with a medication that just zonked him out. We saw instant results after using this stuff. We’re on our second bottle now and he hasn’t had a single litter box accident and he’s handling the stairs like a champ. Highly recommend

  179. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    My poor dog is old and has hip issues My poor dog is old and has hip issues. I’ve had her on anti inflammatory medication for quite some time. The Hemp oil has really helped her get up and around better. Until she appears to be I. Too much pain I will continue to use the hemp oil.

  180. Paul Day

    Best Hemp Extract Oil My chihuahua loves it

  181. Jacquelyn J. Lofgren

    Awesome It helped my 12 year old dachshund with her joint pain. I’m impressed!

  182. jim d

    Great product This product has helped my dogs arthritis!

  183. Summer Jones

    Strongly recommend! My sweet fur-baby, Angel- a 12 year old cockapoo, recently suffered a back injury. I had become uneasy about her pain level since she had run out of her pain medication and was still walking slower than usual and just not her tail-wagging self. After starting this product twice a day, I have my playful pooch back! I strongly recommend!

  184. Terry

    Like a pup again A++ Wow it worked Great!! We have been giving this to our old dog she is 16 years old and has several surgeries to remove cancer. She was laying around with no energy. We started giving this to her because what could it hurt. And WOW she plays with the other dogs and has lots of energy. We give it to her twice a day. We checked with our DVM and she could tell the difference in her attitude and energy level. Thanks

  185. MrsD

    Made our old dog, lively again! Our old dog is 13 and she was just sitting around in her ‘bedroom’ (which is a hallway closet) most of the day. She has gotten nervous as she’s gotten older. We started giving her this hemp oil on the off chance that it would help. And it has! She has become more energetic, lost weight, is out most of the day now and is acting like a puppy! It has really, seriously helped her.

  186. jacqueline d white

    Five Stars LOVE

  187. Rick Robinson

    It works It has calmed our dog down and helped with separation anxiety.

  188. Don G.

    Help, I itch, itch, itch. Product arrived quickly. I’m using it to help dog with severe allergies. Vet has me starting very slowly. Dog seems a little more comfortable.

  189. jessie rees

    Hemped my cat I have a feral cat for 9 years now, her name is Ha-low (like hello, said slow) that’s what I said when she popped up. Well, I feed her, and she sticks around sort of. She has a summer and winter home (a dog house made of redwood for the summer nights and an igloo for the winters rainy months). She’ll let me pet her, but I don’t even think about picking her up or petting her for more than 1 min or she’ll swipe and bite me. I thought she was going to die about 5yrs ago, she sat up from a stretched out position on the hot tub. When she sat up she had a bubble of fluid the size of a base ball on her head. I couldn’t touch her let alone take her the vet. I squirted (from a distance) some foam Anabiotic onto her head. She made it through that.. (I don’t know how) but she did. So this summer when she showed up liming pretty bad right before my week long vacation to Maui, I didn’t know if I could catch her and I couldn’t stand the thought of her suffering while I was gone fending for herself. I was able to trick her with some wet hemp extract, I got her in a crate and carted her off to the vet. It looked like she might have got hit by a car? Or a raccoon fight? Deer fight? Skunk fight? The options are endless on top of a mountain deep in the northern California redwoods. After my 400$ visit to the vet, they determined it was nerve damage and the severity of it stating, if it got worse, they could amputate her limb. They estimated her age to be about 13. I brought her home eager to show her I was still nice, I opened the crate and fed her more yummy wet hemp extract, she stumbled out and took off. She showed up three days later (I was so worried I drugged and she’d be unable to care for herself). After she came back, I began researching oral meds I could give her to help regenerate her nerves. I found an article that stated hemp oil could help. I’ve been giving her 1/2 vial of hemp 2x a day (morning and night) on wet hemp extract. It appears to be working, or she’s really mastered hopping? She looks better, not healed completely, but much better than she was in July (it’s september now). I’m convinced it’s working, so, I ordered more. Update: I’m going to start using it on my lovers (the dogs) too. Solo is 10 (basenji) and Cooper is 5 (black pug). They could both benefit for some hemp love. Ordered with Blue Sky Buds, LLC

  190. Ryan

    Wonder Product Maggie is 13 years old and had some real trouble getting up wit her bad hips . After a 4 or 5 days she has been getting up easier , less anxious and overall a happier pup. Thank you herbal vet for helping my Maggie !!!

  191. Maureen Van Slyck

    … white hair look really white and they smelled so nice. Made my dogs white hair look really white and they smelled so nice.

  192. Wayne

    Hemp Extract Oil for a 15 year old husky Hi there . My old husky has only been on it a few days . I was using the vet Hemp Extract Oil . But I had to get a dispensary card to get it and with me moving the place that carried it is 45 minutes away so I thought I would try this .. The vet Hemp Extract Oil has been working great . It’s definitely helped with her arthritis and stiff joints and her appetite . She is 15 . I shall keep you informed . Thanks for touching base . Regards Wayne

  193. Salina McCullough

    My dog has Autism and I have started using this … My dog has Autism and I have started using this as a calming aid. One of the symptoms of Autism is her inability to sleep through the night but I’m finding this is becoming less of a problem and she is getting through the night. I’m a holistic dog therapist so prefer to avoid conventional meds and this takes the edge off her a natural way.

  194. darlene loop

    love it our dog suffers from seizures and this really helped him. when he has his seizure he usually cant move for awhile and does not eat using this he can eat again and helps him relax enough to walk around

  195. Julie Wawro

    A+ Great and effective product! Thank you!

  196. Gadget Girl

    Five Stars My Yorkies just LOVES this hemp extract!

  197. Cynthia Haggerty

    This works wonders I fully believe in this product for my dogs ❤️

  198. Gracie Todd

    Loved It! Amazing product! My dog had extreme seperation anxiety and loved to freak out over most things. After giving him this product he is much calmer and willing to listen. So happy to find a product that helps our dog relax and feel safer and happier.

  199. Paula M Sabino

    Excellent product! My 16 1/2 year old hemp extract poodle was really struggling with back and hip stiffness and pain. Within two days of using this product I saw a marked improvement in his mobility and within a week he was exponentially better. We went on a mile long walk! It was awesome. I highly recommend this product for senior pets and it actually motivated me to find a human version for myself!

  200. Shereen

    It works!! I have three cats and one of my cats suffers from anxiety. After giving him the hemp oil he is behaving and is acting very calm. I couldn’t ask for more! I love it!!!

  201. Kindle Customer

    Hemp oil for my dog. My poor dog Buddy is terribly afraid of storm and fireworks. We have tried the Thunder shirt, Benedril and even putting him in a kennel with a cover. He starts shaking and trying to crawl into corners and to get in my lap much before the storm starts. He is 58 pounds! This product reduces his anxiety and fear by at least 80 per cent. It relaxes him and he can sleep through the noise and storm. No more shaking and hiding for my Buddy.

  202. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Safe for my pets I have two Malteses and one is afraid of fire crackers and the other has coughing issues, i give hemp oil and they seem to be ok. Will always use it!!!!

  203. ej

    Pretty good. It seems to help. The dropper doesn’t work as well as I could use, but it did its job.

  204. Debbie Kasza

    this really works love this products. My shiba Inu has had a ruff life, he is a rescue with lots of hurts on his body this literally stops him from limping and being in pain. He now runs and plays and feels much better

  205. Michellejacks

    Great product, works fast This product works great. I can actually see my dogs relax a few minutes after giving it to them. It seems like they don’t mind the taste. Thank you for making a product that actually works.

  206. A. B. R. Dwyer

    Huge difference in my aging dog! My 13 year old dog was showing signs of sun-downers. Yes it’s a thing. In the evenings she would get a panicked look her face and start pacing. She wouldn’t sleep through the night without tranquilizers. I know there had to be a better alternative. Since using Blue Sky Buds Hemp oil for dogs, her pacing has stopped and she sleeps through the night. She’s more mobile now too, able to jump up on the couch again. The difference in the last few months is amazing. We thought this summer was going to be her last, but she’s so much happier now. She’s still a senior dog, but now she’s back to enjoying life again. Thank you Blue Sky Buds!

  207. Heather

    Great Hemp Extract Oil! Great product! It works well for my dog with a spinal injury.

  208. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Hemp oil helped my 12 year old dog I bought this hemp oil for my 12 year old Pointer. He has been on Prednisone and pain relievers for 3 months. Pain in his lower lumbar. He could then walk, but his movement was very stiff. I have been giving him the hemp oil for 1 week now. His movements are more fluid and he is much happier. I will buy this product again. It has really helped my Buddy. Thank you.

  209. R.U. Kidding

    So far ~ So good First off, I am only a few days into use of this product, which I purchased to see if this would help my Siberian husky in decreasing some joint pain she exhibits at the end of each playful day. After visits to her veterinarian to determine there was no serious injury that required medical or surgical care, and being advised to keep her calm and rested in between short walks and play time (Not an easy feat with a still young (age 4) Husky), I found this product and read the many customer reviews of others who used this for exactly what I was looking for…to aid in the comfort of my girl. Now, that said, and only a few days into the use of this product, I am pleased to say that my family and I are seeing early signs of noted improvement in her at days end movement. She is not limping like she usually did after a full day of motion and play. I have not had to give her a pain medication in the last few days. I will update this again in a week or so when I have more days under our belt with this product. Update on 9/26/2018 : Another week or more has passed with continued use of this product, giving my husky her suggested dosage of drops in the early a.m. upon our return home from our morning walks. She has incorporated the drops into the morning routine now. Arrive home. Leash taken off. Drink water and then sits for me to administer her drops orally. Waits patiently for her morning doggy treat before going to the back yard to play. She is such a good girl. I have watched continued improvement and just so pleased with the results even all these days later. We walk approximately 2 miles per day, and to see how well she is doing at the end of each day is just so joyful to me. I will be placing another order for this product. Thank you so much.

  210. Kerri H.

    Get some more time with your old buddy. We are amazed with the results of this product. Our dogs back legs were giving out and he could barely walk. After about a week we really saw a massive change. He can walk again most of the time. This product definitely bought us some extra time with our 15 year old pit mix.

  211. Robin M.

    Highly recommended for senior dogs!! If I could give this product 10 stars I would! First off, David at the seller gives awesome customer service!! He has continued to help me work on dosing for my 130 lb. 11 year old senior rescue dog. Secondly, and of course, most importantly, it is helping my dog!!! My boy has skin issues/allergies and once I found an optimum dose, he stopped chewing his bald spot! He doesn’t have arthritis but he does have a neurological issue that is helped with anti-inflammatory medication. With these drops he has finally stopped collapsing at his back end at least for this past week for which I am extremely thankful. My vet and I have talked about just making sure now that my dog is comfortable and has a good quality of life and so far he is still very happy to be alive! Another thing with age has been his decrease in appetite which again is being helped by these drops. Two times this last week he woke me up for breakfast and he hasn’t done that for the past year! I have noticed these results with five drops twice a day. I may go up to six drops to see if there are added benefits. I am also going to try these for my cat who gets anxious going to the vet for nail trims.

  212. Morgan Carroll

    So far, so good My cats really like it. I’ve noticed them wanting to cuddle more than play the past few days even though they seem to have more energy. I will continue to use it for sure.

  213. Joey & Sid

    Pleasant Surprise!!! I have 2 yorkie a & 1 rescue dog & it is great for all 3 dogs to like the same product. The last glucosamine we had were hard tablets & my older yorkie had a hard time eating the large tablet. This is more like a treat plus additional drops in the hemp extract , they think they are getting something new!

  214. Brian Matthew Pretner

    This product is great! Our dog Zoey is a mix breed Border … This product is great! Our dog Zoey is a mix breed Border Collie/Australian Shepard who has very high anxiety issues. Our Vet recommended putting her on Xanax but we really wanted to explore other options. We see a huge difference in her already. Thank you.

  215. Gail

    Seems to work for our 15yr old little mutt We’ve been using this for about a month and I really think it’s helping our dog get along better. I just put it right on his hemp extract, there is no real scent and he doesn’t seem to notice.

  216. Ccoakolla

    Great for road trips! Bought this for my dog to use during a cross country road trip – really impressed! He’s usually been a little anxious in the car, but this time he was calm as a cucumber and enjoyed the ride.

  217. Leann

    works great this is great hemp oil. my bulldog used to have monthly seizures In clusters. since adding this oil to her hemp extract. she has gone 5 months without a seizure. I’m not saying it’s a miracle cure, but whatever relief she can get is a miracle to us.

  218. Scott A. Bayless

    GREAT PRODUCT! Thank You Quick Shipping! Item as Described. Am using on a older dog with joint pain. Seems to help, GREAT PRODUCT! Thank You.

  219. C. Conklin

    I just started using this product I gave 4 stars because I just received this hemp oil and started my 11 and half year old cockapoo on it last night. So not much to report. She is starting to have problems getting her butt up, almost like her back legs cant lift it. She also has a metal plate and 3 screws in her left elbow from an accident when she was 6 months old. I can tell you she went right off to sleep last night after her night time walk, she had had her dinner about an hour before. When she woke up this morning she seemed pretty spunky and when I took her for her morning walk she wanted to keep on walking and didn’t want to head home.

  220. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Hemp Works great

  221. Mary

    That it really works. I adopted a shelter dog with abuse issues, anxiety and seizures. With the Hemp Extract Oil..her seizures are gone and her anxiety gets better…she is more playfull like a puppy..and is doing much is a relief. When i ran out..her symptoms came back within 2 days. I will buy this product again..and the price is affordable.

  222. dbcmkx

    Excellent Will continue to purchase. Best price and does have a calming effect on our dog.

  223. denise jones

    Five Stars good product for the price . arrived on time

  224. Janeen

    excellent quality product great price and delivery was fast! First time using it on my 200 lb. English Mastiff so I’ll have to report back after a month or so. I love that this is organic and non GMO and made in the USA. All great reasons to try this in the first place!

  225. Aloha Kitty

    Great natural health care for your pets. Bought this for our two kitties to improve their general health. They LOVE taking it right from the dropper. One has immune issues and they are improving. This product will be part of their everyday routine for life.

  226. Debra Lang

    Helping my aging dog This is a phenomenal product. It helps my 14 year old dog, Jack, get around like he was a pup. He helps him physically and mentally. I would recommend this product to all dogs.

  227. Amanda

    Not for my dog, but great customer service! These hemp extract oil were too hard for my dog – so I won’t be repurchasing. However, Blue Sky Buds Brand’s customer service was amazing in giving me a full refund for receiving hard hemp extract oil. I will definitely be back to order other items from them, unfortunately these hemp extract oil did not work out though.

  228. Lindsey Grover

    Loved it! Best hemp oil I’ve tried for my cat’s seizures.

  229. D. Grant

    Great for Anxiety This oil really helped my dog get through thunderstorms. A few drops on a treat and he calms right down. No more peeing on the floor!

  230. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Flying with anxious cat Used for traveling on a plane. My very anxious kitty was a lot calmer in the car, airport and plane. She slept most of the flight.

  231. Katherine Altman

    Positive results l see good results with my older kitty using this hemp oil! Will use it again.

  232. Lydia’

    Very helpful For dog

  233. Henry L. Padlo Jr.

    Helps dogs anxiety. Helped my dog with her anxiety. A+++

  234. Marissa Lightner

    So far so good! Just started, but product seems to be working well so far! Excited to see the benefits it gives our dog 🙂

  235. Richard Norton

    Helps my cats anxiety My cat is 18 years old and has recently started suffering from separation anxiety. The Hemp oil given to her morning and evening helps a lot. I would definitely recommend hemp oil if your pet is having any kind of anxiety.

  236. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Works Great! Our 14 year old Yellow Labrador has arthritis and this oil is helping her with the pain. Also settles her down during 4th of July fireworks.

  237. Linda Williamson

    So far so good My dog will eat her hemp extract with this dropped on it. I have only been using it for several days so I don’t think I can see much improvement yet. I purchased this to help my 12 yr. old Golden with her hip pain and to help calm her anxiety.

  238. TLWhite

    Wow, something that finally works! I have a 13 pound dog. I gave him a full dropper of the Hemp oil. (I gave it a trial run a few days before and used 20 drops–that didn’t seem to have noticeable impact.) It took about an hour for it to really work, but my dog rode with me in the car for about six hours total and this was the first time EVER that he wasn’t fidgeting and making whimpers/squeaks. He gets bad anxiety in the car. I put the drops in some wet dog hemp extract and he ate it without a problem. He was still happy and not lathargic at all, but was calmer and even laid down and slept for a while. I haven’t traveled with him in years, because he honestly makes me nuts on a drive. I’m so happy that we finally found something that works, so he can take trips with me–its a total game changer!

  239. Tiffany V Dolby

    Not a skeptic anymore I’ve been on the fence about these oils for since they came out. I was afraid it would make them tired or lazy or maybe worse if I gave them too much. That has changed since i bought this oil. I bought it for our younger female pitbull. We adopted her from Texas about 5 months ago and have had a hard time getting her to calm down. When she’s excited or nervous she’s off the walls crazy and licks everyone excessively. Once I gave it to her, I saw immediate results in less than an hour. I did double dose her, the half dose wasn’t as effective on her. But after emailing the family that makes it, they reassured me a double dose was fine and with it being all natural oil it was pretty much impossible to give too much. It doesn’t have a bad smell or anything. You can give it straight from dropped in mouth or in their hemp extract, or on a treat. I do on a treat, we have a male pitbull as well otherwise I’d put it in the hemp extract. It doesn’t do much for him, made him a little hyper it seemed though. I would definitely suggest giving it a try, you’ll be happy you did. Exactly as shown in pictures, and came on time and unbroken.

  240. Kelley Valdespino

    Full Spectrum Hemp Oil for Dogs and Cats We have been using this on both of our dogs and they seem to be feeling better. We really like the product.

  241. Alan H.

    Works great Thank you. The product seems to be working for my dog( a huge Great Dane 175+ lb with massive anxiety problems). What would you recommend as a optimum dosage and can I buy a larger quantity at a discount? I’ve paid from $29 to $49 per bottle on Blue Sky Buds. Thanks for making such a great product… alan

  242. Kristie Johnson

    Amazing Used this product on our 220 lb super pushy, crazy Saint Bernard and it has calmed her down so much, she is not trying to bulldoze us every time we come in the house and she is much calmer with just the one dose in the morning!!!

  243. Seth Thompson

    Works GREAT for my elderly dog! My dog is 15 and was beginning to have problems with inflammation and arthritis so I started researching different natural products. Hemp oil has been AMAZING for her and she is completely healthy now and no longer on arthritis medication😊😊😊 And the taste is so subtle that she doesn’t realize it’s in her hemp extract! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT!!!!!

  244. cheryl

    No side affects like in NSAIDS I used this for my dogs arthritis pain. We have seen a marked improvement.

  245. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Game changer My dog was so scared to ride in the car to the point he would violently shake. He is a changed dog in the car now. He also has separation anxiety and I give both my dogs some before I leave for work and they have been so good. I’m so thankful for this product !

  246. Daniel S. Campbell

    should be good didn’t use it yet but I know the stuff works for me. should be good

  247. pac


  248. Christine

    Anti seizure med for cats My cat has seizures and we give Hemp Extract Oil to prevent them.

  249. Tonya Grose

    Awesome Very good product.

  250. Bloveds

    Calm at last! My puppy is a little Chehuahua that is high strung. I have been trying to teach her to calm herself down. There a two times a day that she she is beside herself and my attempts fail. Two drops of hemp oil help me get her quieted enough to redirect her to something quiet when I cannot walk her till exhausted.

  251. Dianne Quintero

    Pug life Not really sure if it helps. But it makes us feel better. Elderly pug with unspecified spinal neurological issues…. I’m convinced on some level it’s making a difference.

  252. R. Michael

    Corgi approved! Our 14 year old Corgi’s joints were suffering. She couldn’t go up the two steps into the house and limped a lot. She’s been taking the Hemp Oil for 3 weeks now and we’ve seen a HUGE change in her. GREAT PRODUCT!!!

  253. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Great stuff! I really love this product. My dog suffers from disc disease. He was not walking. Starting use this oil And combined with crate rest, he is back on his feet 👍 will consider to use for his inflammation.

  254. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    I Agree I’ve read all the comments and I have to agree, it also worked for my dog to relax him a bit. It’s not a drastic change (which I like). I don’t usually leave feedback but wanted to show some support and give you guys thumbs up.

  255. Jei

    It works! My dogs really enjoy their dog hemp extract when this is added to it. I’ve also noticed a health difference in both my older dogs, their have more energy 🙂

  256. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Five Stars I’ve seen major improvement in my dog’s degenerative myelopathy.

  257. Kevin Petersen

    Exactly what I wanted Our 12 year old Boston Terrier loved this product and totally helped him with his IBD and stomach issues

  258. Barbara C. Van Sittert

    Good product Our kitty is dying of cancer, but this medication is helping her through it. Many thanks.

  259. Nikki

    Helped one of my dogs I got this for my two pit bull rescues hoping this would help with hyperactive behavior. After just 2-3 days one of them started to be more cuddly and would spend a lot of time on the couch with me which isn’t normal for him. Normally while I’m watching tv he’s chewing on his toys constantly or tries to get me to play with him and barks if I don’t. Unfortunately my other doggie is still as hyper as she was. I even doubled her dosage and it didn’t seem to help. I’m just hoping that with some training and following the other dogs example she will eventually chill out, but maybe it’s just her personality.

  260. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Good Seller/Good Product Loved the personal emails and it’s been a great company to work with. Thanks for putting such a nice product out there for both animals and humans. We need more of these products!

  261. Jamie Kabinoff

    Helped with arthritis Body: I got this for my 13 year old Golden Retriever who has gotten very arthritic in her old age. This product has really helped her with the stiffness and she is more playful and energetic than before I added this to her daily regimen. I would absolutely recommend this over some of the less natural products you would get at your vet. So far I’ve been seeing results and feel better about giving her a healthier alternative to managing her pain and arthritis.

  262. Heather Ruzicka

    Five Stars Loved it…great quality too! Definitely would recommend

  263. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Five Stars Thanks

  264. Doug

    It works I have a 17 year old dog. The last time she was at a vet was when she was spay, I keep her shots and worming up to date. She is still going strong but has some bad mornings when she can hardly walk. She has had a few seizures a year for the past few years. She’s had 4 in the past 8 months. So I decided to try this. She has been on it for 10 days and every morning she has been ready to run. i have woken her from a sound sleep and no stiffness. It’s to early to tell about the seizures

  265. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Thank you! I bought this for my older dog that has seizures because he a high strung chihuahua. It helps him relax and have less seizures. We also have an older dog that has joint pain. This helps him move around more freely without pain. I love it. It helps all my animals. Thank you!!!

  266. TOM

    kepps her calm kepps her calm and easy going. We started our dog on this when she had late onset seizures. She panicked after the first seizures. Since we started her on seizure meds we also started her on Hemp Extract Oil. She is calm

  267. Sue Duemler

    Helping my dog with pain. This product has helped my 16 year old poodle. She seems much more comfortable getting around. Easy, just a few drops in hemp extract every four hours.

  268. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Excellent This product is excellent works well on dogs with arthritis along with anxiety and dry skin

  269. Zina Gray

    A Must Buy Item!! I purchased this product and I love it! I use it on my 2 dogs and it is amazing. I would highly recommend this to other dog owners. This helped my puppy with his anxiety and helped my older dog with his joints. He now chases his baby brother all around the house non stop!!

  270. Jill

    Awesome I recommend this to any dog owner, I didn’t start putting this in my dog’s hemp extract until recently, now he wont eat his hemp extract with out it. he’s 12 and going blind, I know this will help. it also has a calming effect, so if you have a hyper pet. this works good, Harley is a miniature Dachshund, and he is pretty healthy for his age. I recommend this product to anyone who has an ailing/ageing pet. I think it really helps as an anti-inflammatory also. Stop giving your animals chemicals , try this natural product.

  271. lbwg

    I bought this for my daughter’s dog who was injured … I bought this for my daughter’s dog who was injured about 3 years ago. The liquid gel makes dosing much easier. At this point, we place the gel on a small piece of meat and Ryder gobbles it down! It will take more than 3 doses to see any difference but we are expecting some improvement in his mobility.

  272. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Seems to work Seems to have helped with our dogs anxiety. Waiting to see about seizures. The first order the oil was a dark yellow and the dropper would suck up the full amount, the second batch the color was almost like water and the dropper would barely suck up a quarter of the amount. I am concerned about the differences in the color from one batch to the next and the effectiveness.

  273. Dominic T.

    Great for anxiety Bought for my dog which has severe anxiety during storms. Give him the recommended dose prior and he has quit shaking and panting! It does make him quite lethargic but I’ve also trimmed back the doses and gave him half before then half as the storm came and he seems more alert but calm.

  274. Jeff Williams

    Works for our dog. Got this on Monday. Tried it that night to help calm our dog. She was hesitant at first, maybe because of the smell. She eventually ate her treat and within a short time was very calm and relaxed. She didnt even bark at having to go to sleep. Didn’t have to muzzle her once.

  275. Denise M. Cervelli

    Five Stars The Best Hemp Extract . Love it.

  276. Lucie Berman

    Great Product! I have had my cat for 10 years and he never meowed. About 5 months ago we moved to a new city and he started meowing loud and intensely all hours of the night.I thought it would go away eventually but it didn’t. My friend recommended that I try this product, because it was really getting to me. I had never lived with a cat that meowed so loudly and when I took him to vet they said nothing was wrong he was probably just adjusting. Thankfully, my friend ordered this product for me and it came super fast. More importantly, it worked like a charm! He loves the product and doesn’t meow anymore. He seems peaceful and happy and I personally, can’t recommend this product enough.

  277. Michelle d Reedwood

    My dogs love this! My dogs love this!!! They are 12 and 15 and have arthritis but a drop or two in their hemp extract every day makes them play like babies! If they could talk I know they would be thanking me!

  278. Darren

    Great stuff! I have a 12 year old pit bull she is diabetic and mostly blind but this stuff has made her more active more playful more like her old self again

  279. Kathy Clark

    Optimistic about this medication!! I have only used it for a few days, so I can’t really know how well it works. My older dog (dachshund) has some hip/back problems and was recommend I try it!! He loves the hemp extract oil!!

  280. Granny B

    I recommend this great product This product has helped my English Mastiff with her arthritis. I give this along with other supplements twice a day and she’s seems to have less pain and is moving (even running!) a lot better.

  281. Peb

    Keeps her calm and easy going. We started our dog on this when she had late onset seizures. She panicked after the first seizures. Since we started her on seizure meds we also started her on Hemp Extract Oil. She is calm and back to her old self. We keep her on a daily regimen.

  282. Randy B.

    10 year old golden retriever A calming effect for sure….also seems to help with joint pain and limping.

  283. leia erdmann

    Definitely working So far so good! I’m seeing a change in my beagle. He doesn’t like to be left alone and since giving him the hemp oil he is not nearly as anxious and high strung.

  284. Pat Adriaenssens

    Looks Promising Haven’t used it yet, but it looks promising. I will let you know how things are in a few weeks 🙂

  285. Jess Poulin

    Helps calm anxious dogs We use for our anxious dog who hates thunderstorms, and fireworks. We dribble some over her hemp extract oil, and it helps reduce the stress. It doesn’t fully wind her down, but she’s usually a shaking, pacing, nervous wreck. We can see a clear difference, and calmness with only a few drops.

  286. P. Lloyd

    Five Stars My greyhound loves these hemp extract oil and they break into smaller pieces to use during obedience class.

  287. Angela B. Schmith

    Pleasantly surprised. Made a huge difference in our cat. Could not believe the difference. Thank you.

  288. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    IT WORKS!! My buddy recommended the oil for my 16 year old cat, she is really weak and sleeps most of the day i gotta give her fluids every 2 days because she gets so dehydrated and fragile. She is still sleeping a lot but this is looking to improve her appetite, i mixed it up with some canned tuna and she loves it, ate half a can which is a miracle! She is not a huge fan on the smell but if i mix it up with something really fishy smelling she doesnt seem to mind. I’m really happy, ive tried so many tricks starting from putting her on anorexic diet to microwaving her hemp extract and rubbing her rear end to stimulate appetite, this oil is a life saver!

  289. Brenda J. Elkin

    worked for arthritis pain My dog’s arthritis pain has been a problem for many years. He is especially stiff in the mornings when he wakes up with his needs and shoulders locked up. This remedy has been helping a lot with his activity level. He is looking a lot more comfortable now and even jumped up to sleep with us the other night which is a huge deal because he has been avoiding stairs and anything elevated for a long long time. I don’t know how this works for anything else but I would definitely recommend this for anyone whose dog is suffering from arthritis pain.

  290. Sandra Lynn Gazarek

    Best Product Our Boxer just recently had surgery to remove a mass on his leg. We used this product in place of the expensive pain medications from the vet. Our dog is jumping around and play like he was a puppy again. I strongly suggest this product to family and friends for their pets.

  291. Linda Herron

    Great product for hip pain This was recommended by the rescue group for his hip pain. Seems to be working, is getting up on the bed with no assistance now.

  292. Ggirl

    Works great Works better than other hemp oils I’ve used for my dogs seizures

  293. Brian E. Brown

    Bought for my elderly dog Bought to try on my 16yo dog to help with his joints. Seems to help make him comfortable

  294. samazon

    My cat is acting normal now! Bought this for my 6 yr old siamese who won’t stop meowing when we go to bed. She has not been acting herself since we had our baby and we’re not sure if she’s jealous or what. She’s already pretty needy but the meowing at night with a new baby and all has been a killer! I put her on a low dose of the oil, just mixed it into her wet hemp extract twice a day. I didn’t see a change until day 4 but it was strong enough to share! She‘s 80% back to normal and only woke us up once in the past week so she’s sleeping more too! This oil has been a game changer for us.

  295. Sara

    Helpful So far we love this! our mini schnauzer has major issues with anxiety and this is helping. She takes it easily in her water and normally is very aware of any other meds we have tried. Highly recommend!

  296. teachusfour

    Anxious Dog Storm Relief My dog is a rescue and has extreme anxiety. During thunderstorms, he shakes uncontrollably often to the point of becoming physically sick to his stomach. At the onset of our last storm, I gave him a few drops of the hemp oil. Within 5 minutes he was much calmer. He still was nervous and shivered a little, but not nearly like he has always done in the past. The calming effects lasted for several hours and he was acting normal when the storm ended. No illness. No side effects. Very impressed with how well this product worked for my high anxiety dog

  297. faye mcbride

    Five Stars Great product

  298. G. Davis

    No problems introducing it into her diet. Great. Great product. Immediate result. Love it.

  299. Amy

    Used this with my dogs because they are crazy when … Used this with my dogs because they are crazy when people come over, jumping, barking etc. After one dose they were mellow and calm for company. I will definitely use this to aide in their training going forward!

  300. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Pet owners must own!! I noticed a significant difference in my dogs behavior in terms of energy and alertness. I would definitely recommend this to dog owners who are looking for ways to improve their pets health. Easy and safe to use!

  301. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    From a puppy my dog has had anxiety from being … From a puppy my dog has had anxiety from being left alone while I travel at work, after trying this product my puppy has calmed down ALOT and his anxiety had been u see control. This product works great

  302. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Didn’t like the taste but it works So my dog doesn’t like the taste at all! I tried putting it on his favorite hemp extract oil, turkey, etc but nothing worked! I have to prod his mouth open and squirt it in. Despite this, I still want to leave a good review because it really changed my weimaraner’s behavior. He’s obviously more calm and alert, even my partner noticed the change, so all in all, the product is effective.

  303. Amelia Malave

    Has help my large dog a great deal and I just got this today…thank you Omg…. Gave this along with some pain pills to my 13yr old dog today when it came in and it has worked wonders for him. We live upstairs and he has been having issues getting back up the stairs. He is a 110lb dog so his old bones are starting to give him mobility issues. We just got back from a walk around the block and he come up the stairs after with more ease than over the past few days. Thank you 😉

  304. Cheryl Madelle

    say goodbye to puppy anxiety! Our husky has separation anxiety x 10 plus is annoyingly hyper around new people. Since we’ve been giving her these full spectrum drops, we’ve noticed a big difference…. and the petsitter has noticed as well. We’re so happy that we found something natural that will help our pup while calming our household.

  305. Diane C. Stille

    Seems to be making a noticable difference I purchased this for one of my dogs that suffers from separation anxiety, in the hopes it would help him. He excessively drools when he gets stressed out. I’ve been using it for approximately 3 weeks now, and there has been a noticeable difference in his behavior. Yes, he still gets a bit upset when left, but he’s not drooling like before. The drooling was bad enough he was soaking his chest and front legs. I’ll continue to use it with him.

  306. Boz

    This stuff works wonders!!! This stuff is amazing and worked wonders for my stressed out kitty! Tig was the PERFECT kitty, for the first two years of his life!!! Until we brought our new baby girl home from the hospital and his stress & jealousy kicked in! He started urinating in his own bed! Took him to the vet & got a clean bill of health! No urinary tract infections or anything. We knew it was behavioral/stress marking. Next he peed in the baby’s tub! That was it, we knew we had to do something because let’s face it who can tolerate a cat peeing anywhere other than their box? We switched his hemp extract to Urinary Tract Health, and bought this amazing oil. Tig has been back to himself ever since!!!

  307. Wouldya look at that

    Five Stars Dog approved!!!

  308. seejennashop

    Worth every penny for my anxious pup This has truly done wonders for our dog! Our small dog has gotten very anxious as he ages. He would shake, whine and even throw up when we left the house or with any sort of loud noise. I was skeptical to try hemp oil but something had to happen to allow our guy a better quality of life. This oil helped IMMEDIATELY! Within 24 hours of the first dose he had mellowed out and was able to relax. Now I can tell by his behavior if I’ve forgotten a dose. This oil is worth every penny, I will absolutely be purchasing more in the future.

  309. Candice Baker

    This helped my dog so much. Thank you My dog is doing so much better. His back legs always hurt and the meds at the dr were bad for his liver. This has helped him so much. He runs around like a young puppy now and enjoys his walks much more.

  310. Roni Simpkin

    Less anxiety It seems to help with making our dog less anxious.

  311. Constance Hyman


  312. Minoo

    great stuff! my german shepherd has a super sensitive stomach, has since the day we got him, after a year of trial and error of certain dog foods we finally found one that worked best, he’s 9 now and still has days here and there where his hemp extract doesn’t agree with him, since adding this hemp oil to the mix he hasn’t had any stomach issues in the past few weeks & is feeling great. he has some joint problems, as most gsd’s do with age, but he’s been playing more lately and had a more energy. it’s nice to be using something natural and he benefit from it! he gets severe anxiety when we go to the vet, so hoping this helps during the next visit. i will be sure to report back. nothing but positive things to say about this product and will definitely be purchasing again for him, makes a bigger difference than i thought it was! so glad a friend recommended it for us to try 🙂

  313. Devon Aigner

    Pain/depression Hello, my dog “Bean” was diagnosed with Lyme disease a few years back and has been a different dog ever since. Loss of appetite, constantly tired and doesn’t want to play. I’ve tried a number of herbal medications over the years for the pain but it didn’t help her at all. I’ve been doing a lot of research on holistic medicine and when I came across this product I chose it over the others because of the addition of the essential oils. After reading so many positive reviews I decided to give it a shot. I gotta say I started seeing small changes every day since I put her on this oil. Her appetite has improved and she started chewing on some of her toys that she hasn’t touched for ages. This without a question has had a positive effect on her and I’ll continue adding it into her hemp extract as long as she keeps improving. I’m very very happy, thank you so much guys! I wish I looked into Hemp Extract Oil a long time ago.

  314. Michael fox

    Dog anxiety alleviated Great buy!! We’ve been using the NutriVet Organically Hemp oil for about a week and we’ve seen great results! Our dog is a 4 year old husky/chow mix and he’s had some separation anxiety. overall it’s helped him be more at ease and made him so happy! We’re glad to have found this product!

  315. CHIP RIDES!

    NO DRUGS! My boy (Rence) started to undergo small seizures after his “city mandated rabies vaccination” After a trip to vet and lab tests we are told he has level #1 epilepsy. They tell me this is treatable by “giving him daily doses of phenobarbital for the rest of his life! It’s not expensive…” So needless to say someone was extremely pissed. Found the alternative of cannabis derivative; Hemp Extract Oil. Other brands were, full dropper twice a day, $100 a small bottle, good and it worked perfect, but it was pricey. Shopped and found Omega Pet Hemp Oil, and bought it. After my purchase someone from Omega Pet contacted me to make sure I understood I only need to give my boy 6 drops in the morning and night. so in the many months he has been on it he has only had one very small seizure. Screw those pharmaceuticals! My boy isn’t getting any more of those damned rabies shots. He’s had 3 that I know of, and his exposure is 0% so he’s safe. Do you and your family member a favor and use this if you are thinking of it!

  316. KarenLB

    This is Real!! My dog was dying from pneumonia. He was lame. He’s an 11 year old standard poodle. This is not a miracle in a day, but over the last several months, it has become miraculous. He can walk. His pneumonia, with antibiotic therapy and acupuncture, has finally cleared. I know he’s an old man. There’s only so much function he can achieve, but with this Hemp Extract Oil, his quality of life has exponentially improved. Appetite, interest in life, activity all have improved with HempGold. I tried another and it gave him tremors. He’s back on HempGold and will stay on it. Thank you for a wonderful and truly helpful product.

  317. lm

    Wonderful for aging dogs I have been using this product for my 13 year old dachshund and I am so pleased. He had slowed down, wasn’t hunting and digging any more and generally was looking older. Now that he is on Blue Sky Buds Hemp Extract Oil he is back to his younger, more active self. So happy with what this had done for him!

  318. Kiki

    WOW! It’s working! I have a sweet Labrador who is almost 11 years old. Sometimes her hip hurts after playing, sleeping on that side for too long, swimming, etc. She would want to play all the time, but she would limp the next day and so I limited her play and felt awful keeping her home while her brothers went to the park. I started giving her three eyedroppers full with her dinner. Within two weeks, I noticed a difference. In three to four weeks, I see a remarkable change. I have only seen her limp a handful of times and it doesn’t last long. She can run and play for an hour or more now and she isn’t struggling the next day. I LOVE this stuff!

  319. PR

    Great Product! Natural and well priced! Thanks for making a natural product that works and doesn’t break our budget. I will be buying it again for sure!

  320. Gregory D. Davis

    Works for inflammation This product works. My cat has stopped with her coughing and has much less trouble with her allergies. I credit this product! As a bonus, her coat looks great!

  321. Danit Benito

    Great product, very satisfied. Good natural product. I’ve been reading about Hemp Extract Oil and frankincense for pets for a while and wanted to try it on my dogs for a while, they get overstimulated easily, always jump on people and chew through things. We use a dropper every day and we feel the difference.

  322. lwithers

    Great for the cat, not so much for dogs It does work, however not as well as I would like it to. I gave a little bit to the cat in his hemp extract when I first got him and there was a noticeable difference with him. The dog though- there is hardly any difference in his behavior with the regular dosage so I usually give him a calming chew and some drops just to have him settle down.

  323. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Good product Natural allergy relief We started using this drops for our 8 year old cat with skin allergies, she seems a lot less itchy and has stopped chewing on her belly. It has been a little over a week but the rash is definitely going away, I wanted to share this with fellow pet parents, and spread the word that this product has helped my furry baby.

  324. pink gidseg

    Five Stars Great. My dogs love them.

  325. Kkapshan

    Worth trying out if your dog is mildly anxious Got this to help my dog’s anxiety. He seems a bit more mellow, but still cries when I leave.

  326. wendy mcquade

    Five Stars This product is great, my dog who is ten, has been moving around much better. Very happy.

  327. christina

    Great product! This stuff is SO EASY TO GIVE!!! My Chow and Shar Pei hate taking any type of vitamin or anything like that. You just pump onto their hemp extract and mix and they have no idea it’s there! I’ve been searching for something that is easy to give and they don’t know is there. I don’t know how well it works as they have only been on it a few days but so far they look great and are moving great. Both have luxating patellas and need they extra help with their joints.

  328. Satomi Mackay

    It works. Our little dachshund mix has a spinal problem like her purebred cousins. The hemp oil helps her to move and keep her active. Without the exercise, she cannot continue to activate her muscle to support her back. This product allows her to be active and healthy.

  329. Tomer sh

    Woo hoo Agreed The oil’s working! Made potty training so much easier, my puppy used to pee himself anytime he saw any movement haha he s lot more chill now and i only gave him half the reccomended dose to try out too

  330. SheltieGirlV

    Hemp Oil Helps old dog! The Hemp Oil arrived quickly, as promised. My dog thinks it’s great and actually started walking farther within 24 hrs. which I thought was amazing!

  331. Gelica

    Great supplement for my pugs I’m using this supplement as a preventative for my two pugs. I love the pump application and the pugs eat their hemp extract right up with it so I know they don’t mind.

  332. Minnie Myka

    Works 2 in 1 for my dog 🙂 This stuff is great, it actually works compared to other stuff I’ve been convinced to buy from the vet. That its natural is just icing on the cake. It really does make a difference. I originally got it for my dogs joints but it ended up helping with his anxiety too.

  333. aditiocho

    great product works well! it works well great volume for the price only down fall is the blotter broke after one use (glass stem fell off during application)

  334. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Hemp Oil works! I have noticed a tremendous difference with both my dogs in just 2 weeks of using this product. They both are much calmer and seem to be much happier.

  335. Alex

    All natural hip pain supplement My dog has hip pain that makes it difficult for him to get up from laying down. I read that hemp oil is a natural way to combat this. After many product comparisons and prices I found that Herbal Vet was the highest quality at a great price. So far so good, he seems to be doing a little better already with no noticeable side effects.

  336. Daryl Sakimae

    great product Shipping was quick and i’ve noticed my 13 year old beagle has not been struggling as much to get up since using.

  337. Bunny

    Best Hemp Extract . My dogs fur smells so good for … Best Hemp Extract . My dogs fur smells so good for a long time and his fur is soft

  338. Carolina

    Five Stars Also spilled a little might be due to heat Thank you

  339. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    my doggie is healthy and happy awesome items. great service, and fast delivery.

  340. Barbara Limardo

    Anxious Poodle- Customer Service is 5 star! I ordered this a little over a week ago. I am giving it to my 10 year old miniature poodle twice a day. I have not seen any changes or improvement. He is a little anxious, it is a bit of the breed, but he doesn’t seem any less anxious. I plan on making adjustments to how I am administrating it in order to see if his reaction changes. (Please see Below) Second review. After writing this review I received an email from Happy to Help products, Javi. He was concerned that the product was not causing relief for my poodle’s anxiety. We discussed how I was administrating the product and he offered suggestions. He was fantastic with his advice and genuinely concerned. He also offered me a refund on the product! I used half a bottle! I was so impressed with his customer service. I plan on finishing the bottle and using the suggestions he gave me. I appreciate all you have done. Will keep you posted!

  341. Just Me

    It works My dog is much calmer and it seems to be working . I just hope it works for his seizures

  342. Kim Elizabeth West

    Was still limping after taking pain meds Our big Newf has Valley Fever and it has settled in his shoulder. While we were waiting for the blood work the vet gave him some pain meds to take daily and they barely worked. He still had a significant limp. We added in the Hemp Oil and that did the trick. His limp is barely noticeable now. I don’t want to take him off the pain meds to see if the Help Oil would work alone because if it doesn’t he will be in a lot of pain again. So, I don’t know if on its own the Oil would be enough but it certainly has helped. We are waiting on his medications for the Valley Fever and we will let the pain med prescription run out but keep him on the Hemp Oil. Overall we are so glad we got this and I know it won’t have the side effects that pharmaceuticals can have.

  343. sara

    Five Stars Worked perfectly.

  344. GG

    Great product! At first the herby scent of the oil threw me off a little, but surprisingly my dog didn’t have problem with the taste but an hour after he ate it with his hemp extract something weird happened, his behavior changed from a puppy to a adult. We had more eye contact still not sure what’s going on but its good to have some quiet time

  345. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Amazing for dogs with pain and anxiety I love this product. My dog is 17 with really bad hips and joints and was on tremadol 3 times a day which I hated to do because of his liver then I switch to the oil and he acts like a young pup again it’s amazing. If you buy the stop and shop brand dog biscuits it has holes in them that you can use the dropper in and it does not leak out the bottom.

  346. Anon

    WOW WOW!!! I have a 4-year-old Basset Hound who has severe separation anxiety. It’s so severe and stressful for him that he has seizures because of it. His anxiety stems from losing his “big brother” (our 13-year-old Labrador had to go to Heaven, due to cancer) and a recent move. Both are traumatic on their own, but combined they have turned a formerly cheerful, bossy, clownish Basset into a frightened big baby who won’t let me out of his sight for a moment. Our vet put him on two anti-anxiety meds (one is a strong tranquilizer), and neither made any difference. According to our home security camera, he just wanders around, crying, whining and howling at the top of his lungs. It’s so bad, I started bringing him to work with me (thank God I have amazing, dog-loving bosses!), but I can’t bring him with me forever. After working two weeks with him in my office, underfoot when I’m walking around, and crying outside the bathroom when I’m in there for even a minute, I decided I had to do something else. I read all the reviews, thinking they were probably exaggerating, but I was desperate. My little miracle bottle arrived, and I’m truly stunned. My dog is a completely different kiddo today. He’s lying on the floor of my office and hasn’t really moved since we went for a walk two hours ago. I was out in our warehouse for 20 minutes, and he never tried to follow me. He wagged his tail when I came back in, but that was it. Normally, the minute I stand up, he jumps up. If I pick up my keys, at home, he starts crying and tries to block me from going to the door. He’s always nervous all the time, but not today. Today, he is calm and happy. He even ate all of his hemp extract, which is rare. When my boss popped in, my dog greeted him happily and then laid back down. No in-your-face, pet-me-now, reassure-me-now antics. He’s been chill all day. I’m going to wait and see if the seizures stop too. We were clocking them around every 4 to 6 weeks, for the past 10 months. If he goes 90 days without one, I’ll update my review to let readers know. I decided on this brand, because a reviewer said her 18-year-old cat was having several seizures, every single day, and it’s gone 2 months without one. That gave me so much hope.

  347. Leezamae

    Will buy again! This was a last ditch effort purchase for out 11 year old dog whose seizures have increased and meds aren’t working anymore. He was having them daily! He has had 2 in almost 3 months! We give him 3 drops of this and 1 dose if his meds rather than the meds 3x a day.

  348. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    It really helps ! Purchased for dog who started having twitches that then turned to seizure seems to be helping.

  349. GV

    Know your pet and count the drops I gave my 18 pound dog just the tip of the dropper and not the 1/4 dropper suggested. She was a bit unbalanced when walking shortly afterward and was not interested in her hemp extract oil as usual before bed time. I tested the drops before giving them to her and 6 drops were a lot less then 1/4 dropper full. I would caution using their measurement with the dropper and count out each drop suggested and give maybe half until you know how it will effect your dog.

  350. Whitepua

    Wonderful product Wonderful product

  351. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Stress I have 4 dogs…3 seniors and 1 pup. All rescues..not related. The pup makes the seniors crazy with the constant wanting to play and bark…big yard, free to run. This bottle of Hemp Oil for Pets WORKS!!! The pup slows down so the seniors can get a morning nap. The Hemp is great for my seniors as well because of the stress level from the pup. Its a WIN WIN product.

  352. Sylvan

    Anticipate great results Haven’t used for long but anticipate the great results with hemp oil. Smelled wonderful to me, like hemp!! Thanks.

  353. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Amazing results! This product was recommended to me by a friend. I’ve tried other hemp oils before but none have seemed to work and they were pretty costly . After the first few days it was like I got my dog back since she was diagnosed with arthritis.He is back to his charismatic self and full of energy. I couldn’t be happier. Will buy again! Thank you!!!

  354. hassan

    I’ve seen great results an Bella is more comfortable now This product has worked wonders in just a few days for my pet Bella , she was diagnosed with osteosarcoma (bone cancer )recently and i have tried other expensive raw help oil extracts . I’ve seen great results an Bella is more comfortable now . Great quality and better priced than any other of its kind . Thank you herbal vet for my Bella’s comfort .

  355. stephanie

    Excellent!! Excellent!!! Will definitely stock up on this. Light clean scent, soaps up nice , rinses well. Fur is super soft and shiney after! One of my cats get dry skin after the bath no matter what I do or use. With this Hemp Extract she doesn’t! Highly recommend.

  356. Jennifer Smullin

    All natural healer I purchased this for both of my dogs. One dog is overly hyper even after playtime and the other deals with some hip and ankle pain from an old injury. I have each of them their recommended dose and within 30 mins i could see a difference in how my one dog was walking and how the other was acting. Made with all these natural oils as well that are additionally great for my dogs hair, skin, etc. Very happy with this product.

  357. Shea Zimmerman

    Great! ….

  358. Pegannh

    Five Stars My dog Teddy has finished a bottle and he is standing more and getting up easier ! Thank you so much for a great product ! I don’t have to put any thing but the product on his hemp extract for him to eat. Please try to get it back in stock !!

  359. Jackie

    Great product for anxiety ridden dog Great product! Took the edge off of my dogs separation anxiety. Packaging was great too!

  360. harold

    Stress reliever! Important to note that the included dropper is 1ml. I didn’t see where that was indicated on the packaging. I bought this product with hopes of lessening the dosage of other medications for my cat with feline hyperestesia. At this point, 2 months into a .5ml dose each morning, I have noticed an overall calming effect and certainly less stress. Although I haven’t been able to reduce other meds, I was able to bring Chippurr on vacation without any issues, whereas before it was a nightmare. His vet also noted the ease of his last visit. The doctor’s tech really didn’t even need the welding gloves this visit :). Overall, less stress means less seizure activity, I will continue to use this product or similar.

  361. Bobby Dean Greenwold

    Works Does what it claims

  362. Spenser’s Legacy Animal Rescue

    An easy to use supplement for pets’ aches and pains I love this product. I run a small animal rescue/sanctuary with quite a few older cats that have numerous ailments I am treating. My vet suggested trying this product to help ease the pain of kitties that are growing older and may have aches and pains from arthritis. Of course animals can’t talk and tell you what hurts, but observing their actions after using this hemp oil they seem to move a little easier than before. Hemp oil is not a magical cure, but it is a supplement that I feel comfortable using with my animals. And who knows what other benefits the animals may be getting from it?!

  363. Bobby Dean Greenwold

    Working Thirteen year old dog is showing more mobility and energy.

  364. Kristy Lightcap

    Perfect height for our 18yr old Lhasa Bichon that has … Perfect height for our 18yr old Lhasa Bichon that has trouble with his back legs, this makes it so much easier for him to eat and drink since he doesn’t have to bend down as far. Worth every penny!!!

  365. Bootlover

    My dogs finally sleep through the night I have 4 dogs and they usually never sleep through the night. Everytime I give this product to them, they sleep throughout the whole night. Will definitely buy again!

  366. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Helpful My little terrier is a nervous Nelly I have noticed a difference since using this product. He seems less anxious.

  367. chelsea

    It worked! Loved it! We adopted a dog with seizures from the local shelter. After trying the vet’s phenobarbital, we researched Hemp Extract Oil and tried it. We stopped the phenobarbital, and started out giving our chiweenie the lowest dose. Her next seizure was milder so we increased her dose…. then her seizures just stopped. We give it to her nightly inside of a piece of hot dog. I always keep an emergency bottle on hand to ensure we never run out.

  368. rebeca lyons

    Wonderful product This product is easy to use. I mix it in with my dog’s hemp extract and they love it. I’ve noticed a difference in their energy levels and their eyes are getting clearer. I will definitely continue to get this for my pets.

  369. Suzy

    It does wonders!! Great for dogs!! After torn ligament surgery, our dog, Max, was no longer energetic and had trouble regaining strength. Only hemp oil helped him rehabilitate quickly. We tried cortisone treatments, but nothing worked as well as the hemp oil. Now he chases the cats out of the yard and always greets us at the door, thanks to this product. I have never seen anything like it!

  370. Fawzia Khan

    Great product, great price Great product, great price! I purchased two bottles because everywhere else I looked was almost double the price. This stuff works great!

  371. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Veterinarian recommended! Great product! I am a small animal veterinarian and I have seen this work miracles on my patients! Highly recommend this! Great for animals that have arthritic issues or GI problems!

  372. Ann Johnson

    Natural product that my pup loves! Our little Jack Russel is a hyper one! I work from home every day and sometimes she wont leave me alone when I am working – (always wanting to play or go outside). I got this hemp oil because I wanted something natural to help calm her down so I can get a few hours of uninterrupted work in and this product has been really great! Our dog is also really picky with her hemp extract but when I mix in the drops with her kibble, she actually likes it better! It’s like a special treat for her. Win Win for everyone! Highly recommend. 🙂

  373. J. Adams

    Saved us! My rescue dog couldn’t deal with the separation anxiety and we were nervous about the barking getting us in trouble with our apartment complex. This stuff SAVED us!!!!! She is not drowsy or anything either. Worth the money!

  374. M. A. G.

    My dog loves this product! My dog loves this! We call it her yum yum juice. She gets so excited to take it daily. I dont even have to mix it in anything. I just give it to her right out if the dropper.

  375. Al Ardila

    Inexpensive and a great product My 15 year old dog is been in pain and limping , now she is pain free and running, this stuff is amazing

  376. Thad S

    Works for me This stuff seemed to work for my “scardy cat” who just hit didn’t want to ever be around. The alpha male seems nicer, and the beta is less skittish. I would definitely test it out in limited doses, but worked for me.

  377. Tal

    Keeps my dog calm and anxiety free while I’m away!! My dog has severe anxiety and ever since using this product he has calmed down and turned a new leaf! He’s a lot more calm when I leave the apartment and even when thunder strikes! It’s really quite an impressive result for so little effort.. 5 stars for Blue Sky Buds.

  378. jrose

    Keeps our kitty calm! We bought this to help our cat with constant meowing and what seemed like feeling unsettled. It has worked to keep him calm!

  379. Darius

    Thank you! Very satisfied! Great quality product! Very satisfied with my purchase. It arrived very quickly. The bottle is actually in a glass bottle, which is much better for storing than in plastic!!! Very easy to administer by simply mixing it in my cat’s hemp extract! Highly recommend to other pet lovers to help their pets get the health benefits of Hemp Oil.

  380. Chris Jones

    No headline Used on a little Shih Tzu who was very frightened by an approaching thunderstorm. Seemed to ease her worries and fears better than anything else we’ve tried so far . Plan to use for other anxiety issues should they arise.

  381. denise odin’palmer

    Five Stars My cat soft from this Hemp Extract thanx

  382. Degan Michelle Loren

    This is a favorite for one of my three cats This is a favorite for one of my three cats! He just loves to carry this around the house in his mouth. I’ll wake up with it in bed. The noise maker is very sensitive.

  383. Audrey

    Great Great

  384. sareeves

    Great Product for Senior Pets My 13 y.o. mini dachshund seemed to be having joint issues and also has slight IVDD near the hip area. She also has lost quite a few teeth and most foods/snacks with the glucosamine and chrondoitin were too hard for her. We mixed Bil-Jac Senior hemp extract with her regular hemp extract, which resulted in a trip to the doggie E.R. for constipation. So, I was searching for a liquid to put on her current hemp extract. This has worked wonderfully. She doesn’t seem to realize it’s there and she has gotten her spunk back and loves to run again. You’d never know she was thirteen! Thanks for a great product!

  385. Christina Minoguchi

    Awesome product and very fast shipping! A+ Highly Recommended! Our dog had some type of eye infection and ear infection and we used this on him and it was gone in a day or so. Great product! Thanks

  386. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Best seizure medication I’ve found My Dachshund has severe seizures on a weekly bases before we started medicating him first with Pet Hemp Extract Oil, then with Rick Simpson oil. Both worked great reducing seizures to every 3 weeks but up to 7 seizures in that one day. Since starting Blue Sky Buds he has not had more than 3 in one day and the severity is down. I hope they don’t start charging more. Don’t want to have to find another medication

  387. Z-

    All natural and love it! I just needed something i was able … Thank you! All natural and love it! I just needed something i was able to include into my dogs hemp extract, where it wouldn’t be much hassle

  388. David Diaz

    This worked for my chinchilla, brought her appetite back! Bought this for our chinchilla!! She hasn’t been eating like she used to.. A few drops each day and she is back to eating normal, kids are thrilled..

  389. Taylor P

    This product really is amazing! This is already helping our older big husky, thank you! This product really is amazing!

  390. Aubree Mickelson

    Works so well My dog has severe anxiety and is terrified during storms, but when I give her the oil… she just sleeps through the storm. It’s amazing! I have tried everything else and this has been the best.

  391. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    All natural supplement for animals Our Yorkie is now 15 yrs old and I use supplements to help with his coat, digestion, make sure he is mobile as possible. This is a great all natural supplement for a good price.

  392. Edye Payne

    Hemp oil Don’t know if I like it yet. Started it yesterday. I do not like that there is no measurements on the eyedropper. Would also like an insert that tells how much how much to give for weight. Hated looking for a magnifying glass. Back after using this for over a week. This is great. My dogs have changed so much. Anxiety is greatly improved. No more pain in the joints. No licking of joints due to apparent pain. The granulomas on my blue heeler are healing. Love this product. I still wish the eye dropper had measurements on it. Back again. This stuff is wonderful. My 10yr oldo, 80 lb blue heeler can go up and down the stairs Again! It has to be the Hemp oil.

  393. michelle bremec

    LOVING this brand and Lizzy digging’ her hemp/coconut oil 🙂 Our dog Lizzy is getting older and we have been looking for ways to improve her overall health not to mention chill out her behavior. In researching hemp products we noticed a lot of them are not very clear on how much to give her. That’s why I went with lifelong, so far Lizzy seems to love it and she has totally chilled out. I also love that it is mixed with coconut oil.

  394. Heather

    Works well. Calms my dogs nerves.

  395. AJ

    work good, serves the purpose work good, serves the purpose

  396. frances berga

    these r so hard I break them in half so … these r so hard I break them in half so i can give my girl hemp extract oil more then once a day but the peanut butter flavored r much HARDER THE THE MINT ONES i ordered first time My husband even has a hard time breaking them .. That being said my girl loves them

  397. Tiana Maranville

    Saved my dogs life. My pup almost died at 10weeks of age bc she couldn’t keep anything down. she looked like a skeleton and we couldn’t find a hemp extract she could properly digest. Tried this after finding a hemp extract that she could partially digest. She hasn’t vomited once since we started adding this product to her diet. 1 week later she has gained 7lbs and is almost totally caught up tp the size she is supposed to be! I know this bc she sees her brother routinely. She is now happy, healthy and strong! also, there is no taste or odor that i could notice. thank you thank you thank you!!

  398. LadyFrogg

    Five Stars Thumbs up!

  399. Gene Kuper

    Magical Immediate results…very calming effect on my doggie. He is much less stressed and no more separation anxiety. Highly recommend this product. Will definitely buy again. USA product!

  400. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Five Stars Nice product, high quality. We had to return because it was too large for our dog.

  401. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Great for traveling with your pet! My dog Bernie is terrified of being in the car, so I gave this a try and he was noticeably calmer. It’s also great for calming him down when he’s in new places. He feels better and I feel better about bringing him along for more adventures together 🙂

  402. Mark Piade

    Great product I gave my dog only half of the recommended dose before car rides which normally really stress him out and he was significantly more relaxed, my vet prescribed him doggies xanax so I’m glad i found something more natural and healthy that works just as good, and this stuff is much cheaper too!

  403. ahiad jacob

    Great product Bought this for my 7 year old great dane, he s has been having really bad tummy issues and hasnt had much appetite for months now, Blue Sky Buds really helps, i put a few drops on a piece of bread a few times a day and he’s actually been finishing up his hemp extract only 2 day after using this stuff

  404. W Many

    Best product I have tried for my dog Purchased this to help calm my 8 year old labradoodle. She is also moving slower as she is getting older. I did notice that after a few days of suplenting her hemp extract with Blue Sky Buds hemp oil, that she is definitely more calm. I am more than pleased! I am not sure of the effects of her stiffness as of yet, but she has been moving mor and having fun at the park! Definitely not so uptight! I have tried other products that claim to have the same results and I have not been impressed, especially now that I have tried Blue Sky Buds hemp oil. I would HIGHLY recommend this product.

  405. Kristen B

    Great Supplement for my Yorki-Poo ! I have been adding this to my Yorki-Poo’s dry hemp extract for the last month. He is seven years old and is starting to slow down and having trouble making it around the lake we walk a few times a week. I add one pump to his hemp extract daily ( He is 7 pounds ) and he actually still eats his hemp extract and likes the taste of this supplement. It’s week five now and he is actually making it around the lake without me having to carry him. He also seems more energetic around the house which is nice. This is the first supplement I have added to his hemp extract and I am glad he likes the taste and it really seems like it’s making a difference! Very happy with the results ! * sent by seller at no cost in exchange for my honest and unbiased review

  406. Suehayes Rosado

    Five Stars Does the job

  407. Thomas

    THANK YOU! Great product , helped tremendously with my previous malamute Balto who had bad hip dysplasia towards the end of his life. I was able ot make him much more comfortable for his last days and it was easy to administer , I just applied it in his hemp extract. Very fortunate to have this product available now on Blue Sky Buds ! Thank you herbal vet!!!

  408. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Five Stars This adorable tag arrived quickly and the engraving was accurate. I cant wait to order another one soon!

  409. Ms. Richardson

    Works Great My lab has been on strong medications for his arthritis for many years now, at first, it seemed to help, but the past few months seems to be in a lot of discomfort and barely gets up unless its to eat or do his business outside. This product has been a lifesaver, only after a week of use i see huge differences in my dog’s activity level and overall energy. He’s more active and playful, this stuff really improved his quality of life, he’s almost 15 years old so we appreciate every day we have with him. I really wanted to share my experience.I Usually don’t leave reviews but this product is worth spreading the word. Hope this helps someone as much as it helped my pup.

  410. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Highly recommend I have been looking into natural alternative but noting was as successful until one of my friends recommended Hemp Extract Oil for dogs by Blue Sky Buds, I can say with confidence that their quality is better than everything we tried, my dog is significantly more active and playful, After seeing my bud in so much pain for years, this is such a relief. Other products didn’t work that well or at all..I’m glad we gave this another shot, thank you! without our friends recommendation we wouldn’t have tried another product, so here’s our recommendation to you.

  411. Mike Nemeth

    Brightened my dog’s last days My wife and I have been rescuing dogs since our original dogs passed to the great beyond. I had a lab puppy and she had a year-old dachshund when we met and went on that proverbial first date. The dogs got along famously and so did we. When we moved to California and Peggy started working in a little unincorporated farming community in the Central Valley called Riverdale, we subsequently adopted two chihuahua mixes. This is farm country, and many people don’t fix their animals. And that means lots of puppies. Because, often, these dogs are left outside to fend mostly for themselves, some wander away. She found Kitty, an almost white chihuahua/dachshund mix, in the parking lot of the high school where she teaches. It was a late night after track practice when she spotted this dog that was nothing but bones and couldn’t walk. The temperature had been over 100 that day, and Peg determined the little girl wouldn’t survive the night. So she brought her home. We already had three dogs. Didn’t matter. We took her to the vet, and he said she’d live if we nursed her back to health. We did and she became the greatest dog ever. Loved hemp extract. We named her Kitty after my cat who had just died of kidney failure. She was a street cat but the coolest ever. This Kitty lived up to the name. She was a great dog. Loyal beyond belief. Not scary but sometimes she tried. But something happened this year. She stopped eating. We tried everything. I began making her fresh steak for her meals. She was a friend of steak. Big friend. But even that waned in interest. Then I got the Hemp Extract Oil. I gave it to Kitty and my Jack Russell who’s ancient and has joint issues. We now call him “stick legs.” It helped them both. Him not as much as her. She began to eat more. For awhile, it appeared she was returning to normal. This took place over several months. But then she got worse again. We took her in yet again to the vet, and this time he found the problem. She had a cancer. The tumor was so massive in her belly that it had pushed aside all her internal organs. She literally could not eat or process hemp extract. I’m still pretty sad about the dog. Obviously, I wrote more of a eulogy than a review. But thumbs up to the hemp oil. It made her life that much better.

  412. Kim Wright

    Five Stars I started using this for my dogs seizures. So far it seems to be helping.

  413. Jonathan Valerius

    Best hemp oil I’ve found so far, she loves the taste of this one! Been buying hemp oil for my dog for about a year.. It’s been pretty tough giving it to her.. I tried this one because it’s mixed with coconut oil instead of hemp seed oil.. BINGO!! Dog is loving it and he getting all the goodies the hemp extract has.. awesome product!

  414. tim

    great stuff, really helped with itching! My dog has bad allergies, and was constantly scratching. since i started giving him peaceful buddy he has been a lot more comfortable.

  415. Madilynne

    Amazing product I’ve been using this product on several of my pets. I’ve had fantastic results! I’m teaming with my veterinarian to do blood work/assessment before & 6 months after

  416. M. Pay

    One Happy Pup! I was pleasantly surprised by the Blue Sky Buds Oil! My pup sleeps so much better and has been significantly less frantic/hyper throughout the day. While still being her same playful self! She didn’t mind the taste at all and I was able to add the drops to her dry foods with no issue. Will definitely buy again!

  417. K. Rocha

    My dog is transformed! I have a dog that we rescued when he was 13-16 weeks old. He had been beaten repeatedly, had large bruising and several broken bones. Someone had taken boiling oil and poured down his spine, melting the skin, hair, and exposing the bone. He required several surgeries to close the wound and was in the hospital for almost three months. Since then, we have worked with him constantly to help him feel safe and gain confidence. He suffers from severe PTSD and is anxious 24/7. It’s exhausting for him, our other dog, and us. He distrusts everything new, dislikes when things change, craves routine and needs me to be home as much as possible. Even when I am home and there is absolute silence he is still in guard. He stands and barks at anything he imagines is a threat. The wind, a shadow, a reflection, the air conditioner blowing a piece of paper, or sometimes nothing at all. I have consulted countless vets and was told the only solution was to put him on anxiety medicine, which no veterinarian close to us agreed to do. Dog therapists in America told me he would be like that for the rest of his life and that the best I could hope for was that he would trust me and my husband. Two days ago I received the oil. Yesterday I put two drops in his hemp extract for breakfast and again for dinner. For the first time ever he has been able to lay quietly and relax. This is huge for him! My husband came home and he happily went to greet him at the door! No panic, no barking, no hiding. I moved a footstool that we recently purchased. It was only a foot in one direction, but Toby just sat there like ‘no big deal’! Today is day two and slept all night. He woke up this morning and didn’t panic when I came out of the bedroom. He didn’t bark again when my husband came home. He’s finally a lot closer to a neurotypical dog! As long as this works, he will never be without it.

  418. Charles M.

    Four Stars great product it really helped my puppy with cataracts!

  419. candice soave


  420. LooneyLucy

    Five Stars My cat loves this

  421. Davitia

    Amazing! Our spring spaniel is 15 years old and has gone competely blind 🙁 keeps running into things and shaking in panic for hours after, this product really calms her down, she’s spending more time in her bed napping and doesnt have bad panic episodes if she bumps into furniture, thank you guys! This stuff is a life changer for all of our family

  422. etamar

    Amazing product!! Heard about this through a friend, my chocolate lab has been a nightmare to train, wasnt listening to me at all and was aggressing player with my friends, he seems more focused and longer eye contact with me when i give him a command. I definitely see a big difference in my dog, will keep using this stuff for sure!

  423. cb3bug

    My cat loves this oil I never in a million years would have expected my cat to beg for a supplement, but here we are. I’ll attach pictures if i can catch his speedy tongue action! Looking forward to tracking the benefits over time, but in the interim im floored that he licks the oil directly from the dropper! He has long hair, is HUGE (20lbs) AND is overly excitable and terrorizes my other cat who is much smaller… Cant wait to see if it improves his coat texture as well as his chill! This could be a game changer for our pet family

  424. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Major Help For Highly Anxious Dogs My boxer is scared of thunderstorms and I have tried many calming products. This is the only one that works fast and keeps her calm for a long time. I also used for a recent road trip, it worked wonders! Including while we stayed away from home and somewhere she’s never been before. I was very pleased and it’s all natural. I’m very happy with my purchase!

  425. Scott Roth

    so good. Our dog seems to be able to walk … So far, so good. Our dog seems to be able to walk a little better after taking it for less than two weeks. I give it a pump on her dinner and she doesn’t shy away like she did with crumbled glucosamine tablets.

  426. Kindle Customer

    Ultimate Touch Brush At firest seems a little stiff, but this brush works well, doesn’t pinch the skin, Recommended.

  427. Kayla Crawford

    Blue Sky Buds products! Bought this Hemp Extract for our new cat we adopted and it smells very good! Blue Sky Buds products are the way to go!

  428. slp

    Five Stars MY 2 GIRLS LOVE THESE.

  429. Michelle M.

    Hemp oil quickly helping with aging hip and joints This is quickly helping our 12 year old and she likes the taste. She used to cry out in pain, and lately has not been doing so. From what I have observed it has been great for her! I’m glad this is now available through Blue Sky Buds.

  430. LilPea

    Worth a shot, may purchase again. I got this to help my dog with separation anxiety when out other dog passed. Frankly, I don’t know if it worked, but it couldn’t hurt. She also has bad joints so I figured that was a double plus. Again, still not sure if it worked or not but she has seemed more stiff since we stopped it. Maybe I’ll buy again, I’m going to talk to her vet. Overall, it’s not a harmful substance for dogs and if it helped that’s great – but we had a lot to work through in the last few months. The scent of this is strong and put my dog off of it for a while. I can’t blame her. I ended up putting the drops in a pill pocket with her morning meal and she would eat it. Again, not sure if that’s because of the loss of her sister (she stopped eating for a bit) or because of the scent.

  431. Diego Diez de Medina

    This brought our Chiquita’s appetite back! Lifelong hemp oil for pets has helped our jack russel chihuahua mix with her appetite! Before trying this product we were constantly having to change her hemp extract looking for something that might interest her. Ever since we got her started on it she has been devouring her portions, happy to say that this helps keep her healthy.

  432. Riccardo Belletta

    👍👍👍 This is the best stuff ever! The first three days I felt it right away. My yorkie isnt chewing on the furniture every time I leave the house, I’m actually feeling ok leaving her alone now

  433. Josh Pezzner

    Please read!!! This stuff really works for my cat, we got her a few months ago from a shelter and she was very skittish, never let us pet her and spent most of the time under our bed. After i started adding Blue Sky Buds into her dry hemp extract she seems to come around more and appears more curious and playful than scared, i dont plan to use it all the time but for now it really seems to help her get acclimated to her new home, highly recommend this product to anyone in similar situation.

  434. Dianne Joyce

    This is a great product! My senior dog had slowed down considerably with her arthritis. She was also in pain. After just a few days of giving this hemp oil she was moving freely, and her attitude is greatly improved. Thank you!

  435. Hersey

    What a good idea for pets! Came quickly and seems to work. I’ll know more in a couple of days but happy with my purchase.

  436. Adam James

    The product arrived super quickly, my cat likes the taste of it The product arrived super quickly, my cat likes the taste of it, licks it right from my finger, seems to really help with his toothache, he has been slowly getting his appetite back. Great product!

  437. C. Glesener

    Almost a miracle My old arthritic dog has a new lease on life! The changes were noticeable after 2 or 3 days. He began to move more freely and now greets us at the door and follows us around the house like he used to. He is even able to lift his leg to pee, which he hasn’t been able to do for at least a year. He’s been on it about a month now, and we have noticed no negative side effects.

  438. George Angcos

    It works Used this product for my dog’s arthritis. It appears that he has been relieved of the pain.

  439. Esteban

    +- +-

  440. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Five Stars from a calm & happy pup Our dog has always had a calm temperament but the Summer thunderstorms were starting up and I had heard about Lifelong helping some of the neighbors’ dogs with anxiety during the storms so I gave it a try. The first time we were out in the neighborhood and got caught in a storm after Roscoe had been using Lifelong Pets Hemp Oil, we found shelter and he just laid down at my feet and was calmer than I’ve ever seen him during a storm. No noticed negative side effects and our boy seems to be happy and healthy. Also, if you’ve ever given your dog lab-engineered prescription medicine that they don’t want to eat, it’s typically because they recognize it as unnatural and not something to be consumed whereas with this natural remedy, Roscoe enjoys the taste and goes right for it. Recommend for your pet =)

  441. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Hemp oil for good health! Oil is definitely better than just taking hemp extract oil with hemp. Ear inflammation seems to be improving.

  442. dan

    Our vet recommended to try since we have tried many things before … My lab has been suffering from idiopathic head tremors and has had at least 3-4 mini seizure episodes every day for 1,5 years now and after just 4 days of using Blue Sky Buds, she had a small episode but lasted a few seconds and she seemed to bounce back much much faster , fingers crossed it stays this way! Our vet recommended to try since we have tried many things before that caused side effects .

  443. Jenn Peterson

    This product WORKS!! We have been loving this product! We can definitely tell the difference in our sweet dog Roxy! It used to be a bit of a struggle for her to get up from sleeping position and we’ve noticed that it’s not as bad! I think it’s helping her joints and muscles which is such a relief!

  444. Dustin Shaneberger

    A++ Highly recommended, saw immediate change in my furry babies! Have been telling all my dog parents about this stuff A+

  445. Omer Basha

    We love it This product really works!!! I got it for my dogs bad joints but it seems to help wit his separation anxiety and an hour later I gave it to him he was much more chill!

  446. Jen Traina

    Next day delivery Super fast shipping, seems great so far!

  447. Joseph

    I was afraid that our lab might not like the flavor but she has no qualms about it I was afraid that our lab might not like the flavor but she has no qualms about it. I usually mix it in her hemp extract but she’ll also consume without hemp extract. Looking forward to the long term benefits, as labs typically have hip and joint problems. I would recommend!

  448. Barbara Mackie

    Recovery and Relief Besides the Love I have and give to my Pekinese YinYin, this product has become a major part of her well-being. In the 2 days of applying the recommended dosage spray to her hemp extract, the results of recovery was amazing. YinYin no longer carries that bad limp of her front left leg. I have searched and sourced and found the solution. Whatever the taste is, it doesn’t interfere with her looking forward to meal time. Whatever size and/or breed, every pet owner needs to have this item at hand always. I will never be w/o it for YinYin’s health. Many thanks for having this vital item available.

  449. Mindy L. Newcomb

    Execellent Hemp Extract I always buy Blue Sky Buds Hemp Extract for the German Shepherds. It keeps there coats and skin perfect. Also, it smells so good and the product has natural ingredients.

  450. Ravan williams

    Just a few drops! OMG my dog used to pee everywhere, especially when she was excited, after using this stuff she has a small accident maybe once every few days, huge change, she seems to be more relaxed too.

  451. Naomi

    Big difference! Very happy with this purchase, been telling all my friends about it, smells really nice and natural too, you can tell they didnt add any fake fragrances, tough to find an honest product these days, thank you guys!

  452. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    This works great for anxiety! I have a bengal cat named jacky that suffers from anxiety. I asked the vet about it when she got fixed but he just said lets see if she gets better with age, she hasn’t. She has gotten worse. She has ripped out all of her hair on her underside, her legs and there is this big spot the size of a silver dollar on her back that is completely bald. Before paying for another vet visit I thought I would try this hemp product, she has been on it for about 3 weeks and has stopped ripping her hair out!!! Yay!!!!! The bald spot on her back is growing back and i can see her beautiful rosettes coming back on her legs and belly!! So excited about this!!

  453. Shantell Sheffield

    Want to try I haven’t tried it but want to got this gal who is scared of storms. She also has bad arthritis so hoping it helps. I did get it for my girlfriend’s dog and it works on his anxiety b

  454. Steve

    That’s how I helped my dog That’s my dog Haley, she is about to be 17 and the hemp oil really helped her a lot with her seizure, and all her joint pain, that being a dachshund brings. Really happy with the results

  455. Leighann

    Thank you! This product has helped my 8yr old yellow lab out tremendously. She had no energy, limping and you could tell she was in pain, but after 2 weeks she is happier, more energy and not limping as much. I will be ordering more for her and putting my little dog with separation anxiety on it too now.

  456. Sarah Jerome

    Great for our chihuahua! So far this product has been great for our almost 9 year old chihuahua! She seems happier and excited to go on walks again! I’m so glad I started giving her this extract!

  457. Mimibrooke

    Blue Sky Buds is a miracle! Blue Sky Buds is an amazing product. It has really calmed down my skittish dog! I love it!

  458. HSadleir

    Great product to calm you me pet! Love this product! Perfect for our dog when giving him a bath! He calms right down

  459. Jill Burke

    Worked wonders on my dog!!! Love this product! We have a fairly large lab… he’s the sweetest dog but gets a tad too excited 😏🙄esp every time company comes over…. always jumping on them etc and does NOT stop. A few drops of this oil in his hemp extract has calmed him down tremendously 🤗 Highly recommend!!!

  460. mike groisman

    I’m impressed This came just in time! I hosted a house party and my dog Hector typically gets overexcited and jumps and pees on anyone new coming into the house, its a mess and super embarrassing. I gave him a full dose 2 hours before the party and i was shocked at the results, he was still the good old energetic Hector we all know but on a more ‘controlled’ scale, it’s as if he ‘puled himself together’ and chilled out. Im seriously amazed! No side effects, his appetite and sleeping schedule didn’t change. Thanks a ton!

  461. gigi

    Five Stars Absolutely the best product for my dogs. I will continue to purchase this product.

  462. Kristen Brenan

    Great product Used this product for allergies with my Boston. He lost all his fur over the last 6 months. We gave him this twice daily for 10 days and all his fur has grown back and he has stopped scratching. Life altering for his allergies. Worked better than any pill we received from the vet.

  463. Hedy W Meisner

    Five Stars Good quality, prompt service

  464. Abby M.

    It took a couple of days to get the dosage correct but all is perfect now. I am extremely happy with this product My kitty was diagnosed with epilepsy, and since using this product, she has not had a seizure. It took a couple of days to get the dosage correct but all is perfect now. I am extremely happy with this product. Thank you so much, Abby Mead

  465. C. McCurdy

    Five Stars Good cat hemp extract, at a great price.

  466. Guillermo Willis

    Highly recommended. A great treat for my friend. Sylvester the cat.

  467. Alexander Jankuv

    Great for dogs with allergies! Great hemp extract oil, dogs love em’ will be ordering again!

  468. Lorie Tomlin

    Calm and Focused This works great and I only have to give my dog 6 drops instead of 1/2 a dropper full. It’s just enough to take the edge off so she can relax in stressful situations. I’ve tried several brands and this one seems to be the most effective for her. Thank you.

  469. deedee47

    There is no other Product Better than This There is no other Product Better than This. If you want your Furry Babies to have Beautiful Shiny Coats that Smell like Heaven made in Italy with all Natural Ingrediants Then You Have Found It With Blue Sky Buds Hemp Extract & Conditioner and the Spritz is a Must. Excellent Can’t say enough about Blue Sky Buds for Pets……

  470. Helen G

    Awesome I tried this product for my yorkiepoo who does not like fireworks. This product works great!


    Very effective! I have two senior citizen dogs that had been slowing down a lot….the Hemp oil has given them back the spring in their step!

  472. Mariana M.

    Super happy with the results, Samo and I are hooked! My chihuahua Samo is a nervous wreck usually. He absolutely loved the taste of this and it chilled him out immensely. I’m very happy with this product, the other night he even stayed calm during a pretty bad thunderstorm, that’s a first!!

  473. Candie

    Five Stars Great product

  474. Gail Fechter

    Five Stars Arrived quickly works well

  475. sak1blu

    Five Stars Super cute, nicely done. Will buy again if need to.

  476. Reggan

    I can’t say enough good things about it This product has brought peace to our old guy and ourselves! He is a 14yr old bull mastiff/dane mix and has dementia along with failing hips/back. This has almost stopped his panic attacks at night (come with the dementia) and seems to help sooooo much with his back pain. I can’t say enough good things about it.

  477. Lorac

    Finally a leap out of the dark ages, using … Finally a leap out of the dark ages, using herbs that heal not harm with side effects! My Third bottle for my 14 yr. old lab. Her back legs give her some pain, and the oil mixed in with her hemp extract seems to be helping. She is given this twice a day for her back legs and spine. She has responded well to this product. I am so thankful Blue Sky Buds has this on their site.

  478. Rachel

    Good but hard to chew for smaller pups These are a big hit with my pup, but they’re a little tougher I expected.

  479. Adam lang

    Amazing for anxiety I never write reviews but I HAD to for this. I have a very anxious greyhound (about 70 lbs) and was moving from one city to another a few hundred miles away. Typically, he’d be panting and not eating for a few days after such a change in environment. After giving him this, he got out of the car and began playing with his toys! He was right at home and ate his dinner. As an added bonus, it helped his sensitive stomach. This stuff is amazing and a must-have for any anxious dog.

  480. Karen

    It really does seem to help Wasn’t sure what to expect. Have heard of others using this to help their pets. Tried it about 2 weeks so far and dog with low back problems is more comfortable without the sedation of strong pain meds. She is moving better.

  481. shannon@eckerd

    It works!!!!!!!! Our cat was having seizures 10-12 times a day, the vet wasn’t able to help and said to just put her down. The day we started using this they stopped, and we’ve 2 weeks seizure free. It truly works, I can’t believe how well.

  482. Michelle M.

    Will this work I don’t have a review yet. But am looking for some relief for my baby boy Sage. He’s hurting from ACL tear. In his back leg and wondering if this will help. He needs pain relief.

  483. Adam Thiesen

    Five Stars Cats love em

  484. Vanessa Liebenderfer

    Cats love it My cats love it. A healthy product I feel good about serving-

  485. Josh

    Might need to adjust dosage based on dog behavior as well as weight. Used this for my dog’s anxiety and hyperactivity. Had a bit of trial and error to get the dose that calmed him without making him lethargic. Recommend using marks on the dropper

  486. John R

    Nice Senior Cat Fod Nice senior cat hemp extract. Cats seem to like it that’s what matters. Kibble seems a bit larger but what the hey!

  487. Gina.mendoza34

    I highly recommend this product as I hate to see my dog … I got this for my dog “Bonita” before, during, and after the fourth of July festivities. She does not do well with fireworks as most other dogs don’t. While she still did get some anxiety, giving her 4 drops of this did help her tremendously. I highly recommend this product as I hate to see my dog stressed out by loud fireworks. A little goes a long way.

  488. W

    It works!! My Cavalier King Charles has Syringmgelia (fluid on brain, scoliosis, arthritis). She has been having a tough time with steps and overall mobility. I started her on hemp oil in April and was really amazed after a week or two how well she was moving around. You can tell by looking at her that she’s not in as much pain/discomfort. Now after a few months of daily hemp oil (10 drops 2x a day) she is actually able to run a bit and is more active. I would highly recommend.

  489. Suzy Parker

    Works if your pet can stand the taste I wanted to buy this before July 4 for my dog, and it arrived in plenty of time for me to try it ahead of time. My dog is a long hair Chihuahua mix, so she’s not very big…I have her the recommended dosage by putting it on one of her hemp extract oil. I noticed a strong odor of cannabis. Very strong. She ate it, and after .5 to 1 hour, she was sound asleep in “her” chair. She spent the entire afternoon there and was not interested in waking up for anything. In fact, when she did get up, she seemed a little woozy, and wanted to sleep some more. That was all right with me, as I preferred her to be that way rather than shaking and terrified. When the fourth rolled around, just as the noise barely began, I went to give a dose, and she did not want it – not on a treat, not even on chicken meat. I already knew that the odor was unpleasant, so I tasted it, and it was not good. It actually was terrible and I forcibly squirted it along the inside of her cheek because she was shaking from fear from the fireworks. I figured that I’d rather she get some relief in spite of the taste. this seems to be a good product, if your pet can get over the taste, which is why I have it 4 stars instead of 5.

  490. dennis mcfarland

    Happy dog Very helpful for our bichon twice a day

  491. HLeeCo

    Five Stars Good product. Will buy again. Helps greatly with the aches and pains our older dogs struggle with.

  492. A Mac

    Worth a try Combined with a hemp chew daily. Seemed to help my dog immensely with fireworks. Still a little agitated during storms, but not as bad.

  493. sheysa

    So far so good, I see a difference… Charlie, my 9 1/2 year old Maltese has a collapsed trachea. At this time of the year the humidity and heat are brutal in South East Florida and I have to give him daily Prednisone and Trazodone which are certainly not good for his liver. For the last 6 days I have been giving him 1/2 dropper per day of this Hemp Oil Extract and slowly cut down on the other medications. He does not mind the taste at all and he is more relaxed and a bit more playful. I think I will try the human version of those drops for myself made by the same company. I also filled a script of Theophylline 5mg (it is a bronchodilator) on pharmacy ONLINE and will complement by giving him 1/2 dose per day with Blue Sky Buds Pure Organic Hemp oil Extract. PS: He also likes his new cooling pad as you can see in the attached picture…LOL…!

  494. TONI

    Peace and tranquility for Seizure..or pain.. Useful for Dogs and Cats! Good Quality. Non GMO Organic. Apply to dry dog hemp extract…or wet hemp extract. Half dropper full 2 x Daily for my 60 lb dog who has Seizures. You can spread out three times a day—- Even a Pill Pocket can be filled (holds about 1/3 dropper) (Though more costly with hemp extract oil!) Bottom Line It helps with his anxiety. Fireworks…thunder..stressfull events. As well as Vitamins and Amino Acids. Good for Cats too….in much smaller doses. But helps to bring pets RELIEF and back to “normal” P.S. Footnote on Siezures! Dogs need to be COOL during their episodes…and they get dehydrated. I also add an Electrolytes to the hemp extract twice a week .(Makes them drink more water) And brings their body back into balance. Plus coconut oil…two tablespoons (start out smaller dose —increase over week) Good for their Brains! And this Supplement

  495. spychic

    my pup was more chill and ate better when on it helped my dogs appetite, and she was more relaxed and chill. highly rx, though i didn’t check up much on the source. hoping it was good quality but didn’t last more than 2-3 weeks at the dose per dogs 45lbs. i will research brands and return for this if nothing else comes along. but Hemp Extract Oils are expensive and not always priced by quality. good luck in your search to support your pups long healthy life.

  496. Clay Davidson

    Great for anxiety in our older cat Bought this to help our older cat adjust to the anxiety of a new kitten. At her advanced age, we thought it might be useful as a cancer fighting supplement, too. It has really helped the cat relax and be more accommodating to the new kitten. And we are happy to know she is getting nutrition to fight any potential cancers.

  497. A. Thomas

    Five Stars My Yorkies love these bones and they last a long time

  498. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Five Stars smells wonderful, not overpowering but will last 4 to 5 days.

  499. Sarah W

    great for anxiety and 4th of July My 15 year old terrier with Cushing’s Disease has terrible anxiety issues. This helps tremendously! I give her a quarter of the syringe twice a day and she is sooooo much calmer. I gave her a little bit extra for the 4th of July fireworks, and she didn’t have her usual, ripping up the carpet, panic attack!

  500. Kate R.

    Best natural anxiety relief (fireworks) we’ve tried! This oil is amazing!! My 11 year old shepard/lab mix normally shakes with fear for hours on Fourth of July. I gave her this oil several times leading up to and all throughout the fourth of july with hemp extract oil, and with her meals. She was still anxious, and wanted to be near me, but laid calmly by my side panting, instead of pacing and panting, whining, and crying like normal. I bought this just to kind of test out and see if it would provide her any relief and to my surprise, this has worked better than ANY natural remedy we have ever tried to calm her poor anxious heart. We are sold. I have since been sharing it with everyone I know, and we have bought several more bottles and found it works for regular daily stress, or storms just as well- I just give her less! THANK YOU so much.

  501. Deanna Weers

    Five Stars Thank you. Not sure it made any difference.

  502. UpState NYer

    It works for anxiety . Used this for a dog with anxiety. we have a rescue who is slowly coming into her own. Each new expedience can be traumatic. Soaked a piece of bread 2 hours before a thunder storm. She was better. Took her for a car ride, better.. Met new people and dogs, better.

  503. LazyLimaBean

    Miracle Cure My Great Dane is a nervous nelly. Every noise, creak, whisper and/or leaf falling from a tree 5 miles away convinces her we’re going to be killed. I was nervous about this July 4th. I gave her a pb sandwich with 8 drops and she’s been out like a light throughout the entire night. This oil is a miracle!! Thank you Thank you Thank you

  504. Ky Girl

    Five Stars Put drops on hemp extract and our dog ate his hemp extract without any problem. His health is improving

  505. Andrea Little

    Works wonders My cat had 2-3 seizures a day. Vet said there was nothing he could do. She is 18 years old. After giving her the oil she is brandnew. 2 month and counting. Thank You

  506. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Our cats love the hemp oil, thumbs up and FIVE STARS for sure! Our cats both suffer from hair loss and one of them doesn’t eat much. Since I started them on this hemp oil, the one is eating more and they are both much more energetic. Also they seem to be growing some hair in the affected areas!

  507. gjportland

    Even Better with Conditioner. Love this stuff, and so happy that we can do the conditioning at the same time. Great fragrance which lasts!

  508. S. Diaz

    It is good for the sensitive stomach as well It is a pure product. It has helped relieve stress on my dog. It is good for the sensitive stomach as well. I will reorder this product

  509. Dev Chanda

    Good news this helps our dog out a lot! We have been learning about hemp oil for a while, and wondering if this would help our dog’s skin allergies and hip pain. Happy after taking that leap of faith and giving her the hemp oil. She has had a lot more energy and her skin allergies have gotten much better too!

  510. Sandra A.

    Five Stars My dog loves it!

  511. Ivy J from denver

    Service is fast, they are quick to answer questions, and my dog seems happier. This is great! It seems to be really helping. Our 91/2 torn his ACL and was on 3 different meds twice a day, now just this. He seems to be in less pain and his leg doesn’t look as swollen. He’s a happy boy! After a TPOL surgery on his other leg at 2, I just couldn’t see doing that again, since this leg also has a torn achelies tendon and he can’t do the rehab like last time. He seems content, he can’t still go on shorter walks and his quality of life has improved. Thank you!!!🐕🐶

  512. kathy gardner

    Seems to be helping Only been a few days, but I can see a difference in my 13 year old border collie. He has trouble going up stairs and seems to be doing better in just three days. Hope he continues doing better.


    Buyer beware Do not use if your dog has Addison’s

  514. Elaine

    Works Has help her to calm down

  515. B.M.D.

    A bit disappointed… Got the first bottle for my mom’s cat and she was happy with it. So I got another bottle for my cat but it came in leaked….. the cap was not closed all the way…

  516. Mayra

    Give it a try! I bought this for my dog. From what I can see it does work. Use it for when we have family comes over and she doesn’t bark as much, she just goes to her bed.

  517. Tayler Kiele Burket

    Great Buy for your Anxious Pets Seems to help my kitten out when I leave the house- and i’m super appreciative. Now he is no longer marking his territory or scratching up any furniture. I put it in his hemp extract, as putting it in water seems like a waste, and he doesn’t taste a difference. If anything, he likes it more. Thanks guys. Prompt delivery and amazing product. And it really works!!!!

  518. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Helps with feline herpes outbreaks My cat was recently diagnosed with feline herpes after what I thought was a mild eye infection. I was told by my vet that feline herpes is super common and she will only have an outbreak if she gets stressed out. I am buying this for my cat to help with her outbreaks. It works really well.

  519. 2chixlisa

    We highly recommend this product We started using this product to help with our 11-year old pit/mastiff’s allergies. When our 14-year old pit mix started having bloody noses, I immediately got him started on the product also as I suspected a nasal tumor. Our vet confirmed our suspicions, the bloody nose was caused by the tumor rupturing. She said that the tumor would continue to grow and rupture resulting in more frequent bleeding. I told her that I had started Teddy on hemp oil. She supported this course of treatment. It has been two months now, and Teddy has not had another bloody nose. We highly recommend this product!

  520. Anna

    That even though it’s expensive, it works as stated. I don’t often leave my pets alone for more than a couple of hours, but when I need to be gone for six or more hours at a time, I find Putting a few drops of Hemp Extract Oil on their tongue allows them to simply sleep away the time I’m gone. They appear to be less anxious when I come home, and in better spirits. I find this to be the case for myself as well. As our use the product made for humans. I just wish it weren’t so expensive. I am a disabled senior on Social Security, So I use this expensive product sparingly. But I am pleased with the results.

  521. K.M. Brunner

    This oil helps keep the fur-kin happy & healthy I cannot believe I’m almost out of this product! I will definitely reorder this oil for my pets. Taking care of a lot of pets require a calm and healthy environment. This oil helps keep the fur-kin happy & healthy! Yay! I was very pleased with this product and will purchase again!

  522. Erik hofstetter

    Hemp Oil calms my baby down, Organic and Made in the USA! At first, I was super skeptical on this kind of product but of all I liked that this is organic and made in the USA so I gave it a shot! Happy to report that my little one seems to be in A LOT more relaxed and less antsy around the house. Will buy again!

  523. Phyllis

    Five Stars Has really halped our 2 senior fur babies.

  524. Kay Gustafson

    It works My dog improved almost immediately

  525. Lexiqute

    Kitty puke ain’t no joke! Easy to dispense directly to my cat and he doesn’t mind the taste. We purchased this to help our cat with travel sickness. I can’t tell if it has really helped or not, but it certainly hasn’t hurt!

  526. Barbara L.

    Relief pain from the Arthritis I noticed her improved with her walking after giving hemp oil within one week.

  527. J9

    This arrived on a day my dog started limping and … This arrived on a day my dog started limping and showing pain in her right paw. The hemp helped her relax through her pain. I used it for the first 3 days and believe it helped a lot.

  528. Laura plunkett

    This may have saved my cat’s life I’ve been using this product on my cat who has been having seizures he’s had 2 in a month and already I’ve noticed a difference in just two days. He’s more active he seems not as nervous as he has been after his seizures. I’m praying that this is the answer to my prayers. It’s so easy to give it to him because it comes in a dropper. I’ve also been giving him pills and I feel like the pills are stressing him out as I try to put them down his throat. I am a veterinary technician and my cat doesn’t usually mind taking pills but with the current situation of him having seizures this eliminates any further stress to him. Thank you for this product I will definitely be purchasing more. I failed to mention that my cat is 19 years old and has never had any health issues until recently. I highly recommend this medication to anybody who has a cat that is currently experiencing seizures.

  529. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Dogs Helps my dog wonderfully

  530. Stephanie R. Davis

    It works to calm down a Goldendoodle with ADD! My dog loves the taste and he sleeps through the night so we sleep better!

  531. Ashley Lawson

    Amazing product! We have a 10 year old Boston Terrier that has had arthritis for the last year. She’s progressively slowed down to the point we can tell she’s in pain. We started her on these drops 1-2 times a day and it’s amazing the difference it’s made. She’s back to her old self! Wish we found this product sooner! Highly recommend to anyone with pets that have any signs of pain or discomfort.

  532. Mikell Allen

    Thank you It helps my dog relax and be comfortable. I don’t like the dropper, it comes apart to easy. Thank you for this product my fur baby feels better 🤗

  533. Marielle

    This product has helped our dog with his very severe separation anxiety. So grateful that we found this product. Our dog suffers from separation anxiety and in the past few days that have used it there can be no doubt that it has helped him stay calm.

  534. Jason

    Gave me my dog back!!!! Excellent product, gave me my dog back!!! Thought I was going to lose him, I feel like some patients and this product is what brought him back. Took a month to really take effect but within a few weeks you should see results. I have put my other 2 dogs on this supplement to see if they can benefit from it as well.

  535. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Four Stars Seems like it’s helping my 17 yo cat

  536. Linda Lippincott

    She has a bad hip and she seems alittle better taking the Blue Sky Buds It seems to work for my dog Molly. She has a bad hip and she seems alittle better taking the Blue Sky Buds.

  537. Laney

    This really works! My extra hyper little rat terrier loves this stuff! He drinks it straight out of the dropper and even views it as a treat! One day I came home from work and he’d taken it off my side table and stashed it in his bed. Thank goodness he wasn’t able to get into it and drink it all! Needless to say I keep it out of reach now. But enough of how much he loves it. This stuff really works. Within 30 minutes of giving it to him I notice him calm down. He has been a challenge because of his anxiety issues and hyperactivity and I’ve honestly thought about giving him up. Thank goodness for this hemp oil because it calms him and he’ll actually sit peacefully in my lap. I can’t say enough good things about this product.

  538. Brett E.

    Hemp with coconut oil, awesome combo! l.. My dog didn’t like the taste of that one and it gave her diarrhea.. This one is mixed with coconut oil which she likes much better. It’s helping with her separation anxiety, the neighbor said she didn’t bark or scratch while I was at work the other day. Happy so far, will update after another week or so.

  539. S. Wilkerson

    I have multiple cats and they all like different things I can only write this on behalf of my kitty Roxie who totally loves this particular flavor of these hemp extract oil. I buy in bulk so I always have them on hand for her. I have multiple cats and they all like different things.

  540. Melissa pena

    Four Stars This product helped my pup he’s is happy now

  541. Carol Brown

    I think it helps some with separation anxiety. It … I think it helps some with separation anxiety. It took about 3 weeks. I was hoping that his barking would be reduced as his anxiety went down. so far that is not the case.

  542. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    What you are trying to help your pet with Did what it was supposed to

  543. Morgan ferguson

    AMAZING! Worked like it was described BUT I should … AMAZING! Worked like it was described BUT I should have gotten a bigger bottle because I went through it fast.

  544. Heather T.

    I can’t report on if it works effectively for her or not but can report that I believe it is a quality product that friends have reported works well and I would recommend to someone in need This was hard to administer to my cat. It is virtually odorless and tasteless, but the minute I added it to something for her to ingest she knew it was there. I can’t report on if it works effectively for her or not but can report that I believe it is a quality product that friends have reported works well and I would recommend to someone in need.

  545. Melanie Waller

    Four Stars This oil is helping my old dog have better movement.

  546. raj

    ok I was the number one skeptic but my poor old dog was so bad that I would try … ok I was the number one skeptic but my poor old dog was so bad that I would try anything to make her life better….she is 15 years old with a lot of joint problems. Last week I had to help her up all the time….this week she is getting up and walking around. I also added toe grips which help a bit too

  547. MDAVIS

    Four Stars works great, fragrance a little strong. Gentle to pets skin.

  548. beachreader

    Magic Happy Juice Nothing to dislike in this product. We got this for our 11year old arthritic Labrador. We noticed a rapid improvement within a week of using this. As long as Lucy is benefiting from this I will continue to buy it.

  549. Alejandro T.

    Old dog with hip problems, this stuff actually works I have an old american bulldog with pretty bad hip problems. Today is the third day he takes and he is moving around a lot more.. I love to see him this active and no problem licking it from his hemp extract bowl. He didn’t even need hemp extract in his bowl to lick the oil all up today.

  550. jess

    Works GREAT for my Dog! Pleasantly surprised that this hemp oil is helping with my dogs separation anxiety!! She no longer goes crazy when I leave the house.. I’ve been dealing with this for years and only a few days after starting the recommended dosage, my border collie lab mix is much calmer when I leave the house, no more scratching, barking, damage to the door.. My neighbors should be thanking me any day now.. thanks Life Long!

  551. Jenny

    Great product. Recommend getting something with a strong enticing … Everything arrived as ordered. Great product. Recommend getting something with a strong enticing smell to cover up the aroma of the hemp, as it’s pungency turned my dog away. But that was expected since its pure and concentrated ! Also has directions with weight distribution on the bottle which is nice

  552. mara

    Five Stars I wish there was a better to more accurate give the proper dose.

  553. Jean H.

    a great product! As always, a great product!

  554. Carrie Petska

    The days he has had it her seems a little more peppy and able to move around better. I just started this with my dog. He is almost 13 and has alot of arthritis. The days he has had it her seems a little more peppy and able to move around better.

  555. Chris Thill

    Older dog loving the benefits of this hemp oil!! My family’s husky is getting older and suffers from pretty bad joint pain. The hemp oil is definitely helping her move around more easily and my grandparents are SO happy.. Going to order another bottle soon!!!

  556. Hallie Wilks

    Helping my bulldog with skin allergies AND hip issues/arthritis I bought this for my dogs hip issues, she is now limping a lot less!! Its even helping her with some skin allergies as her common irritations are getting better, WOW!!

  557. Diane

    Fantastic product! Not to be confused with Hemp Extract Oil, that said…it’s still a great product for pain relief and it doesn’t have the strong unpleasant odor like some of the best hemp essential oils. I use it on my 57 year old knees after jogging on my treadmill and it gives me instant relief for almost 4 hours without the side effects of OTC or prescription pain meds.

  558. Lori Adjutant

    He is basically pain free walks better sleeps better and most of all has never had … This has done wonders for my 15 year old pug! He is basically pain free walks better sleeps better and most of all has never had an appetite like he does now! Thank you for making this product available for dogs I truly believe it has extended and improved his life!

  559. Molmag

    love My 5 month old shitzu loves these hemp extract oil. Love the list of ingredients and super fresh.

  560. Kindle Customer

    Hemp Extract Oil I have a 15 year old Lab. She has trouble with her hips. This oil helped right away. I very pleased with it.

  561. Terria527

    Although it healed nicely, the injury I’ve been using this product for several months now. My 50 lb Border Collie/Lab mix partially tore her CCL about one year ago. Although it healed nicely, the injury, along with her age had been slowing her down. Since adding a 1/2 dropper to her hemp extract 2x a day, we have noticed her mood improve and she is more playful again. It has also helped with her patience with other dogs whom she has had a short tolerance level with.

  562. me

    our boston terrier is absolutely terrified by thunder and fireworks … our boston terrier is absolutely terrified by thunder and fireworks. since we’re in thunderstorm season, and approaching 4 july…ordered a bottle to try out. put 2 drops on a dog cracker and 15 minutes later, she’s relaxing and the thunder isn’t a bother. the real test will be 4 july…but for now am thrilled!

  563. czp

    Really works! This has helped our rescue dog immensely. He is afraid of people because some one did him bad. It just helps ease the situation when someone is new to his life.

  564. Beth E. Mcshan

    This has worked exactly like I hoped This has worked exactly like I hoped. My dog with a disc issue in his neck is off all meds and only taking this twice a day. My other dog that has anxiety issues with thunder and lightning is now a semi mellow dog during storms!! Just in time for hurricane season so we are very happy!!

  565. RC

    My dogs seem to like it. Seems to be working well for my two dogs. I have a Lab and an Aussie and they both struggle with separation anxiety. I’ve been giving them a dropper full in their hemp extract every day for a about a week and I’ve noticed a difference in their behavior. They seem to be less anxious when I leave. Not to mention Hemp Oil is a great anti-cancer preventive. Update 7/9/2018 the price keeps going up on this product. 🙁

  566. Margaret Bagdon

    Five Stars It is really helping my 12 year old border collie.

  567. Baaabooo

    It works very quickly. I was skeptical at first, but I could see result almost right away.

  568. J. Cassidy

    Five Stars Great price and it works well on my old pups.

  569. Theresa

    Miracle Cure!!! My 8 year old border collie already suffers with Arthritis, the vet prescribed rimadyl but I didn’t like the warnings for kidney and liver damage. I started giving him hemp oil and almost immediately saw improvement, he’s getting up and down without struggle, he hasn’t had a day where he’s limping and he’s playing with his toys like a puppy again. I can’t say enough about how happy I am.

  570. Rob Lynch

    Oil just arrived today, only used one time, … Oil just arrived today, only used one time, so it is early to tell. First impression I do sense some calmness, I would imagine the more it gets used the results will show. I am confident a regular routine of usage will sow the desired results…updating this review, after regular use I have noticed a big difference in my dogs demeanor. And added bonus, a healthy and shiny coat. I have updated my rating to 5 stars, have ordered this product 3 times for our dog and I am consistently pleased with the results.

  571. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    I really don’t know much yet. She has only … I really don’t know much yet. She has only been taking it a few days now. I got this because my little dog is 12 now. And she is having some kind of sezzers.

  572. Page D.

    and he seem to be getting around better and is in less pain I got this for my older lab. It’s been about a month, and he seem to be getting around better and is in less pain.

  573. MOM4JJK

    KITTY HAD LOVE FOR THIS! My kitty love this hemp extract so much he carried it everywhere. I would highly recommend this product!

  574. Debbie S.

    Quality Product This product seems to be as good as more costly ones.

  575. Susan Crawford

    My dogs not so nervous calms him but gives him more productive play time. So far it’s working real good my little dog Maltese/poodle was real nervous but the oil has calmed him plus it helps his arthritis so he has mor play time. He even ran around the yard. He seems more content. Susan

  576. LGW

    Five Stars Seems to have a calming influence on my almost-16 year old dog.

  577. Jeanette

    Great purchase…recommend!!! “This hemp oil came across my FB feed and I decided to check it out. My 10 y.o. Westie, Niko suddenly quit eating and was getting weaker every day. I did some prior research and found that hemp seed oil helps pets with diminished appetites. However, it is all natural and gives no side effects like traditional medication. It’s only been a couple of days, but I can say that Niko has been regularly eating, and I can see the spark in his eyes again! We will continue with the suggested treatment. I’m so happy now as I know I have more quality days with my Westie Bestie!

  578. Nelson’s mom

    Can’t wait to use it! The product is well packaged for shipment and came before I actually expected it. I haven’t used It on our dog yet because she hasn’t had occasion to get “riled up” yet. I love the way the dropper is shaped which I think will give a more accurate dose. She is only 5 lbs so it is important that we do not give her too much.

  579. Carla Laney

    Five Stars Price was great. Luv product

  580. Jennifer D.

    Five Stars Great!!

  581. Codette

    These drops are PERFECT, and WORK…Results seen within a few days….. I have just purchased our second bottle. I have an 11 year old poodle, and he has seperation anxiety and also has a bad left hip, since I have been putting a dropper full on his meals once every day. I have seen an incredible amount of more activness and less limping and less anixiety. So it appears that it is doing the trick. he is quite the little sport again…..

  582. Danine Jaykus

    Highly recommend. Good quality and great After I give this to my two pugs (3 1/2 and 3) they get all spunky and start running around. It helps one with her anxiety and the other to give her a little more pep in her step. Highly recommend. Good quality and great price

  583. Erik

    For my dog I think his arthritis is bad and I have to buy this medicine consistently because … I have an 85lb rottweiler thats 9 years old and has arthritis and diabetes. He’s always playful and jumps around but he feels pain when he lays down. I bought medicine from the vet that costed $300 and the pain subsided only for 2 weeks so I had to look for a cheaper option. I’ve been looking into hemp oil and so far I give it 4 stars. For my dog I think his arthritis is bad and I have to buy this medicine consistently because I think it will take time for my rottie to feel less and less pain. So this is the second time I bought this and so far I will say that he does not moan as loud as he used to. Before buying this his moans were pretty loud but this is worth a shot rather than paying $300 bucks at the vet and sticking a gigantic needle in him. He gets enough needles for insulin. It’s $40 bucks and worth a shot. I will keep buying this because i also would like to see how far i can get with it.

  584. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    best price around. keeps my cat happy and healthy.

  585. Larry Kendall

    I mix it with his hemp extract and he doesn’t know it’s there! My weim was showing arthritis in his hip After a week and a half on this oil he is back to the playful pup I adopted.

  586. Jazzy Olivia

    This WORKS! So glad I gave it a try. Worked on my 4lb Prague Ratter (i gave her about 10 drops) within 5 minutes. She is usually really anxious in the car; crying, shaking, attempting to climb around, ect. But after giving her the hemp oil, she was FINE. She sat still, stayed calm and quiet, and just enjoyed sniffing out the window as we drove. A complete 180 from how she was before.

  587. Jerry Lim

    I got a new puppy, 2 months ago, … I got a new puppy, 2 months ago, and the neighbors in my apartment complex were complaining that my Brutus was barking and whining when I’m at work. I was about to find a place for him to be adopted until I starting reading about natural puppy calming. This hemp oil has helped me keep my little Brutus! He doesn’t whine when I leave, and I haven’t had the pleasure of knocking neighbors at my door the last couple nights. I’m so stoked!! You’re on notice to buy this miracle oil!

  588. Eric Metz

    Update I just reordered. This stuff REALLY works! I’ve been putting a dropper full of this hemp oil on our 17 yr old Dachshund LongFellow and his 2 yr old brother Otto’s hemp extract. I see a dramatic increase in LongFellow’s energy, he seems less stiff in the morning, and wrestling with Otto is definitely more intense! I highly recommend Blue Sky Buds Hemp Oil I just reordered. After 30 days of a dose on their hemp extract twice a day I’m seeing a remarkable difference in LongFellow’s (who is 17yrs old) behavior. Instead of wrestling with his little brother Otto maybe once a week they now go at it twice a day! LongFellow and Otto seem much more chill about thunder and things like that. LongFellow’s eyes even seem less cloudy and he definitely is getting around better way less stiff. I like the fact this product is USDA approved and that it makes my dogs happy.

  589. Goodshufen

    Hound smell gone I have a hound that is stink-y! While this doesnt last forever, it definitely takes the edge off. Love it.

  590. VHR

    Needed for separation anxiety We had recently had one of our dogs pass away suddenly and was concerned about the remaining dog being left alone when we go to work. I dropped the recommended amount on her morning cookie and she seemed to just sleep most of the time while we were at work which we view through the Pet Cube monitor. She also seems to move around a little bit better since she also has weak hips. She still whines when we go on road trips fornthe first 25 mins. But that could be dosage timing. Good product.

  591. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    He is much happier and relaxed/less anxious from this This product greatly helped my dog out! He is much happier and relaxed/less anxious from this. It’s all organic so I know there won’t be any sort of harsh chemicals that can hurt him in other ways or have harsh side effects. Thank you from me and him!

  592. Michelle Ashton

    Four Stars This product is awsome….helped my FUR baby immensely….and it’s totally natural!💕

  593. St Paul Lutheran Church

    Five Stars Seems to really help my dog’s joint pain!

  594. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    It actually works! My two poor 13 year old deaf & arthritic dogs are so much more alert and up and about since this Hemp Extract Oil! Even my son noticed it without me even mentioning what I was giving them. They go up and down the stairs now a lot better. LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff! I would highly recommend this to anyone with dogs that are in pain.

  595. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    I love how it is 100% Hemp Seed Oil and isn’t … I decided to buy this hemp oil for my cats because of the USDA Approval of the product. I love how it is 100% Hemp Seed Oil and isn’t mixed up with anything else. Anyway, I gave this to our most skittish cat of the litter last night. Possibly a coincidence, but the little guy decided to play nice and cuddled with the family. This rarely ever happens. I was pleasantly surprised. Overall, I’m pleased and definitely will come back for another order very soon!

  596. Blondie

    Five Stars My dog loved it!

  597. Amy

    Five Stars Dogs loved them!

  598. Elizabeth

    This stuff is amazing! I haven’t seen my 13 year old pug this mobile and active in over a year. She has severe arthritis joint pain and sometimes wakes up so stiff she justs wants to lay in bed all day. Since starting this she is the first one up in the morning and ready to go! This stuff is amazing!

  599. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Dog takes it willingly and it seems to help with his back pain. Seems to be helping with my dog’s back pain and he takes it willingly. (In fact, he wants to take it).

  600. MissMC

    When nothing else seemed to work, this does. The is for my mother in-laws 10 year old Pomeranian who is blind and has undergone back surgery several years ago. He is doing remarkably well with use of this oil. He’s very active regardless of his health issues. Thank you for providing this product.

  601. FantasyBuilder8

    Great anti inflammatory relief !! One of the best! I am re evaluating my original 3 star rating. Have been using this now for several weeks and am seeing a noticeable difference in inflammation etc. I personally don’t think any of the Veterinary hemp drops potency levels are as strong as they advertise. Do your math before purchasing. Human Hemp tinctures drops and syringes of Hemp oils are much more effective although not as easy to administer. All in all this is an excellent product for what it’s being advertised for. Safe and humane treatment for all animals, with noticeable improvements. 5 stars! On my third bottle now and will continue to purchase.

  602. Sanchosays

    Four Stars Works great for rough cracked pet feet.

  603. Amazing!!

    This is the one to buy… This product has proven to help my dog in many areas! Superior product….

  604. Marvin Maradiaga

    Four Stars Leaves a good smell and nice shiny coat.

  605. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Amazing Product! Would highly recommend, I’ve tried other similar products for my dog but none have worked as great as this. The taste doesn’t even bother her like past ones I’ve tried.

  606. jbfl

    Good option. Think it’s made a difference. Just ordered again.

  607. Constance Smith

    Five Stars Our cat loves this and got it for a good price too.

  608. Foofie

    I think it’s great. My dogs have only been on it a short time and I noticed an immediate change in their anxiety and it’s helped ease my dogs leg pain. I think it’s great.

  609. Daniel Miller

    Worked great and quickly! I have a medium sized dog with what I would call severe anxiety. Car trips, visitors, you name it. I have been told about hemp oil but was a reluctant to give it a try. I finally made the jump and ordered the product and have been very pleased with the results. What surprised me the most was how quickly I noticed the changes. She is much calmer after taking the oil and has a mellow demeanor about her. I have only been using the product for a short time but the results have been very positive. I will definitely go with this product in the future and would highly recommend this as a substitute to medicine and other chemicals.

  610. Eileen P. Bott

    Better life for the older dog Excellent for improving the life of the older dog.

  611. John

    Excellent quality natural product Great natural quality product and gives amazing results! I knew that Hemp Oil can relieve pain and stress. I liked that this product is all natural. Since it is highly concentrated, we only needed few drops for great results. My research shows that the technology used in this product makes the difference. We have more enjoyable time with our dog as he is quickly relieved from his Arthritis pain.

  612. garrett d’angelo

    Best value we’ve seen at this quality level Top quality, made with love! Too many oil sellers have contaminated products, this is pure unadulterated hemp oil, the quality shines through.

  613. ThymeX

    Good Product Seems to work well. Was exactly as described.

  614. brandon

    Five Stars Dogs love it

  615. R. Heller Jr.

    It works! I’ve been looking for an all-natural product like this for some time, and i’m thankful to have found this! I noticed that this helped with anxiety and now my wife and I enjoy a more peaceful home with less stress. The packaging, instructions- everything was top-notch. I would certainly recommend this product. Plus, it’s made in the US so that’s important for us.

  616. Michele rush

    Five Stars My dogs love these..

  617. Denise

    Well I am blessed and happy so so happy to report that the hemp oil … My pup has cushings disease. I decided not to do the vet treatments as my vet said it’s very hard for pup and parents. I researched things to help and spoke with two other parents that have pups with cushings and they suggested hemp oil. Well I am blessed and happy so so happy to report that the hemp oil has helped immensely. I know it’s the oil cause I incorporated things one at a time and this was the first thing. My boy has completely ceased with his night panting and incessant paw licking to the point where his paws were going bald. He had bee panting and licking on and off for a year plus. When we figured out it was cushings I started treating his symptoms holistically and it has been wonderful. I know it does not cure the cushings but it helps his comfort and thus his mommas 🙂

  618. donald e crawford

    Five Stars very good product

  619. Laura S.

    I have a black lab and he seems to love these hemp extract oil I have a black lab and he seems to love these hemp extract oil. What I loved about them is that they came in a resealable package, which is hard to find with dog hemp extract oil. And they aren’t huge so it’s the perfect size to give him when we need to get him inside from the yard.

  620. C. Swann

    A yogi friend recommended this product for my aging dog and it’s been … A yogi friend recommended this product for my aging dog and it’s been a wonderful experience. We are in the “transition phase” of his life and I wanted him as comfortable as possible and the opiate based drugs my vet provided just seem to make everything worse. The switch was absolutely worth it. We are in the best place with him while he moves to the next phase… I highly recommend this product and if I get another pet, it will be a part of my pets daily joint care routine. All the best, Crystal

  621. Ibuyalot Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Good for your pup Crunchy but not hard. Healthy!

  622. amanda

    Miracle This product is a miracle for my beagle. She slipped a disc in her neck and had torturous pain. The vet said she could have surgery or we needed to put her to sleep. I found this on line and she was cured in days. She has been on it for three months now . We took her off to see if she needed it and in about five days she was crying again. She is back on it and is doing good again . I only give her 1/3 of a dropper per day in her morning hemp extract. When she was in pain I gave it twice per day.

  623. EMP

    This hemp oil works great without the side effects of some of the other … We have tried many pain remedies for our 15 year old dalmatian/blue healer mix. This hemp oil works great without the side effects of some of the other prescription meds we have given her. I did a lot of research and this company sells very pure Hemp Extract Oil so I feel comfortable knowing that what I’m getting is of high quality.

  624. Fior De La Cruz

    These are great! My dog loves them so far. I’ve bought a variety of dental hemp extract oil from different vendors, and I could not get my dog to eat them. These are probably the only dental hemp extract oil he would consider eating. He has been chewing non stop! I had to break the cookies into smaller pieces (he’s a smaller dog). They are actually real homemade cookies which peeked his interest (I was so tempted to eat one). Phantom really enjoys the hemp extract oil, thank you for making, and we will be buying again!

  625. BeriMe

    Good! My seniors love this hemp extract and they do not throw up anymore

  626. Kory R

    Awesome product We purchased this for our two labs and they love it! Our chocolate lab is typically an anxious dog and since we’ve started giving her the hemp oil we have noticed her being less anxious. We would recommend this product to anyone

  627. Pen Name

    Five Stars It’s perfect

  628. Normal user

    This Stuff Works for our Sully! Our 6 year old Lab/American Bulldog cross is already exhibiting signs of relief from advanced hip dysplasia after only 2 weeks on Blue Sky Buds’s Hemp Oil! He is back to his happy playful self and we can stop Rimadyl! Thanks Blue Sky Buds!

  629. allison

    Four Stars Still waiting for results but not giving up..

  630. James

    I love this Hemp Extract for my dog I love this Hemp Extract for my dog!!! If I had a complaint it would be that the smell gets into my hands and remains for a few hours; but, the Hemp Extract smells good so I wont complain

  631. MLynn

    Good choice, will purchase again. Product is awesome! Used it yesterday at the dog wash and our Mastiff puppy loved it!! Smelled good and my hands were actually very soft afterwards, not dry like other washes we have used on our dog. Shows that this is a quality conditioning product- rinsed clean too!

  632. John

    She’s clearly feeling better. Doesn’t mind taking this at all Started using this on our Cat about a week ago. She’s getting up there in years and has started to slow down and not be as active. We can tell that some of her joints pain her. Just a few days after we started using this, we noticed a significant increase in her mobility and activity levels. She’s clearly feeling better. Doesn’t mind taking this at all. A few drops a day on her hemp extract and she’s not even missed a beat. Highly recommend this product.

  633. K. Wilson

    My dog is pretty picky and has a lot of allergies and she … My dog is pretty picky and has a lot of allergies and she seems to love this stuff! She has separation anxiety and I’ve tried lots of other medications to help, and at this price it seems like a great option. Have only been using it for about a week, but excited to keep trying it and see if it helps her! Thanks!

  634. Jennifer Braukman

    Five Stars Thank you!

  635. Fat Bike Guy

    Five Stars Kept our puppy comfortable tillit was time for his final trip to the vet.

  636. Celeste R.

    Have been using for our 13yr old Lab. We … Have been using for our 13yr old Lab. We had our kitchen renovated; took WAY longer than it should have. She started waking up between 2:45 and 3 AM panting, pacing and trying to hide herself between my husband and I. With the Hemp Oil we put the drops in her hemp extract in the morning and at night. She is A Lot More relaxed and sleeping through the night. If she does happen to pop up we just rub her back and tell her to go back to sleep and she does. Thanks for making a natural product that works and doesn’t break our budget. Will be buying again.

  637. Tina P

    Five Stars GREAT PRODUCT!!! EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE!! Would recommend to everyone!!

  638. Chris

    skin benefits noticeable as well I bought this product for our family dog sophie and have been thrilled with the results thus far. She is a 9 year old miniature schnauzer who has struggled with her weight and dry skin for the past few years. We’ve been using the droplet to apply the hemp oil directly to the back of her tongue and she’s been taking it no problem. After about a weeks worth of use, we’ve seen a significant decrease in the amount of itching and scratching we’ve become accustomed to with her dry utah skin, and have seen her activity level start to pick up. So much so, that her chubby little body is finally starting to jump back up onto the couch all on her own. Hopefully the increase of activity will help with jet weight loss goals as well.

  639. Kathleen Haynes

    the tumor started going down almost imediately and we worried about his losing his eye but he is not cured but is surviving and a happy dog whose eating playing and acting normal we are … My Dog has Bone cancer on his head above his eye.In Dec He was diagnosed and we were told he would only have a few weeks to live but we refused to give up and decided to try the Hemp oil,the tumor started going down almost imediately and we worried about his losing his eye but he is not cured but is surviving and a happy dog whose eating playing and acting normal we are heading for 6 mos. still alive and doing well.

  640. Ashley

    Best stuff ever This stuff works!! My dog used to chew my couch every time we left the house. Now his anxiety is gone and he is calm. Best stuff ever

  641. Sadie Blood

    So far- my dogs love whatever flavor it has I’ve only been putting it on my dogs hemp extract for a week or so, so I don’t believe I’ve seen the full effects yet. So far- my dogs love whatever flavor it has. One of my dogs has a very sensitive stomach and there hasn’t been any issues. He has been a bit calmer recently, and I’m looking forward to seeing what other effects this oil has!

  642. Tuala

    She seems to love it and it has totally calmed her down We have been putting this on our lab mix’s hemp extract for about a week. She seems to love it and it has totally calmed her down. She used to scratch her ears incessantly (nervous habit), but after being on Hemp for a week, that has almost stopped completely! We love this product and will continue to use it for the health benefits!

  643. Kevin

    Definitely recommend this product We have been using this product for over a week and have loved it. We mix it into our maltipoo’s hemp extract once a day. He seems to enjoy the taste. He’s a pretty hyper dog regularly and I’ve definitely seen him calm down since adding this product to his diet.

  644. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    I absolutely love this product and all of the benefits it offers I absolutely love this product and all of the benefits it offers. We have seen a noticeable difference in our dogs over excitement (anxiety) for life. She is also typically picky about the taste of other products, but has not shown lack of interest for this Hemp Extract. I look forward to continuing to use it, and would recommend it to anyone who is contemplating the purchase

  645. BILLYD

    Five Stars Looks good came fast

  646. janet day-naudts


  647. Tina

    Five Stars my Dog loved this

  648. Camille Marino

    Definitely try this product if your dog has arthritis My boy, Max, is 10 years old and has had terrible arthritis for years now. He was in so much pain about 3 weeks ago that he cried when I helped him into the car. Naturally, I took him back to the vet and got him back on his pain meds and anti-inflammatories. He stabilized a bit and three days later my first Hemp Oil arrived in the mail. I think I wanted a miracle and was hoping he would act like a puppy again, chasing bicycles for a mile with me trying in futility to catch him. But now that my first bottle is finished after two weeks (giving him about 30 drops a day), he’s back to jumping up on the bed at night to sleep, something he hadn’t been able to do for over 3 months. He’s happy and runs and plays with his little sister and I will definitely re-order and keep him on this regimen, along with his anti-inflammatories. The reason for the 4-stars instead of 5 is because he seems to still have difficulty walking distances. I had to turn back yesterday after only about 1/10 or 2/10 of a mile. So I guess it’s not magic. But, overall, I would definitely recommend giving it a try.

  649. A. Babel

    Five Stars Our kittens love this stuff.

  650. sally platt

    Our cat loves this! Our cat loves these! Plays with them every day!! Her favorite hemp extract.

  651. Christopher C

    Excellent replacement. Be careful because they changed the sizes so make sure the measurements are what your current door requires. Med is large small is medium… just measure first.

  652. AmazonCustomer

    Nice.. exactly what I needed Nice..exactly what I needed!

  653. Wendy H.

    Great product! We have a 14 year old dog using this and it is evident that his mobility improved. Our younger dog around 4 years old is using for anxiety. Her barking and anxious behavior have decreased dramatically.

  654. Marlene

    Seems to be easing my pup’s anxiety I have a 15 month old Lab Retriever with some anxiety issues, and this really seems to calm him down. He chases shadows, and sometimes his tail, and I’m using some different calming methods (aromatherapy, Reiki, etc) in an effort to ease his emotional response. As he’s about 80 lbs, I use a dropperful in the AM and PM with his meals. I just squirt it on his kibble and he eats away.

  655. Steven

    Helped calm my hyper dog! Really love this product. I feel like since I started putting it on my dogs hemp extract each morning, they are much calmer throughout the day. My labradoodle is usually pretty hyper and she still has plenty of energy but she’s less out of control and calms down a lot easier. LOVE this product, highly recommend!

  656. Sadie Rewton

    This is a very high quality product My cat loves this

  657. Denise

    Our boxer has separation anxiety so when we get ready to leave she goes into a shaking frinzy but when we gave this she seem to be much happier. This seems to work really well. Our boxer has separation anxiety so when we get ready to leave she goes into a shaking frinzy but when we gave this she seem to be much happier.

  658. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Four Stars ok

  659. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    I administer it to them only when we are about … I administer it to them only when we are about to experience severe weather. Unlike other calmers, I noticed that when they get the oil, they get the munchies. It is hilarious!

  660. Liz

    Yummy! Cats love em!!! I buy lots of hemp extract oil, cats love em

  661. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Five Stars Very pretty!

  662. Melanie Malawich

    good size for price I actually thought this product was going tp be smaller. good size for price!! love it

  663. cb204

    Anxiety improved! We have noticed a difference in our older dog’s severe anxiety. I am hoping as the summer comes on with storms and the 4th of July he continues to improve. I will update.

  664. Scott Jordan

    Five Stars Great stuff. Used everyday for months

  665. Ramon S.

    … this product a few times simply because it works great. We use it for a rescued Cane Corso … I’ve bought this product a few times simply because it works great. We use it for a rescued Cane Corso that suffers anxiety and there is a noticeable difference when she is given Hemp oil. This product is well worth the expense.

  666. gevel ortiz

    Five Stars My cat loves this hemp extract.

  667. InGodWeTrust

    Five Stars Mad my older dog like a young girl again. Her mood is better and she is much more active

  668. Katherine Moreira

    Great alternative to anxiety medication This product has really been a lifesaver. My boxer/lab mix has had terrible separation anxiety since she was a puppy and I’ve had her on anxiety meds for the past year and a half which cost $70 a bottle that lasted 30 days. A friend of mine told me about hemp or Hemp Extract Oil for dogs and thought it was worth giving a try. At first I decided to give her about half the dose to see how she would react and it didn’t do much so I thought the product didn’t work well. After putting her on the fill 45 drops for her size, she really started to calm down when she was left alone. Granted its not exactly the same effects as the anxiety meds she was on before, but I much rather her be on something natural.I love this product and have repurchased 3 times already!

  669. natalya grigoryeva

    Five Stars My dog suffers from depressions, this product helps.

  670. kding

    itchies This Hemp Extract is great for dogs with allergies who itch like maniacs, driving their owners crazy. I have used it on my own dogs and also friend’s dogs. Have to remember to wash with it and let it sit on the coat and skin for at least 10 minutes. Makes the dogs all shivery but helps the itchies big time!

  671. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    My dog ‘Goba” and his cousins love these hemp extract oil My dog ‘Goba” and his cousins love these hemp extract oil. All 3 dogs are grain free, so these are perfect. And made in the USA too

  672. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    … you so very much you made several kitties Very Happy.. Thank you so very much you made several kitties Very Happy…..

  673. Maria Ledon

    Five Stars My old dog seems to have more energy.

  674. Eugene Martinez

    Five Stars Good

  675. Randy mcloud

    Don’t let your pet suffer This is my 6th bottle, I have a 17 year old Shih-Tzu that would cry when she tried to stand up, she had difficulty walking. Since I started giving her the oil, she quit crying and can get up an down by herself now a better quality of life

  676. AudibleFan8

    These are the BEST!! Our doggie is 13 and has horrible … These are the BEST!! Our doggie is 13 and has horrible joint issues the last few months and he hates pills, horrible chews (that are like cement), so they are wonderful!!

  677. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Five Stars thank you

  678. MAK

    Long Lasting Best dog Hemp Extract I have found. After one bath merely hosing off even days later makes it seem as though you just shampooed you dog all over.

  679. Kindle Customer

    Five Stars Such a positive difference with my dogs and cats on HempGold. They are very “chill” and peaceful.

  680. delc77

    Four Stars a

  681. Mary E. Wolverton

    My Cats 💜💜 these hemp extract oil These hemp extract oil are the best! All of my cats enjoy these hemp extract oil. They actually chew them all up and want more. I spoil them by giving them 5 hemp extract oil each, they have made a difference with there dental health. They have one happy vet.

  682. Cracker

    Healthy Doggie Hemp extract oil Great Healthy Treat for our POOCH!

  683. Sue

    Love this Hemp Extract Love this Hemp Extract , it’s been my “go to” Hemp Extract for all my foster dogs before they get adopted. Arrived intact and quick.

  684. trina strong

    Very happy with this product Very happy with this product. I’ve seen results already on my very anxious 18 mo old APBT boy. The only thing that would make it easier is to have a plastic marked dropper instead of non marked glass. He is not good at taking any med/supplement and he tends to try to bite down on the glass dropper. Aside from that I am super happy with how it is working

  685. Mary Shockley

    My 12 year old best friend has a fatty tumor and also arthritis My 12 year old best friend has a fatty tumor and also arthritis …. when I purchased this I had to carry her out to go potty and she could barely move .After a week she has a limp BUT she can walk on her own . Thank you I thought I was going to have to put her down BUT bow she can move again , even will run a little You people are my hero

  686. Patricia Zielinski

    Two Stars Maybe I got the wrong thing my dog is losing muscle not anxious at all I did not expect a refund I’m going to give it a try my vet recommended it it’s only been 8 days he’s getting it

  687. S. L.

    They love it My cats both LOVE these hemp extract oil!

  688. albert

    Five Stars Just what we needed!

  689. Diane

    This product was easy to use This product was easy to use. It really helped keep my puppy calm when we had a lot of company come visit.

  690. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Great expectations My puppy loves these hemp extract oil!

  691. Vickie Allen

    … small chihuahua calm and she seems to get around better. The hemp oil seems to keep my small chihuahua calm and she seems to get around better.

  692. WILLIAM M.

    Five Stars Works well for dogs that suffer from seizures.

  693. Adriana

    Puts my dog to sleep at EASE! Awesome product even if it is pricey! I believe it is worth the price considering my pup can have a hard time going to sleep in his crate if he is too wound up. This makes it easier to put him to bed when I’m ready to pass out and reduce his whining!

  694. Patricia Teague

    I will wait 2 more months and then take him to the Vet to reduce or eliminate some of his medication which is bad for his liver My dog suffers from seizures and is on 3 different pills. On this medication, he was having at least one seizure or a cluster of seizures a month. Since on this hemp oil, he has had no seizures. I will wait 2 more months and then take him to the Vet to reduce or eliminate some of his medication which is bad for his liver. I use as directed as he is under 25 pounds.

  695. Mary A.

    Hemp Oil Does Help Animals I ordered this product for my niece who has an animal rescue. She recently rescued a dog named Monty who had been severely abused and had had his right foreleg severed by a trap. When she took Monty to the Vet for evaluation, she was advised there was no prosthetic for that type of injury, and other than pain pills there was nothing that could be done for him. The Vet told her to consider putting him down. My niece wasn’t about to give up on Monty until she’d tried everything humanly possible to help him. Monty just cowered in his kennel and was in a lot of pain. My niece slept on the floor next to Monty’s kennel every night, hand-fed him, and carried him outside to potty. She immediately began researching for alternative treatments, and found an article about the use of hemp oil for relief of anxiety and pain in animls. After using the oil for only a few days, Monty has emerged from his cage and will now eat and drink by himself. He also goes outside unassisted when he needs to. It is just amazing to see Monty’s progress thus far. She realizes this is not a cure-all, but it certainly has improved Monty’s quality of life.

  696. Abigaila

    A must have in any dog/cat owner’s home!! Very good for dry skin, hot spots, dry patches, wounds, and keeping your dogs paws protected from hot pavement!

  697. Stephanie

    dogs go crazy for yummie chummy oil! Love it!!

  698. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Was totally a sceptic, now a believer OK. I have to admit I was a total sceptic on Hemp Extract Oils. I was getting ready to say goodbye to my old girl because she was in so much pain from her arthritis that the vet meds couldn’t keep up without ruining her liver and kidneys. Then I tried this product and this “miracle” occurred. She is now running around with close to her a few years ago old dog vigor. She’s still an old dog but she is enjoying life again. We will be able to return to Scent Work competition that she loves. My poor friends are getting tired of my born again attitude. Can’t say enough good about this product.

  699. Michelle

    Worked well in short time for my 13yo with pain … Worked well in short time for my 13yo with pain, but bottle didnt last long. Need bigger bottle next time

  700. Lear’s

    Great hemp extract oil are dogs love them Great dog hemp extract oil we have three dogs and they love these hemp extract oil.

  701. Jami

    Worth it! My 14 year old Labrador has been on a drug regiment for nearly a year due to arthritis, hip issues and just being an old man. He is seen weekly by my vet for laser therapy to reduce inflammation. His legs quit working and I had to carry him into the vet’s office because he could not make the walk from the parking lot. Out of options, I had nothing to lose and decided to try this product. The results have been astonishing. In one week, he has gotten a lot of mobility back, full function of his legs and no longer falls. I have been able to reduce his medication dosage by half. It is obvious he is more comfortable and has been pushing me to the door to go for walks. This product did not restore him to puppy hood, but certainly improved his quality of life. He resumed exploring the backyard and wags his tail like crazy. I squirt it on his hemp extract and he has no issue with the taste.

  702. Kelly Moser

    Thank you for helping my sweet boy! 10/10 would recommend to a friend I never usually write Blue Sky Buds reviews because I haven’t found a product that I was passionate about to write one for yet. But, as a responsible pet owner I feel I should. I have a dog who has IBS and recently recovered from colitis. He has hemp extract allergies and didn’t seem to want to eat his normal amount after being hospitalized for his most recent reaction. I ordered this product after reading about the benefits of hemp oil and all the essential vitamins/nutrients it could help provide as a supplement as well. I saw a change immediately. His appetite has fully recovered and then some. Aside from leaving his BMs a little oily (TMI I know), there are no visible side effects. He takes the oil regularly with no fight and, though it is a small amount, I can see the difference. Thank you for helping my sweet boy! 10/10 would recommend to a friend!

  703. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Four Stars really helped my 12yo best buddy

  704. Steven C.

    Five Stars Great smelling and gentle dog Hemp Extract .

  705. Sandra

    Five Stars My dogs love them!!

  706. SarsiMarie

    Anxious Pitty This has been helping my dogs extreme anxiety so far! I’ll continue with an update as we continue to use it on her when it’s needed.

  707. Carola

    Anxiety relief Very helpful in calming the anxiety in my dog.

  708. Max T.

    Very sad our dog passed before we can see the real … Very sad our dog passed before we can see the real results but we believe it helped a little in her last few weeks

  709. Rene

    Love it I used to buy this somewhere else, but it had been discontinued. I love it because for some reason my dogs hair gets a greasy film after a few days. But when I use this he doesn’t get that annoying greasy film. Smells great too. Glad I found it on Blue Sky Buds.

  710. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Five Stars love it

  711. Colleen Newlin

    Five Stars Amazing how much it helped relax my dog

  712. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Works Even Better than Expected. Great product for anxiety and stress. I have two Great Danes. They are extremely lovable but get anxiety when there are too many people around. I had read the reviews regarding how Hemp Oil can help so I decided to try it. I was surprised by just how effective it worked. I had a dinner party and the dogs were very relaxed and their usual selves around everyone. I will be sure to keep a stock of this is preparation for our next get together as well as the holidays!

  713. Michael S. Krakowiak

    Five Stars cat loves them

  714. kam5381

    My dog loved them. I used these as special hemp extract oil!! My dog loved them.

  715. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    He has really bad arthritis in his front legs I have a 16 year old Jack Russell dog. He has really bad arthritis in his front legs,and could hardly walk,and was in a lot of pain. The Hemp Oil really does work for him. After about a week he was walking around much easier and seemed to have less pain. He now gets around so much better, and sometimes even runs around the house and yard. I would strongly recommend this product.

  716. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Five Stars I really like this product. The dogs smell great!

  717. Kindle Customer

    Purchased for my two cats I can say that my anxiety kitty is feeling a lot of relief. I’m glad that I’ve found something without all of the harsh chemicals. Gives me peace of mind that my fur kids won’t be stressed out when I go on vacation. Organic and non-GMO is a great bonus!

  718. Sean

    Quality Stuff High quality product. It worked quickly and effectively to sooth my aging cats. I also like the frustration free packaging.

  719. Becky

    Five Stars It seemed to help easy the everyday life of my older pug penny!

  720. A

    Works wonders Let me start off by saying, I was a severe skeptic. We had my in-laws staying with us for a week and our yellow lab mix, Osi, gets very skiddish whenever we have company over even for an evening. This may because he was a rescue dog, but he is so sweet when we are alone. We gave him a few drops and were amazed at how calm he was throughout the visit, even when he was alone with my in-laws. They were never very fond of Osi, but they really bonded this trip. I really like the fact this it is a plant extract, not some artificial drug. I am such a believer.

  721. Aime D

    Great product I took a chance by ordering this favor. I wasn’t sure if my cats would like it to my surprise they did. I will buy it again

  722. Phillip C.

    He is still a very happy boy however he is not very active any more I have a 12 year old Lab with severe arthritis issues. He is still a very happy boy however he is not very active any more. After 3 doses he is already showing great improvement and even wanting to play with my other Lab and Jack Russell. Thank you.

  723. David Snook

    He is better able to handle the anxiety of storms The product works as advertised to calm my big buddy down. He is better able to handle the anxiety of storms.

  724. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    It really works! I bought this for a dog that can be very aggressive with my other dog. He will sometimes attack the other dog for absolutely no reason. I have had him on a bunch of medications and nothing really seemed to work. Right now, I have him on Alprazolam and this Hemp Oil. Not only have we not had any attacks, but he is now coming to snuggle with us on the couch and will ask for attention instead of going off to be by himself. I don’t know what I would do without this. I wish I could get it in a larger bottle. It really has helped! THANK YOU!!

  725. Karen

    Happy Kitty! I have used this Hemp Extract twice with my cat and I have been pleased. It leaves her fur feeling really soft and makes her smell great! She smells like the Hemp Extract even after 4 weeks have passed. I like to give her a bath at least once a month to help with her fur shedding. She is an inside cat so this may also affect the reason she smells so nice after time has passed. 🙂 I use this in combination with a de-shedding tool and I believe it has helped. She doesn’t seem to groom her self excessively like in the past. I would recommend this product as an affordable natural ingredient cat Hemp Extract .

  726. Nurse Sharon

    Five Stars My cats love these, I have to hide them so they have a new one often.

  727. Roger Fleitas

    Five Stars great results

  728. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    WORKS GREAT!! I purchased this for my pets appetite and after a few days it has seemed to help her already. Very easy to put in her hemp extract and she didn’t seem bothered by the taste.

  729. Gabi habash

    Five Stars Good hemp extract for cats

  730. Crystal Lara

    Easy digestion Boxers are prone to cancer so I bought this to aide in prevention. My dog doesn’t care for the orange scent so I have to mix wet dog hemp extract in for her to eat her dry hemp extract every time. That’s my only complaint. Otherwise, great product!

  731. Mitzi

    At first hesitate but I’m really glad I made the purchase. I just want to say I was very skeptical before buying this. My 76 lb Pitbull has a partial tear in his cruciate ligament. With the surgery being very expensive I decided to try hemp oil for the pain and arthritis. I looked at various different hemp oil for dogs and found this one to be the best and most affordable. I’ve been giving this to him for 2 weeks now on top of his Rx NSAIDS. Before giving him this he could not walk on his back leg, now he is able to walk and apply more pressure on his leg. With this and exercise as well as limiting him from running he is doing very good. The only downfall is that he doesn’t like the taste. It actually smells like strong plants. I would definitely recommend this hemp oil to anyone needing it for a certain condition of their pets. It actually calms my dog as well.

  732. Mom of Twins

    Five Stars As listed.

  733. Megan R

    Five Stars dogs liked

  734. PO4444

    Five Stars This has helped our dog immensely

  735. Debbe

    Perfect Good price and my dogs respond well to this.

  736. arrayoftrades

    A friend gave me some super snouts Hemp Extract Oil 300 but it was very expensive A friend gave me some super snouts Hemp Extract Oil 300 but it was very expensive, I tried this brand and it works just as good. I’ve always been a supporter of Hemp Extract Oil but never tried it, so there was some small percentage of skepticism. A few days after giving this to my senior dog there is no doubt in my mind. This stuff is amazing.

  737. Rushunspy

    Miracle in a bottle This product has literally been a miracle for our 12 yr old dog. She was having high anxiety, losing hair, not eating, antisocial, the works. We were really concerned. Friends told me about hemp oil and we gave it a shot because the prozac she was taking was barely working. Within a week we could see changes in her. We’re 5 weeks in and it’s like we have our dog back. She wants to hang out with the family, engages in play again, WANTS to ride in the car, her hair is full and has stopped falling out and she’s stopped shaking and she’s eating again!!!! We couldn’t be happier with the results and have told everyone we know how wonderful this oil is. It has been a godsend for our family.

  738. Southerngirlsue

    Get Some! I would not be without this product. My GP suggested it for dry cuticles and heels & it is miraculous!! Weird – but miraculous….

  739. AmazonFromKellogg

    Five Stars My dog loves them

  740. CG

    I definitely recommend this over some other less natural products I bought this for my 12 year old pug who is becoming more arthritic in his senior years. This product has helped him with his stiffness and he seems to be more playful than he was before. I definitely recommend this over some other less natural products.

  741. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    They both move with much more ease and act like pups again Have been using the Hemp Oil for just over a week now and have noticed a big difference in my both of my dogs. They both move with much more ease and act like pups again. I love it….

  742. Michael S. Baker

    I’ve been putting the drops on my 2 large dogs’ … I’ve been putting the drops on my 2 large dogs’ hemp extract for a couple weeks, they have no issue eating it. It seems to be helping my 8 y.o. Lab mix to be more playful and energetic tussling with her younger brother and catching her fave football. I was hoping it would also help with some of their chronic skin allergies thru immune system-boosting. No visible improvement with that yet, but only been using a short time.

  743. Shawn

    12 YEAR OLD GREAT DANE WILD MAN !!! I was skeptical of course just like many of you are but I have to say I noticed a little more pep in my 12 year old Great Dane’s step. Yep, 12 years old, that’s not a typo! He’s kicking butt and taking names!!! Anyway, he’s literally sprinting up and down the driveway. He did that before I tried this oil but I don’t think he did it with as much ease. I’ve researched Hemp Extract Oil compounds for dogs. They work. I’ve switched brands since because this bottle was too small and I found a local retailer that I purchase from now so I don’t have to pay for and wait for shipping. But if some of you are still wondering whether or not it will work, you have to give it a shot. Give it a little time to work and it will. Help your best friend(s) out, your dog(s) and/or your cat(s), and give them a shot at being in a little less pain. Or in some cases, a lot less pain. Try it.

  744. C. Forsberg

    We are happy with the results We are happy with the results. Our two cats are much calmer now. We will be ordering more in the future. Thanks so much!

  745. D. Lim

    We have just started a few days ago to help … We have just started a few days ago to help our 8 yr old 93lb. Malamute suffering from seizure clusters about every 3 weeks. At this point he is on 23 pills/day administer at 5 different times of the day and the seizures still continues. Our veterinarians here are reluctant to make any recommendations until more studies are completed. So we are starting him off on a low dosage of 20 drops twice a day and won’t know till some time after the next episode if it makes any difference.

  746. Heidi V.

    My 10 year old lab is running and playing like he did 3-4 years ago My 10 year old lab is running and playing like he did 3-4 years ago! So happy I tried Hemp Oil!

  747. Tarah

    I really Feel that this product is helping with my … I really Feel that this product is helping with my 12 year old’s labs joint pain. It doesn’t make him sleepy , and I haven’t seen any unwanted side effects.

  748. gregory popovich

    I use Herbal Vet products to keep them healthy and happy and this works amazing Review ” I have Big Family with 30 cats and 25 dogs.All of my furry kids were rescued from the shelter and have some type of health issue.I use Herbal Vet products to keep them healthy and happy and this works amazing!!! Thank you Herbal Vet from my big furry family !!! Thank you Gregory Popovich

  749. Mousie

    Helped my cat! Shipping was fast and it noticeably helped calmed my cat down for her trip to the vet. Will definitely be buying again!

  750. Dixie Seiter

    I am totally SOLD on this product! My 11 year old Norwegian Elkhound had been slowing down for the past several months. A friend of mine gave me a bottle of this Hemp Oil Extract to try out and, although I was skeptical I gave it a try. I have been totally impressed with my dog’s new energy and absence of pain. He’s now able to jump up on my pillow top mattress which he’d not been able to do for over a year. I am a totally sold on this product and will continue using it.

  751. Irina

    I wanted to thank you for great medicine for my dog I wanted to thank you for great medicine for my dog! I ordered it, because our dog is 9 years old became very depressed. After two weeks of using Raw Hemp Oil she looks like she got younger by a few years -running, playing ,eating hemp extract again. I continue to use this medicine and I am very thankful to see my dog happy. Irina.

  752. Josh

    Seems to work wonders for my arthritic tri-pod dog. I have a 12 year old tri-pod, who was born without a back paw. She has always been extremely active and showed no signs of slowing down until recently when her one good back leg started to give out on her due to arthritis. She was clearly in a lot of pain and was having difficulty with stairs and she was having difficulty with walking right after she woke up. After speaking to my vet, I decided to try Hemp Extract Oil. According to my vet, Hemp Extract Oil has shown no adverse side-effects on dogs and has, often, had positive results. After 2 days there was a noticeable difference with my dog. Her back leg was no longer giving out, she was able to go up and down stairs with minimal effort and she no longer seemed in pain. Her days of strenuous activity are probably limited, but her days of comfort are not. My girl dog now seems to be pretty happy and healthy and pain free after giving her the Hemp Extract Oil, and that result is far more than I ever could have hoped for.

  753. eula ratliff

    Hemp gets to help dogs back pain. I have not used this yet due to experience..I know hemp helps my dogs back pain.. I have been resolving capsule in water and gives it that way.. I can’t afford really expensive stuff..I will continue to use hemp for my dogs..

  754. N.Qureshi

    Four Stars Good supplementation oil …but a little too expensive.

  755. N.Qureshi

    Four Stars Good product …..but very pricey.

  756. Emily

    Was able to switch to this from a different supplement … Was able to switch to this from a different supplement that I wasn’t sure was for long term or without chemicals. Use daily for our young cat who gets a bit stressed out and aggressive.

  757. michele jones

    my dogs arthritis a lot more bareable This has really helped my 12 year old dog. He suffers from kidney problems and bad arthritis. He used to squealed with pain all the time. It was hard to even touch him. He is now so much better. He is a lot happier puppy dog. Be patient because it didn’t happen overnight but it does work.

  758. czp

    It really works Works great, has helped our dalmatian mix who was a rescue and afraid of everything. He acts like a normal dog and not timid.

  759. tracey merrifield

    Five Stars Thank you

  760. Kay Elliott

    Can just tell these guys feel better! Our 9 yr. Newfoundland is now almost off pain meds for arthritis after 2 months of these drops. Started giving them to younger rescue dog, too, and don’t believe it is a coincidence that he has totally come out of his shell, playful. Can just tell these guys feel better!

  761. Pete

    smells good and washes out of my cats fur smells good and washes out of my cats fur . helped his undercoat and dandruff and oily fur since hes 15 years old and cant clean himself as well anymore

  762. Katrina rodriguez

    Five Stars loved it

  763. Hazel

    Great improvement in appetite and mobility for our old rescue dog Started our 12 year old rescue dog on this product Jan 25, 2018. She is very skinny, didn’t eat much, has bad hips and back legs. In a couple of days she started eating twice a day. In one week we were able to cut her pain/inflammation meds in half. She is much more active and it is so good to see her run. I ordered a second bottle and am looking forward to continued improvement.

  764. kim

    Prior to giving him this oil he was constantly walking around like he was confused and pacing I have a JRT who will be 14 yrs old this summer. Prior to giving him this oil he was constantly walking around like he was confused and pacing, and barking for no reason. I call it doggie dementia. He gets 10 drops twice a day. Def have seen an improvement. He even seems to have interest in his toys now.. I would highly recommend.

  765. deven

    My dog has cancer so I bought this product to … My dog has cancer so I bought this product to help with inflammation and pain and I truly have seen a difference in his energy level within a day or two of using this product

  766. Edward Aton

    Five Stars Great stuff it helps our dog greatly.

  767. christopher a schull

    I am pleased! My Cattle Dog has arthritis but loves to hike with us. She seems to be moving around easier with this supplement. I am pleased!

  768. J.S.

    but optimistic that it is better than having to make your pup ingest larger amounts … Very high quality product. A tad expensive, but optimistic that it is better than having to make your pup ingest larger amounts of the cheap garbage.

  769. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Five Stars It seems to help my 14 year old lab with walking and balance.

  770. Pat Shepherd

    and it has made a big difference to his health – for the better. He is a very fussy eater I’ve been using this since Christmas for my 13 year old Frenchie, and it has made a big difference to his health – for the better. He is a very fussy eater, even with hemp extract oil, but when I put the oil drops on a treat, he takes it right away!

  771. Lisa

    … The little girl dog is the one that doesn’t like the smell of it big black dog is the … I have noticed that my dog is not limping nearly as much but my other dog if she smells it on her hemp extract will not eat supper one dog loves it when dog will not eat it ( The little girl dog is the one that doesn’t like the smell of it big black dog is the one that loves it and is not limping as much

  772. Sky

    Five Stars good color and weight

  773. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    and seems great! Really helping my dog, Marley, who has stenosis of the spine. It’s not as expensive as the other one I use, and seems great!

  774. Jenenn

    Seems to work I have to admit, I was skeptical. My elderly basset hound has some pretty substantial arthritis in her elbows, to the point she was not putting ANY weight on one front leg. The vet prescribed two separate pain killers with anti-inflammatories, but I wasn’t noticing any difference. After just a few days on this, she’s walking again, with only a slight limp. I’m honestly amazed. Maybe it’s the combo of the pills and this stuff, but it sure doesn’t seem to hurt anything. She’s moving around, is noticeably happier, and is again tormenting the cat. I put the drops right on her hemp extract and she doesn’t even notice she’s getting them. Definitely worth trying.

  775. Jonathan Stanley

    Five Stars Amazing. Have seen the amazing effects on my 10 yr old dog’s joints within days.

  776. Pam Brauer

    Five Stars Great product, definitely helping my old man move easier. Thank you

  777. Jim Chermak

    Definitely helps with pain and discomfort. I have an aging 65 pound bull terrier who has many problems, including arthritis in his hips. I have to give him a shot once a month to help control the pain. Since i started using this (about 20 drops), the pain has subsided and he is much more active now. His day consisted of sleeping, eating and maybe an hour or two of half-hearted playing. Now he is up and about and ripping apart squeeky toys like he did 5 years ago. This product really works!

  778. Janine D.

    I took my 16 yro dog off prescription anxiety meds … I took my 16 yro dog off prescription anxiety meds from the vet as she was not getting any benefit. Started her on the Hemp Oil in late December and have noticed a huge difference. She’s a Shiba Inu and only around 20 lbs. and just one dose of 5 drops every night, cut through the doggie dementia, barking and pacing to allow her to sleep well through the night. She awakes when I do every morning and isn’t groggy or disoriented. This product really works for her!

  779. RPGKat

    Helped a lot with an old dog’s appetite ! Seems to help, old dog was not eating hardly anything and is eating again. Not as much as he should but at least eating. Skin seems better and so does his alertness. Will definitely continue to use it and spread the news about the results I am seeing.

  780. Batram

    Absolutely the best when picking up the waist Absolutely the best when picking up the waist. When picking up the waste, use a stick to make sure it is free of the ground and then simply pick it up. Waist can be placed in the bag and then transferred to the garbage can without ever touching it. Not made of heavy construction and if I could make a suggestion to the manufacture, would be better construction.

  781. Sarah Weiss

    Love it so far We continue to order this product for our older dog who is struggling with back issues and it seems to help! Love it so far!

  782. Ashley Allen

    It helps. Has helped both my big dogs with anxiety, pain, and arthritis. Thanks! I will keep using it regularly.

  783. Maryann M

    Helps with consistency Bought this for a dog with anxiety. Definitely helped, he behaved very well through having family over for Christmas Eve. It does have to be given everyday though, as a day or two after forgetting to give it the dog freaked out over a chirping smoke detector.

  784. Linda M

    Happy pup again I purchased this brand because its raw, not industrialized. Our 14 1/2 yrold dog has been clearly in better shape since we started her on this. Actually silly. My only complaint is it’s not prime. Will continue using this brand.

  785. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Working great for my old girl’s arthritis! I received this oil on the 4th of January, but wanted to give it some time to see how it would work before writing a review. I have an 11 1/2 year old Siberian Husky and she has some arthritis that has really been slowing her down lately. She also struggles with going up and down stairs, jumping in the car or on the couch (yes, I give my dogs full reign of the furniture because I want them to be as comfy as possible), and her walks have gotten shorter. It’s hard because we have a 6 year old husky who likes to go go go all the time and my old girl tries to keep up and wants to run with her all the time, but she just physically can’t. I’ve tried some oils in the past, but they really upset her stomach, so I’ve only been giving her one dropper full a day on her hemp extract. Even without giving her the full recommended dose, we’ve definitely seen a difference in her mobility. She’s able to trot around a little more, her walks are getting longer and she can keep a good pace with us, she plays more with other dogs at the dog park and is more playful in general. Hopefully we can up the dose soon and see more of an improvement, but we’re definitely happy with this oil!

  786. barb d

    Cats go ga ga over these hemp extract oil! these are the best cat hemp extract oil. Can’t get them locally (walmart used to carry them) but my cat LOVES them. They seem addictive. Good for older cats I am sure.

  787. pam

    Now she is getting around much more comfortably and able to get up and down the stairs … This has been just short of a miracle for my 12-year-old lab. Just a week ago she could not walk up the stairs due to her arthritis in her hindquarters. Now she is getting around much more comfortably and able to get up and down the stairs unassisted. I am so glad I tried this!! I’ve I been telling all my friends this is a must for older dogs. Hope if you try this product you’ll have the same fantastic results. Update: purchased my second bottle. This works! My 12 year old lab is doing so much better and moving more comfortably. She was on an anti inflammatory for 2 years that is known to be harsh on the liver. I was able to discontinue using the anti inflammatory since the hemp oil is doing the trick.

  788. shanna sevy

    Helping with anxiety Our husky suffers from anxiety and epilepsy. This has definitely helped with her anxiety. She seems more calm and relaxed. I’m not sure if it is helping with her seizures yet. She usually has 1 a month, which we are so grateful given her condition that she doesn’t have them more often. We really wanted to try the hemp oil as an alternative to seizure medication. She doesn’t experience then often enough to be medicated and the side effects from the medication are almost worst than the seizures. She has been on hemp oil twice a day for 2 weeks. She has not had a seizure, appetite has improved and her anxiety seems better! Loving this oil so far and it is a great alternative to medication and the side effects!

  789. Scott Peterson

    Great product! gave some to my friends to try … Great product! gave some to my friends to try and seems to be helping with their little guys mobility and night time bathroom issues he has had.

  790. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Five Stars Wonderful

  791. B. Alvarado

    Calming My dog is experiencing pain due to a likely soft tissue injury (all xrays show normal joints.) So far it will help calm her, although her pain level seems to be high. I’ll update once we’ve paired with rehabilitation.

  792. jon rowland

    Dogs love it too. That is the only Hemp Extract we use for our dogs. We love it! The shine and smell is amazing.

  793. Peggy Sellgren

    old dog was having great difficulty getting around My 16 yr. old dog was having great difficulty getting around.This has helped her a lot.

  794. loko

    Five Stars Just perfect!

  795. john sweeny

    She has been able to walk and get around better after using these drops in her hemp extract It seems to have made a difference in our dog’s ability to move around with less pain. She is a diabetic dog, 5 1/2 years old, and she is recovering from a torn ACL from last summer. She has been able to walk and get around better after using these drops in her hemp extract, which she eats and doesn’t mind the taste. Her fur is softer, too, so that is another benefit!

  796. KAllen

    Works great… Improvement after 2 Weeks Our 8yr old lab mix has suffered with arthritis (front leg) and bone deformity in her elbow that cause inflammation since she was about 1 1/2yrs old. It never kept her from running/playing and hiking, but she would spend the next day limping around after a full day of fun. She has been on various prescriptions for almost 6yrs, most recently Rimadyl and mixing Fish Oil and Cosequin it seemed to help. However once we got a new puppy, she spends more time running around (and getting chased) and we noticed she was limping a little more and more often. After a vet visit, xrays indicated that her hip socket was starting to show signs off flattening was causing her pain and she was developing a tolerance to the meds. We had already been looking into Hemp oil for personal use and ran across a few articles about effectiveness in dogs and decided to dig a little deeper. To make this lone story short… we started our Lab on oil 2 weeks ago and over the past few days it has been wonderful watching her enjoy running laps in the snow with our puppy… even better is NOT watching her limp (as bad) afterwards. She still has the occasional once or twice limp, but not the all day every time shes walking limp. The goal is to slowly ween her off the Rimadyl completely to give her kidneys a break.

  797. Toots

    Dogs are happy! This product is a good value. I’m not sure when other reviewers state that you can use hemp seed oil (at a fraction of the cost) and receive the same benefits as a product like this – full spectrum products contain other compounds which hemp seed oil does not have. I have tried hemp seed oil for my dogs, and it’s helpful for joints skin coat. This full spectrum product helps with these issues, as well as many other issues; cancer, anxiety, it’s calming but without making them drowsy. My dogs are extremely high energy yet they have ability to listen, sit, and remain calm when directed. For us, this product does what it claims.

  798. Meghann DiCiaccio

    Fantastic product! My sweet pitbull girl has a lot … Fantastic product! My sweet pitbull girl has a lot of trouble with her joints. This has made an enormous difference in her day-to-day life! Very thankful to have found an effective, quality product at an affordable price! Customer for life over here! Thanks so much!

  799. Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Helped a ton with our dog’s arthritis Our 10 year-old lab had been limping pretty bad due to arthritis. This has made a HUGE difference in her. She’s been on it for about 2 weeks now and seems so much happier and playful. Definitely going to keep her on this!

  800. Erin S.

    Best natural pet med 🤘 This stuff is amazing! My dog is a Cancer survivor and elderly yet you would never know! Her vet even reccomends it! Forget big pharma, this is the way to go ❤❤

  801. Just Reader

    I believe it works We have a 15-year-old German Sheperd with partially torn ACL. It does have some hemp odor but the dog doesn’t care and I think it works. She is definitely calmer and I would like to think in less discomfort. She is about 75 pounds and I add one dripper to the hemp extract twice a day. I also started her on hemp with Hemp Extract Oil so that should also provide additional coverage.

  802. IBMom

    Symptom relief without dizziness. Using for a Hurricane Harvey rescue with residual neuro symptoms from distemper. A vet suggested as a possible alternative to the dizziness she experienced with use of muscle relaxants. This brand and strength seem to work the best for her size and symptoms. Her neuro symptoms are not extreme (no seizures, thank goodness) but are lessened so that she rests more comfortably. I’ve tried several brands and strengths and come back to Nutrafill.

  803. Dansko Lover

    This really works!! 😀 I bought this oil a few weeks ago for my Mini Poo who is overweight & suffering with arthritis. She is doing great! She has lost 4lbs & is walking better. I will be purchasing again soon!

  804. Rummy3

    Five Stars 🙂

  805. B. Franklin

    Works well I bought this to help my dog with pain as she had hemangiosarcoma and was in pain. She had pin free days using it and was relaxed in her final hours. She did pass but I believe this oil helped her be calm and relaxed, dealing with what I know to be a painful time. During her last days I thought boy this smells good, and I have pain in my shoulder and neck, what the hell I’ll try it topically on my pain. It worked, and worked fast. I thought perhaps a placebo effect but nope it worked every time. I have tried it on other people who are having neck pain and they too experienced relief. I am now a believer in hemp oil.

  806. Utimio D. Trujillo

    … a very picky eater seems to have developed a better appetite since starting the oil Have not noticed much of a difference in the mobility of my two elderly dogs but the one that is a very picky eater seems to have developed a better appetite since starting the oil.

  807. Shari

    Started using this product for my 8 year old Boxer … Started using this product for my 8 year old Boxer and 14 year old Shih Tsu. Both dogs were struggling to get up and walk around due to old age and arthritis. I noticed a difference in both dogs after just a few days! Dogs are up WAY more! The difference has been remarkable.

  808. Pete G

    So far My Bella doesn’t seem to mind it or … So far My Bella doesn’t seem to mind it or the taste. So i am giving it a 4. Trying to be optimistic. Need to order more as the bottle is so small and for 91lbs dog it doesn’t last long. I can’t not tell a difference yet but its only been a few days. I was told with others I have tried you need to give it time in the system so who know. Bella and I were in a car accident when she was a puppy and she is traumatized. The air bags and everything diploid. We even had to buy another car just because she would not get back in that one which we repaired. I have tried everything you name it and I’ve tried it. I hope with time this will help even just a little to take some of the anxiety stress she feels when we have go in the car. Kind regards, Iris

  809. Kindle Customer

    All the Cats Love It! Great for the cats and I have three. My oldest feline has a very sensitive tummy and this is one of the very few I can give her without it making her sick. The stores haven’t stocked this on about a year, so it’s with paying the extra to ensure my furry friends stay happy.

  810. George M

    Five Stars Best one !!!! I love it !!!!

  811. Mary

    Blue Sky Buds is the Best. I love all their shampoos and conditioners. I love all the Blue Sky Buds Pet items. My dogs smell so good and look so pretty.

  812. Anthony G. Petrilla

    Five Stars Fun

  813. S.V. Rambeau

    Great for improving comfort in dogs!! My older dog has been having issues with his lower back and back legs for months and has been slowly losing use of his hind end. The vet informed me there was little I could do except keep him comfortable and we mutually agreed that putting him on narcotics would be a last resort. After some discussion I put him on a higher dose of canine aspirin but this still didn’t seem to help. Then a friend told me about Hemp Extract Oil and hemp oil and bought me some dog hemp extract oil to see if they helped. They seemed to help a little and so we upped the dosage. I decided to invest a little more and try an oil because I could get the dosage right. It’s been great!! He isn’t moving much better, but he seems infinitely more comfortable without the loss of lucidity that seems to come from narcotics. Am purchasing more now 🙂

  814. james e todd

    It works (for my dog — after 5 days continuous use) Today is day 5 of giving this to my 10 year old dog, and this morning I noticed a big improvement in her walking, not as stiff as usual. She didn’t grunt when getting up from lying down and the best part was when she RAN up the 20 steps to our bedroom instead of stiffly climbing one step at a time. I’m thrilled as this product definitely seems to be working. 😁

  815. leon m savoy

    Five Stars A o/k

  816. Mel

    Happy Puppy! Great stuff, super happy puppy! Nothing else compares.

  817. Dane

    Looks like it’s working so far Dog loves it on the hemp extract. Looks like it’s working so far!

  818. Cathie

    I would definitely recommend this product I have been giving these drops to my 15 year old lab for the past 3 weeks and I have definitely seen an improvement on how he walks. He has arthritis and inflammation in his hips and with the raw hemp oil extract he gets up and down much faster than before. I would definitely recommend this product. My cat has anxiety and she has been much easier to deal with as well.

  819. Sourmugs

    Helped my nervous little girl My dog loves it,put it on her hemp extract and she gobbles it up.she seems better,less nervous.i’ve recommended this other dog owners who have nervous nellies.

  820. Breanne MacFarland

    so bulk seemed like a good option My cat goes crazy for these hemp extract oil. Blue Sky Buds is the only place I can find them, so bulk seemed like a good option!

  821. Jenny Richards

    So far so good… I got this for my dog who has trouble getting up due to arthritic hips. I just put it on her dry hemp extract and she eats it up, so she doesn’t mind the taste. And she seems to be getting around easier. 👍🏼

  822. jennifer

    Love it! Helps dog calm down! Love it!

  823. Karen Schwartz

    Adding new pep to our nearly 16 dog! I’m very happy with how our nearly 16 yr old dog, Clancy, has responded! She shows more energy and interest as well as tolerance in walks, and her appetite hasn’t been this good in years! I’m so happy my fellow dog loving friend recommended!

  824. Jan

    Give it time to prove its worth and work its magic…. I’ve waited to write a review of this product for well over 30days, we wanted to give it time to prove its worth and work its magic on our sweet Ivory.We have a beautiful Lab that is up in her years, 12 to be exact, she started to have some joint pain, very slow getting up and losing the pep she once had in her step. After several visits to the veterinarian, they placed her on some vitamins, pain relievers (which we were very hesitant on) for her really bad days…so a handful of pills twice daily , that aren’t nor really good for human consumption much less for our furbaby. Well needless to say those bad days became more often than not, after months of seeing her struggling still I started doing some research and we decided that we would take her off all the chemical filled meds/vitamins that they have her on. We turned to this product , she takes a dropper in the morning and evening along with an all natural Hemp treat. We are extremely happy to report that after the first 3 weeks with patience and prayer she has made a huge turn around. Yes she still an old girl but no more slow getting up, she has a pep like she was 5 again, and on a very cold morning last week and only 5weeks in on these drops I can say that I saw her in a full run, no limp, no look of pain and so very happy…something we haven’t seen in the last 2 years and it has been that way ever since. We highly recommend this product, it has worked wonders for Ivory and we sleep in peace knowing that she is comfortable, not in pain and living the remaining of her dog years, praying those are many to come, with some pep restored in her step! Remember its not going to be the magic pill/medicine that will make them live forever but it will definitely buy them great quality of life that they deserve . Also it has been a huge success with her anxiety 🙂 Raw Hemp Oil Extract for Cats & Dogs to Reduce Inflammation, Joint Pain, Improve Skin and Coat, Relieve Stress & Anxiety- All Natural Pet Supplement, Health & Immunity Support with Omega 3s