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Our CBD/Hemp Oil for Pets contains virtually 0% THC. It is high in antioxidants as well as carotene, phytosterols, and chlorophyll. It is also a source of several minerals, including calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, and zinc. The daily recommended serving of hemp oil is one to two tablespoons.

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Hemp or cannabis is the source of CBD and Hemp oil for pets. However, It is important to note that hemp extracts produced for industrial uses do not contain any THC, which is a psychoactive cannabinoid. Dogs often suffer from anxiety and therefore are in fear of unknown environments. CBD does a great job eliminating such anxiety among our pets.

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Q:I use the soap and like i t very much. Yesterdaysome soap got into my eye and burn a little bit. can it happen?

A:This is real natural soap and its PH is different from eyes pH. Wash your eyes with a lot of water and within minutes it will pass.

830 reviews for Pet Buds CBD/ Hemp Extract Oil

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    Mary E. Wolverton

    My Cats 💜💜 these hemp extract oil These hemp extract oil are the best! All of my cats enjoy these hemp extract oil. They actually chew them all up and want more. I spoil them by giving them 5 hemp extract oil each, they have made a difference with there dental health. They have one happy vet.

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    Healthy Doggie Hemp extract oil Great Healthy Treat for our POOCH!

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    Love this Hemp Extract Love this Hemp Extract , it’s been my “go to” Hemp Extract for all my foster dogs before they get adopted. Arrived intact and quick.

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    trina strong

    Very happy with this product Very happy with this product. I’ve seen results already on my very anxious 18 mo old APBT boy. The only thing that would make it easier is to have a plastic marked dropper instead of non marked glass. He is not good at taking any med/supplement and he tends to try to bite down on the glass dropper. Aside from that I am super happy with how it is working

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    Mary Shockley

    My 12 year old best friend has a fatty tumor and also arthritis My 12 year old best friend has a fatty tumor and also arthritis …. when I purchased this I had to carry her out to go potty and she could barely move .After a week she has a limp BUT she can walk on her own . Thank you I thought I was going to have to put her down BUT bow she can move again , even will run a little You people are my hero

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    Patricia Zielinski

    Two Stars Maybe I got the wrong thing my dog is losing muscle not anxious at all I did not expect a refund I’m going to give it a try my vet recommended it it’s only been 8 days he’s getting it

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    S. L.

    They love it My cats both LOVE these hemp extract oil!

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    Five Stars Just what we needed!

  9. blank


    This product was easy to use This product was easy to use. It really helped keep my puppy calm when we had a lot of company come visit.

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    Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Great expectations My puppy loves these hemp extract oil!

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    Vickie Allen

    … small chihuahua calm and she seems to get around better. The hemp oil seems to keep my small chihuahua calm and she seems to get around better.

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    Five Stars Works well for dogs that suffer from seizures.

  13. blank


    Puts my dog to sleep at EASE! Awesome product even if it is pricey! I believe it is worth the price considering my pup can have a hard time going to sleep in his crate if he is too wound up. This makes it easier to put him to bed when I’m ready to pass out and reduce his whining!

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    Patricia Teague

    I will wait 2 more months and then take him to the Vet to reduce or eliminate some of his medication which is bad for his liver My dog suffers from seizures and is on 3 different pills. On this medication, he was having at least one seizure or a cluster of seizures a month. Since on this hemp oil, he has had no seizures. I will wait 2 more months and then take him to the Vet to reduce or eliminate some of his medication which is bad for his liver. I use as directed as he is under 25 pounds.

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    Mary A.

    Hemp Oil Does Help Animals I ordered this product for my niece who has an animal rescue. She recently rescued a dog named Monty who had been severely abused and had had his right foreleg severed by a trap. When she took Monty to the Vet for evaluation, she was advised there was no prosthetic for that type of injury, and other than pain pills there was nothing that could be done for him. The Vet told her to consider putting him down. My niece wasn’t about to give up on Monty until she’d tried everything humanly possible to help him. Monty just cowered in his kennel and was in a lot of pain. My niece slept on the floor next to Monty’s kennel every night, hand-fed him, and carried him outside to potty. She immediately began researching for alternative treatments, and found an article about the use of hemp oil for relief of anxiety and pain in animls. After using the oil for only a few days, Monty has emerged from his cage and will now eat and drink by himself. He also goes outside unassisted when he needs to. It is just amazing to see Monty’s progress thus far. She realizes this is not a cure-all, but it certainly has improved Monty’s quality of life.

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    A must have in any dog/cat owner’s home!! Very good for dry skin, hot spots, dry patches, wounds, and keeping your dogs paws protected from hot pavement!

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    dogs go crazy for yummie chummy oil! Love it!!

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    Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Was totally a sceptic, now a believer OK. I have to admit I was a total sceptic on Hemp Extract Oils. I was getting ready to say goodbye to my old girl because she was in so much pain from her arthritis that the vet meds couldn’t keep up without ruining her liver and kidneys. Then I tried this product and this “miracle” occurred. She is now running around with close to her a few years ago old dog vigor. She’s still an old dog but she is enjoying life again. We will be able to return to Scent Work competition that she loves. My poor friends are getting tired of my born again attitude. Can’t say enough good about this product.

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    Worked well in short time for my 13yo with pain … Worked well in short time for my 13yo with pain, but bottle didnt last long. Need bigger bottle next time

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    Great hemp extract oil are dogs love them Great dog hemp extract oil we have three dogs and they love these hemp extract oil.

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    Worth it! My 14 year old Labrador has been on a drug regiment for nearly a year due to arthritis, hip issues and just being an old man. He is seen weekly by my vet for laser therapy to reduce inflammation. His legs quit working and I had to carry him into the vet’s office because he could not make the walk from the parking lot. Out of options, I had nothing to lose and decided to try this product. The results have been astonishing. In one week, he has gotten a lot of mobility back, full function of his legs and no longer falls. I have been able to reduce his medication dosage by half. It is obvious he is more comfortable and has been pushing me to the door to go for walks. This product did not restore him to puppy hood, but certainly improved his quality of life. He resumed exploring the backyard and wags his tail like crazy. I squirt it on his hemp extract and he has no issue with the taste.

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    Kelly Moser

    Thank you for helping my sweet boy! 10/10 would recommend to a friend I never usually write Blue Sky Buds reviews because I haven’t found a product that I was passionate about to write one for yet. But, as a responsible pet owner I feel I should. I have a dog who has IBS and recently recovered from colitis. He has hemp extract allergies and didn’t seem to want to eat his normal amount after being hospitalized for his most recent reaction. I ordered this product after reading about the benefits of hemp oil and all the essential vitamins/nutrients it could help provide as a supplement as well. I saw a change immediately. His appetite has fully recovered and then some. Aside from leaving his BMs a little oily (TMI I know), there are no visible side effects. He takes the oil regularly with no fight and, though it is a small amount, I can see the difference. Thank you for helping my sweet boy! 10/10 would recommend to a friend!

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    Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Four Stars really helped my 12yo best buddy

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    Steven C.

    Five Stars Great smelling and gentle dog Hemp Extract .

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    Five Stars My dogs love them!!

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    Anxious Pitty This has been helping my dogs extreme anxiety so far! I’ll continue with an update as we continue to use it on her when it’s needed.

  27. blank


    Anxiety relief Very helpful in calming the anxiety in my dog.

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    Max T.

    Very sad our dog passed before we can see the real … Very sad our dog passed before we can see the real results but we believe it helped a little in her last few weeks

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    Love it I used to buy this somewhere else, but it had been discontinued. I love it because for some reason my dogs hair gets a greasy film after a few days. But when I use this he doesn’t get that annoying greasy film. Smells great too. Glad I found it on Blue Sky Buds.

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    Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Five Stars love it

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    Colleen Newlin

    Five Stars Amazing how much it helped relax my dog

  32. blank

    Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Works Even Better than Expected. Great product for anxiety and stress. I have two Great Danes. They are extremely lovable but get anxiety when there are too many people around. I had read the reviews regarding how Hemp Oil can help so I decided to try it. I was surprised by just how effective it worked. I had a dinner party and the dogs were very relaxed and their usual selves around everyone. I will be sure to keep a stock of this is preparation for our next get together as well as the holidays!

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    Michael S. Krakowiak

    Five Stars cat loves them

  34. blank


    My dog loved them. I used these as special hemp extract oil!! My dog loved them.

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    Blue Sky Buds Customer

    He has really bad arthritis in his front legs I have a 16 year old Jack Russell dog. He has really bad arthritis in his front legs,and could hardly walk,and was in a lot of pain. The Hemp Oil really does work for him. After about a week he was walking around much easier and seemed to have less pain. He now gets around so much better, and sometimes even runs around the house and yard. I would strongly recommend this product.

  36. blank

    Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Five Stars I really like this product. The dogs smell great!

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    Kindle Customer

    Purchased for my two cats I can say that my anxiety kitty is feeling a lot of relief. I’m glad that I’ve found something without all of the harsh chemicals. Gives me peace of mind that my fur kids won’t be stressed out when I go on vacation. Organic and non-GMO is a great bonus!

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    Quality Stuff High quality product. It worked quickly and effectively to sooth my aging cats. I also like the frustration free packaging.

  39. blank


    Five Stars It seemed to help easy the everyday life of my older pug penny!

  40. blank


    Works wonders Let me start off by saying, I was a severe skeptic. We had my in-laws staying with us for a week and our yellow lab mix, Osi, gets very skiddish whenever we have company over even for an evening. This may because he was a rescue dog, but he is so sweet when we are alone. We gave him a few drops and were amazed at how calm he was throughout the visit, even when he was alone with my in-laws. They were never very fond of Osi, but they really bonded this trip. I really like the fact this it is a plant extract, not some artificial drug. I am such a believer.

  41. blank

    Aime D

    Great product I took a chance by ordering this favor. I wasn’t sure if my cats would like it to my surprise they did. I will buy it again

  42. blank

    Phillip C.

    He is still a very happy boy however he is not very active any more I have a 12 year old Lab with severe arthritis issues. He is still a very happy boy however he is not very active any more. After 3 doses he is already showing great improvement and even wanting to play with my other Lab and Jack Russell. Thank you.

  43. blank

    David Snook

    He is better able to handle the anxiety of storms The product works as advertised to calm my big buddy down. He is better able to handle the anxiety of storms.

  44. blank

    Blue Sky Buds Customer

    It really works! I bought this for a dog that can be very aggressive with my other dog. He will sometimes attack the other dog for absolutely no reason. I have had him on a bunch of medications and nothing really seemed to work. Right now, I have him on Alprazolam and this Hemp Oil. Not only have we not had any attacks, but he is now coming to snuggle with us on the couch and will ask for attention instead of going off to be by himself. I don’t know what I would do without this. I wish I could get it in a larger bottle. It really has helped! THANK YOU!!

  45. blank


    Happy Kitty! I have used this Hemp Extract twice with my cat and I have been pleased. It leaves her fur feeling really soft and makes her smell great! She smells like the Hemp Extract even after 4 weeks have passed. I like to give her a bath at least once a month to help with her fur shedding. She is an inside cat so this may also affect the reason she smells so nice after time has passed. 🙂 I use this in combination with a de-shedding tool and I believe it has helped. She doesn’t seem to groom her self excessively like in the past. I would recommend this product as an affordable natural ingredient cat Hemp Extract .

  46. blank

    Nurse Sharon

    Five Stars My cats love these, I have to hide them so they have a new one often.

  47. blank

    Roger Fleitas

    Five Stars great results

  48. blank

    Blue Sky Buds Customer

    WORKS GREAT!! I purchased this for my pets appetite and after a few days it has seemed to help her already. Very easy to put in her hemp extract and she didn’t seem bothered by the taste.

  49. blank

    Gabi habash

    Five Stars Good hemp extract for cats

  50. blank

    Crystal Lara

    Easy digestion Boxers are prone to cancer so I bought this to aide in prevention. My dog doesn’t care for the orange scent so I have to mix wet dog hemp extract in for her to eat her dry hemp extract every time. That’s my only complaint. Otherwise, great product!

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