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Our CBD/hemp oil contains virtually 0% THC. It is high in antioxidants as well as carotene, phytosterols, and chlorophyll. It is also a source of several minerals, including calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, and zinc. The daily recommended serving of hemp oil is one to two tablespoons.

Most of us loved eating sweets and gummies when we were kids, but did you know that BSB Chill edibles are gummies with medicinal benefits? Our CBD edibles gummies for sale are great tasting, chewy CBD candies that are specially made to provide all the benefits of CBD and satisfy your sweet tooth at the same time! Medical studies have demonstrated that CBD edibles gummies have caused many users to cease taking over the counter medications due to the fact that CBD infused gummies helps them in a completely natural way.

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It is true that CBD promotes awareness in our mind. In addition to developing better sleep duration and sleep quality, CBD positively impacts the sleep-wake cycle of an average person.

The human body produces a natural hormone name Melatonin which contributes to sleeping habits.

About the product

  • FEEL CALM & GREAT – Feeling down and blue? Instead of resorting to ice cream or wine, take one gummy hemp candy. It helps to relax and calm, and promotes positive feelings and emotions.
  • STIMULATES BRAIN FUNCTION – Enhance your productivity with more focus and better memory. Hemp oil has the natural ability to help your brain work more efficiently and improve your attention to details.
  • RELIEF FOR DISCOMFORTS – What a tasty way to relieve headaches, muscle spasms, nausea, and inflammation! Each chewy piece is formulated to re-energize you while numbing any ache or uneasiness you may feel.
  • NUTRIENT-RICH TREAT – Nothing beats the health benefits of pure and organic supplements. Our natural CBD infused gummies are loaded with Vitamins E and B as well as Omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids.
  • FUN & DELICIOUS ALTERNATIVE – You surely won’t forget taking one of these daily! Ditch your bitter hemp tablets and pills for these yummy edibles. It tastes great and smells oh so good!

Product description

Do you dread taking a bitter pill or capsule supplements?

There is no fun in swallowing supplements, especially when they remind you so much of medicine. Even as adults, we all want something that is sweet and easy to consume.

Unfortunately, some skip taking their pills just to avoid the unpleasant smell and taste. It is easier, yes, but your mind and body miss out on the benefits they could offer, now CBD gummies for sale online.

Enjoy our yummy gummies- “candy supplements”: BSB Chill CBD edibles Gummies!

The gummy has been in existence since the 1960s. Although it isn’t necessarily a new product, it sure is one candy that has maintained its status as a favorite among kids and adults alike.

Since the gummy is an all-time fave, we decided to make our supplements look, smell, and taste like it! We infused hemp oil and gummy candy to create nutritional and therapeutic chews adults who are young at heart will love! Concentrated oil is not something everyone is fond of, so our gummy edibles are your next best choice.

Hemp gummies are rich in essential vitamins and fatty acids that aid in enhancing your mind and body functions. They help remove stress, relieve pain, and ease discomfort. Gummies with hemp can also make you better at focusing on your tasks and remembering important things. Imagine how much you will benefit just by chewing one sweet gummy a day!

Other noteworthy reasons to take BSB Chill CBD infused Gummies:

🧸 Tested and proven safe and effective

🧸 All ingredients are non-GMO

🧸 Luscious fruity flavors

🧸 They taste just like real gummies. No after-taste at all!

Improve your health in a delightful way. Add BSB Chill Hemp Gummies to your cart TODAY!

We recommend eating 1-2 pieces every 6 hours. Do not exceed 3 pieces in 6 hours.

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1000 mg


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566 reviews for CBD/Hemp Extract Gummies BSB CHILL 50 pieces 1000 mg CBD

  1. Michael Z.

    Amazing product!!

  2. Ron C.

    Love the calmness effect of this product and it did help me with my pain a bigger quantity next time

  3. Maria A.

    I am very happy with this product. I take it once a day in the morning and it has helped with my anxiety.

  4. jose a.

    I can’t say pain is completely gone in my back and knees it all I can say walking has never felt better !

  5. Loyd B.

    What a difference the Blue Sky Buds Hemp Extract Oil has made in my overall health feeling!!!

  6. isaac n.

    Seems to work in calming my mom who suffers of dementia

  7. Faith H.

    Jesus Lives!

  8. H.M.

    This has been a lifesaver for me in reducing anxiety and stopping panic attacks (zero since I began using this) without feeling sluggish or having to rely on addictive pharma.

  9. Ronald F.

    The Hemp Extract Oil works great for rest and Healing. It has helped my wife Sleep better with her chronic pain she struggles to get more the three hours of sleep at a time but with her Hemp Extract Oil she has been doing much better with that. It also has taking a bit of the edge off of her pain. We have big hopes for this Hemp Extract Oil. Thank You Blue Sky Buds.

  10. Ashley B.

    Helps so much

  11. Mary K.

    Suffering from Fibromyalgia for 20 years, Hemp Extract Oil has opened up my life to movement and health. Than you!

  12. Ryan G.

    Easy to use and keep track of your daily dosage. It is strong and long lasting.

  13. Nathan S.

    This stuff is amazing! Whether you: can’t sleep, have pain or you just want to take some preventive medicine. This stuff is for you! I have ibs it helped me out big time.

  14. Matilia W.

    Great product

  15. CARLOS P.

    Very good product.

  16. suzanne c.

    Great product

  17. Erin M.

    I have suffered from chronic pain and migraines for 10 years. After over a hundred prescription medications, hospitalizations, and alternative treatments, this has been the most beneficial treatment for my pain. After a few drops, I am able to eat, sleep, drive, and function in ways I have not for years. I highly recommend this product to anyone i n pain!

  18. Mark S.

    Works great for my restless legs at night.

  19. Shannon C.

    Nice easy dosing. I like that it is portable and easy.

  20. Cody V.

    Fantastic! By far the best Hemp Extract Oil product I have used. Really helps with anxiety and headaches

  21. Misty H.

    Very pleased with the results. Chronic pain eased enough to sleep at night

  22. Marai R.

    I’ve had cronic pain in my jaw and in general for two years and since I began using GRs Hemp Extract Oil I have had relief. I’ve found the 1500mg and the terpenes and the extra strong gummy frogs (100mg Hemp Extract Oil each) to be the most effective. I am very grateful for Hemp Extract Oil

  23. Amanda K.

    I suffer from chronic back pain and insomnia. Blue Sky Buds Hemp Extract Oil has been a life saver! I’m now sleeping for a full 8 hours a night! I haven’t done this in years!

  24. Carol P.

    Really works

  25. Patricia L.

    Love this!

  26. Carol P.

    good product and easy to use

  27. Jeremy R.

    I love this stuff and you can tell it is made by a professional pharmacist!!

  28. Cathy S.

    I am new to Hemp Extract Oil. I had heard all the good reviews.. I tried this and have found this greatly reduces pain and inflammation. Within minutes it puts your body in a more relaxed state. It doesn’t make me sleepy, but it relaxes my body. I will purchase again, thanks

  29. suzanne c.

    Great customer service

  30. Ricardo C.

    Totally feel much better from the back pains that I was having. Highly recommend it.

  31. Conner R.

    This product worked amazing for my neuropathy in my left foot. I could probably go to the next one above just because of the pain I have from my amputation but this stuff is legit!

  32. Mark B.

    Very helpful and handy dose but doesn’t seem available anymore in 1500 ???

  33. Lois G.

    Has reduced my husband’s back pain significantly.

  34. Denise G.

    I tried another Hemp Extract Oil and was disappointed so I came back to greenroads.

  35. jeffrey c.

    Does the job!

  36. Vicente R.

    The independently lab tested products give you peace of mind that on the quality of the Hemp Extract Oil that you are purchasing!

  37. Nunna

    I love it. It helps my anxiety and pain from fibromyalgia tremendously.

  38. Maureen S.

    Excellent. Thank you

  39. Elizabeth G.

    Was very helpful to me for my pain management. I have fibromyalgia. The pain just seems to melt away the minute I use the Hemp Extract Oil. I highly recommend it, and I’m a former RN. I do not want to take harmful over-the-counter drugs for pain. So I highly recommend the 350 mg Hemp Extract Oil for anyone to help ease different aches and pain.

  40. Collin L.

    Im trying to order, and it will not let me ship to AK. Love greenroads product.

  41. Gregory P.

    I prefer this product over the Hemp Extract Oil with tinctures. It seems a lot easier to measure out the dosage that I want. It seems to have helped with eczema and itchy skin in general. I’ll be purchasing this product again!

  42. Harvey J.

    Excellent, prompt, and very helpful

  43. Megan R.

    So this was the 2nd daily dose I’ve tried, and it not only alleviated my anxiety and headaches, but it helped SO much with my cramps!

  44. Melissa M.

    I’ve had shooting pains in my legs enough when I was on a lot of stuff to calm them down. The 1000mg has really helped quiet that pain down at night and help relax everything during the day too!!

  45. douglas c.

    love you product. tastes great and easy to use. will definitely keep buying

  46. Matthew M.

    This is very thick and probably highest quality Hemp Extract Oil I have used. The only thing I see is that I will go through it very fast, and might be better to get lower potency that lasts a little longer.

  47. Tony L.

    Very nice flavor not bad

  48. Sandra W.

    This has had such a positive affect on my beloved 10.5 yo Great Dane! Nothing the vet prescribed him helped.

  49. rgredesky

    great for psyorayic arthritis

  50. Richard S.

    I’ve been using this product for 6 months now and the health benefits have been amazing. Lower over all stress, better sleep at night and my aches and pains from the gym are almost completely gone.

  51. Timothy K.

    Fantastic helps my neck pain and anxiety

  52. Kim O.

    The taste is a little rough but its very relaxing. And I only take it in the a.m

  53. Aaron L.

    The Hemp Extract Oil has a nice golden color, tastes good and is lab tested. The only thing that could be impoved was the bottling. The bottle comes with a syringe and a plastic fitting to draw the oil through. The fitting doesn’t nest in the bottle, it sits on top which makes the process a little messy and wasteful. I’ve used similar systems before but the fi tting was inlaid in the neck of the bottle. After a couple uses I ditched the fitting all together and just put the syringe straight into the bottle and it seemed to work better. It’s possible I was using it wrong but there were no instructions.

  54. Kelsey b.

    I tried a few of the gummies and one of the terpenes, but the 350mg worked the best for me. Although I haven’t enjoyed the taste of any of these products, it’s not so awful or unbearable that you’d give it up before letting it work.

  55. Sloan B.

    We’ve tried quite a few different products and Blue Sky Buds so far has been our favorite.

  56. Paul W.

    This is convenient to use. It is working well.

  57. Philip S.

    It is really working I use to eat ibuprofen like candy for my

  58. Benjamin A.

    Purchased for family member, claimed it was relaxing and worked pretty well

  59. John H.

    I’ve been using Hemp Extract Oil 1000 for several months now, and have found it helpful for reducing back pain. Four stars for being rather pricey, but otherwise an exceptional product.

  60. Tamara H.

    Great product. Has helped me immensely with my hip pain.

  61. Kanisha F.

    Worked good and fast, only had to use a little bit at a time. 8/10 would recommend 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

  62. Ryan M.


  63. pamela v.

    Great Results!

  64. Tom B.

    Great quality at a fair price

  65. Chris B.

    Knot as strong as I expected

  66. Nicole G.

    It seems to help alleviate some of the stress of my mother in law with Parkinson’s. Thank you for making it!

  67. Michael M.

    I’ve suffered with a mild lower back pain for about 2 years…. That seam to magically have disappear since I’ve taken this product. I’m not under any other medications or doing anything different

  68. George R.

    Great product rather use this than drops

  69. Robert B.

    This is a fantastic product

  70. Brian H.

    High quality. Will definitely buy again.

  71. Joseph H.

    Very good product will buy again

  72. Cheryl L.

    Very convenient to carry and use.

  73. Megan G.

    This product helps with my anxiety. I havent had any headaches with this product either which is nice, the last time I increased my dose from 300mg to 550mg I got a really bad headache. Great product, will reorder.

  74. Karl S.

    Best tasting Hemp Extract Oil I’ve tried.

  75. Justin W.

    Works amazing for pain and appetite!

  76. James S.

    Product helps me pretty good n my pain n condition is extreme

  77. richard k.

    Easy, tasty, and effective.

  78. Gregory W.

    Seems to be very high quality. I used some in a vape pen and it worked well, however, the taste could be better.

  79. Cynthia L.

    Seems to be helping my sons anxiety

  80. William L.

    Forced to reduce pain patch in half by new opioid rules. Hemp Extract Oil made it possible!!! Thank you for being here!!

  81. Mia V.

    I ordered these single doses because I just wasn’t sure if it be something that would work for my back pain(degenerative discs) and inflammation. This is a great option for trying to decide if this will be a product that will work. Which it did and I will be ordering more.

  82. Donnie

    I had t5 t6 t7 t8 t9 thoraxic back fusion 8/30/18 yes just a few weeks ago. I was taking 10mg percocets every 4 hours with little relief. My quality of life and mental status was declining not to mention the valumes to help with relaxing my muscles. I was sceptical about Hemp Extract Oil. I ordered 3 daily doses figured whay could it hurt right. When i got my package which came super quick btw i was out of my pain pills. I tried .5ml and i can honestly say since August 30th i have smiled for the first time my pain has decreased not gone but tolerable. I am so thankful that i stumbled across this site and gave Hemp Extract Oil a try. If you are on the line about giving it a try order a few daily dose units and try it sure beats spending a hundred or more on something that might not work. Once again Blue Sky Buds Thank You

  83. Sandra N.

    I got a sense of well being tookallbpain away in a matter of mind . I have chronic pain rated at ten now I’m about a 3. Thanking Blue Sky Buds for such an affective product. Customer service has been incredible.

  84. Thomas E.

    Nicely done with one point to be aware of : the plunger can get sticky so be cautious

  85. sabina g.

    I’ve had trouble staying asleep for years. Since taking Hemp Extract Oil, I have been sleeping soundly. I am a 63 yr old active female. My only issue is dosage. I’m never sure how much is the right amount. I’m confident it is not harmful, so I experiment. I would and have recommended this to several people.

  86. Andy C.

    Love these daily doses, makes life easier when you are on the go!

  87. Nicolette P.

    This daily dose is the best I have tried.

  88. Karla H.

    I love these. I take it with me and use throughout the day. It has a calming affect for me, I have serious anxiety and have found that the natural way is better than drugs from a dr. These are great/pre measured and easy to put in a purse or car. I have tried other brands but came back to Blue Sky Buds, it just works better and is a trustworthy comp any.

  89. David R.

    Works great for my inflammation

  90. Christopher B.

    Tried a small dose, about 10-15mg, at the onset of panic and anxiety feelings, and it really seemed to help calm them to where I felt normal again after a few minutes.

  91. Carissa H.

    I love this Hemp Extract Oil, but due to its thickness, it’s hard to get a good does using the dropper. Maybe a little measure spoon could work.

  92. Tosca K.

    I am so glad to have found something to help me be my best me. Blue Sky Buds products have given me back a greater life from a constant level of chronic pain. Thank you for caring enough to create such great products

  93. Dawn C.

    I have been dealing with a pinched nerve as it exits the spinal canal. The Hemp Extract Oil has allowed me to return to a somewhat normal level of activity. I am receiving help as well for sleep issues I have had for over 20 years. I am grateful for this product.

  94. Vicki S.

    I find your product to be very pure! I’ve tried a few others and Blue Sky Buds is superior by far! I have been able to cut my opioid use in half thanks to Hemp Extract Oil! After 4 spine surgeries your Hemp Extract Oil helps more than anything else for my pain!

  95. Lesly R.

    I started taking this a few weeks ago, taste at first is not as desirable but you get used to it and I actually like the lemony? Taste now. Taking for insomnia (anxiety) at night (hoping to reduce meds w/continued use), it seems to be helping. The only complaint is that since the oil is quite thick it tends to leak on the outside of the bottle as I try to squeeze it out w/the dropper, since it is not cheap, this can be wasteful so you should be careful w/it pouring outside of the dropper. I will be getting more again soon.

  96. Judy G.

    Pain relief from Hemp Extract Oil

  97. Heather H.

    My husband and I have been using this oil for 90 days and we, both, can see a marked difference in our overall health and well being!

  98. Monica J.

    Excellent product and speedy delivery!!!

  99. bobbie P.

    These have helped me greatly. Just wish there were quicker shipping options.

  100. Betty K.

    I started using Hemp Extract Oil last spring for incessant pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis in my hands and fingers. It has helped me beyond belief. In fact, I use no other RA drugs to control pain. I tell everyone I know aboutmBlue Sky Buds and many of them now use it too for various maladies. Thank you for your wonderful product!

  101. Kelly M.

    I love this product!! Helps relieve my pain. Easy to use, travels well! I will be buying more!

  102. Walter S.

    I took it and was amazed on how much energy I had. Also it had a great sweet taste will buy it again

  103. Enrique S.

    -Good for sleeping. Clears you of continuous thoughts and planning. -Will relax you and support a good mood. -For IBS helps to have an easy going day when is usually tense for you. -So it will loosen your digestion movement. -I did manage my Anxiety due t

  104. Molly F.

    Love the ability to carry these with me!

  105. Renee V.

    Relaxing and really great, restorative sleep and waking to no hang-over and completely clear and refreshed… I think until I have back surgery I won’t have pain relief but having a great night sleep was very beneficial

  106. Rebecca W.

    Great products

  107. Greg B.

    Works great for my mothers parkinson disease.

  108. Michelle V.

    I was told about Greens Roads by my pain specialist. He gave me this website. I was skeptical at first but I decided to give it a try. I suffer from severe chronic pain, insomnia and anxiety. I noticed almost immediatly that my sleep and anxiety improved. Now a week and a half in – I am no longer in severe pain. Once you find the right dosage- it really works.

  109. Delinda R.

    Great product. I can make it thru the day. 😀

  110. Dana B.

    My mom has received relief with her arthitis chronic pain. She is very happy with results.

  111. Patricia L.

    I was beginning to lose faith in the Hemp Extract Oil rhetoric until i tried this Hemp Extract Oil. Only thing they really does what it says. Makes me calm, and helps me sleep- not in a NyQuil-i-can’t-keep-my-eyes-open way but more like it was when i was younger. Love it

  112. Megan C.

    Quality product, very satisfied

  113. Kathy B.

    We have been buying this oil for our son who has epilepsy. It truly has made a difference in his life. The seizures are less often, and they have shortened in length. His recovery time is quicker also. What a great product! Thank you so much….btw…he is 17…has had seizures since he was 12…. He still has to take the pills, but we are working on that. Worth the money for sure.

  114. richard a.

    After trying several other brands of oil, Blue Sky Buds is definitely the way to go! Quality and purity are very good.

  115. Danielle A.

    I have severe anxiety. Blue Sky Buds Hemp Extract Oil has been life changing.

  116. Gayle H.

    Product is very good. Eye dropper for dispensing dosage doesn’t work well, difficult to measure accurate dosage. I use a syringe to draw up the oil, but it’s a messy procedure.

  117. Jasmine D.

    I was able to make this a two day dose and it’s very smooth and relaxing in the body. While it’s relaxes away tension held on the muscles you still have energy and motivation to get your work and even your workouts in. In fact I think it helped a lot with post workout muscle recovery. Will be purchasing again!

  118. Renee K.

    So glad I found this company! The product is great, prices are great and shipping is speedy!

  119. Iris C.

    I give it five stars. It has stopped the chronic pain in my back and neck. It also has lowered the pressure in my eyes. I am very thankful for this product.

  120. James M.

    Great Product!

  121. Ryan M.

    Best ever

  122. Sandra W.

    This has been an absolute Blessing for my 10 yo GD who is suffering w arthritis in his hips. The steroids prescribed by my trusted vet made him mean and irritable. But I replaced the steroids w Hemp Extract Oil and my beloved GD is no longer suffering, mean, or irritable!

  123. Dennis W.

    have tried everything for the past 10 years to get a full night’s sleep and a restful sleep not not until I tried Hemp Extract Oil. Have been using the oil now for one week and have had very restful sleep at night I wake feeling very refreshed and rested and I’m getting 6 to 8 hours of sleep a night instead of three to four also have found I am not as anxi ous or nervous great stuff

  124. William M.

    I am very happy with this product, it is helping with pain a giving me more sleep. It takes a while to get the proper dosage and times to take it for the most benefit but I expected that. Great product! Thanks

  125. Yacob C.

    Great product – seems to work well. Taste is ok, not great but it does not really important. would buy it again. recommended .

  126. Solon R.

    This Hemp Extract Oil is the most concentrated I have found. If you are using it sublingual it actually tastes good! Much better than most oils.if you are applying it to sore joints or muscles you need much less than in other similar oils. You get what you pay for!

  127. TOM M.

    This medicine is truly miraculous. I don’t need it every day but when my pains arise it provides quick relief with zero side effects. Just a few drops under my tongue and any discomforts disappear. You should give it a try. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised! 🙂🙂

  128. Dana C.

    Especially for arthritis pain. I wish it were less expensive.

  129. Heather H.

    Amazing product!!!

  130. Melissa R.

    This product resolves my back pain within minutes.

  131. David B.

    Great stuff

  132. Darnel Z.

    I really like this oil.

  133. Jana D.

    I was quite skeptical of some of the claims of Hemp Extract Oil but I am now a believer. I bought it to take the edge off anxiety, which it does nicely. In the process, it worked on headaches, acid reflux, regulating sleep, back pain. I hesitate to even say this because it sounds like a miracle potion, but it pretty much is.

  134. Barbara D.

    Although I think the drops have a bit of unpleasant taste to them, I find them helpful for my anxiety.

  135. Loa H.

    I have tried three other brands, but keep coming back to Blue Sky Buds. It relieves my general joint pain better than the other brands.

  136. Crystalena A.

    I was so so so sick. I have been using Blue Sky Buds products for around 2 years now. I currently take 0.2 ml of this every morning, along with applying 1 pump of the 150mg cream on my hands. I’ve gone from ready to give up on life, for real, and unable to walk or function at all on my own to being pretty close to the person I once was. I trust no o ther company. I have heard various stories of folks having reactions to certain other brands for reasons that weren’t necessarily “bad” on the company… like they didn’t donanythinh WRONG, they just didn’t do things the Blue Sky Buds way. For example, Blue Sky Buds uses a base oil that is well tolerated by almost everyone I have spoken to. However, a family member was having a negative reaction to another brand. I did some digging, discovering that the company was using a base of MCT Coconut Oil. Which is an amazing oil, with hundreds of health benefits… unless you are severely allergic to NUTS, including COCO- NUTS. He switched to Blue Sky Buds and hasn’t had an issue since. I’m truly and advocate for ALL Hemp Extract Oil use. But, I have to say, Blue Sky Buds has NEVER, not ONCE, let me down. And THIS, this 1500mg oil, has literally changed my life’s trajectory. Thank you guys so much. Chrys

  137. Chasity R.

    This helps with inflammation, insomnia, cold sores, sore throat, allergies, anxiety, you name it. Great product.

  138. Joshua P.

    I use this item to help with stress and it works

  139. Scott W.

    Blue Sky Buds manufactures the highest quality and best tasting Hemp Extract Oil available. Customer service and online ordering could not be easier. I recommend Blue Sky Buds without hesitation.

  140. Scott M.

    If you told me that Hemp Extract Oil could help me with normal everyday getting older pains. And at the same time giving me more energy and motivation to do things because those everyday pains are gone. I would think that it sounds too good to be true. But yes a friend convinced myself and my wife to try it and it is absolutely this and so much more. My wife h as had migraines for years and was taking Advil every day for I don’t even know how long. She doesn’t need the Advil anymore and no more migraines. Sometimes things sound too good to be true but Hemp Extract Oil really works. It’s not cheap but definitely money well spent.

  141. Rolinda H.

    Using this product provides an effective way to address my chronic pain.

  142. Teresa S.

    I love this Blue Sky Buds formula the best. The taste is clean and minty in your mouth. When you take a 1 Ml dose under your tongue before swallowing you feel a little numbing sensation. I have had trouble sleeping with arthritis in my lower back. I used to keep adjusting my back, waking up, etc. all through the night. With this Hemp Extract Oil from Blue Sky Buds I get great relief and sleep through the night! Thanks Blue Sky Buds!

  143. Brooke B.

    Great product!

  144. Miguel R.

    Excellent. Relieved my anxiety and allowed me a restful night’s sleep. Although it did take more than just a few drops to do the trick.

  145. Mike O.

    been reading a lot on how to cure my cancer, just started so don’t know yet. But the service I receive is great

  146. Sandra W.

    Fast delivery, EXCELLENT customer service, and this product has helped my senior Great Dane with his arthritis and hip dysplasia discomfort/pain.

  147. ulrike l.

    Our five year-old Labrador has been having epileptic seizures since before her first birthday. She takes three anticonvulsants. A fourth is available but we’re told it’s ineffective. We began giving her Blue Sky Buds Hemp Extract Oil in October 2017 and she enjoyed one of the longest seizure-free stretches ever. We have been able to reduce dosages of the pha rmaceuticals, mitigating some of their unpleasant side effects. Hemp Extract Oil is not a panacea but it does add another tool to our efforts to give our dog the most healthy life possible. We are strong proponents of its use.

  148. Barry C.

    With your oil I’m finally able to go to sleep and rest the best I have in 9 years from my nerve damage in low back and I have gotten a lot of people to use it

  149. Heather B.

    I use this for nighttime pain and sleep! Very relaxing! Can’t wait to try more from Blue Sky Buds!

  150. Gail S.

    I’ve been experimenting with Hemp Extract Oil as an alternative to traditional medications, and have used other brands with unimpressive results. Thanks to your formula, I’ve found the relief I’ve been looking for. Thank you!

  151. Joshua C.

    My favorite Hemp Extract Oil! I worked my way up to the 1500mg and really like it. I wish it was a little more affordable, perhaps a membership price?The sporadic discount offers help but I think some kind of loyalty program would go a long way.

  152. Carolyn B.

    I have had chronic back pain for years and then my chiropractor recommended I try Hemp Extract Oil. After researching several companies I made my first purchase with Green World and within 3 days the results were nearly unbelievable. Easy to use, fast delivery and high quality product!

  153. nathaniel h.


  154. karl t.

    Works great!

  155. Mr.dave

    I suffer from horrible knee pain, caused by old football injuries. Both knees need to be replaced, unfortunately it’ll be an act of Congress to get that done in a timely manner. I don’t smoke, so I thought I’d give this a shot. 350mg. Is working great for my poor knee’s. I’m limping as often. Thank you. For this awesome product.

  156. Aldegundo G.

    Very good!

  157. Swilley R.

    Helped me to quit smoking. Removed anxiety.

  158. ruth c.

    my large dog could hardly get around but with this he runs like a puppy. I also have dystrophy and it helps my RSD pain so much

  159. Sheila D.

    Awesome product. I love it!

  160. Amber K.

    My boyfriend bought this for me as a way to help me quit taking nSaids every day for headaches/migraines. I have also noticed that I have completely stopped having partial seizures, and as a result have been able to cut my dose of seizure medicine which means I’m no longer suffering the side effects of the “medicine” I’m on. I’ve also noticed a gr eat reduction in general anxiety. I recommend this product to everybody!

  161. Eric A.

    It agrees with me. And service is great

  162. Esther M.

    After countless prescription and alternative drug therapies for pain, we d coded to try the 350mg Hemp Extract Oil. No success, but this much higher dose has proven to begin showing some promise for my husband’s severe case of Ankylosing Spondylitis. Thank you Blue Sky Buds. We will continue to order.

  163. Jen T.

    The 1500 has not only helped in relieving nerve pain 100% from a bulging disc, but has also considerably reduce arthritis pain and muscle flare-ups. No more pain pills & muscle relaxers. The results have been more than expected.

  164. Nilda d.


  165. Joseph O.

    I have nothing but anxiety with Work supporting my family and what the future holds for me. This takes that edge right off. I tried the 550mg and that didn’t really do much but so far the 1500 is perfect.

  166. Heather H.


  167. Melissa P.

    Helped with my migraines!

  168. Roberto C.

    Easy to use, great results!

  169. Kristy W.

    I’ve been using the 550, and am thrilled with the pain relief I get from it. The 1500 relieved my neck and shoulder pain, but the taste was a bit strong. I’m sticking with the 550.

  170. james g.

    Put it in your golf bag helped with flexiabilty

  171. guillermo b.

    I have GAD, my anxiety was out of control for the past year and a half, I had no patience nor mental strength to play with my baby, not even to have a normal chat with my husband about his day and my days at work were a nightmare. I felt lost for the past year and I just couldn’t control it any more, I tried everything!!! and nothing worked… thi s oil helps A LOT whit my anxiety, it relaxes my mind and my muscles, so now I can sleep, spend quality time with my family, work and be relax and happy. I 100% recommend!!! im in love!!! I put 6 drops under my tonge between 9am and 12pm and 3 drops15 min before bed (this is what works for me, i started with one or two drops until i find the right dosage, everyone is different so you got to figure out what works best for you).

  172. Rebecca P.

    I absolutely love this product. It really helps me by taking the edge off of my anxiety with no side effects.

  173. Mayra P.

    I’ve been living with Lupus for 20 years now and am on lots of medications. So when my rheumatologists told me about this product I was skeptical, but am so happy he did and they really help me with my inflammation, anxiety and reduce my pain level. I love all of Blue Sky Buds product. I just wish to thank you for helping me manage my Lupus flare ups. Thank you again, Mayra

  174. Cassandra B.

    I use oil on my son, who is autistic, and it works amazing for calming him and reducing some of his hyperactivity!

  175. Amy P.

    Love it!

  176. Craig V.

    Works great. Greens Roads had by far the highest quality Hemp Extract Oil around, that I’ve tried

  177. Alexis C.

    Excelente calidad . Buen producto resultados

  178. PAULA B.

    It eases the pain of my Fibromyalgia.

  179. Annette S.

    Blue Sky Buds helps relax me to the point that I get a better night sleep. I would highly recommend this product for anyone. It is also an anti-inflammatory which has helped me since I just had a hip replacement.

  180. CHAD B.

    Good to assist in the tapering of Benzos for used for insomnia..

  181. Lyra S.

    doesn’t take all the fibromyalgia pain away but it’s better than anything I’ve tried

  182. Angela S.

    I love everything , and cannot wait to purchase more! I am having continued help with chronic pain that I live with everyday. I have had such relief I am even able to start riding my bycycle again! Thank you

  183. Andrew H.

    On time delivery…. great product

  184. Robert G.

    Have been taking for 2 weeks now and my hands are not feeling the pain and stiffness experienced prior to taking. Definitely feel more flexibility in them which also means a lot less stress. Excellent product.

  185. Brittany G.

    The shipping was very fast! The Hemp Extract Oil worked well for my chronic anxiety. Will be buying again!

  186. Jacqueline D.

    I started with the daily dose to try for my chronic pain. I had and have detox because of drug allergenic reaction to pain meds. due component of a disease I delovoped from a industrial accident. this product is amazing. you have to find your prefect dose ,each person is different. start slow and add as needed, this product has saved my life. I ra n across it a store 1st and started with daily dose and then went to 30ml bottle. now I buy direct from them.

  187. Anthony O.

    After the first use, my sleep pattern and anxiety improved so much. Great product for OEF vet.

  188. James K.


  189. Monae B.

    Works great

  190. Marc Z.

    helps my back

  191. Elizabeth H.


  192. Tony K.

    I’m using the 1500 to deal with pain. It has helped me to stop taking Advil which was bad for me.

  193. Ir

    I suffer from severe pain and fatigue due to Fibro and a host of other ailments including severe anxiety. I decided to try Hemp Extract Oil tintcures as the prescription meds are not really helping. GreenRoads was the first company I tried and was amazed how I was now getting 2-3 days out of bed! I tried other brands, but found nothing else worked. I will be a longtime customer with Blue Sky Buds, happy to gain better days.

  194. Jeanne C.

    Suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis and FIbromyalgia…I have been in such pain and often cannot sleep – my first two drops helped so much..the next 2 has me nearly pain free. I did not think I could go on until the pain stopped. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  195. Elizabeth P.

    My husband was having severe panic attacks, I bought the 1000mg Hemp Extract Oil within minutes of taking the Hemp Extract Oil he had relief. It’s a staple in my home. He doesn’t want to be on pills so it’s a lifesaver. I have pain in my back and it’s been helping me too.

  196. Carly B.

    Good product. I’ve had back & neck surgery 2016, flew to Germany for artificial implant at L-5 and S-1 5/18. I live in chronic pain and am rarely relived. I don’t take lain meds due to my occupation but take a variety of other pills to help me indirectly deal with pain. This works great If I take 0.5 ml 3 times a day. Really expensive but all of us in chronic pain know we would pay anything for it to stop

  197. Erin L.

    I had temporary hip pain, took a half dropper of 1500 mg Blue Sky Buds Hemp Extract Oil and was pain free all day. A couple of drops in the morning keeps my mild anxiety at bay. My daughter takes this for her Rheumatoid Arthritis pain and says it keeps her going throughout the day.

  198. Kenneth M.

    too early to tell

  199. AJ G.

    I bought this after previously purchasing the 550mg oil. Taste is terrible, but helps decrease my back pain to a more tolerable level.

  200. Stephen S.

    I’ve discovered a new way to handle pain… aggravation and stress too. Hemp Extract Oil works for me, my friends and my family. I’m always telling everyone I know about it and they all use it. Back pain is terrible and we’ve all gotten relief from this product. One lady I know uses it for migraines! My daughter uses it to help her sleep without those heav y duty meds! I’d be in real trouble if it weren’t for Hemp Extract Oil.

  201. Diane S.

    First day I was amazed

  202. Jacqueline P.

    My husband’s tonic clonic movement decreased a lot with 75 mg/ day

  203. Nicholas I.

    Great products and service

  204. Dawn D.

    Perfect size for travel

  205. maribeth h.

    I really like the ease of use of the daily dose, syringe. Easy to read and measure the oil.

  206. ORLANDO D.

    My wife is a cancer survivor, and Hemp Extract Oil has kept her cancer free.

  207. Julie C.

    Works great for my headaches. Almost instant relief. Only reason I didn’t give 5 starts is the taste. Don’t care for it but the results can’t be beat!

  208. Herbert S.

    Since I started using the Hemp Extract Oil 1500 mg I feel amazing I feel a lot more engeric I sleep better at night my anxiety issues are know longer troubling me. This product is a life saver for me.

  209. Joni S.

    Highly recommend, you will begin to notice the results of this product after a few days. I am on my second bottle

  210. Ryan M.

    Very effective. Great before work and bed

  211. Karin B.

    I actually bought the Hemp Extract Oil for my son’s depression. It certainly improved his mood. I thought I would try it to see for myself and I have felt such a difference in my ability to stay calmer. I do not feel near so anxious about all the terrible news and world events going on. It is a beneficial product to assist in helping someone stay more even-keeled. And lol – I don’t feel as irritated with my hubby either!!!!

  212. Mira D.

    Works wall for my problem

  213. sherry a.

    This product is excellent and I have spread the word among many friends who use Hemp Extract Oil…though there is much interest in trying it the cost is a deterrent to some…

  214. Patricia W.

    This oil has done wonders for my severe knee pain as well as other arthritis pain. It tastes pleasant too!

  215. Pia C.

    Hemp Extract Oil

  216. Maureen B.

    This is a great product. It is calming and easy to use. I will always have one on hand!

  217. Joshua K.

    Seems to work well post surgery for my leg. Interested in trying other products

  218. Edward S.

    As an osteoarthritis patient for many years now I know the discomfort of the constant pain I live with each & everyday. It’s been the cause of my having 3 Shoulder and 3 major spinal operations over the last 12 years , not to mention my right shiulder now scheduled for replacement this summer. I can only say that taking the 1500 MCD oil for 1 week as of today has already given me a High level of relief to my overall back pain which I have been living with each day . I am very pleased with this product so far !!

  219. Melissa S.

    Excellent product. Top quality formulation. Definitely works for multiple ailments. taste is an acquired one but you get used to it. Will keep buying from Blue Sky Buds.

  220. Erin H.

    Tastes good and it helps tremendously with anxiety.

  221. nancy m.


  222. PATRICIA O.

    I am in a situation where my stress and anxiety is pretty high. I am a caregiver for my mom who has dementia. I use this before I go to bed and I am able to fall asleep and have a good nights rest.

  223. Anne P.

    I had surgery on my knee about 15 years ago. It caused a lot of scar tissue damage and arthritis. I used loads of Alleve and other anti inflammatories and nothing worked until I starting taking Hemp Extract Oil at night to help me sleep and help with the pain. I love it. It is the only thing that has worked for me

  224. Drew M.

    Helps me sleep, arthritis pain went away immediately. Less inflamation throughout the day even though I only us it at night. Thank you!

  225. Stephanie F.

    Excellent product. Helps me get through nights of heavy lifting and strenuous work. Helps me get the sleep I need without waking up with excruciating back pain that makes it hard to move.

  226. Wayne A.

    Best thing I have tried

  227. Stephanie M.

    I really like the product. It helps with my back pain a great deal. My only issue is the cost.

  228. Robin H.

    This has helped with my pain so much! I cannot express how grateful I am for you guys! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! 💚

  229. Debra H.

    Just started taking it. It seems a bit thick and is difficult not to get it on the outside of the bottle. Makes me tired…..wondering if that will eventually go away.

  230. Karen F.

    I heard about this particular Hemp Extract Oil from neighbor / friend/ chiropractor. HE learned about it at a continuing ed seminar . I use Hemp Extract Oil to facilitate sleep and it helps me . I am using 50mg at night and in this dosage , I think the bottle will last me a while. It is quick acting and mild tasting and it works for me !

  231. Jean D.

    The oil has helped with my pain from a autoimmune disease. I like the convenience of the syringe for trips.

  232. Emily B.

    I received my order quickly, I like the flavor, all around satisfied!

  233. Cynthia M.

    Works great, tastes great

  234. Tom M.

    I recently purchased a bottle of 1000mg Hemp Extract Oil from Blue Sky Buds. This stuff is the real deal, just a couple drops under my tongue twice a day and my chronic back pain was gone. I repeated the.dose for 2.days and have not had a relapse! When I do, I know how to keep my.back pain away!! Also at the same time I was.suffering from toothache pai n. It took 3 days to make that pain disappear. know that I don’t have to take massive dosages of ibuprofen j (800mg up to 1600mg) every 4-8 hrs for several days, sometimes up to 7-10 days. Thank you so much Blue Sky Buds!! I have told my friends and family all about your amazing products…Tom (Hop) Malloy

  235. Glenn B.

    This is good product

  236. Bill S.

    Excellent sublingual- great flavor and very effective. Will buy again.

  237. Amy F.

    Great for relaxing and pain Its my go to 2x a day

  238. Cody V.

    I’ve tried several brands and strengths. This one is hands down the best oil for me and my needs.

  239. Winston S.

    Got it on time and now I’m trying it!

  240. Theresa B.

    I’m on my feet 35 hours a week,sometime not moving from the area assigned. By the end of the day I was in pain ,feet,legs & knee. One dose in the AM helps me get through the day and to the end of the day without that heavy pain. Theresa

  241. Michael C.

    I have a bad back and this helps me sleep without it I wake up over and over but taking this I will not wake up once through the night

  242. Gayle M.

    Working very well in conjunction with my Parkinson’s. It is a God-send. So glad I found Blue Sky Buds!

  243. S K.

    I begin taking Hemp Extract Oil (3 drops twice daily, 1500 mg bottle) to help keep me calm and well rested during a busy time at work. It did the job. After 2 months I was quite surprised to see my psoriasis greatly improved. Normally, during these busy times I have big flares. I decided to keep using it and it continues to work as well as clobetasol witho ut the mess.

  244. Rae D.

    Picked up the oil and terpenes from a local shop and I love them. I suffer from chronic migraine, trigeminal and occipital neuralgia and tension headaches. I take this when a migraine strikes and my pain levels are decreased significantly ( level 8 to a 3 within an hour) Thanks to these products I feel I’m finally getting my life back.

  245. Dusty S.

    Wish there were measurement markings on the dropper for accurate dosing.

  246. Mary M.

    We have tried so many things that did not help clear up a year old viral rash on the abdomen so we researched to find this might help and it’s starting to clear up!

  247. Susan K.

    I really like the syringe. Much better than a dropper.

  248. Bobbie T.

    I have been using the daily dose for about a month now and it has helped with my headaches more than any pills I have ever been prescribed

  249. Rockmissjess

    I have bells palsy and i was in sooo much pain and nothing i tried helped… or had a ton of side effects… so i did some research and people suggested Hemp Extract Oil which ive never tried before.. i wanted something easy so i went with the daily dose! super simple.. 10ml syringe… 1 ml at a time put under tongue for 30 seconds and swallow.. and my pain ha s been managed… it tastes like resin.. like from when i was in high school lol… its not the best tasting but ive tasted worse so its whatever… the fact is .. it manages the pain.. im no longer in tears at night trying to manage the pain… ty Blue Sky Buds… without this daily dose i would be lost.. i already put in another order too for 5 more! Try it.. it will help.

  250. Ricky M.

    I feel Hemp Extract Oil has been amazing for my dad’s cancer. His Drs have asked what else he was taking because he hasn’t been sick at all on Chemo or Radiation. Also, he was very restless and fidgety at night prior to taking the 1500mcg. He now sleeps absolutely peacefully. Great product.

  251. Kerry B.

    I take 3-4drops under my tongue for 30 seconds, then swallow and do not drink anything after that, I don’t want to wash it down after I swallow it. I’m 63 and have aches and pains from gardening and working with 2 1/2 – 3 1/2yr olds. Works great for me, I take this 2x’s a day am & pm. Great stuff!! You need a higher dosage if you feel a lot of pain throughout the day.

  252. John G.

    I don’t know j-pegs from nutmegs and wanted to use the military discount. Short version Abel and the crew really made things easy. Thank you so much for all your help. Please sent this along to all involved. John Gill

  253. Debbie S.

    Very impressed at the quality, and customer service. I will definitely order again.

  254. Alvin D.

    I tried the 350 and 550, and now on my last of the 1000MG. They are all good however I definitely noticed the difference taking the 1000MG. I feel better physically and sleeping much better. I’ve had sleep problems over the years, sleep apnea and getting to sleep and stay sleep, I always wake in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep. However, while taking this I’ve been able to sleep through the night. God stuff!

  255. Stacy S.

    Works great easy to deal with ships fast

  256. Cheryl B.

    its great, and I will definitely purchase more soon

  257. Gloria C.

    Extremely pleased with this product

  258. James G.

    Works in just a few minutes to relax and ease pain away

  259. Ronald B.

    Is as it is presented.

  260. Diane E.

    I have to take it at night. It makes me tired.I use it for pain so it helps me sleep.

  261. Mollie M.

    The flavor of the oil was definitely better than some I’ve tried. Still trying to find the right dose for my level of pain, but I think this is a great value for what it is.

  262. Maegan M.

    Wife was able to come off antidepressants using Blue Sky Buds 1000mg oil daily.

  263. Phil K.

    I suffer from several bone and joint diseases and took heavy duty opiates for several years. I am off opiates and this Hemp Extract Oil keeps my pain mostly manageable

  264. Mark G.

    I love the stuff for my anxiety. It definitely helps. I’m a federal employee and even though the bottle says no THC and the lab sheet on the website says no THC I’m still a little nervous. Could be just my anxiety LOL. Has any federal employee taken a drug while using this thousand mg Hemp Extract Oil with no THC? And what were your results?

  265. Joseph B.

    This is probably the best value among oils and the quality is right on.

  266. Linda M.

    I split the vile into 2 days. It helped elevate the pain from Crohn’s disease! Will definitely recommend to others suffering from pain!

  267. Q M.

    I truly was a God send for my anxiety!

  268. Chaz H.

    My wife uses this for her neuralgia and so far it is the only thing that stops the flair up I love to recommend to everyone

  269. Marilyn R.

    I have not used Hemp Extract Oil before so have nothing to compare to. However, I do feel a noticeable sense of calm and wellbeing quickly after commencing 2x daily use.

  270. Joesph H.

    I suffer from psoriatic arthritis. I’ve been trying to find something that will work for me for so long and I have found that! I swear it was an instant relief! Love this stuff

  271. Sharon S.

    It relieves most of my back pain, and improves my quality of sleep.

  272. Peter G.

    My husband suffers from Parkison’s and the Hemp Extract Oil has helped him with his motor skills It has also helped to aleviate his tremors and anxiety

  273. Andrea D.

    It helps me mellow out from pain caused by Elhers Danlos! Will buy again

  274. Caleb S.

    I have tried other brands and they work but they seem to wear off much quicker than greenroads.

  275. Sarah J.

    Perfect! Simple and a less messy way.

  276. John G.

    Absolutely love it!!!!

  277. randall s.

    helps to deal with spinal nerve pain .

  278. Rebecca H.

    I have pinched nerves in my back and my neck, spinal stenosis, arthritis, the works! I could sleep at night from the pain constantly waking me up even when I did get to sleep, since I’ve been taking this Hemp Extract Oil I sleep sooo much better. Still wake up to go to the restroom but right back to sleep. I feel so much better during the day. I highly rec ommend you try it, had to find my dosage but it sure works!

  279. Jonathan O.

    I wasn’t wowed at first, but after a solid 10 days of using it, I noticed I was way more calm at work. Coworkers and bosses do not get me riled up as they did before, so all in all that is very good.

  280. Donna D.

    This stuff is amazing. It relieves my arthritis and inflammation.

  281. Shelli W.

    This was easy to use. Helped me relax. Will be buying more.

  282. JOSHUA M.

    This seems to help my anxiety. I’m really glad I tried it.

  283. Lauren F.

    I’ve seen great improvement in a host of symptoms related to all sorts of issues…migraines, anxiety, chronic pain, inflammation, and mood stability just to name a few! Definitely worth a try! Another brand I tried was not as effective.

  284. De M.

    Natural alternative for pain relief. Have been able to function without Rx medications. No Ill effects from Hemp Extract Oil. With the 1500mg bottle, less drops needed for continued relief of pain. Very Satisfied with this product.

  285. Savanna R.

    I will never use a pharmaceutical ever again because of this Hemp Extract Oil! It has helped me overcome my constant anxiety and I won’t ever stop using it!

  286. Susan B.

    I have mod./to severe leg pain from a back issue. I started with 2-3 drops it only lasted an hour.I am at 15 drops 2x a day. My pain level goes from 8 to a 1 or 2 level and lets me function.My only problem is that your product is so expensive and I am retired on a fixed . But it does really work.

  287. Jay C.

    Gonna need a bigger bottle

  288. Michael L.

    My husband uses this for sickness from Chemo. Helps him sleep and takes away a lot of the deep sick feeling.

  289. Megan P.

    I’ve tried other brands, but won’t again. Blue Sky Buds has a top notch product and customer service.

  290. Michael K.

    It’s ok. I put it in my morning coffee. Delicious!

  291. Judith N.

    I have found that 1500MG Hemp Extract Oil has given me such relief from my collapsing, arthritic spine. I’m so grateful I can buy this product from such a reputable company.

  292. Demetrius J.

    As advertised

  293. Heather K.


  294. Steven B.

    I take about 55mg of Hemp Extract Oil a few hours before sleep, and it works great. Also, a lot less aches and pains. I just jumped up to the 3500mg bottle, as this stuff is wonderful!

  295. Donna D.

    This product has helped my arthritis pain. Thank you.

  296. David J.

    This 1500 works so well I do even take that much daily, it has take the pain out of my knees and back

  297. Andrea G.

    Works very well to alleviate the nerve pain in my arm from herniated cervical disks,

  298. Pete H.

    This is a game changer. Cut way back on my anti anxiety pharmaceuticals. Thank you for this product.

  299. Elaine F.

    Love your product. It has made a HUGE difference for me.

  300. Agape E.

    This Hemp Extract Oil works so well for anxiety!

  301. Lisa B.

    Once again Blue Sky Buds hits a home run. I love the effects of this oil, not so crazy about the taste but that’s what the terpenes are for. It has really helped me with my pain. I am now able to get through a full work day.

  302. Jonathan W.

    Total cure for stress/anxiety. Also sleeping better

  303. Linda H.

    Extremely happy with the results I am getting from the Hemp Extract Oil 1000mg for my fibromyalgia, headaches, depression and arthritis. I am almost completely pain med free.Will continue to use….

  304. Brian C.

    Great selection

  305. Kevan H.

    I bought this product for back pain relief and it has helped some but not eliminated it completely. I’ve only been using for a few days, so will give it more time. The main thing I noticed was it helped my mood and outlook on life very quickly which I think is an important step toward healing.

  306. Joe M.

    Helps with headaches and fibromyalgia pain

  307. Michael S.

    Easy to use. I’m not sure it’s working on my arthritis.

  308. KATY W.

    delivers well and excellent customer service

  309. Amanda R.

    I have struggled with pain since my open heart surgery last summer, a friend’s suggested this product to me, and ever since I’ve taken it my pain his decreased immensly. Thank you so much for being great to work with and I’ll be ordering again.

  310. Vidya P.


  311. Kevin G.

    I sleep much better at night. My anxiety levels have gone down as well. Amazing product!

  312. Matthew G.

    Upon taking the 1500 mg daily dose, ive noticed a significant decrease in anxiety and an overall sense of clarity. I love this product and will continue to use every day.

  313. Joseph B.

    It helps

  314. Michael D.

    Purchased the 1500mg of Hemp Extract Oil for pain with RA…use 100mg per day and after 3 days have noticed a difference in the pain levels…hoping that with continued use it will significantly reduce the pain and inflammation…excellent company service…

  315. Ariana D.

    I got this item to help with anxiety and depression. Not only does it do that, but it has also been great for my girlfriend who is trying not to drink.. two weeks down and it’s working like a charm. Recommend it to everyone.

  316. Steven P.

    Wish I started taking Hemp Extract Oil years ago . I was getting to point where I could not get out of bed or walk with out being in sever pain . Every joint in my body hurt so bad . It’s all gone no more pain . Never felt so good in years . Also I could not sleep would wake up several times now I sleep all night.

  317. Sherry L.

    Helpful premeasured Hemp Extract Oil for convenient dosing.

  318. Pedro P.

    Great product, I am completely satisfied with the product and highly recommend to anyone that suffer anxiety or needs to a stress relief. Thank you.

  319. Leslie F.

    This has been a god send to my family. I have 5 people with Lyme disease suffering pain and nothing seems to help. One daughter was on oxycodone and now is off thanks to Hemp Extract Oil. Thank you

  320. Roger P.

    Convienent and very palatable compared to other Hemp Extract Oil seems more effective than other brands

  321. Lulu W.

    I need more of this. I’m loving it. If Hemp Extract Oil were a man, I’d have a loving father of a husband. It’s just too bad I don’t actually have a man. Does anyone know a man I can have?? The Hemp Extract Oil is wearing off. Much Love, Darla

  322. Mary W.

    I feel much better after using the oil. I forgot one day and that proved it was helping.

  323. Jonathan A.

    Amazing product! Consistently better than any other Hemp Extract Oil products I’ve tried!

  324. Stacey

    service and product great

  325. Barry C.

    The best elixir we have ever tried. Love it. Dr. Corn

  326. Kimberly M.

    I have back problems and this product did help. All day relief.

  327. Toni C.

    I loved the 1500 mg daily dose! I will absolutely be ordering more!

  328. Sabine P.

    Starting slow but have already noticed a difference in my sleep and energy level has increased during the day.

  329. Betty B.

    Representatives are most accommodating and knowledgeable I have made several purchases and have been very pleased.

  330. Charles G.

    I have been using Hemp Extract Oil for about a year to help manage sciatica pain. Three to four drops used as needed three to four times a day has worked well for me.

  331. Lorelei H.

    Perfect dose – good idea

  332. Frances R.


  333. Kerrie E.

    I think because it’s so potent, the taste is a little strong…but well worth it to help with my headaches:).

  334. Austin C.

    I take Ativan and Tramadol for anxiety and back spasms. I discovered this product through a friend and it works absolute wonders! When anxiety is bad I’ll take the Hemp Extract Oil and 1/4 my usual dose of Ativan! Hemp Extract Oil is life saving! I love it so much 🙂 will buy more and recommend to friends!

  335. Roger J.

    I have pain from spinal stenous and also arthritis in mt knees. After just a couple of days of using the CDB oil,the pain has been cut down to just minor bouts.

  336. Jack H.

    This product seem to work better than some other brands.

  337. earnest k.

    I have been using Hemp Extract Oil briefly, but I can definitely tell that it definitely has a soothing and calming effect on me. The oil is great, but I do have some confusion – the instruction on-line states 3 drops, but the bottle states to use half the dropper? I have been using about 6 drops in the AM and 6 in the PM. The AM helps my mind calm d own and focus and relieves pain in my shoulders and back. The PM is nice because it helps me sleep and calm my mind for me to fall asleep easier. The only other criticism is that the bottle sometimes leaks when shaken. I hope they can get a better bottle.

  338. Kristin G.

    I ordered this for my husband suffering from extreme fibromyalgia pain, which tramadol no longer touches. It’s helping him bridge the gap as he decreases down from meds. I wouldn’t say it’s a savior, but it is helping so he asked me to order more.

  339. Janelle

    I bought this and today is my second day using it and i feel good. Today i have not had any pain or aches anywhere in my body- my anxiety is non-existent- and i do not feel so gone from my depression. Will be happy once i am off medication!

  340. Brian R.

    Great product. Works for me.

  341. Diane B.

    The product is an excellent product and very convenient and already pre-measured for you. It is fast-acting and I highly recommend Blue Sky Buds Hemp Extract Oil products

  342. Kim F.

    Love this product, tastes good and works great, looking forward to purchasing more

  343. Nancy B.

    Easy to pack, no hassle to use

  344. Sheri R.

    We recently purchased these Daily Dose syringes and we all LOVE THEM! They’re flying off the shelves like crazy!

  345. Judy A.

    Amazing oil – I can visualize this being part of our daily routine, just like vitamins.

  346. Jacquiy D.

    First time trying this product. I consume in two halves over two days. Would I recommend it? Definitely

  347. Kurt E.

    I’ve had terrible neck pain due to inflamed neck muscle. Now after 10 days of using Hemp Extract Oil my neck already feels so much better. Also recently my right eye had developed a somewhat blurred vision compared to my left eye when I tried to read something. Now I can focus much better with my right eye. No wonder big pharma was able to keep these p roducts off the market for so long. The product is a bit expensive for someone like me living on SS. But that is the way it is. Kurt

  348. Michael N.

    Good service and product. Provided pain relief for my arthritis.

  349. Dorothy W.

    Putting liquid drops under tongue allows faster absorbtion and thus quicker relief.

  350. Eric W.

    This concentration works for me. I tried a 300 MG concentration previously. It helped manage pain and with sleep. I like the delivery system of the syringe but the markings (graduations) on the syringe wore off before i finished the whole bottle.

  351. Erika K.

    I am very happy with this product. It delivers a strong and reliable dose and has helped me tremendously.

  352. Ralph H.

    For me this came in handy when i needed a single sose for my physical needs and it helped when i needed it.

  353. Sandra M.

    Easy and convenient

  354. Steven R.

    My relative is trying for the first time and has been using for a couple weeks now. So far so good,. no issues.

  355. Luisa V.

    This stuff is great but very thick I tried to vape it mixed with vape juice but it didn’t really work and to eat it it’s got a very strong flavor but it helps me sleep it’s great

  356. Lyman N.

    since using this product for only a month i can walk with less pain and anxiety levels are way down … love this Hemp Extract Oil and Blue Sky Buds is a great source for all related products…check them out!

  357. David M.

    I’ve been happy with my purchase. It was as described and excellent communication from company. I appreciate the discounts they offer and will continue to use.

  358. Colleen F.

    Awsome prdocuts definitely gonna get again

  359. marden p.

    Blue Sky Buds was prompt and efficient at processing and delivering my order for 1500 MG Hemp Extract Oil, complete with tracking info for delivery. The quality of the oil is top shelf but I had to dilute it slightly as the oil was quite thick and hard to dispense. Once it was diluted it was easy to use and has been a great asset in my pain control regimen. Sincerely, Marden Plant Kimberly, ID

  360. Mindy P.

    I order this for my husband- in the hopes to get him off gabapentin and meloxicam- He gets 100% pain and arthritis relief with the Hemp Extract Oil! Plus no other meds needed!!

  361. Daniel L.

    I love this product! Thank you

  362. CARLOS P.

    I’ve had tried many Hemp Extract Oil products before finding Blue Sky Buds Now I only get my Hemp Extract Oil from G.R.

  363. Angel J.


  364. Robert D.

    Our first bottle was 350 ml and we just started the second bottle of 1,500 ml. The daily dose is 1.5 to 2.0 ml per day. It appears my wife is sleeping better at night with less frequent urination. Her “shakes” seem to be less frequent and last for a short duration. As you might know, there are limited options for medication to treat the symptoms o f Atypical Parkinson’s. Any help is a blessing.

  365. Pam S.

    I love the oil! A few months back I experienced a Catastrophic lost My stress level and Blood pressure was elevated I was diagnosed as Post Traumic Stress Syndrome Since I have been taking the drops under my tongue daily I am now off the Blood Pressure medicine my Dr prescribed My days seem fuller. I can accomplish so much in a day! I introduced t he oil to a friend of mine which he has had the same calming effect It seems by noon we have accomplished more then most do all day! Thank you Blue Sky Buds. I am so happy that I found you!!!!

  366. April D.

    Great easy to use product

  367. Steve A.

    Great CDB oil

  368. Vicente R.

    My wife has tried other brands of Hemp Extract Oil but this one is the one that works best for her. It was a very easy to order as well

  369. Jj D.

    Excellent product. I will not buy any other brand.

  370. Debra D.

    I take some every night to help with pain

  371. Carisa M.

    I have used this company’s product on my dog who had cancer. It extended his life from the predicted “less than one month” to 4 1/2 months. He never had a bad day. I believe this Hemp Extract Oil was the answer to my prayer and will tell everyone I meet about it

  372. Pierre R.

    I did get relief from my knee pain . But I am going to buy the 550 to see if it last longer. But it did help me.

  373. Sheila A.

    Excellent product, great results for my aching shoulder and thumbs. I’m hooked.

  374. Ashley B.

    I have had truly improvement with my anxiety, my appetite, my sleep. I feel more focused and motivated during the day….

  375. Jiao H.

    I bought this for my boyfriend. This gives him more energy everyday

  376. Julian R.

    Still trying to find the right dosage. Am a vet.

  377. Rick R.

    I got them for my mom she has cancer and they do help with her pain .

  378. Jason S.

    Helps with my anxiety

  379. Therese T.

    This product is absolutely Incredible in helping with sleep.

  380. Audrey D.

    This product has changed the life of this 58 year old woman with Remitting MS!!! My symptoms have lessened so much! Three other friends have purchased your product since I’ve been taking mine! Thank you!!!

  381. Danny G.

    Great product for arthritis. I give it a five star rating.

  382. Belinda C.

    I bought this 1000 MG daily dose just to experiment on how well it would work. It definitely done the trick. I hate the fact it is taking such a high dose to help with my chronic pain. I started out with a 100 MG bottle of Hemp Extract Oil, it worked for about a week. Then the next month I moved to 350 MG bottle, which I am still currently using. The 350 M G worked for about the first 15 days, but it’s effectiveness slowly decreased. So I used this Daily Dose of 1000 MG and it helped tremendously, but I am afraid it’s effectiveness will also decline over time. I wanted so badly for the Hemp Extract Oil, to make a huge difference in my life. But I may be the exception to the rule, it may not work for me. Any recommendations would be appreciated. ANYTHING YOU COULD DO TO MAKE THE FLAVOR MORE PALATABLE WOULD BE GREAT. SEEMS THE HIGER THE DOSE THE WORSE IT TASTES.

  383. Debbie R.

    Purchased for my father who has diabetic neuropathy and sleep apnea. Since taking Blue Sky Buds Hemp Extract Oil my father has been experiencing sound sleep and his leg and foot pain from neuropathy and decreased. This is a great product with amazing results!

  384. Teresa E.

    Great product

  385. Angie W.

    Love being able too carry the daily dose with me when I run errands for the days Im in pain. Just a few drops and my pain is gone.

  386. Julie R.

    This is so amazing for chronic pain. My husband has 4 crushed discs in his neck from a mining cave in. This is the first relief he has had in 30 years. I use it for migraines and Chiari Malformation pain. It is so nice to be able to get relief without narcotics!

  387. Susan A.

    I got this for my sister b/c she sees a chronic pain doctor & they are reducing her meds because of government regulations trying to fix the opioid crisis. She lives with chronic pain due to 2broken hips, a broken back plus severe scoliosis. Needless to say, she is miserable ALWAYS! We tried the Hemp Extract Oil with great sceptisism. To our delight, s he feels wonderful! It has helped her so much since the narcotics have been reduced. We are so happy to have found this product. I would recommend it to anyone who has chronic pain & wants to reduce their pain meds!

  388. Jerrold O.

    This was my second Hemp Extract Oil 1500 purchase. I really feel it helps with my anxiety. I have to have a lot of difficult conversations at my job, and the 1500 makes these easier.

  389. Leslie

    daily dose is a great way to sample Blue Sky Buds oil and prove it WORKS. So far, Blue Sky Buds is the best Hemp Extract Oil product out here that works great! love love love this!

  390. Michael E.

    This Hemp Extract Oil is the best yet I’ve yet to find or try

  391. Jesse B.

    Great stuff

  392. Hanna T.

    For my first experience with Hemp Extract Oil, I would say that it was fair, the product itself was wonderful, but everyone’s bodies are different and react in different ways. I would recommend this to anyone trying Hemp Extract Oil out to see how it works for them without spending alot of money on a bottle. 😊

  393. Kirsten H.

    great product

  394. Joseph G.

    Bought for girlfriend ptsd/anxiety. Working with a dr. who approves of its use. She states it definitely helps compared to her pharma meds, less debilitating, helps sleep, etc.

  395. Jamie F.

    I really like this product. I like the concentration.

  396. Fred G.

    This Hemp Extract Oil has really helped my grandfather with his tremor due to Parkinson’s. I honestly can’t say enough good things about it! It’s increased his quality of life!

  397. Linda A.

    I have been using Hemp Extract Oil for 3 months now and have noticed subtle changes. I’ve noticed I’m not losing the excessibe amount of hair I had been losing over the past 5-10 years. Then I’ve noticed the bumps on the back of my arms are no longer there and in fact my skin feels very smoothe. It’s the little things like this that make me realize my body is being healed gradually. I’m diabetic and have noticed more feeling in my feet which means less nerve damage. I’m telling everyone I come in contact with about how Hemp Extract Oil can change their lives with improved health.

  398. Tammyinaz

    I have tried a LOT of different oils, from Hemp, Hemp Extract Oil and CW…but this is the first oil I can feel in 2-3 minutes working. ITS AMAZING. I got off all Benzos (I was using them for generalized anxiety and insomnia) and this Hemp Extract Oil works better than the RX meds did for mellowing out and calmness.

  399. Earnest J.


  400. Sean D.

    Worked great for pain

  401. Michelle N.

    This is such a wonderful product, for someone suffering from anxiety of any kind and or depression. I now know first hand the product works. Best description is it’s not how it makes you feel but the lack of what you feel. If you are an anxiety sufferer you should understand. I would recommend trying this product to anyone that would like to step away from harmful benzodiazapine use. I hope this has helped.

  402. Charles T.

    Easy to order on site and the products arrived quickly in good condition. Since this was my first order here, I used a CC that is very rarely used. Within three days I was hit for a charge to WorldRemit for 193.15. Next day another for 193.75. Then 203+change then 217+change. My bank stopped these payments. This CC has not been used online or in s tore for over 3 years so the leak must be here at GR. Good products,but you must guard your cards.

  403. Yaba B.

    I’ve tried a number of popular brands of Hemp Extract Oil, trying to find what works best for me. And though it’s still early yet (only been taking for a month), I really like Blue Sky Buds. The taste and consistency make the experience of putting a syringe in your mouth just a little bit better. 🙂

  404. Tom P.

    works great been free from pain meds for about a year and no side effects highly recommend trying this as alternative to perscription pain medication

  405. Michelle g.

    Love this stuff and how it helps relieve pain!

  406. Lori C.

    So very happy I found this produce. It makes it easier to make it through the day to have my pain level go from an 8-9 down to a manageable 4. I don’t really care for the taste but it works so I can over look that.

  407. Laurie M.

    This has a great taste, & is definitely great for relaxing me after a long day.

  408. Karyn W.

    Helps my wife’s siezures

  409. Phillip K.

    Works well, tastes great! I really like that they have lab results available so you know what you’re getting.

  410. Spiros D.

    Great product works wonders

  411. Sheila A.

    I have had severe to moderate left shoulder pain for the past 6 months. Not sure the cause but I started taking Hemp Extract Oil every morning and now I’m almost pain free. I can actually sleep on my left side again. This stuff is amazing for joint pain relief.

  412. Joo C.

    It’s only been a week since I’ve used it, but it seems to be working for general inflammation.

  413. Samantha H.

    Worth every penny! The quality is top notch!!!

  414. Marco

    I wa skeptical at first but this sublingual works to reduce the symptoms of my rheumatoid arthritis. Joint stiffness is reduced so that I can move like I did before diagnosis. I feel more relaxed even when faced with stress at work and home. However the bottle leaks when I shake it as recommended on the label. This leaves a sticky bottle and a rin g on the table. When tightened it proves tough to open due to the click mechanism built into the dropper cap. The product is good but the packaging needs attention. I feel like I’m losing some of the Hemp Extract Oil on the table everytime I use it.

  415. marjorie a.

    Just 3 drops of 1000 mg Hemp Extract Oil makes the aches and pains of arthritis ( or whatever the undiagnosed daily malaise is) go away. I feel more energetic and positive too…..thank you Blue Sky Buds.

  416. Paul A.

    Have not felt the effects yet

  417. Jennifer G.

    Great product

  418. Nathan S.

    She has been using Hemp Extract Oil for her anxiety and finds that it works very well. With the larger bottle of higher dosage, we also save by reducing the dosage. We also called to have questions answered and were very pleased with the customer supportsupport.

  419. Seth H.

    This stuff works. It has helped so much.

  420. Paul N.

    Great product!! The Cannabinoids in the full spectrum had a synergistic effect that left me feeling relaxed and positive to fall into a great sleep!!

  421. Kathleen C.

    This seems to help me sleep, which is why it was ordered. However, its so thick that it doesnt go into the dropper. It builds up all around the dropper and then drips off when taking the dropper from the bottle to mouth.

  422. Lorelei H.

    Truly healing cream. Try it.. and tell others

  423. Evelyn H.

    I was amazed when I started using this oil. I’ve been on norco for two years for joint pain . I am off the norco and having great days. My family noticed a change right away. I tried other oils and find Blue Sky Buds superior.

  424. William T.

    Excellent product. I highly recommend it.

  425. Teri N.

    Each morning and each evening we use just one drop and it’s instantly calming. 100% would recommend to anyone with anxiety or stress management problems.

  426. Nicole M.

    Bought this for my hubby for pain and it’s really helping. Definitely getting more

  427. Timothy S.

    Started out with the 350 mg dosage and was having to take a lot. Switched over to the 1500 mg dosage and it is much better. With chronic pain from an old injury, this is helping a lot. The pain doesn’t completely go away but it makes it much more manageable and I don’t feel like I am going out of my mind with pain!!

  428. Lisa M.

    Wonderful! Helps me sleep and relieves most of my arthritic pain!

  429. Daryle C.

    This product is exactly what I’ve been looking for as far as a quality oil! EXXXACTLY as advertised… will continue to purchase in the future!!

  430. Helena M.

    This oil is amazing for pain and anxiety. Such good quality too. Our dog is dying of cancer, and this oil has made her pain free, eating good, and playful. Unbelievable results that made such a difference in her remaining days. Thank you so much for making this product!!!

  431. James A.

    Believe the testimonials, this stuff works. I had been on prednisone for 5 years for a condition called Poly-Myalgia- Rheumatica. I had tapered thee dose down over the years, under a Dr’s care 1mg per day. Each time we tried to go lower the symptoms would return. I began takins 25mg of sub-lingual Hemp Extract Oil and the next time we dropped the prednison e I suffered no return of symptoms. Then I ran out of Hemp Extract Oil. Symptoms returned within a few days. Re-ordered Hemp Extract Oil and the first day back on it I could feel a difference. Within a week I was again pain free. James

  432. Veronica M.

    Helps with insomnia

  433. Misty K.

    This product has helped me a lot with arthritis pain. Glad I found it and tried it. Will buy again and again.

  434. Stephen W.

    Relieved back pain all day long

  435. Michelle F.

    My first time purchasing this item but had the flavor before. Only thing is the syringe is a little messy, I would suggest a dropper instead.

  436. Greg L.

    great tasting and great quality. LOVE MY Hemp Extract Oil!

  437. Joaquin I.

    Good product at a good price….takes the edge off

  438. Delaney N.

    Great product! Convenient packaging! Love Blue Sky Buds products and customer service!

  439. carryon2000 V.

    I put only one to two drop under tongue and I fall sleep within 20-30 mins! In the morning I look fresh unlike taking sleeping pills that make you look bad the day after!!!!

  440. Elsie M.

    What a blessing to finally have relief. I’ve been in pain for years. I’ve been taking this for 2 months and finally have relief from pain and not being able to sleep. Now it’s not long term but it has made me able to concentrate and a lot less a.d.d. great product.

  441. Michael Z.

    Love it, really helps with anxiety!!

  442. Jane L.

    I have a spinal cord injury from a motorcycle accident and suffer from significant nerve pain! I have found great relief in using this product! I can do more things and have more energy! It doesn’t take it all away but it sure helps!!!!

  443. Daniel M.

    I was introduced to this Hemp Extract Oil at Drift Greenville SC.a float spa. This is my second bottle.. I was skeptical. Now I’m beginning to feel a greater sense of well being. Better sleep. Less pain. I expected nothing. I now expect with consistent use to feel better .

  444. Seres C.

    I require a higher dosage to have relief from my anxiety, but when I tried the 1000mg strength I could definitely tell the difference. It helped lessen my anxiety!

  445. Norma B.

    results were overnight !

  446. herbert E.

    I read many reviews and Blue Sky Buds was by far voted #1—-I have taken for 2 months——my pain is better—— I am sleeping better—-overall feel energy——thank you —- h Eustis,RETIRED——-

  447. Richard R.

    I’m using Hemp Extract Oil to help with my Panic Attacks, Extreme Anxiety and PTSD. Surprisingly, I’m seeing the biggest improvement in lowering my blood sugar. Being a type-2 diabetic for over 10 years my sugar normally runs high (hyperglycemia). It’s a balancing act that I’m still working on as far as the appropriate dose and/or doses. I am not a doctor, so you need to figure out what works best for you for your medicinal needs. For me, if I take small doses a few times a day that allows my blood sugar not to drop rapidly and I maintain a better glucose baseline. I know if I take a larger dose at one time my anxiety level is much better. So trying to find that happy medium is my biggest goal. Also, my digestive system has greatly improved. Not as much constipation is another unexpected benefit. This is a good high quality product from Blue Sky Buds. I’ve tried other companies but the results from this product has given me the best results. Remember, there is no magical fix all to help us with our medical needs but for me this product has helped the most. A true blessing!

  448. James H.

    I purchased Hemp Extract Oil to reduce arthritis pain. The oil didn’t seem to help this pain, but I did notice benefits that I didn’t expect. After daily doses from 2 bottles of Hemp Extract Oil I had a yearly physical. My blood pressure had decreased and my cholesterol was lower as well. My digestive system is more regulated and I also lost a few pounds going from 245 to 236. I’m very happy about these health perks.

  449. Kevan H.

    I suffer from multiple eye problems, and experienced severe dryness to both eyes in December. I couldn’t go more than 15 minutes without adding drops for relief. But the drops wouldn’t last, so after 4 days, I tried the Hemp Extract Oil and within 30 minutes, the ache and dryness went away. I have continued taking the drops every couple days and have not s uffered dryness again. I also hope to see some help with my glaucoma and will keep you posted on that one!! I am totally sold on Hemp Extract Oil and how it has helped my eyes. Thank you!

  450. Louis D.

    I have used your CPT or product known for almost a year. I find that it has stabilized my inflammatory condition. I have been diagnosed with Crohn’s for more than 20 years. The Hemp Extract Oil is definitely a product that I have come to rely on.

  451. Jeannette S.

    This product has made it possible to control my anxiety symptoms without the use of medications that weren’t working. Tastes great and works quickly!!

  452. R W.

    Wonderful results

  453. Alexia A.

    Has an earthy taste for sure, but sweet as the same time. Great for on the go.

  454. Anne W.

    relief with my anxiety/depression and arthritic pain as well. I’m glad I tried this!

  455. John P.

    I have found GR to be a trusted supplier. The oil I use provides a degree of relief from chronic pain and enables me to continue all day long.

  456. Dierdre D.

    I took one of these after a stressful day at work. Gave a nice relaxed feel. I pretty sure results may vary for those not accustomed to trying these. This was my first of this amount. May certainly come back for more.

  457. Teresa P.

    I had a severe accident shattering both heels. I have chronic severe pain trying to walk. I take the Hemp Extract Oil and instantly my foot joint is less crunchy and grindy allowing me to walk. This oil is a miracle!

  458. Jason M.

    Seemed to work as well as any Hemp Extract Oil tincture. Great taste. Would buy again.

  459. Mayra P.

    I’ve been living/surviving SLE/Lupus for over 15 years and i am so medications..So when my rheumatologists mentioned to me to try the Hemp Extract Oil, I really was hesitate about it….thinking will it really help me and the answer is Yes!! it has helped me with everything. Severe pain, anxiety, insomnia and not my surprise my nauseous. I love these product and the Chamomile Tea is awesome. To able to sleep for at least 4 straight hours, hasn’t happened in years. But I am now, am still in shock and awe over these products really helping me. But when something really works, it needs to shared. Thank you for reading and have a blessed day

  460. Nadine W.

    Have been purchasing this for my mom who has a progressive and chronic eye condition and so far it hasn’t gotten worse!

  461. Krista H.

    These are great for travel anxiety! Will purchase for sitting in the car on long road trips from now on.

  462. Sean D.

    Great product

  463. LaToya D.

    I love this stuff

  464. Rachel E.

    Definitely a smooth, relaxing dosage. That said, its use for pain/anxiety/nerves/etc. was not noticeable. Maybe a higher dosage is needed? Anyway, great product for the price.

  465. Mia B.

    This product helps me in many way.

  466. Una M.

    I’ve been dealing with severe chronic pain for twenty years now. I avoid drugs and use natural methods as far as possible. I’ve gotten relief from kratom for the past four years. Then a friend gave me some Hemp Extract Oil patches and I found they helped a lot in addition to kratom. With Hemp Extract Oil, I need less kratom. I decided to try the strongest Hemp Extract Oil here at G reen Roads. I was pleasantly surprised to find how effective it is and how few drops I need to get positive results. I take about six drops three times a day. It not only helps keep my pain level down but it also has lightened my mood. I may have been more depressed and anxious than I was aware. Of course, that’s no surprise. Being disabled with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue is tough to deal with. So I was surprised when about three weeks into taking Hemp Extract Oil daily that I felt my mood lift and brighten. I’m very happy to have 1500 mg Hemp Extract Oil in my tool chest. It’s lessened my pain, brightened my mood, helps me sleep better, and the end result is that I’m more functional in my daily life. Thank you, Blue Sky Buds!

  467. Curtis H.

    Highest quality oil has helped relieve arthritis aches and pains and helps me get a full nights sleep. Delivery was super fast! Very Satisfied!

  468. Liam L.

    Gave me a really chill feeling. Will buy again!

  469. Nimit S.

    Feel great

  470. Sandra M.

    I deal with anxiety and depression daily. I recently had a CT scan on my lungs and was advised to stop smoking now as they discovered some pulmonary lung modules. After much research, and discussion with my doctor and therapist, I decided that Hemp Extract Oil was a very good option to at least try. Amazing, calming, and a tremendous help controlling my de pression and anxiety. I can actually function without tears, anger, sadness, and racing thoughts. For me, Hemp Extract Oil has calmed my fears, and given me a whole new outlook.

  471. Rhonda V.

    I recently started taking the 3500 mg Hemp Extract Oil and it takes away the achy pain I have in my legs from fibromyalgia. My pain meds don’t even help with that specific pain but the cb oil eliminates it. Very happy with my purchase. Will be buying again.

  472. Katie F.

    I first purchased Hemp Extract Oil from GW in Boca Raton, FL. I was dependent on smoking flower before, and this Hemp Extract Oil dissolved that dependence and gave me all the extra benefits, too! 1500 mg is perfect for me!

  473. Molly F.

    I absolutely love the convenience of the daily doses!! I will be making sure I keep some on hand. 🙂

  474. John A.

    I’m able to knock down the nerve pain without losing my focus or getting confused like opioids can cause

  475. Stefan l.

    Awesome product!!

  476. Lawrence G.

    Good product. Only 4 stars secondary to slow fulfillment

  477. Tim W.

    Like most Chronic pain patients I was willing to try anything!!! This Hemp Extract Oil helps. Without disorientation.

  478. Erica S.

    I bought the 1500mg bottle. 3 drops goes a long way. Not the best flavor, so have some water handy, hence 4 stars. Otherwise, it’s a winner. Helps with my anxiety nicely. Will be buying again.

  479. Karen M.

    Product s one of a kind, great product, truly unbelievable, a must have, honestly a really good product.

  480. Raymundo P.

    Excellent product it helps my father in law tremendously with his Parkinson’s disease

  481. Sarah J.

    I normally get the 550 because the dose is a cpl mg per mL higher but for the 30 mL bottle for the 1000 mg it was worth it to double the wmunt. Ive been taking it orally at night to sleep and lso onc a dayfor anxiety. It seems to help.

  482. Kristopher C.

    I have been using the 1500 ml oil for the past few weeks and have noticed that my back and nerve pain have lessened. Makes living quality overall better and more enjoyable. Will be ordering terpine oils to add with Hemp Extract Oil for possible enhancement of relief.

  483. kevin r.

    I find this quite tasty too!

  484. NAOMI K.

    I am very grateful to Blue Sky Buds for making the 1500 MG Hemp Extract Oil available. It has proven very helpful and effective not only for myself but also for friends I know who had severe pain (migraine headaches, carpal tunnel spasms, and more), also for insomnia, nausea, and stress. The Hemp Extract Oil from Blue Sky Buds is much different from other Hemp Extract Oil products that we have tried. You can tell that it is truly the “real thing”, with honest potency and effectiveness! Thank you so much for providing a healthy, natural alternative.

  485. Bert I.

    Helps alleviate the sciatica pain. I use to have to medicate with Percocet, not any more, thanks!

  486. Jacob F.

    So far nothing but positive feelings. My anxiety and stress has went down. My mood overall has improved.

  487. Marie M.

    I take Blue Sky Buds 1500 with good results for neuropathy relief. The included syringe is excellent for accurate measurement. The oil is highly concentrated, so it’s a good value in the quality Hemp Extract Oil market. I don’t care for the cloying sweet flavor.

  488. David F.

    A friend introduced me to Hemp Extract Oil. I have not slept this well or been this relaxed in way too long. It’s only been a week of using it. I can only imagine how I’m going to feel in more time!

  489. Julia F.

    Doing good

  490. megan

    I started with this, just to see how my dosage should be (took half at once and another half 0 minutes later) and it was truly wonderful for those who are starting out with Hemp Extract Oil. Helped me a lot with my migraines!

  491. Mayra P.

    I’ve had lupus for 20 years, I have severe pain, cyclic nauseous, anxiety. When my Dr recommended for me to try Hemp Extract Oil. I was first surprised, then happy because am on so many medications do help manage my lupus, and these very strong and could hard our bodies. Am so thrilled to say that since i started the Hemp Extract Oil three times a day, I have less nausea, anxiety and am not reaching for my pain medications every 6 hour. To be very honest i didn’t expect such a positive outcome. Am very happy to have added my 1500mg Hemp Extract Oil to my daily health care. Am so grateful for my Dr referring me to Blue Sky Buds💚 Thank you to all at Blue Sky Buds your customer service is great💚💚

  492. Lori M.

    This was a great product , easy to use and extremely convenient.

  493. Tracy R.

    The taste isn’t that great but who cares, it helps me with my pain

  494. David O.

    Fast service! Thank you

  495. Kristopher B.

    This product is the best in it’s Market. I have tried every Pain Management supplements and prescriptions out there. nothing else is in comparison. even the most expensive stuff.. On a scale from 1-10 on relieving my daily aches and pains. I give it a 9. I honestly never thought I would find a product that worked. I have Brown Seguard syndrome fro m a broken back. which in turn is a crazy nerve disorder. And most Doctors are clueless about it. so Thank for making it! and giving people hope. you guys are Miracle workers.

  496. Ryan M.


  497. Andrew P.

    This product worked well for pain relief, and is very easy to take.

  498. Charlene P.

    This is our third order

  499. Jenni G.

    My husband has severe back pain. This has allowed him to work easier and best of all SLEEP at night.

  500. Teresa G.

    Great product one of the best that I have tried! Helps with my anxiety and being able to relax after a stressful 12 hour shift at work. Also helps me to sleep better, taste great!

  501. Andrew P.

    Quality product and has helped immensely with my anxiety.

  502. Deborah R.

    Works great for fibromyalgia pain

  503. Carol M.

    I have tried other brands and have found Blue Sky Buds is the only effective Hemp Extract Oil!

  504. Jessica S.

    While this is my first experience using Hemp Extract Oil, so far I am pleased. While it didn’t completely get rid of all my RA pain, it did take the edge off enough that I could relax and function more normally than in years. I look forward to continuing to use it and see if the benefits continue.

  505. Dolores N.

    The 1000 mg drops appear to be the sweet spot for restless leg syndrome. Greenroads has a great line of products. Thanks!

  506. Katharine C.

    One week ago today I took a fall over a rogue hose in my garden. I crashed landing on the left side of my face. I went to our hospital by ambulance and was not released until the next morning. My daughter is very familiar and has great success with your products. She has instructed me in the use and application of the oils and it has been very hel pful in relieving pain.

  507. Vern

    Just placed my first order after sampling GR Hemp Extract Oil …. nearly instant relief from arthritis related pain and headachs… beats painkillers by far … easy to use helpfull website …great military discounts ..5 stars easy… thanks GR

  508. Kathleen B.

    I feel calm after taking this with no ill side effects.

  509. Amanda G.

    Best deal for quality and concentration.

  510. Natasha C.

    I suffer severe wide spread pain and to date not meds were sufficient. Well for the first time in a long time i have been pain free! I genuinely thank the creators!

  511. Mary W.

    Works well for me when I have an issue with high blood pressure. Wish it wasn’t so sweet.

  512. Melissa J.

    Great quality!

  513. Joe A.

    I’ve tried several other Hemp Extract Oil companies and yours is the most effective!! Nice product, keep up the good work.

  514. Christopher M.

    This product; in my opinion, helped me conquer my battle with Lyme disease.It put my problems behind me.

  515. Johan A.

    Nice, good viscosity and potent

  516. Nikki C.

    My husband and I love the quality of the Hemp Extract Oil.

  517. Jenifer L.

    We were in the middle of a movie with lots of stress and little sleep from it , so I ordered this and got the best night rest and woke up ready for the day . Also better then anything I’ve ever taken for anxiety

  518. Jeremy A.

    I’m very glad I found this brand. I will definitely continue to use it. It helps me to relax and more importantly helps me to sleep.

  519. Rhonda b.

    Good Quality

  520. Wendy J.

    I’m using the 1000mg to help find relief from SIBO’s restless leg type symptoms. I’m also using it to help put me in a deeper sleep. It’s a little to thick and sweet for me but it does work most of the time. The dropper is a little messy but because it’s 1000mg concentrated 3 drops is all it takes.

  521. Brian R.

    Wow love it a step up is just what i needed.. inflammation gone.

  522. sarah o.

    Daily Dose is easy to use and works great!!

  523. rebecca g.

    Helps me relax..take it an hour before bedtime

  524. Nicole T.

    I started taking this about 10 months ago. I have nerve pain in my head that causes a severe constant migraine. I was on several different prescriptions for 5 years. All with horrible side effect. I simply substituted the Hemp Extract Oil in place of my prescription and haven’t looked back.

  525. phillip m.

    1500mg Hemp Extract Oil

  526. Gary A.

    Started in March 2018 and have taken an average of 6 drops per day. I’m 73 and in good health except for back and neck pain from arthritis. Hemp Extract Oil has helped relieve my back pain and I no longer rely on Ibuprofin which can have bad side effects on the stomach. Also, I feel much more relaxed and calm (verified by my wife) and don’t have frequent urina tion anymore. Thank you Blue Sky Buds – keep up the good work! Gary

  527. James G.

    This is the best Hemp Extract Oil I have come across and not to mention that the customer service is absolutely amazing

  528. Amber K.

    Helps with headaches and anxiety

  529. Steven D.

    On a recommendation from a friend I tried Hemp Extract Oil to try and quit my evening drinking which I have been doing consistently for the last 45 years. It has been 17 days and it definitely takes the edge off. It also helps ease joint pain. At this point I am going to continue to use it regularly. I am very satisfied with my personal results.

  530. Daniel K.

    Quality product. It is as described. It works miracles.

  531. Cecil H.

    Works great on our pain. We love it.

  532. Tina H.

    Hemp Extract Oil has helped me with my sleeping

  533. Kelly L.

    I have recently replaced all pain meds with Hemp Extract Oil. I have had chronic pain for over 15 years and was on pain medication throughout that time. I have a physically demanding job and work 6 days a week. I was anxious to transition to say the least. But I am so grateful for this quality product that gives me the natural option for pain relief. Each day I feel better. Thank you!

  534. hauser H.

    This product does wonders for my diabetes its awesome

  535. Christina R.

    I decided to try Hemp Extract Oil for my menstrual cramps because I hated taking Tylenol or Ibuprofen so often. I started taking it during my period but think it was too soon for it to be effective. I’ve taken it every day since then and think it’s lowered my anxiety (my husband swears by it for that purpose), but it’s effects are so subtle it’s hard to sa y. My most recent period was a little rough the first day, but every day after was smooth sailing. We’ll see how the next one is, but so far I think it’s working!

  536. Edgar J.

    Exactly what was needed. A high quality product delivered quickly and professionally. I am amazed how much it helps!

  537. Molly S.


  538. Mel G.

    Gr8 product & affordable price.

  539. Daniel B.

    Good stuff

  540. Dane

    I’ve tried the sublingual drops which were good. However there is something semi sweet that hurts my teeth. This is a much better blend that won’t hurt sensitive teeth and the quality is top notch! Very impressed. Just wish the price was cheap enough to allow me to use this daily as the name suggests! Do that and I’ll be thoroughly impressed!

  541. Constante P.

    I feel different after 3-5 days of starting. I’m starting to feel the Hemp Extract Oils working at first I wasn’t sure but now I can definitely confirm the Hemp Extract Oils taking affect.

  542. Kerri

    My mom has degenerative disc disease which causes severe, debilitating pain. She went from using 3 of her oxycodone a day to somewhat control her pain to using only 1 oxycodone in the morning and 3 drops of the 1000mg Hemp Extract Oil. It controls her pain better than the opioid! I cannot praise this enough for what it’s done for my mom!

  543. Amanda C.

    This stuff is amazing! I struggle with a good amount of PTSD, anxiety, and depression. Before I struggled going to social events, the stress of work would run me down and I struggled staying engaged in my relationships… All that has changed since I found Blue Sky Buds Hemp Extract Oil. This stuff is a game changer, a life saver, I’m so happy to have found this product!

  544. Shannan G.

    We love this Hemp Extract Oil! Helps with so many different things!

  545. Sherry L.

    Using Hemp Extract Oil for treatment of brain cancer. Helpful for sleep, pain relief, and reduction in anxiety following radiation oncology. Off all anti seizure meds now. No seizures at this dose for 6 weeks now. No detrimental side effects. The only thing that has worked.

  546. Evan S.

    I am just excited about Blue Sky Buds brand Hemp Extract Oil products as I was the first time I tried one. This company is the only one I have found to be honest and in high quality. This daily dose is strong enough that even with aches and pains, you can get a lot use out of this one. I have sciatic nerve pain and other aches and a 1/3 of the daily dose gets me feeling better and loosened up. No longer all tight and tense and achy. I’ve used the full daily dose when I had pain and discomfort and it was all I needed.

  547. Clyde J.

    Excellent product. Will get you off pain meds and take your back pain, arthritis pain away. Used opioids for over 16 years for back problems and severe pain but Blue Sky Buds Hemp Extract Oil has taken pain away. Great product.

  548. Peter R.

    Taking 3 drops per day makes it so I am able to walk around and even workout again.

  549. Leslie F.

    strong taste but very worth it. very helpful with pain for hours

  550. Bryn Q.

    I’ve tried a few Hemp Extract Oil and this one works fast with just a few drops.I always needed more with other Hemp Extract Oil

  551. Jodi G.

    I will definitely be shopping here again, the frogs are amazing as well, thank you much 😊

  552. Donna B.

    I bought the 500mg bottle instead after I tried the daily dose. loved it!

  553. rose h.

    I have used several brands and this is by far the purest. I have tried 350 mg 550 mg and now 1500mg. personally I like the 550 best for taste. the 1500 is very strong so I use very little and its a larger bottle. I use it mostly for controlling my diabetes but it also helps me overall.

  554. Wayne A.

    I tried Blue Sky Buds Hemp Extract Oil and it works for me, I suffer with chronic pain

  555. Milo H.

    This help me sleep more that ANYTHING I have tried before.

  556. JAMES W.

    Great product. I have chronic back pain. I have reduced my daily intake take of Tylenol from 5000 to 2000 mg.

  557. Kyle R.

    Blue Sky Buds really goes the extra mile to make sure their products are tested for the best quality, and they make sure their customers have all the information they need to use their product, and live better.

  558. Charlotte W.

    as a person with chronic back pain.( two surgeries, rods and pins halhway up my back, and many treatments for pain) i thought i would check into Hemp Extract Oil. I have not been too impressed with others but this had seem to relieve some of my pain for a few hours. I have been in pain management since 2006 and have been on many different pain medications . As someone who is looking to get off opiods, this could possibly be an option. The only thing that scares me is the cost. my insurance doest cover it and it frightens me that i might not be able to afford the daisly dose that has been beneficial to me.

  559. Deborah H.

    Very satisfied with your product. Your service of receiving it this time was very expedient. Thank you

  560. Michelle R.

    I’m a converted non-believer. Anything has to be better than dangerous pharma. Helps w pain as do many Hemp Extract Oil products but none as quickly, fully or well as Green Rds. Helps more than others w some anxiety too. Ordering is professional and easy. Directions and lab results clear. My #1 for chronic pain and ptsd.

  561. Linda G.

    I am a hard working nurse. When my 12hr shift is complete, I take adose and am ready for a relaxing sleep within an hour.

  562. Lanesha H.

    I like the item does me good

  563. Kelley

    I have never slept so soundly in all my life. I don’t wake up groggy whether I wake up naturally or by an alarm clock, but I sure do sleep like a rock while I’m able to sleep. Bonus: All my little aches and pains are subsiding!

  564. Leeann W.

    Started taking the Blue Sky Buds Hemp Extract Oil about a month ago for insomnia and depression, what a difference a month makes! Bouts of depression are lessening, and now I can sleep about 6 hours a night-what a lifesaver Hemp Extract Oil has been for me!

  565. Barbie H.

    This oil has helped with my chronic pain caused by lumbar disk disease, degenerative disk disease, spinal stenosis, ruptured disks, radicular pain, sciatica, ect… In fact, this spectacular natural, medicinal oil has helped with my daily and constant pain more then ANY pharmacutical the many doctors I’ve seen have put me on! 20 minutes after my 1st dose, I was already feeling a bit better! I shared it with my boyfriend who was having severe pain in his shoulder(due to needing surgery) and after 2 doses, he was able to go to work the next morning and preform his very physical job. He came home from work with actual natural energy instead of dropping on the couch. He also loved the benefit of not having to use as much insulin (he’s a type 1 diabetic). He and I have recommended CBS oil to everyone we talk to….friends, family, strangers in the grocery store, and anyone that will listen to us! I boast to them about your company and how impressed I am with your entire process. I explain that I actually did research on Hemp Extract Oil and many different companies that make Hemp Extract Oil products, before I finally placed my 1st order December 2016! I recommend GreenRoads to everyone! Thank you again for giving me a taste of a somewhat normal life without pain. I do wish that the prouducts could be sold significantly less so that I could use this oil on a more regular schedule. Being a single, widowed, mom of 5 on SSDI with 3 children still at home, $863 a month doesn’t really cut it. But again, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!! ~Barbie~

  566. Jesse B.

    great stuff

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