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Our CBD/hemp oil contains virtually 0% THC. It is high in antioxidants as well as carotene, phytosterols, and chlorophyll. It is also a source of several minerals, including calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, and zinc. The daily recommended serving of hemp massage oil is one to two tablespoons.

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Cannabis products are great for treating pain throughout the body. Many prefer CBD over a common prescription pill to ensure maximum efficiency in treating the pain. One may take CBD or Hemp oil both orally as well as topically as per liking. 

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1174 reviews for Pain Buds CBD/ Hemp Extract Oil

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    Good for arthritic pain.. Worked well for my mom, but its too expensive for the amount you get.

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    J. R. Mater


  3. blank

    Julie Marsicano

    I have been using this oil for 2 weeks and love it. It’s easy to take and taste great. I would highly recommend it.

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    seth claxton

    The Best Hemp Oil!

  5. blank

    Frances Pena

    I’ve been using this product for about a week and I’ve noticed a decrease in pain in my knees and ankles. I feel because of that I’ve been able to get a more restful sleep.

  6. blank


    I used the product to help with anxiety and sleep issues. It help me cut my beer consumption in half. I wouldn’t mind if it were slightly stronger.

  7. blank

    Aspen Bells

    I have noticed a difference in my sleep. I am sleeping better. I will purchase again.

  8. blank

    E Wolf

    Works well. I have been using this for over a month by rubbing it into the hip area. It has worked well on the pain in my hips and I can sleep again. Will continue to use this.

  9. blank


    My mom who has suffered from arthritis pain and fibromyalgia has been relieved by this product. I am extremely happy about the results and see my mom improve.

  10. blank

    Rebecca Shumard

    This is the best product ever! It not only eliminated the pain in my knees, the cramping up of my hands, the cramps in my legs at night while trying to sleep, it is also getting rid of the eczema on my hand!! I highly recommend this product!

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    Can really feel the benefit with moderate to severe osteoarthritis

  12. blank


    This stuff is fantastic!! After stumbling across an article about a guy who has a dog with severe separation anxiety and that his dog was also on Prozac which he changed over to nothing but this Hemp extract oil, I started doing some research. I have a Schnoodle who has 2 “siblings” yet panics whenever a human (myself or my husband) isn’t home. For the past 6 plus years we’ve had him on Prozac. Tried to take him off once before and it wasn’t fun. After discussing with our vet, we weened him off of the Prozac while introducing this oil. He’s been on it for almost a month and you’d never know he was off the Prozac. My husband has even taken it a few times (it tastes like minty vegetable oil). Been telling everyone I can about this.

  13. blank

    Francesca M.

    I recently heard a report that long term effects of Xanax were detrimental. I was looking for a replacement. A friend recommended Hemp Extract Oil. I did my research and I came upon Blue Sky Buds. I experienced no anxiety and better sleep while taking the Hemp Extract Oil from Blue Sky Buds. I recommend this product.

  14. blank

    Gary R.

    Market is saturated with these products. Long time user recommended this for it’s quality. Works very well for me. Thicker in consistency compare to last oil I used from a random co.

  15. blank

    sinisa milesic

    Very much

  16. blank


    It’s too soon to to say yes this is all I need. But it has helped with my ptsd and anxiety. I still take medication under doctors supervision. This isn’t a placebo I do feel better using it as a supplement. My opinion it’s helped and I’m going to continue use this. Only been about two weeks but it really does help me.

  17. blank


    Received my Hemp oil and opened it right away. I needed it pain for the last 6 months suffered with sciatica and hip pain,second day no pain. I work on my feet all day on concrete in retail made it all day no pain. So thankful I found this with research from a neighbor who told me about this.

  18. blank

    Alejandra V.

    I’m not sure if oil is helping with sleep and pain. Should I be taking more then 1/2 a dropper

  19. blank

    Ildefonso V.

    I can honestly say that I am amazed at the effect and well being I am feeling with the Hemp Extract Oil I purchased. I am only on my first week but my sleep has improved and I put at the stores and public a lot more … still working on finding the all so famous sweet spot, but I can honestly say I am so thankful so far!!! Thanks Blue Sky Buds!!

  20. blank

    Marva C.

    I am 76 and have several health issues including chronic pain from hip and back surgery, arthritis, colitis and most recently lung nodules. I have tried several different brands of Hemp Extract Oil until I was recommended Blue Sky Buds. Finally, after just a few days I was finding I was sleeping better, had less pain, am able to have a full and productive da y and found out last week my nodules are shrinking. I am now at 250 mg of the oil at a half a dropper two times a day and feel I can stay at this level. For a few days I ran out having forgotten to re-order Blue Sky Buds and went back to one of the other oils until it arrived ( within three days) in the mail. I was right back to pain, not sleeping and feeling depressed. This convinced me that Blue Sky Buds was an excellent source of Hemp Extract Oil and I am not going to run out again! It would be nice to have an automatic order set up that I could be sent the oil every month. For now, I’m writing it on the calendar. Thank you for the quick shipping and emails detailing the status of my order.

  21. blank

    Kenneth A.

    2 weeks in and ive noticed a difference in my RA already. Great benefits.

  22. blank

    Blue Sky Buds Customer

    Made a legitimate difference in joint popping and cracking.

  23. blank

    George F.

    I have two bulging disks in my lower back and have been in pain management for 5 years with little improvement. I decided to try the Hemp Extract Oil. While the 100 MG helps, I have to take 10 drops to notice improvement. My next order will be the 350 MG.

  24. blank

    Fausto Albamonte

    I have been using this Hemp only for a month and I feel mentally more calm and relaxed, but at the same time sharp and focused on my daily activities. I definitely recommend this product.

  25. blank


    I honestly believe it is helping for arthiritis and joint pain. Also helps me to sleep without waking up so many times during the night…

  26. blank

    Rebecca P.

    This product really helps me with anxiety. It has a really positive effect without any crazy side effects. This is a very low key but effective product. I have recommended this to my friends already!

  27. blank


    Excellent product. Aches and pains have lessened over the last few weeks

  28. blank


    working well

  29. blank

    Anne W.

    I don’t think it is strong enough for me. I will try the 500MG next.

  30. blank

    Simar S.

    Great Stuff

  31. blank

    Guy Groves

    Love it for my Pet! he loves it and I can tell he feels Great!

  32. blank

    Alyssa B.

    Very great quality, a little on the pricey side compared to other brands but the quality is very good

  33. blank


    High quality product delivered quickly

  34. blank

    Jeff M.

    The Greens Roads Hemp Extract Oil is fantastic. I have Bi polar disorder and it helps me calm down . And customer service was so wonderful and kind. I won’t purchase my Hemp Extract Oil anywhere else.

  35. blank

    Kunjan S.

    Really helped me with anxiety, and tasted great in lattes or directly sublingually

  36. blank

    Lois Seace

    I use this in the daytime hours to be pain free from my arthritis, stress and migraine headaches. Family and friends have seen the difference it makes.

  37. blank

    Mountain Man …

    Love the Hemp Oil. Great Product. I’ve been taking it for a month. It helps me sleep. Keeps me stress free and happy

  38. blank

    Spencer E.

    I am just starting with Hemp Extract Oil for essential tremor. I used the recommended dosage once/day for two weeks and am now trying twice/day. I believe there is some marginal improvement, but I also think it is too early to tell for sure as a continuing therapy. I am continuing and plan to increase the dosage gradually until I either determine this work s for my ET, or mine is one that dosen’t respond to this oil. I selected this manufacturer because of the data they present on their analysis and their extraction method.

  39. blank

    E. B.

    From the first time I took it, it called me down and helped my insomnia immensely. I wish I’d had tried it sooner. It has been awesome!

  40. blank

    Julie E.

    It seems like very good quality. I definitely can feel that my body becomes very relaxed after only one or two drops under my tongue. For me, it’s not for everyday use. However, I will be using it on days I have pain and hopefully it will help.

  41. blank


    I use this because I run and it helps..I also use this before I go to sleep because I work nights and it lets me rest well…

  42. blank

    Sandra M.

    The Hemp Extract Oil has help with the aches and pains. It also helps me sleep better.

  43. blank


    I purchased this oil in hopes that it would provide relief for my sciatia pain and improve my sleep.I have not been taking the oil long enough to provide a true review, but so far it seems to help with my pain and the effectiveness seems to increase the longer I use it. It has not improved the quality of my sleep, but I will continue taking the oil because it has provided some pain relief.

  44. blank

    Katie D.

    I have chronic headaches. I didn’t want to take ibuprofen all the time. I was hoping this would do the trick and it does. Lasts a little longer than ibuprofen but I don’t like to do more than a serving in a day because of how expensive hemp oil is in general. Love the stuff, and hopefully prices will all eventually drop.

  45. blank

    karen d.

    I believe this does work as I have been having better nights of sleep since taking. I only take approx .25 ml because it’s too expensive for me to only get 7 1 ml doses out of it. But I do think it helps me get to sleep faster and not wake up as often throughout the night. I have also noticed that a little less than the .25 ml helps me when I am f eeling very uptight or anxious during the day. It takes the edge off.

  46. blank

    linda s.

    Can’t tell if this is working for copd, but I do believe it’s working on my husbands hearing and taste buds. He likes the taste so I will be upping from 250 to 500 on my next order. This will be the second order so we are looking for more benefits this oil will bring. Thank you Blue Sky Buds.

  47. blank

    Rhonda H.

    I have had chronic pain in my back, hips, and legs for years and have had to take 800mg Ibuprofen 2 times per day for a long time, which has caused liver damage. I now can not take the ibuprofen or anything else anymore. A friend of mine recommended Hemp Extract Oil so I tried it. It works wonders and it does help with my anxiety also. Since starting Hemp Extract Oil o il and getting off all my meds my liver enzymes have went down a lot. I swear by this stuff!!

  48. blank

    Brett W.

    Great for pain relief

  49. blank

    Neydi B.

    So far, amazing. 3 weeks seizure free! Thanks Blue Sky Buds!

  50. blank

    Monique B.

    Fantastic product!!!!!! Just wish the cap of the bottle was easier to open.

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